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2btb^ -e- 103. 


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LETTERS, Willi NolM, SdSitiDm. Eiio)', Inilei. 

a. GOETHE'S WOttKS. ^nV I'l. t"F»i»t.- "I| 

9, B8, B8, 61, 68, 67, 75,i 83. NEANOEH'S C 

s. 1'08I 

H HISTOR Csrefuli 

ixnic:] l-l't 

e'Ri.v'.i.i. W. Moa«T«,». B Vol.. SmIBMW. 









& 63. JAMES 

(G. P. R.) LOUIS XIV. Corapitlo in 5 Voli. Torlr 

& 70. SLR JOS 







*■ & 


R'S WORKS Tnm-lntea hy. MmT Houitt. Hew F rev 




= i 

MIDDLE AGES (iQdiulknsliis"Li(lilt 

Daufliicrs." Porlriut 

»'V ff* w"»V 


5S 1. TKE NEW TESTAMENT IN QREEK. Qrie>bhChi«il. »ilh thenn u» s 
^" ofMiU aiu1Seholiiirwitorpage,aiilpBnllel BefennM in tlie m riJ 

CnUc.1 in odUon ana Ctirouologic^ F^l"e.o. 'cJO pn^^/cLth 3." 
glii^ Leiieoa to tha Ne> leituntL (2 



TroDilitcd b; LiLAHD. ForlnU. Si. 
I tioulby UiKtti.ciacMingtbeCocliiu-CliiiHFawl). Bj. 

I HORACE'S ODES AND EPODE3, liwulalea iileiallj and rlijtliniiciUj Ui 

I IRVINO'S [WASHINGTON) WORKS. Complete in 10 Vola. RlS(.,orS9, M 




BiidTibleiorKitivitiei. Ei 

fin Hundred inimall, wilh Inileiei o! SdenlMc Bsd rofwlir Nam IT 

apseatd* oj IhOO WoQdculi, hf QcwjCK. ILiRYlT. be. 7'< €''■ 
I MILLERS PHILOSOPHY Of HISTORY. Third Edition, t volt., Si, M. m 
• MITFORD'S (MISS) OUR VILLAGE- N«« Eililion, vilk WmioiU, at v ft 

i «nxuiii(«.iinsiKi,gatcioiii. a Vol!., (Mh s». 

I PARKES' ELEMENTARY CHEMISTRY. »ev Kdition, nM ronkah, 3] lU 
I SHAKSPEARE'S PLAYS AND POEMS, V); Chilkeu, is 1 Vol., Si. «J. 

5 Ui* lame, with 40 Siift EngroBinffx, clolli, |i]t edget, (j. 


3 CABIN, with Inlnxlui 


! THE WIDE. WIDE WORLD, bj Elieabeib Wi 
wjIjI Fromtis^itei, gjlb td^fM, Si. Gd. 

irr Kemarbg liy ilu Ret 
l-lin« oT Conlenti). 2i. M 

HI iyhitcaand S ui 
I.. Cu-nplcle in 

i i- A <- 


tmm aracmn unkut 

Un^em wii i. 3 in nn LiBBiaii pnci St., atiplu,} lion •imtI^ 

S N ON'3 CHCSS PLAVaflB HAND-BOOK, <cUh Dliign.'u 


& HUMSOUnTS COSMOS; or, Rkclch oT a FIit: 

m*. Iraiulalcd, «iili Notei. lij E. C OrTK. In 

Ml Hiis Ti-HrsiaiioB (thonBh pnlili.bed nt » low a price 

lier TIji; KotE. an plMsd 1,en(»Ili the to.L Hu 

and tliopiitsaieiliiiJi«rlotiippres!6d,aniiBDliuln!; 

ST UN OM!. CHESS PLAYER-S COMPANION. con.])ri.ijia a H. 

OU lMlioi.u(MatcllCania,Origini.lP™i,i;mi,i[!. 

MBO TS VIEWS OF NATURE,wi,im)ourtJti™iifCJ. (»a. J- 

CHA O ON-S_GeOLpa¥,ANOPAU60NTOLOS.V,Si:vimd yDr^TtaBiPt 



^ ME ^C^^^W^SeSil^fal'l^de^"*'" "*""*■""= Of^ "19 TRAVELS IN \ 




Ariimul.i Editod bv I. RiiubJ 


to iBrK.viiulOinililionof Mu. I 


cMuiil ed Willi refeHaiM to Kaloral 1 



M TH« MINERAL KINGDOM, TtanJiiU'bv i'~lJt:^r ^iV^^t^^ 


*totl,"a;".'i''Sl^''*^^P'!r'-'^?'"*'^S MANUAL^ apopi. fad a ^ 

HUNT^ POETR¥„pF ^JHJCEi^or, ^Stadia of tl« Phj.ieJphoiom™. of " 

l_ Witbui Appudiibf Ui 

> O CES 

rw^^ o '«- 

j""p"ff "'q 'awergra'^wipna'' H >we-fy 




nilb Kaliili; Hinnzi imd tiTaftt\iy i.i. ni 

hiiidUE tke Clmmolni and Hiilor; of iLe W 

iDpnarda of SUO pHgn). rouble voluuie. 10].— ar 

BsluralMnlArllSeul.-iuhiloucc., , 

JOREI. ColonKd Gcolosiiul llBp<liEllgllll(]i SOflBTiud-CBIi. 2 >« 

I3&4S. CARPENTER'S ZOOLOGY; re'aed ned cuupMrd u Hie jmtB 
2 roll. (niarJ; tUO pii(e> tub). 6i. och. Ailli iuiB) biiiii!i«d ^Hul E in 


, , 1 " ■"" ■ 


Nc- EUitun, 


II B Ca 1 


.„,,.... ..r-^^-^.r.. ^ PHYSIOLOGY AMD SYSTfiWAT ceo 

217 Wood rnimijin. «j, 
: BOTANY. BiJ.a. Wiuo*. 7i (XKl 
CHEWREUL ON COLOUR : iU Huttuosv. Cniitnt ud Aulki ' 
UimTiL. fTLEQil; tdiliMHkickgiMi Uie entire uorfcO fl 



Uoiphj'i Gam 


WHITE'S SELBORNE, li; ^lE WULUH JuDIHI ud £.Jih«. 40 

REDDING ON WINES, NewudKeiiudF.<lilii>n.«iUSlJtai(i/B 
bt the Autlior. JV.ncr«i>> i'.irlrdji on SHxl. S Voll. 


). LIFE OFWELLWIOTON. b)r - AS Oij> Sold™ 

MuwcUi >ithiiD Jleeonnt or tin ronenL iiUfl,^. 

I. MARY AND WM. Howrrrs stories of EMauan 

xili SO iOBiiifia SlMl EasratiH/l. 
New GdituD. gruily onlug«l, hmthh Plata <>r Coleim 
■■"'Y AND ITS SCENERY, compririne Ciiick's J« 
-' - "-d B(«li Wiusl k) Turn FoMtTKi, Eiq 
r4? SUt ty Lm 




_ _ iliiOi EiiiraiHssandlarji Map. ! 



TUflUti inu Engliib ' 

C. M-Riiiii 

»I 01 Sllli 

(Pr.Kilklhi Flail, , . „„ ..... 

TASSOS JERUSALEM DELIVERED, tncilmUiI iula Enali^ Vcne, bj J. H. I 

WirriR. 4lli t;diUDD. U iigmin/iiHt ir<nJ. •ndBanSlirl. j 


Tlmn to Ilie Fmcul. Mar ■■^ i^Kmrii if lOU Bagraiugt m Waoi. I 

NICOLINI'S HISTORY OFTHEJESUIT5. Ponraid d/ LojoKLMoei, Xatiit, \ 

Uorgia, AeiDBvin, Puc la CkuM, Hicci, uid Pope GangnsFlll. j 

ROBINSON CRUSOE, wlUi llliiitiatMU. ty Sroraiiu and HiMTH. IJ ffoKi/VI ; 


iting, Siding. DriTing, SliMting, \ 

ig, be. icDtb Editwi, miiBd, 



auiBcr, WiiU l.iLiKlil>.flni>h(d EngiaiiaH, includiiij the Carlimnl ; 

WALTON'S COMPLETE ANGLER ; with Sol*», prattical and liiitorical. Edited ' 

bjEu. JaimandllKMiG.lloHir. Embclliihed •ritli SOJ EoErmviugt ou Wood, | 

MARHYAT S MASTEHMAN READY; »-10i B EnpMhigi'ou Wood. 1 

TALESOFTHEOENII. Willi luuMraui Wood cot) and li Sieei Engr».ioB.. j 

priiinEtheBraiflLCiTtMmuB.wltllPncaomlNBnici.Hn lulroduclorj Btsaj, 1 

ami :i lilt 'if ill the blown MarlLi and UQiin~maii. B; H. G. BOUH. '. 

THELIFEOFALEX.POPLineludiiigLetlen. B> R. C«miith>»6. Wood Engroi. I 

BONOMIS NINEVEH AND ITS PALACES. Kfw Edilion, includine an Aeconnt I 

ortlie «uynBnSeutp<Drtarecen%wldedloUieBrili>liMuBeniii,goSEi]^m'ing>. ■ 
POPES HOMER-S ODYSSEY. *itU Oie Bailie of Frogi and Mice, Hjniii., ke., | 

b; oilier Tronilitun, Including Chapham. Wilh Fiainian'a DeHgni. • 

It 50. POPE'S PorriCAL works, edited bj Bon«iT CtiBUTHKSg. Kcv i 

Edition, Ktiied. Wilh numeroui Engniiiigi on Wood. In S volunirs. ■ 


71 Flute! and numtroni Woodcnl Cnpiliili. To vliicli ig added a Glouarv, ! 


Edition, sltb lldditlIlIl^ mnd 34 Wood Enip'iiiingi end Hapt. ! 

Si B2. ARIOSTO'S ORLANDO FURIOSO, in Kogliili Vene, bj W. E. Rdbk. 

■=r:.v ... , .„ ^_.. ^ j,„ s„j[ Complete in 8 i:.!.. 

40llluilratlonibjCLHIoN andDAUiEI.. ; 

HUNTS BOOK FOR A CORNER, 80 Wood Kncroviuini. 



4. JESSE'S ANECDOTES OF DOGS. Titliidaitioni and Wmdmli Ej— Or.i 

the iddiiian of M aled Engiaviugi, 7i. M. 
y STARUNQ'S (MISS) NOBLE DEEDS OF WOMAN. U ilcel F,iitrirln~i. 

IS, "iiU vBiiomm note.. Ednrf b. Hhnbi G. Boiis. 

Ui ti Portfana. Bonnd in 3 toIk. 1( 

i-ilS J 



G BjCnl 


w»dr d 


(. B«r 















B, Google 


Ih aerentl fonner prelumnarf notioeB I hATe cilled attention to 
some of the more important of mj addidoDS, and tiiink it as 
weil to continue the practice. I bare therefore to state that 
the piesent part is increased foil one-foorth on the original 
irtn'k, and every page mateiiallj enlarged, aa reference to the 
following nsmea, some of whidi are entirely new. will testily ;— 
M'Cui.LOCH, J. S. MicsBBOoK, John. Mickuttoie, Sir 
Jamee. Malcolu, Sir John. Mai^tbll, Pr. MAirDU.B id 
iTBuit Sism. Uabshim, Gerrase. Mabetat, Capt Mastiit, 
B. M. Mabx Sttast. Massachcsbtts. Mithex, Cotton 
and Increase. Mbhohau, Job. Miiiuir, B«t. H. Milton 
John. fMiasAi^. Mitfobd, Miss. Mobtooicbky, James 
and Sobert. - Moobb, Thos. Mobb, Hannah. Mosoait, Lady. 
MOBICON, Book of. KlTBBAT, Lindley. Kafolson. IfEV- 
mx, J. H. ITnwTos, Sir Isaac. IT^icholb, John. H'lCRouoii, 
Fet«r. Nicolas, Sir Harris. NoSToir, Hon. Mrs. NownLL, 
Alexander. Oliteb, Ser. G«oi^. Osdnabcx Subtsts. Obkb- 
fioD, George. Obsiak. Ottlkt, W. G. Otid. Owmf, Eich. 
It was not my original intention, as stated in a N'olice to the 
Second Psrti to introduce any names which had not already 
been given by Lowndes, taking it for granted tliat he wonld 
be complete to the date of publication, 1831, and that I should 


IT somcij TO Ithe sixth pabt. 

meielj lutre to contmne his liatsi and to Que role I at fint 
B^hered, but afterwards foimd so many impoFtAiit omiasioiia in 
^e department of contemponufy Idtcratare, that it became neces- 
Barjr to abaodoa tbe prescnbed limit. Accordingly, tbe preaent 
part will he found to contain jnanj aoch additional names as 
Capt. Marryat, Dean Milman, John Henry Newman, Sir Harris 
Kjcolos, and Professor Owen ; all of whom bad acquired 
litorary reputation before tiie period in qneslaon, and were 
better entitled to mention tban some who have been incloded. 

The next part is in piogreaa, and will, I hope, be published 
in the ensoing Bpring. 


■JfOBK Stbbot, Cotift aASDBK, 


— A. true and 

f fldmirablfl Huto- 

ie of a Uajden 

t Coofoleiu, 

? the Proni 

i of 

£ Poictiers, that (of 
p the apace of three 
Yeores &nd more, 
hath lined, and ;et doth, without 
receioing eitheFMest oc Crioke. 
Lond. 1601, 12mo. 

CDDt^DB Tsnai by Tbdiiu D«k«i 
DeiDaitad to the bubai 

■won, lisa, ll Si. 

BL a.—St* MiMnrtiT, Qbitm*. 

Wi-BBTTiiT., George. Mxbitov, 
Qeor)^ Horaaci, Q^fltay. 

M. Q.— Ths ucand« aad lut 
part of the _fint Booke of the En- 
glish Anadift, making aoompleale 
end of the fint hirtoir. Lond. 
1623, 4to. 


by A. 

BaveniT-itmB tones, Thta dlnanraa 
|g othuirlse ailed 'The Meeqne of tlie 
Leftgae and tbe Bpanlud dlecorend.' 

'U. A.— The Befbrmed Gentle- 
man. Lond. 1693, Sto. 

M. A.— See Mpbib, Aleiander. 
Hwin.1, Anthon J. Msxsbbs. 
M. B.— iSee MjjniBTILia, Ber- 

M. C. — IIb second piirt of the 
historie, called the Nsture of Wo- 
man, contujning the end of the 
strife betwiit Perseni and Iheaeoe. 
Lond. by tie widoir Orwin, 1696, 

In the Halmecolleetloii. 

U. C— 5« Mabmwb, Chriato- 

H. E.-^See Uakbttbt, Bd. 

M. E,— Saint Cieily, or the con- 
verted Tvina, a, Chiiatiaa TmeedT. 
Lond. 1666, 4to. 3b. 

TUi plar wu pshlhAed by H. Ued- 

■ BUeklettor. i.dtM. . 

U. Q. L.— 5« Meason, a. L. 

M, H. — Sti UOBE, Henry. 

U. H. A. I. H. P. See Uao- 
lu&oir, Hago. 

M. I.— ThB Puneral Benuoa 
preached at the Burial of llie Ladj 
Jane MaitLuid, by Sir. I. If. 
Hdinb. 16S3, 4to. Ste Muruxi), 
lady Jane. 

M. I. — Baohelonr of BiTinity. 
A Patteme for Women j aetting 
forth the Life and Death of Mre. 
Lucy Thornton, of little Wratt- 

uBoffolk. Lond. 1619, IZmo. 


U. I. — A breefe Directon, and 
pUyne my hone to aay tbo Boeary 
of our bleewd Ladye nith Medita- 
tiona, kc, wherennto are adjoyned 
the Pn^era of St. Biyget. Bruge* 
flandorum exoud. H. Holoet, 
1CT6, a diminntiTe vdhune, liM 
four inches by three. 

BUae, fine, Is muMsoy SI. (d. 

;. Google 

1430 M. J. 

M. J.— A Healthe to tie Glentle- 

manlj profcBsion of Sranng men, 
or the aBmng-lTan'B comfort, with 
otliBc tilings not impertinent to the 
iiremiaes, ts well pliant at profit- 
able to the reBder, Lond. by W. 
W. 1698, 4to. 

- - Brlgtt, "-- '- 

iaei, 11. 1 

n the U 

M. J.— Neira from Hell, Borne, 
and the Innea of Conrt : wherein 
is net forth the Ooppr of » letter 
written from the Derill to the 
Pope, &o. io. pubUBhed for the 
fiiture Peace and Tranqoinity of 
the Inhahitunta of Gi^t Britane, 
by J. M. 1642, ito. woodcnt oe 

. WhllsKnlgl 
.G&. Heber, p 
I in tliB nerei 

ibnted to 

printed Bookfl Inlitolftd 'ObMrvittons 

«od'Biprt«»M-' BtJ.K- Lond. IMS, 
4to. ]tfulpDmi£bt be 8i]pp<»M to hws 

t following pMBlB* 

jj. H. lS«,*b 

ye Bllnfl,! Def. of JB Pi 


bMnamineouily (ttrtbnwd 
1 liUligDucy. Br J, 

M. J.— Agreeable Tariety, o 
Uioing Dieconnea, Cbwitaten, 
Poemi, LeMers, fto. Lond. 1717, 

M. Jo.— PhiUiypeeTemu, 
in ia pleasantly diBoonraBd Bundrye 
goe and wittie ugnments, in s 
aenode of Ch>^ uid Ooddeeses, ae- 
■embled for the e^dling of wanton 
Venni from among their aacred 

Bocietie. Lond. for John Penin, 
1691, 4to. 

In the MuloiH CoUutJOB. 

U. I. or J. — &v MAmnvT', 

James. Habehak, Oervii, or Jer- 

Mabbtov, John. JlixwiiJ, 

James. MBi:TOti, John. Msbtiks. 

MitTOH, John. 

U. Sir S.—Stt Messo, Sir 

M. lj.—Se* IfASOAA, Leonard. 

M. M.—Set Celhob, Elimbeth 
Melrill, Jjadj, Pabib andTnoHTA. 

M. M. T.Sae MoEB, Thomaa. 

M. P. — Sundrie pleanmt Flowres 
_. FoeHie, nowlieplnoled from the 
Hill ParnBBBe, bj the Hand of 
P. M. and very goodlie to smellB. 
Lond. 1676. 4to. 

" Id to be unl^no.— reprinted, laW-lto. 
liaBsT.PBlarHill. Two copies only. 
irhmpH onlj a jffu ^april by the KeT. 

M. P.— The powerMl Pavorite, 
t the Lite of .SJios SejaJinB 
'ariB, lG28, 

pp. IM. TbiH tract, snppoMd to be I 

M.' p.— King Charles hia BirUi- 
wright. Edinb. 1683, 4to. 

Four leeTea. BiDdley, pt.l», 
IJ.lBs. Reprinted Id 'V»rloiiePle«»i« 
tugillTe Scollib Fcetiy,' editeil by Lilng. 

M, F. D.— See MoTTMN, P. du. 

M. E.— A newe Ballade, (b«ffv- 
nine O dere Lady Eljaabeth). 
Without Place or Date. 

Keprinlad from H copy, snppoied nn- 
loM in the libriry of the Bodaty of An- 
tlquiriei of London. In the tenth TOlnme 
of (ha HuleUn UlscaUmy. 

M. B. — Scarronides, or ^rgil 
Travestie, a Mock Poem, Lond. 
1666, ero. by B. Monsey. 


H. B.-~UkroliigU. 
or Easayea : of Psrsonea, Tndes, 

Bnd Pkoea, offered to the Citj and 
Oovatrj. Bj K. M. Loud. 1G29, 

Pp. W, not nnmbend. Nujiu, pL I. 
£Ua,iuHli,ll.llL H(tei,pt.TLU)L6d. 

Bllll. 1»B, 

M. B. — Tojage to Bnanos 
i-jret, 1716. St* BoKOt Aixei, 
p. 306. 

H. B. ^« iSlXWKtOt, Bl. ; 
Ktmxt, Soger; MoflsoK, B. 
U.D. i MnaBiT, Sir B. 

U. S. — 5n Mluooh, Sluksr- 

M. T. — Micro-miioon ; Sire 
Bnirling Satyree. Inaatiat. Pro- 
dignll. loaoltnit. Cheating. lug- 
ling. Wiae. Lond. bj Ihomaa 
Creede. 1599, 18mo. 
BlDdler, pt II. 1900, M. rwolil PsnTi 

eU. mt. IM. Affiln, Hatwr, jl. It. II. 
«d. Nnoih.rknomi. 

FonMrlT ■tU^butad ta UuitoD (m 
BIMloth*ane)wrltD>), bit uoo ioHrMit 
In the Woiki (idI. T.) of TliQiiiu Ulddle- 

H. T.— Hie Silliironnea and 
their Flies : lirdy described in 
Terw, b; T. U!. a Countria Farmer, 
and an Apprentice in Fhjaiake, 
for the great Benefit and Borioh- 
ingof iBngland. Loud, bj T(alen- 
tine) S(initDa} tor Nicholsa Ling, 
1699, 4to. woodcut on Title. 

Pp. nt. A dldaetle Poam, addmaad In 
' HxfaL CoDDlaiae oT Pambroka,' KiUond 
br ■ tabia <a eantaBla. In aome eata. 
lociHa tlM aatbor Ig itaied M ba Thomai 
Maq&t. Inglla, im^ U. Sl 
L16TB,U.I4>. Boa«*ll,»ai,UIi. Purj, 
■LIL 1177, (1.14b. Sd. Blbl. ADglo-FuL 
is?, lU. IM. reaold, SiDiidan In 1B18, ». 
lOi. aiegg.ils. HabecpblT. 1889,3:. 3a. 
aaidmrln iaM,mor,SI.Bs. Bn Hmra, 

M. T.— Olie Copia of a Letter 
irritten &om Uaater T. M. 
Salisbnij, to Mael«r H. A. at 
Iiondon, coaceming the Proceed- 
ing at Wincheeter. Lond. 1603. 


I In the Hi 

II BrlianDieiia. 


la Bridge II 

• edition 

r. l>y» 


--J Bu 
auaaiiD, OllTer.p. 1139. 

H. T.— The Blaoke Booke. 
Land. 1604, 4to. 

Black lelter. Pp. tA. Eteeieni. 770, 
ll.Ss. RoiburghB,Se7t.3I.iaLad. Reed, 
ITTS, 4/. Ma. Sd. BlndlsT. pt. I, (m, 
I. ea. «d. rawdd Brigbt, 61. it. $i. Blbl. 


I Ulddleton'g 


M. T.— A DiaconrsB of Trade 
from England to the Eeat Indiee, 
Lond. 1631, 4to. 4a. (f bj Tho. 

If. T.— A Oloud of Witnesiea 
or the Sufferers Afirror, made up of 
the Swan-like SongB and other choice 
maBagee of aereral MartTTe and 
ConfesBora. Alphabeticallj dis- 
poaed, with Appendix, 1665, 1.2mo. 
4 toIb. in 3. 

BUn. Sa. Conitable, lit, l^. U. 

M. T. — Sia MiKLn, Thomaa. 
Mat, Thomas. Mbeitoh, Thomas. 
HisDi^Toir, Thomaa. 

M. Sir T. See HAmWABisa, 
Sir Thonum, 

is, W. — A Beinembrance of the 
Worthie Bhow and Shoottng by 
the Buke of Shoreditck amd hia 
associates, the wonihipful citizens 
of London, upon Toaaday, 17 Sep. 
1G8S. Land. 1583. 

RepilTi ted In Roberta' EoEllBb Bowman. 
Lond. 1801, Bra 

M. W.— The Huntingdon J>i- 
vertisement, an Enterludc, for an 
entertainment at Merchunt Tavlors' 
Hall, June 20, 1678. Lond. 1678, 

B, Google 

is. W.— The 'Man in ths Uoone, 
tolling Btnnge Portunea, or lh» 

English PoituDe-TeUcr. Lond. 
1609, 4to. 

Toenty-HTan Ihtbi. In tbli tiia^ 
tba dedidtTDn of which ti labonlbed W. 
M., IhtM or»u™ ind UilrtBm chuuun 
uslntToduHd. Brlghl,]utl»fl1ll>ld,a{. 
Sh. InMrUdlaMr.KslllxiU'tjilTtitolT 
printed •olnms 'OW Book! of CI 

d reprinted for 

ML W.— The Female Wll«s or, 
the Triumvirate of PoeU at Be- 
heansl; a Coined;. Loud. 1697, 4(o. 

IfASLT, Ctab. Bonnot, A.bb6 de. 
ObBflrmtioiui on the Boraona. Lond. 
1751, 8to. 8».— Loud. 1776, 13mo. 

tlHon'ui'e Or^deur 

[Ortunes or Ifae Srecki 
ObierrttioBs on the Mienen, Oovem- 

Kiplaaof NegoclkUon; 0; 

U'Adiu, John Loudon. A piso- 
ti<»l BsEa; on Bond Making. Lond. 
1823, 8to. 7s. 

Remirki sn BiMd HiUnc->>I. ISH, 
SvB. T>. ed. 

Observations an Tnmpl^ Boad Tnuti. 
Load. iei6, Svo. «•. 

MiA Allesteb, Oliver. A. Se- 
ries of Letters, diBOOTering the 
Scheme projected bv Frtince, in 
1759, for an intended InTuion iqKin 
Bnghmd with flat- bottomed Boats ; 
■nd Tuioui Conferences ftnd ori- 

eidui lelatlTa ta tha Tonnir Pnteoder, 
and tha tajUabmant of tha Jesuit! from 
the rnneh domlnloni. SIwUaT, pL ill. 

M^OAKU.— A Description of the 
&inous Eingdom of Macaria. Lond. 
1641, 4to. 

Z1& Tbi* UtUe tnttlaa, oompotad 
lOnaofa oBnt, mi'--' — * - 
tnttuate ■ atw node! of gi 
Thidi vu tban 
Ci ■ - ■■ 


iSAtlixm, fit. Institutes ' of 
Christian Perfection, tmielated by 
Granville Peon. Lond. 1616, IZmo. 

lalina tha E«Fptlao, 

EnlargenenU fhin a Bodleian US. oaTsr 

Bristol, at», in Yol. t.'ot Mr, Wseley'l 
ChiliUui UbiBiT. 

— The Travels of Macarins, Pa- 
triarch of Antiooh ; written by bis 
attendant Archdeacon, Paul of 
Aleppo, in Arabic. Translated by 
F. C. BslfouF. See Oriental Trana- 
lation Fund Fublicaliona, in Jp- 

MAiusoino Poetry. Bpecimens 
of (edited by W. Sandys). Load. 
Be<^ley, ISSl, post 6vo. 6s. 

BplitoU Macaroidea ad Pratiem.' A. 
Uuanoia B^tla, Ae. altli an English 
version fOrtMnsaof Country Oentlemen. 
Lond, JotansoD, 1190, Its. 

Caimlnnm Rarlomm Uuannlcomm 
delectus. In nnun Indorvn Apallinuinm. 
Edlnli. 180' a.n 

Brighton, lata. Bra 
Oonladna a TaloaUa Bibllatnphy oflb* 

.Billed ByGoogle 


Ma^At-p t t , JomMf Oratain 
rioasPocmi vritten at the close of 
the X VIIth and beginning of the 
A V Xllth oentmiee, &o., edited by 
W. MothenrelL PuaW, 1828, 81 
Old; Ifalnj priDtvl.— ETton, 7s. 

U'Abthttb, John, LL.D. The 
Frindplea uid FnuJtice of ITaial 

Ab (riMuad nrk. Tin flnl •JIHod 
ifpHndtDinH^BTd. 1 ToL AaOiaus. 

MiCASTFXT, G«orge, Bsrl o£ 
Xmbusj to China. Sea Amtxaaas, 
Eneu. Babsot, John. Houm, 
Samuel. I)lbi.u(d, in 1778, p. 1167. 
Btavstoh, Sir O. L. Bart. 

M1CA8SAS. — An hiitorical De- 
■mption of the Xingdom of Hacas- 
HT, mtheEHat Indies. Loud, 1701, 

FoQthiu, nia, M. 

Uacattut, Catherine. IDie Hii- 
tor; of BngUiid from Jamea I. to 
the Bevolution. Locd. 1768-B3. 
8 TOta. Biatoiy of England, from 
the Berolation to the present time, 
in a Beries of Letters. Bath, 1778, 
ToL L <aU printed). Together, 9 ToU. 

Wttt'B BlbUotlieu Biltumloi. ~ 

— B«t.AdU7,M.A.,F.B.S, The 
History and ijitiquttiea of Qaj- 
brook, in the Count/ of Leicestsc : 
indading the Hamlets of Bittcebr, 
miothorpe, Wibtoft, and IiitUe 
Winton. Lond. 1791, Sro. 

pp. Till, ind IM, with iddiUoDi ulllal 
etinoki,* ]!■(■■, nd STiavarCUjiRiiafe 
^iiaivli u a uUfdeee to p. 100. 

— Ber. Eeimeth. The 'BMmj 
of St, Eilda J oontainiiiaa Be*«cip- 
tion of thii resnarkable lilaadt the 
Mamien and Cnstomi of the Inha- 
bitants I the religiout and pagan 
Autiqnitiei found uiarej -with many 

other onrions and interteting 7u- 

ticulara. Lond. 1764, 8to. 

Of IhH work Dr. JohnHon obHfred, ihrt 
ftT^'''»utUll*njj.ndia»T«p.' Re*l, 



i, lU. t( 


H'Bahb, Donald. Expert Sword- 
man's Companion ; or, the tnia Ait 
of Self-defmice, with an Aocount of 
the Author' s Life, and his ]^W1A- 
actions during the Wars in Franco : 
to which is added, the Art of Gun- 
neiy. Qlajgow,1728,12mo.lOs.6d. 

Haoskui, Aieiinder, H.A, A 
Dictionarj (^ the Bible, hist^nioal 
and gei^niphical ; theologieal, mo- 
ral, uid ritual ) philowphical and 
philological. Lond. 1779, Sro. 9a. 

A nsarul book, but dow aomBvlial «a- 
mudedbj thaworkrif thaBsT.DI. John 

Bcuborghe, 1107, Ss. Sd, 

Macbeth, King of Scotland. 
The Secret History of Hock-beth 
!Eing of Scotland, taken from a 
Tery ancient manuscript. Lond. 
1708, Sto. 

A KatDca truuUtad tnaa tb* Frtnob. 
HiCOAHira.— H* Third Book of 
the Maocsbees. Lond. by John 
Tfsdalfl, 1563, 16nio. 

A npT ti In tbt Bodlaiao. 

A Inlif and compandlimH Table, In a 
Maosr of a CwKordaum, opesliw the 
Wara to the prlDeinaU Hlitorlii af tlw 
wbol* Blbla, Ao. (to >hkli la added) Tbe 
Thirl Boka of Machabeu a Bm^ ef the 
HU* alao nTT»'*d nnlo thla Biika *hleli 
Tea narerMbn tmiulaud «r prrnted In 
n^ Xn^fijiht Bible. Loud, fer GnlHr 
l^jaat, dwallriwa oa Bomars Keys, by 
BTUiBgaa Oala, UtO, UOM. Fiair Bdi- 
mn of tbs third Book of Hmntisa); 
A tm ta In the BrlUih Hnanu, irhu* 
aim II a «9r of an sdltloa ptlBted M- 
puataly by J. Saya la Itmo. dated 
USD, ahlth Imtrenloa wu paaaliw 
Ihnillb the pnia alMHt the aanapeilaS 
aa LnoM^i odlttaii. It vaa again ^Intad 
bj DaTa In Bwikei' edition d tha Blbla. 


jdiUoBor tba Bible publlslieJ 
if DlihDp Wllwin st Bitfa, 17Se. 

The tn Bnoki of UuulMei la Ea 
(lUli.wlUi NoleB ud DlnalntlDiu. fij 
tba Bar. H. Cotton. Oilbrd, ISSS, Sro. 

Mi.cCiBiEr, (Captaii\). Be- 
ooUeotioDi of tbe Storming of Bftda- 
Joi end the BotUe of Corumia. 
Xiond. n. d. 8to. 

WClklabd, T. Eeporta of 
Cases in Bichequer, at Law and in 
Equity, &om Hilary to Michael- 
mas Term, 1S24. Load. lB2fi, rojal 
Sto. published at i;. 12s. 

IH7, Eut«r, uidTrtnltTTerma.lBS 
T. li'ClBl»nd aud E. YDuniB. Lend. 
rojal Sro. pab. II. Bg. M. 

M'OOBUIOE, Cbarlea, LL.B. Ue- 
moirs of the Bight Hon. Edmund 
Burke. Lond. 1797, 4lo. portrait. 

gnct'ulplscGDrpsrtrrlruleEcc. BlndlsT 
pt. Hi. 31B, 6t. «i. FoilthUI, 1SI5, II, Gi, 

M'Cekkby, John, Printer. Tht 
PresB ; a Poem, in tvro parts. Part L 
Lirerpool, 1803. Part ii. Lond. 
1827, rojal 4to. 

M'OsiB, l^omas, D.D. Works. 
Edited by his son. Edinb. 1855-7j 
4 Tola. BmaU 6to. 11. 4s. 

Th« mxiirliial weAt of thli dlTlno ata 
mneh valued. 

Ths Lift ot John Kpdi, cmUlnlDg 11. 

XdlBb. IStO, 8>D. Inl TQl.'-^Ntv 
vi^Doteaud a KeiDDirbj Andrei 

ir t)i* IStb lad begtanlng 
Dtorlei. EdInb, 1818, Sto. 
d odlUim, Edtnb.lBtT.Sro. 

feltoh and 

Ulelorr of Baetluid from tha Reitoiatloa 
10 th* Wolution. EdlBb.lSlS,8««.Ui. 
HlitoiT of tba PiDcnaa aod SnpnniBlM 
of tbo Bafbrmattoo la lU^, la tb* ill- 
taeiithCeatDry; laelndlagaBltatahortha 
Hiitory of tha BatonaaUBnlii tha OiUwai. 

Baund edlUoa, anUrnd, 1833, Sn. tOs. 
6d. ' X learned and aWa work.' 

of ths KefonBatloDln Snala In Ibe ISth 
CanUur. Edlnb. ISMieTO. Fp.TlUud 

lilsoeiluMui Writinn, edited bj his 
MD. Gdlnb. ISII, 8to. tOi. M. 
SarmsDa. Edlnb. lasfl. Sio. 

Maoovu-Ooh, John, U. B. A 
Beacription of tjie Western Islands 
of Scotland, including the lele of 
Man. Lond. 1819, Sto. 2 tola, 
with plates chiefly geological in 4io. 
Zl. Sb. 

A Ulneralo^aal and GeologieaT voifc of 

Eanb. Edlab.l831,8>i 

'baoiT of tha 

Fl^. ICkL Od. 

- - - -- - -lahtDBWlaai 

;aallc WlosB. Lond. 1B17, Umo. Ita, 

Fmors and llluitntioos or tCAttribataa 

Vld UDlveiaa. Lgnd. I8R, Bn. S 
olB. il. i>. 

A Chtlcel EumlcatloQ of Dr. Haonb 
>cb'K Walk on tha HlghlaDda end Wea. 
£m lalflB of ScoL^and. (ity Jamai Brova, 
.L.D.Anthor of the ■lllghlaode, 4o7 
OlMg. 1837). _B<Unb. IBM, Iro. 

,..B. A DiseoniM 

on the Riae and Prog;res* and paoa- 
liar Objects of Polhual Eoonon^ t 

B, Google 

.^jQnbuniiiig m Outline «f a Ooutm 
of LectuTMonUiat&cienM. Bdiub. 
18S4h 9to. 8«eMMl edilioD, 1826. 

Osunphlcml wid BtiUitlHl DIcUgiurT 
tf the World. Lond, ISIS, 1 igla, 8><i. 
4I.-«c»iid «dltlOD, Loud. 18«, r' ~- 

18<»«),S(.8l BanileDHiit tstlH 

ISBO, Is. H — Thlnl ciUUoiI, wltll Bipplc- 
'atnL L(mil.l8K3t.Sa. 

Prindplu ol PoUtkit Eemanir. 
■Dm« esqntriBt nipecUu Uxlr •nlia' 
tl«L ud B iketcb of thfl iTm uid pncnBi 
df Uifl KicDce. Edlab. iSU.— TElrJcdi- 
ttoB, nlvged, Load. IStS.— Fomth ^' 
«0B, L«d. ISW, IBi. 

UMnlor* of PoliUal Eccmomr, > Clu- 

■Ifiod Cunlogoe oT BookioD ths h' 

Loud. IMG, Sto. Ha. 

A BUUiUal Account at the I 
Kipin, ublUUng Its eilent. ph 
OLpaBlllW, pspuUtitm, mdutiT, uu 
■■d leUcUxu iaitltuiioDB. Lond. 
Sl«> 1 TOIL— Third edltlDnl Htrn ., . 
Lead. ISM Sto. a fols.-i'ODTth hIIUod, 
vltliArondli. Lond. ISM, 8(0. SvDli. 
3LM. Mused. II. 1«. 

Tiwtiw ud Euin on SahlecU con- 
iweM Tllh PollUnl FDll<7.irl(h Btogn- 
pUcad NMfeu or Queuuy, A. Siiil(h,ud 
Itkudo. Edlnb. ISfiS, B<0. 

On [be &*ta oT Wegei. ewwnd edlHon, 

United UibQltr. Lend, law, Bra. 

On MoUUlB Mai Piptr Comnoj. 
-Edtnb. Un, 4Io. (frcni tbo Batj. BtiL) 

TrwliAH on EeonoDilod Folief. EdJub- 

■ TroAtlee on the prlDolpled^bid motlal 

PrlBolidei of : 
4itmi MntlioD 

B Of Mr. H'Caned/i 
te SeeretuTtoChilt- 

. JUG U8S 

IfioccLIACS, Bobort, D.D. 
Lcetntet on the Prophtat* of In- 
Uh. lond. 1791-1806, Sto. 4 Tok. 

IB the oomBOdlloii of Umb IMareB 
tin aDthof, -Av vai b nlhUlar o( Um 
ebBTdi of SeollBBd, baa bibAb gTBBt uaa 
of Vltrtngk's tlBlMBlt* WBiiCTftT « 

Seimona BD Iiit«nBtlB( HnttJeeti, IStS, 

VCinxTDi, H. ZWiih-IrUi 
Dictionary, witli no IriBli Qmmmar. 
Parii, 1732, 4to. 21. 12s. Bd. 
DeoC, with O'SrIen'B Irlih-Snclllh, 1 

id out of Foralrn toBned 

tiro PbHj. I. CootBlnlBg 
-m AixvuBl of the Tmreli snd AO. 
luiei of thB ObUIbbb ftom FeBlDii- 
B'B TliDe to ib« Comldif of Ihe MLI& 
IB Inio IralBnd, ud aontiniied to the 

Df SfltrMtoDdSl. II. e 


17, «to, llB. Pp. SU, 
rlBn,EBTL of InchiquLu, 

bJlDiBticallf explBlDei 

Engl I lb 

grBDlDIBtiCallV p „ _ 

four Cheptert. LoyUn, 17S8,8to. Dent, 
pt. 1. US^ niBIlB, Ij, Gi. 

M'Dbbhot, (M). An Impnrtul 
HiBtory of IreUnd, from flie ear- 
'" ' ' ito thu prraent timt 

(cirea 1810) 8ro. 4 
Tola, with poFtraita. 

Uacdiabkid, John. Lives of 
Britjah Statesmen. I<ond. 1607, 
4to. portrnils. 

Id BartnnHl^ tbIiibUb v«k, coopr^ 

ill, Burleigh, StHftirrl, and GlBraadcio, 

r portralti. Ilthhen, G1M, 1'. fia.— 

liBra.!>ali.«ltli(atirponrslti. DukB 

raik,323a, IBe-LoDd.iasg, Bvo. por- 


kn Enqulrj Into ^e ^atfu of Nb- 

dbI Debnoe In Oiwt ^tilii. l4Bd. 

», S™. 3 Toll. U. 

Ln Enquiry Into the FriDdpl^MofclTU 

I millUrr SobardiDBClon. Idod. IBOC, 

>.te.8d. ■ 

Icnp Book. Land. lBt8-4, poet Brb I 

B, Google 

. Edinb. 1741, 8to. 

Dtiit, pC L 1871, *t. 

— Aleunder. A ooinplete Did- 
tjoiuuy of English Gardemng. 
Ixmd. 180e,4to.ZvoIa. 24iuknired 
plates, from origmnl dnwingi trf 
gydenliam Edwards. 

White Znlghte, 16M, W 

— Andratr. KisceUaneous 
WorkB. Lond. 1791, 8to. 

RoibnrghB,smi,<«. Miny of Oie pm- 

ud poignant latlnp 

— Archibald. Uemoira of Archi- 
bald MacDoiuOd, of BKudnle.lTH 

WlthpcFTtnlt, Dowd«iren,Sn,es.Sd. 

— John. Trarela 
Parts of Europe, Asia, and AMca, 
donng a Series of thirty Years and 
apwsrds. Lond. 1790, Svo. 

Abofnurrvit. S<lIlniishe,S6ia,S«.ed! 
Hebar, pt. U. li. 

MiciwifiiD Fajoit. — An his- 
torical and genealo^cal Aocoont 
of the Clan or Family of Macdo- 
nald, of Clanranald, fromSomarlett, 
King of tho Ifllas, Iiord of Acgjll 
and Kintjre, to the present Period. 
£dinb. 1819, Sto. 10s. 
FrlTaUlj printed. 
Gunetlo^leil ind Hutoriul Aeodant of 
the ClM or Funllf of MmedouU of 
Sinlii, lESE, ii7>l Bn. PrlntalTvlDted. 

JSismcanrtt^ D. S. Diotionary of 
QnotatioaB in gansral nse. ImoA. 
1779. First edition, pott Sto. — 
Lond. 17U7, third edition, poet 
8to.— Lond. 1837, ninth edihon, 
liino. — New edition, (under the 
title of ■AUaiiiiil<rfQaotationi'), 
V El. H. Midielsen. Lond. 1866, 


I VBoiuLE, Andrew, Iim4 

BanaktoD. Institutes of llie Lawa 
of Scotland in oivil Bights g with 
Observationi npon the AgreBment 
or Diyersi^ between them and the , 
Laws of England, in four Books. 
Edinb. 1761-8, folio, 8 vols. 
Boibargbe, 1074, K. 13>. td. An «*. 

IfACC, Thomas. Musicls Mo- 
nument : or, a B«menibrancer of 
the best practical Music, both di- 
vine and ciril, that has euer been 
known to have been in the world. 
Lond. 1676, folio, port, bj Fsilh- 
oriie after Cooke, let. 63. 
' \ moflt delwUble book.'— .Burndf- 
Br,pt.T. 10a. Skegg, 111.. Towdb- 
pt H. 1030, It «a. Bindley, pL IL 
, IL lis. uiai itrss coploi. % it. 
LiosB, .Slmilius. Macer's Eer- 
pmc^sed by Doctor I^nacro, 
tiimslated oat of lAten in to Bn- 
^ysshe. Impr. by ne Botwrt 
Trer (1542), 16mo. 


i >]|la. 

, _^ PultenBy, 'wi ._ 

Qdenleil prtnelplii,' Hobar, ;t. Til. Sd. 

Uio EwzH, WilHuD. Otbcs 

andTrulhj or, the Glory and Pnl- 

""* of the Hedeemer displayed, in 

Attempt to explain the most 

remarkable of the Types. Figures 

and Alleeoriea of the old Testa- 

ment. Edinb. 1763, 12mo. 

An (nwinAd VDik, ftvqiisiitlr raprlntud. 

SelHtEsnjb npon 9ub]«tB doctrlul 

ind prictlul. To which i> profiled, ta 

Aooognl of the Anlhor, wltb i brief Do- 

•criptton of the Secuslan. Edinb. 17ST, 

l»mo. aToli.Si. 

Mac Fablah, Robert. Gtaelia 

id English Tocabolarr, Bdihb. 

1795, 8to. 

MACTABLAira (P.). Oaelio md 

aglish 7oca)>nlary ; and English 

id Oaelio. Edmb. 1816, Sto. S 

Maopablavx, Bohert The His- 
torjr of the Beign of George tho 
TbmJ, King of Oreat Britain, 
1760-86. Lond, VJ'30, 82, 94, 9^ 
Sto. 4 toIs, 


» Tookp, SAT, 8 Tr 

li. II1.U. A 

'XieuiaAl,: > modem Epic 
Poem, in fow Canto*. Fifth Edi- 
tion, wiUi eiplaiiatorj If otea, Lond. 
1792, Sto. 2a. Bd. 

A igecaiifiil Imiudod oT HDllbiu, lir 
jQhb TrnmbDl], dnt pnhlUliAd In C(m- 

MioQsoSHiQAir, If. I'Abb^. 
Eiatoire de I'lrelande, ancieima et 
modeme, tirte dea UoDumenta lea 
pins ftotfaentiquea. Farii, I76B~63, 

, voL Ids. 6d. 
Macs-ill, Thomaa. AnAocount 
of Tunis, of its GoTemment, Man- 
ners, Oiutoma, ind Astiquititw, 
eapeciallj' of ita Prodacticiu, Ma- 
nofiuiturea and Commeroe. OUag. 
1811, 8to. 6b. 


.„ „ Billiah'»l~F*^ 

_ .. ), >u^r-ror»! Bvo. StoH. 

inb. 11. Id., ndnetd (Boho) 11. lit. M- 
)rf|tluil7 pnbliahtd in PuU. Soma ot 

HoUaiia and Ilia Dnbib QdicaAat/ 
The PnfnH of Amailn tnu tb* Dti- 
amrj br Colnmbna to Uia Yaar UMS. 
— o_ ._ (Tt,g a,^ 


ItU* riliw OT u 
y, Italy, and Ko 

Maooowah, Ber. John. 
Sonne* on the Book of Bntli and 
O&Bt important Bubjecta. Land. 
1781. 8to. 6a. 

Uaoobeoob, John. Hiatorieal 
and deacriptiTK Skatchea of the Ma- 
ritime Colomea of Britiih. America. 
Lond. 1828, 8™. 7i. 

ObaarratloDi on EnlgratloB to Sritti 
America- Loud. 1609. Bto. 


il Legli 

lnUoii ot Einflpfl a__ _, .._, . 

Ib> Cnitofna' Tariff of Uia Unlud King 
don. Lmd. IB41, aro. IOl M. 

Commar^al SCaUida : a Dlgut of thi. 
HodnetlTa Bauditu, eommtrcial L««l»- 
btloii, aiilom TariPi, NaTltalloD, IV)R 
aad QnarahtlDa Lawa and Gbaiwi 
■liw, iBDortt and Eiparti, and ( 
■la*, Welebu and Heunru of . 

tbna ; Iwrndlii aU Brtti.h bhbl 

TnaUa* with Foteign Bute). CoU«ted 

Fluncial B«n>mi 

I Pub. ai 
a Letter to the Cltl- 

Tb* Hlitory of Iba Brltlab Empire. 

«Di the AmnglDn of Jimca I. ; to wbloh. 
.i pielied, a RitIbv of tbs PiDgreii of 
Englaiid.ftiiinthe Buna Foriod to 1603. 
■ --d. IBM, 810. i TiHi- IL 18a. 

■TDthetlcal Vleir of tha Banlta oS 

Ha idao pmlBMd tb* Iwt'a^Um'oC 
De LobM im tha CoutKntlSB. 3f Da 

M'Qbioob, Jolrn Jamea. Ifew 
Picture of Doblin. Dublin, 1821.. 

Wltb platei and a plan of Dnblln. 

land, third urlei, wcond adlUon, en- 

Hao-3ziQDB, Sobert Stt 
Uaclxat, E. Bob B02. 

M'GBiifoxtt, Joel. D.D, A com- 
pendiona Treatiae of modem Edu- 
cation, in Ktuoh tbe following in- 
terealing Sabjecta >re liberallj 
diecniaed: The Nuraei;, FriTate 
Schoola, Public Soboola, TJiUTerri* 
ties, GalLmtrj, Duelling, Gaming, 
and Suicide ; to vhich ore added,, 
coloured Deaigu. both obtraoteris- 




*ie and OliutrttiTe. Lond. 1801, 
folio, IL U. 

UAOams^ Connor, I^rd. Trial, 
-witii porfeot copies (j the iDdiot- 
lti«nt. Alio the copis of ^ir Phi- 
Jonw O'Neale's commiBiion, vith 
mm; mmu'Iuble pMmgea in Ire- 
land. Lond. 164e, Itio. 

MxCBiAVEUJ, NicboUs. Tutte 
le Opere, con una Pretaiione di GiD< 
eeppe Saretti. Lond. 1768, 4to. 


■Looi.nt7,*to.S-nii.lit. WlUatLUM, 
■U.lSfc Bright, old mor. SL Is. 

— Works. Newly trraBlated 
'from the Originals ; illustrated 
Kith Notes, AJaecdotee, Disserta- 
-tions, and ^le IJfe of Macbiavel, 
■luner before published ; and sereral 
nBwFkuson theAitofWsx. Bv 
EUis FameiTorth, U.K. hoad. 
17B2, 4ta. 2 Tob. 
_Niia»B. pL lL^lS8*,_lt 9«.^ Dsnl^^ U- 

Tha V. 

Loud. IBTfiy Idllo. Bmckdt. 18(0, IL 2i.- 
ieM.fidlo.— ie8G,t<ili<>. Bulwlghe, ffiie 
lb. Sd.— ITIO, toUe, lOa. Sd. 

On EDOd ODTemment. Lend. 1801, fi>li<] 

— ■- ---¥mts. Ht forth* In £n 

like mJ^Se Fwteg uu 


t, pt t 

ii^uss^ ti 

>itfa nU 

Uta El«liah h; Tfhoniu} A<«dlii«£sld). 
L(iDd.UM,,— 1096, Mlo.-Hy M. 
S. LaHl.l8](,ST0. Kaibunh«,BS«S,as. 

HtBl«7of FJorMiea,uid oTthB Afiiln 
-or Italy 1 ths PrlDca, ud othar Works. 
FuDevdrth's tnndttloa unfuUv re- 
TlHd. Lood. (Sobn'B SUndird Libtur). 
IStT, roat 8ts. ta. Cd. vUb portnit. 

UKOutvei upon Lbfl fireE doc^fl of 
LlTy, truBUtid by Edwunl Dacni. 


S. Brfli4tT- Loud. 181 

:> truuUlloii thx uriU 

U.169. (MJuliBii.— A— O, 

ll,M - 

, Uie ModsnH ProiHton, wltb 

cbuut«n : dItuUed for ths pialmded 
jEOod of tha KlngdomB of EjiglaDd, Floc^ 

for t'n.ncH 

Liffl <a CHtn 

B«ifuor, a tsl 
jmd. iSio. Bvo. 

UAcan, Jjewis, The Dumb* 
Knight, a Corned;. Loud. 1608, Uo. 

Khodoi, 1011, ^L lOm. Heber, pf. il. IBa.— 
tOas.ito. RoibuqAe, use. 111. BliDdOB, 

ed lu Dodaliy'i CgllKtion of old PUys. 

M'lMTflBH, Brigadier, of Borlam. 
Bssa; on Wajs and Means for in- 
dosing, and of planting Baathmd, 
and tlut in liiteon Years at fivdijait, 
Edinb. 1728, Sto. 

Maoistobs, Ch. Flora and Vo- 
mona, or the British Fmit and 
Flower Qarden. Lond. 1889, «oi 
71 coloured plates, pub. 41, 4e. 

Prullcxiasrdenerand Haden H«tt 

1814.— Tbtid sdlllon, 1S<7, 10>. Sd. 
Loud. Orr, 1SS9, fnp.Sro.ulaund pUl«^ 

ditbud sad Fmlt Gudsn. Lond, Qrt, 
ISW, fcnp. 8td, coloured pUIei, 10a. U. 

Tba Book of tba Qarden, in liDlL Vcd-I. 
•HtmeturtV'UiKWaiUintrations, ToL 
il. ■Cultural,' with »« illuitraUons. 
Bdlnb. RlaekwODd, IBA*, n>ral Sto. » 
•nil. (pobUibad ta partiX it. Ti. M. 

llAOIKIOSH, Donald. A OoUao> 
tion of Qaelio Frorerbs and ^miliar 
Fhraaes. Edinb. 17S5, ISmo. 

BaibDr(be,lM),10ii.«d. NaiaaOfpLL 
sees, tla. CotuUMe, SK, Ita.— A Bsw 




eaiUan, «dlteil b; Aleiudar CuBptMll, 
1810, lima. 

JUcKilLE, Math. Acooont of 
the Hoifet-WeU in SooUand. Of 
the Oily Well. Culpaper'i Charw- 
tor. Edinb. 1664, 12mo. 

N„a,a,nl.i.!»e7.ta. BHM.Bi. 
A truil^iloii of Ihe foUowlDg uUoK. 
yooB MofleUnBH, esu DMcrlotlo topo- 
»plili»jp«grrtc» Poutiuiii mimrtUum 

.Ir ^^p, ig ADnsDdsUai Seolls. 

», Uiaa. WMUi KnlgbU. ttOO, 

A TiutlM on lltt». AbardHD, ISIT, 

OwOrisr Md Gr»d.llMi In (he Worid'. 
CPMticm, u ilM ScurriB ind AlchymU 
4i«oiered, Aberdeon, 1SS3, ISnu.— Oor- 
duitiHiii, lM2,3s. iDgUa^SM, 41. 

MACKiT, Andrew, A.M. The 
oompleto Mavigator, Lond. 1804, 

Sacond Editlim Impreied. Mnd. laio, 
The Theory infl PmcUce of flnding the 
Ijo^tndt uid LiUlQilB It Beior i.»nd; 
ts which MB iddad ikIoo! Methods o( 
.dfltemlnlng the LiUtude of » PLew Mid 
T»Tl»tlon of the CompasB, with "f^^ T». 

MAO U80 

Hi0nMVi,TheolMld. Fditical 
Bwaji rdatdTC to the k^in of 
Ireland, in 1791-02-93. Lond.I>e- 
hratl, 1784, 8TO. 

Itxcsxuza, Aleunder. ToTim 
&oin Hontraal, on Uie rirer fit. 
lAoi-raioe, &rough tba Continent of 
N. Americs, to the IVoien and 
Paciflo Ocouu, 1789-83 t with • 
pnilunmarr Aooount of Hie Fur 
Trade. Loud. 1801, 4to. 

~ iiitntodwItliiiiiMaBdmportnttif 

ulhor. BIi«U>U,I«a, Feet- 

-._. WS,U.4l Koibui^ TS«S, U Oi. 

VIIlaUilEM, ll.Ti. BealiMUitliiteiBM- 

■ g dflUilft In thij Toji^ nffHcUng tha 

the Inhibltuts, II li Importut, u 
^jTlnE Bffectad tha dLKOvairof thflFolar 
Sei, bj lud.— PuU, laoS, Gto. S vol*. 

id A. Pugin. Specimens 

of Gothio Arcliiteotiire, on Biitji- 

PUUe. Lond. Taylor, 1816, 

4to. 12. lOg. UBQi FAFEB, 21. 2a. 

DnuT, 9TS3, nuiU, II. llL M. 

■■"— — ' •-"qLltlei of Bt. BlB. 

gator. QH«n^ 

or uichaniBllul THtalei, 
for the practical Navl- 
i( Boatoeas, So. 'Loni. 1804, Bro. 7e. 

MidiTT, Angus. A Collection 
of Andent Piobaireachd or High- 
land-pipe MuBic Bdinb. 1888, 
folio, 12. 15b. 

Dedicated to tlie Highland Society. 

— M^. G™. Hi%h. of Boouty. 
Uemoin of the War in Scotland and 
Ireland, 1689-91. See BAMHiTiMB 
.and Maitiani' CcFBa. Appendix. 

— John, of Bookfield. life of 
Oeneral Hugh Mackay. Sn Bas- 
■Anrm and iLniLiSD Clubs. 

— J. T. MoraHibemioa. Dnb, 

— Hiatory of the Houee and 
Oan ot Sdinb, 1829, 4to. II. Is. 

— See UaoST. 

George, M.D. The LItm and 
Character! of the moat eminent 
Writera of the Scota nation. Edinb. 
1708, 11, 2S,folio, 3 Tola. 

TDwoelar, pt. 11. 1011, S. U. Kaad, 
3L 10a. Korth, pi. 11. IMS, SL LOg. 
lorghe, fiuppL 736, *l. U. BlDdlay, 
L. 1MT,U.6>. Bright, 11. lli. 
- Sir George, of Eoaehaugh. 
Worka. Edinb. 1716-22, folio. 2 

Wllbportr^t. Reed, »HII, IMS*. TUa 
UUon does not unlatn tha uithoi'i n- 



idlDlk _ , 

Loil(1.16»3,iamo. (InlhSTol.lUleillTlS), 
BepUul W by John E>elyii. 

Moniauiulr?; » Uiisanna pr ~ 
thit Point at UoDour obUgu Uu 
vlrtawa. BdlDb. lOer, lamo. [In th 

Amonl Fandni,Bi>inUlBlBgUl>lltli 
nnoh ifttLar to he TlrtooDi tf — -■-'---- 

HudlDgft on soma nuukRM«CsBei 
btfon tba mpremB CouiU of BcoUul, 
ulna the Yeti leei. To irhlab th* Da- 

elalDiu ire labjiiincid. Edinb. I«l, ito.- 


A DiHinme upon tlia Lan and Cos- 

Edtob. 16TS, «to._aeixiDd edltlo 
im. ftillo. 

OnervAtlDiis upon the xmn 
PuL King Jimu TL walnat Binkniptii, 
At. Bdinb. ins, UmoT 

ObHiTMlou npon tba Lawa ■ 
tOBU of NaUoni u to Pncedetur. 
IffiC^ fiiUo. M. ee, dedieatAd to th« Kine, 
vlth 1 MTti^t of tba utfaor by YaDdei^ 
toDO. Blndler, pt. II. 12S8, ti. \U. M. 
Oou|[h,«)se,lli. Nanau.pC — UN,Ua. 
Heber, pt. I. old inor. 31. Sa. Tbt vfaola ot 
thla TalOftble tnet It nprlntnd in tba laal 
BditloDof GoUUm'aDiaplajofHaialdFf. 

Tba SsMsca of Harauldrr, Inalad aa > 
Fart D( tha dvU Law and I<av Df KitioDB : 
«fe*nin BcHona an (Ifan lOr Iti Piinsl- 
tdaa and E^iiiolDglaa for 1 ta hardar Tunu. 
EdlDb. IBBO, fiillo. pp. g^ and a uble of 
•IniaBML s MH. Tbli Isanwd mtk 
ma pnUiabed iloae vlth tha nrmdinc. 
It ma dedicated tTUiaautbottbhlica^ 
tTTBas, aod la Avidad Into thlnr-fonr 
ebapten, tittk lOostnted br » larleM of 
htatorltalabaarratfaaa. ItbubeeoblgblT 
pnlHd b* KloflBoa, Ntibet, ud other 
wilun. Soibnrgtia, SSCO, 17b. 



Jna Kegium. or MonaMhr Tlndlatod 
■galutt eiKhmnui,NepbUL]l.Da1niiia. Uil- 

Od the Dlecotery of thrFeoatlek Plot. 
(Anon.) Edliib. 16si. folio, Tbla soUtioa 
traet la omllled In Mackenilg'a ooiki. 

iBRltatloDa of the hn of Seollind 
Edinb. ISM, llnio,~EdlDb. M8& Umo. 
— Lond. UM. BTO.-Kdlnb. 1100, lUno. 
With VotN far 1. BpoUliwoed. Edinh, 

I SupplemeDt to Sir Oeorn Uaeb 
atntbiia. Br Alu. Bma. Edisb. 
1. llmo.— EdlDb; an. Item. 
A Deftncaitflfat Andqai^ofUMrofiil 

i8d bj Ktatm 


to Biahim Uord'i hlatoilcal Aowvnt of 
Chinh OoTarunflDt. 

The AnHqnltT of tba Soral Use of 
Baotland farther eleand and defaoded 
agatnet tba Biwptioiia laulr offered by 
Dr. StUIingBeaL In Ua Vlodlutian of th^ 
Blahop of St Aauh. Lond. l«Sa, 6n>. 
**. pp. SU, irlth ■ dedication to K. JamuK 
II. pp. i^ and u addtau to the nadar. 


ObHnalliiiii on tha AeU of Pajilaman 
Ids ^ IC Junaa and hli Bucoaaora b 
tbeEodof (haRelgoarCharleall. Edinh 
"™' roUo. Bolhebj'ain 18M,niDr.W. lie 
tloluuigunllaliabluedlnbuTEl, Id 

tha Adwsata' Ubrarf, Edlnbur^. 
iaii Sir Oaorse wm the toander. 
MHi.aaEaaar. Loud. IBW, IXdo.— 
Ilaa. In the Tol. ditod ITIS. 
^.Hiunau BaUoBlUmbeoUUtata Li- 
bar dDgiiIarla,adltiia» J. O.OnBTio.Tial. 
-' Bhan. laWtlSmo. ^ 

ha looral ^Utoiy of FmgnIItT, with 
oppoalia TIeaa. Load. 16»1, Bra. In 
ToL d*tad lliB. 

L Vlndlcalloa of tha QaTsnmsmt in 
tland doriw th* B/tiga of K. Cbulei 
with ■erard other nntlaaa n' " 

lob U prefixed 

"•■Wrtlinga. Lond. WIS,. 

mT. Xdltod by Tboa. Tboma 
Bdlnb. isn, 4Io. DnuT, »81 
Brtgbl-lBm. Dolte of York, SIM 


Lliiuxh £eYlmr, Kb. 


dmnig die Summer of 1810. Bdinb. 
ISII, 4to. 2 m&p« and 15 ooloured 

■ —■—■■' ■ 'itemUiiK work, tr»l 


. -ohU, iL at. Ne> edlUoii, 
ibl>_eolDmn>>_ Edlnli. CbuatMn, 

IWa, rojiUSi _. 

An BiUT on hdh SnttjMt* censHtod 
«lt|i ThU. Edbib. 1817, Sto. Bt. 

Maceekzib, Smaj. Works. 
Sdinb. 1808, crown Sto. 8 voli. 

HoIUi, 808, II. Ua. Dak« of Tuck, 8H0, 
" "=■—'•—'-«.. Mm of roeUng; H~ 
JnliiL de Sonblgni i Pi] 

U IBs.— CmlraU. Uu of FoeUng 
ofthoWmiri; J ----- - 

ag aai DnouB (do 
'B prlnolpil worl 


ttas Uan of tho World, ■ppeind Boon 

Huckenida wu one of tlie first to cnltl- 
Tate Genoui LlterAtare, Hod ]□ 1791 pub- 
ililuid tnniUtlmis of LeulDg'i Bet of 

— J. Memoir* of John CWyin, 
1809, Sto. 68. portrait. 

]818, IUbo, wlUi portnlt, 4a. 

— Joko. A. NarratlTe of tlie 
Si^e of Iiondon-Denrr, MtbflUly 
repregeiited to leotifle the Hietabes, 
and Bupplj (he Omiuions of Mr. 
Wilker-B Aooonnt. Lond. 1690, 


Lond. ISM), its. Sh VfAixxt, RBT.Goorga. 

— Murdoch, r.K.8. Oroadoa ; or, 
geographic Hndhydrographic Surrey 
of tiie Orkney and LewiB lelandB, 
in eight M^s. idso, bd Accoant 
of theOrkn^IolandB. Loud- 1750, 

Waiatt, IBOl, II. T«. 

A Traatiu of MultLDO Bnrrayliig; la 

tiro Fftrts ; irlth a pnTalorf Eusay OP 

DiaugAta and BnrTtrH. Loud. ITU, its. 


i Eflrrey and ] 

Dltcsl Do- 

Id. Loud. 

- Boderick, A. Sketch of Q 

Hicmzn Saxox. Xhe Oe- 

nealogie of the Mackeozies preoed- 
ing the year 1661, irritten in 1669 
0>T Uackeoiie of ApplecFoag). 
Bdinb. 1829, 4to. 
Hot PuBLisMD. OdIj 60 printed, B7- 

AtiCEBBELi^ Benjamin. The 
Hisloiy and Antiguitiea of the 
flouriBhing Corporation of Kinga 
Ljnn, in the County of NorfolL 
Lond. 1788, 8vo. 
Drarj, 2617, 6s. Sd. Dent, nt. I, 15rt, 
.. ed. Sir P. TfaompKm, «91, 8b. Hoi- 
irghe, 8M», Bb. Sd. Tovneley, pt. 11. 
tr. 10>. BindloT, pt. li. 1878, llL ed. 

MithLll, 1114, II. ' Kaasan.'pu i.'a)8§, 
t tiUo' and dadlutioB, a 


leaTU: DHtaco, S pagaa: ilao 11 pi 
It pp. 1,%. la, IM, ISO, ISi, IBS, ISC 
M «>d 373. Than are otbec plMa 
" u lettflr-prtBa, 

M^oioiLi, James. Dtscourapar- 
ticulier d'Ecoaee, escrit par Com< 
mandemenC et Ordonnance de 1a 
Bojna Douarifere et Begente, par 
MeBsires Jacquee MackgUI, Clerk da 
Registre, et Jean Ballenden, Clero 

U Justice, li. Janvier, M.D.LIX. 
Edinb. 1824, 4to. 

itjTie I 

aper of a larger tlxo. 

Mack Gbegobt, John. An Ac- 

ount of the Sepulohrea of the An> 

ienta, and a Deacription of their 

Monuments, liond. 1712, 8Ta 

Roibnrghe, SOU, fig. 

Mackihtose. fi'cealso M'lnroab, 

Maoeintobh, Jamee. TraTele in 

luKma, Asia, and Africa ; begun in 

the Year 17?7, and finished in 


1781. JjobA. 178B, Sro. S Ttdi. 


FnbUatial KUnrpiuiiUij. TDDtbUI, 1781, 

lits Pnbll«tioa entitled Tr 


It mide k 
Price.) I 

Bseood •dIUon, Loiul. 171 
•lltloB, vltli liSlUmt, I 
— FHitth •dlUoB, nidi ti 
ITM, B>0, — Mew ediHom Lc 

to FniKh by Paol Boyar- 

CoUud; Willi 'L* droit du gen* pu Bluer 
daVattal.' Fmili,I8aO. 

DUeouMI oa tbs L«in of Eojluid. 
Load. HTW). Sto. Anmplilet. 

ThBTiiii of JabB Toltlar, Eiq. tor i 
Irfbal uidDMNmpfilaDU BBOIupirU, taken 
In Hhwi'tauid by Mr. Adinu. and Uie De- 
fBna rtTlud br Mr. Haekiatuli. LoDd, 
ISOa, Sfo. IOl ed. Reprlntod la " Cele- 
bnted flpetchea," Phllad. 1816, Sw. 10.. 

TUi iplendtd neelnwa or fOnnule elo- 
qDOBM ni tnaiUttd Into Xrsmih by 
Ibdiim* d* BUal. 

SsbituMothlBBpeKh In Iba Honae 
oT ConuBona on prvaflDting a PetlUon rbr 
llie BMOgBltionor tb* Independent Stala» 
eatablbhad la tba Coontriea of AaericH 
Ibmnrir anbjiet to Bpaln. Land. IBM, 

1 EtUeal FhUMopby, 


■bMr duffiw ik« xviitb «Bd xvmtb 

Canlurlea. Edinb. IBM, 4to. Sa. PreOui 
originally ta tbe Encyelopedli Britinaiea.. 
Beprlnted, Fhlladalphia, 1B31, Sto.— Nav 
edillan wllb a Fnhct by Dr. WbewsIL 
Edlnb, and Lond. 1888. 8TO^S«™d adl- 
tloB, usr.— TblTd edlUim, Loud. 1838, Sra. 
8a. Fraflisd la 811i edition of Busy. BiM. 

^trlEtcrfli onsomepadegealDlheDlHer; 
»l[on prelxed b) lbs Ency. Br)[. Lond. 

Hlalory of EnaSaoi, »«. M to i Ji. IW* 
!,iiid. (Lirdnei^ Cebiint CycIowedla> 
laa^Sa, ISmo. ST0(B.18a.-Ne» adltlan. 

Poopls In BDglind and WalH, O'Oj 4, 
IBSl. Land. IB9), 8to. 
Hlatsry of Uie RoTotution Id England Id 

Uta Sic J 

Id at ulaa. 

:liei. Lond. ISBl, «to. 

portion of tMa Tolnm^ ajOBlat- 

Ing of the fragment by Blr Jane* Mao- 
' ' isah, via pubUabad separatel/ nndai 

lew ef theJtel^of Jameall. Lond. 

rajMSanLord Hector of tbo Uitf- 

varaily of gWow (In " Inangural Ad- 
" eweaof LordaBaetonof the UnlTarally 

GLiagoWpby John Bama Hay," Glaag.', John, Mroiater ot 
God's Word at Leabury, no. North- 
mnberland. A woiiderful AcDOant 


o^ i4o, Iwing lie Tears of Aga, 
waa miroculousl/ mtorad '~ 
joathfiil Vigour tmd Complt 
new Haire growing upon his Head, 
atnr Teetha in his Moubh, and hia 
Stm reitorod to a most perfect 
Sjghk Lend, T. Vere. ISF" ■"• — 

filuklenei. Bnnl,«.ls. 
Id IIm British Hnssum. 

Maoubuc, Janua, k oompIetB 
History o^ the OeDSsnum Uigh- 
WBTman. Lond. n. d. 8to. port. 

fe i In Jahman'i (Ch.) Llns ot Hlgh- 

HaoI:BUj, am Historical aod Oe> 
nsalonoal Aocoont of the CIbd oI^ 
irf B Seneuhie. Load. 18S8, 8to. 
with Qenealogioal Tree. 

Hunoar, Chariee. The Usn of 
the World, a Comedj ; and Ldtc a 
la Mode, a Farce. Lond. 1798, 
royal 4to. portrait of Msctlin by 
Ctmd^ after Opie. 

FBblltlHd b^ anbsDriptlon, for tbe 
bansflt of the author ssd fiinilly, itt U. U. 
Ths UBOunt receivBd iru 16821. 11a. which 

(■ther of 7M. Tor hla irll^, Ac. Boxburche, 
Urauln oC Um LUk of Chss. Haiklln. 

Esq. B; JSDHS Thoi. KiTfclUB. I.<nid, 

II«e, On. 1 Tols. irllh portiaU of Hsok- 
III far Bldlsy. BMd, 8U7, 7b. Boi- 
tndtt, MIT, II. li. 

Mamoln of Chu-Ies MscUId. Lond. 
18M,8ro. »Uh portMlt. Reed, "-" -- 

HukllDlui, t. Hriei of Pa 

Kacehisht, Jamed,D.D. A Har- 
mony of the four QoBpels ; in which 
tiie natural Order of eaoh is pre- 
•aned. Lond. 1766, 4to. 

Dr. Uieknlghl iiki»t7 adhem to I)i< 
prindpls of Oiludsr ; bat hia paraphrua 

an bjghly nlnalils. BliaoB Huib sara, 
thai vhoerer raikei ua of ibit HaimODir 
■boold compaf* vith It Dr. N. Lardnsnt 
obstrralloDa, whldi ware flist ptfillshad 
ir in*, (reprlDlad In Dr. EIppls's adl- 
OtLi oC Mb irorka, toL 11).— Seeoni edi- 
ted. oamctadaDdgraatlyaiiluied, Load. 

mnimis. lots, at u*. 

J. STOla.-EdInb.lgOK, 
of Kenj.BSa. 11,4a.— 

--'—'-*- '-Hn, and 

a Ootpsl Hlaloiy 

with HackDlght'* lUnnoUT, II 

Haatb. 81S, with ttaa Hannonr, ITBl, 
StlSa. M. WnUama, 1017, 31. TwoBOT- 
tloDi of tha work are 'priatad la Blf}ioj» 

A Nsir lllaral Tranalatliin ofall Che Apo» 
tolled EpUtlei (BBSomualed by tha 
Qnak tail, aid Iha old IraDBlBlIoa. Is 
panllel calnQiis], dth 1 ComuimtwT 
and Notaa, pbllologlea], cTlKcal, eipUBS. 
107. and piwsUcal. To vhlota U addad, 
a HIaioiT of tba Lire of ifaa Apoitle Paal. 

latue >lt)iDlit the Onek' Tait, Edlob. 
1790, «o. 8 voli. V las. ad. Thti iro[k 
'was the nnremlltlnK laboar of Dearly 
thirty yaara, during which period aeldom 

Ireek Teit. Lend. IHM, Stq. 4 vola 
(. lis. «d.— Land. 1818, 9to. t toIb. It ISa. 
-Lond. Togg, 18«, Id one Tol. ray. 8to. 

An a apeclmsn of thie wark,ha pnbllabad 
n 1787 a tranililioo of the Apsatla Panl'a 
It and end BpliUas to Iha Tbeasaloidau. 
M4CKW0HTH, Sir Humphrey, 
Free Parliaments, or a Vindication 
of the House of Commons in the 
CsBo of Ashby against White- 
Load. 1701, 8to. 
" weilHomSiOrsTlndlaaUoDorta* 
a of Commons oa tha BIU Aw P»- 
□g ttaa Dangac of OoeasioDai Con- 
tr. Land. ITOl, Sro. (Antwered by 

The Caae of SlrHnoiphny Haekirorth, 

nd of t1 

. Ulae 

on_thU Ci 


Dfltor*d for the paymeot of the publli 
debts, tor rellaf of tba Sooth-Ses "-- 



money ud fbi^nji en 

g the gaubllebl 


Ud Wstl'S filbUnUuM. 

Maokx, or Macxay John. Me- 

moirs of his seoret Sarricee, Ittap. 
■William m., Queen Anne, and 
Geoi^e I., with Charactan of the 
Courtiera of Great Britain, Iiond. 
1733, 8to. 

E«burghe, BSaS, 8a. Hibbert,4OT8, 

30SI, 1! 

". pt. J 

Striit, U. Bi. In Ihi Brltiali Uuenni la 
«b* oopr «it1i H9. notei br Daui Bwirt. 

— Jo. Journey through Eng- 
land, in {amiliar letters &om a 
gentleman here to hk &iend abroad, 
(withont name on title page, bnt 
dedication signed Jo. Macky),3Tols. 
fourthfcditionwithadditioQB. Lond. 

1722,8™. 2 toIb.— Fiftli edition, 
Lond. 1733, 8vo. 2 Tok. 
.Tomney tlirooeh Bcctland, being 

MiCLii]ca,Arclubiild,D.B. Dia- 
coureeB on TariooB Subjects, deli- 
■rered in the English Church at the 
Hague. Lond. 1799, 8to. 7b, 

*ha InMrnia ETldenca of CIirtMiMuly. 

Maola^ev, Charlea, A DiBser- 
tation on the Topograpbj of the 
Plain of Troy. Edinb. 1822, Svo. 

Maolacbik, Colin, A complete 
STStemofEluiionBi wiUi their Ap- 
plication to the moat cooBideraMe 
Problems in Qeometij and natural 
Philosophy, Edinb. 1743, 4io. 

A. nuUitr parfgRDiiicB. mcs pipeb. 
Ooutable, UO. U. ITi. WlUett. IBM ai. 
u, &]» LoDJ. UDl, Sto, i toIb.— Tnai- 
ialad Into Ftemib, Fult, ntg, ito. a tdIs. 

GeoiiiBtria orginloi, sive DaserlpHo Li- 
njanun eutramm mlTsraULs. Lond. 17S0, 

A TraitUe oa Algsbta, tond. 17«. 

WlUiuni, 1D18, IBa. — Second edldin, 
I.imd.nilO,8ro.-Agiln,lIIfi,STO. HIb- 
bsrt, isesa. Ba. Tnnslited, Into Fnacb, 
Full, IT4S, «to. 

Hi! oOrnr norfcs coiudil prinoinally of 
Pipgn in the Phlloaophioiil Tnnilitiau. 

— John, Lord Dreghom, one of 
tha Senators of the College of 
JuBtioe, and F.E.S., Ed, Worka, 
Edinb. 1798, 8to. 2 toIb. Sb, 

This w 

I 'l8ritlM,'(ai. 

DiBiw of the piece. 

printed bafon, vllhj 

gT, 'Tba KeeUad/J 

Hblch Locd Dregbom kept Ibc Us emnie- 

ment. PieSied li hb nocoimt of the au- 

thor's lira and writlngi. 

Bto, PriTaWyprlnt- 

— John. An Esgay on tJiB 
PropheeieB relating to the Mesfliah. 
Edinb. 1773, 8vo, 8s, 

compllBhed ii:iliid.Lffi^iinnch aaalBtaDce, 
aaja Ui. Orme, for aaderaUiiiIlig tba nn- 
merou* predlctloaa of lbs Old Teatament 

lamo. a Tola. 6a. Glasgow, 18M, IBibo. 

MiCLSAjr, Arobibald. A Para- 
phrage and Commentary on the 
Epistle to the Hebrews, Edinb, 
1811-17. 12mo, 2 Tolfl, 

■ Wearo aeqnalDled with so eipMltoiT 
amall a camiwu, oontaina ao iniush Talu- 
ab1» matter, and trulj Krlptnnl illnnln- 

in Life, Sv 

B, Google 

HlaeellBoisoiuWork", Lon. IBSa, Umo.T 

MsCLXAY, E., U.D. Sietorical 
Memoirg of Bob Soj and the Clan 
Macgregor ; including original Ho- 
tiixa of Lady Orange ; with an in- 
troductory Ske(«)i, iilastratiTe of 
the Condition of the Hi)>hlaiidB 
prior to the Tear 1745, Gkagoi 
1818, IZmo. 78. 

DescripdoD Df thQ aparCiTfllnthelAlQ 
otSJLye. EdlDh. IBU, Sto. 

Mao tBiT, W. a. ■ Hone Ento- 
moIogicEe. Lond. 1819, Sto. toL L 
in 2 ptt. (all pablishedj 3 platea, 

Bolhsby's <o ISSe, 3;. Si, 
ADlOLEOD, Sugh, D.D. Caeiu 
Frincipis ; or, an Essay towards a 
History of the PrinoipiJilj of Scot- 
land i with some Account of the 
Appanage and Honours annexed 
the acoond Prince of Scotland. 
Lond. 1791, 4to. 

Cbilmerg, ISb. 
MI^KOB, John, NarraliTe of 
Voyage in hia M^eety'a late Ship 
Alceste along tlie Coast of Oorea 
to the Island of Ijoo-Choo, withan 
Account of her aubseqnent r~ 
wreck. Lond. 1817, 8™. 12b. 
A blghlTlDtereitliiKTDlunie. I>«it,nt. 

I isea, 9s.— 1618, 8to. Dniry, seSz, 

Ua. «d. 

MAOirDBH, William. Obecrva- 
tions on the Geology of the Unlt«d 
States of America. Philadelphia, 
1817, 8to. 

A Tsliuble nA, sTilT uotTced In ths 
Edlnb. RbvIsw, ro. 871-88. 

MiOMAHOK, Thoa. O'Brian. De- 
praritj and Corraptlon of Human 
ITatDre, wherein the Opinions of 
Bochefonoanlt^ Hobbes, Monderille, 
Helvetins, &o, &c. on tiiat fintiject 
are anpportad, against Hume, Lord 
Shaftesbury, Sterne, Brown, and 
other Apuogists for Uankind, 
Lond. 1774, IZtoo. 6b. 

— Hugo, Jus Frimatiale Anna- 

m omnes Arohlep, Bpia. *c 

v H(ugonem) A (rma- 

3 wu, b*. 

' dianom) M(aci 
hcmiie) P(rin 
1728, 4to. 

Tin flnt piKS 
ildai tn indei ; 

els Ten psiifes, wit 

Maciochabl, William, M.D. A 
Journey &om Moscow to Constan- 
tinople, in the Years 1817 and 1818, 
Lond, 1819, 4to^lat«s. 

The ODld-nesded Cine, 'cobUIdIiis 

18% put SvD. as. ' 

Machab, O. An accnrata De- 
scription of the Island and King- 
dom of Sicily. Palkirk, 17**, 8to. 
Fonthm. seii, loa.-Lond. use, en. 
M'HArE, James, LL. D. A 
System of English ConveyanoinB, 
adapted to Scotland. A new Edi- 
tion, considerably enlarged and im- 
proved.- aksgow, lBOO,lto. 
Ben eaitlon,— Glugow, 1789, He. 

DDSt remukible Bcaaes Id the Hlgblinda 
it BeoUuid, and lathe Falls of the Clyde. 

Olu^v, 1797, Bto. fis, 

StiCKBIli, Hector. Poetical 

Works. Lond. 1801, lamo. 2to1s. 

" ■ ■ I, BBIO. 7«. M. Fonlhlll.S<96, 


. JKtid copise^^o 

'ScoUind'^Bkilth' vere sold Id out montli. 

Mao neven, William James. 
Pieces of Irish History, UlustTstiTe 
of the Condition of (he Qitholics of 
Ireland, of the Origin and Progress 
of the political System of the United 
Irishmen, andof their Transsctians 

ith the Anglo- Irish QoTernment. 
New York, 1807, Svo. 

Pp. ntU Bod BW, irith tlUi^ emta, eoD- 
tenU, 3 lesTfls. 

Mif ioo£, Donald. Bemnrta on 
Dr. 8. Jomuon's Jonmej to the 
Hebrides ; in which are contained, 
Obsarations on t^e Antit[uities, 
Language, Qenias, and Usmun of 



(^Scotland. Loud. 

Htotory of Qrot Brltal 

■S*w edillsa, Lond. 1S17, Bn. 

MicvB^Baov, ^neu. Ediiu 
ddinaata i or, pictareMue porspeo- 
tire Tiewi of the Chnrobes, Qwtlea, 
&c. &o. in uid near Bdinbnrgh. 
Ddinb. 1T98, *b>. 

— OhtU'lea, Memoin of hii Life 
and TraveU in Afia, Africa, and 
America, ohiefly betoecm the Yean 
177S and 1790. Edin. 1800, 12ino. 


— Da-rid. An iiti' of Commerce, 
Uannfactnrei, Fiiheriei, and Nsri- 
ntion, witli Brief Ifotices of the 
Art* and Soieiicet conneoted with 
tikem. Loud. 1806, 4to. 4 vols. 

Gudiiet,18H, Ite. A hUUr Vdu1>le 

Qet«r»pbloiI mmtratioiu o( SmtUA 
Hlstorr, wtUi si^lnutUoii of tba dlffloidt 
and dtnalsd pslnti. Lood. 17W, 4ta. 
lOi. M, With • miD. 

irtUi IndlL tond, 1819, «lo. irttli ■ map. 
AB<l>boikt«w«k. Hlbbn^ MM, ICK 

— James. An Inlniduotion to 
file Hiet«rr of Chvat Bnlun «nd 
Ireland. Third Edition, reriaed 
and gnath enlugad. Lond. 1773, 
4to, 10s. 

Pp. 404, irllh Indsz, klio pE«fUa aod 

Ad ExupliiBtlDD dF tbfl Ar^iimAD' 

telDBd Id ■ t>W Inlndaetlin to aeHlrtorr 
of tha uifilent Irtih kad Sci]la(b7T]iofDi~ 
LsLtnd. D-D.) Loud. ITTi, tto. 

Jtemirki on >n TntrcducUoD to tlia Bis- 
toryoTOrut Brltaia aDd Inlftnd. IxiDd. 
im, Bto. WHUUcm, Hot. 

Read, r 

Tba Hi5tai7 otOnat Britiln, fmn tbe 
HonHarHiatinT. Lonil. ITT^ Mn. 


.pen. LaDd.lTTi,«to.ef. 

See Oniia. 

Maofskbson, JoIiii, D.D. Ori< 
Heal Diaaertations on the Orig^ 
Antiinuties, Ik. of the ancient Cb> 
ledomana, their Foaterily the PJcts, 
and the Brltiah and Lish Soots. 
Lond. 1763, 4to. 

S. uvl knd 881. GiTTlck, lUT. 9: 
DTKbe.Snii.USg. Habai, pt.T.wltli 
"-lUi 1^ DaTid Maapbatwni, II. 13s. 

KAOOtRR, Daniel, D.D. Oh- 
_ .rrations on Daniel's FiopheCT of 
the Beveat? Weeks. Bdinb. 1748, 

nd Dnffomlr, 1 vM. Bn. 
. I>uit,pl.U. 

la FobUs, 

n bin 

Jdin, A.U. British Tslonr 
triumphing orer T^«nch coorage, 
under the condact of the Dolce of 
Harlborongh, with a Modest Cior- 
racier of his Qraoe, Iiond. 171S, 

BUb, pt. IL »«g, oM moT. Ita. 

M'QnsiN, fames. A geogrnihi- 
ciJ and oommercial Tiew m Bor- 
them Central A£ioa. Bdinh. 1821, 
8vo. 7b. 

A cciUgna on thUirark, llkairiM n- 

md*, win bs t^nd in tb* QMrUdr Ke. 
Tia», nil. Bl-M. 

Gaaml SUtlitla of tba Britlib Eoi- 
pin. Lond. IBM, St& 

Maoquks, Joseph. Elemmta of 
the ThoOTj and Practiee of Che- 
mistiy. Load.l7KB,8T0.8Tols.fla, 

A tmtlH Aakailj In eonUarabla at- 

Disttcauy of CbealMrr, via FlaMr^ 


HotM, uil AddlUcmi by His Tmulitor. 

Maoqctbb, Philip. AOhronologi- 
etl Abridgment of the Soman Hu- 
toTj, from (he Fonndation of the 
<Mj, to Qie Eitinction of the Be- 
public. Traiuil&ted and improved 
wiUi Notea, hj ThoniM Sogent. 
iMnd. 1769, 8to. fis. 

UACBOBnrs, Amb. Am. Theod. 
Opera, aooedunt integne la. Pon- 
taiii et Tsrioram TSoUe at Animod- 
^-ersionea. Lond. 1694, 8vo. 5e. 

Deary, 9EM, monota »■. A npilDt of 
Oe nuloniio edithm. Lug. BiL mQ. 

Maobopehiub, CI«orge. Uetbo- 
dss de oonacribendis Epietolis, etc. 
Aeceaeit Chr. Hegandorphini Bpia- 
tolas oonscriltendi methodue. Laud. 
]595, 16mo. 

Macewinuy, Owen. Tombeani 
des Princes, des Grands Capitainee, 
Ac- d'Angleterre. ^mTokbiavx. 

UnjitB, aliae Caupbbll, John. 
A Tiew of the (Sty of Glasgow. 
Glasgow, 1736, gnudi 6to. 

Wifli 1 poKnilt end PiMpect of Olu- 

ly (if Gl« 
, i. 71, — Be 
Qlueow, 1830j SvD, 

MiBAB, Martin, D.D. The- 
Irphthora; or, a Treatise on Te- 
male Kuin. Second Edition, im- 
proyed. Lond. 1781, 8vo. 8 yols. 

disariptiona sf tbs dly of OlUKoir- i 

.. . bicli this sinETiIsi 

ried on witli gmt Iehiuhsi. In It tba 
■dUidc iDilnUliiB the UwftilaBiB of coly- 
nmy as being autheilHil by the lloielc 
Uv, and theielbre obllgabiry dd Cbrts- 
tlui. Ixmd. 17B0-1, 8V0. S vols. Font- 

ThooghCe on exacuUva' JnstLce vltb 

Appeodlx. Lond. 17SE, limo. Si. Eome 
Tooke, MM"- 

roemeU, partiTnreddlUpartlmacrlpta. 
iMai. liai, lina. Notprlntadlbiule, 

— Pat. U.D. A philosophical 
and medicinal Ebsbj of the Waters 
of Tonbridge. Lond. 1G87, 4to. 

Fp, M. Beprlnlel In tba Bnt TOlame 
«(lbB BaiMaa HtMallany. 

Haddsk, Samnd, D.B. Ue- 

moui of the Twentieth Oentioy, 
b^ing original Lett«n of State Dn- 
der Qeorge the Sixth. Lond. 1738, 

Bindley, pt. 

pilnUd. whlA 
y uf pablleatiak. 
I. H&bart, OOUL 

StlSa. Bsbar, 

Uw DedlesUiKi oony, put li. r«d awr. 
SLSl CaaaiHiL—,vlUideAlcatleii 
to ' His Bml HllbHis Fiederlek Levis 
7ri» of Walss.' x pagsi, asd -A no- 
doit na&os, eaatalabc miny Voidi W 
tbs Wise,- II pages. At HldnU Ut» 
i«y Aneedoias, vaL ^pin St. 

Heaeetioni sod BeedntToBS pnper fir 
tbe GoBtlenunof Iretaikd, at to ItadrCob- 

Dublln, ITBB, 8to. nilglial edition (pp! 
2M). vitb a pnfaea (St pun), wbich ii 
Dot In Ibe priviUly printed editlDO of 
18101 Its oxlBtencabelagtborolapoaltl rely 
doDied by the editor. Hihb^fiOn.Ui, 
— Bopiintnl DabUn, IBIB, Brs. Ss. 

MaddiBoh, Sir Balph. Great 
Britajna Kemembraaoer, tending 
to the Inoreaae of the Uoniea (rf 
tile Commonwealtli. Lond. 1065, 

Ili^iDOCS, He^- Ja Accoont 
of the Life and Writings of Lord 
Oiancellor Somera. Ixmd. 1813, 

BepoTts of 


An excellent worlc-Lond. ITSS, Sro. 
Blbbert, ton, St. «d. 

MiDKiHi. — A Hiatoiy of Ma- 
deira. 1821, imp. 8vo. 

With ta oolourad ongiartngs. 

■- latlon of Oio first Dle- 
1 of Uadolr«. Lend. 


MmirsaB, the Hirror ot &■ 

Minoi, Iiaao, Biahop of Wor- 
eeater. ji Vindioatioa of the Gto- 
Temment, Dootrine, ajid Worship 
of the Church of England, eetob- 
lighed in the Beign of Q. Elizabeth. 
Lond. 1733, 8to. 5e. 

Uts HlBUrr of the FuhfuiB: lOKSther 
with . DBUKlloii of muij falH duott 
lions <uid HLsUkealDlhilPerfoniiuai.' 
Tbis ulBbnud EngUsb divine pnbUsbed 

— Thomas! The History and 
Antiquities of the Eicheqnw of 
the K.iiiga of Engl&nd, &om the 
Korman Oonqueat to the End of 
the Eeign of Edward II. Lond. 
1769, 4.ta. 2 YOls. 
ucurite wocli.'— Jftolwu. Dant, pi. il. 

.uth, < 

foils. A. ' nieful 'Drk, of niupgakable 

qulllM.'— Wa**™. Oougli, MET, II. »s. 

Duke of Orafton, 129, 1*». Bir P. Tbomp- 

439T, IJ.'lSl. BncLett, 1BS3, ruliia, SL6n. 
Plrmfc Borgl: or AD hlstorlul EaB&7 
eonMnitng the CULoB, Towns, tai Bo- 
TDUgbe ol Engldid. Umd. 11!^ tOllo, 
ISe. Bmokatt, IBM, II, St. Dnke of York, 
1378, II. 6>. WiIlottl501,ruaal».IMIs. 
U. UBQiWU. Hibbeil,(Wia,l[.ab 

lis; or, HIstnrT of TiUid 
tnolas, and or Tanaivs la 
■n jDdu lo tbe HlalaTY 

BCTlplTalDmea, ulled ths Black Book and 
B«d Bsok.nmalniiig of Sacordln hlnUa- 

loguo. and a Dlaoodne oooeerulng; tba 
mOBl auelent Qreat Roll of lbs Eicli«4U«, 
Qnnrnonly etyled The RoU of Qolntl 
Regis atapbuiL FubUsbad ortglnall)' In 
LaUn, b^ Tho. MaJoi, Eio, Hlatortogra- 
pber. Nov canfiillr translated Into Ed- 
ffUsb by a amtleman of the Inner 
Temple. Land. nsS, iUt. Dant, pL IL 

IdADRia. — Transactiona of tho 
Literu-j Society of Madras. Lond. 
1827, etc. 4to. 8 vole. 

UsoHUE, or OertBine eicellent 
Foemi and Spiritual Hynmea. 
Lond. V. fiinu, for John Bnsbie, 
1595, 41«, 

A wpT (n ths oma CollMtlon, Camb. 
Sh Bodthwell, Eobort. 

Maffxcs, John Peter, Soc. of 
Jeeug. Fuga Seeeuli, or the Holy 
Hatred of the World. Contejning 
the Lives of 17 Holy Confe«sours 
of Christ, selected out of sundjr 
Anthors, 4o. TranaUted by H. H. 
[Henry Hawking, an English Je- 
suit at Some in 1616, and living 
as Missionmy in London in 1641]. 
Engraved (iue. Printed at Paris, 


B (T pagSB) 

a. AmoBget 
I of et Hk- 

Mavfh, Fcanoia Scipio, Marquis 

I. A complete History of Am- 

pbitheatraa, more particulad; t»- 

B, Google 

mrding the Architeoture of &o>e 
Buildmgs, and ia particular that 
of Verona. TfanslaUd by Alexan- 
der Oordon. Load. 1730, Sto. 
Aa sateemtd vork with euU. 
UACiAixiAN,0a]>rieL Hilton of 
China, traQBlated by John OgilTT. 
Load. 1688. 8to. 

Heber, ;t. 1. lit 
Naokc, William, Amhbialiop of 
Dublin. DiacoonM and DiBserte- 
tioua on the Scriptural Doctrine of 
AtonemoDt and Samifloe. FourUi 
edition, with large Additiom. 
Loud. 1816, 8yo. 3 voh. 
0ns or the iblaat Critiut ud Vole- 

.l.m. (i 

published In IS 

hqiu uid VlllUdon 


THsoonnu mod DtvartntK _, 

AtakfliDBit ukd SacriAes (comidAte, but 
wHboat hia auBMiu uid CharfH), tn 0D9 
vdL roTnl Sto. doublt cokinuu. Lood. 
Bshn, l§4a— AgilB, IffiA f - 

■BpHaiiw hit DlMOBna o 
— ° --idViilUtk 


LoDd. t^, are. 

ISxaxst, NichoUti. An Bbsi; 
on InBaianaea. Loud. 17SB, 4to. 

WUIatt, UO^ IL 18s. Tbltwcirkni 
mgliuiIlT pnbliahed st Hunbnrgb la tba 
Oarmui Uogu^, but la mueb aLgm«Dt«d 

HAsar, CWlo Mario. The 
BeSiUtiw o^ paraptuaud, to vbich 
are added Sonnets, Sy Marians 
Starke. 1811, 8to. 

Uiato.— A System of Hsgick. 
1727. Stt Defoe, Daniel. 

A conplMa Hlam; of Hulik, Somiy 
■Dd Wltobenft (br Bd. BoDltm). Lnid. 
1TW-le,llmo. StoIi. Bubnigik^ Ug^ 

Bd. BoDlUD, ■ntlHK' 

A t^l7 ID Hat ~ 

idWh^iaafL Rj 
vaihw of tbe prorloiuwak. 


adedltloa. Lond, butlAf, 


— antioled Burioi of 

ApportUoBa. OnuDi, Iible-Tumliu, 
SptJU-KipplDg, «o. Load. Bohn. ISM, 

Sm Buirani, DtTld. !>■■, Jotaa. 

HimniHKW, Frueta. Soott, Sit W. 
MiGHfi BBITAHHIi. Sea Col, 

ThoB. LiBOHS, D. and S. 

UAam OaABTA. Anno lacor- 
nationlB Doznimce Millfsinio qutn* 
lii^ dadmoaeito edtbo* 
MarouB (1614). Explicit Lond. 
com Bolerti curia ao diligeuoia im- 
prsBBO in civitat«. LoncC per Bd. 
"-iBon, 1514, lamo. 

am BDinoir. Pynaon printod It 

.-1 leas, ISmo. ! by Benhelot Is ISE 
alili Butntli, Sn-i sod uala in 

[n 16M It appeund for the flrat t 


' -^iiMho ii 

AiUtloa ns raprinted 1^ 
aa'B widow, wltboiitdfctfl,andortb« 
f ' The Qbeit Ceabtii, oillbd a 
< ilioat. CiBTi.' wllh dlfeti old 
aa, io. iwwly coTTKMd, Agiiaby 
elel In IMO and 1611 ; by T. Peljrt 

1S74, i676, ud isai'. (a'uub 
of tblt editloa, witb MB. noUL 

tBrlgbt'aBBl*lar1I(.!a.} Tb«ani 

ud tbs lul two Bunod odlttona im IB 
LaUn, Itaa otbui la EncHih, edlUd br 
Wm. ButfiU.HriuaMtliiw. T.Mualu 
pilntad It Is UA^ Wlgbt la lOO, ind 
— - "— lonan' Conip«iT in 1606 Uld 1818. 

_j»tHh*d to the vsrloaa eollas- 

tlosB-of StatutM prlBUd bj Bertlitlet 1b 
IH^ B. Wjrkoa, IMt, tod by C. Btrkv, 
tarn Un ta IBH: u woU u |a bD 00- 
den eoUegtloBB. Sx Sutotbs. The beat 
uiwtBted Iruubitloni ire by BucE- 
noiTB, Sir W. [ and Tbombo*, Tbomaa, 


a lirga dlla ihse^ 

B, Google 

mnindtd with tba Am* ol tk« Btiaat, 
mgntti mud ihUUIuI tij lorn Pin, 
IdDdga Tud, Ltttla Brllibi, in Aldn- 
nU fltfM^ in^ prist M tlw ttuM of 
pobUaatliiB Us. fld. Of tbl( (dltlDn, 
MplM With Um ftm» coIoidbA hmTfi bean 
■obublEhuBI-Sa. Two otiwr tdlUiHU 

I. PubUilKd b; i. Pine ^OU Bond 
StiHtgDur Piead)]ly,*g. II. 8i>U br 
R(alHrt) E^dis! Fiu, Albanut* BOHt, 
FlodUIr; ud thera >u * [it« one 
3ud« bf Mr. Buin tor tha Bsooid Com- 
ta1•Blvl^ And & UthDgtAph fUBlmlle in 

Bat tba iBMt migBlflooiit oT ill edlchna 
»f HioTA Curl, <ru pumo m Lntiii 
or OoLD by Jomr WHirinB In IBIO, 
uil dadlc*fad U Uw Frlaes RegnDt, 
•namida Oaorn IT. TlM ordlnur 
so^ n» OB t£tiA ctuad ord-buud, 
nua vUM.otlkanHBMoCnTioDibiiM, 
ud tbM* ««n laUlabad U 101. 10a. 
Othan bad daaozmtad bordan and ambUr 
■OBad ami, witb portntta la eolodn, Knd 
thaaevBnraMbnwnaipaiiilTa. Otben, 
a^LOr wara prlntad oo wbLto or ponta 
■Ain or luuni. In npamjal Mlo, 
blgblf dOMntad with hanldla amblanii 
and anMrlil betifngrdileST DDdar tba 
dlnaUOD <^ Mr. Tboc mllamaDl. Boma 
aoplei bava In addition Aoalj-paintad 
poiQ^ta of Kins loba, Kogat filgod. md 
tlia Princa Ragant: tbaaa mn pnbllaliad 
at fhBB Uttf to ona hondnd cvlneaa. 
Boma (aw onlaa -vara aran mora aipen- 
tln tban tua, and b7 maani oT piioi- 
Inga, lawab]'. and nrgaoni binding, 
reashad a eoat of two bandiad and fifty 

HiSHinciT. — An BipoaicioD 
Tpon Uie SoDge of tiie bleaied Yir- 
gate Mai7 called Ueignifloati 
whemmto are added, t^ Bongea 
of Balua Itf^ins, Benedictiu et 
Nuno dimittia, bnoaLnted out of 
tditine into Enilysh by John 
Hollybnah (qfttry Bp. Coyardide ?) 
Soutliirark 1^ Jas. NicoUon, 1538, 

Ccvlaa an is tba Bodlelin and In tba 


Yandali and otlior NoithwD 
Powen. TrenaUted bj J. S. 
Lond. 1658, folio. 

Bright, lOf . 

Uahoictt. — Four treatiaea oon- 

oerniDg the Doctrine, Discipline 

and Worahip of (lie Maliometans. 

To which ia prefixed the Lite of 

Hahomet. Land. 1712, 8to. 

Oairlok. 1U6, b.ed. 

A 1^11 Treityae ■gaioBl U^nmat 

and bla enraed Saota. Imprintad by Pater 



t. By 'Waatalngton Irr 
ay) leSO, Svo. Ida. $i 


ingtOD Irrlnc, Lond.CMnn 
10a.Sd. Boba,pO(it§TD.lii,i>u. 
Sm Aboukda, lam. BajiwBTJj, Wll- 

Humpbny. RuuDitf, Alahomat 

— (Dean, of Brighton). The 
TniTela of. In s Bene* of Letter*. 
Cork, 17H ISmo. 2 vols. 7a 

Masoitt, or Uu«HT, Fathar. 
Connor, or Oonatantiiie. Diaputa- 
tio Apologetioa, de Jure Bcgm Hi* 
bemiiB pro Cutholicla Hibemis ad- 
Tenua Horeticoa Angloal franoof. 
1645, 4to. 
Lrte. ISta.BI. IM. Homer, mor. «. 16a, 

Irpata tbaoe. 

d lallgloB 

fron, un 


Victim. Th 

book waa 

.rioted at U- 

Waat no. 

and aadttJODB work bT the 

Mayor and Conndl of OJ 





I origliiaE a 

ra corractad la tba mi 

HAJCESLiDm, Daniel. lotrodnc- 
tio ad Eiatoriam Literariam de 
pnecipiDi BiblioUieoia FariiriMmbua. 
fcantat. 1721, 8to. 6a. 

Uaiokub, Count 1£. Themia Au> 
ren. The La<ra of the Fratemit*' 
of tiie SoeieCrOiae. (Boaicnuaani^ 
Tranalated from the Ijatin. Lon<C 
1656, 12ino. 

B, Google 

UUlD, Tha Old; folio. A Fe- 
riodinJ Publiostion. 

Blight, DOL 1 to 97, in&e, ta. 

If AiDi. — The Sistoiy of the two 
Hmdei of More-clioke. With the 
Life uf limple John i* the Hoepi- 
talL Land. 1609, Mo. 

CopleH an In thfl BriUib Uhhuh ud 
tbs Kilsaa Collntlni. Bee Auuif, So- 

Thi^l BravH UtM. A Ballad. K» 

Cted by Flcksrlng. In Bliek LatUr, iq. 
0. 5«AuoLi>(B.), Chronicle " 
don, p. T*. Ali» Piior Botlety, 

A QOUIilA uid nradI|Floai Hlatarla cf i 
Harden, ofao nndTT Ynrei mlUiec eat 

eOl«ByEioi4inents,.ml7«tllMlh. Prtot- 
edaiidpnMUfatdlDUIilil>uUb,ii ' ' 
fu PrflDch, and no** laaule traualat 
EDCIleh. IKn,4Ui. Six laaTBL 1 

UI17T. Deekar.nDi 

nt Itf tJifl Haydeu o( 

The bin Hidde of Brlitt 

copj la In the BridBli Maieum. 

Tha HnUanabloadT Oaifand ; or, Hlgfa- 
Btnct TragadT. (OiAnd, IT—). A eba- 
laateriiUe ImluUon of the HawgaCe dlt- 
tlta. aieribed to Ur. TbomuWariiiii, re- 
primtad In Birdgai' Canaan Utainria, 

MAnyxxsT, James. Nngn d«n- 
liato quu coUigemnt J&c ]if(aid- 
ma)t)etB(obert}F(itcaini). Bdin. 
1^2, rof. 81a. 

A ntlaellon oT atghlMn Dnall tnsti 
nUtlTa to the history and uUqultlaa of 
Sestlaod, prfvataly ptlntad. II la uld 
thara an mlj aix complete cojdoa ax- 

tblrty OMlBa wsfe printed. 

Aba(dlo(B»MtibPa«|ulla,Ao. X 
la»-S, lame. («0 amall, U la^ fyc, 
pikitad.) Bet PiBoniba. 

A BanoTiflt of DalDllea for itrong Sto- 
B^ia. E^b. (Slavanian) IBM, Iftao. 
A egUastloa of auttiah aatirioslandlawd 

NngM Boatkai Hlacallanaoui Papan 
UlmlratlTa of BootUih AfUin nwooT— 
■Doooxixi. Edin. (StoreiHoii) ISW.Sro. 
AooUaaUoBofllDaaU. Blz^ai^laaor 
•aah van prlslad, bpt It (a hallend that 
not man Ibaa lOeomplata aati an sitaiit. 
Edited br Janai Haldmant, G. X. Kln- 

Ut* of tha OlTll, eeelealaiUeal, and Ut»> 
nrr HliUry of BaoUuid. ibiallT bvn ori- 
Kbul HBB. Edlob. (BlaranwiB) ISMA 
Sro.lTola. A nlnabla nrk. IWiaa^ 
and 8 larca putr priDtad. 

Hr. Kaidnnntliaa edlled a ooBraOad 
many other roluBua la SutUih UMim- 
tnra.of Khlib bs liu printed a lii^ Inelnd- 

M^njjT, Benedict de. TeUi»- 
med, being a l^suBlatiQD from U10 
Prendu Lond. 17*8 or 1760, 8t0. 

A CTyptcoymoaabook- 
the anagram oT U. de U&uKi. kcvu 
of 'DlBcDurHabflEweenmlDdlnnphJ 
nuttoo of tba aea. tba fbrmatloa of 

the Leagne, translated b; John 
Dryden. Lond. 1684, Sto. 
^hnrghe.SOIS, Sa. Tb[i tranalattoa 

■""'"""'" ^he party w. 

JEJU^'naUH! of the roinda- 
Don ana mrogallTeB of the Chnrtsh of 
Bame.andorbBrBliUistis. Translated (rota 
theFnnehbyA-LoTal, U.A. l>iind. 16811, 
Bto. ia. 

Tba Hlitory oTtba Cmaadei, orthe Ei- 
pedltiona of the ChrlitUn Fi1d«> for tb« 
C^aest of the Holy Land. TranaUted 
byJahBHalian,Lia>. Load. ISSS, fbllo, 

Tba Hlitory of Artanlni, franalated bf 
W. Webhter. With an A^poatAii. oontaln- 
log an Aoomnt (4 ibe EngUab Wilien la 
the Soolidan and Ailaa ConOover^e^ 
17% 410- 3 'Ola. 

MuKONmn, B. Motes. Porta 

UosiB, aiye Diaaertationes aliquot 

B, Google 

in Tarias Mialmajoth sira TeitoB 
Xalmudioi Partee, sto. Arab, e 
editae, com Appendice Edv. Po- 
eookii. Oicm. 16M or G, 4to. 12b. 

Lud.dB CompiagiH 
BS,4to, AlAdniBTH 

celebntid Babbi N 
LmporUace m* a nbbi 

taipnUng Bcrlptnn i ttaa lut pirt of 
wbloh work <■ Uie ground-work cf Bpm- 
eei"! D« I.B^biu Habrminmi.'— "■■-'- 
Da Doctrina Lagls. at it Natora 

Tha main Prlndplaa sf tb« Cn*d and 
KtblMof tli*J«>a,«ibUilUdlaselei:U(iDi 
fnm ttaa Yad Haoliaaakali, olth a " ' 
TranalatloD, Hotaa, and aiouaty. 
H. Bamari Camb. 1S8S; Std. K 

Tba BMaHUOf tha Lanof Haaaiifrom 
tha Hon KaTDOUm af Malminldaa. trlOi 
Hotaa, Dliaartatltini, and a Lift i ' 
Aath«F. Br JaiMa TownleT, D.D. 

lar.STo. An axMlIaal IraDilaUoi, 

DBiraTda of 100 pasia of TalaaUa DOtea, 
tontber wllh mm dlaaartaUooi on Hit 
Tdmnilol vrillngi,aBd on nitooa othar 
Iqplia tandlag U aloddaU Itaa 'Baaaona 
iTthaLairaarHoaaa,' Tha'Uoca Naro- 
•hliii.'or'Iiiatnetiiraf thaPsnlaiail/ la 

dnetloiia sf tha laanHd Jawlak R^>bl 
Ifaaaa ban lUmon, battar known b^ ttai 
Etook of Pneapta. Hab.aiillEng,wItta 


Maibteroit, Mme. de. The Let- 
ten of Madame de Haintecan, and 
Other eminent Pereons of the Age 
ofljawiBXrV. To which are added, 
tome Chamctera. TraneUted bom 
HmVitaiii. Lond. 1763, Umo. 6». 

lated h*rm tha Ftaoch. Lmd. 176S^9t, 

Hamoln for OiBHlitor? of Madame da 

lalad froiD lbs Frsnch, b; the Aathsr at 
tbaFamals<>aiiots(Mra.Lamua,) Laai. 

and ImportaiLt 

dsa Draiaa. lAnd. li 

— Joim, B.D. SermODB on se- 
venl occaaione, preached before Qie 
Univerai^ of Cunbridge : lo nhioh 
is prefixed a Dusertotion o " ' 

— Boger. Two Sennoaa, entitled 
Beligion and AJIegianoa. Lond. 
R. Badger, 1627. 4to. 

Called In by Praclaraation, Mth Jans, 
lasS, and ordersd tabs bornt. Kapdiuad, 

i. Sir Pet«r. 

— Captain F. L. Narrative of 
tJie Surrender of Buonaparte, and 
of hia Beaideooe od Board H.H.B. 
lelleropboii, with a Detail of the 
principal Events that occurred in 

Ladj Jane. A funerall Ber* 
preached at the Bnnall of Ihe 
Lady Jane Maitland, with divnae 
Epitapha written by nmdrr Aiv> 
there. By H, J(anies) M(aiUBiid}. 
Edinb. 1633, 4to. 
- llBj, pt li. 1081, SI. 3a. Sb M. I, 


the FoemB of Bir John tnd Sir 
QlioiDU MaitUnd, edited b; J. 
BaiD. Oltugow. 1630, 4to. 

SeTflaty-DDfl printed. EyUm.l^. Uluv 
FAns <culT S coplM). B^n, II, Bi. 

HlMorr oT tlie HdUH at aartaoa. Sh 
JIattiIajto Ci 

MuTi.un>, Sir Bd. Iiifs and 
Character of. Ste in HuoeUama 
Sootioa, 171<^ 8to. 

— WillUni. The Hiitory of Lon- 
don from its FouDdatioa to tlie 
S'eeent Times, oontinusd to the 
ear 1778, ^ the Re*. John En- 
tdok, M.A. Lond. 1772 or 177G, 
fblio, 2 TOls. 

ioritj', t 


' Reed, SMS. N.^'isi 

im-JL ColWton^-Vol, I. TiU., 
oua isu ; dedlolion tu Ihe Bight " 
Sllnplir Betbell, Esq. 1 pK^ii; U 

■rtU; tlia hlilory, pp.S-T12. This 10 

place on pan 3, md t Mpulohral itona, 
on p. IT. TdL U. Title, on* leiif', em- 
tniU, 1 pages ; tha hiatocfmiUDDad ud 
index, pp. 718—1410; u upaiidii. pp.* 
Uer— fliieODtinDUIon, pp. 1—148; dlno- 
tiosito Ok Under br plulii(lha plitea. 
Thia 'Dluioe ecntaln m pbtai, of aUeh 
tha ftiUovlnx ua not DKOtiaiiad in the 
lilt :~-llT. BlukFrien Bridge. Gontli 
P.S. 118.'NevEioUaOnge,p.l4a. llB.Tb 
Bssk or S^ud end Nair Newgate, p.l4B. 
ISO. New Bliai OfllM, end Fmnt arNair 
Nawgite, p. M6. lit. Seuloni Hwue' 
- 'd tleiler. p.148. 111. " 
»1 end Weil--" ■ 

eui,p,i*8. r' ' 
St. Qeorn . . , 

Adelnht, p. 148. OIlKr 

fiilto. BaibaTghe,eBn.ll. DokeoCToik, 
3181, l«i. WUlatt, Ifill. Ita. uaaa Pi- 
rn, IL Hi. €d.— IIM, i TolL Ooldanld, 
B77, UIM. Tavneley. ptlL101>,3I.SL 
— ITdO, bllo. 1 Tol*. tU* ediUan eontalna 
tht (WD* letler-preai, dediceltao, ilat of 
■nbeQibSTe, aombar nt eognTinoi, ud 
-R «i ih»t rf 1771; 

I, p. 148. IM. Tie 


It pani, va) nilMtitnt) 

„. _,llon of Hw vUtM of th. 

pnMletnildilWi.Bnder Ilia title of 'Bb- 
■tlrii Arelilleatan/ inHTted in Uw odWan 
of lift).— A. Contlnnetlon of the Elitnrr 
ud Barver of the Citiee o/ London end 
Wtit— '"tit", and Botsa^ of Boulhirark, 

latter 'Tba ConHniiatloB el the Hlaton 
of Landoo,' In lit pec*!, va) nilMtitntu 
Hir tha deaaclptlon of the platM of the 




t. (Land. 17T1J, 

'^tbe pre. 

nond the CitT. lu Dili* Booka. Edlnb. 
116% (oUo. Blndler, pl. U. S>r, U. 1*. 
Nauan,pt. I. ItSk IL «.. Hlbbert. SlOe, 
U-lOa. Seeth,47i<.I(.l>i. Wllhit, IBIS, 

lud, tmrn tha ej 
14W. And (torn 

The Thole complied tnnn the moat eu- 
'^ antic Youchen. Lood- 1T&7. falto, fl 

la. Tsvoeler, pt. il. 1011, i:. iL Boi- 

rgha, SrU, li. Wtllett, Ull, 31. U. 

wtb, 4T13, niule, 41. It. 

MiTi-r.rm^ MichaeL *""«'"> 
I^pographiei, ab Artia inTenta 
Origine ad Annum 1G6? (com Ap- 
~ ndice ad Annam 1664) . Ha^ 

<Di. Ao. 171 S, &o. Uo. - 

rtiHe AtuulH will over ha ' 
laatlnc monoment of thii eo 

.», « TL 

onea irentini;), 0F. Ei 
Denl^ Bapp)eiii*Dt, UKr, MM»m 
W.Si. Boibnivhe. «Ga7, % toIi 
.trt. ^IWiert, MM,9' 

vm, B>c, Com. 171S. Vol IL IGOMdL 
Uec. Com. 1711. iDtnPuti. VoLlu: 
1B3U7, His. Com. 17W. In Km FuM. 



I. Beath, 9081, Uelttalie'i on copy. 


«d. The LKe of Ro- 

PomJ.F. RettiluD, totum Opu »« 

Upi. IS0t,>. BHt 'edlilDii. fi 

Slcpbuioniic HIbEikU, Yltu igMDrnic 
LibroflconiplKtflDB, poitliT Htuit, Loi 
1700, Btd. aim Appendice (oCUd <raDtii] 
Bta&Mt, IMT, iTi. WUlett, IMS, nii 
SI.Ua.<d. u»> FAnm. H»th, SO 
ILlOi. Bmlniirtbe.flese.f" " 

ban etspheH, Id Latin, m 


pUU Uit or hia worlii, li pntied to tlie 
ImproTwl idltim of B. Btsptitni' Tba- 
untu Ung. LU. J.01HI ITM. '01.4 toIl 

Hiitoita Tjpojrmplionini «UqiiotP»ri- 
dMsinm TItu st Ubma acnnplKleiu. 
Appflodloe. htatA-nxl, Bfo. ConaUblB, 
«»£ 17>. Hlbbert, WST. nwlii, 12. as. 
Bit H. 11, Sfken, pC II, «a, II. Gs. etret' 
1*11, 963, li, 11a, ed. WlUetl, IS^ II. 13h. 
Bindley, pt. II. 1805, 11. IbL uiwi ri- 
FU. Duks of Onnon, asr, eU 12a. Sd- 
Foolhlll, ««, 81, la, DlbdlB. BOS, mot. 
SI. 19s. Boibargke, MM, U. lOa. 

Tka ^liih Onmmar. Loud. 17SI, 
Sni,S>. Lusa MPHB. WIlUuBi, USS, 

ScidUar alTa Foetloa aliquot fn Argn- 

TTMIiDOSutatlaMdi CaUloffni. 1 
al ■ aupplament to tbe 'CutalogiiB jvi 
lum MBB. AnMla M Hlbemls. O 

ra deatrorad br in. 

la edition nt Hoa 

TbtaemlnoitrKluilU'Illuirlae publlabed 
i( the LiUn duila, 

8w Oxford. Poatie LatlnL 

Majob, John. De HlBtoria Oen- 
tii Scotorom Libri ux, sen Hia- 
toiu Maioris Britannue, tarn An- 
gli» qnam Sootue, e rBtenim Mo- 
DumeDtia concumata. Faxiaiia, apod 
Jodocum Badium, 1521, 4to. 

Cimtalna fol. oii,n, with tlUi ^t tb> 

laxlDflB and auperUdlty ot tba clu^.' — 

v9 UJiep tha graatefit 

a lilt of hii iroikB, null* printed at I'arU 
aboat 1ei6-M, In. folio, wblefa an TalEed 

— John Honniior. Two Lettos 
on the Origin, Antiquity, and Bia- 
torf of IfDraiBn Tiles, atained with 
Aimorial Besnngi. LoDd- 1794^ 

pp. 114, vlUi enttSTlDsa of U painted 
tllea froc tbe paTament of the palace of 
tbe Dukea of HotmuidT, at Caen. Dedl. 
eaud to Sir Jolm Uannikar. Bart, th* 
anthoi'afatber. Bnnkatt, I94S, th.«d. 
RoiburgbtL SBK, Sa. Ilaae lattate, ad- 
dreuediodaorge Eail afLeIoeiter,P.S.A, 
were pT«Tloual7 printed for private dls- 

— Thomaa. The BuiuB of Fm- 

tiun, otherwiae Posidonia in Magna 
GrcBoia. Lond. 1768, unp«nal 

>ngh,Me4,kl0a. Naanu, 
'I. )lDrUi, 
. IMS, 31. lOl. Foothill, 
WiUetl, 1810, with Cband- 

RecuBll d'EHtuipoi gttvtn d'aprti laa 
molllenni Tableau dea nanda Maitiea, 
dont on a fait eboli dana lu Cabluu lea 

eia cf 16breB d'ADgleterre et de Frmnce- 
nd. I7M, folio. TwaDtr-nlne platsa on 
K laftve>._Seooiid adlllon. Land. IIU, 1<)L 
Thli edition conaiita of 07 pUtea. 

HAEonju Stt Haoksimu 

Uakihb, lin. B. An 'Euaj to 

revire Uia amiient Education of 

GentJewomen in Beligion, Han- 

nera. Arts, and longtua, with an 

B, Google 

Amwer to tiis Olijeetioni iigMnit 

Hub Way of Bdocstion, 1678, 4to. 

Hn. Miklni ni tntami to tlw PriD 

etm EUuheUi. daogbUr of K, Chvlea I. 
Fur u iDtanatlDS HcDunt of thli laund 

J. H. (Hr 

Mtt.niin, — Accounts of (bo 
Soocew of two Diniih MUalon- 
ariea Beat to the Sut Indies for 
the CoDTBrtton of the Heathens in 
Ualsbw. Lond. 1711-16, ISmo. 
4 pta. in 1 toI. 6s. 

it U» Bs11g<a 

Bmbolon. Zl«(wlalc b; J. T. PhUijpik 

Ths FnpsEmttoe et tlw G«pel In the 

Eut 1 lulng »n Aeeount of tha Buoe ' 

1*0 Viiith Mlbalonsrlai IslolT h 
tbo Eut iDdfoi for tho ConTanioD o 

HuUwu In KiUbu, Tnoalatod 

Iba Qtmui of Butfaolonieiu ZlagKFlwIg, 
ke. bjAnlh. Wm. Boihi ■ 

1 Ea^ib 
(■ uA P] 

wbantn tha Words uA Phruai of tba 
TuiiilluiLanciiue,eoiiniiiwl7iiallBd br 
Empaua tha Mslsbu LugaiM, " 
uplAnMl In EngUib. By tbo En). 
HfHlonariw of Uulns (John PhlUp F>- 
brldiu ud Jehn Chr. Bnllbinpt). To- 
pacT, nau- lUdru, ITTB, ito. 
An EBKllsh snd KaUbar DIetloiiuy, 

Kibe Bngliih UlsaJanarlea of Uadraa. 
vary, now Hutru, 1788, Ito. 
A ammnar (Dr taarolng tha Prinolnlei 
of tht Malabar Languaga, proporiy aallad 

Tba Prwhati If alasbT and lUlili pi 
-■■ — ■— -■•-, giinuand ProfoMon 
a. Loud. IK^dto. 

lUL 1456> 

Hauu, Joh. Joannu Aatio- 
ohen^cognomeoto Mabla Eiitoria 
Chronieo, Or. eum iDtupretatioue el 
Notis Edmimdi Chilmeadi, Ztiiier- 
tatione de AvtCHV Hiunfredi Hodii, 
et Epistolft Biehardi BanUeU. 
Oion. 1691, Sto. 

Nodley, pi. U. l«ll, Ta. Heath, IISO 
Vk. Wuflama.seo, moroe«,I««. Qard- 
B«r In ISM, Olbbm'* copj, lis. As 

Maiohah, John. lii Tiewa 
of the liDTiroiu of Oxford, 176S, 
obloDg 4to. conaiatmg of Title and 

ii etchings, rare. lll.8T0,Ti.«d. BUss,pi.U. 
SIO, W. Sa. 

MaxOolk, AJeiknder. A I'na- 
tise of Music, speculative, practical 
and biitoricat. Edinb. 1731, Sto. 
10s. 6d. 

BaTid. Qcnealogical Memoir 
of the most noble and ancient 
House of Drmnmond, and of the 
■evecsl Bnmohes that have sprang 
from it, from its first Founder 
Maurice (O the preatrnt Family of 
Perth. Edinb. 1608, ISiao. 
alalj prlutad. CI.ChaluiBni,10s.«d. 

I. StoIs. 
FrlDdpallr vilttea during a anrray of 
. iwrmj, mada at tba dealra of Iba Board 
of Agrlcultnra, CMIalia.-ToL 1. Pp. 
II and tM, olUi a cnlound nap by John 
Carr, five platei of Udh KUaa, and a 
" -Dram. VoLir, pp.BM. VoLHI. 

James Peller. Londinum 
BediTivum ; or, an anoient Histoij 
and modem Deaoription of JJondaa. 
Lend. 1803-7, 4to. 4 vols. 

Pp. 6-^63, with two Mile paioa. one 
gfa»ed flBOS), IhB other prlnttl (iSOi) i 
inrtlMniant, two pager; aathsBtk pw- 
!iilart,*o. and lialoCClOjplatoa.apaaa*, 
d coDlanu, S pagae. Vol. H.^loi. 
I. X. and t-^l. Faga All oooIalM 

B, Google 

1456 lUL 

miLOOLH, J. PbUbt — eontinued. 
till lilt or Ih* S pUU* souUliwd In thl 
TsliuBB. ToL in. 1808, Pp. li ud B- 
ta. F(f« Ml-fi ■» nputsd with u 
tuliki, mbH d. tl8r eoDtidiu Ute Hat nf 1' 

fUl«i containad In the Tolnrnv- Yo] 
Y. ISn. Pp. Tl and 664. On page 6M 
la ciTen (.llBt of tba II ptotsa ooaUlnsd In 

AnwidolsB nf the Minneii ud CdiMdii 

thsYur 1100; IndndliiK the Otigln ol 
BiitUb SocletT, Cnatoni), ud Uumen ; 
with « gaoenl Bkatcb of the Stits of Be- 
llglou, aupenCillDii, DraueH, hud Amuse- 
meaU of tbe Cltliene of Idodini during 
thst Pariod. To whloh tm idded Iltni- 
tntlons of Chugea In Dnr Linrtuga, 
]dLt4ntun, Cnalami, and mdual Lm- 
l>I«TeniaDt in atria ud VereLEiuttDn ; and 
< Tmrioni PartlfliiUn ooncenilQV pnbMc a 
^ivata Idbnrlai. Load. 1511. 4U- If. 11 
Csnall«i.— Pp. ST6, baaidea tUle-page ; 1 
troduotum, Dontanta, and lUt of (IS] plat 
drawn and angrand bj tba uthor. 
Saoood sdiaaa. Loud, leil, §to, 8 volh 

don duilnK thLt Period , 

the Btals of Sodaif in tSOT. To which li 
addad a Skatah or tba domeatta and eeola- 

Stlul Anbltaotue, and or the Tailiwa 
ironmenU In the Matnpiriig. Load. 

lSW,«t«. Cgi{iU<i».-TlUe, coi 



i teaiaai 


iDdaiea. 8 WtJ""w b" 


S^oIiSSS"; No^^Sl-M 

are U b^ 

plaaad between pxaa 47S-8 
ldltl«B. Lend. ISloTs™- « ™u 

— Banind 

Hon eootiUiiB U plalaa only (no 




the KalKD of Charlea 11. Jam 
Ham III. ud&mie. Loud. 1811 

• 11. wit 

MllearoiuidLoDdaTi, Dtlwh and engrared 

Kalwlm'a PUtei fU Lywm' EnTironi, i 
pp. Lond. lOM, 410. ISl 

An hiatorloal Sketch of tba Art of 
Catieaturlng. Land. 1B18, ato. with SI 

Idns of Topognpben and Antiquaries 
who hiTa wilcCaD aoncamlnc the Anll- 

n' lu of EtwUnd, with (twentr-aii} Por- 
ta of the Authoia, and a completa Uit 
■la thalt Worka, ao (ar aa tbey teUla to 
tt*Tc>p«BtWh7 of IhB Kingdom; togathai 

!i aLlat or Portralta.Monnraaota, Vlaw^ 


inet, In the Years 1801, ISOS, and 1806. 
ad. 1807, 8*0. 30 flna plataa.^The aa- 
tdadiUan, Lond. 1814, roT-Bio. pob. M 
Tt. Pp. au, bealdea title, adiertlaa. 
mt, coatanta, and Hat ol platea, which 
I X) In number, drawn and etched by 

8tt Qbakdsb, Jain«, p. IS!. 

— Bit John. The Historj of 
Ferein, from the most esrly Period 
to the preeent Time, with an Ao- 
count of the present State of that 
Kingdom, and Bemarks on the Re- 
ligion, OovemmBnt, Sciencea, Man- 
ners, end Uaages. of its anoient and 
modem Inhnbitauta. Lond. 1815, 
rojal 4/la. 2 vols, map and platea. 

aa aftenricdB embodied In Che Bret At* 
hftptera of *The Polilleal KlaCorjr of 

The FoUUeal Hlitory of India tma 1TS4 
1 iaS& Land Murrav.lS^BTD.lTola. 
r.lB. A valiiame work. 

Report on Malwa and the adjolnlog 

m' ImS. 

On the Oovenunent of India. Lond. 
18SS, Sro. ISi. 

Bketch of the SIkha. ■ BlniciilaT Nation 
n the ProTlnai of the Punlab, In India, 
iltualad belweao tha RlTcra Joana and 

B, Google 

Lira of BolxTt, Lord Cllve, coUw 
Ibm tba Funlly Fipun. Land. 11 
^ro. 3 toIl portnit, ^t- Sb. A amftl] di 
b^ prinud on iiAmai r^pn, for pruc 

The Llfo of Lord Clin hu been 
WTittsn fhnn thesa mat^riaJfl by tbe I 
O. a.Glel)r,inlToLiainD. S«HQtn 
CcJonlal LlbruT, Afpsitdjx. 

Life mud CorreepODdaiioe from immib- 
Udied Latten uS Joumili. Bj J. W. 
Kajo, Load. 6to. 1866, 3 VDlfl- portrait. 

Malcolkb, David, D.D. Essaj 
on the Antiquities of Great Brilain 
■nd Ireland, oontoining Letten, 
EanTB, and other Tracts, illustcat- 
n^ the Antiquitiea of Great Biilaiu 
and Ireland ; together with msnj 
aaiooa Discoreriea of the Afflni^ 
betwixt the Language of the Ame- 
ricwiB and the snoient Britons to 
the Greek and Latin, &c. ; also Spe- 
19 of the Celtic, Welsh, Irish, 
Saion, and American languages. 
Idinb. 1738, a™. 

'ea li(Fs DBW Utlo, dated Loud. 
._, , ,. Diiiil, pL L 1S76. 12*. Sd. 
EtMOi,Wea, tig. 

UAUtEN, Heniy. An Account 
of King's College-Chapel, in Cam- 
bhdga. Camb. 1769, tsmo. 

Pp. iT.andftL with ■ portrmll of Hal- 
ODtUU, 3146, »s. 

HALKBBiJiCBB, Nicolas. A Trea- 
tise concerning the Search aI1«r 
IVnUi, liBQBlated hj Thomas Tar- 
lor. Lond. 1694, folio, 10s. 6d. 

THaiUUd bv Rlchntd aaolt LoDd. 
16814, eio, a yoih.-Second edltioaftnm^ 
W«d if T, Taylor). Lond. 1700, folia- 
Third edltlnn. Lend, USO, lollD. 

■(■laat tba fonsolni DisMorM. Trani 

It edlHan, anUrgad Vj 

. Land. IB8S, fivo. 

Maisuc, Kei. John. The Natal 

uazetteer, or Seaman's complete 

Oiiide. Lond. 179S, 8ro. 2 vols. 

niustntad Tlth chaita.— ISOl, aro. t 

Mujmr,Beiijamin Heath, LL.D. 
The Soeneij, Antiquities, and Bio- 
graphj of South Wales, &om Ma- 
terials G<^lected during two iExcor* 
sions ia the Tear 1803, Lond. 
Emballlshad with tIbwb by Laporta, and 

may be ^euod interaHting notlceB on tlie 
blamy and antiquidaa of this part at 

li.nB,lSs.6d. Dnka of York. 3IU, 119. 
DmiT, nOSiU 8s.— Second adltlnn. Land. 
18M, Sto. i Tola. Hlbbeit, 6040, 6e. dd. 
FonthiU, tua, U. 10a. . 

Claaaical MsqaWtlow and C°Ho>lHes, 
Grttieal and BlaCorlcal. Camb, Sto. 1B30. 

A Fathei'B Hamaira of his Child. 

Shamu'WellH^Un,) Lond. IBOS. ny, 
D. irlth a frondBpleca deilgaed hyWm. 

hleotg Eonneetid wUh CI- 
de and Hunal, a Tragedy, To 

Dr. Halkln alio truulited OH Blai. 

Uauu, Wm. The Traa Beport 
of all the Bnccesse of Fomogosta, 
a City of Cyprus. Translated from 
the Italian by Wm, Malim, Lond. 
1B72, Ito. 

(me Report of all iha Si 

Mallct, Darid, The Works of 
Uavid Mallet, Esq. A new Edition, 
corrected. Lund. 1769, 12nia. 3 

Baed, TUB. 9a. Hlbbart, KHl, lla. 
Jomhe, 11fi7. 1E>, WiUeLt, US70, U, It, 

rtlla, 1J60, 4[o.— BeloBoed, llln.tnited by 
Local BubiecCa, dnwn and etched by d. 
Arnold. Lond, IBIO, dta^With Notaa 
by Di. P. T. mnidal*. Uni. (BtXl), 1«>, 


Billadi ud HoBca, edited br Dr. P. T. 
MiwUla. Land. BfllLinT, poet Sto, 
Tke Uft iif tb« Ixi^ CliuiHUar Bi 

rked, 'Hut Millet, 

Life cf Buoi, lud forffot 
pbUoeoBhei- — ' " ■-- 


:ilM>roagh, vhleb lu 

^_,_ , , he would probeblj 

Aicfst Uuit ha *«a ■ general.' 

Mau^et, p. Deacriptii 
count of the Island of TrinidBd. 
LaaA. 1802, folio, large msp, 

— Faol Hum?. Northern An- 
tiqaities, wiUi a TruiBlBtioii of the 
Bdda, and other Fieoes, from thiS 
ancient TolBniiic Tongue. TranM- 
lated &oin U. -AfoUet'e latrodne- 
tion to rHUtoire de Duinenwio, 
&c. With addition&I Hotea by the 
Eneliah Tnuulator (THumiaa Tertj, 
Bisnop of Dromore), Mtd Qonui- 
son's Latin Teraion of the Eddo. 
Iiond. 1770, 8td. 2 vols. 

A Ufhlj nlubla work. Dent, 
18TS,lSi. Reibiugbe, 7831,ll.aa. : 
bULUBKUUL Nev edlllon, entlralT 
rerlMd und ocnddenblr enltrnd br J. 
A. Rlukwell. Loud. 1S«7, poit Bra. Ei. 
<Bobii'i Anliquilui LIbruyJ 

Muints, Ore. Qreat and Oood 
Deeds of Danes, Norwegians, and 
HolBtednians ; coUeotod b; Ore 
Ualling, and tmnslated into En- 
glish. Iwnd. 1807, Mo. St. 

Miurnionr, WiUiun ot Sm 

MUiO, Charles. Fanonma d'An- 
^et^rre, on Epli^m^rides Anglaiaefl 
poUtiquesethtt&flires. FanB,18l7, 
torn. 1, 

A UTue nftique on thi> otcbpenny 
pnbHcBllon appured in tbe Qneiteil^ 

Ualohb, Edmnnd. Historical 
Account of the Biee and FroResa 
of the English Stage, and of the 
Economj' and UsBgeB of the ancient 
Xheatne in England. BMil, 1800, 

Pp. 410, with 4 ^M on fiddlaf levna 

BriKh^ li.— 17»0,%vs. Filntelf printed. 
Blai]1eT,p(, U.IMtLILlTa Hlbbnt.MH^ 
lie. KiliHed In llw edltloD of Shik- 
■pam, tij BoemlL Lend. Ittl, S». tl 
__■- n — oopleB teken off eepenlelj. 

mar. tl.D., raUd'e to the edlUon of Shak- 
apeue pabUifaed in 1T90, end loaw lata 
CrttlolDDi on that Walk (br Joaapb Bit- 
■OD). Lend. ITBl, Btd. Sa. 

Aq Inqnlrr into tbe condvct of Kdni' 
Uklone. &Ma. auKcnisg the Hunierlpt 
.nbrST, Eh). In tbe Aab- 

gaoalne Hendviltliia oC Bbakspean, 
nerer befbi* exhlblled, ud other aatbao- 
" "Domunta. Loud, ma, Svo. BlBd- 

oplei prto'ted &r premta. B*2| 

r,4ra,ll>l. Blr JL H, afkaa, pt. 
6, mHoeeo, U ITa. Bladlaf, ^ Ul. 

Elghtr coplei priratelj piinted. Boe- 
-'ell, irei, lla. BlndlaT, pLUl. IIIS. 
(uaan, pt. II. 450, 17a. naU,STJ,lLSt. 
WUllama, I1B7, skkdcco. 31. lie. «d. la 

Utwlag nixe: 'U lanoneiled that tbia 
pampblet maj not InedrerteuUr be pi 

into the hands of any pereoa vbo might 
H likelr 10 publiab anr part of It.' An 
LPramiz waa aftarwana Itaned, hut 

^tweDl]' «opl«* wen printed of ic 
blocraihlul UeiDofr of the Life ol 
t. Hon. WliUim Wya^lBm. Lond. 
mo, BvD. aao. Chahnar^ 8a. Sd. TUi 

lal, the laat Htarary prodiuilon or 

ithor, originally ^puned Id the 
maaa lUcadDa, ud waa aftei- 
in as enlaced and ODrreeled atmt*, 
I Id a amall pai^hlet, and piir alely 

Life of WiniaiD Hbakapaan, with 
IA7 on tbe Pfamiefdo^ - - -* t.-.— 
Poet uid bU Contemi 


I. l^enoH 

'iienlT.onc uopln. Taken off aapantetr 
.-om the edition of Shaknipeua In daaar 
Svo. Not primtd for aala, OM IK, 

B, Google 

■OmT of 'Boms Auonnt ot tie LIfa ud 
WrltlDgl (< Jobil DijdaB' 1 1 Loud. IBOO, 
gro. fltcaiJ EdldoL anlund. Lund, 
180aSTO.Ba.6iL BlailMr, pgU.Ma.lSt. 
Uabu, pi IL both sUUobi. M. 

AnMber Knme* of HhIoim, u Uh 
Dcutla* ot BluknMra'* Editor. Loud. 
imi.eni. E*. 

The lAoTa tm rtnilant sttuki inn 
irrt U am bj Qvorge Hftrdlnga. 

HutHTX, Cod. O. Sn WAxcary, 
U.UABT, Bir Hioiiua. Set 

Su ASTSm Cuicv. 

Kalfiseiub, MaroelluB. Open 
omniA. Lend. 1686 or 1687, folio, 
8 Tols. 89 plnin, 10s. 

No* In llUla Htimiti 
AnLtana piuurum ; unl Bnbjun^tnr 
Appiradlz ds Oto iDoabftCo. Lond. *'*^' 

Opflzm nwUiumai, qnibot pneflji 
sjoBdoia VlU % H ipso Briptft. 1 
UST, loUo, pntnit b; Xlp. 

Malta. — CBrtaTn uid True good 
neve* from the Siege of the Isle 
of Maltft, 8to. So pUoe or date. 

HuwT, Edwifd, D.D. Illiu- 
toatkniB of the Tnlh at the Chrii- 
tiui Beli^on. Lond. 1802, 8to. 6*. 

UAL 14S9 

SonicHjOf in Uh CoBBtrlH ialha TToHd. 

With u Uphibottnl Indn or ISfiOO 
Nunei, Losd. ud Edinb. 18M, U. 3l— 
No* »dlUoa. LoKL Sobn, IBMv (Kn 


Maitbub, Thomai. A Treatise 

of utiBct«l Fire-iroF^ both fbr 

Warrei and Beonation, Ao. Loud. 

'S29, 12mo. 

A «iiaus titmtlH, with pUtoi. Brlgb^ 

— Key. T, B, An Sssay on Uw 
Principle of Fopolstion. Lond. 
1817, 8to, 3 ToU. 

tht Gnek Lvtguue, •wUb > LdUo Tnc. 
liUon, u Eniilla, Qnck TouboliTT, 
*nd ■ TieUlM OB tbe uoM 001111111 Otsek 
Metru. Load. 1BS& Sro^GecoDd « 
Uou. Land.lSll^e<a^Thiid*dllioD,ltti 
U. ti. Buod on OiB bnpcoTed edlllan of 
Monti's ThuuToi. Sh UOULL. 

Mamj-Bbok, Con. IJoi*erMl 
Oeography, or a DeecriptioD of ill 
the Parts of the World, on a new 
Plan, irith a gaterwl Index. £dinb. 

^ ..„. .^uf.ivuuu- 

Dn the WoAl or )[>1U Bran ud Bllbl ; 
saibnolag ths Blstorr of xeoffraphLcsl 
^HsfiOTflrr, tbo PriaD[plsB of DJsIheniLti- 
csl sDd pbTri<^ OsogripbT, ind t mm- 
Iiloto OnsTlptloD, Crom tha most newt 


n OoDW 

PrincLplu or PoUUuI EoBoi 
sldared wllh a Tioir to Iholr 11 
AppliuUon. Load. IBM, Sxt. 1 

[In put nTrilUiiil wllh MbhoU 
Indw, [br Dr. Ed. Maltl^, Bp. 


ttno. Load, less, B>. 
T Visw of tbs FrlDC 

(rated. Losd. U 

il WhltbiHd OB the 

MU.TOS, James, ^ctoreaqne and 
jscriptiyB Views of the Oitr of 
Dublin. Lond. 1792, oblong folio. 
Hibbert, Kia, isi^mi, fotio. Dmt,rt 

B, Google 

Maiton, J. An Euaj on Bri- 
tish Cottsfe Architecture. Lond. 
1798, 4to. 

tiTcpt to Tefuie Milnn^Tupiibllibedt^ 

Tli« filing PalDter'i UouliUck, IhIi« 
■ pncttcalTremUMODPsfspBctlva. Loni 
ISOO, tlD. IS*. Ad esteemed work. 

— Thomu. A complete Trea- 
tise on Fenpectiie, in Theoir nod 
Practice. In foor Books. Lond. 
1776, folio. 

A iroTk. on the piindplei of Dr. Brook 
*" — '-- "''"' a /rondapiecfl ind fo-*" *'» 
rick, 1608 '"- ""' 
,„a. 17TS-89, 

bi. Bta-tnugbt, IBSO, 

A E 

Tour through the Cities 
and Wwtmmater, illoatnted with 
Tieva in Aqutttjota. Loud. 1792, 
folio, 2 vols. 

Hlbbert, BSll, msslii, ILlfti. Roi- 
butKhe, B6I6, *i *ft. Duke of York* BlffiJ, 
N. ia». Foothill, WW, 71. Ts. OoOalim.— 
Vol, I. Pp. 80, wtth list of mobiOribers 

BDvnTed tlltfl-page ud dodiontloD to IfaA 
Prince of W«l«». Vol. II. Pp. 81—113, 
vltfa pUtn 4S— Un, not Wodlag the 

'fi^ ranofC^ird. Land, IBIO, folio. 

IbUo. Beckferd In 1817, no. 74, ll! IBa. 

HaltzkhePbiobz. .SmIhoiub, 

Maitbzh, Msrq. Tirg, Dis- 
conrscs upon Tscitag, translsted 
1^ Sir BicWd Bitker, Sjit. Lond. 
1612, folio. 4s. 

KomDlcfl and TltooIa, from the ItAllim 
Iiy H. G. L. hani. 1637, ISmo. Fint 

II Diride periBBnlUlo, Dirtd p«r»e- 
eated. TreneUted liy Robert Aibley. 
JjDDd. 1617, ivo. with &iml^]eoe (17 Mar- 
■ball. DniCf, SMI, moroceo, Si.— 1860, 
with a print of K. ChulBs pitying on i 

Seranl other noiti of (Me It«ll«n la- 
thor ban been tiaaalatsd into EagUsb. 

Haitvxs, Gerard de. Conme- 
tudo, vel Lei'meroatoria: or, tiie 
ancient Lav Merebuit^ in Three 
Part*. Lond, 1622, fol. Be. 

writing of this IngeqiouA author 

len, Dedication copj to Klu; 

l' Geo. ChKlmen, Bs.'— 16B6, folio! 
sdKton, with DimierouB uldltioo«. 

SL Oeorga br EngUnd, 1801, 4to. Bl 
£nff1uid'fl Tifiw in theTomaiklng 

of free Trade. IiOnd. 

183a, Sto. 9« Oldys' B 

in Ansnr to the Balance of Trade b; 
B(dirard) K(iueliiBn). Lond. 18as, tlo. 

Mait, JameB. Censure and Ei- 
amination of Mr. Thomas Buddi- 
mMi^s philological Notes on the 
Works of the great Buchanan, 
more particularlj on the Sistory 
of Scotland. Aberdeen, 1768, 
12mo. 5b. 

■ — ' John. The History and 
Antiquities, ancient and modam, 
of the Boroujih of Beading, in the 
County of Berks. Baading, 1816, 
roy. 4to. 10a. 6d. 
Pobllihed St 31. B9. LiaoE pipia, Imp. 

a lesTee; dBdlcation, one lemf ; preface. 
Spagee; the hlBtaij, v'theddiiioai, 430 

fist of (af) platea, one pnge, and errata, a 

BB, endCt. Reprinted in Hawklu'l 
Orlfrin of the EugUtli Drama. 

The dead Uao's Song, whose Dwelling' 
wu neer Baeing-htll in London. Printed 
br E. CoLee, &0. Thla ballad, described: 


Hav — eoHtitttied, 
hyVfmitrm u wortlij' of PBrey's coUae- , 
Uoi], Ib rajirliited (vJIb the omlaalaa of BlHtoiy 
the WKflcuti) Id Brydgea' Brltiah Blblio- ' S"*"' Lo' 
gnpher, II. lae— «. 

WAIT 1461 

iloiT of the Iile of Hin.bTH. /. 

Book of Rxui, of the Cnil 


lew. S« PiBCT Socin 
of Rnirerr, 16tlT. 8;g I 

0*. W^dem 

ng, Prt«r8B« uid 1 
pUtfli. LcHid. E, Ataop fa 

P. UanL] 
Uoiml iDd FbilDsaphleta EsUmi 

(daBcribed u 
JMJ ™ Mm. [B7 

.18 of M«n now 1q time, »lphiibeUc»!lT 
TMgsd. ByThoiiiiaSto»sh,Advo«te. 
nugUa, 179a, Syo. pp. 170. 
TEe BUUts Lswi of th« lale of ICin 

the lilstorjof Ita I 

jrt.prlnloilTM. flt 

Iiond. 1761, ISmo. 
pmiucifoD, vhJch vu ahlf u 
uUBlkctoIily ImiTBred by Or. 

unple of peifidr, luit led cmelt 
Ir to be nuked with anib montte 
nudCtUgiilL— irei Uoma,S£ 
so, 1S«. &a Chutdlib, B., p. 409 

•roin the Writer of the History 

CnkiwiTii to Herbert— the piece has 
WTnkyn de Worde'a doTloe &t lbs end— 
Jot not the uiuBl colophon. Heber,pt. 

■ Mill, IbU of.— History utd De- 
Kription of the Isle of Man. load. 

By o. Wildron. ISa bIio under h[i 
Worh, folio, IJSl.l WUlelL IML 3a. 

A Sii Dtya- Tonr In tbo lale of M»n. 
12mB. 1836. 

DoKrlpUTo AMOnot of the IsIb of Man 
by Jeffries, 1BS8, ISrao. 

An HiBloricil und StallillMlAmoont 
of Iba iBlBofUBD from tbee&rlJegt TliDsi 
to the preaent, wllh ■ view of its Ancient 

penUlioniby JoMphTriLln.F.S.A. Boot. 
Do_oglM, 1818,8.0. a Toll, map Md pUtea. 

. It contitns a MMoS^ths Aa- 

Lmgnage. WbLtehavon.l7Tl.evii.3TOII, 
'— tharedllion. Lond. 1819, 8to. 

Teoiunent in tbe Uuki Lnt- 
gotge, truulaled by TniBoo, Bp. of Uan. 

' otber Works on tb* lalend. ttt 
lu, Jofad.jDBKnomJiisus. Ku>s, 

B, Google 

. Bolt, HMIiard. Saciivib 

a. Worn), S. S. ; wd Uuu 

Haiibt, Ocmee Willuiia. The 
Hirtorv Uld Antiqaities of the Po- 
rish 1^ St. DftTid, South WaJw ; 
collectod &om the moat uictent 
DoduoeatB in the Bodleiitn Xi- 
bnij. To whioh. is uuuxed, ■ 
correct Iiist of the Archbiahcmi, 
Biahops, Im, who h&re filled t£at 
See. Loud. 1601, Svo. platas in 
aquAtinto, 10s. 6d. 

FnglUTa Sk«tob» oT tbs Blctorj ud 
nitunl Beiatlai of Ollftom. tk* BvtnU* 
Aad Vicinity. Lsftd. IBOt^ flro. 

Ab Uttorie Uld ^etuntqiM Oiilda ftsB 
CUttoD, thnMgh the OomtlM of Hod- 
EDOnA, QlkAovgvi md Bnekank ; with 
BepTeMBtMiciiH -If Bidn^ inMiHtiiig 
ABtJqirtttei.&e. BtIbM, 18C«, S*». ptitH. 

A JouroHl vf A Voyage to 6n«DmA In 
IBSl. Lond. ISn, 4tD. Tltb pUt4a ud 
voodcnts, puMlflied st II. 11a. Od. Swmd 
EdftlDo. Ld^. ISO, an- with gcsiiWD 

On tbs PnHmtlDii of Shlpvnded 
Penona. Lond. ItflS, 8to. 

Matiohesteb, Henry Ley Hon- 
tagm^ Eaii ol Mandwftei il 
Mondo ; a ContempletioH of Death 
and Immortalitf . IZmo. 

with portnlt of the euL— IMS. ISn 
vithputnll udtRiatMea. HlMwi 


Kev. J. Qreamtl,)— Vol. t. 

of Eiatir, pp. I te IM. title, isa^ ">d 
Vrefcce, two luvei. Hiitmr at the Chet- 
bua Bonital ind Llbnrr. irlth ■ 0«- 
□ciLiglaf AcaxtDtorthe Foonder, Hum- 
phrflj Chetbiim. lad hmlly. pp. ]3G to 
2». Iwddai TlUa, ISB^ ind AdTertlM- 
mtot. i.i>enp«PR,STiiIiLnryiil Md.6i.5l 

, d pivtatt. iBtb* 

QteavUle UvUeetlw.— ms, Fumb edl. 
"- Heber, pt.Tl.db Bd.— 1013, nOh 
I, Dneb ealuged.— 1644-wllk por- 
ind MMisptaee. Mhhii, pt. L 
■.-U61, Eighth edltlan, musb «- 
^18% llnu. •nib Bortnlt ud 
pls» 67 r. H. Vu Hme.— MSB, 
■rllh portnlt of tha eail. DowduweU, 

dot, Sa.— Flfttwalli Inninliin, 

UakoHMTIK. — Hutorj 
FoandationB in Manch 
Christ's College, Chetham Hoepi- 
tal, and the Freo BnmxoMi BohooL 
Mancheeter, I8S8-S8, dtn. 3 ToLr. 
portraitt and plates, S^ 13s. 6d. 
Vol- 1, in two pari!, p. 1 to 418, bealdoi 

10Ie»aa. Hlitocf of the CoU^ aod 
Cttl^Ute Ghnnh diniiled '- '"" '- 

[ifltory of tlie 


GheatatCannnt. -RiHilierwlthaUthMe 
oa the other Side of tbe Qiwaticn, printed 

CbMtii CooT-nt. CbMler, lr«. 12mo. 

f^1-^«^- Uord,i3i,*.mhb.xt. 

Ciuioii* Bemirka on the Histor? of 

UanchMter, 17n,BT0.ea. 

moat emJ«Bt penon. In tha coimtlp. of 

MMflIn of the nUTMxy a^phUoa* 

STola.-8™od Sanaa, IBOfrdi a mis. b™.' 

«.Sg. Theie volu<Da. '.re of higher 

merit than those of ur other pnrbielil 

A brief bMoilal OeierlptioB of Uie 
Towaof MurtBatarandSUfbrd. H^prit. 

Hlito^ of Hie Siege ef HanehutH'. by 
the Kli«'e F««a, KtO, under LiRd 
etrange. with tha eunpMnC of Uent. 
John Ba a wenB againet tha lehaMlaali. 
MaiKh. Un nral Bro. nap. iMm 
piTEB, nral dtck Hbhert. StTT,«e. 

Mabctn, Domynioke. llieMTr- 
roui of good Manerg, contemns 
the iiii Vertnea, called Cor^n^ 
Imprynted by Bichard Pynson. 

I Pp! 100. In tha til 
[ of Banlaj, tha trana 

B, Google 

ToA W sir CHlH AUnttK vankatfif 
Fast. IT, IK. IXa, Boiburctie, SWA.due 
IhT «nlhi«, 101 lOi. RcMld Sir ■ " 

The EntlTSaba of Hhhth npea II 
linn ardfimle YnrtiiM. Bnall 4». Bn 
■all, 9S>, U. ^ 

Hasdsulok, Tohn Albert d 
TnvelB. See OleabiuS, Adam. 

Jo. Allwrt da MsndelBloo't Toj^gtt h. . 
obHrnttona thnnMti Uifl jnMaal part tl 
tlH Eut lodlBa wMl IM rDQid in ths fiisl 
lohune of Huria' CollHtim at VoTigfe 

HumzB, Jamee. The DeTb7- 
shiie Uiner's SlosiVj, or Bi- 
planatum of the Teehmeal Temu 
of UinM, irith the Mineral Laws 
. and ODatoma of the High, and 
Low FaoL Bakewell, 1S&\ n^ 

MAlTDxriLlil, Bernard, M.D. 

Th« wridi^it of KvidsTUla, t1ioo| 

IB or good iQonU. 
>t(o ifc Hudtoliu. 1 


Typlton, Is Tuu. llOi, tta. Blndl*T, 
bLW. WBt with .Snap dniawl and Uifl 
nanlsft CtiultT, II. &. 

Prea Thnughto on Religion, thaCbnr 

HsUh, II.— ITW, 8TD. WUlett. UTS, 14 
—Bvmti edldon. L«l. I7», On. 81r 
ThomcKiD. ia. M. Bindley, pt. 11, iCI 
with the VltglD nninuksd, ItW, u 

The Fible of the Ben, or prlTMe Tie 
public Bnefltn; with u Eany on Chart 
ud Cbulty.Bchooli, nod ii Bunh In 
UteHHun of Boilatr-, Uw flntnhn 


. IiWdgD, mt, 
I TOU.— 17*^ 

pIlMl to hr W. HntoheKB, Bp, Barkeliy, 

Aa BniialrT blto the OwH of ths [n- 
quant Gieeatkina it Titnn, At. Loud. 
m>,»re, Illiidlar,pt.ii.lBl,GB. 


i. modsit Dafceee ol Fnbliok SUwa. 

ud. lltO, Sro. lOi. H. 

A. GDDteviC4 ehout WllDflnEA LoQd, 

2S, 8fd. 

TUB True Heanlug or the Feble of the 

>k ' The Ulaale PU- 

pbK the inMMl ChHt. LoalL 1TS«, 
8vo, attributed la KandoOa. 

5h Liw.' (W.) WorhB. 

Sic John. The VojaigB and Tut- 
aile, which treateth of the Waj to 
Eiamsalem, and of Marvajlaa of 
Indo, with othBT lalandB and Coun- 
trree. Lond. 172^ royal Sro. 

Best EiiKllih edldDD. ataiileT,U.78. 
WHtalt,lB8a, SJ. ISi. Dent,pt. 1. 1401, 
- - "mor.USi. Ba[bugbe,7268,i:.eL 

i,iaait,il.Ba. Beed,M77, u.iu.«d. 

>Uj, pt. ii. no, 11. IBs. Ooi^, 

a. IBs. Oi»«r aMitoM.— Westjayn. 

•J Wjnkyn de Wordo, llUB, «». 

-*"'— '-- ■ 108 tbapten, ei- 

id by Bjuhaid PynaOB, ttD. a. i. 
wlh leaf, tfMr Big. S.— Loud. 


1464 "A* 

tJoB, NoMi vii Qlo»»ry brJ. O- H"" 
wftl Looit. IBM, woodeoli, 8TO. W«. WI. 

EDiUibmu, do Mt >pp*u to taw B»» 
pXw priit prior to !w*^"t»th* 

ud OM lo iUlUni TMSlou In other 

vBllone ind romindc reUllont. _ Jor » 
Itatofwiorml BHlyuid: 


im' fiTB BoolM of «■ Huillluli eon- 
IhJiiff tba 8T«tBiii of th« «nd™i Asta^ 

tebdnvtba Srstom 
DO«iT«-' '-- -'" 

Jit of Hie work, 

8w B«t™^ EoTlew, «i. a««s. 
E«lT Tr«TBl» In Pilestlne, Inclndlng 

OBobn'i And 

MiNKBiCK, Ka. Saint Peter'fl 
Caiftine, cooBisting of eight golden 
Linies. Lond, 1596, Syo. 

Inglii, 1289, ICB. 'TlioUnkei — _--, 
TMtue knoirtidge, lompsrKiM, paHeDca, 
godllDBU, brotherly klndooM, lovs. 

Masoi^ Jomes, Capt. R.N. 
The Floral Calendar, Monthly and 
DiulT, with detMls relaliye to 
PWU and Blowers, Qardens and 
GreenhouBBB. Lond. 1839, lamo. 

Prinlwl for pri'ate dlrtdlratlon only. 
SB I«Bi ma KiBotis. 

MAMitrUB, MarouB. Aatrono- 
mioon, ei Ecoensione et cum Notia 
Bich. Benlleii. Lond. 1739, 4to. 

Bbonld contiln n portrait of Bsnlley, 

Roibnrgho, ia». Wlllett, IBOa, 1§8. 1 
40M, ir 18a. Bualej, aoi, monx 
BiMOMo'2i,a». Dnit7,S8W,21.10i,'Dant, 

U. UantlU Aaboaomtccn Ubri qnl 
an, oom CoanDBatHilB et GuUgaUor 
fiu JOHphl BnaUmri, Jul. C«Barli 8« 
FIL F. Janll Blturisli et Pay! ; his ta 
dnni BenUall qurtam Animadversion 
BeprdunslaDt digan; qilbus ^n^Vi"" 
BdliorsiiaBcliolUinterposnit. 0pm* et 
Studio Bdnmndl BuMon. Lond. 17BS, 
Svo 5a. Ueatta, 4046, Ss. 6d. 

Tba Splun. (Book the first of tba As- 

■LidAs'trologT; done Into English 

'Ith Botes byT(hom»")C(reechl. 

Laidl'lSOT, Bto. Heath, 4M3, «a, M.— 

MiBiPtn-irB CiTBiTOatni, See 
MoHTB SocHBBn, Qoido de, 

Mabhud.— A DisBfrtation on 
the Hnmbers of Mantiad in An- 
cient and modern Times, with an 
■i. Lond. 1753, 8vo. 4b. 

K^ 'Di"'Robert WalUce. Bsprfntea. 

Misxsc, Mm. De la Biviere. 

Secret Memoirs and MannecB of 
SBToral Persons of Quality of both 
Seiee from tte Hew Atalantis, an 
Island in the Mediterranean. The 
seventh edition. Lond. 1741, 
12mo. 4 voIb. lOs. 6d. 

- - I.. tTole. WlUett, 1S?5, IBs. 

iSl.'h^XUd the «™inU«.. c*w^* 


■Dd its printer j™ PJJ^ 

"^■^loti'X'iflr^oUertlo. of.ori- 

linml Letters, fi 
iUlantil, Ac. 

^the*Aothor of t^ 

Uaraoln. Lend 

IJll, BmaUSvo, 

Lovo : In seven Novell. 


■^B, a Tragedy. 

ByUn.Uanlay. Load. 



— Bir Eo 

ger. The Hiltory. 
"Wars in Demoart, 

of the lata 

from 1657 to 

1660. Lond. 1670, 


au sb anno ISM, usque ad anooni I«S5 
JbeUus. Load. 1688. Svo. 
The Hlstorr of th« BebelUoB in Eng- 

B, Google 

lind, SeotUnd, Had Inland, 

IMO to the BeketdiDB of 

Monmouth In IBSS. Loni 1 

Oeorge Chalmen glTsi I 

ISM, II. h. 
lud, 3l« 

. Lond. 1747, 8to. 6a. 

, TsiT well wettbj or being 

3 1^17 nnder the dtle of ' ' 

B. Lingferd,' appeued In I 

if ChrllE. Lond, 1S33, g' 

hlUifDll]' dona into I 

'"'»•. brTlwa.liIula7. ,^ 

IB tOM, m Elan npon tlia b 
— -i,*c. tooJ. ieM,Ii 

VerH.bfTlwa.l1Iula7.J1m. EH.,wfaere- 

e^ed. HellLa. 14n, I 

Anglo-Poet. 1S3, l£.I:lB.ed. BLmllej.p 
II. ISIS, vitlj portnLt of RroinwBll, V. 81 
Heber, nt. It.iI. Ba. Q.Cbilmen, (I. Id 
The Affliction and DeliTennui of th 
Bmlnta, or tbo WliolB Book of Job, com 
poeed Into BngMjh HeirdovJl Teree, mo- 
Uplinstlul]/. Loai. ie33, 1" - -- ' 

Bomen CoUectli 

■ tba Lirea of Henr7. 
ud Mmt, Prln«- * 

1 frontispiece. White' Knighta, 1 
moroocs, II. Be. Bliu, le. 6d. 

Mahhjtb, Ed. The LibertieB 
and CiutomsB of the Lead- Mines, 
iritliiii the Wapentake of Wotka- 
worth, in the Counfrf of Derby, 
composed in Mseter. Lond. 1669, 

Fire leiTU. Uuiiide of Tovubend, 
aim, U. am. Beb«, pL Iv. lla. 

DlTl» Contentment. Lond. 16^. In 
Tena. Btndler, pt^ 111. SO, U Nusen.pL 
LtlW, mwoeB^ II. lit. td. Beber, pi. 

Pp. lOQ, with d eclonred Tiawa and 
fUn, pnUlihed at SI. ISi. ed. 

— Elizabeth. The History of 
the Life and Intrigues of that cele- 
hmted CourteioD and Pasture 
^istreaa, B. M,, sliai Boyle, sitae 
Sample. Lond. 1T24, Bro. 


foUo.— BUei, Imperftct, wanting S luiel,' 
«. i»i Bd^lflif, 4to.— n. d. ita. 

— The Rules of CiTilitj, or cer- 
tain Wajs of Deportment obierred 
amongst all Persons of Quality, 
Lona. Ed. ChiewelL 1685, 12mo. 
Set MdBOYif. 

Mabnibo, £dw. Astreo, or the 
QroTe of Beatitudes, dedicated to 
Ladj H. Bedingfleld. 1665, l2mo. 

— James. IKgested Index to 
ttie Nisi Prios Beports, with Notes. 
Second edition, witL additions. 
Lond. 1820, rov. 8to. 11. 4a. 

Id Edition, 

e Sujeai 


Ua«ta(ntes deteim 

-. - . Repoita, now proceeding, he Law 

— Ber. Owen. The History and 
.Antiquities of the County of Sur- 
rey, with a fcc-iimile Copy of 
Domesday, engi^Ted on thirt«en 


fUtw. Cnntiniud to the present 
Time, by Willmm Bray, K»q. Lond. 
1B04, B, 14, folio. 8 lolj. Ul. 12a. 

tbooa to tin HDder, pp. tS-*«70; 
|«.a»-411. Pmm !»-«>■» npHled 
WuiiBIMtartak: p.4IU,SDdlBg TithUke 
uMhnrd'Ewali' pp. (W-TO, ooBUiniag 
the ozrifsiida ud dtrt Bt k ni to the 
biiiiln,iii«npHt«dirltl>wl«iriEa. The 
Tolnnie ftimtifni Jbctr pUtHj uid firs oe- 
pinM DdltKnaiL Added. VeL II. 1«». 
Pp. nrl utdSil). - 


—1.1814. Pp. .-. - 

nUltbnn, i»nHUoiii.uid iBdax,) 
Tien mat psrtniV UlnitntlY. ._ — 
UitiHTi * paces. Fiife tIU oimtBlsH tbe 
Hit of the 9 ^tee ud 8 pedigree*, e«- 

L S; nil el which 

of the npeadii, ue 
Ilriu. «iiala,mtp. 
LBmbetti,'er '■ 

. i,'«i«nT»ltiTBHlie,laDD1 

Majioio, Fern. NewM Irom 
Spuds. A Bektiim of die Death 
of Don Bod. Oaderoii, 1622, 4to. 

Umam, Julian. AnnoriekOmin- 
mar. Lhuyd'a jLicbsdogui Britan- 

MuroiSBBO, B. Haria. Eistoiu 
B'oya, nelk quale ai oontenirono 
tutti i BQCcesBi ddla giaeira Tur- 
chaeca, la Congiani dd Dnea de 
lyortfbJche contra la B^ina d'lng- 
hilterra, &o. Fadoua, 1672, 4to. 

OudBD,U 18H, mot. lOL Qslier, jfi. 

Makbill, Sir SJtiaiid. iMan 
Voy^e, 1621, 4to 

A copr ii lo Um Sdtldi UnMoa. UoTd, 

— Sir Bobop*^ Knight A true 
Beport of the Servioe done upon 
oertaine OaUiaa pusing throogh 

Maj'sioh (Tbs), of Hagnanimi- 

1 ; or the BtreDgtii of this Regime, 

in rapect uf aihutioa, pleowntnesB 

of ftjre, &e. Ijood. Unt. Lownes, 

'""" 4to. BiJ.cs; isrraB. 

er. pL T. »81,U.18<i.M. 8aeoad 
An IsTBiiliic; of iJl the OoodH, Ex. 
*u, eibd l£eiiionU>1a AetLons, A-am 

._. , hirtorical, politioal, and 
r, from the Year 1727 to 
1744. 'iVanilated from the migiiial 
MS. of General Manateiii. Lmd. 
1770, 4to. 

A. voA tt airthorlly, innitntnl villi 
Biua lud pluu. Tbe [eoomiusndMorjr 
■WCH wu writleD bj DiTid Hmne. 
Soiburghe, 7S81,Ba, WlUett, ISDS, Bb.~- 
17T3, 410. Uulli, 25t«, i:. 111. «d.~SlHiaiid 
-fllmL Lond. 1773, llo.— Men edlUon. 

Haiti, Bichard, Bishop of Down 
and Connor. Sffimoiu for paro- 
chial and domeetic TTie. Second 
edition, Oif. 1813.15, 8to. 3 vola. 
Sixth edit. Lond. 1B3Z, 2 toIb. 18s. 

B[Qgnphl(ml Notlcei of tha ApoMJee, 
Enngellsts, ■od SelnU. Ot. JSift Bra. 

Beilptoni nmmtlTei af Chilit'i lite. 
0.. 1S40, Sro.lSa. 

Hlitory or the Clmnh of Inlind [nm 
the BerDrmkUDn to Uie UdIdii lo 18D1. 

9. II. 1 

;o the C 

An AppeU to the Qoepel, v u loqnlrr 
ilo the Chuve Klleged by Methodloti 
At the Goepel l« not pranked hj th« 
itloDAl €Iorgj. (Bampton Leouirea.^ 

B, Google 

jT of Oifori, 4c. O 
kal TsnkiB. Willi 

fon (kg USt*«r-[li 
iBuiliieHitaDiB- L 

. WOMlcdU. Loud. {Bohn'l 



Tbe Clencrnun'i OliUgitlim e—ll«r- 

Bp. Huit TB »tlior sT muf oMwr 
nrka on DlTlnitr, br wUeh h Lnulini 


Sm BAMrmr LiOTcn. Btm, ty 
rrOiLt uiil HuiT. 

tJAKTE, ThonuB. Hie Histotj 
of tbe late War in Noith Amarim, 
lod the Ii^nds, iiKJuding the Oun- 
paigiiB of 1763 and Vl&i, agaiiut 
hie Uajeatj's Indian EDBilue*. Loud. 
1773, 4to. pfem, 12. IGe. 

M,U(TEL. F. Accoont of CSnqne 
Fort Meet^lg^MalslBrotll<rhIXKl» 
and OneBtlmgs. Dorer, 1811, im. 

. Uonmaloa GaniBoiiltiaBdOiiMoiiu;n- 
IitlTt to Banu of be ClMpe Pdrti, la 
Sui^engn of ths Cunpr. Dorgr, lEBO, 

H ABisrai, Gideon Ai^entHi, H , D. 
The f'oBBiU of the South Donu. 
Load. 1822, 4to. 

Pp.ilr. ud S>r,«itll tt ]<atH,pbtll, 
pabUabad at SI. Si. ; cskHiHd il U.Ml 


of tb« G«oJogT of SdBIAK, 

' DeBliptLu of the P«- 

- ■ ' i8XJ, royal 

Loud. laSB, fc^ Sto. 2 TriM.— JFoorlh 
tditton. LawL ISU^ feap. Sn. S Tdi. 
UBOt fusb,Bto. Inb^Senoth tflt 
mlaed ud lugBMUad kj T. Ei^iert 
Jiou, P.O.a- 1 Tela, irltk ocdoond gaaio- 
0lca] map of Eziffluid,plat«aiaDd upwarda 
I'laOwiHdciiki.Po'te'O- tond. (Boha'a 
>ilaiitillD UbncT) ieB7.E^poM Sto. S Titla. 


rUoiH^i ' OrfMdo Bamaloa of a 

Fb^DlogjF,' rith addltloDi'asd daieilptlTa 
lattor.pnH bf Dr. MaauU. liaai. IStO, 

4to. 71 uloniad alaUi, iL ISc. 

]lU]t«U'* Da^s Kuble Id and aboot 
tbe ancient T«m of Laoex. la Sniiu. 
Laod, IS^ 12ma._Kei> odidaa. LdtUI. 
IStS, fcip. STo. waadcuU, it. 

. nBU.E, or a Ftnt L«- 
Bdb In GAaU^iy. Lond. 18 , iq. 13mo. — 
Eighth odltton. Lond. IMS, iq. llmo. co- 
loored plates, Sa. 

Manton, Thomas, D.D. Works, 
wiOi Life by Rtrca. Lond. 1681- 
1725, folio, B vols. 71. 7b. 

"■-■ ' — - npiteted In IflS*. ToL V. 

: dlviiM OFiulii priDclpallir 

tea, en ttis EpisI 

ins of 

^lba~EplBtle of .^do. 
:poaitliin of the cilillt 

d adl- 

i« Lord's Frayor. Land. 

ExMiItlon < 

.J8t,6io.— Ra, , .._. 

Maftdah, Joh. BaptiBt. Egloge i 
turned into English Veree and let 

By Google 

forth mUi the Amment to every 
Eplogo, "by Geo. Xurberviie, Gent, 
An. 1567- Loud, by Heniy BjniiB- 

uullu, bTQTlbUI Jo- 

V 1 J. Uuinallo. Limd. 10*7, 

be rured, tn 

ISmo. lnglia,SO,llJ>.M. Ao- 
nt. t Wooi, H«J7«Y lT«tl!d 

1 of B^ HirgKnt, St X>tb>- 

!d hj Jotn Bi 

Tl«i ds Lgmlne, 

HAinrAi.E ad TJaum Eclesue 
EBOEiCBSBia. Loud. Wynandum 
da Worde, 1B09, folio. 

)• in tte Badlelao Libnir. Otfan eit- 
tlon>irenprinl«llsaTD.Uldlto. All in 

Hasvals ad Tsum peroelebrii 
Ecf l«site SABiaBUBiExais. 

IBOO, <U). AnftaperfMl 
n IhB Ddii« CallKtlaii, 
UodMLin l.ll>nTT,Oifard.— R othom. ItM, 
4(0. In Brltltb HuHum.~Loiid. B. F;ii- 

Blnnrlinnil Collag*.— L™d. Wjnlten da 
Worde. 1G09, A copy In the Libnry of 

Rouen, Ciillud^ ISli, Dooc* Collection. 

XegiwiilI,Ull>,4<o.— P^EeBD4uil[,IaaO, 
410. BodUlin, ijougli. 

Fula, isei, ito.— Antwerp, IBSS, Ue.^ 
Boibom. Rulsit,lBSB,4to, Bodleiui. Brl- 
tiih Huaam.— PiriB, BagDuili, U87, 4io. 
Bodlelu, OoDih.— BetiiiHD. imp. Ccuiln, 
15»T,4to. SLJeliD'iColi.CaiDbrldgi. 
^ Aiit™Ti,^Vld_niB^Rii™iieiid, UU, 4lo, 

ndf^istS. Bodlelu, 


banmgh CuOh— PuU. 1N4, llo.— Pula, 


I RoDen,lGM,4to. OrielCi 

... _ . iemiet, keT.^f°Hoii 

Civood, mt. llo.'ies luie^ HnnKT, 

WlndKi, 81- JobD'a Cell, Cuabrldge.— 

INM, 4U,— Loud. J, WsTlaod, ISM. iw'. 
Kliig'e Llbruy, Britiih UuaeuiD.— Other 

efa nunt, IS&S, 41o. E»lcr CollegB.— 
BalbDm. Telantln, 1S5S, ite^ln Ciliii 
College Is a eopj wlnCed at Reaen in 4to. 
wanL&ff tb* colopboiifpnHnitBd by Hqm- 
phrey cl« U Pool* in MHL Tba Bev. 
Thomu Baker thWRfat Unt the edition 

friaCed Id l!i5i, bring In the time of Gar. 
bial Polo, and beftin the Goanoil of Trent 
hrnlw DP, ni probabl; the laat of Ita 
kind Id EDgland. 

Ur. Maakell aaya that all three edIUoni 
by EinEmtoB and Sotton, IGM, an eo alike 

. ' LoDdlni, Kln^tfln e 

It wan leprlDted al Bonen In IfllO In 
4ti>. 810, and 13mo. ; the Sro. lold at 
Boiheby'i. April IS», ttrlL3». 

iblkrv a dUwmt airangvutnt, and omit 
aU after Iha Dffleta of BenedteUon, 

Dooay, IWM, Sm— Dony.Kallun, IBIO, 
avo. Dr. Book I BodMan^Donay. IfllO. 
llmo. Bp. Dnatheme ; Bst. J. Homer. 
Smcn mUltiml rials, Eonen, Uorin, ato. 
British MmaoD. Other adltloDi, Houen, 
110. irlUioiit dale or prlnUr'B nuns. Ker. 
Dr. Boeki J. B-Hi^Eiq. 

Mabdohs, Coamo. The juit 
General, a Tragi-Coniedy. Ziood. 
1652, 4to. 

It ill. Bi 

(tMbtitad toUannche 1^ Coutar, 

The Lojal LomL a Traii^smedri' 
LoDd. 16H, «Ki. Rhedw.ltOftUs. 

MAirmuB,AJdiu. AldiManutii 
rhneei LingiuB Lstiiue, in Angli- 
eum SennonBm oonTene. Lcmd. 
ei off. Taotrolliw, 1679, 16nu>. 

B, Google 

D«di«ted to Robert Ceci 

KAHTTinm, Fail]. Eputolarum 
Libri. Lend. 1573 et 1581, Ifimo. 

Makwabiho, Edw. Stidiologj, 
or a Becover; of the Latin, Greek 
and Hebrev Hurabera, eiemplified 
in the Seduction of all Horace'e 
Metres, and the Greek and Hebrew 
PoetTT. Lond. 1737, 4to. 6e. 

Of diimoDf uid Nniabere in Fioh u 
Poetry. Lond. 1T44, B'o. 

— B. Beligion and Allegionci 
Two SennonB. Loud. 1667, 4to. 

Thfl P«f llucent Bnppnued thvu Se 
iiu>na, fined Ihfi sdUidi IDOOL. ind bIj 
ImprlBoiK^ him ; b 

UiH-WoiuN'. Hie Mulier, ot 
lie Man-Woman : being a medi- 
cine to core the coltieh Disease ol 
tiie Staggers in the Maeculine-Eemi- 
lUOesofthel'imeB Lond. 1620, 4to. 
lorth, pt.n. asa, 



ft froDtlnil 

Hilier to Uia lata DecUntJon 
tn. IBM, with portrait on c 
Whlta Knlgtiti. W6B, tt. IS 

SII.reKldNuBan,pt. 1. 211S)H. Agaln^ 

UlirwoOD, John. Treatise and 
Diacourae of the liwes of the So- 
retttbjW, Nelson. Lond. 1744, 8to. 

KlMi. ll 

(, 1604, 1i 

iU. Beed, 48H, Sa. 
title, 17441, bV 

inuihe.eea, ^.(M. «rL,iwiB. 

MASEDirB. Hia moat exquiaite 
Academicall Diacounea, Englished 
bj an Honourable Lady. Lond. 
16BB, 4to. 

Biiii, ish, ed. 

HxFHXJie. The Canto added 
b; U^bKua to Virgil's 12 Books 
cfiBiieaa, Lond- 1758, 12aio. 

I In Bngllsb Hudlbrutfc Tene, wf'h tbe 
LmUn leit, ud Dotsi by John Ellis. 
Beod. 7118, Sl Sd. 
A TruialattoD, with the Latin Original. 

3m LEADBEaTIA, Uarj- Twrvn, Tboo. 
ALuLET, John. The Diall ot 
Deatinj. Lond 1581, 16rao. 

In a pedantic fltfla. —Lo^ 156^, Imp. by 
A Gmna Foteat, or a nalnral Hlitorie, 


. Black le( 

Mapibtoit, J, Select Prorerba, 
Italian, English, Scotch, British, 
Ac. Lond. 1707, Syo. 
CoiiitatilB,08D,Sa. H[bbert,S0T0,ta.6d. 

Maps and Plans illustratiTe ot 
Herodotus, Tbnojdides, and Xeno- 
phon, obi^y selected from D'An- 
ville, Benneli, Anacharsia, and QsJo. 
Oit 1824^ 4to. 

Mab, Conntesa of. Eitracta 
&om the Household Book of Ladj 
Marie Stewart^ Countess of Mar. 
[With biograpMcalHotioe byO, K. 
Sharpe.] Edinb. 1816, 4Co. 11. la. 
Fifty copies p[lDled,wlth portrait and 

Maebece, John. A. Concord- 
ance, that is to sole, a Worke, 
wherein bj the Ordre of the Let- 
ters of the A, B. C. je maie redely 
flnde any Worde conteigned in the 
whole Bible, bo often as it is there 
tpressed or mencioned. Lond. 

nelei'i Biblical Illuitnttoas, 

Denver, iff, U. is. A CancerdaDsa in tha 

"~~ Testament was compiled and printed 

iMDaa aUMOB, about Ibe year 153B. 

), Hibbert 

B, Google 



Ths Lyyes of Ilaly Siliictei, Fnpbeti, 
PsUlircbu And atben, canUyiied Id 
holre Scrlplurs. LonS. 1071, «o. Perry, 
nt. 11. B17, 81. 6il, laglla, SU, IDi. 6iL 

dniwDB Into Bngll^li Meat™. Lond-IMS; 

A Elpping rp of tiio Pomb Fu^el. 
Lend, ISSI. Btd. 


1681, 4tB. 

!8. Ingtta, 

a Innrscoa Tootlmd Dida 

SM.Bs. ed. Bright, n 

toTflpvIt^ OtalrApplic-. — . — 
CoufenDU batveene tbe F«e 
SacnUrie, vhertin It opeDH 1 
bUAphoDKKiB PrldA. Loud. lfiB9 
A Dialogue 

of Cbriales 1b^a^°^M 
Adam bltberto, LnH. IfiBI, -_-- 

llASBVBT, (Si. A OoUeoticai of 
Italian Proierbe. JamA. 1581, 4to. 

— Bdw. A Conimontary npoo 
tbe Frophecf of Obadiah. Ixnid. 
164i9. 4to. 

A CommntulB npDD the PropliKile >f 
Sebikvk. Lond. 16S% 4to. SoUiebT'B 

Mabchl, S. 3. Alphabet Ir- 
UnduB, pT6e6Ai d'one Notiiw liie- 
torique. Paris, 1801, 8to. 

Odo bnndrad copies inist*d. Brigbt, 

MiECiLLnis, Qeor^. I^itbala- 
tiimn QaUo-BnTaimieum. or Great 
Btitoine'a, Fraoca'a, and the 
Fart of EluTope'a untpeakable Joj 
for the IJtuon of Pnnee Cfurka 
and the Lady HeniietU . 
Lond. T. Archer, 1625, 4to. 

ITithalu^fcUlHff pUUftntk^ 

of wklcb ere irbiile-le>|tli porlnlu of 

Chartea I. »Dd hit '" 

with eagiaTing. « 

MaxoeTjUFUH, Anutiuniai> 1^ 
Eonum Historie, tnmaUted intA 
Englieh bj PMemon Holland. 
Lond. 1609, foUo, U la. 

081 accurate traiiBlatiim, aeeanling 
Zaeb. Orey. A ixirtlDii, ' Chanem 

MasobIiLI^ Marcua. Ste Shsb- 

f. Bob. 

Mabobi, AlaxandeF, M.B. An 
Essaf oti the Chemical Histofy and 
medical TreaUaent oi Calcuknu 
Diaordcra. Lond. 1819, Sto. 

Tie Lady of thla Phyrtclai. hajinlMBii 
onTsnaUoBa no Chemiatry. (1618): 
(SeventteddUocIMI); Nitural Phiioio 
pbT, (ekTanlh aditlui. isa): Polltial 
Economy, (1839); VagetaWe Physinlogt. 
'vcja.; Hiner^DBr>(t*<l^*dltloa,ls3T); 

>0U )7 ThCBU 

1 AUey.' GonlcB' 

.t tlie Btowe ule In 1841. n 
1 Iha Brid«awaMr CoUwlin 

MABoa, John. Amiens Beipnli- 
licffi i the Commonwealth's Friend. 
Lond. 1651, 12mo. 

HoUia. GOB, motocco, ISa. mold, nslieT, 

. 'Lond. 

^P>i Hmii™. Losd. IBtK iio. en. 

MABCHAirD, Etienne. A VojiigB 
round the Worid, 1790-3. Pre- 
ceded hy an hietorioal Introduction, 
Bud illuatiHted by Charta, &c. 
Translated &om the Frenoh of 
C. P. Claret 'Eieansa. Lond. ISOl, 
Uo. 2 Tide. ISa. 
Dniry, leu, 8b. Hibbvt, HISS. 9i. fld. 

— Flomn. The f allacie of 
tbe great Watei>-drinker diaoovered 
^1650), 4to. 

with a wood-cut portrait of Floian 
MiKharid, whole lengtb, on tlie back of 
the title. Nasno. pt. II. SIO, 11. Ul 
Bliiai«y,pt.ll.llH, «.3i. 

Uabobakt, John. Expoaitioi 
of the Booka of tbe Old and H«* 


IWtement. l>ond. !?«, 114S, 
fd&a. 2 vols. 

'^frmcled from U>« wrWftft of tb« 

A BiMbaj of Om pnmt Bebi 
Lmd. n*e, 13me. PoRnlt <if ths Dnka of 
Gumlwilud.,!'' " 

IHiBtufn^ Olinr ^ U. 

MiBOHM OKI Papal, illwtmtiTe 
ofEraott, 1G85— 1760. Edited by 
Sir G«orge Boee. Lond. 1B31, 8ra. 
8 Tols. pub. 12. 16b. reduced to 169. 

Uasouvo, or the Biuoveiy, b 
[b^-oomedj, aotod vitti ffreat 
Ap^iue b^bre his Migeatieslugh 
ConuBuaioa^ (Uiddletoa), uid 
othns of the Nobility, *t Ute Abb; 
of Hi>l;rud-b(Hue, on St Jobo'i 
Sight, by a Company of QeotlB- 
mcn. [By wmiam Oarka.'] XlcUn. 
1G68, 4to. 

ComiUble, SZ% U. Ug.U. 

HiBGO Polo. 5m Polo, itazco. 

KixoosT, Anthony. A Decls- 
MfcinoftheM "—: . 

tiyHuie Lnfte, 

Hotives and CSrcnmBtances 
mdooed bim to Icvto the Jewiah, 
uid embrace tbe Christisn Viilh. 
Land. 1724, 4ta. 

HxaDEun; John, Clero of t]ie 
EynffM Maieati«a Hynte, oiled 
SolT^ke Eouae. A short Be«ytal] 
of oertaine holy Dootou™, which 
Roaelli that the uatunll Body of 
Christ is not oonteyned in the So- 
cnment of the Lordea Bcpper. hat 
fr^mtjuely, collected in Uyter. 
Lraid. lL<Mnu Baynalda, n. d. 


EigfatloiTea. A tegj !• is Lunlxth 

AiuttacredltkniiiluiritliaBtilaU. Thla 
*«k LfipeBrfl to JuT« Tweci ifritten Id m- 
■wtr to jDbn AnDKflirs AgnBm^al of iha 
Mr Fuiaia Slid Doclan. 


mr Bnpperaftln 

. ,j-B ^jnmndCuaTeftcA- 

rhnk Bintayn thayr nuance 
«v uaaaM isnTnot tka Waorda at 
1, ml Uka KTagw Hilaatlaa iMst 
Ir pnondrnci, hibbII*« Aiwo Dm. 
.cnn. Iliad. Bjr TMmu Xtrnalda, 
la. B^tei, pt. lU W. *•. ConUv B 
1 algfati, ds£atod If ~' ' ~ ' 

CoBwa t tonla tfa^r duuigar- 
D •!« Miyiarabla lUiBtMB. LaaL by 
inaauBaTBuUa, IAbo. Dlr.lad^Ua. 
oapr la ia l^mlnth Library. 
UlLBn^. — Oollectionj oonoam- 
ii^; the Manor of Harden in the 
County of Herefonl, folio. 
WrlUw br Thamiu. E«t Coaingglr, 
ith a TJBV to n^Kirt hli riiibl to Ihs 

l», mi. BlaOej. pL W. 11 Ji,' Ui. S' 
~H(M, leSI, IK. Daat. pt. I. «n. witb K 

SBppleiiientarT kat DetmBntlonad br 1Tb- 
ca<l,alaoa^e ud Intndwstlui, nuaia, 
Stt. Ha M. Lal(b and 8otbe1>7'a bi Apdt 

. w. T«innl*7, M. ii. KS, nuda, 
Aa. (MMiga.— The TOlnma ooo- 
KH (B tf^ B, tbua 'niHardan.' 
1 omtiauu 10 page 730. Pajea 81—* 
emnHonilT pagad (6—6; pp. 31>— Id 
mlaprlBtad tt7 — 9>, aad pp. Ml and 
an npaatad with utailaka. The aa- 

zli. Tbeu tig, B. coamancliis '|1] Ho- 
jDina homlniuii/ die. and la antOniiM to p 
SM, endlDc with iba data US'. In ttab 
part M|«> m to IM an Tepvied wttb 
■nariaka J batnea pp. 170—1 la a leaf, 
larked (• Al; bcCvan pp. 174— S, too 
■ana, [-B]: bctmaa pp. IM- 7, tm 

.ftar p.>aearaia<Kliavia,<neinukHi 

El t-o [■ El l-o C*;*^!,^^"^^^ 
[lirmmtbe Palest RrHJ.'di% and iaeon. 
jinod to p. M, aftar whhAi are [D -J one 
!af,[E-l one l»«f, [Fl twoHavea.aad 

atma laiT. ' An [ndei <•! the pHnalfal 
ittera ,' mnUtlDg of 14 LeavBa, Cflndudce 

County of HenlOrd. By Uh Sight Hm. 
Thomaa, Ead Conlngat^,' waa piloted la 


Mi-ttTTH — cvBtimled. 

Kit. ADothu CoOtOian br atgiuiaTts. 
BtoDuunuunn, before uleiuiturt 
Ddddddd li > leaf muked f'T O]; 

S, fm Ui^'kra,? p"m'; d, two hive. ; d 
a, two IMTM, .tlsr p. 260. After Hbbh 
9, it 1 lest cuDlstnlog p^gea SOfi utd 306. 

A-G, (O onlT one l*if) ;' then D, one 1 
E, oneleat; P, twolBavea ; «, on. leaf 

The slgMturoB conalit of two Imibi ( 
cieept wbeo otberwlse menUoned. ' 
colUtion vu made traa > eoi^ in the 
BUtlah MnaanDl, which rormarlT belonged 
toPemgriiieTownalei.Ewi. Aoopyior. 
marlrinUiallbTuyarF.A.HiBrDtt Eiq. 
ant^ned tha (bUoirlag ■ddittaul ■beati, 
leif [••■• E]; after pace M oTlbe lOui 
■et of algM-tarei, ua IS le«TBj numbeted 


» 3 pagee, pages 1 to 8, 

CigesSlKlS, and indeiSSpagea, war"-" 
1 moel of the preaenlaHoo coglea, 
printed brJeSaiT, In IBIS. BlDdle}-,p 

Tb'eabitTaet oTtheEarlorConEngi . 
caH U AoTalFranchiHwIlblnbialibert! 
of LeomlDDler, In the OMinCT of Hereford, 

8 pages, very rare, 
relating to Iha Vlo 


Proofs to make go 

od the Aaurttone in 

niT Tiaapage to niT Caie, reUtiig to the 
yiean^ oTLenipBtdT, folio, pp. 2L 
The Case of Ihomaa Lingen, ClerL and 

BeUtlon to a Breach of PriTllega chaiged 
on them by the Right Hon. Thomaa, 1^1 
Conlogabv, In diepoaaaaiing (he aald Earl 
•f a Tenammt in ths Pariah of Marden, 

An hiaforlal aoeoimt of the dnesnl of 
the Uanor of Uudan, wlileh deralopi the 
cauaaa thai induced Earl Conlngsln' to 
make Iha eomidlatlcn abore deaorlbed, 
will tt Itnmd in the negnd ndnme, pp. 
10-11, >Bd llft~SI, Bf Ui* Bar. Jehu bnn- 
anmbl CDlleatlona towardi the Hletory 
and AltiqalUM of tha Connty of Uare- 

HAXfiABKT. Ham begjnneth tb* 
Lyfe of S^nte Margitret (m Terse], 
Loud. B. nedman, 4to. 

Blux Lima. A, B. C. in roan, ei7. 

— HiMoTT of the praoeeding! in 
the Case of Margaret, conunoiilj 
called Peg, &c. Lond. 1761, 12mo. 
By Dr. Adam FergusBon. Sre 
Boon's Frose Worka, 12mo. toL 
lii. p. 836. 

— St., Queen of Soodand. The 
Id/a, of a perfect Princeese, in tbe 
Life of St. Margaret, Queen of Scot- 
land. Whereunto ia uiDeied, a 

tiieC^wn of Ellwand. Paril, 1( 

8s. BllH,U 
L'Idie d^Dn! 

Read, 4S», St. «d. White Knlgbti, 
SOT,Ss. Boibnigha, SappLdSe.lL Brighl, 
18s. BlIsLUfla. 


Lne d*£Bcoaae, auee laa 
Elogee de HI H^nfanl Danld el UaCilde. 
Doiuy. l«8a, 4Io. Uojd, IM, lli. 

A life of thla Salat vaa wrllten hi Spa. 
niahby Juan de Soto. Alcala, leiT, Its. 
and Id Italian by GnlL Lealey. Boms, 
167»,8vo. £atLui-BDI,a. L. S(iTO, 
— of Taloie, Queen of Hayarro. 
A godl; Medjtacjon of tlie Chris- 
£«n Sowle, oonoeniina a loye to- 
nardea Qod and hys Ohiytte, com- 
pjled in £Vancha b; Lad; Mai^a- 
feto, Qaeno of Nftyarre, and aptely 
translated into Engljsh bj the tyght 
rertuOHe Lady EliEabetb, TJooghter 
to our late Soyerayne, Kyng Henri 
the Till. Impnnted in Ihe yeaie 

' our Lorde 1648, in Aptyll, 12mo. 

AcopyiaintheMalonaCoDeetioD. The 

Inae emlaiiia an ■ Epyatle dsdycalory 
the ryght veituoae and Chilatenly 

'Bed yODga Lady Elliabetb.' nucXLET> 

a. Dent,pt.LT34,maToceo,8l. Tyatea 
Dm. 1801, W. IDa. Sd. Bright, wanting 

le, II. 111. BUbi. wanting S learea, 
10a.— Lond. U. Uenham, IHS, Umo. 

.iCE ijTTiB, i to o l>. hi elghta. The 

ilatla dedlcalory Is algnad Juus, Can- 

;. Google 

treneB b; Thomu BimtleT, vith llu 
omlH^onor tlieEfiBtl«,ljy^e, &c. 

Hept«m«TDn, or tha Hlatory of the For- 
DiiBts Loiera, tr»nsl»Wd byR.Codrtng- 
nn. Loni. 18B4, lino, StmteU, 88S, 
M.U. Whl»KiiighUi, This 
tiualBtioii Is dedicated to Ttia. Btuley, 

The Bep(Hn«iHi. Bj Muguat of Ni- 
nm. A5eriBiotTiaBH,nowflretTr»iifr 
lited tnta lbs origlntil TUt. Lond. 
[Bofan'B sitn Tolimiu) 1865, poit Sro. 
portnit, Sa. 6d. 

Le Tombeiu de MsTgoerite At Nsv»rfo, 
n DlBliques L«Un«, (all per Uh lr01> 
goenn. (Aooe, Mmuertte.ol J"b ^Sey- 
mour,) Pfiocaasei d'AnglolenVfc'™*"'^ 

mwd,'^ tack of euo. UabM, aL H. 
Bolheby'a in 1819, 21. Bs. 

■Ute MaT«e 

the French edition. 

Tbe Grand CaUnet CcunMla mlocked- 
■- ■ -6M. BUb, orig. bind, Ifa. Again, 
IV title, ai' Hemoilalior Gout Ar- 

MiBOETTfl, Geoi^. Horary Ta- 
ble* foe flhewing bj Tnfpection the 
kppareiit diurnal Motion, of the 
iim, Moon, and Stars, the Latitude 
of a Ship, &c. oorrespondiDg with 
anv celestial Object, liono, foL 

EngraTad m ooppar-p!ate>. 

Longitude Tables (OrcnCTscllng the Ef- 
fect of Farallu and ReftncCon- lAnd. 
(1790), tlo^Lond. {1703), foUo. 

Masla. Hiaera Mieeranda, or, a 
brief Eelation of the Lite and Death 
of an unfortoBale joung Maid in 
the ooontj of Daamond in Irehmd, 
together wiOi the moit honid Mui^ 
der of her Lover, an Englislmiait, 

immittBd by the Father of the 

id Tinnn. I«nd. 1674, 4to. 
°Sum, pt. U. ifH, V. 

Mabia5a,B.P.F. Johnde. The 
general History of Spaio, from the 
flrat Peopling by Tubal, to the 
Death of K. Philip in. To wliioh 

re added two Sapplemente. Tha 
..liole translated from Uie Spanish 
by Captain 3. Stereiis. Jjond, 

)0d translation of a »aluabl« 

n Fruice, hetirlit tt 

(sirs, wid growth 
ClTll W»- '" "^ 

CoiiUigIa-. . 

The Memoflata of Huguet de Veloy>, 
int Wlf* to Henry Iba IVth, King of 

The Life of MargnerllB d'Angonltna 
Queen of Nayam. From impobllHhod 
goDtceB. Bt Martha Walker Freer. 

— CountesB of Richmond, Stt 
IiSHiB, Bp., p. 799. 

Mabsabot, Maurice. Hiatoira 
ffnn Voyage qui a dura prts de 
dnque Ans. tond. 1780, 8to. 2 

aCfJSi 1^. Marqnls of Toirnshendr 

Boilieliy'B In lS£t, ». 39. BU 
1099, nusla, SI. Ub. 

Maekmtt, Abbide, The His- 
„ry of the Arabians, mth Not«e, 
Tablea, and an Indei. Tranalated 
from the French, with additional 
Notes by Kugent. Lond. 1768, 

. Blhbert, 6068, 16 

Bteevens, IMO, 11 

Maewkb, William. An Ac- 
count of the Natiree of the Tonga 
Islands, in the South Pacific Ocean, 
with an original Grammar and 
Tocabalary of their Language. 
Compiled and arranged from his 
Communications, byJohnMatto. 
The second Edition, mth Addi- 
tiooB. Lond. 1B18, 8vo. 2 vols- 

B, Google 


STAlTola. Btr«tu]1,e72,ii.te. Hlblwit, 
6087,11.6.. Dturj', 2666, 11 Bs. 

Mashi, Gio. Bat. A. Foem on 
the Slaughter of the Innocents, 
transkted by T. B. LtHid. 1675, 

Bindley, pt. U. ITffi, K. Chuleii UiB 

ri^r trauBUtcd by Ctk^ 

HABnnTB. Tita 8. B. Maxim 
Epiaoopi HibermoBarari, Mar- 
iyris, et Aniani ArobdiBCoiii coidcs- 
gorU, conacripta per Job. de Yift. 
MonacMi, 1679, 4to. 

Bothsbj, 18SS, St. ti. A Npy Id Sie 
OnsvlUa CotlKtlaL 

Mabtti, AVbi: Tmrda tttroogh 
C^pniB, Sjria, and FalestiDe : wnh 
a general EiatoiT of the Xjenat. 
TranaUted from ui£ Itaiiai]. Lond. 
1791-2, Sto. 3 TOli. 

Ob nil tbitmtatM 1o Cypnn Ihia 
it peaaU»TlT lute raiting mud full. _. . 
bnnhe, Suppl. B14, lis. nillsU, IfiBl, 

Masix^biybahki, Gmree. .Ija- 
mia of Scotland, from Uie T«ar 
leU to the Year 1591. Ediub. 
18Hi 8T0. 

Eilteil by J. a. DnlyBll, Elq. Brlglt, 
Sa. M. Sag Huonaxna. 

WAmcHAM, FraBois. The Booke 
of HonoTT, o/ fire Decade of 
EpisUee of Honovr. Lond. 162 

Fp. 900, dedlutad to KIhe fCharlea 

to KIiiBLCh 

1BB,tlilio. Bright, IB. B]iB.,10i. 

— GflTTiiM^ or JarriB, or Jerria. 
Vwioaa WoAs. 

GarrnBO Hu-jLham comnHiBed j 
uid poaC la tho nifa ot Q. EllE 
He appesrs, bb;b Harte, 'to be Un 
EngUab vrlter who deumi la be 

om paiiililng.' The following It ei- 
«ted from Baker'B Biographia DruH- 
n ■Mem. Ttaat IiOerrueHarkhBa, 
F LopdoQ, Gent, do pnRnlae benLfter 


- - y, 1*17. Ger^ Mariham.' Hli 
mat UHBe la prlBtad indlffemitly 

byliobn) C(batlewi»d) (or Rlcta.'Smltbi 
1693, 4to. L, infcrars, DtJlcalod In bll 

in the Connty of Nottingham, Eaq. by 

Gulteuea Bsadera.'— IMS, 4tD. 5a. 
The Grnllenuia's ^CMitmj, 1696. SB 

The mogt Hononbia Trage^e ot Br 
BIchud Orinrlle, EniRbt Load. PrJBte< 
by J. Boberti for Richard Smith, lOWk 
IBmo. An heroic poeiB, dedicated to Lard 

(S™d at'waafi Bale In 1773, tor 12il 8t) 


Sldnay.diDghterof airFhlUpSKlDey. la 
WaitsB'B lUstocy of EngUidi' Poetry, It. 

g KoTses, Ac- 
», Ito.— LoDd. 

od. by 3. Koberls for 

ind iddy Penelope RIc] 
The Teire'a ot tba G 


luUngrUCTt . ., , ^ 

The EBgHib Amdlii, iDndtne hta .. 

^miiqg from SJr PfalL S^diws Bodiiur, 

Lmd. Vfn,Vio. Siwnvi, iwT, iil 
AriMiyi SaUiH, 1S0§, 4b>. Cldmcj 

67 Eobert ToftB. Sm Torn. 
Tba oacDiid nd Ust ^rt« of ai« fint 

BoDkB of tlw En^iih Aruila, Ibll of 

ehuguMs'KttBr of Wit 

la KBttbta, tn.% ISi, 

!■ dlTided toy ■Ight booln w 


Jinl* HuktuB. LooA. l«De, «M. A— & 
1,lnlbBn,AlhlHk. SwUuBUf. 

The tuniiu WSoTB, « Kobla Coorti- 
lu: emtubiliic tb« UsMDOible Com- 
plaint of ftnUna, Aa fiuBou BDnjan 

wnt Carding Hlppolfta of Eata^ tniiu- 
btad Into Tana ham tba Italian. Loud. 
Va>, 4U. BiBdlBT. pt, ir. isg, 4;. 6a, 
Haber, pL It. W. ISa.; pt. TiiL a. 111. 
CaldacoK. », lOl. 

Coontrr ContantmoBti; or, tlw Hu- 

— Wse, 110.— NairlT correctoil, ™i«™ad 


Imd.iaiS,«n. HHDKh, V», lOg. «iL- 

IBH, *lO.-N8wlj HTlei 
BDlarged, leSIi, tlo. Bright. 4a. 

«• conUlniitt a 


Angla: and at braadlng Iha ngbanc 
Cooke. Lond. ISl^ «ta,~-ie3B. SotLe^ 

. -i Ramadiai foratl mHusi 

i^HEavar lutldaiit 10 fianoL ha. Load. 

in«, Umo^ims, Itmo^lMl, I9mo. 
Tlie Coantrar Fume, 1«16. Btt Sn. 

i-HKira, CfaarlH. 
Clieip and gmd Hnibandtr, tor tha 

Mo. pp. le^ dadlsatad ta Blshud Etil of 

CoHcajted LaUan nairl^ lade open, 

Losd. ins. B. Alaop, iio. Bluk latlar. 
Stt I.nmaa. K. G. 

A Facanll to BubudiT. la^LVOa, 
4lo._1811, Mn^ieU, Uo.— MSI, Mk— 
■ — - -IMS. «lo.— Now iBWIj tba 
laTliad, Ac ins, «»■ pp. UO, 

___j Pnuaatloa at ^vluiIeAn 

o( FovUng \f Water ud Laid. Land, 
fin Anna HalnM, 1B3I, lliao. with cnti. 
SErattall, BSl, Sl— I«!s, ■■>». WhU* 
■nll^iU, ItOi, U «a. aaidnu In UB^ 

'a. Bli^teT,pt.ll.l7W,ltIi. 

Herod and AnUpatet, ■ Tngvdr. ^ 
Qanaae Hatkham aai WllHaB Bunaun. 
Lond. Via, «o. eiDdkr, pt. 111. 5li, Sa. 
Reed. BUS, 189. Ii«U>^ Old Playa, GB, 

I. 1«U,U 

7 Earle nfSontb- 

U MaBorrotaU Chu 

-.. -ry, or Foraia of frmmlDg Uoraa 
Troopa, Idiid. UaS, 4to. InglU, H^ 



Aluuni to EDgluHl. aordoMtoan, with ; 
lDgUi,047,3<. Biigbt.lG 

Fovla fit for tie u» of Uin, 
The Offlca of thu EcRllBh IIdu 

at Thetlort 
!Hpt«e. ^ 


HtoKwil&tOaritD. Land. 

HonenKin. Pabllahed fer 
haai. ISSO, 4to. Witt 
«an. pt. L S10S, 8«^ 

nser. Loud, lixa, inBO. 
rhtYiunc BBortHnMTaliutnietoi. ( 
7 dtmlmiUn Tolnma.) Bold it tl 
ld«D Ring In Uttle BrlUiii, n, d. Bred 

'he Wiy lo get Wealth. Land 

Blndlsy, pt. ili, 873, llj.— l«i 

oDd. IS68, in Bii BoolIB, 4til, Th 

The whole Art oT HnibuidrT, 
BooksB. Lend. 1831. diG. Bw 

The InrlchineDi of the Wei'ld oT Kent. 
Lond. 1«81, Ito,— 1638, *lo.— IMfl, 41 
1684,410. NUMU, pt. H. Ur,BH.— I 

George Riven, KqL of ^btffotd Id K 
The EngllBh Houaavire. Lond. 1 
4to.— Lond. l«15,naderBign»uireorj 

4U.— lesi, 4ta.-ie3r, tio.— 1«49, 4ti 

Noirllie eighth tliM muah ingnieD..., 
So. m6,4io.pii,ie8,dedleHtadtoFn>Dce9, 
Uonnt«aft Dowager of Exeter. 

The CouDtn^am Becreatloiu. Lond. 
ISS3, 4to — With tb* Art of Angline- 
iMoi. ISH, 4to. is- 

with a frontleplecf 

Imparted lo uy Mm. G, K. IBmo. 
M8. Quen, IT not prtnted nudgr the 
Utle of ■ The ttiOitiil PuTJar.' 

Froceediuga, fEpeeehea, Ac feTatWe to 
a CluJIengB sent b; Ganiw Hirklimta 
to Lord Dany, US. The quurel betveen 
Markhuu and Lord Danr inee from hli 
Lordnhlp'ft dog * Bowwr' uvli^ been ' In 
danger to be tmdden on* bf Markhun, In 
a hnnllnc part* at Ur <lam» CllfUin'i. 
On Not. ij, 1818, HaAbam wu eeoanred 
bf the atK Chamber, *nd flned in the 
sum or BOOI. for Bending the ebnlleivs. 

MiBwmtf, Cspl. Bobert. The 
Deatniptjon of that ever to be &med 
Knight, Sir lohn BTrih, Colonell 
Generail of hit Maiestiea Armie j 
Ttidi hiB last Sendee at the lale of 
Bee and his mfortonat^ Death h 
thera when the Armie had moat 
need of euch a Pilots. Printed 
162^ «o. (in Veree.) 

Fniuleen leaves, with port, of Burab br 
Cecil ADOtloeoftbewoikwIUbafonnd 
in Brydgee' Ceiuuim Ltlerarte. Gordonj- 
bmn, 19(19, 141. lis. BlodleT, pt- ill. eS4', 
HI. i lesoid Heber, pt It. ei. lis. Now 
Id the QrenTille Collection. 

Memoirs of the MlUtuy Trsnuctlooi 

rie7«'lfci^'S;iJ^ w; 

Heber, nt. v. S>. 

'The Soldier's Eierdse, In three 
Third edition. Lend. ISU, 4to. Heber, 
Dt.T.Bl.M. ' 

ABKLABS, Abreham, D.D. 
T-plegia, or the Art of Shoot- 
'_ ing rijina. Lond. 1727, 8to, 

SenooOB preached ' In Ibe Cathednl 

— Abraham. Poems on hil Ha- 
joBtj's Birth imd ReetoratioD, hit 
HiRlineie Frioce Bupert'e, and tlio 

B, Google 


risB, the lute great FeitQence and 

Vire of London. Lond. 1667, 4to. 

Bllu, If. ^. Csldecott, i:. Bl 

MaBKLuTd, JuDffi Hervood. A 
letter to the Esrl of Aberdeen, 
I.T-.P.a.A,, on the Eipedient^ of 
attaching a Uuseum of Antiqoiti 
tothatl^titntion. Lond.l838,6T 

Pp. 18. &c QDUterl; BBileir, t 

K«EDftrki QQ tha Antiquity ind fnti 
doetiod of auniHin«B into Engluid. IBJ 

RfimftTki oa tLa fihrly Use of Canitg 
In EngUnd, md on IhB Uodu at Tn>i 
ling •aoDted Jit «or Anoeiton. IBSS, 4 

&aiDulu DO Engllsb CbnnhM. O: 
ISi2, l«ma. et. Bd.— Ttiird edition, 0: 
ins, limil,— Fourtb edition. Lend. Kg 
nr, IS«».lSEia.«l, Od. 

LoBd. ISU, ISoio. la. — Thli/ edltlc 
Lond. ISW, h>p. Sto. la. 

£« CheMw HftUaitt. Tha lotrodt 
tJon hu been nprintsd Id BoanU'i M 
Oco of MitloDe'a Bbnkeaneue, ISU. 

-^ Jemniah. De Omooni 
qnintft Det^inatoone impansjllalucfti 
et inde formats Latmorom Qium- 
tio gTBmmtitiea. 1761, 4t«. 

F«tr«plapTliitedforpiiHenti. Bind- 
Ity.liLULBW, Bl Tbi( nliinble gnm- 
DiitiisI trwUH wu nprinud with Mirt- 

UuBritttli HaHnm 

. 3. FiKt Radltnm In aeuto. 8. 

Pro Domo roil, ad FnntlAcaB. 4. Da 

nnptoun KaapoDBla. Ac vlth Hotaa. As 
laid. 1740, Bvo. 0«aM,aS4B,Sa u^-i- 
4170, 10.. 6d. ti«i«»«™. In I 
Mi;. HarUud Utai ' 

» Sa. Maatb, 

, « are apnHoni, and tha 

Mi^KLBOBOuaE, John dmrchill, 
Duke oL Life and military Hia- 
tra; ot Lond. 1764, folio. 

WUta KnighU/nil, >lUi platal and 

MAR i47r 

Jonrnal of llie Dnka of Uorlbro-a 
Uuchga, Bmtllei,^. Bf JotiD Mlllner. 
Lond. I7S3, Sto, Soiburghe, Eew. 3a. 
WbltB Kaights, HOT, ISI. 

The Conduct of the Duke dT UuI- 

orl^iual Pftpen. Lond. 1713, Bvo. Roi- 
buTEhe. e&U, Ba.; esn, ulth Kemarks by 

by BoDueiBl. toUo, While Knlghta, 27III, 
The Hlitoiy of John, Dnfea of Hart' 

borongh (ampotee pirUidRelt, revue et 
ridlgt par I'Abbd E. Suteoa.) Farla, 
ISOe, Sid. S Tola. Written by the com- 


UiUtary lAft at, by Sir Arohtbald AU- 

on. Eond. and Bdlnb. ISt7, (tvo. IBa. 
lite «f, by UacKrUna, 13ioo.— By 
J.W.Buck. Loud. (Mnirmy'BPamnyLi- 
iOT) 18B8, I8ii».-ted. Tere. 184B, aa. Sd. 

— Sarah, Duchcsa oF. The Opi- 
nionB of Sarah, Ducheu Sovsfjer 
of Uarlborough, published &om 
her original MSS. Edinb. 17S8, 

Edited by air David Dabymple, Lord 
HiUea. dougb, 3801, U. U. Whlta 
KnlKbti, WIS, U. IDa. ConaUble, 881, 
fii.Sd. Boiirell. 30e», tie. «d. HIbbeit, 

, While 
1,10a. Bllia,k 

1 Cbuaotera ef Ihe 

B, Google 

It or tbt Cindutof tbs Dov- 
tger DDfliiau of UuOximiflh, fnu ber 
tnt Csmlu to Court to ttis Tau ITIO. 
Lmnd' 1743| Sro. pilTftt^ printed. i^Eac 
Fiw. BllB, Si. ed. IVrttlsn b; Nilh. 
Hook*, tba Komu BiatoiUo, oa bahilf 
of tlw Dneheu, trj whom he li si^d to 
la.vt Iwan budtomelT uld,— Another 
•dltlOD, im. Sio. BliidleT,pt.i.a3,vJih 
Bilph'i Auwir, 71. Hllibert, SOBS, 12b. 
Murtb, pt. L 0, St. M. Drurr, 2KS8, with 
BiV^'i Anmr, M. «d. Willett. 1SB3, 

BnUttct br Dr. flam. Jotmua appAUfld 
In OaGentloDui'i H*«. for iru. 
A Berlsw of ■ lit* Tmtlfe mtltaled 

Dovagor ot Uarlbonagb. Lond. 1742, 
The othei 9lde of Ilia QnaitioD. Lead. 

T^Barah-ad; or, aTUEht br-Func^a 
bmloqal Poam. Lund. 17ia. WUts 
KnIglilL M18, i:. 

UunobB ot Barah. Dscheia of lEarl- 
bonoi^ 174d. WUte Kalgbl*, MlO, 

Sa MlaMlUoieg, ITGS. 
IktARLBOBorraH GsKa.— Oeiomae 
Antiqiue. Choii de Fierns anti- 

qut»gniT£«sde ami Cabinet. Lond. 
1781-90, folio, 2 toIb. 

^ ThlaOnvoa 

borongb, I . , , .. ^ 

caUoala of Ladj Battr Omrnliw {nluw 
at 70001, th< ' CniUl and Pajeha* alou, 
tba BHit utlqna InlagUo ntaat, atMOt, 
praaanWil I^btr LadTihlpto tluSiika); 
and Ibat coilKtad bj Wm. Fonaonbj'. ••• 







OQ to TOL " 

TltUn b 


t. and lbs Ftanc 

M7; tb«lo 

by Or. 


and that™. 


Dutena. Do 

11. 769, 





-WMta Eidghta, ma, Ti. 
MiBLiBUBOs, Staiea, Sari oL 

EW Warnings to aoat«le9B World] 
with tha bit words of 140 of ths 
moat lenmed FenooB of EngUnd, 
Sa. Lond. 16GS, 4to. 
BUai,lB.«d., £m MbKUH. 

M.n.ijni^ C. Ste UaBIiOWX. 

Maxiobm, Ajiigajidn. Kvphe- 
tie» et ApoatoUcB, id eat, totiot 
diuiiuB ac canonicie Scriphirc Thi*. 
saunia, Ordmealpliabetico digeatni. 
Bi Angiurtjni Hsrlomt j Aduenuiii 
A GuM. Feuguereio in Oodioeri 
relatuB. Lond. 157^ folio. 

Thia work batb tbe ■pprobationdf Abp. 
Parbar, and tba Qoean'. priTilsga. Tba 

wbo la'daaaed unoDg ^ taformgn^ 

Lord Cdbbun^ Locda Wardsn of tba 
Cinqoo PortsB,' 

Eodolph Wucnp. LoHJ, 1611, l«ma. 

A aattHliko Cipodtln ipoo tha Bai»- 
taCioD of Saloct lohn. Lond, Bynnenv^ 

B, Google 

A cHlHlIke ■«■ « 

Lnl. isn, Ito. m. S41, 

■ uthelLaksfsdaBlailuttall 


Lond. ^ John A 

EneUildhia Loconm aamuialiun Vno- 
lugkaum u Hulantl Thimiao, So. 

Hi,KLOW, Itaao. Controvcraie al 
fiinging htooght to an £iuL LomL 

BoUwV in IBM, IBi- 

TrLth uIhiIt T>efeud*d» In & ItefilT to 
Benjimin Ktub, ci>ii«nlii( FHtm EUDg- 
tag. Loud, im, Std. fii. 

— Jeremiah, A Book of (>ph(in 
n Letten Tcrarwd j T«ry pJeMant 
and UE^uli G» EngnTen, Chaoen, 
md Otiian. BngnvAd lij- S. 
Giasoock. Lond. 168B, Bto. 

UisiowB. Chriatophor. Works 

aid br OMoge Bobiiuiai, Eaq.) 
. Fiokertiig, 1826, port ero. 

Wo*., with NoUi, ud Hme Aeeotml 
of Wi Li(a >nd Writings, by the Hsi. 
Aki.I>7i». I.Dnd. FlEksring, IWO. poat 

<BUr]y ggi^ Tut, Irjiiiwd m aCdlUiiai of 
ItofMb Cople*. 

'EltUuloiTB libmndoonraariKnlha 
tHW of till uglHtM dnaut&ts.' 

TmliiiiiiiBs tba Qnate, irho, from tha 
■tM of ft SnthlaA ibtphftud, boaiiM ft 

■oilmglw, 1906, pt. I. only, lii. P.rl 1 
^ Uoe. Heber, bolb puti, 41. II 
J°Ut7. 3 pti, K. IM. IQ th« tiiiUifa M 
•™iC.ttlo™,T™bdilftlo8 ttao O™ 
UW, la ftttnbuted to John Munlon, 
„Tlis Tragwiie of DWo, QuBBUB of Ci 
■H^ Written bf Chrlitopbei Huloi 
■MTbomuHftili, Lend, br the Widoi 

Onilii, (br Thomu WoodEockt, 1 
Dr. Wright, In 17B7, 181. ISe,, pii 

•ctM^'oE ^uii^ tbe bM*s«I 

Berf, Ein) ITl.: rwold, RoibmghB in 


re»ldeeb«,rn WM, »M. A wpj ii in 

tbfl Brtdgwfttar CollKtion. A trmnKrlpt 

Torke, ^nd thB D«ch of good King 

H.nris the Bixt. irlth Ibe whole Conten- 

tion helwaene tbe two Uooeei LmDoutsr 

ftnd YoTke, ftn It wu Buodila Times (eted 

Penbruke bi> Semnn. Lond. by p. a. 

(Peter Bborl), IBBB, 8to. 0, Chiimen, 

nnlqne, . lau. Sia Sicubd III. 3aiu- 

Doftth of EdwBd Uio Beoond, King of Eog. 

Iftod.&e. AattwupabllcAlreotedbr 

the Eftrie of Pembnlu bi> BbrftiiBtW: 

Lend. b7 Rlehud Bndoelu fm WiUlui 


—1812, (CirBBgerBftnea.4ta. Heber. pt. 
il. V. Be.— 1%, 4to. Rtaedea, M14, Ita. 

J. e'. for John Wright, end an 
«t Chrijt Chnrah Gete.— IBOB, 

. Libmrr.— Lond, for J .Wright, 

—Lend. 1018, 4U. Ulich 
18ia. 410. Inglla' Old F 

al6»), H 

)ld P1^, w| S'. I4h 

Bb^hllni Mmi hj Edwud Alleyi) In 
Ui dmu&a eoitiuna.— With new iiddl. 
tione. By Ch. Hu-. Land. IffiM, 410. A 
— HAtlnfonra, BLicstRrmB.— lfiSI,4to. 
Roiburghe, 0401, II. 16l.— Printed with 
WW Adaitiona, with uvenl new Boensi, 

h e frouliiplece. Hibber^ 

ukd Leender, tjegunDB by Ch 
■ ■ "1 (third e* lien), 


Re«d,ee78,ITa,— IGlsl 
. pt tT. IOh,— riidgtoy. 

ii. ISi^iesJ, 41o. pp 90. Heber! 
I8i. lUbben,6191,2l. IBa.'iagllB, 


And eor7vct«d, Tlth ■ critical pnf^n by 
B. W. Blii^r, Eiq. Ctili'ick, I8SI, Ifmo. 
The finuHU Trirnij at the RIah Jair of 
Mills. 'WritUn bj Cbilatapher Hu-lo. 
Lead. 1SS3, 4ta, fMA, 291. lOa, Bd. Bos- 
wall. 19aS. I0>. Sd. BoibOTEbs, 5403, leg. 
Biodky, pL iU. IM. l«s. ^odea. leifi, 

LoEd.'RsynelUnlBDn, 18I0.e'O.'sB. 6d. 

Lnsti Doiiiliaoii,orlbe LucItIddbQuhii, 
*Tng(di«. WrJtMD^ChrtMoFerMirloa, 
Gwl. Load, leei. llvo. BbDde^ 1617. 
Ba. FIsId, t93. So. «d. Nuhu, p(. J. 118^ 
9i. Boibuicbe, fi4M, ea. Sd. 
tl. WO, U B»— IWl, 12mo. EhodM, laiS, 

TfaB Huaun at Farla. irlth tha DaatH 
of Ibe Duk« of QuIh. Lend, by E. A. for 
Ediraid Wilis, lamo. no data. A— D a, 
Id elghu, A 1 blwik. loglis' Old Playa, 
02, lOL lOi. Blndlay, pt. 11. 1961, Si. 13ii. 
Pany, pi. 11. m, 111. 6a.; fasold I— — 

tome tew Introdoclory noUwa. by Oi 
heny. In hla ' Thuin,' belwaeo ISIB an 

IB BrtUih Hoeta. 

Epigrammas and Ele^oa by J. D. and 

Sfi Coi-inaDa. Lccur. U. C,' Onn. 
Mis-KABTiir. SeeMtxnsMAafl 

Miuifn', H. de. Botertain- 
ments of tlis Court at Paria, en- 
glisched by Thomas Saintarf. IJond. 
1668, 8to. 

Bonisll, isce, Sa. ed. O. Chalm«ra,Sa. 

Uabuioit, Shackerlcy. Cupid 
and Feycha, an epiclc Poem. Iiond. 
1637, 4 to. 

WEtli nu nngrawd title-pan Naaiaa, 
ft il. Its, lie. Baber, pL tIU. SI. lOa^ 


D March 1817 

ei. IBJ. Bd.-N«w «dltl^l^ 

P. 81™r, E«,. ChUriS 

830, ISmo. 

n thli nprlDt aanral vtf 

•ana are omitted. 

Bindley, PC. 111. tSl,,^^ 
UO, 7a. 8d. Ingll.' Old 

RoihoT^e, c 

"^'ito^' ^*' 

Heber, pL U. 7a. Sd,— 


anloD, a F1»T. Land. IBS^ 

to. B«»<u: 

Sa.Sd. Heber 


The Antiquary, a Comedy. Load. 1U[, 

■- •"-' — -■ " (ia. ad. BapriDled la 
n of Old FUya. Act 
u edition of the dila 

Cupld'a CoDHihip; or, the Celelmtlaa 
of a Harrlaca betveen the Hod of I>n* 
—■ "Paiche. ByB. " '-' ■"" •■ — 
leavea, B la F, 
written b; himwlf g containing Ma 
liteniy sjid politioaJ Life, and 
Aneodotee of tlie principal Charac- 
ten of the eighteenlb Centuij. 
Lond. 1805, I2mo. 4to]s. 128.— Se- 
cond edition, 1806. 
Moral TaleB, truatated by C. Dennia 
id K. Llojd. Lood. 1781, Bvo. 3 Tola.- 

end. Cadelt 18-V, ISmo. 8 toIi. 10a. Sd. 

DO impcoreii. Loai. im, 12ma. i Tola. 
Tal«B of an ETening^fcllared by the 

BelUarlua, ttanalaled by F. Aahmora. 
Land. ITfB, 8vo,— Lond. l^lOmo. Sa.; 
~'th plates, 6b. FieqDently reprinted in 


JOBnoH, Samuel, IjL.D. 

Mashoii SandTicenae cum Com- 
mentario et Notis a J. Isjlor, 
LL.D. Cantab. 174S, 4«>. 

Ooogh, S78B, ma. U. 11a Sd. Heath, 
MSI, 10a. Sd. 

Hasicosa AnmdelliatiB, Ae. 1 


MAUtYimr Fault. SmBahxs, 

T. C, p. 109. 

Mabniz, PhiL de. TheBeehiye 
of the Honiifli Church, tiwulated 

B, Google 

ij Oeorga Qilpio. Load. 1S78, 
Rsprtntad. Load. IISS, Mmo.'Buikcfl 
Bt^ Hone id n Trance ; t> DU- 
narse «et downs in a meny Dia- 
logue betweene Bankea and his 
Bwit: anatomiiing Bome Abuses 
md bad Tricks of thia Ago, &o. 
ij John Dando, the Wiredrswer of 
HmUsj, and Same S,an.t, Head 
Oatler of Bosomei Inne. Lond. 
for Cuthbert Bnrbj, 1595, 4to 

Wilh > woodcul 

W. IDs.. Bindlej, pC. 1, lit, ISI, fit., 
MM Parry, pt. I. SBB, M. St. JoBey, 
IKiSa. EaprtDt«ltarth«P«ii7 8oel<lT, 
Bo.lT, q.T. In ApHDdll, A Dof ' 

let Tablelier. 
8to. 10s. 6d. 

WUta K^hti, saSD, ISe, Habor, pt. t1. 

IUb-Peoplb, Sir Martin. His 
CoUer at Ebbbs, 1B90, 4to. 

iD'tne. KiBK ud Lochto'a la Mucb, 
1810, 61. M. 


miAiE. PmBT, John, 

MiBBuaB. — The Fjftene Joyee 
of Maryage. Iflnd. bj W. de 
Vorde, I&09, 4to. 

ThB ind Sorrowa nf suji Msry 
•BB. Loud. byW. ds Worde, (IBOB], ia 
rairlHm. Hebar, pt. Iv. W. IIH. Ke 
prtnlM tor the Fsrcy BodBty, Ho. S. Se 

BUT^, Lond. tirW. deWorda, (IBSfil 
Ho. TUclMn luna: aolaBO. Uebac 

A Compla^tfi of 
■■lyal Lond. by 


JiH, Ki^. tor tba I 

61 plitu bf Cnapln de 
ttlcil deMTtptloni In Fn 
EagKsii ; the pnlk» ti i 
graver. Habei, pL It. 14 

Harrinsa k Is Ifoda, 
■Mlneu EipUiutJonof f 


L Wllhms-' 
, DtiUb, ami 


Mmliije Bed. 1 
' 'the CeremimleB 
Oddity of Kime, tl 

A DeMrlpiioB of the Lud of WadlMk. 

Uabbiot, John. The great Eater 
of Qrajea-Inne, or the Life of Mr. 
Marriot the Cormorant ; with many 
ileoeant Storiee of hii TravelB into 
Cent and other Places. By Q. F., 
Gent. Land. 1652, 4to. 
" ■■ with title, (ronUipleos, mid To 
!T. tioleaTen. Bindley, pt.lL 
la. re»1dHlliberLfilse,41. 



iFaured to &eteD npoa hlTn, by a 
deloueaad defamato^ Llljell, lndtn' 

i,18S3,4to, Foor Isi'eB.iaelnd'inea 

woodcut, rapraaeritiiig G. F. 6enL askiD^ 

Word*, ys^ 

by J. 0. H JIl- 

MiBBiOTT, Rer. William. The 
^tiquitiea of I^me and ite Vici- 
lity. atooliport, 1810, snua 4to. 
Pp. ill and am, indai i pegea, alto It 
plates at pp. IM, 300, 2D3, 217, ZM, 3ti, 
asa, 303, 308, »X, Sie, 3M, KM, SM aDd 


14BV ■ lUB 

UiBSYAT, EVedmok, Cspt. B.N. 

Code of Sign&li for the oie of Ves- ' 
te\i emplojad in Uie Uerohant Ser- 
Tiee. Ltmd. 1887, aro. IQi. 6<L— | 
Bi^th edition, entirely reriMd. 
and coireulad. Lond. IBU, Sro. 
10i,6d. I 

Thii sdminble inrentiiin ia now 
in QBfl in (iu rcn^ and jnercvit^ 
■emoa, not Only of thia oonnbry 
but of foreign natiom. Captain 
Varryat tffioe recmred tiiepiiblio 
thub of the Sh^Hmun' AmMj 
for it, and upon ita bong trana- 
lated into Erenoh, Pvii, 1810, 
waa oomplimanted bj Lonia Phi- 
lippe irith the orou of the Legion 
of Honoor. 

— Flank HQdmay, or liie Soral 
Officer. Lond. ISSi, poat Sm. S 
roU. IZ. lie. Sd.— Oolbnni'a Slud- 
aTdNoTdirt^ie88,ISma.ea. Be- 
iaauod 1850, 8*. 6d.— Clie>4> adit^ 
Kouttedge, la. 6d. 

— King^i Own. Lond. Colbnm, 
1S30, poat Sro. 8 Tola. II. 11a. 6d.— 
Bentle/'B Btmdaid Norsla, 18SS, 
12ino.6s. Beiaaued,1849,at3e.6d. 
—Cheap edit., Bontledge, Is. 6d. 

— lUewtOD Porater. Lond. Bent- 
lej, 1833, poBt 8to. 3 Tol». U.ll». 
— Bentl^^B Standard Sorala, 1838, 
12mo. 6a. Beiaaued, 1B49, 39. ed.— 
Cheap edit., Bontledge, la. 6d. 

— Peter Simple. Lond. Smin- 
derg & Otler, 1833, post Sro. 3 rols. 
11. 11a. 6d.— BentleT'a Standard 
Novell, 1838, 12mo. 69. Beisaoed, 
1819, 3a. 61I.— Chc^ edit. Bout 
ledge, la. 6d. 

— Jacob FMthfiU. Load. 9axax- 
dera &. Otle;, 1386, poat Sro. 8 
Tola. i;. 11a. 6d.— BentleT'a Stand- 
ard Novels, 1838, 12nu>. 6a. Be- 
ivned, 1819, 8b. 64— Cheap edit. 
BoDtledge, la. 6d. 

— Pacha of Uany Tales. Lond. 
Saunders A OOaj, 1885, poat 8to. 

8 y<da. U. lie. 6d. — B«ntWi 
Standard NoTela, 1S39, 12mo. 6l. 
Beiwoed, IStt, Sa. 6d.— Gbe^ edit. 
Bontladfe, la. 6cL 

Japhet in Search of a FaUur. 


8to. 8 Tola. U. lis. 6i— BentVa 


itandard Not^ 1889, IZmo. 61. 
BeiBaoed, 1849, 3i. 6d. — Cbeaip 
edit., Boatledge, la. 6d. 

Midahipman Eaaj. Lond. 
SMinders A Otlej, 1896, post Sro. 
3 Tola. U. lie. ed. — Braitlej'B 
Standard Norela, 1888, 12nu>. 6i. 
BeiHRied, 1819, Ss. Sd. — Ohe^ 
edit., BouUedge, la. 6d. 

Bntte and Three Cottara, il- 
Inatr^ed -with SO mgraxinpk, from 
drawings bj Claibon BtiuiBeld, 
B.A. Lond. Longman, 1S86, Sro. 
It 11a. 6d.*-Poni5i edition. Lond. 
Bohn, 1851, IBs.— Fifth edition, 
same Blatea, 18S4, 8to. 10a. 6d.— 
New edition, with eame plat«B, and 
Life of the Author. Lond. (Bohn'a 
DluBtrated Ltbrar;), 1860, Ss. 

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It. 11a. 6d.— Bentley'a Standard 

B, Google 

Maxbtat, Oikpt.— Eanthnud, 
KoT(J<, 18U, 12mo. 6e.— New edi- 
taon, Bohn, n tha Preu. 

— Puor Jack, illiutntod mth 
46 flue wood aigraTiugs, after the 
dedgni of CUrkun StonfleM, BO. 
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Seoond edition (ataraatyped). Lond, 
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ume pktea. Bohn, 1B&9, 8to. 6h. 

— JoMpli Boibbrook, or the 
SMchar. fond. Colboni, ISti, port 
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BeiBnsd, lbi0, 8a. 6d Oh^t 

«dit., BooOedge, 1>. 6d. 

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— Trsrela and AdrentoRa o^ 
liaoaeai Tiolet, in Califomia, 5o- 
BOlk, and Western Teiaa. Lond. 
LoDgnuD, 1S4S, post 8to. 8 vola. 
U lla. 6d.— BenlWa Standard 
BoTela, ISMi, l&no. 6b. Baiiaued, 
1849, at aa. 6d.— Cheap edit, 1. 
Hodgaon, 1b. 6d. 

— Maaterman Beady, of the 
Wrack of the Paoiao. WrittfiQ ibr 
joong people (lor hia own ohil- 
dieoi). Load. Iioiiniian, 1B41, 
ISmo. 8 Tola. 1^ 2a. 6d.— New edi- 
tion, witii 92 irood onpaTioga. 
lond. 1868, 12mo. 2 toU. 12b.— 
ITeir edition, in 1 toL 9B wood 
engraTinge. Load. Bohn, 1S67, 
12ma. £a. Beiaaned, mOi the aame 
eorniTings, in Bohn'B lUualnited 
Ijbrai;, 1S60, poat Bto. Sa. 

— PriTateer'a Man, one hondred 
jeara ago. Ad.Tenture8 bf Sea and 
Iduid, in dTil and aarage life, one 
tmndred jenn ago. Lond. Long- 
man, 1S44, 12ino. 2 vols. ISs.- 
Second edition, with S platea, 

1 loL XiomL Bohn, 166^ 12mo. 

Beiaaned in Bohn'a IUa«tntt«d 
Libraiy, 1860, poat Sro. 6a. 

— Settlera in Canada. Written 
T joimg people. Lond. Long- 
an, 1844, 12ino. 2 Tola. 12a.— 

New editiou, with U) sngrsTinM 
on ateel, in 1 toL Bofan, 1864, Si. 
Beigaued in Bohn'a Bluatrated Li- 
brarjr, I860, poat Sro. 6*. 

„ . , 8 TOli. 

12r, — New edition, witii QlaatEa- 
tiona ^ John OiUwrt:, in 1 ti^ 
Load. Bohn, 1868, 12nio. 6a. Be- 
iaanedinBohn' a Ulnatnted libraiy, 
1860, poet Sro. ea. 

Ohildien of the Hew Foraat. 
Load. Horat, 1847, 12ma. 2 rota. 
lOe.— New edition, in 1 ToL BouC- 
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— Idttle SaTsoe. Load. Hnrat, 
1847, 12mo. 2 Tola. lOa.— New 
edition,! nlroL Boutladge,12mo.6i. 

Valerie j an Autobiognpt^. 
. Coltram, 1848, poat 8to. 3 
Tola. 12. la. — Cheap editioa, in 1 
ToL BonUedge, 12iiio. la. 6d. 

Captain Uatrral^ who died in 
1B4G^ w«a ono of the moat pleaaing of 
our romanoe trritoa, and eapecBalij 
e»^led in NaTal EKoiiea. Amcaig 
hia later workawortl^ of eapecial no- 
tice ia hia Maaterman Bead;, which 
haaaUtheoharm ofBobinaonCroaoe, 
and will erer be a prime fiiTonrite 
with young people- It waa the firet 
of a aeries of boolu eBpacdaUy de- 
signed for the riaing generatiou, and 
with which he ia biown to hiiTe 
taken more paioa than with an; of 
his preriouB writinga. Ho waa edi- 
tor of the MBTBOfOMTiN MiQA- 

zmx (which had been commenced 
hj the poet Osmpbell) &om 183SS 
to 1836 incluBiTe, daring which 
period some of hia moat p ' ' ' ' 
Norela w 

IB of hia moat popular 
e firet publiahed m. ita 




Hus and Trann. — The Loue 
asd Com^Tiita betwone Man and 
Venui. WeBttnoBtei for me JaliaDi 

BUek iBttBt. Fourleen l»na. Bo- 
taisba.aSSS, WLnmldBlr U. H. SyksB, 
pL IL «)1, 4n. lOt. W. THKAi !■<--- 

soD^stlBc of umu Lon stoiiei. i 

K little Cupid to ilTsnVenui hi 
tt, brtM cUiifly ma InirijniiB, irith 



ka, Tunhildge, B 

WmiaiQ, D.C.L,, 
&o. ' The History of Su- 
Third Edition, revised and 
enlarged. Lond. 1811, 4to. with 
mape and platea in atlas folio, pub- 
liahed at 3^ ISfl. 6d. reduced 
V. lie. ed. 

* A perf^t modal for Topographic and 
DeKiiptiTt oompoglnoii: bat aiva had 

—Qmrl. HfflJ. Fl 
PonUiUl, 7M, lOi 

A CaUloBu'e of 
UrleH, QrLEDmara * 
Parla. Lonil. IT. 
title, &C.O11I7 80 c 

SI. III.' 

id Alplubeta. Inti 
jrloBj pnvalelr printe 

ISIS, 41 

IhB Ualann Lan^agra, 
ion and Praxle. Loud. 

r and anUDUar ba< 

Oritntal ColE 

Tha Die ., .._ 

baon tiuiEatad Into QermaD and Fnnch, 
bj C. P. J. Blent, Hiilam, IS24. 4to. 

Numlimaia OritntaUa Illnitnta. Tbe 
.ni of hit o>n coUecUonde- 
ililorieaDrlUnitrated. Idnd. 
j4ED-a.4io. A toIb. platan, BI. 

HtmllaiieiHia Worka. Lend. ISH «o< 

BibllDlbeoa UaCMhnUna Pbllologica 
at OrlentalU. A Catalocoe of Booki and 
KtaniHiipta eoUaclad *Tth a TIair to Iba 
OaDHal Gompariaoa of Langnagaa, and 
tottaaStudrofOrlentalLltaratin. TUB 

HamidrB of a IMayw Faaillf , nlttan 
br thanualiai. Tcanalated. Loud.ISKi. 

A Brief Memoir of bla LU» and Writ. 
logB, drswn up by blmaolf, vlth NoteH 
&i>in bla Camipondence only. Tonhlch 
la nauallr allacbed 1 Uaoo and Horitr, 

1838, 4B. 'Eyton, 11,61. Printed for prl- 
Tate dtatclliiitiDii doIv; edited by lili ■!. 
dow(.d.iight«r of SirCb. Wllkioi, wur 
Un. Cot Leake). 

Stt alio Uavgo Foi'O. 

Sereral egrioaa treatlies ty HandeD 

Orioiital Fond, in Appendix ; Pblloaopbl' 
elely of Calontta; Anshieoliigla; Aaiatlo 

M tna n, E. A new BnTvey of 
(he Tnrkieh Empire and GoTeni- 
ment. Lond. 1639. 

WMte Knlfhta, 9632, numcco, ISa. 

— Herbert, Biahop of Peter- 
borough. A Course of Lectures j 
containing a Deacription and ay i- 
tematio Arrangement of the aereTHl 
Branches of Divinity ; with an Ac- 
count of the principal Autliora who 
here eicelled at different Periods 
in theological Learning. Camb. 
1809-28, 8to, pU. L to viL 

An Important »ork,tndi«pma«lJly 116- 
euMTTln svarytfaMleeleal library. U 
embraua almoat an^ topia of blbliul 
crLtioiem and IntarprctatloD, and alao tbe 
geDntiitDeia, snthantMty and credibility 
of tba Serlpturai:. and ll parUcolaily 
valuable fbclla Wognptaleal and crLUuI 
nolitsa of tbe prloMpal writeia who have 
treated on IhaN aableatg^New edittOD. 
Lond. 1SS8, aro^ In one Ti^ lb. 

' -. BiuT on Ot Uaehdneaa and Neoei- 
ot Theological LeBinlag to thoH 
are deslgiied for Holy Order*. I7M, 

e Anihentlelty of the B>e Boolii of 

JO cooalileted ; being the Snbitanea 

ofa Diaconne lately delliered before the 
"■dvaralty. Camb. 1792. 4to. la. Sd. 

Mannlerlpt nor preaeryed in tha Public 

■ , of iSe UnirenUtT of Cambridge, 

ot the Beren irbich an qoolad by 

att John y. 7. Will " 

Library of 
R. Btaphoi 

be UnlTeiiity of 
Beren irbich ai 
1 John y. 7. 
inlnir a BexteT of tir. 
on M the *■ " ~""* 

t the Oraak UB9 


Hamh, Bp.— mnfniKd. 

■Udl he eiunTn«d In Fmrii ; no 
tru Mr, PippslbsBui't TruUas 

Ad Enmlnitt<ni Into Om CondiKt i 
the British Mlnlatrr nUtln to the lit 
Tnpml oT BDODiptrte. 1800, 8*0. 

BiHarrotthe Politics of OnutBrltil 
m FruKflr from tlifl Tim* of tho Confei 
tta at piUnlti to the DecUnttlon < 

BiluL ind P^' 


pell. Cuob. 1801, era. h. [laoori^ontoi 

SI .nd ComjKBtHon 
uolcalGMpela; ■ 
AppcDdli, being > Re 

1 DtflKS at (Ha I 
HTPHbaali. 1804, Sro. 

Thf Hitlonal Rellgloi. the Foundatior 
U Utt jeari^ KeetlnB of tho ChUdrai 
MKiKd In tba Cbufty Se)ioole in Hid 
g«tlr npriitad.— Blilli edition. laaS 

Ybidlcatloa of Dr. BeU'i Bntmi U 
rtiUoo, Lond. 1811,8io. 

A Hiiloiy of the TranBlatloua Thfob 
urebeen made of lbs SurlpliirBH, froiD 

W"|«i aniwar to hia aeeond LatlMBn 
Oh 6nuib and Fonlga Blblt Bodetr. 
l«>i 1812, Sio. a>. 

Ad IsqulriF into tbe ConeeoneiKea or 
^WMtlng to glTo the PnTiTbook irltb 
UwBible. Cainb.l91S,870.2i.«d. 

Utter cf Eiptaulioii to tba DisHDler 
>Bl LaTau, who hu lately addieaMd 

Ibe Pralealuit DIimdU 

ConrdtatloD of the Opinion t 
Prindplee of^b* Belbrmatia 
boan coneaded to the Chni 


the Tien of 

PrimaTj Charge at L-andalT. 1817, Sio. 

A eCFBiparatin View of tba ChnKbei 
of Emre and England. Camb 18M, Sro. 
ei— The aeeond edition, with an Ap- 
pendli. IBld, Bto. Ba. Sd.— Third edition. 
Lond. 18*1, llmo. Si. 

Priinarr Cbargt at Fateiborough. isaj. 

Hone PsiaagleK Puttheflnt Con- 
talslng an Inonbr Into the Origin and 
Laurna^ of the Pelaagl, or the anetent 
Inhahitanti of Green i vlth a IHaaarttb- 

dlbillly of tbe Hew Taitunenl, and on tbe 
AppimdIiorTraeU. Lond. taiO,'Bvo. 

MiBSB, John. HislfiekleKoiiii- 

ent raised on Sliepherdi I^ia^ 
ill moderate valkuifis, in dlnne ' 
issiana, in humnn tranBgras- 
(in vorse). Anno Dom. 16M, 

ParisheB of Hurtley nod North 

Baddeslej, In the Coimtj of South- 

pton. Winchester, 1808, rojnl 

lorrTnuanD. CMIsltoi.— Title, liatf- 

St, a luTei, niHBoranda, 88 pa^a) 

randa, aipagea, alio « platM hf J. PgwaU. 



History of the 11111011 of Sootlacd 
and Sngland, Btatiug the Ciroum- 
atanoea nfaioh brongfat ttut Brent 
forward to a Conclueion, and the 
AdTantag«a MBiUtiiig from it to tie 
Boots. Edjnb. 17M, 8to. 6l 

— Hnmphrj. Arbiutnm Ame- 
the Amariovi Srore, 

of Hie AnuncaD United States, n- 
MOged Booording to tite limunn 
STBtran. niilBdd^iia, 1788, Sro. 

— Joiepb. Tmveli thnmgh 
Holland, Kande™, GenruuiT, Dbi- 
marlc, Sveden, iWand, Biuaia, 
Hie Uknunti, snd Poland, in tine 
Tean 176a-70. Lond. 1772, 8to. 

Minairn.i., John. 'Sopl Html 
Siognphf , or Memoin of the Ser- 
TioM of all the Msg-Offloen, Bi 
Admiraia, retired CapiainB, Ci 
mandora, &o.. from 1760 io IE . 
written by thenndTaj j with Hi*- 
toncol and BxplanatoTy Hotee, Sro. 
12 vols. Land. 1823-85, pub. at 
ei. 8a. redaoed SI. St. 

— Her. Oharlea. A plun 
and oaay Introduotion to the 
Knowledge and Fraotioe of Gar- 
dening, with Hints on Fiih Ponds. 
FifUi Edition, enlarged. Xiaad. 
1814, Sro. 9«. 

nrrteditloa. LDnd. 1796, Sn>. 

— Chu4es. Reports of Cases in 
the Court of Common Plaag from 
Uichselmas Term 54 Qeorge III. 
to MichaelmM Term 67 George 
m. Lond. Ifll4-18, royal 8to. 2 
TOls. 21. 10b. 

— George. A compendiona 
TrwtiM in Metre, decluing Ihe 
£rst originsJl of Saerifiee, and of 
Ijnylding Anltare and Chnrchee and 
of (he flrvt BeoeiTiug tha Cbriiton 

Fayth here in EngUud. Lond. I. 
Cawoode, 1564, <Uo. 
A Poem i:< tlie nHtnl mitr. Itlia 

lain the Lunbetbllliniy. Btuu, Mwh 
T, 1811, KM. Sl nauld, Brigbt, ML lOa. 

Mamh*i,t, H. Hietory of Een- 
tnoky, ila Diieorery, Bettlement, 
fte. Frankfort (Kentucky), 1^ 
8to. B Tola. II. Is. 

— John. The Lite of Geoo^ 
Qeoive Washington. Land. 1804-7, 
4ta. 6 Tola, maps and plans. 

Fraa»d li a oompanlKni -ritw of tbe 
eohnlaa plaatad bj Uia Gn^ib In Nnrtli 

HlbbMt, 6JB8, ai.'si.' Druiy,' 4B6S,'ai IM. 
Duke of YaA, giea. u Si.— Land. 18(M-7, 

~ Nathaniel, D.D. On the 
Penitential Diaoipline of tlie Fri- 
mitjre CSmrah for the first 400 
yesM alter Christ. Lond. 1714, 
8to. Qi. 

Mas edltloa. OxlOri. 1§M, Sto, ea. 

— Serj. Samuel. Treatise on the 
Law of Inauranoe, in four Boots. 
Third Edition, with CorreotiDiia and 
Additions by C. Marshall. Lond. 
1923, royal 8to. U. 16a. 

A. valubla and nll-digeated woA. 

— Stephen, B.D. The Godly 
Man'a Legacy to the S^ntg upon 
Earth, eihibited in the Life of Mr, 
B. HBTshall Load. 1670, 4to. 

Tbia divlin pubUshad many aermaw. 
~ Walter. The Goapel Mys- 
tery of Sanotification opened, in 
idry practical Directions. L<md. 
)2, 12nio. 
- pDSthamaiu work, fteqneuUr re- 

H lonUtB of A gilcsllBni, made on a Fam 
r BOO Aci«« of various SoilB, nnr Crw- 
in, Borray. To wbteh Is added, t Digest, 

B, Google 

StlHSHAEl, Wm. — emIiTtutd, 

VAB 14S5 

ifl BoRbasB, tbfl ImpnTaninf^ 

1. ToL L 

Th enirri Eeooimiy o( YoAihlre. Lon J. 
BBSt s™. 2 Toll. 

"nte TDrtl Bunom)' ol GlftcAatenhlra ; 
fadudiDg ItA Dalrr: toEeth^r with tiie 
4a^ MuugamBDt of North Wlltahtn; 
ml tba HuiBHiieiil of Onbarda uid Fnlt 

The mrftl Economr of tba HfdUod 
Oountiea; iDcladlDK (he Umtgeiuent of 
Idie Stork In LdoeBUi^lrs mui iU En- 
Ttmu; tiKolhor with Minolea on Agrl- 

A BoTlew of ' Tbe LnndBcapa ; & dldu- 
tle FoBffl (by B. r. SnlgbtV' tlto an 

liod. ITSfi, 8T0. 

Thernnl Eeonoiiry ofthoWMtofBog- 
Ittid ; inclddlue Dovonihlre, nod Pvta of 
Bomenetshlre.Donetshlrc, ind Cornwall ; 


nml BcoiWDir of the lonthern 
vooiiDfti: comprltinff EmCj Snirey, Bub- 
■ei: tb>Idaorwicht; ths Chdk Billi 
otWlltoblni, Hunpihlre, tte. : ud iHlud- 
ing tlH Csltnra mil MiLOii««iisntof Hops, 
ud Fuvbnm. Loud. 1196. Sro. a toIb. 

md EteMi^ Bcmuks, as Agilciiltare, 1: 
th« SouChom CDDntlea. A nev Edition 
Id which li picfiied m SksUh of th« VbI 

Bill, W 

Th« Lnodsd Propel 

iLuids; Willi 
t roTiBBo. Togo- 

ot the House of 

Loud. ISIH, Ito. 
Tbe MenegeiMift of Landed Eetatee; ■ 

Snenl Worfc, fbrtbeUeeof imftiiiaHl 
SB : bMng m Abetnetur tb« Bore en- 
lirged Troetlte of Luded Pronertr, »- 
oenllT pmbUrtied. Loud. IBIM^ Sro. 

BepoTtidfttaeBoadot A«IlailUn, ftom 
the MTtnl l>«iutmeDle of Englud. 
Land. ISIT, Bto. s voli. Publiibed In la- 

. WniB-giii, air Juhn. Chronioiu 
Canon .Xgfptufiu, EbnioD*, Qnc- 
(Tiui, cnm jJiiqnuitiaiiibiu hiatoiicis 
et oritiaiB. Load. I6TS, folio. 

Eeitta, MSe, lOi. 6d. WlUatt, IfilB, 
ua. M. A JauHid work, beqaeDll^ n- 
pflotad abroad, written to lodiice tbe be- 
lief that all tbe Jewlih ritea were of 
ESTptlin origin. 'WItilnl, In hie .£gfp- 
tUca, conOoverti tbli oplirloii- 

— Honiu. JBntomologiit Bri- 
tannio^ siBtens Ineeota BritsmiuB 
indigeoa, Bscimdiim Methodnm 
linwanom dupositn. Lond. 1802, 
8to. toL i. all printed. 14a. 

Newtitle. Goleontara Brltannlca, Lond. 
IBM, Sro. dlTlded Into a *ol«. SO colonred 
platdB. TdL I. pp. tS4, with 13 colonred 
jlelei. Vol. II. pp. 2SB— 617, with ^tei 
cokumd, IS-ad. 

MABBHiuir, J., J).I). Clarii 
9inio», or Elements of Chinesa 
Qnumnar, with a predinmiAr}' Did- 
Sflrtetion, and an Appendix con- 
taining the Ta-E>oth of ConfuciuB, 
with \ Tranalatic" Oi«.*vrt«*™a 

1814, Toyal 4to. 
A TalnKble and beau 

itlfuDr printed 


MiBaiLiDS of Padua. The Da- 
fsnoe of Peace, trajulated oat of 
Latin into English' by Wjlljam 
MarahalL Lond. K Wyer, IB85, foL 

Heber, pt. ii. 61. lOa. A copy of this 
apoW foi tba defame of LodowTha, 
EmperooroftheRomaynes, lain the BtI- 
tiah HDHum. In the preface la a FiAyer 

B, Google 

1^86 MAB 

Habsou^teb, Jecquea. Hietoire 
de Heniy VII. Roi d'Anglef«rre. 
Paris, 1697-8, 12mo. 2 yob. 6b. 

Ths Life of S. Fnnels de Balee, trini- 
Utedbj W, H.Crionibe>, D.D. ShepUin. 
UiUet^ ISia, Bn. 2 vols. 10s, «d. 

Mabeton, John. 
Poetical Worte. 

monaly. T 

Dramatic and 
[. Rloberu), IB98, 

Hsbar,*!. aa. 

The UetuDDTphojili of ' FIj^duIIdii'b 
liDuv. snd nrtsiiw SKtftso. Lond.lfluia- 
(pnbUBbed uunjmanBlf), printed for Ed. 
moDd-Hatts,SBd sn fo bs uld st the 
GlgDS ottluHnid SDl PlnuRh In FleeU 

(M ahlidi s sseoDd UUe Is preSied) la 
■Printed by J.iDM RDlwrts,'!K8S. This 


Old PlBft,' edited by Dll][e,UU, 

)'■ Kevenge. The second psrt 

Id Plsji, M, 11. 7a. Eoibiirfhe, 
Us. Sd. Slight, IBs. Bhodei, 
h AnUmlD snd MeUids, 3i. il. 

iVinltd t^ V. S., for Win. A»l8Ti 

Angmented by Urtntrm, vitli 
ions, ptay*d by the King's Ser- 
illen by John Webiter. Sn 
. Eeprinled in Dodaloy's Col. 
' Old Plsyft and s modoruized 
Mr. Dice's Edition of Webstu'l 

rdHoe, by Q. Cbspntn, B.Joo- 

l City's^ 

Icb Courtenn, ■ Comedr. Lood- 

AoitiuTgbe, MI6, 16s. HIb. 

I, IJ. la. Inglltf Old Plays, «% 

mlghtle Uonarth Qood Opinion,' by W. 

Corrected of msny FsuJts, Whicll by rca- 

irhleS MlBlon pnbHihed aonze of hie 

"" the 'ars*''edmon'!'"^L^'T6il' fu. 

uriy productions. Bright, Se3», irsnliog 

Rhodeii, 1829, 11. IBs. Ingli.' Old Flsy^ 

sll iiRer p. 10, and the title, II, Ifla, Percy. 

66, If. 18>. Heber, pi. 11. IL lit. A mo- 

pt ii. 6flS, with the Sconrie of ViUsS: 

dem Ta.t of tbe pirleltaster la printed In 

1688. K. 10s. 6d. Hebtt, pt„ It. IW8, 

'Old Plsyi; yol. 11. edited by Dllke, IMS, 

irttb the Bcmitge of ViUsole, 1599, «. 18s. 

AeopyiatnthiMiloneCouUllon. Tbe 

The Wonder of Women, or the TnJoiH 

flnl poem Is printed In ■ Alclll.; iCoUec- 

of Sophonlibi, u it huh beeoe siindrr 
Times sct«l.t the BlackeFrlera. Losi. 

tioD orPuma, tSSS. It Is (lee giyen Id 
theyolnmeeil«lljyBo.lelnI7ei. The 
mily of Plgmslion's Imsjn may be «,- 

180fl,4to. Meber,pt.ii. 11. He, A-Oft 

Infonrs. In the M^one Collection. Mr. 

Mnntod for, ss.F«inlts lleenllone cbsrsc- 

GlffordobBBryea, ' It la not very probable 

tar, tbe pnlstes Whltglfl and Bsncroft 

Usrston, yet some of the mail loslhsonie 
Mrta of the Monk sre lobs found to this 


Whst yon will. Lend, for T. Thoipe, 

Brigbt,'iaa. Beprinted In the second yo^ 

I«Sl)lj,fii. Roitmrgbe, HU, ll'. Ids. Hs- 

B, Google 

liAStfCOy, John — cenlinued, 
hti, pt. il. It 8b. a maden Uit uf Ibis 
pin II priutad In ' OU Plifm,' adlud br 
DUke, 1816. Bfs. 

Tbe InutUta Coiinlwu, i Tttgtiy, 
IiBoi. ins, 4tii, Bhodsi, lew, 13h. H*- 
bar, pL 11. Ui.—ieia. tto. lEgll*' Old 
FUyis n, 11. iSi.— 1<S1, 4m. Boanll, 
I8«7,E(. RbodH, 1«33, Ub. Baitnil^, 
Mie,ii.ia. 111. Bse, II. 1I>. 
H«1>«r. pt U. IGa. luprinted. Load, br 
7. M>n£^ laW, Sto. ti. rur Ur. J. Boc 
dan, lo cunplaU lh« ' Woiu' Inatd in 
1408, with * mrlat ot iba dedication *^ 
lAdy EUnlMtli FioUwutr pndud 

Trucdlai u 
o. ThliTOla 

FirUltrnMer, Wwiloc 
tbfl Htlwdifferipg; : 

.-men. Will. 

1 Tbo Dnteh CanrtBuu. 

odiora w IM Stage, ud'oreiTtbiPE con- 

Bsctsd wlti It, tbi- "■- ' 

Trmgedy or Coowd: 
BbevH, (IM pDbllt 
yeenl-"-- '- -"- ' 

The Uoimtobank, ■ Uuqna. Sh HeoDa 

pan or Guu Onyotam, In Hlabi^' Pm. 
gnmta at Qii«n Elizabeth. MUtlDB IKJ, 
UL p. 330; also tbeToL on Inlgn Jodm, 
edited br Collier fu the BbilupMn Bo- 
clatT Id 1S<8. 

Wdku, Dramatic and SatMeal. B»- 
prlnied Ina the orMul Mlitlaiia, vtth 
Nolea, and mom AMOanl of bla L& and 
WriUnia. br J. a Halllwall, Eiq. LiMk 
ISBS, p«tSn.S*da.Ua. uMiPArea. 

Qlllbrd, In hla odltten of Ben Jonaon, 
i^lai HaiMon ■ tb« moit acarrfloai, flltbr, 
and obaoane writar tt Ua tlma f oa tba 

ear dl^OnnUilMd eaMnl^ In Ma on 
no leas admlrsd fiir tbe raraatUl^ of 
hla eaniga In tnfij lod couedr. Oan 
dreaded tar tbeptdgnanerof hie aatlrai 
■' ! fbrmer department the eolleacue tf 
u, In tbo Uuer, tbe anli«Diiist of 

Item and bli arltiiin 
ood'i Ath™. OlooT^»7; Wanon'iHla- 


re KeiUw.Ti. ll»a»: i 

printed la tbe Introdoetlon e. 

bnnrbB, SSt, If. li. BIndlay. 1 
■I.tSB. Jadla, K^ morocco, II. 1 
8M>, II. Sa. Blahin of Blr, IS 
Wlilta Knlghti, 1&3. IL 1§>^ S 

KS. in tbe BrlU^lluaenm, admllMd into 
Halllmll'aaditioo. Printed In tbe aecond 

Tba Lode and Ladya Bnntlngdon'a 
Entcrtalnamant of tlieir rlgbt Kofcle Mo- 
tlMT AUee, OoSBleMB Derigar of Darby, 
the linte Slghta of her Hooor'i arrlTall 
at tba Hooae of Aahbr. US. Printed In 
llr. HAlUveW* tdKlDn of th* Warka. 
PablUwdln part, In Hlcboli' HtatDry of 
Ltfeeetanhlre, the Proneaees of "'-- 
Junes L.iBdbiTodd'aWUaaaoflll 
Feotica] Wodia. 

A Bemuaa * prauhed at BL Maivant't 
In Weatminatn.' Feb. 164S. 4to. Unqoea- 
UflHihlT In a diOarenC aatbor. an ~ 
UB^a Poet. Diuia. L V». 

The Nswo If etamorphotia or a Feaste of 
Vtjuia, or Pcstleal Lefenda. 1690, 4lo. 
ua. Sa BuTBwu^B Bunabee'a J« 

■ai,uao,L«e. soDhtniL 

Masbton. Bubert. Tam MirtU 
quun Artia fienia ) or the Soldiar** 
Sorroir and LDarning'B Lo«« ; an 
el^iacoll Foem on the Death of 
Tbomu, Lord Ore; of Wilton. 
Land. 1822, 4to. 

Preaeaied to the membera of tbe Koi- 
fanrehe Cinb by Lord Uorpatli. Dent 
pt. IL isa, 11. 5a. Bir U. U. Bykea, pk L 
Im^ M. «a. The KS. from vhlcU thiB 
pleca iraa printed la In the GtonTiUa 

Mabstb, F. dfl. Hiatoire da la 
Feneculion preaento des Callio- 
liqoea ea Aj^lftarra. 1646, im. 
4to. three Farts, Iga. 

Maxtbi, Feter. An Acconnt of 
the QUoiera, or Ice Alps in Sarof . 
Lond. 17M, 4to. plates, 4e. 

MABiENiAnthorij. AnBihorta- 

m to Bture up lihe Minds of all 
her Majeatj's faithful Subject! to 
defend their Conntrey in thie dan- 
- Time, from the Inyasion of 
ga. Loud. 1688. 4tt). 
[ Lrrraa. I^. SS, F, la ftnira. 
BepilDtad In the Bnt roliuna of tbe Hai- 

Tmmpal ralo IndEsmei 
Ito. I n(IIi, M>, Si. Sd. 

int. Lo^ II 

B, Google — 

liatten to Hia Lsd; of Delight^ bIbo 
hca" kiiide BfltumsB, witli bin BiTaU 
B. Pettingolla baroicall Sputli 
Publialied bj E. Qajton. Oite 
1633, 4to. 
Pp.M. JkUi, m, ll.Sf. TownsK 

ptii. ii%,u. u. Bttd.xao,!*. wbi 

KoigtlU, a«16, 4a. Niuui, pt. iL. 1: 
-"-•-■182,100. ThiilradiwMwritttri 

— Tho. A. BeconcQiation of &11 
the Psctora &nd Clergj of this 
OhoTch <if Eiuiiaiid. Lond. 1590, 

TSiXTum, a. r. Tern. Compen- 
dium of the Iaw of Natioiu, with a 
XdBt of all the 3)r«HtieH, Codtbh- 
UonB, ta. 1781-88. Translated, 
andtheTreatiM brought doira to 
1802, by W. Cobbett. Loud. 1802, 
&TD. 6a. 

M.iSTIAUa, M.T. Epigmnmata, 
» Th. Funabio. Loud, exoud. 
Eingaton, 1615, 12mo. 29. 6d. 

•xodebat lUlMNat Jaaliw. Impauli Phl- 
lamonli Staphul at Chrtstophorl Utn- 

eom Is la Bail Bpencsi'B Llbncr. Ka- 
imntsd URL las, ISTT. 

unt, uuu. a- " ■- ■■— 


UutUHa B[dg™miiuta,IiitafnUtlaH 
at Nntla llliKtr. Vincent Uiiiin 
DdphinL Loud. 1701, 8to.— Lond. 1720. 

Haittaln). L<^. Ttnmv and WiUi, 

» hy Bqgar Payao, B(. 

Edlud by Ttu. Fitzgculd. Freqaantlr 

Hutlalli EpIgmuiuCa. QUtg. ITEBl 
Umo.Sa. Fodliaditii>ii,iall(t)«nqHeM. 

HiTttaUa Epimmmnta. Btrm. im, 
lamo. BukarrlUa'g adUaB. 

U. Tal. Martlalla EplrruiiBati tn Tn 
Lkbnad]g*ita;Dt Qfl] BK<n3iil1)vBFoatiB 

Lond. in», Btd, wlUi a Avntlapkaa b' 
BinolMi!. HlM»rt,6U0,8a. Deiit,pt,i 

U. Vilerll Mb 

EplgiamBiata ai 

ed the Regent adlllt 

Flowan ef EpiKnnu, bma HarUil cad 
bees, b7 Tlmcitbr KendikU. 

Select Eplgiann of Kntial, truHlaM 
'Tho. M»7. Lond.lSM. BlBdlay, pt 11, 
tte leso (prob, an anor), irtth apignoi 
tiB.2l.l3t.ei. Bladlsf, pt 11. IMl 

1 : or, HarttaU hls^d- 


iitnin. FonrMai BoiAaa 

iBnglinIibrJ, Wright. 


oaiect KplgTBtoB of Uartial truiaktad 

ito Enguiii. Loud, laee, em. with ■ 

ontlBplaat br Holln. Bladler, pt IL 


ito EngllBb by CaHsa. Loil, 16S&. Sm. 

. ■"■•-'-HtUar.lOa.Sd. 


aelect EplEnmB of MarUaL ti_ 
id imltatad; Inr WlllUmHaTj 
1th u ApnaUUi of aeDstraadat 

Cowler auT othar Hands. Load. 

12IS0. In Ihesa tmitattona Uc Hi 

generaJlr pnserrsd (he aenta. and 

the spirit ind turn of Miitii 

ire tiro edition* printed at i 

me with (ha Latin text In , 

itber without It In 8TD.) OenLptl.Ueo, 

Oi. 1. 2901, III. 
Bpi™na from Martial (mOeif), wia 


d (adaet), w 

BlKlley, pt. IL 17B0, St. Sd. 

a Commsnt, hy Jus, Elphlnalon. 
1. 1782, 4to. A wretchid transhtloD, 
li mora dlmcDlc to underfitAnd than 

B, Google 

Ham da QlnipiuKi Or^lU. Loud. 17B9, 
'— —' Kte^ mbtmt, -^ 

or an Antholo^ of EnglUh Epi- 
gmms: being uie largest Collec- 
tion ersT published. With some 
Originala. Loud. 1806, oioirnSTO. 
a Tola. lOg. 

ILastux, Joim. A Tnatyae of 
Uui CroBie, gathered out of the 
Scriptures, Oooooella, and umdent 
Fathers of the primitiiiB Ohnmh. 
Antireip, J. Latins, ISGi, Sto. 

A BepUe to U. Cilf blU'i 

Ua. Sa Oumu, J- FUbU, W. 

MASTiLoax, or iinirpxAogj. — 
The Msrtnoge in 'En^ssbe after 
theVse (rf the OUrohe of Salisbury, 
and OS it redde in Sjon [monastary 
zkear London], vith Addjcyons. 
Lond. by W. de "Worde, 1526, 4to. 

OnehimdrsdMidflftr.fcur leavHi. Pra- 

CoplAA uu is the Bi 

UucTiN, Antonie. Eihortatlon 
to Btirre up the Mindes of all her 
MaycBtie's faithfull Subjects to de- 
fend their Coiintrie in this di 
ons lime. 158S, 4k>. Zl. 12a. 


Hunnr, Beruamin. The Na- 
tural (and Topographical) History 
a! Bnglaud. Jjond. 1759.63, 8to. 2 

itLtSMSs. T( 
lOnd. 1TT4, Sto. 
niUoHpbiii Bi 

TroDslated from the £^«nch. J 
1722. evo. 4e. 
' We must ipplaod tbe rwl, flicmgli wa 

In Ifsfoiee nf the TeBdmaiiy glien to our 
FUvlour bj JouphDS. Loud. 17IE', Bro. 

truulitlon of the Slble. shiob •■pfiimi 
et AmAterduQ Id 17OT, foLio, 

— Edward, Dean of Ely. Piva 
Letters. Loud. 1662, Svo. 

HuEKQ pt. I. ssce, 69, Tbesa letUis 
uiu!<at or 1, The DUfereiKe bettreen Uie 
Church of Englind und Omevn. 3. The 
Pope's Prlnukcr, as pntended Sucoeuor 
to at. Pater. S. The Anlhority of the 

Bntherhood of the French nod EngUsb 
PaesVUriaiiB. Ooo. ChelmctB, 69. 

— Gregory. A Treatise of 
Schisme, sheving that all Catholics 
OOffht in any Wise to abstaine alto- 
geuier from heretical Conucuticles, 
&c. Dtaci, 1578, 16mo. 

Heber, pt.' a, 11. ili. hm. Cbeimei^ u! 

B, Google 


naClelH,' ii UmUm fUune h HJd at be 
tt Donr. <>T Wix- Cirur), la 1580. Dodar 
tha uhm of Jolm IlowUt, (>. c. Bobert 


of th« DunifOM C<Hmip- 

i{ tha Hair Sarlptuna by tba He- 

icuHvi of oor DitH. BhBmBi Fofny, 

D.D. Sin. IWg. BliH, 171. S«' LiwiR' 
UliUr7 of tin TnuUlloiii of tba Bible, 

A TnetjM of Cbilitlni Fengrinelinn, 
Whenialc 1h kdlaloed cerMo Eplstlei, 
nitttn by him to nuUlife his Fnndai 
Aino Domini U^ Idmo. Itilgbt, title 
torn, il. 14i. Tbe pengrineUon occuplea 
tba Jetton are on 11 learei, vltlioDt ag- 

IBBi,' wlU ba lOiiDil In Vfc 

UASTts, luac. The Trial and 
Buffering of Hr- Moi'tii], who waa 
put into the Inqniaition in Spain '— 
the soke of the ProteaUnt Keligii 
Lond. 1723, Sto. plates. 

HlbtHTt, eiS4,4B. NawBQ, pLI,!S 
Gs. AliolnFrenob. Lond. 1T£3, B'o. 

— Jamea. Diaputatio da prii 
Generalione Oorponim eimplicii 
& ooncretorum, per Jac. Martinum, 
Sootum. Cantal). 1534^ 8vo, 

A oop7 la In tba Bodleian Llbra^, 

— Jamea. Traoalationa fe>in 
andenl Iriab HS8., with other 
Foema. Load. 1811, crown 8vo. 

-^- John- Ajx Inqoiry into the 
State of the legal PoU^ of Scotland. 
Lond. 1791. 8to. 6a. 


Another adltlan, tnlufed, witb tba Ju- 
«eUl Pstlt*. Loud, im, Sto. UoTDe 
Toaka, MO. with M8.doIm, 61. tt. 

— John. Bibliognphical Ca- 
Ulogue of priTately printed Booka. 
LoDd. lS3i 8^> ll- la- ^«>^'~ ""1 

ditlonij. end omiti, u . 

-" ■— '—ib Book!. The tiro edttloiu an 

A Deacription of the 
Weatem lalea of Scotland : a par- 
ticular Account of Che Second 
Sight : a brief Hint of Methods to 
improie Trade in that Conntiy b; 
Sea and Land. To which is added, 
brief Description of tbe lalee of 
Orkney and Shetland. Iiocd. 
1703. 8to. Map. 

Idaa Ihe dedlcaUon, pr^aca 
Thia la the book wlikl^ 

put lato tba handa of Dr. 

a very lonog, 1^ bli fatlitr, 

iB auppoHd to baTe laAiaed into him tfao 
ant &iln of TlBltilit the Hebrides, of 

gi. Bd, TownHband, i041. U 



iccordlDR to 'The History of tba Wortt 
jf the Laamad/ vol. t,, ttjw very eg™*- 

Srlmental phlloaopby. WlUett. 18811, 
i.ed. Bindlfy.USi. JadlB, 88",T«.— 

blil,"i677,' lai II 
Inlhe ttatidrol ol 
of Toyagea and Tmem. 

— Matthew. ilie Aureliin' 
Tade Uecum, containing an En- 
gliah alpbabeUcal, and T-'"!""" 

B, Google 

■jBtemsticnl, Catslogue of Planta 
nffbrdjng NourUhmeitt to Butter- 
flies, EawboiothB, and Moths, and 
Moths in the State of Cat«rpiUsn, 
with the Limi£ean and some of the 
heet approved' English Names of 
Insects. £ieter, 1785, 12mo. 6e. 

Uabtu', !B, Montgomecy. His- 
tory of the British Colonies, Lond. 
1S34-5, 8to. 5 Tols. maps, il. 4a. 

The first TolumB wii reprii.lEd In 1836, 
»bridKe<l and compresMd into one Tolums^ 

1 byGorai 

Tol.S. The'CiiiH of Good Hope, Hiarl- 

ToL *. The Seat Indita, Vol. I— J». 
Dila, UoDdnna, Trinldnd. Tobago, 

._,»lj'. anven 
Tola. TlCtae mil 

bios, ADgullli, Tonols. 

VsL 10. British Pouusloni [n tlie In. 
iDD, Pfioan)^ UkUcca, Slscapore, 
Cull*. Accra, the Falklud iaiands. 

— Bichsrd. A Speech in tha 
Name of the ^eriSh to E. James I, 
I«nd. 1603, 4to. 

A copy ti la the Brltlih UuHDm. It Is 
rtprinled in Nloholi' Pngrtaet of K. 
Junes I. An sdltloii nprtDtsd at Ediu- 
burgli In IfiOS, In 4to. vaji priced fa a 
bookiHDer'B lata cntalogne at n. u. 

~ Thomas, LL.D. A Jnittjae 
dedaryng and plainly proving that 
the pretended Muria^ of FrieatM 
and profeaaed FersonB ia no Har- 
riage but sltogetbei unlawfuL 
Lond. hy Bohert Calj, 1504, 4to. 

U m <□ ronn. dedluud to Q. Eliia- 

863, 'iBt. Cnldnoolt Ifli Hober, (?. vl 

— ThomsB, of PalgTSTe. Tha 
Bittarj at the Town of Thetford, 
in the Counties of Norfolk and 
Suffolk, froDi. the esrliest Account to 
the pnaent Time. Lond. 1779, 41o. 

Efltrd br Hichsid Gough, *bo hii 
ifflisd a lire of ibe aotbot. Haalli, 46H, 

STkeg,;t,li.483,lS3. Uarquii or Tovna- 

lii. 'Deuli pt. II. Til, ISi. iBIndlav, pt^ 
111.809.1111. CMtticm.— Pp. l-IO. tad I.I-. 
iTlil ; biilory, pp. saO; appendli, indei, 

Hat of books printed by J. Nlcht^, oaa 
page. Preflied li a pnsDmed portrait of 

— Thomas. A Circle of tha 
Mechanical Arts, LoniL 1813, 4to. 


— William. The Historic and 
Lives of the Kings of England, 
from William the Conqveror, imto 
the End of the Baigne of King 

B, Google 


asi «■ 



81. CWZa- 

rnitarj- vetMB, 

ea; 'Tbc 

eeBslong of 


he h1 




d Q Eliiabeth, bf 

B. R.^B« 

™. U 




ill, KDd 



iDDroiwi. lU-ia. Muqntiof T 
Yniilii'i iMtrocHoB. l.eai. 
Bllu tn a volaim. — I*irf- 
Btighl, IBf. In tbi» 'book i« ibewed 
11 gS*t d»l or TBiuUng,' »yi Ant k Wood. 

StiSTHi, Win- Pelrifii»ia Der- 
bienais % or, Tignrea «nd Descrijl- 
tioQB of Petri&otions collected m 
Derbyshire. Wigm, 1809, 4to. 
2i. 2s. 

WlUi N vUtai, etclwd uid oolooBd 

Stbe toUiM. Rouoa, » (WLKini^ 
ilf UUa ired till*, 1 laives j pnbM, 
tiV'ffii; dtdlcMlonloBlr Jol.*— ■ 

An aMiittMaa trualaan oT K«lii. 
uddrsMSd to Big. Lnka Corel. 
latorU crltlci delU VIU cirlla. !>(«. 

Le'tlarabmlUuleiMlCielw. Losd-lIU, 

MABTlifESSO, E»rl Kestor. See 
MaUM, "Wm. 

MiBTlHiSBK, Brnzan de 1»- i- 
DBW Vojige to the Northern Coan- ■ 
Uies. Loud. 12ino. 1671. 

lIiEriK-MABniBu.TK. TractB. 

jiTjfaK, but oUiBT TBnomonB Nwka dMly 
printed tnd dlBperssd ; books that nam 
BO abmrd and acorrlloos. thai the itravir 
dlTlnsa dtadalned lb 

jet a 

e high a: 

apBurcd against thaoi all ; who «m > 
minof a ahup vlt, and tbe mait« at a 
soMBng SatjifcaU manr P™. ^ich S^ 
InploTed to dlaeorar tie ahsordlt1»>rf 

an anuunmsDt of tbe patiificatloi 
X pageVThilf title ' PUtea and. D* . 
tiS?' one leaf; totter-praal dBserioaana 
p( « eoloorg^Ulea, A-^^j'. ^ JJ^; 
Fatrlfaeta Dwblenala, iS pagea. 

OutUnea of an Attampi to wtabUBh a 
Knowledge of eHraneoua FoaiUa on 
BrfanOflcMnidpIea. Int-oPerta. Kao 
elflsffeW, I8W, 8ro. pp. 360, fla. Bojcoo, 

Mabttsb, Biahop of Diimience. 
The TUile of an bonort life, imttcn 
by tbe holy Mi-" Martine, Bishop 
uf Dumience, unto TTing Mite, Sing 
of Gtditi& in Spiun ; -wh^nunto is 
added, the Enohiridion of t. «pi- 
ritual Life. St. Albans by me Jo. 
Herford, 1B38, 8vo. 

— George. EeliquLte dlri An- 
drEEB, OF the State of the Tenemble 
and primatiBl See of St. Andrews. 
St. Andc. 1797, 4lo. 

18M.'TLEd'lS?pt.°i u! WO^ to. 6d. 
l.orgb6,B782, ira. , 

MiETiNBiii, Tincentio. latona 
dlnehillOTTa- Lend. 177^4 *te. 
3 vols. 10s. 6d. 

liat hla menr Hat made bob« •pott, and 
Lseh a dlMoreiT «( "lelr abaaidiUM " 
whleh ii Bttange) he put a greater alfj 
A tbttrmaUDloiia Duphlcti than a mooi 
wlaa nan had Iwv M»;—It. WiMf. 
The Ubala of Martin Maiprelata are at- 
tdbntad lo llinr panona, named. Pecry, 
Thn)«™irtoB,IJdal, and Fenoar. Oorioni 
notieei of them win be ftmad In Fuller'i 
ChDicb HlatorT, Wwd'a Atbenie Oim. 
'-- "-.BUBLGolUai'aEMkBiaaUeal Hii- 




Theses U 

KlinlaniB. PC 

nlsd by th! 


f tha Calereapa. IieaBl- A 

InelBhlfc Hah.r,pt.^.6|kM. A aeCoM 
and finer copy in pt. 'L 3068, IL lis. _ 

Antt-M«rtlnvs, Bite WonI 

tlo cujum™ 

contra Uuti 


Lond. 1589, 

Ddla,, i«. 1- 

iH*,aa. Btrettell,1^3».6 

i»t i> a«f- 

md true DesMlptloD ot IM 

olds Martin 


to, tba stoat 

UakebsW of 

EoghuS, a 

d Father oT 


!^; *S« 

H, In fours. S 
dors' in 181S, U 






thta last 19 aubiCTlbed ■ Ua- 

or Bngland 

T is dedicated -to Pwul" 


MabtUt Mabfbujtb — em^'• 
ThB BUtmn of ths nDDiiHd G&tkIIs 

by the TaDtDroaflf buitlfl uid reaoirDt 
FuquiU of Englind, CifiUen. Frlnh 
. iKtirsei] the Sky« ind th« Groonde, Ac 
ISSe, *1o. He&er, pt. Till. <b rniT 
, 1«T«, InelndiDg the titla. B«un ]' 
tAT, GeOBAllj Baorlbed ta Tboi- Ntl 
&9 BirdgH' Biftlih BlbUognpbar, 


A DUlOfM vhardn fi plalnlT lilds op«B 
tbe tTiuniall dHllng oT L. BI-'- — 

■gilaat Qoda sUUroi: irttli sai 

Pointi c^ DMtriiH, irbsnln thay apiODone 
thuoul™ (uiurdlDg to D. BtMeu Ui 

adgviBelitl to be troely lUihi^ of Uh 
DBlL llBo. D In finrL ntj aiaaj 
printed In nmui latlar. Ho pailnUiiiL 

other edition »llh dbv lifle, 'CbKieler 
or > Puillui vid bl( GulUmufrer of I*— 
Anti-ClubitisD Pirty ; pnpUEd wltb 
Bridget Sauce for tbe peeent tlioe 
Tted ODt ^tfa a depcripnon of m Purit 

Hud. I«DUIL D in 1 
UBS, with Ceitkloedi 


luumvQ k/Aterckp, 

or gl pacci, print- 

juudAa letter. Uebfli, 

lemo. Blndler, I' ' 

A WUp for on Ape, at 

B pege bltn 

y iBBt Cemnu 

peglnetion, tUmtn letter. [Reprinted, 
Lmd. Pelhenjii, lS4fi, pmt Rtd. Si.] 
Tbe iBBt Cennire mi Reproofa o? Ku- 

WDOdcnt. Btlgbt,tOB. e 

Cnnr-knADee Almea. 


: D. Job 

. Inglli, 


Ti), n>r It li 
by Hertln 

*e. *t*.|16i«, fbyJohaPeBrr} r""^' 
letter. A to u in fonn, pp. tt4. L 
en, g>. Boiwell. 1S3S, lie. Qordoutou 

KBci,U.-lbt. Brlglit.i;.SB. ' 5«jiineii' 
Tjpog. Anllil, bj Herbert, ill. lesg-S. 

Ille ; one. Ac Efitlle an ebon, 'da- 
[bar, llu KpiUKi, ■ dedlataj br ■ 
Epblte to tba teiTlbla Prieeli ' M 

puinifloDi cenateaGS, in fCnn, the leat 
leifbbuik. BottmrepnbllebedinlM^ 

Sid npiintad,i:,0Dd. Feilumn, ie42, pow 
0. a*, etcb.1 

"--■"-—1. 4to. iLp.or«. love™. 
. Reprinted ^ Br7dga&''Cea- 

■Hertln ; oi Uura-Uutin's 
Uenner mlBllked. 4ta. n.p. 
ittar. Invane. Brlebt,4L en. 

— , efMoit Marlln Uarra-Pra- 

t*. its. Bindiav, pt. UL 1CS8, 31. IGe. 
Hutttfi HiDendi. Ctttain Hlnerdl 
id llatipUrieel ScbDolnrinta to be da- 
nded by the SarBnnd Ribops and Iha 
:it id BIT Cleu:gle, Hutan of the Cob- 
vDoetlon Honae, a^nit bothe Univer- 
sitlBi, ud ta the Befnnned Gbnicbea In 
Cfarietendome, Wherein la layd open 
7 Qnbitaaaenin of ell Gaterconur 
le,Kc- An unique folio broadild^^ 
Lambeth Libraiy. 
lo's EplBtlo aeni ftom SooHeod. 
eny Worke (or Cooper: Pemied 
mpiled by Uutln the Uetnipoii- 


?"■ J. 

title, 'BafDrmatiouBoE 
Sa. [Bepiiotad. Land 
peat 8yo. Bl,] 
"-- HTioraWort 
prloting Ihia, t1 

. Caldeeott, 


iomroiersy, by Rbf.W. MaabeU. Lood. 
' la tbe' early part of tba Bebellloa 

B, Google 


Sa BiuMH, Join, p. sm Cabt- 
w.iaHT, Thoma.. CooriB, ThomM, p. 
619. Dlilofpw, p. S88. LILLY, Joho, p. 
ISM, NiaiCThomiui. Pamoh- Pbmi, 

Mabtim Mab-Pboplb (Sir); Hia 
Collar of Ebsbb. IB90, 4W. In 

Klug'ind Locbda'B, In Uirch, 1810, Sb-M. 

Beplie against the DatBoBoiy and " 
Apology of 8iitu» the fifth, late , 
Pope of Borne, defending the eia- 1 
crahle Fact of the laeobine Prier, ' 
Tpon the Person of Henry the 
Third, late King of France, to be » 
botli oommendabla, admirable and 
meritorioua. Wiereiii tlie saide 
Apobgy is Wthfullj tranalated, 
diTBCllj answered, and fully satis- 
fied. Load. 1B93, 4to, 


■ce eithet iweful oc hurtfnl ii 
bandry ; willi Boientific CbaraetoBr 

Sopular Descriptions and useful 
ibeerfations. Lond. 1792— 4. Byo. 
i Tola, often bound in one. 

th tli«lT cdrrespondlnff 

Pluit« GuttbrlglenBe a : 
Ptania irhicli grow wild 
Cambridge. L^. Ties. Sni 

iglKDd, both li *" 


Load. 1768. tamo. 

Eiuiiiler; end Btgned R. W. Oordon- 

Mabtyn, Jolm, F.B.S. Historia 
Plantsnim rariorum, Docadea i^uin- 
que. Lond. 1728-37, folio, li-la. 

with BO ulalM, prinl*d In Mlou" bT 
KlrlI.U. rflllWKulglil».i(77^ru^«,4|. 

Uum td MaSodiim Ralannm dtBpOBllB. 

fSrf tnd'lMdgn of 'th * Poet from ib 
CUirgs of AnacbronlBin ultb Rflgurd t 



be BoUnio Girdtn 

;o'i>fBol»nr; belngtDlc- 

E-tnrfpiJly b^ Llnn^us^ 

.flnd. UMTerownSfo. 

latyre. Ijo 

mu' MutyiT wbo naccwded liU 
, John Minyn, PJt.3., u Rogl'" 
JOT of BoliDY Bt Oambridga, pub- 
an ImproTed edition of MiludTi 
Oordener'B Dictiomiy, and a tnoBlaUiHi 
~ ~ dbbexd's Batanf , wbicb Bee. 

Thomas. The UniTars>l 
ConolmlogiBt ; eihibiting the Figure 
of erery Imown Shell, ma^ of 
them nondeacript, from the Sonth 
Seaa, aocnrately drawn and painted 
after Nature ; with a new fljat^ 
matio Arrangement in Engliah and 
French. Loud. 1784^ 4c. fblLo,4 
Tols. ISO coloured plates, compria- 
iug 332 flgurea of aliella. 

I, ^'o"*"'? 

'§£, nd a 

pi. I*, li. lOa. Brtgbl,2i. ia». A nolle 
BrIUah Bibllognpber, 11. 8t— T. 

— Thomas. Fion, Bnstica, ei 
Mbiting Figures of such Flanta a; 

.DiB. III. and IV., 
fttliy coloured. 
Colleotlon or 79 

I. S>.Sd- 


ptates; all bewti- 


of ih4 )m«dln|!r 

Ci>tac«l«, ILmilKed (ml a, 

ig)il 410. Figca, Eagllib, 
41, wilb 43 plklM, pHliwd, I.1I 
npre»DUiig the mediJx th- 

Mastte, Pet«r,VenniIiuB. Com- 
' numtriei on the Soak of Judges. 
, Lond. 1564, folio. 

Qolduud, ssa. 2<. Ita. Htber, pL T.liS71, 
, IO«,«d. T)iia Tolume, winLlfng of (OL. 
, ' EmIb of L«a>- 

■-^ 31. ^nl, I 

d«nlCLCludln( the principul Pr 

KJilia. Pp.l-70,Midl-31,wltlipl»» 

liaiiDDniuai"l.'"6j. 'BockTori '& 181 

Piyclie; FlBum of nondeactipt Iep 
•tpUmm iDEei^Is, Drrus Matbaud Bn. 
UirdfH l>om dltftrcnt parta of Uie Worii. 
I«iJ.HOT,rojnl41o."lth coloared pl»Mi, 
Towwlej, pt.ll. 1183,11H. 

MiBTYM, W. Stt Maetih, W. 

— Wm. Frederick. AnewDic- 
tioniij of Natural Hiitory. Lond. 
1T84-G, folio, 2 vols. pUtea, lOg. 

Cnplttoeair with tb« pUUi colDorvd 

Coopfbd by the Est. W. M»»or, LIJ>. 
MiSTlH, Peter, of Auoleria. The 
OecaOta of the newe Woi"' 
Wot India, 4c. Wtytten 
Itine toimge. TraiuUted into 
fogljMhe bj BTchurde Bden. 


^Dgljuiie bT ilTchunle 

lond. ». PoweU, 1686. 4to. 

*LiCl LKTTEB. TbllTOlumfl convir 

pspBluiM AA A» » a, beildai tbe pn 

U»,niul.,l| 11,. iDglll, »8S, ■lUi D 
SonOrbSpbyLok, 18U,«.i«i.6il. C» 
S^a, it !•. Heher, pt. 11. It. IBl ; T 
J^U*. BTlgbt.SLlO*. ForiKoiiiledlclai 
"T, K> Emm, Blcbud. 

1^ Otba noTO DBudoi Tni. cnm Ai 
J«. Rich, Hiklyjt. Pull, ISW, Bvo. irlt 

BtDlipnUtIo I 

BH Suppot (tnuidUEod bj NIc IJ 
Bolbeby'i In ltj!4, Ih. Uebt 
itrlba do Uoniinli Jnitlflutloni 

Mil>i Coveidila : wbcrennU 1b ujdad, 
eennon mKle o( the^ 
rfSU ind hla Uoapill IDd of IbB Do- 

mCion of tlie Clargie at Zurlcka, tb« 

h Ju. 16» by H. B. t Henrio BolUngarj 

PriDtsd In uvular Oothtc type, pnbibly 

-—-loh. IBmo. L. B, In .iBtili. Callle- 

ger}. Land. IMS, (olio. 

briole'iuid m'wit aicHl 
I by*. P. Lond. ISia 

it ElpDilUoil 

ir Martyr FlU 

B, Google 

EplHogil, ThDEue Hnl CinMtUril, a 

mntebiicTTplacieiiu. Ho- 

o JKJ, pi. U- II 

. eicnrt, W. und A. Id r*b. 11 
, Brlsbt,lRa.— Ed. sIMm, Br 

11. ISi. Brlsbt,lRa.— Ed. sIMm, BrngU, 
adltlon ■■ iBbJoliisd in Epli " ' 

Editor, Thalmlni * Bruufi, Utolai 
BlaJiop of Tinfe, DoE In the Armar adltlmu 

niiuMt Eedsiic CstboUciB Tnph«>, 
ISIS. 8a EooLua, p. 109. 

Acta llu'trnin,«niiiiTld«IleMqal bog 
BeoDlo In QiiUlii, GflrmsiriB, AdeUi, EHuk- 
di)«, Italk, BHBtuM dsdanmt Homm 
EhuubUol idqna Saiogilliu no obalsia- 

lont, lb Widefti St Hub id ■- 

dl«ID. QtBBT. ISM, llmo. 0a. 


tbur InaocaDce. Fr 
Srfh— Tba uma In L 

dl Studio In 
ooulada' Be 


nine v 

lull, aniin, 

.c.i^uD. E'uigatKain 

ibilgu'lmiit. QeosTia, Jo. 
980,410. Ids. 

ntloM AngllHU Kphtoli 
qu •nliMBtar ■ffllcUoDH <t uerMHlinii 
mtttyAt qoa Cithollel nane AngU pm- 
ttnutor [par R. Panona], 12aia. Bononla, 
IML lDgci(t^ieei.lliiio.-In Pm ' 
PiiriB, IGsa. Bto. BHgbt, I7s.— Rom. 1 
Bladl*r, N. ISs. «d. S pUUi. Bright, 

1& dal glorlo«o 
1581^ lr»d. 

luRlcM. M»c*ri 
plates copied fi 


Pt, 111. 86. Bi.88. He . , 
Coplu of both editions ue 
Uuaaiim.— Altn adliloos, 
HiTtlrlo dl due tltti Saosrd 
luo Inglali mutrilzstl 
1S7S. Ullino, U64,Nn.Src 
tiro voodOBtii copud from 1 
tba adltloni pieilonsir nctl 
KelAClon de AlgTmoa Ua 

tan^ tradniMa do Inglei 


I. iT. li. Us.' 

itunpate In FI- 

■mmt, imiuMi umi, mm. fio, FonrlstToa. 
— In Fiantb. 1-uii, loeo. Bririit,Ta. 6d. 

Bolatla iDsaRonlloDEi it UartTTll t. 
Jaunli OgUbalBotl.aaoa. Jesu Fni- 
bTtu), ax utogT^o Ipalm Uarlyile in 
oaAfin ouruo GUagns octtduo uta 
mortoni. Diiaul, ISlMSiBO. Hebar,pl.Tl. 
Sa.Sd. (Baprinttd In UlMaltauoua Pa- 
pon prlnolpiUj UluatntlTB of Eranti In 
the nigu ot Qnnin Uarr ond Klu 
JunaaVL Olug. 1831, Uo. ShXui- 
un> Cui& Ajipandli.) 

Copplafnoa Lattr* anvona fAi«I»- 
tarra an Sa mfn a lT O daa Aulola k IMuy^ 
coDtenut I'HlBtolre du Blarqmde qnatra 
autna Prectraa da moama Colkwa, Ie» 
quela oat uU coadanuHE at mla i Kort 
en Anglelaire en uita ireaenle Annfa 

Tho EngltBh MaitjTDlogla, (br John 

The Tha»tre of CathoUqne and Prota.- 
tant Rallglon, I17 I. C. ISaO, s™. At 
(he and of this irork irlU be lOqnd a tan. 

gets Cstalogua of tboaa panona tlial anf- 
nd death ba lbs CatiWUnk UUi, aa 
woU nndar King Hanry TJII. ai Qoean 
EIlEabath and Juua,i.«. from x.^jxt 
onto ISiS ; and tba pagaa foUovlsR to 
■°e glTB nnob oorloua mittsr relttliic 
the Matljia and ConTeaura of IreUnd 
The Falnu of CbriatUn ForHtade. or 

DeTl^ M Nov imr S« J«« "^^ 
Ll Mort EloTleiue da pliuionra Prcstrea 
An^oU, seeulLarea at rcUglanl, qui on( 
aouHBrt le Uartrn pour la Defenae dc U 
" 1 Anglelem, 1M5, Ita. 

B, Google 

TImKi>7*1 MartTTi fm« 10 
I>nL IStit, loliB. 

The SMta Martrnlogla fn 
IttO, Loud. IfiflO, (olln.— Load. 

TlnBom»n MirlTTologie, » 


be priuolpil Eiigll(h PntHtut 

■ Ain>Bin,W. Bi 

~, 'Vaenatx, R. " 

MiSTiLL, Andrew. The 'Woi'lu 
oCAodrew Hamll, Eaq. Poetical, 
pDnbiiTenia],iuidFolitii^ cont&m- 
lug aaQj originul Lettera, Foems, 
■n^ Trwta, lurer befc^e printed ; 
"itli 1 new Life of the Author, br 
C«pL EdwBpd ThompBon. Lona. 
i™, Ito. 3 Toli. Fortnit b; 
Buire, 47. 4e. 

l" lie KettMr 

uihand, nS9, ». IBi. 

HoUl'i,.-.,— wv, 
[irreU wUl be fouid 

-is\nli H Llfe.'ln H.CoK- 
MjB'b Northern Worthiea. 
. Ibe Wo Aa of Atrf rew MerreU (to irhlch 
^prelied, im Accouat at the Life end 
'•'lUcgB of the Author, by Mr, Cooke), 
^«^- im, llmo. a veil. This Kleetlon 
^Mjlm onlf the Pooma and Lettart.— 

[]*. Wmo-'a vols.' Hoiuj, Blfirmmm, 

'rile Cebund tmupiVMd, n Aoinad- 


puied, with iddlUoni 

Troth by Blahop Croft 

iliort hiaUTioil Ee»; 0. 

Hi Connolte, Creeds, eod 

■ u reprlBled 1680, 4to.— 

'iBl, iu.—ied. 

'aii Actoimt of the Gro 

wth of Popoiy 

mora'perllMLrl jr"? '™h 

t Id England ; 
1«.B Proragm- 

. 18T6. eodiae 

Ij.Ifln. I.onJ. 

era. (oIlo. Beprlnted i 

aute TTKts. 

689, folio. Thi. pemphLE 

rl of EngUod 

nl CoUeettcmi.) 



__. 1878. Lond. jeW, 8v(t <s. 

Bdlud by Sli Heme NIcolu. from 1 
eontemporuy UB'lDtheBiiUah Aliueum. 

UUe of ' A Huonabte ArguiDent,' Add- 

piinoipal Li 

8 0f' , 


Mast, The Tirgin. The Mvn- 
lUtm of our Ladj. 'Load, by Wviiiyii 


. I-ond. leC^.ltD. 

1, 1438, t. 

for the Jiotte of her Maister lesrs. 
Lend. 1601, 4to. 
Tirenty-MYen le»iM, by N. Breton. 

»S8, 101, loi. ^.Biiiu, pi. 'll. 1*8, SI. U. 
WdKeley, *3e, 31. ISa, S([. Bebsr, pt. Iv. 

glint Marie U^ilen'a CoDTenlon. 

C>]d»oU,3l. SuC.J, p.eia. 

The SfnllAlPll^inAga to henvenl' 
-„__i — T_ .1 .llDayes' 

ff jL'i" " 

r<Dted t 

. . 'jJ. 8., o( the aodMf 

of JeauB. [Dottirl pennlBtu nipertoniBi, 
Haul. Dp. 113. InMnHtMd viita poetry- 

UuT Higddnii Tsu* tI^C off, or tlie 
Val« or Fmm to u unaalot OmKleiica. 
Br (Fi^nODofQiullCTlt. Uutln.]LoDd. 
1668, lamo. with fcontlepieM br OiTwood. 
MuHU, pt. I. ESIO, 3a. TowDeley, pt. L 
H9, wlUi fnnt. by Hollar, M-Sd. BliH,h. 

Su eoiiTHnuJ., Hobert. 

Mabt MaqdjiLENI of Pazzi, 
Saint, The Life of. Lond. 1687, 

MjutTof theHolyCroes. A short 
Account of the Life and Tirtuea of 
the Abbess of the English Poor 
Clares >t Roaen. Loud. 17S7, Sio. 

Ji'oeme, descnbuif; the miracrlovsl LotIbXII. HnEponi. 

Life and Death of the gloriors Con- 
vert S. Marie of .^gypt, who passed 
fortie-seauen Yearea in the Dewrts, 
leading apeniteutiall Life, to thsAj- 
(onielmient of all succeeding Ages. 
(Douaj, circa 1650), ito. 

Pp.ea. Blbl. AnglD-Foet 680, lOL lOs. 
Botbeby's Id leai, i»e. W. Uaber, pL yUi. 
K.Sa. Bdghl,l/.7s. 

Mahi of Nemmegen. — A Ijttell 
Storj that iraa of > trewthe done 
in the Lande of Oelders of s 
Majde that was named Mary rf 
Nemmegen, jt wa* the Djoels Pa- 
ramoure bj the Space of vij Yere 
longe. Antwerpe by me John Duit- 
borowghe, n. d. Uo. 

bnrgbe, eSIB, SI, 
Hlbbeit'sSeR, 1 


Mabt, Daughter of King Hentj 

urriigs of Hut to the 

Uah lliueDBi)°L' g\ 
' the Anbieologli 

bT eir H. EUli, 
p. ivili. pt.l.p.8S.- 
lOi to the momben el 

Hm KoiboHrha Club by the Ula Ja 
Danl, Esq. DeoC, pt II. 1306, U. ISs. Ui 

Isrla A' A Dgletem, RsIda de Frtoo, 
loble Till* de Full le S Horenilin 
1B13. Pu1a,lfill,ST0. 

BplCre in Nom d'iUnitn Drnme Uti. 

ule, ItaliH SouBirltn: de Fnnee, qu'elle 


ThE lUu.trious L(™8ra,orPHncBl7 Ad- 
prtflSB, and GaUtmtTT ; beluif ao Hlstorl- 

Mabt I^ Queen of England, 
daughter of E. Hearj Tnl. 

CDTunadone de la Ragtna d'tDghilCeira 
Mull df prlmo d'Oltobre, IBW. 8to. 4 

Buodtt J.Camdai, Abnadild*. 

The Ballad ot Jot* tdod the Publlu- 
tlon of Q. Marr, Wife of Kfui; Philip, her 
balng iriCb Child, Addo Do. km. Lond, 
by Wj-llram K^ddaall (I&M). Saprlnled 
UlJr.Dlbdln'.odilloiiot ^Bl'Tjpogr. 

tha ^ip^Blaa Library, Cambridge, 
CopleofaLiitUrient fromtbeCDunctll 

a. ilmiya conMlTtiig nith' Child, "l 
Bioadaldg dat«d from WMUulnster, Not. 
*r, IBM, printed bf J. Cawood, Jollej', 

lUB 1499 

Mr, tab), p. wr. It !■ reprlnttd ia 
Poi'b UiTtjrB, idlt IMS, p. lOli. 

Teca ExpodllD Dl^ntalionli InHUtoIig 
Dandato D. UarlK BetfUM AncliB, Ac. 
n Byi«daB«]«iIaatlea. LokKdOu Cenl- 
liiReCBladlBOclob.AaulWS. Bonis, 

ObtdlentladelliKde Apmlolica. KuDia, 
Latten del Be d'Ii«hilurra(P]il]tpII.) 



D Piillppi 

I. AdTtn- 


t in HnotiaB 


>. cSlon. lUS, ltd.' Blndley.pLll 
Ot. MeberTpt. Til. 4828. IRa. 



i Uojei-Ke 


orJ. Cawoode.JMS. bl 


leca li d»tt 

d 1560, hut 

ntem>l OTl- 


Ml6». A 

In elghu 



tlii. Pii 

lek, Juno, leeS. 171. «> 



Quene Uaile duaated, AiignHiitwl by 
(lees), InVsrw. Reprinted In tlie luntli 

a fiopy, Hoppoeed anlqae, in tbe library of 
tbe Lcndfflli Bodoty of Antiqaartea, 

Uemotra oF Qneen Mary's Days ; >bere- 
In tha Ctaurch of England and all Ihe In- 
hablunu may ^alnly aee (if God hath 
□Dt anfland them to be Infalnaled) ai In a 
OlaH, Uie sad EBectt which follow a 

EnglaDd. FiioUd In lEs§earieei,'fDUa. 
pp. 4. Reprinted In the flnt Toloms of 

The History of the Ufe, Woody Beiitii, 
and Deatli of Qneen Mary, eldest Dangh- 

New Ligbu thnirn upon Ihe Hlitory 
of Wary lineen of England, eideal Dnuah- 
ler of Henry YIII. Load. I771,Sto.Bi. 



. GDI 

of Sp«in. TuBaTMi, CnOiliert 
Mabt Stttabt, Q.uBen of 
The C ■-■ • -"- " - 


FrMM (IMJ). 

11^ King 


:eiu, Feuds da VaJor 

« H&ne HmuH- iKotDrniii jta^^liiA Nhp- 
U»,yiTicoJB>dunuiipliBCumen. Pirli, 
MPsd UorelX use, 4Ca. A poetlul ' ' 

SUIchul tlo^talliu. Heber, ft. 
lb otlurplHei, U. 

CArmen Nuptllkie itx jJeipniTinm Bi ua- 
Hun, ft RaDtto GuUJiQiilD. FhtIb, I5&fl, 

noiir of Ihll marritge; ihom by 1^Drg« 

ir l«d»put de !■ Boyne U 

i Sootornm Kegltiai taUqnc 

upetred, E 

ins, HlBtmtii 

1 anil. UnWbi, U71, Iteo. SManiu, 

A Dtwoune touching tbe pralcndM 
MsCeli beCnne Ibe lints of Noifiilks (vd 
UwQiMenaof amtUI. (lS7I),l«mD. Box- 
burgh., ens, UUe wmtinp, 17.. M. «KiU 
Hsber, pt. t. Is. Sd. WrltMn. u sup- 
poHd, by «u BuapMa > pnacbar. Kii 
T«prlnl«i l)F Andersm in bis .oUflctkHiB 
lelitlBg to lUry Qamt of Beats. 

A LaUar TlWUeUliic Ibe QuMn (Elia- 
betta) to ttw Cisi of^Dokeof KtrliHk 
Bodtluaaof BeoU. BfRG. Loud, br 
Ricbard Gnltan, URl. ISino. buck iat- 

■od ottxn br BDchuu, ISU-lls. 

Tbe Gopte ofi Lattar.wrlttn br oihId 
LoDddn Is hit Friend, toaMrnliic tbe Cn- 
Huchuft^ of tbo DoTDBOS of tbe Ladle 

) Library, Gambrtd^. 


BelleforMl. itp. of Ely, VO, 
BiiidlsT, pi. il. 1O30, ai. 4>. 


" u tI"" 

Pon'lod in JabWi 


contra lea 

Oonsplratlomi pre- 

tiusIaUon, vltb gome additioDS, d 
I attack upon Quoflo Elisabeth, Lord 
eepat Baom, asd SaerMatr Cadi, prisl- 
l undec tba inniioal Utla of 'ATnatiss 

Tnaaons agalDBt Q. Ettaabetb,' Ac 
<T2. Sag THBocufaHuH, FivKda. 
A PiwIamltloD conceniinB tbe Sgn- 
nce agilnit Haiy Qoeui of Beau, dalad 
Ichuoad. Dee. 4, ItaS. Prtnl«d by Cbrial. 
uker. Boiborgbs, 87i7, In a toL with 

1 Qiil. Bagile Maoameatnci. Dlaeoun 
e la Uort da Hafle SlcnAjd, Koyns d^ 

isDlce. Unnchan, 16tB, Mo. Heber, 

oyno d'AnglfilarrB, iveonnpeUtllTr.iia 
[ia Uort de la Boyne d'EacoiBa, Cont' 

B, Google 

UUT, Q. ot BeeU—eatMMuA 

Art <H Pm™.") Puii, les^ Bto. Koi- 
barche. KM, SI. ISa. ad.— fulB, USB, tn. 
Sto. ConiUb1a,8m,iiionao, ISg. Blnl- 
ll!7,pLU.lTM,4I.M, BonreU,UIt,3l.lflL 
I»Dt,Ft.t,ia»e.ll.l8B. Ulbbert, tl.lli. 
ladia, TO, with rmr folding woodenti n- 

MBd'to^lje n^nue. 4 "'lOa. SmWb?i 

'ntUru, na. 4SSS, 1. 

. Kepiinlsil in tfa 

IhLde BHparHtalf pb^d, ftfL 

trHDflposed, but mrfli^ly onlyoufl work, 
Ihe BscDOd belDE; mmtloned on the Utls oT 

A Defence of the hssmble BaliMna 
and Eiscntion of the Qntene of Hcat& 
irith I&B Oplnloni of lesnied Msn, ud 
Anmn to eertalne Otneetlstu. Lsnd, 
by John Wlndel, 1687, 4to. By Uinries 
^ffln. King and Loch«e'a In ISlS, U. Gs. 
Wbtts KnlKbts, ST26, morocM, «. as, 
Hibbcit. g«e, iDOnwo,S2.l9.— IMS. Col. 

ApcJogie, an dtfenae d' ItumonUe 

d'£ciuse, 4v«c leB Coplea dflH Lettres, 
AeleB et Articles, qui aerrent k decoaTiir 
oltbisD terlfioTla TilUsod deli dite 
Borne. (Psrls), ISSS, Svo. Btseraug, 
IIS; 12. SB. Britht, atidaed, Ea.ed. At 
the end should be fgond two leaiea of 

SaiDinuliiai da Morta Harln amute, 
open Bonunldl BcoU. IngolBl. 1CS8. am. 

and BuDeaUpla'B Life a( Mtxj, ijawn of 
Scuta, IfiSS, M—CoIoD. IBST. Sf . of Ely, 
lan. S« Baiiubmpli, 
?em e Coinp<(» Bela^one del meceaao 

la dldiiuaxloDfl dall' BBseqlile fktta In 
Pmrig! dal ChriaUiniBalaD Re, eao ca- 
nals, » nonil de' panonMijI IntsiTBim- 
UtL a. 1. 4ta. Ad IteJiui aceoniit of 

Eaibargfae, Si**, M. 

a fnm MBB. and early printed 
*. Bdltsd br Bobert Pitcaini, Bnq. 
b. UB>, pari Sto. One famidnil and 

Tanty-flraeopleiprinud. Bioekstt, 1M8, 
k Etibbart, U38, 17a. Tmai fafu, onlr 
a printed. Ccoiatkbl*, la UQS, »«, ITa. 
Maria Btnarta Sootemn RaftlnA nnper 
- - - - igtOnllBibmiAngll» 


(SlMilB, uei, Sto. 

EacoaflOrinort ponrlaFoy, pat U& 
dee Anglala HaniiDm,BiiDaiTs de moi, 
aT«o I'OralatB fmabn promncte a Nnti* 
Dame de Parla, an jonr da aea obnqnea. 
Pula, USBi Sto. S[r H. H. STkea, pL IL 
ns, with DlHBnrade UUnt dallaila. 
Anran, 19S8,{U.l<ia. 

DieooDra de la Mort da Uaria Btmud. 
AiiTeri,iSSe, Sio.fourleaTea. Sir M. M. 
Bykaa, pt II. SS8, Sn. wllli the Ode ISSe. 
N. Ida. Anothar edition, ntthont plaw 
or date.-^Sdlnb. IMB, vlUi Oralion Fo- 
netoa, ISnw. Uibbert, MBS, Za. 

Oiuwn fttsabre deMajla Keyne d'Ea< 
eoaaa, par Kananld da Beanlen, ArcheTta- 
qne de Bourna. Id Jabb'a CoUeetlim. 

Stnarta Tragoedta. Duael, USS, <to. 
Rte RoaiABna, Ant^^t- 


111 of. 1( 

1 execution. HlUiec^HOI, 

(olio. SteOnuian __ 

La Reina dl Scotia. Tiagadia dl fi 
darlgo della Valla. MUuio, less, 41o. 

Haila Beglua dl Bcotla. Foema heioti 
del Baailano. Bolotea, l^BS, dl- -— 
raptasantli^ the execution. HlUn 
pvtnlta Inaerted, vonceo, 3L Si 

Uarte Btiutd, Wne d'Beoiae, de U. 
Bagnaoll. Parla, IBSfl, ISmo. 
pOTtralta of Mu7 and EUiabelta, 111. 

Maria Btoart of Gamartelde Majeatait 
TrenrspeL Zanlen, IMS, 4to. irlih por- 
tralte oi> Cltlejilkj;e. 

La Haria BCoarda, Opera Kenlci, del 
Archidlacono SaTaro, dl Uileto. UlEano, 
IBSS, laao. Hlbbflrl,7I8S,Ba. 

iBlorline. Ftrla, 1315, ISmo. 3 pta. in 1 
Dl. Fromtfae Blierlr preBs. BtretteU, 
a, 9b. Lloyd. 8M, 12a. Bindley, pt. il. 
_7BS, date ie4S7 li. 7a. Eoiburghe, eUS, 
date leai, as.— Amat. 17U, 12mo. Uib- 
bert, 6083, la. ad. 
A brief Hlatory of Iha Life of Uary. 

inghaffl. Hoiburgha, 8701, 4e. Sd. a. 
Tlia iBland Queen : or, Death of Mary, 

B, Google 

Uaxt, Q. of SooU— ctnittuuA 

™X J^:^S'j^}:F*ii. 

Uliloln de Mul« RtDut. Biiiiie fEt- i ° 
_-_.. (P«t»).17<»,ianKi.ST0lfc. 

"•^'- '^"- ^'^^' P-- "■ : r.rfWi^,"'*i^ si 

Pr^ndl»aet8etodliTF««ii or,«c»n-j JJ"". ^K™? '* " 

did ud imputiil EngDUr Iota Ihs Ktljrn ' V" otn«r iwianl pi , .. , . — ,. 

of Q. Elt^ilnUi, lofai u it raUtoito "■■ '■"■ Oenlnty. 87 JokD Frj. BriiM. 
Hut, Q. of ECDta. Loud. (17fi»),8To. ' WIO, 8to, 81 ftl. umk piMi, la «». 

An hiiloriixl ud ultlal Enqolrr lalo „ , n. > o— . ■> i_ u„ 

Ihe ErlasK. pmtaud by uITe^I. ot ^S'wSdSrt^ Kdtah^ Wl^sUj^ 

p«r M. Pl«m Le Bran. Puil, ISIS, en. 
I TlHBD7tlEiU>ioTfoalleilEplitlM<i( 
' Ukj, H<mu ot BeatM, dnrlns bar vuU- 
I TJtjr In EngUil. By ± r«IIS l^iy. AMI, 


from lh« auu tspen, uul m«l ant 
Sogrees. By HuBUCuopboU, LL.B, 

is», 8»o. la.. 

Hiry.Quesnor S«U, ft Dnmii, 
boL EdiQb. ISB, ISmo. 
SuOerfn'gB uid Trills, from hsr Blrtb titf 

JamBB U^Uind of Lethlngton'i 
ratiTeof thvprtnclpAlftctifof ui«RBgeiufr 
i.°l.uSg to tSi malo^- of MmiT,^™ 
or SwtUnd. Ipoxlcii, no diM (IBSS). 
ClII)' copiai prlnlBd for prii»te clrculi 

Lettrei loMlui de lUris 3tnut,iu 
compigiijea d« d\verM8 D4p«che> at Ii 

»hii. L«b'»noff. eirtijieta.Bvo, Cope 

the Society of the B^llophltei ftan^i 
Latun of Uuy, Qumh of Scots, an 

A Life of Hut, Queenof Scote, 

[e Blusrt. Relne d'BBwis, pabU 
irtgiuaai et US3, et »ccoinpajn6s 

u de lUriB BUuri; loKothei irllh the 
iionologlce] SumiDuy, Ac. b^ Prince 
lexHidie Lkbiooff. Tnnilated, Tlth 
tos. by W. TurabulL Lend. IRIE. Hrn. 
CbtAloffue of tl 

Iw.heldat Edinburgh^ July, 18Be; Mior 
■cljilng NotJeei of Muy, Queen of gcoti, 
Ac. ax. Edisli. less, 8vo. portiRlt of Uw 

iCAS 150% 

Qneen, uid olhsr pIitM. L^dlted by ii- 
beft W.y, Enq.) 

Lifs or Mary, quHn of SI»t^ by H. O. 
BelL I.and.<Coiuuble'iUiM»lliiiyIIS^ 
lania.S TDls.71.— IdDd. WhlttKker.lMO, 

Ths Lift ind Tr»gedy of the Iieraieell 
Lady, Hary Queen of SeotU. A MS. £d- 
glilb po«n, by .lohn Womlvud, in the 
AdToatee' Library at Edinburgh. Ano- 
ther memoir, in Ilallau, by Fnncluo 
Mann1dl,<n M3,la mentioned by Kleal- 
•on In bit Scottisli Hialorleal LOinrj. 

In a catilofiia puMlsbad by AiTlngioni 
and Coshiu in IBM, vu It nnitoiii MB. 
relating to UMprooaedlngi against Mary- 
In the BoUeln Utniy ws nmd^ 
liniadMdu ralitlDg to Man Queen of 
SnU, with pninTtK Bsa Or Dibdln'* 
Libc. Comp. p. 1C7 ; and In iTiluabla lit^ 
Bobiglul Uit of MUieatlsna, 168 in nuin- 
ber, nlntlTe ts t£la imAirtniwta prineui. 

IntenSone, ae ID the ei«ouUon nf Uuy, ia 
nlnntely dieeuened in Mr. Micolaa'i Ufa 
if Secretary Dailicn, ISIS, Bvo. 

i„Vitllsr. Ouviin, 
o, Malcolni. Lett, 

Mabt, Daughter of £. iTsmea I. 
A Funeral fiennon on the Pnn- 
ceaB Mary's Grace. Bj J. Leech. 
Lond. 1607, 12mo. 
■HB, John. 

— , Daughter of K. CharleB I., 
ajlerwards FrinceBs uf Orange. 
Versee on the Birth of the Princess 
Marj. Camb. 1631, 4to. 

AcademlH Oianteuais Epi'cadii in Ob[- 
im Matlie FilDclplaiiB ArauBionenii*. 
i0ILien,4lo. BlndlBT, pt. U, BB, Ba. 

B, Google 

lljiXt TL, Qneen of England. 

Prlncipla Ariuili et JiuiB BrlunnJ 
CmuE. 1677, Ito. 

Luhrymte CuitubriBleiiBei Id Obltr 
llmBBsginsUsria. Oiim.ieH 

Ths Ponn at ths PRisHdIoc tn tba F 
Itnl ef Queon M»ry- II,, IWtfftlto. 
" — 'loea et Cinnlni in ejui Obitai 

leclfcm of FMrnBODtlicDHth 

Uir7 QuuD of EDgluHl, ISW, foUo. Blc Kei,li.U, 

A. brief Hiiteryar the pim* end gloi 
•»> Life and &cCIdi» of Idu? Qu«<l 
Englund, Ac Faltlifnllr tout bf J. 
The aeeimd Editin. I^jnd. 1696, 12n 

-F. in tvelTti, vlth port, ef Mu7 I 
, Dnpantler. Nuhd, pt 1. iCOS, Sl 

anUri Fnneralla MurJB U, Brit*! 
ItegiDB aullelml III. Coojngfi, Am 
lew, folio, fUlea. airXLH. BrkeB,pC. 

MiBiiniiiO.— The Eebollion of 
> Napl«, or Uie Tragedy of Ueuh- 
■ nello. Lond, 1602, 12mo. 
- J Wlih frDntJBpiAce by HtnfatIL A 
Ig in the Brltiub UuBeuni. Hlbbert. 

Uabyubd. — Theism of Man' 
land, with Indexes, Notet, tc. io 
which is prefiiod the Charter ; vith 
an Eugiish Translation by Tho. 
Bacon. Annapolii, 1766, foL 2 ~ 
A fanner edmon, 1T37, folio. 

TiTiee ft UuTlAnd, from ltt« to 

e In the Bridah Uut 


Froceedhige of tbe CenveDtioiis of tbe 
FroTlnes of HMrjlmai, held U tbe City ol 
AniupoUi In ITTirfi. Beltlmore, (U.S.] 

Sketohea of tba eulr Hlabirr of Itirr- 

lud, by Thos. W. Orffflth, "— 


Digest of Reports of DseiaioDB, by 

. ISIO.i 

''• Dlgait of Lun to IBSB, incla 

olemnl y buried, wl 


Tbe remsckable Hlitory of Ibe Kin 
■nd Fall of Muulelle, the Flsliemiu of 
Niplee. Land. ntS, llmo. Sa. Sd. 

TSaboaui, Leonard. A Booke of 
Elshing witii Hooke and Line, and 
of sU other ImtrumBaU therevmto 
belonging. Another of anndrie 
Engines and Trappes to ta^e Foi- 
oaU, Bnzarde, B«tt«a, Mice and 
all other ^fiT^^^pl^ of TArmine & 
Beaats whataoener. Ltoid. John 


le treatise of FlghlDg. [t^en 

I pp. 8S-7, of ' tbe Crnr- 
' A copy Ib in the Brtt 
lairortb, 9*7. ImperfMt, 

1 (hli edition p. 03 li marked SI. 1(0. 
(a«orth, 948, tl. i»i. M8, «. ibu ti. 
J^imd Loclite'a in Feb. I8C«, iL ISa 

The' Art'of Planting and Qra(«nB,*lo. 
[any tilltlona. Flnt edition. H. Den- 
UD, fOr Jobn Wdght. 1673, Uo. Black 
liter.— ISSa, Itor Townelay, pt. i. IX, 
8a.6d.-T.Eate. 1b90,4to. Caiaeeell, 11a 

lbs title-page l_ _ , .. 

UaBcall by BobL Qainvood. Davdeawe^ 

"" -laaia, lS».ed ■"■ " 

/ printed.— 
iL 871, 11. u— uas, 4t 

MlBOlBDi, Angnstin. Belation 
of the Oonaplraof of J. L. Oottnt 
de !Fieichi against Qnaoa ; out of 
the ItBliao, I^ Hugh HAre. Land- 
less, 6to. 4a. 

B, Google 

Mlflootr, J. J. History of the 
uoiont Geruiuu and other Nortii- 
cm fiitioDi, trtDiBUted by Thomas 
U&azi. Lond. 1738, 4to. 2 toU. 


MiajBJB, XVauds, Cnrdtor Ba- 
Kia of tlie Bxabequer. Scriptorea 
Ijdgarithmiiri. Loud. 1791- 1B07, 
Ho. 6 loiB. 31. 8b. 

The Pilnciplei of tie Doctrine of Life 
bundSH. Load. ITBS. 4to. S toIi. 
BarDD Muerea pnbllBbed other mftthA- , 

Cuu>i,p.SM. Chi&luI. TtkUoo 

uiw,Siim. Utt, Tlio. MiLTiw, Jiflm. 
4IIDK1. Ttmha, arJiAii,&«. 

MiSKKLiBB, Nerfl, D.D. Jb- 
tnmomieal ObserrationB made at 
QrwDwioh, from 1765 to 1810,, 
Load. 1776, &c. folio, 4 toIi. 

TheiorkJiif this emingnt ■•cnDomer 

Thi BHtiah Unrino'i Guide. Idiid. 
ITS^Uo. Ga. 

Tihlw tBfalBite to ba nsed wllh tba' 
SaHiMl Almuiio. eaveHltdiUotia. 

Ai AtcoUDt of flu K<^ng of Mr. Hu- 
ilUD'a Wntata, at tba Banl Obumtoir, . 
&°B May e, nw, to Uicsli «, 1IB7, t»- 
l<Aitr with Uw orlgiul ObesmtlOiu 

OtnnlioiueftbaPUaeta. I,»Bd. II 

Huf uUcles bT .Mukelfne will be 
uoBi m lh« l>hlloe<v°l<^ TnniwcUoiu. 

XtBOs, Ab. A wanderAil Se- 

iiHoii of hia cnraed Design to gixe 

Welf to the Devil. Land, folio. 

Aupyli In the Britlih MuMnm. 

— Hev. Francifl. Of the Con- 
<MratioD of the Sishopa in the 
CWch of EaglaDd: viih their 
SoEceaiioB, Jtmadietiou, tc. : aa 
dw of tbe Ordination of Frieata 
•Bd Deacooa. Lood. 1613, folio. . 

" ' II blghly praiHd hj AsC 1 

141S, mor. il. Sa. BlilH. iDDr. pnbiblT 
Dedlulion aopj- to Jimea L, U. lOi.— Ed. 
»lt.Loi>i.l6S8,rol. Heber.ptii. DeThoii 
ud C°lbBrt'H UB7, K>.— TnniUled br 
John LiDdftay. To vbieh Ii prefixed 1^ 

of imr BtHluma aiiua tb4 Rdtbrmation., 
Load. 172a. Me, ]Sl— Lead. 1134, folio. 

Tblngi IrulliluanC Oif. IBM, *u>. A 

The Villilllr of the On^naUon of Ihs 
MlQlBtare of the lefonDed ChurohBi. 


MiaoK, Oeorge. An Easa; on 

Deiign, in Gardening. Lond. 1795, 
OrigliiaUT pabliBhad anoajmonaly In 

— Geo^e and John Bnndni. 
The Ajna that were aung and 
placed at Bron^uun Caatle, Weot- 
morland. Land. I. Snodhain, 

Ssprinted in HtaSoid SntiUi'a Hoalaa 

— Heniy. The new Art of 
Lying, coTsred bj Jeauit«a under 
the Yule of BqniTOcation, dii- 
corered and diaprored. Lond, 
1624L, 4to. 7a. 

Thli dlTliw paUldad HTBral olbsi 

— Jsmea. The Anatomie of 

Borcerie, irbereia ths itioked Im- . 
piety of Charmera, Inchantera and 
anch, ia Hmaidered and oonfiit«d. 
Lond. 1612, 4to. 9a. 6d. 

— John, M.A. The TurVe, a 
worthieTn^edie. Iioiid. 1610, 4b). 

IngllB' Old PliTB, 68. Ifia. Reibnrahe. 
MSI, leg. Rbodea, 1S». II. ISb. Haber, 

Sli, IBs.— lSS3,entilled HnlsuHaTba 
rka, 41a. Boihnrihe, M9S, 8b. SBppL 
S7S, Si. Bhode^ lOB, IZs. Hetor, pi. 

The ecbsgl HodanMc. Land. IHS, 

— John. A briefe Diaconiao of 
tliB Ben-found-land, with the utua- 
tioD, temperatore, and commoditiM 

B, Google 

1506 UA.B 

tberaof. Edinb. Asdro H&rt, 16S0, 

4ta. Seven leaves. 

O. CbiUueni, SI. 1b. 
l/Lisos, John, of Fordluim. Tbe 
Eiatoty of the joung oonTcrted 
Gallant, or DicectioDs to the 
Kesdera of that diTins Poem, irrit' 
ten b; Benjunm Eesch, intituled, 
Vfarre vUb the DeriL Lond. 


S, Sto. 

ronUapiew. Blodle;, 
«.8d. Nmiuu, pt.i. MIS, 
lDp«t.lee6,lJ.lB. Hebsr, 


— Hot. John, of Water Stmt- 
ford. Songs of Praise to Almighty 
tjlod, or SpiritiiBil Songs ; togetbec 
will) Solomon's Song of Soon, in 
English Terse. Lond. B. North- 
cott, 1BS3, 12mo. 

m (milr t"" tai*""). Bll". 

vlth Dim mi Luuiu, uid Panltestlal 
Giles in tbrea dendes, begun bj the id- 
tbor of the Sengs of Pnlse, Ac, ud curled 
OB trr ■nelfau' bsod (the Rer.Tliaolhy 
abspWl or BnlnBee). Load. T. Fuk- 
bnnt, ten, llmo. lloHuad F)b. IS, IdBl-S. 

Loud. ITU, ima.— Loud. ITM, ISmo. 

MABcw,John, A,M., of Dorking. 
A. Treatise on Self-Xnowledge. 
Jjond. 174S. — Fint edition, reriMd 
and corrected from Uie earlier snd 
more perfect editiooB, with a lib 
of the Author prefiied, bj John 
Maw>n Oood. Lond. 1811, 12ino. 
Tbls AieellflTit work hu ^ne tbroofb 

nKDt. Lond. 17G9. Sro, i vols. QmhI, 
33TB.irlUiCbrlitlui U«ile,lt.b. Wit 
"tm>, use-,*!. 8s. 
Chilstlu Uonla. Land. ITSl, Bm. t 

1'hli eminent Nminofomdat DItIh 

Jbllibed etbei vorks. 

— John Monk. Conunenta on the 
Bereral Bditions of Shakespeaie'a 
Plafii, extended to those of Maloos 

id Steevens. Dublin, 1807, Std. ! 

M. 6d. 

8B,16«. Field, 619, 4s.— 6nblin,i7».8«, 
Cominaiits «b tba Plare of Itesumonl 
d Fletsber, «ltb u Appendix, omtBln- 
H siiiiie fURborObHii'sikiDe onSliiks- 

ghe, SnppL fll 

1. Blndlar,?''!!' 


le piBugesIntheLire 
id Hjmne. LoDd- Jo^n 

John M., A.M. IFiiBt ripe 
Fruite ; being a Collection ol 
Tracts: to which are added, tm) 
ms, with a short Memoir of 
the Author. Lond. 1803, Svo. i 

WlllUmi, IIBG', Bs. 
^„ ..,..__ _,.,.'_ — ■--arm 

lot, 1691, 4to. KepTlnUd r 
Ulanlbn), bf B. kuinlng, N 

Tbe Mldilsht Cry, ■ Sei 
Penble oT ^a Ttflm, 1 


ent Piesbyteriin 

Vwk, 1B<9, 8io. * Tds. aCee. 

- Thomes. Chrisfs Tictorie 

' Satbsn's ^I^rannie. Lend. 
Q. Eld. Ibl5, folio. Bi,icx jjmm- 
lOs. 6d. 

Cliisfly abttnsted out of Fox's 1 

B, Google 

A KsieImIIoo nr Um Seiditlan. I^niL 

Eula or HactTord, mi the Lwlla Hul«, 
}ili vonhl* alitor. Acurding to / - - ' 
Wood, iBrf fair enplH ■rare prlnled 

MieoN, W. HandM of Eesaiee 
or imperfect Offers. LoniL 1 

Bindley, pt. ][. 1812, ICs. Sd. Geo. 
Cbalmen, Bllia, Ba. Hebt 

:b porlnlC of UMon eogriTed hj 

the M;>l«iea (or uemlng Dlfflcultte.) of 
a EngtmTBd BWt of Short Hnd Intelf 

KbUued, intituled A tceuIu and emaj 
bl* nf nfttiital Gontnclioid, Ac Loud. 

A Peu piDct't from an Eaglt'i vItik ; 
ar, the rqoflt floinj cranpsndiou a and epeedj 
Uttliod of ShortTiltiDg. l«12, limg. 

— WiUiam, The Worka of 
William MftsOD, M.A. Lond. 1811, 

8ro. 4 

:. Bjkea, 

Drur, eBB4, li 
Fiigmaby'WillUniMuaii.Ujl. Loud. 

Iftoo.— York, J774,eTO.— York, IJTO, 8»o! 
-Yoik, 1797, Sro. 

Cuutaciia, > dnmatlc PoeiD, Lond. 
Ufi»,(Io,— Third odltloii, Lond.lISS, Bro, 

CumcUctu, G-isco CafiEilDa reddlEiiB, 
nm Vonioiw Ladim, k G, H. OUsae. 

hei appeared since the rerivel of lotten-^ 
-lyier. Dniry, XBl. *i.— In jena lt«- 
Uuo, d> T. J. UathUa. HipoU, 1813, 

gllah Chnroh HoUc Totk, 1796, Itno. 
Si.M. Foathlll, 3H6. He. 

RoUgio Clerlcl ; • Poem, in tiro Purta. 

SiHo, Dnms LIrleo 1b Era atti ani Mo- 
di T. J. M.lhiM. Na^HTlSil, croim'gvS 

Bu SiTiBB, School f«. 

Mabob, Wm. Mooofc. The Hii- 
torjandAiitiquitiedofthe Cathedral 
Church of St, Patrick near Dubhn, 
from its Foundation in 1190 to 
1819. Dublin, 1820, «o, L. p. 1(. la. 

new and iotsrei ting matter relaUve to (be 
Ufa and wittlnge of Svlft, vllh porCnlt. 

_ — "wimaiS ehlw!' A'stiitla- 
lical Account, or FHTOchiil Sur- 
vey of Irelsnd, drawn up from the 
Communicationa of the Clergj. 
Dublin, 1811, 16, 19, 8to. Tola. L 

t proceeded no 
a,im, faKo, 

IscMd far llio Rl|ht H 

Masqces.— TbeMasqueofFlow- 
m. Lond. 1614, 4to. 

FlftHn leavBi. The lut of the • 

igiO^UIIa. Rhodes, — 31. «a 

pyDceCber™ Orf. IBM, 



LominmlU, ol tha FMUnl of Ught. 
Lond. IS9I, Ito. Heter, pL il. ISg. 

Ssa Cmou Uihbta ud Hiri. 
Himivx.p, IS71. i:i.tzxBnB,(t,pp. 
TW. Elizuitb. 4«i«li<<i <( ■I*iu«> , 
p. TSO; ■Dd aatuinuBi Socnn, Ap- 

Misa. — The Interpi-etBcyoQ and 
97gny^cacfon of tiie Maue. Im- 
prynted by me Eobert Wyer, 1532, 

Tblamlani* bia nalthcr nmnlDg UUm, 
eiHbwordi, nor ttaa laT» auDiband. bot 
eoDteiiil to Bta. B i la tha oacond Alpha- 
baL ThaBnitklpltfbaE baolu Willi kt 
■ad pneatda namulr in bdf ituoti. 

Til* BnlrlH of O- " ' — -' 

WaseII,lM^lSDO. R 

9,13;. 13a. 

, . Httlra, DBt sluad undor 

li haid^ in tha Roibug&B CaUlogna. 

pal at Baall nuida Kir tbe Dereim of tba 
tne AdmiiilBtraUoii and Dae of Iha Hulr 
Supper of onr LoRl, affajnat flu Abboul' 
nationa of tha Poprahe MtM, tmulated 
OBl of LaMaby Gaoi^ Baamafta. 
Day aad Seraa, HUB, Bvo. buoe Lama. 
eoihaliT,iailS,3I.Ss. Hebar, pt. Tl. 1Tb. 
Tlis V. aboiDliiable Blaspbemloi eon- 
talnad in (ha Uaais. Load. R. Ponll, 

The BaCarle of the Fopes Bo.leieuli, 
oomiDDnLr called the HUh Aoltan, eom- 
pUed bj W. J. Loud. K. Crowley, UK, 

Neves from Boma conoenbif tba blu- 
idiaiBoiia BaorlAoa of tha ?aplaCteale 
Haaae, with divertaaae TiMllWB. Caa- 

Tbocy, by J. Myehall, a. d. (UH), Iftno. 

A lawda ApolD^a ef prynta Haaa* 
agaiiiaM aartalaa fiwnuaa Iv the Biahw 
of SaUabBrle (JswellX L(^. IMS. Itao. 

n Dafenea of the Tncb, 

Tift. Pattlck, Dec. 1 
II. la. 

A Tnatlae of tha 1 
AHir, called tha ttai 

Dly SaerlBee of tba 

fiatlar, Doator of the Canon and CItU 

I An Aufvar ta a eertaln godly MOea 

Lettera, deaiclng hie Fnndee ludgnBeni, 
whetber It ha Uwfnii loi » ChilatGui nuji 
tobapiaiant at tha Foplaba Haiae, ud 
other anpantloloue Cbnnhe Saniloa. lSfi7, 
Igmo. Sleama. Bolhain, 18K U. 2a. 

The Doetiina of tha Haue Booke,traly 
tmalatfld lata EaglyBhe, Aano Dom. 
a-n-LjliJ. Mme. C,lnol#itB. 

A neir IKalege called Iba Endlffhtmeat 
acainHle Mother Meeaa. Land, by Wm. 
Hill eud y/m. geree, IMS, Iftno. Rebai, 
lolot 8HB, pt. i.; II. lie. Sd. A 
COPT In the Lambeth LIbiuy. 


--- Dytclor™ ( 

it, «f y* DunoOB Claiii 
rye, D. Uartoo Lutbar . .. __ 

at al Fulatee, by ma Hana Hytpiy^a, 
(1H6), Syo. Contalai C, la elghU. Tb« 
pagsa tie Biipland, ejipealaljy In tba 
lOna of elgnatnre B. 

The VKberlpn of the Hesta. Loud, 
by John Daya £ WlUyaoi Sens, ISmo. 
According to Bitaon, In biaok letter aod 
In Skeltoato vena. Roibnrgho, 830*, 
SuppLSlfl, N. 10a.; cuold Haber, pt. It. 

Palheoah or an Invard Fusion of the 
Pope fOc the Lose of hya Danghtar tha 
Uaeae. Loud, by John D&ye aod Vfm, 
Barea, Sto^ la Bngliah metro. 

Tha VertoB of f Mssiw, Land, by W. 
doWorde,4to. AtI.J.BIII]. Aeopylj 
in the Fnbllo Library at Cunbrfdga. 

sod comfnie ol _._ 
Hugh Hllarie. Straal 


t. _£toCT,lnelBhta. 

ugh, p. UW 

anleal DUconrae of the Holy 

Saertaca ^Ihe Haas. By A, F., thtleast 
of FtlM KioQuni. Prlnlad Anno Dom. 

inC tba Xth. and Cardinal da Uonn 
Alto eeocernlBg tlio IHBCoveiT of tha 
Hubs In K>l; Scripiura, made by tba 
-•orthy Father Patrick. Lond. UH, 

was ag^q pat forth, midar tha aaa^ 
doa of tha ThaologlaDS of Lounln, at 
Bordeaoi in ISM, 1^0. Only aaTaa or 
eight copiaaaia kaown. Qna Mid at 


r-lCBp. IMy'lboakl), J 

. S*Te»l uiwUsii 

ud the IntsntioD of oat Holy MoUi 
ChnnA ; with HsUm to Indnu il 
CkjIatlAiu. pftrticDUrij idlgLoua Ft 

..mtkeUBe nT tfae <u 
■Blhsr br Iha Klght Hauaiimila L 
LtUT Herbert of Powla, Buwionr of 
EngUih AngmtlD-NilnL Brugei, I 
8vo. lliftgim. 

MASBAOHiraKTTB. — The Genen] 
latwa and Liberliee of tJie 
chnietto Colonj. Cambridgi 
1672, fbUo. 

Flnt edlHrm, T«IT rm. A«[ 
■ddidfHul L«Ff — '- -' """"■ 
ten, to M»y I6T 
lau, IM 6na I 


4, Mid It Pultlck'B, Hut 
uf, Dil, In bcslmile. A 

d Laws puiAd^y the GfiDenl 

Cnm 1893 to ITie, Lcmd. 17^ 

Thfl Parpei 
with t>[fa> 

A brief Stale of 

itoil Livs of tbs Coai 

ling! of the Conn o( AMombly 
lony of UuHDhnmlla Bay. Bo>- 

DgbM«fl. ^. of tlie Conrention 
CdBBOinmlth of HiHUhnMtla, 
PorpsH of ntUJinf the ConR 

Hlntoiyof Uusuliiisi 

UtoiKdiiuettfl Sepm^fli from 1S04- 
to WIIUrsb loi Tjng, 11 idIb. 
Ite— IB40, br Pl«k*rtT«, !*Tds. Prom 
VIC-IMS, b^ Matail, 18 nfli, 7n 
»«— 1B6S, by eiuhin*-. 13 volH. Pro 
iai~l»ifi, by 0»y, 8 rola-i tagatbi 
MtdiSvo. Boston ( 1824-62. 

CbiDDlcles of the FU«rriii SeiUen of 
HuaohnuttK By Alei. Toude., B ' 

M.i.a 1609 

MaHSeOITH BeoACOTB, ntultu 
Talmaditnii, in quo agitur de Bene- 
dictionibuB, Precibus et GrBtUnmi 
Actumibiu, Heb. adjects Ycmione 
Latans. Oxon. 1667, 8to. 

Mabsky, 'Williain. The Origin 
and Progresa of Letters. Londi 
1763, 8yo. in two Part*. 

H flHIld * 

Bemnrkg npon UlllDni Pundlsa LoiL 
Loud. 1781, limo. ii. 6d. 

Maebtc, Wdl Sermon at the 
Marriage of the Dangbler of Sir 
Edm. Tratforde. OzL 1586, 16mo. 

ItABBUJjON, J. B., Bishop of Ckr- 
mont. Sermons selected and trens- 
Uted by ■William Dickson, LL.D. 
Lond. 1798, 8vo. 3 vols. 16s. 

Repilnttd, vlth Lifo by D'AIembert, 
Edlob. IBld, Sn. in I Tol.— Lond. IB2a, 
BrO'—AgalB, LomL 18*9, Svo. 8s. 

LI-.D. Load. 1768, a™, ta. Liiaipipza. 
Oinick, 1G21, 7a. Sd. WUUaoii, USD, 

The Chirgeg of Husllloo, Blihop of 

d (roiD the rrencb b. 

A De 

the W-o«hlp 


Aken from the Discoofses 

cefice by A. Crleiiloii. 

Lond.'l8M, evo. 


the Works of M 

Lond. 18a«, 8.0. 




Lond. 1B30, 8TO. 


^bnigtvlng: truslitsd 

from th 


B, Google 

1510 lUB 

tbeprinelpsIDiitlMof tlioClmgy. Train- 
liteil by G. H. Boylin, of UiyDootli Col- 
lego. 1E% Bvo. t volL 

MAseiNaBEKD, Henry. Coimdl 
and AdmonitioD to Ma Children. 
Loud. 1656, folio, wiUi portrait b; 

Very uaree. A copy wu it Btrivbeny 

MABsroaEB, Philip. Flays, with 
Kotes eritical and eipUnatoiy, by 
William Gifford. Loud. 1813, 8to. 
4 toIb. 

Host eHllaa, but not porceptlbly dlf- 
fereni from tbe prevloua dub of IW6, of 


Jt. Koilwrgbe, H». St. M. AnHkar 

I. bent, pt, 1. 1896, Si. IBs. ^teed, 
21.' Ootdimid. ISS, 2;. Sb. 

1{. In. Ha&tb, IMS, SI, Ss. 
Pl(,yi (castrated tuii Uon^Mnmy"* 1 

piBia, hvOiflo'rd, (without tUe Ni 
Thtrf edition. Lond. 1810, msd. 8»o, 
^1811, 89. ed^Lond, IMS, lOi, 6d. 

MaulDger end Ford's Dranutio Wi 
byHlrtleyColerlilga, Load.Uaion, 

bBrKhe, 1H27,6h. Kbodeii, IBM, 7a. 

TbeB^il.UKi,tiiaDtleiitStorle, iJind, 
ISM, Ito, Rbodei, 1647, IDa.— I«SS, iU. 
A Tory iDconwt edition. Rhodo, 1618, 

Loud. It 

tf HcaiODT, a Tragi.CD 
llD, Raburgbe, 6V 
II. 6S1, with the Unn 

toifgrgha, (M 

ir Old Debli, ■ Co. 
llo. Rftcd, 81»4, Bs. 
6d. Bbodea, 16S4, 

nistniT. LoDd, less, ita. Kl>Ibu^Eh^ 

The 'Unna.tiiral Combit, a fragedle. 
Load. le^B. 4to, Kmburglis, 5439, 8>, 6d. 
Hbodea, 165a, 7a, Bindler, pt. ill. ^ 
with Iha Mllld of Botaur, 1632, and Old 

(Boi1oi,165B; II. la. Bindlay. pt. li. IliSS, 
i. 15a. Aim printed Kparately Id 4to. 

Tha »«]lsn( Comedia called Iha Old 

1666, 4tD. Boibiirghe, 5139,11.29. RhDdH, 
leai, Sa.Gd. Blnaiev, fU iil. 634, widl 
llie Maid of Honor, 1692, luid Ihs Cmu- 


to Roib 


10, 5426, 7a. 6d. Khodsg, 

team, "ho. 

t,. Play: licensed <m 




the original MB. (re- 
nsder tbe editorial 
kor, Eaq. Set PSBOZ 
in'Apf.ndJ>; •!» 

asAiunuu PtPBBa. 

B, Google 

Cilllul ReBectloni 

of Pilfip M^Sn«r IbT Thomas D»vi«^ 
Loud. 119). Sto. Bm^ SKT, Se. 

Mabsof, SVaocU. Stapeliffl no- 
's i or, s Collection of eeyeral Dew 
Spei^ of that Genua diecoTered 
k the interior Fartfi of Africa. 
Lond. 1796, folio, 

FiK. j— 1». pp. 24. wIlU «I cdootHd 
plitei. WhltsEiilehu.IIIS,ruu.tMOi. 

Mtasouii, CoDBtant de. A Trea- 
tise on the Art of Punting and the 
CoiDpoeition of Coloun, Trans- 
IWed from the PFench. Ijond. 1797, 

MiasT, Isaac. Masaj's Midenm- 
inwa PromoBtioation of Paoifica- 
lion and Unity betwiit the Eing 
iji Parliament, to the Joy of the 
two twin Sisters, London and West- 
minsler. Lond. 1642, 41o. 6b. 

MuTXB, Martin. SurrejouiB 
Fenmbu^on. Lond. 1661, ISmo, 
W1(h portmlt bj' Ooywood. Grtra. 

— Thoa. Menaa luhrfca. aeu 
ladus Tulgo Shinnl-loard, carmine 
liBroico deacripta. Sic. Oion. 165B, 

labeth, 16S8, and Bgnji; 

MisrBM, Robert, B.D. The 
HiBlory of the Coll^fo of Corpus 
Christi Mid the B. Tirgin. Marj, 
(commonly called Bene't) in the 
tiniTeraity of Cambridge, from ita 
Foondation to the present Time- 
In two Parts. Camb. 17&3, 4to. 

A valuiUt «DTk. 

T 15H 

NlSUCi, pt II. IBO, 
pt- til. BIT, 11 U. 


ps«s>j uiiuirlul urt, pp, 913-12S i 
III, lIBpa^i; indei, 19 p^eii ■ 
tlifl nuDM, Ac. •A-GS.Wp.TO. 

plan, dealgned b; R. Uulem. 

■bacb, In tb* UIohib of £1t, bf a laK 

printed forpreMnts. Pp. K.wlth aPUte 

vens, 1S5&°8«. M. Bindley. pL^'lii. 39, 
II. 13a, HlbbeTt,fi233, 31. Js, Oardoer iB 

the County of Northampton. ( 
■■ridge, 1793, 8vo. 

SatwiJ, pt I. M07, 5.. Blnd(.y, pt. II. 
BM, »e. 8d. Bant, nt. I. 1883, lOa, «d. 


ItlaorNaaebT, fongbt the HtlioT 
1845, copied fr™ one In Sprigge-a 


■m. Pahbot, Henrj. 
Mateufe, Cornel. Voyage info 
the East Indies. Lond. 1608, 4to. 

Mjteeiax Wobld,— Aji Kasay 

1 the Nature and Eiiatence of the 

Material World. Lond. 1781, Sro. 

'Tba reader wbo baa a taale Cor meLii- 

pbTrilcml dlaqnlaitlou maj cimsult the 

-I f^ togatbar irlMi the corraapon- 

IceandPrieatley-'— iip.H'aHai. 





Mathbe, Ckitton, D.D. Mag- 
nalia Chruti AmeriCBna, or Uie 
Eooteeiiuticil Hisloij of Sgw Sag- 
land, Lond. 1702, folio, with a 
Map deliuMtod in 1620-80, 51. U. 
j.Asaa FIFES, 82. 8a. 

TflBlon. Lrmd. ItSl, I' 

npba oT tha Befonned Ball- 


Tha Trii^ta 

Ths Lift ud DHtii' or arKxT. Joh 
Eliot, who ma tlia flnt Pracber of tb 

an AoAooiiC of tbo man^ itraoga Custcni 
of tb« Pagan indlaaa In Etev KnglaDf 
Load. John DoBIon, 1081, (pttbtished al or 
thiUing.} Bliii, 1814. ]»>.— BobUd, IftB 
lSma.~Lontt. laH. l!ino. Fattick, Ha 

blNtw Upland. Lond. 1712, 

raral SermODA (coaeamiug Walklns 
Ood, and tbat In Iha days of Youtli J 
;li«d at Boaloo, la Ne* BUKlaniL 

>B Uft of N. Mattaer, Hay lew, II 

Ear); Hetj axamplified in the I 

t)i* Age of nlpoteon Yun, an Idi 

_— ■ick/Mayi'M 
VlUUrr r 

jLrtlllanr Companr. Beaton, N. E, 1^ 
UOD. Fa»lsk,Ua7lgU,li.«i. 

BosMini Counidled aaa OoKtetid; i 

DlKanna to Ih« FoTSa* angagad In Ot 

eat Wu of Hew Engtend agalnM tbe 
iinlHrn and Eaitarn iDdlaoL Bortcn. 

Tabanaale, la foni DIhuufesi, at BoaUn. 
Boatan, MS, Sto. Futtick, Ua; ISH, 

Bpead; Bepentum nrgsd; a Bannni 
nndwd at BntDll. Dec 29, laSB, at tin 
Koqnaat of Hngh Stona, undar BonlaKO 
DflieathfarHurdaT: to vMdi aiaadilil. 
oitalD msmwablB Frovldeiuia ralaUns 
Id oLfaer hf nrdera, die- BoatolL 1680, ran. 
Bothehy, WHO, IW. 

A. little Hlitorr nf WTanl Tarr iKoa- 
partly from my ocular obBarvatloiiB, tM 
puttr m; Dndoublad tsfdmatloD, bitb 
enablad DO tu nflK unto tba pgbUck no- 
tica at mj NelgUKKiTa. ISmo. pp. 76. 

The imderfal Worka of QoS cofmne- 
moraled In a tbanlnrlTlDg Sannon, Dec 
l«,]ffl9. Boitni, 1«K>, lamo. 

A Bennon praaehod unto tlia Cmiei- 

Ttie Wmdcn of tha invUblB WoiU; 
ui AMonol of the Tnali of lertni 
Wttobei laulj eiemtad In Heit Eag 

BdIt.aDdip.S6.— Botond'edlt-'auMjtv, 
snds p. W, 4to.— Third edit, lama tmi. 
»>dip.G(,4(a. FDttlek,UaTl868,tl.lBi. 

may ba regarded as nfflduL'— fnTior. 

f he Lift sf Iha nr.and eioellaot Jiw 
Ihan Hllehati, a Paitor of tbaChnrcb, ud 
glory of the ColladE« In Cambridge, in S" 
Sogland. HaHaohnnti, 1(87, l£mo. Be- 

Keknttoohkaonk Pananme Ei^iQ°t' 
tnnudoonk, An,; a Dlaeoana on tbe I°- 
itlluUon and Obeervam^ of the L"^'' 
Day. Indian and S^DgUib. Boalas, N. E' 
reprinted by B. Green, I7OT, laoo. W- 
tick. May 1851, 2J. 8b. 

Tha maA Pohit of Solidtnda, a SB- 

F^ SeaUiig iwtwean Debtor aod Cie- 
dltor. a -ren brief Em»ii npon tbe CbO- 

« nreu^haa the Jut 'd^" of »° . 
171S. Boaton, 17i»-!0, 12m*. 

B, Google 

onto tHe Ccmmieaioo. 
tiDn of the Goapel si 
IidlanB.' Bkoku, 112 

AtlgiU n 

itherwIUi Uh ffeliRii 


1T18, tamo FotHck, Mmj It 
iKonm upon (be grMloua and ■ 
)od on the tiBtal Children of H 
«Mnto^ HmninerPnilt; s DriBt 

)ii^oinpuil«i. Lond. 171S, 12iD0. 

Colnmbumi ; or ihe Doiea BylnE to the 
mndmn of tb^ gHTlonr. Boatni, ITtiS, 

Honeata Faidmonls ; or Tine spent u 
ItihouJdlie. Boston, [IT32,] >°<™* 

The Minister; ■ Sermon offered unto 
ti» AnniTerouy ConTentioD of Mlplsten, 
Boatoil, 1T2S, Sto. 

l^a DaBlderlB', pr tito SnfDtkin^ Flu 
nlied Into ■ Bacnd TUme. Boston, 1121, 

if It Ij H- W 

LiuBA,' bj John Byland. Land. i7Sl. 
L, irLth A tnnjliitioii of the Prefkcv, 

Boiton. nm, Svi 
Cotton h£^h> 

I. (1888— I7K,) 
IS British Museu] 

ilKtd^d by Daiid Jennings. 

KM, HD.SlD. lOs. Sd. 

Sh Eliot, Pmn. PoinB*. Pauju. 
KCiTaaB, InorcBse, D.D. An Ea- 
Bay for the Becording of illialrioiifl 
Providences. Boston, N. E., 1684) 

Ftnt edition, me. Kswui, pt. i,E2tS. 
A copf is In the Gr — ■■- -■■— — 

M, 121110. port. Sa. 
rtion ; a Bermon 

IrUuter. Doc 

.Ss. Bolhehy, 1£«0, 31. 
A brief HLstoiy of the v ar wiin uw 
Ddlans in No' England, Juna IStG to 
log. 1678. laud, leie, 4to. Hebsr. 
it. vlil. 17a. Bright, Ua. Pultlck, May 

tCib £rat NncipUs of Neir England 

Jommnnion of Chnrchoa. cijnbtidge, 

J. E, bT S. Green, 1876. 4lo. 

Right of Inthnt Baptism 
1. by John Foster, 18K>, 4to. 

lantFei^e. Boston,! 

blalTlbade Blgno FIlii Homlnis, el 

the eeletntod Latin Frefau 

ng ConMa. Boatdo, H. E. IGSS, lasa. 
■DHiek,I8»,ll. 18s. Beprinted, 1811,10b. 
The Mystery of Christ, opened and ap- 
tiled, ia lef enl Bermons. Boston. lA. E. 
886, I2niu. Piiltlck, May 1868, portrait 
naerted. !I. 9s. Botheby, 1880, 2(. Ss. 

inglaod! 1887, 8to. PolUcfc May IBBS, 
HIstirT of Iba 'Wars vlth the Indiana, 

868 to ime. LoDd. leee, ito. Puttiek, 

B, Google 

Matbxb, Increase — cokJiri 

Johinnem I^Fudonom. Lonfl, leaa Pat 

tlrt, Hif ISM, !0..-Uli™j. ll»9. 12it 

A furlhar Accouat of tbe Trjmls of 

ISDO, tta, Pultlck, MiflBiS, iL ISa. Sol 
lnwfuliwu of tha Cornmoo-Prmiw W 

AnKalngiwfaU; or ii DisomrH < 
AngslL Boetgn, 16M, Sio. portnlt. 

TvD DticnorHl, oa Hirdnua or He 
■Dd on tb* Bin i>r DiKbsdlenti* (D thK C 

ltd tka Dnn of Chndran vh« 
ra prtred ^ IbBnt. Two B«j 

US OB the Glory of the Lor 

Botton. inM, BO 

tr ObedlBDCo u 

Btlght, El. ed.—Lond, IBM, I2ma. 

MATnKB,Hd. A modest and bro- 
therly AuBwer to Mr. Chas. Herle, 
his Book BgiiinBt tbe Independencj 
of the Chnrebee. Lond. 1614, 4to. 
sotii*ii7, iseo, isi. 
"Ply to Mr. Ralherfort, or b DBfono* 
Iho.AiwwBr lo Mr. Uorlo'i Books 
agiiiut tha IndspauduisT of Cburchas. 
< ood. IMT, tlo. 
— Samuel, M.A. The FigurM 
■ l^pes of the old Tealaineiit 
:plAmed and improTsd in simdrf 
Simons. Dublin, 1673, 4to. 

I Arf^mants for, und Or^«ctioDB 
It tbe diiiBB ori^nal Pniitj md 
Itr of ths Bcr^ptune ua proposod 


. Pnlllck, Maj 1869. g''J'g^ lilj^''"* 

■ WiCnaT, defeoda 
Lilorfs with > good 

a Ubertias of th* . 

Matthew, Edward. The moit 
gloriom Star or celestial ConateU*- 
tion of the PlsiadBs ; or Charles 
Wiine. Load. X661, 12mo, 

Btocfcelt. 1B74. niiala, u 4a--ia80t 
la-leiwlh porti^tud 

DreirTtlla CoUeo- 

, 6V0.— DnMiD, I — Francis. . 

1781, §io. PntHek, May 18», 9m. \ Passage by WatCT from traidon to 

PireiiiBlU; or MmolB of thsRsmark-l Bristol, and from Lynn to Taiw 
17a? Bm,'BTO,"portmit™Ne?eiUllm''°"'""'' ""* ""'"'''^^"''tly 'f *!» 
■llliiiPreftLcabyDr. Ed. Cilam)-. Lend'. | Citj of York, for the great Ad- 
I7is, Bva a portraits, II. vanoement of Trade end Traffique. 

MiTHBB, Nath., D.D. Twenty- 1 Lond. 1670, small 4to. 

h of ffii Wm. I twaen 

lUad, sax, iFitb portrait of 

.1)7 Hsrlochs. 
— ineu Puun 

» flaa Tdviu 1,3 _ 

npon tbs two RlveiB die Utila 



OwM mud WnTmHT- Willi furtlwr Kfr 
l■]^ produdbg tha na^f'R^ from ^~~ 

Ki tbfl titte-iw^ vitbiD n bordvr, 

UiTHEWg, Francis. BeEularis 
oburvantue et Kligrum oraiDU 
raendiduitium Regni Hibemii 
Loranii, 1632, ito. 

•a Rissis'b edlUoa of Wus'i Hiitcn7 o 
[riih Wrlt«i. 

- Le, A.M., & mero domat 
i Fiadarique upon the Death of 
Jmmys {Taylor), bte Lord Bi- 
■liop of Doiine (sic) Connor and 
Sromore. Dublin, 1667 , pp. 

— Sir Tobie. A Collection of 
IrflCTB made by Sir T. Mathews, 
tilli 1 Character of Luoj, Countess 
ot Carlei^c Lond. 1660, bid. - 

Id Iblg vDlnma (edited I17 Dl. 

iriil or Sir Walter BKlelgh. Prefl: 
■ pottraU of Sir Tobt by J. Gu 
BHd,»iM,4B, Blahap of El;, 1S11, Im. ou. 
JMtJ.pLil.lBSa, I81.— 1869, witb poi^ 

'"of Trollo 1 

Tki pedtant Bt 

MiTBua, T. J. Componimenlj 
Urid de" pih illustri Poeti d'ltalia, 
Kdti da T. J. Mathias. Lond. 
1S02, post 8(0. 3 vols. 
.IfbHe Knights, 4668, USb. Hibbon. 

Lond. 1613, 4to. port. 

u, ^ 

3^ ti^lau^ by J»" yV««™% 
The History of Loirl. Xf.lnnalxed by 

Vnhxppy PnHparitte, eiprcued la tha 

robi. Wbltaliulg1itB,2l 
e Odu, Imllited^ I 

•led by Elr T.Hair. 
KnlghU, KaiflB.— 
Notices re- 

rotMr.Qrmy. LoDd. 

W™. EnEHal md Lull 
m"t»1y printed. Cwnl 
"uqnll orTowdabmid, a 

Cuumi ToHuil, 18W, t 

Maihisoh, Qilbert. 
specting Jamaica in ISOS, 1809, 
1810. Lond. 1811, 8to. 6s. 

~ G. r. G. Mamli.e of a 
Visit to Brazil, Chili, Peru, and the 
BandwicK Islands in 1821-2. Lond. 
1825, 12mo. 

- 'mTonrlnlnUnddudngOo- 

erilij. See BiZTiB, Andrew. 

B, Google 

Miioir, Eoljert. Israel" B Ee- 
demption, witli alHtcourM of Gog 
rad Magog. Lend. 1642, 12mo. 

— William HeoTgD, M.B. Ob- 
eerratioDB relHtire coiefl; to natural 
HiBt<»rr, pLcture^ufi Boenety^ and. 
An tiqiiitiM of the weat«^ Countlee 
of ^iglaiid, made in the Yeare 
1794 and 17B6. Saliflburj', 1797, 
8to. 2 td1>. 

IQnBtTmt«d by s minanloffhal map and 


BUT, Ua. £dwu4a,«t 

^lUlo'iue of the Srith 
L 1604. 4to. pliteo. « 

Memoir of lh« Lite of. (By Dr. Pari..) 
LoDd.eolomblerSTO.iriUiapottnlt. Fil- 
VHtely prlDt«d. 

MiTaiJtoifT, — Tho Pleaaures of 
MBtrimony, intermii'd with a Va- 
riety of msrrj and delightful Sto- 
ries. Lood. 1688, 8to. 

Beed, 2788, 8*. ei. I.1o;d, SSS, lfi>. 
BplritniU UttrtmoDLe bBlweenE Christ 
and bl» Charali. Won!ee»r,by JohnOe- 
••X ie«, lOmo. 

e QtiTitUjUl UlLtriinoiiya bfitveen 

jDhn Uychi 

the BoDl. Cuitejbury, by 

pnseot Time, till ■ funber ConaultiitlaD, 
toaU Buch le ehmi Inleud herearter tu 

ur««ble to Law. Land, bj Reg. Walie, 
JMO. A broidilda. S« Stiype's l-lfa at 
Abp. Pm-ker, p. BT. In Bp. Bpsrrow's 

■DdiT ukd ■grwbla to the l.tvB. Loul. 
% p«lar abort, (or Jotao Hscrison, UM. 
A broUelde. Sh Strype'i lifS of Abp. 

Tbe Fineen CodHbIs of HutrlMOiiT- 
ses. Panr, pt. 1. 161S, II. 2i, Boin[L, 
0S7. 6«.— 1781. WhltaKnirfits, a«88,7l. 
-1760, irith u addltloD oi! three Cdb- 

u «11 by Men u WomeD, IMI, obkK 
llo. pills at the Frolick Waggon, ud i 
ovil heelts of WiuUid Women and Men, 
hi CrleplD de Ful Bothab; 'g Id IW, 

Uatrlmi>id^Ciifltoma.l6S7,lSmo. BUn- 

poAlDg ui Act for enfoiniux Harrlage, for 

MetrlmcDy made easy; or a DewBjB- 
lem of Kairiage. Lund. 17M, Bra. 

Uatrlmonlal Ceremonlei dinilayed. 
Land. 1TǤ, lime. HebH.U. 

Curtain LectDrei, oi UatitmonUl Kl- 
aerj- diaplayad, 1770, ea. 

Sti Qata, L. de. UAiBUai. WaiD: 

MiTBOFS, The. 8ii short His- 
tories. Lond. 1762, 12mo. 6b.— 
Dublin, — IBmo. 

with a frontlspleoB, edited by Thnmu 
Percy, Bp. of Dramore. ConlmU.—l. The 

hun. t The BrftiHh Matron, [ao abatmct 
of ' The Widoir of the Wnod,' pnbllrind 
InlJM. S« VuTTOa, BanJ.] B. fhe Tork- 
iah Uilron. from a MS. 6. The RflBU 
Hatnm, from ' The eeiea wise MijitreuH 
of Bome.' Dnbltn, llhno. front. 

Mj'i-rii i^w, Seint, the Evanftelist^ 
Srangelium Becnndum Hatthaiun, 
ei Oodice reecHpto in Bibliotheca 
Collegii B. TrinitatilB juxta Dub- 
lin : deacriptiun Opera et Btndk> 
Job. Barret. Cui subjungitur Ap- 

II ba found In Oa Eslectic a 


HUTHSW, Bt. — mtimt 
Tol. U). pp. ua uii] BHS. Sw t 
iDtmductlan to the Scriplurt 

TliaQospel veorAin^to BaJnt UfttthAir, 

Mvk, (nnalfttBd A:^ thu OiflAk tiv Sir 
Job] Choke, (eina lESOi, irilb im u>- 

Uod. Pleknlng, 1813, ero. 

A u¥ Vanisa of tlie Ucnpel 

pieflifld, ILD Introduction to th 
>f llie ScTiptimi. At M. Bwu 
1L Lenlut. Load. 

18W, Bvc— Loni leiCavo.' 

lC«.6iL— Loud. 

lot St 

ItsteionlUBaoapflL BrIl.Bi«tt,J.U.D. 
I'na. 1741, 4lo. ta. 6d. An eotaanwd lar- 
Dn by the compiler of ttn Appendix to 
atflphm's Gr«Ak TbeoanruBf k Teemed 
dlMnta of tha Btptiit dencmlmUlon. 

A Pin^inH OD tlw fiftk. ilitfa. and 



the Qonpel of St 

liiMltled ft«n the orlglml Greek, eni 
nDRntedt^ BiUmcu ftom the tbeolo 
ttalWritlii^ of Out Hon. Emu. Sve 
'niU^, t(«eliuir wltli HoStn and Obwr 
*itifUOf lLeTmiiletorezmes6dto«Bc] 
(ilMetor. lend. 1806, Bvo. 
THe QotUc Ooepel of Silut H(ttlie> 

Aa InqolTT n 
Auhodtj' of St. 

A Free EDqidry Into the Anthentiett^ 
of the Brat ami geeond Cbaptsra of Ht. 
Matthew'a GoepeL Loai. ITIl.SvD. 

tb* AutlienUdtT of the Bnt and wconl 
Chaptan or H. MatllHW'i dBrgO. Ad- 
dreaaed to Ihaawanoimi AothoT. Wiai 
a alMCI pnUof^ Defenn of tbs FuiItT 
and Intaorltr <•! Ih* MsW'Taatament 
Caiuin. Bt Tbaopbllna. Load. 1771, Sn. 

ThaAaOiaDUcJlTor the drat and uewd 
Uhaptera of St. Matthes'i OoqielTindl' 

Maithbw ot WBfmnsBTBB. 
flores Hiatoriarum per Matthnum 

collectd, pi 
cipu6 de BebuB BritBnnioU lib Ex- 
ordia Mundi Tcque od Annum Do- 
mini 1307. Loud. 1570, folio. 

Flnt edition. Puhllihed I17 Abp. 
FaAer. The mff la the Cneheroda col- 
lection IB the Idantical one preaenlad by 
the Arebblshop to Quean Ellaabeth. Bp. 
of Ely, IMl, If 8b, Gough, a?ri a lOa. 
Ruicoe, 4£a. Bl. RoTbnrgbe, 6380, W, ISe. 

Adluon, fhoagb knootnct aa re^rds £n- 

Bi lelate to ttiB AHiln of Bril^n. From 
tbe beginning Df the World to the Tear 
1B07. Collected by Matthew of Weet- 
mloBter. TiauUtsd from the original by 
CD. Tonga, B.A. Umd.(Bobn'8 AnUq. 
Lib.) less, poet 8to. 2 Tola. lOi. 

Matthew Pabib. See P/htb, M. 

MiTTHiwa, A. H. Miscbtat-iil- 
Masabih : a CoUeditm of Tradi- 
tions n^aidiag the ActLona and 
SayingB of Bbihammed ', ivith a 
Ti™3ation bj Capt, Matthews. 
Calcutta, 1609-10. rov. 4to. 2 toIb. 
FontLlU, use, &. 17i. 

— CoL John, of Herefordshire, 
fUoisa en Diahabille, done into &- 
miliar English meti^ bj a Lounger. 
LonA 1801, imp. 8to. 10b. Gd. 

Aoeoidtag 10 " •■'- ' "■- -' "- 

B, Google 

MATTHBwa, H. The Diarj of an 
iDTftlid, being the Journal of a Tour 
in Portugal, Italy, Sffiturknd, and 
France, 1S17-J 9. Loud. 1820, 8to. 

tnd Pihsr popular inform.lion onPonugtl, 

Sierra-Leone on ths Oiast of A£iak 
Lond. 1788, B.O. 

Pn. 4, tnd 183, wIlli ■ diiirt mi > vie* 
oflbeBKnuui. Drurr,2Sia,8a. Fonthll], 
SSM, lTa.-17Bl,8n). FontiUl, S81S, 16a. 

— Thomas. Adrice to a yoiiQg 
WhiBt-Plajer. 12mo.— Eighteenth 
edition, Dalh, 1828, 12nio. 

— William, Set Qtfakbbs. 
Mattiiije, Augustus. The Greek 

Grammar tiBnskCed into English, 
b? the Rev. E. V. Blomfield. Cam- 
bridge, 1818, 8»o. a yolfl. 




nth tndi 

,ESm,ia>.— Tfaird edlUon, 


qmsDllj TepriDled. 
Index of QaoUtloDi 

MaittbijlB, the Apoatle, The 
true Time of keeping St. Matthias's 
D»7 in Leap Years, &e. lond. 
1712, 12mo. Ste Maiihew, SainL 


Matthisoit, Frederick. Lettea 
■itten from Tarious parts of the 
Contment, between the Years 1785 
and 1794 ; containing a Tariet; of 
Anecdotes relatiie to the present 
Stale of Literature in O-m-muif. 
and to celebrated German Literati. 
With an Appendix. Translated from 
the German by Anne Plumptree. 
Lond. 1799, 8to. 6s. 

Id thaappeodlx ht« Included tbrcA let- 
ten of Che poet Qnr^H aevar before pub- 

Maty, Mfttlhaw, M.D, Joumil 
EritanniquB. La Haje, 17S0-T, 
12mo. ^ vols. 

An Bccounl of the prodncttona of He 
English Pnu. OoBiet, S3H. IT Tola. 

— Paul Henry. Hew Beriew, 
with literary Curiosities and In- 
telligence. Lond.l78S-6,8ro.9Tok 

Gouf[b,!B16,U3i. BoUI^8IB,^J.71. 

Uiueum, pnbllBhed ■ General Index to 
tbe PhlloHophlind TisnaacllaDS,^. Lnd. 

■ the 

MiHDiT, John. ANTinPO- 
BAAH, or a Defence of the Minis- 
ter of Fensherst, in a case between 
him and the Earl of Leyoeato', in 
Michaelmas Term, 1657. Lond. 
by T. R. for the author, 1660, 
12mo. pp. 51, with title. 

igUam the Mlnietet" of'pBn.hemri«!d 
open In ■ N.mtlvB sent to hlH Ute HlKh- 

I»n, " The only upr I ever uir." Set 1, 
R. Smith's BLIiI. Csotlins, p. 3M. Pn[- 
ilck,Jniiel0.1868,«. Ss. 
MiDDDiT, Isr. A short View of 
the Historj of the Colony of Mas- 

B, Google 


nc^naetts Baj, witli !Respect to 
their Charter and Constitution. 
Lmd. 1774, 8to. — rourth edition, 
Loud. 1776, 8fo. 

Uacle, GlBorge, Beporla in the 
K. B, from Hilary, 53 Gleo. III., 
to Trinity Term, 58 Geo. HI., 181S- 
!7. By G. Maiile and W. Selwyn. 
Load. 1814-19, royal 8to. 6 voU. 

C(«tlBuctl by Banwwmll, 4«. 

— Henry, of Mdgum. Hia- 
lory of the Piota. Eiiinb. 1706, 

— John. An Mstorioal Account 
o£th« royal Hospital at Greenwich. 
Load. 1789, 4to. plate. 

MiDM, B. The Botanic G«t- 
den, confliating of repreeentations 
' of hardy ornamental flowering 
Hants cultivated m Great Bri- 
tMD. Lend. 1824-50, &c»p. 4to. 

hiMished ta numbe™ it In. ach, irilh 
lis p1»lM parllr coloured, (IJI. lH.) ; or 
rrm b.piiIq po9t4Ui_tta< pLiIes nbollT 
s. sd. ucta iiil. IteX 


Set Mandk 

UausdbeUi, Henry, M>A A 
Journey from Aleppo to Jerusa- 
lem, at Easter, A.D. 1697. The 
lETBnOi Edition, to which is now 
tdded an Account of the Author's 
Jonni^tothe Banks of the Eu-. 
plmtea at Beer, and to the Country , 
of MtBOpotamia, With an Indei 
to the whole Work. Oxford, 1748, 

P^. (i<i) and IH, ain flSani pUlei. 
fcH edition. Blsbnp Kairtan, In ipuk- 

I^HnTB to quale as well u to read, and 
vhoH JonruJ from Aleppo (eJenisateic, 
t)uiigh a Uuls txwk, li yat worth • foilo. 
ul Ig n iceoratAlT and iDgenlaoilT wrl t- 
Hn.lhallt mlgbl serre aa a model for 
•UirtitMiof trawle.' Marquis of Towna- 
^Hid.KWlla uaoa PiTiH. Towneley, 
{^ii.iM.iis.Bd. eteaTeD>.]eeo,iSa.ed. 
"UUusi, lin moToew, !»>. Dp. Kin- 
Mp)i.BM, u M.— Oifird, 1708. ho. it. 
uuirirEB. Sli U. H. flfkei, pt. 11. 

UiV 1519 

8*4, U. ISa.— Oifbrd, 170T, 8to.— Oitorf, 
1714, Sto. n. uloe piFiE. Hlbbert, 

HSlBio. BDilra^lie,JMa,6«. 6d. Bind- 
Ut. pt. 11, ITSl, Sb. M. moK PIPIB. Ednarda, 
Ml. Bi--Oifonl. IT*0, 9v8. Fonlblll, 

l«87|ll>,— Oiford, 1748, 8vo. Bs. l.boB 

irt9, tetmsd tfae Sixth Edition, B>a-— ' 

Dniry, Kl% I*a Fonlblll, SBO, 11. Is. 

Tbli edition hu Bp. Claytm'i Journey 

droll's Joumey will' be tiiund In Hnrria'a. 

Slet^ reprlntal. from 'the best edition. 
I BohD'e collection or Uie ' Gnrly Tn- 

UanodeilUe, DeliUmcqulere, Benjamin 
of Tndeli, and oUiera. Land. 1848, poet 

MinSBBlx, Andrew. Catalogoe 
of Engliah Bookes. Load. 1595, 
folio, 2 parte. 

Hlbbei^ Mao. 11. Bs. Bbidliy, pt. II. 

mKlo, Sa si. St. Habsr. KS.'nouw Ijy 
the BeT. Tho. Biker, 21. ISi. 6d. Bllse, 

Wlndet, pp. 128, bealdea Htle and 8 dedf- 
Htlons, 4 leaves. Part 11. printed by 

eataloffue 'a vary scarce and yet a very 
aocoanla, particularly aa reglsteTlnff many 

HlldidDDt proceed to hla third collection, 
MiurKBTUia, P. L. M. de. On 
the Figure of the Earth ; trans- 
lated from the French. Lond.1738, 
Svo. 3s. 6d. 

MadbIOB, o( ITaesau. A briofe 
nation of what hath hayipened 
unto Counte Maurice of Naasau, 
since the taking of Bynberk. Lend. 
1601, 4to. 

l™landlnl801,BJl,S5.M. Inell",9e7, 
merfa-ISs. Bledley. pt. ill.iawi, U lOn. 

B, Google 

1520 MA.D 

iibn, ftgftJDit tba Ardkduka Albartiu. 
Lend. (M C. B. n- d. 4to, suci lktbe. 

The B«n»ll8 foueht Iwtwoens Comt 
lIuriH and Albeniu, Anshdnki. atAvt- 

MpiaoO. Load^A&lrsirWiK.iaoa.Uii. 
I, Bar. Thomaa. Truiian 
Antiquitiea ; or, DisMrtatdona reU- 1 
tive to the 0«o?rapliy, Xheolo^, ! 
liana, &c. of Eindostan. hand. I 
1793-1800, 8vo. 7 vols. 2L 2t. j 

BindlsT. ft. ti. 1566, U 11a. «d. Eul i 
of Ken;r, B81. K. IBi. 'Ireoornmu' ' 
He meat aunui munH, lutk the d 
tUkiBi ud tha UatDcr irf tiiU ni 
thfl ftltantlon of all Iboaa who an 

tfiroTB upon Bona of Qia moot importuit 
T Uia holr Boriptojai/— AiAi^ 

Hent) Hlsloiy o( Hindi) 



Haitbub, BaEon. The Livee of 
all tha Prin<:e8 of Orange trom Wil- 
liam the Qreat, Founder of the 
Commonweidth of tie United Pro- 
viiU3ea,iiutlDding tl^e Life of Williaai 

England, tnnalat«d bjHuw. Brown. 
Lond. 1693, 8to. Sb. 

KU-imrniia. — A Ti^yBge to tlie 
Island of Mauritius, (or Isle of 
France), tha lale of Bourbon, the 
Cape of Oood Hope, &c. with Ob- 
Berrotions and B«flectiona by a 
French Officer. Translated from 
the French by Jobn Pariah. IjoqiI. 
1775, 8vo. 
An A«wiLDt of tha CoDquaBt of the IbIa 

ilandB, 1812, 8vo. I 

tio. S parU In a vols. BIiidley,_pi. iii' 
SlS.lSa. FDnthm,3137,eLte. Duka of 

Tha Hodani mstocr of Hlndoatan : 
conpraliaHUu Ibat of the OnakEkDiHn 

«iiini|UUw ParlDd ot t3ie Daith 
saodflr, and bmi^t down to the 
gf Iha Xaai me. Load. 1801-10, 
jutatn tiro tsIh. EAri of Korry, 

Bnko of Voik, aiefi, II 

tiy J, Aodenoa, bum diavlngB b^ Q. 
SuDoal, Biclu^Ta of tha TlgDette in the 
tlUc-paga. Thlaaditioacoataini'inOda 
toUithra.' B!i>dto]r,pt.Ml.aia,9a.U. 

SiehBUDdHIUj A daaerlpliTe ud hla- 
ttnical PDem 1 illiutnttTa of tha prlmd- 
ul Ottjaota TleTwl from tlut twaulifDl 
EmlDtKB. I,aid iact7,Uo.KL 
cluding Iha t>o titlM, dUloitloD to Lord 
SUmoatli, (dTarUHniait and Uit of 
aahbenr alao two MdiDC tIavl 

~ a AMmt: with otha 

tha<Edlpiiaf7nimno{8o|lhi>ola>. Load. 
ISIS, tojal Sid. 4t. m. UZ, vlth thna 
pl>te>.-ITS4, 4(0. 10a. Si. 

Hemdn ot tha Antbor of liodlan Aa- 
ttqnltiai. lau, 3 puta. Gomba, IWS, 

ic Pluita caltl- 

Garden, HontpIalBir, Kedul^ nnd oOmt 
Flicoa. UaDilCluB, IMS, tla. , Sie Chun. 

MiPBOCOHDiTna, J. N. A, Liber 
de OBlciis, 3r. et Lat. Londini, 
1734, small 8to. 3s. 

MAlTBtrs, Abbot. Of the Sacra- 
ment. 5m Omu), William,, p. 965. 

MiiTST, The MM. The Prin- 
ciples of Eloquence, adapted to the 
Pulpit and the Bar. Translated 
from the French, nith additional 
Notes, by J. S. late, A-M. Lraid. 
1793, 8to. 

iniUuoa, UBS, Da. 

Matxb, John. S*fZvtnaA,ll. 
'. de. 

Matbbickb, Bad&rd. Saint 
Peter's Chaine, oonsietuig of eight 
Qolden Linokes, most fit to aAtao^ 
the neckee of the greatest States, 
NoHes, and Ijidiee, in this land, 
as the chiefest Jewell of True No- 
iHliiie, and not unfit tor the meajiar 
sort. Lond. i. Windst, 1S»& iko. 
Bright, wUsd eopy, Ita 

MiTon, WiHiam, LL.D. Uniyer- 
bbI History, ancient uid modsra, 
to the Peace of 180-1. Lond. 1808 
k. 1813, ISmo. S6 rols. M^s, An, 
21. lOs. 
- Aasafnliroric. im run, tl, 4>. 

B, Google 


Historicml Ateinml of the matt e«le- 
Inted Vaysges, TrsTela, uid DiKuiTgriu, 
nvm tha TimeorCaluinbDaUaspreBeiil 
PariDd. Load. IT96-1801, ISmo. aS vols. 
pUUs.— 1810, ISmo. 35 lals.— Nsv adl- 
Urm, addinK ttie TrsTela at Lord VUsd til, 
1S13-:B, ISmo. 38 voIh. 2i. 2b. 

The Brtll* Toari«U. Loni. 17»1§00, 

II. » 

. Oif. n. i. (18M] 8va. pDrtrslt. 

oorks, prii 

Hta apelUng Boot is eitfomolv 

Sec llABTTH, W. F. TDBSEB, Tio 

Mimi, Jobn. Tmvels in the 
Interior of Sraiil; inolndini; a To;- 
agB to the Bio de la Clalo, imd an 
hJBtorical Sketch of the Berolntion 
at Soenos Xyiea. Loud. 1812, 4to. 
pl&tM, 12. 1b. 


Tbs If bienlogy gf DabjeUm ; witb b 
DlHrtpIloa sf tlw nuMt inURBtliig Hlu* 
in tht ^ottb of BdcIumI, In BcotludfUd 
fnW^ea; mud n l^Bi> of Hr. WU. 

Uua^l Tork IntlUad^Ths UlnnM King- 
dun,* SaUrdnad Is a Gkaur of 111* 
Trams >od Phnna nstd b; ninsn is 
DsAnhtr*. Lraid. IfOt, Sro. Kaiun, 

rtL mi, 10b CWIali»i.— Pp. ail. Do. 
■Ua title ; pie&ee md emli, 8 pages ; 
anteiitfl, £ pftgeo, aXao tbrea platfla ud & 

The LlnntBui STBtem of GODCbnlagf. 
I«iid.lS23,8T0.pp. 30/. wltli ST pimtes, 
piiin, 11. ia.; eolourod. Si. lis. M. 

Bhell CoUector's Pilot, or VojsgBf a 
Coopuloii. FouiUiEdlt. LoDd. 1S»,4>. 

InscmetioaB for the Hanaeement of tJie 
BlnPlpe. FooctliEdlUoB. LoM.lKlfi, 

A I^«atifle on Diamondc ind niecEoas 

SMws. Loud. ISIS, Bra.— BMondediUoo. 

Amateur Lapidaij'B Oaida, conEalniDE 
iKIniiiHoiu (or outUng, poUiblw, and 
letdag predeas Stones. Thlid sdlUou. 
LDal. 1^ 12mo. la. ai^Laai. ISXZ, 

DasaipUoa of Li^dailes' Appantes, 


LoBl. 1828; 7s. 

GataloKoe cf Hinenla fis Leamsii. 
I«d. taU, 12010. 4a. 

A sew deecdpUTa CstiloEue of Uine- : 
nb, airaaged fOr the Use of Students, | 
vlthDiaflmmfl of tiwir simple FonnalVom I 
Di. Cl^iSTs KTllabuB. Second adltiou. 
lond. 18«, er. 8r<i. pUte.— FqdtUi edit I 

SDtlnty mrritten. Loud. ISM, Tg. _ 
ElihtliBdlUaTi. Land. ISW, ISmo, 7s. 
IntTsdnetlon tathe Study of Concboiag;. 

14s.-FilUi e.i?tton. ' Lend. n. d. platl^, Ss. j 
eolonred plates, 14a. See Worueca . 

— Thomas. Dnirei^ Gardener 
and Botaniat, or a general Dic- 
tionary of Giu'dening; and Botany. 
Bj Thomas Mave and Jobn Abt^ 
orombio. Lond. 1797, 4to. 

tbird Bdiljon, edited by J. Main, F.L.a, 
Loud, 1S19. ISmo. BB.— Tweatf.aiith edit, 
br Main and aienny. Loud. 1857, 12nio. 
6b.— Hen edition, b; Gonna. Load. 1819, 

AIawiun, Joseph. Aa Ezcnr- 
Bion to the Hjghlanda of Sootlaudi 
and the Engliih Lakes, with Becol- 
lecdons, Deacriptions, and Befer- 
ences' to Hiatoricol Facta. Lond. 
1805, Sto. map, and 3 platos from 
early Jlrawiugi bj J. H. W. Tur- 

Plctnnar|ue Tour t3iro 
«rlind, on Ibe Bnka < 

YaarlSia. WItbmap*. Imid. I8IT,9to. 

Hf. Hairmaa was a London bwAaellar 
and publlaber. 

HAxrr, Anth. Fire SfnooRis 
befbre &e £ing £ James LI. Ldnd. 
1614, 4to. 

Tba Golden Cbata kf Mau'i Salndon. 
Lend. I«C6, am. Bto. Bright, ISa. 

KujXB, Characten, and Beflec- 
tions, critical, atijikal, and moraL 
Lond. 1756, 8»o. 

Antngeniona work by T. SrsFllla, pnb- 
llitadimmjiBiKUij. Bindley, pi. 11. mh, 

MAZimrB TYVltm. DisBcrta- 
tiones, Gr. et Lot. ex Becens, Jo. 
Darisii ; edit, emendatai occedunt 
Jw. Ma Alan ^ Anaotatimuo. Lond. 
1740, «o. 



DnlES of anftoo. 

'ItJo.Darislns. Caiital). 

.,c,l,;cd:t Google 

1622 lUX 

The UiiurUtloni of UadinaB Trrliu, . 
Teylor. Lond.l80«,omiinBvo.avol».lSi. 
M^xwEiiii, Jamae, U.A. The | 
laudable life and deplorable Death j 
of Prince Henry. Togetlier 
some oUmr Poems, in Hono . . . 
Xing James, Prince ChaFlea, and 
Prinoease EliubeUi. Land. '" 
AUde. 1612. 4to. 

A, t<n> luTBi, B-P. Id roan. Hi , 

pt. II. Ul, 31. lis. Bindlar, ft iv. 713, 
ii. at. BibL Aiw(o-P«l. 4SB, morr- - 
101. IOl iwold HlBgler. K as, 6d. s 
nl of tk* (tuiu »S ta39) us prlnU 
ConiinailC mrtorr of PrinM rfeiiry. 

Tha GgMan ArL or the light Wi 
KnrldUu Loud. leil. 4U. 

ThaOddSD LtgBnd; or Hirrour oi 
Uglou Hen and goodly Uatniu, cone 
iw Abishui, luu. ud Juab, ind t 
WlTe*. Loud. 1611, Sm. 

Qoecn Bllubath'i LooklDg-Olun 
am« tnd Olorr. leu.iania. Ou.C 

Chriatiin'a Frmedce 

iiapdmenf^ Creed, «)d 

In Oannanie oT the twe nugt no 
tiuiHFnterlekeaiidEUvlMtb. LiH 
N. Ok**, leiS, 4U. In all, H leaTee. 

Onrdouatoou, iSfft 5 
10T4, U. Me. Sd, Bl 


I, BlbLAii] 

and Notatle PtasliecU 

nf Bome'a dsfeotlon, IribiOallon, and re- 
formatlcii. Lend. ISIS, ltd. Brigbt, ISe, 
Ma^weu,, John, Bp. of 'Rota, 
Sacro-eanata Begum Msjoatas, or 
the sacred Prerogative of Chrietian 
Einga. Oxford, l&U, 4tQ. 
KiitherfOTd'e Lex Kei. Loiid.;i6M. 5u Lxi^ 

the Cape of Qood Hope. Lo«d. 
1716, 12mo. 

Kay, Edward, U.D. A lUla- 
tion of a dtrauve Monster, or Ser- 
pent found in the left Veotricle oi 
theHeaitof JohnPennantjaOentle- 
man, of the age of 21 Ycara. Lond. 
1639, 4to. with two cuta. 

Tvent7-tbree UiTei, Reed, IMS, *i. 
Naiuu, pt. il. IBS. Ta. Roiburghe, ISI*^ 
8i. ad. Beprinted In tha £fIU voluma 
or the Somera' CoUectlan of Tncla. 

— Edward. Epigrame Divine 
and Uorall, two centnriee. Imp. bj 
T. B. for John Grove, 1633, am. 8fo. 

Bindley,pUlI.l9M,«.>!!".M. Hel»r. 
1t.w:b«. Sottiebr, MB.rl§B«,l«.lSi 



— George. The WhiW-Powder 
Plot diecovtired; or a prophetical 
Poeme. 1662, 4to, 

Lloyd, na, with Anmar of Waller'i 

— B, The Accompiisht CooL 
Lond. 1671, 8to. portrait bj Gar- 
wood, BU"> **■ 

— Thomas. Works. 
TfaaHolTe.aConiedT. I.ead. len.dto. 
•omli, ISW, Ul— lasS, 4te. Bmnll, 
>T0,7l. Roiliarnha, M*it, 18s. North, 
:. Iletwr, pt li. 6<. Reptiatod Id Dod>- 
ifa Collection oT Old Pliyn. 

'lUgone,«Tr.gBdy. Ijaid. 1681. Sio. 

n Tragedy. Lond. t«8^ 

—■■" "" "a. Caldeoou, 

th Agrtppln^ 

h AgrlppiM, 

ia. M. Btaudea, laee, &8. 
In IhB yeer'nit'coiater olrcnl 

B, Google 


Hay, That. — euUinaed. 
fiml Tun. Lend. IMT. fDlio 

finoktlt, XTO, t£. la. Dmrj, iSM, IJ. 189. 

IdDd. ISia, ^ IBL pp. Uli, iQFlDd- 

tnc tttlsa, ud SST. *mli ■ porli^t of 
Hit, br ItlddlmiBt, mil ■ Tlnr of tbe 
tn honua of the pwUwMDt. Bditad 
bf B(i«i Huen^ irbo hu addail ■ 
fnbei^ uid In the marvliii of the pt^a 
of tbe TOrt hu BtvAn iWt abfltncu of 
Ut Diiitinli, nS likewlw ui tmrntOx 
ceDttlniDK the dectumtievu, Jfce-r « both 
b«Ha dT pirUuoent, wltb the ktng'i 
Hmn. 'This hlilin7 li wiiwm vitb 
niHb tamper, modentSao, uid JndgiiHo^ 
ai vlth grut vigour of a»Ic and unU- 
pitiiedbrtha Eari of Chatham fiir Ita 
DPOHtf , It Aanoot by any maana ba eon- 
limi HI ImputUI >i»k.— New editlOD, 
(Rdbid.ITDlTuiltT Pnaa, 18B^ Sro.Sa. <d. 
TbB Betgna of King Heniy tbe Beeond, 
irrltUD in eoTen 6ook«. Load. leBS, 

CtiarloB 1.- pp- 3C6, and pcrtratt of tbe 
Xing bj Vaughin. Hibbert, fiSBl, mo- 
nnn lia. Bli H. M, B;keB, pt- U- S<8, 
UICL InBlK,WB,tl.ta. 

The Tictorlolu Baigne of King Edward 
UiaTblrd.inlttailmaTeiiBookeg. Loud. 
in& 8to. Wrtttan In Tcne bj the spe- 
dil conunand of K. Cbarlaa I. Roaeoa, 
Un. Ita. Bibbart, 6360, nonuo, lln. 
Jadia, S3, II. 14*. mu. Angio-Poet. 4T1, 
a. (a. 7ngll», BOS. M. Ml. M. (WJafton. 
^A, including poTtnit of the ling, 4 
liavea : B-~N, B leaTU each, urn! o 1 
laaVH.— leSSr Biidler, pt. li. IMS, ». lOs. 

An Epitomsof EngUih lIlBtary, whDielD 
ArUtruvQoTeTnment is displayed tc tb» 

hupU; dBliiered bj ths maua of King 
■mn\^ AvA Qaeeo Mtj. Lend. 

-Tbhd Edition, iseo, »mo. wlili copper 

•x«!s,Si,ririr, ....», 

Itoo. Dr. Johnson, aaording to T. War- 

tud. mteta the latin poetry of May and 
Cow^y to that of Hilton, and IhUdca Kaf 

te bathe Oral of the Ihiee. 

PoaiB, till thB D«a<ti of Jnlina Cbmt, in 

Se.™ Bo*a. I^nd. for James flolsr, 

IMO, 12mo. engra.ed titla; first edltloB 

B (0 K in ^ht», with Dedication to King 
Cbariea, Cuin lersaa by Solplim. 

Gmpiaint of Gallic^ againat the D«tl- 


n„ CharaotB 0/ . rigii. UaUgnant. 

Tbe ehtngeable Con 

portrait of &f ay 

, Wmo. Pp. 118, with a frontlipiea 

"" — Boaca In tha drgaa of the Umas. 
,pt.i.30Or.rUBsle,3(.lSa. Heber. 

B: olil.U. Hodgwm, April. 1800, II. 18l 
Indley. pL 11. Utfi, wilhouc the frontto- 

"ay triwalatad tbe OeiHKiea of Tln^l, 
an'e Pharaalla, aome of Uanial's EpI- 
— "'"clay's Areonis, and hU Icon 


redrs, tntiulitted b7 Mr. 
Loud. 1788, ito. 

Uaxdkah, Henry. IfAval Spe- 
cmJatioiia, or Maritime Politicse. 
Lond. 1667, Syo. port. slat. S2,bj 
Van H0T8. pp. 348, 6e. 

Maixk, Jobn, B.D. A Com- 
mtmtaij upon the Bibie ; wherein 
the divers TraneUtoTB and Sipoid- 
tiona, literall and mjBlicaU, of the 
moot famoua Commentator!, both 
uitientand modem, are propounded 
and eiamined. Loud. 1663, &Iio. 
6 Toli. H. 14a. ed. 

— LuigL ViewB in Egypt, fixim 
Drattings in the PoBseaaioa of Sii 
Hob. AinsUe, t^en during his Em- 
bassy to Conetantlnople, by Luigi 
Mayer, with a Hiatonr of the 
Countiy (in English and French). 
Lond. B. Bowjer, 1801, imp. foUo, 
12 Voe. contAining 48 finely-co- 
lonred Pla(«e. 

ough, S 

Wblte Kidghts, 


1624 MAY 

MiiEB, Luigi — eonlinutd. 

uidFrenDh. Lond. B. Bowjer, ISfH. imp. 
OSa, M. 18». M. Mirqult of Townshond, 

and French Lond. R. Bowyer, 1938, Imp. 
rtlto, M coloured pUlas. Oough, 2W8, 

le HedltBmnctD 1^ 

lisbed in tonr Psrts by tlie eoBTivEr, w: 
WllU, Lond. 1810. »nd bu onltMplstBl, 


UlYIR, Miohftel. IiuauB Bi 
or serioiu Foatime, a philOBopbk'st 
Menourfte oonoemicg the Supe- 
riority of CreatuTEB under Man. 
TranalHted bj J. De la SsUb. Lond. 
1664, 12mo. 

EoBliBh by JoSn Hnll : H.lf of -bleb ™ 
dime In ode^^raoon^^.gbuui'f wine 

TobU*. Tobolffl Motuum 

Solis at LuDffi noTSB et eoirectK; 
qnibua accedit Methodiu Jjongitu- 
dinum promota. Lond. 1J70, 4to. 

Ids. e 

Improved byC. 1 

MiuBBi, BBodulph. Hu Tra- 
yrfa, containing a true recapitok- 
tion of all the remarkable paaBSgeB 
which befell in the Author's Pere- 
grinatioQS and Voyages, in BBrerall 
employments in the space of Forty 
T«MB. Lond. T. H, for Ed. Har- 
per, 1638, Ifimo. woodcuts. 

S-oH. IT. BI. 4i.,i>«riiii» 
ninville OollMtion. Clldai»tt,iiutli( 

MiTEHNE, Pstrite. The P»t- 
teme of all Pious Prayer : a para- 
phraaticall Meoter upon the Pater- 
noster, Ave Maria, and Credo, &e., 
also a Divine Panigyre on ^U>i^' 
land, in America, Doway, 163f^ 
small 8to. 

— Sir Thomas. I^cdlent and 
approved Keceipta in Cookery, 
liood. 1668, 8vo. 

BUhb, nuuLa, It- 
TcBQTTBT, Lewis de. A 8'p'" 
™1 Historia of Spaine, in thirty 
laka, tr»nalat*d by E. Grime- 
me. Lond. 1612, Gilio. 
B«<d, 4888, U>. Sd. 
MiTHEW, Eiperienoe. Indian 
ConvertB, or some account of the 
id Dying Speeches of a 
ible number of the daa- 
tianiied Indians of Martha's Vine- 
yard in New England. Lond. 1727, 

■WlllLnms, 1191, J>. M.- 
, Death of Death in the 
Death of Cbriat. Lond. printed 
by T. Snowden for the Author, 
in the Year 1600 [? 16801 

Poeco. Mortuale; di- tn Blew off 
Vetlh : in Vemi, " r B- Mj ?V'°"t^ 

dioio, leoopiesoj. 

MiSHABD, six John. Beporti 
temp. Edward IL 5« in Teu 
Books. 1679, ToL 1. 

— Sir John, Serjeant-at-Lsir. 
The Boyall Quarcell, or England's 
Lawee and Liberties vindicated, 
against the tyrannical usurpation 
d the Lords. Lond. 1617, 4to. 

— John. Lutenist at the most 
famous 3choolB of St. Julians in 
Hartfordslure. The XH Wonder* 
of the World. Set and composed 
foe the Violl de Gambo, ic. Lond. 
T. Bnodharo, 1611, foho, 

I lIeber, 

;. Google 

prtntsd Itr Hr. Utlenon mt tals i 
ima, J«l8 of Wighl, 181i, If. 

Mints, JwpoT, D.D. Two 
flaies, the Citf Match, a Conioed;f, 
■nd tlie Amorooa Warre, a Tragi- 
Comody, both long rince written. 
Oiford, 1658, 4to. 

BiDdlay, pt-lT. 14a, ai. Kbodai, IWS, 
8l Bd. BoibDighe, csar, IDl Sd.— ISW. 
Ulbbert. 8033, lU. 

Ttia Clt7eMstch,iCiiia«d^. C 
M88, (oUo. Roiburghe, B888, 95. B . ... 
MSe, 48. Seprlotsl la DadilST'i CollH- 

Ths Amoroai Wun, ■ Tngl-oomadT. 
tats, «(!>. RubDrghs, SSSG, Bl. Bd. 

Cutidna Scnnons ud Idttsn of Dc- 
fuH uld RufjiDtion ta aomfi of th ' ' 
Controreniai of ODI TlIIUL Lond 

a the Tear 17GS to the Tr«s^ 
of Amiens in 1802, with Notes. 
Bath, 1804, 4to. 4, toIs. 

B.ll,Ml,ias, Di]kei>fYork,S3S3, 
lbl»rt, 6SSe, nudi, II. lis. 

A ChroiiDlogioil HIatoi7 of Uie 


barglie, 7U3, Si. Sd. Hr 
- John, The Pope's Parlia- 
ment. Whereunto is annaiBd, an 
Anatomio of Fope Joane. Loud. 
1591, 4to. 

DedJuUd to Sir O«ofgs Tieiuliud, 
Siijiht.— l-onEl. 16M, 4to. 
USAD, Bichord, U.D. Medical 

Utin by Tfaomu StLtk, 

himlcml AopooDt OJ 

AndiaDllii MeniD<n of the hit* of B. 
lead, I(,D., br Ui. MiLCy. Loud. 17U, 

Some MsDiDln of the Lit^ udWril- 
ingaofDr. B. Moid, Loud. ITM,8Ta. 

Ufa of Dr. BlehftTd HoueTvatv, 8to. 
Loud. Svo, (>mtlric^). 


HsiD, Bobart, H.I). TheCombat 
of Love and friendihip, a Comedy* 
Lond, 1654, 4to. 

Bhad«i, ism, 2>. RoiluiglM, SMB. Bt 
lDg11i'OLdPU)^S8,I0a.«d. B«<d,Bl»^ 

Phillips irlthont »™nd»tlon. 

Mkadlet, Georee WilMm. 3 
moire of William Paley, D.D. I 
cond Edition, rerieed end o 
rected ; to which is added an J 

idii. Kdinb. 1810, 8to. 



Usmoln of AlgeinoD STdnar. Lond. 

18, 8to- with a portnlt, ]3i. wutm 

PKH, 1B«. 

Ueaka, Dermitiua. OnnoTumi : 

le, D. Tho. Butleri OrttoauB Co- 

itis, etc Commemoratio, heroico 
carmine conscripta. Lond. 1615, 

An Hlitortul Poem ODThotaai, Earl of 

_ -.holoela ta>redLUiiii, it>e de lIorUiB 
haredltuUB. Diibllo, ISIB, iSmo. 

MBiBES, John. VoyageB made 
the Years 1788 aod 1789, from 
China to the Iforth-weet Coast of 
America. To which are preflied, 
an introductoi^ Narrative of a Toy- 
age performed m 1786, from Bengal, 
" the Ship Nootta ; ObaerTstioiu 
the probable Sxisteiuie uf a 



KortJi-Wwt Paasagi . 
Aooonnt of the Trade botwoen the 
Korth-Weat Ooa«t of AmBrica and 
China, and ths lattec Couatrj and 
Orteat Britam. Lond. 1790, 4to. 

H«rea, b7 Cipt, QeorgB JJlioii. Lond. 
1790,«o. 3s.8d. FonlWll, 190«, Ha. 

An Answer to George niion, by 
John MeiTM. LonS. 1T»1, *lo. it. «d. 
Joho MUHM, bj Cspt, QwrgB Duon. 
MbaeS, Wiliiani. Lirea of the 
PrinoBB of tiie illustrionB House of 
Orange. Lond. 1784, 8to. 

WiS portrriu. WUUunB, IIM, no- 

liiisoB, ffilbert Laing. The 
landicape Aiohiteoture of flie great 
Pftinte™ of Italy. Lond. Carpenler, 
1638, 4ito. 

WlthSS lllhograpliie pUtM on lndl» 
Piiwr. 160 conlea ortnted (Or pritslo cir- 
cul^oa.buta'ldnt'U.te. UUford.lseo, 

SI. Brocktlt, H>66, a 

from ihe ortfilnel US. 

1859. Lond. S»o, 71 vols, wood- 
cute, atill continoed. 

llBOKtBNEnBBH.— The History 
of MecMenbucah, from the first 
SBttlement of the Vandals in t' ' 
Ooontry, to the present Time, 
eluding a Period of about three 
thouBund Tears. Lond. 1762, 8to. 

Writtan by Mrs. Barnh Scolt 

HxDAxa. — The Knowledge of 
Medala, trandated from the Frenot 
of Mona. Joubart, I>y Boger f-'- 
the Antiquary]. Lond. 1716, 11 

Cauagitno of MedJa from JnUoa Uaau 
Ifl ths gmpani SancUna. Land. Hit, 

ThsMoaameHiiMryof Englind. IIW. 
Bu PWBBnTOK, John, 

The MeiUlllc Hiaury of Hapolaon, with 

Meds, JoB^h, B.D. Wfflls, 

with a general Pcefiieo and an Ae- 
50unt of hia "Worts by J. WortMng- 
an. Lond. 1673, folio. 

BinaUT, Bl. il. 8M, II. la. Theaa «• 
juaati wrnka, wtileh wen otiginally pnb- 
lab^ ia dat*cb«d parte, eonUIn much 
jlaboiata erlUelna. 'Jfoiani aiposlion 
or UiB propbeelea coBt^nBd in the Seia- 
UUon anl In the bKA rf Dulal,tuva 
Terr propMlir kridled IhemBBlvea of the 
Ugtati bsia out to them by this gnat 

STaio's ClavU Awnalypti™ otcnpLes 
chief part of Bishop Hunl'a tenth 

Sa. Hebsr.Dl. Tli. r 
, Qoogh, as»C^ ISa. 
. 16e. 
Bvla Aporalyptlo* Bi 

of the Knelallon i with n 

B idiled a CrajeotDTe conceni- 
id UagOE. J*nd. IMS, *to.— 

a Apoatacj of tt 

r.' J.'k. iHiU. 
*na. 18«, ISrao. 

Tnulated bf K. Branaby Cooper. Lond. 

IfsDioi, Lorenzo de'. Foesiedel 
magnifioo Lorenzo de^ Medioi e di 
tdS suoi Amid oontemporanei. 
Lond. 1801, 4to. 
Dmrr, Si678, rnaela, 9t — 1701, 3n. 
~>elTe ooptea printad. 

Medioibh. — AnsnymouB PuMi- 
sattons on Mei^eal Sinence, &c, 

UBdJoIca cBrioM, or a VarlBtT of onw 
JoQUnnnleatlomi. Ixind. 1SH4-9S, «ta. 

Medlol Earap and Obeerraliona, !»■ 
iaed and puUldud b; a Soeistj la Edln- 

B, Google 

SlEDTCim — amlintied. 

burglL E^nb, 1733-44, Bta. 6 Tola. 
uknoxlBdgedbTHialer.— Tblrda! 

rs vii 0^>•Kmaoat pi 

lAnd. n6V-fJ, Bio. /roll. 18l. WUIatt, 

1886, e Toii, n»m, ai. ta. 

UedLcol Truuclloiu published by the 
College of Fhriiciua In LoDdon. Loml. 

Hsdlnai RullUl. Lond. ITIB-V, Sro, 
London M&£m1 Jonni.1. 1781— », 8«i. 

Hcdtcftl ConumnluEioiu. Land. 1784 

TBmAnt <^ medleil and ehlnrflcikl 
orledES. Load. 1793-1812. Sro. 8 voLi. 
[(dial ud Chlnu^lul Berlow, 179G 

the Lai 

ly ■ Friend to Im 
mlon}. Lond. S796, 

lObHrvatlimi: »id 
one uid flbmiA Syi- 

Duncui'B Anuli of UedleiDS. E^ab. 
17»r— 1806, an. 6 -oH. 

The London Uedlul Rerleir wid M*g*- 
ilH. Bj- ■ Bodety of Fhnliilni ind 
SiiiS»iui. Loud. 1790-1806, Sm. S tdIl 

The (London) Med<ul ud Fhyilu] 

Sro. 6 Tola. 'BeapBCtibla, bat dccuIdd- 
•l)y loo tartn;—Dr, Taavi- 

Ctlt}cgaa or Iba Llbnry of lb» Modtul 
iDd ChimitfcHl Bodoty of London. Lond. 
mo— IS^o.aputi.— NentdltloDiLond. 

Citmlogoa of the Ubnry of the Uediol 
Boeiety of London. Lond. 1829, Bro. 

CetUocoe of tb« Ltbniy of tfaa Boyd 
Coll^ of BanmnL Lond. 18S1 SO, Bro. 
4 niM. ud iDOax ot Satjaots, 

ledlul RepooltoiT, Honthly JouiiMl, 

"plana and ttflnngUaon, toIs! 8.101 SO 
rolB.— New SerlH, edltad by J. CopUad 

,,_.. Lond. 1814-38, 


London Hedleal ud BorfftalJonr- 

. / J. D>Ti«^ J. Bft*j ud J. B«a- 

ton. Lond. iB!84, Bto. 3 toIl— Coatl- 
nuod u The Londm If atieml ud Bnnl- 
' ' nludlnar the London Kadl- 
•dited by Ryvi, TolL S^. 

- -" -lei.edltodl^ 

e FouTtb.' edited by Dr. 

rruljfed according to the Lt 
nn. Lond.lB21,royal8™.l 

. pp. 310, and pUtea 7S-ia 

Medlco4;hlTurgIal Journal and Ki 
view. Edited by Dr. Jamea Jnhniwi 

d Foreien He 

Mar™l In 

Ulnhnreh Jonmal of Medlnl BcIenM. 
Inh. ieiS-7. 8vo. 8 TDla. 
Ulnbnrgh Medial and Snrfdeal Jonr- 
. Edinb. tSOS-NS, Bro. 83 voU. (In- 

.dndon sikd EdiDlmrgh Honthly Joor. 

StUl contlDDed, aoolbly, nt Si. 


8a. per Ko. 

inbUn Jodrnil vC Uadloil Selene 
Dnb. tasm, Sid. Sg Toll. >ad ■ Osnec 
Indei. Centlni^ed u the DubUo Qd> 
terlr JoiiRul or Msdieil Selenoe, 1S(M 
WtoU. 8ailcMiiiIlniied4a«nsrIy,«6i 

Dublin Medloa Preu. Dqb. IS39-e.. 
■m.4tfl.UToli. SUU oETDUnuea vwkl]', 


Edited by Dr. Forbei. [*iui.l83«-47,8i 
M Till, and Index. Merged !n the B 
tlah ud Foreign Medloo-Chlrnrgm*! a 

niMd H Uw AaodMlon Uedlul J< 

KalroapeelofMBJldne. EdltedbjW 
voU. SUll^tlDo^bienDlaV.ufi"- 
Bd1£ldb!?W?H. Kinking. Lond.l»S-lB 

JouniRl oT PBTolmlosI 
Ohurohlll, im-eo. 8vo, la 
tinned qwrterlf, el Si. Sd. 

Madiul CirciUu. Loud 

Edward Crtip. Loud. I8S 

"m.D. LoM. 
oL>. Still son- 

reklj-, It 4d. 
r. Bdittdbj 

Mjoiionra o» Lor.— Tha Med- 
ains of life, vhereunto ii added, 
osrlaine 'Htherings of Scripture 
called Patjioies Plscea. Lond. bj 
Wm. Oopbtnd. 16mo. 

Fnm Uamaeli'i Caulogns, pirL i. p. 
n OaHuiiLiOK. 

McDiciB, Catb«rme da. Stt 


— MwT ds. A true Diaconne 
of th« whole Occturenoei in tlia 
Qaeenea Voy&ge, from her Depar- 
ture from rlorence, untHl her Ani- 
TsiU at the Citie of UajveiUeB, toge- 
ther with the Trimuphs there made 
at her Entrie : whereto is adljoined 
har EeoeiTing and Entrie into 
Ljon*. All faithfiillj traUBUttd 
out of French bjE. A. Lond. 1601. 
Dfaols" Frogreaiei of Queen EllubeltL Stt 

Llfe.'byWiaPithlH. Loud. ISU, Bid. 

Wa>at, Tha Duke □£ Orden 
set downe hj the Duke of Medina, 
Lord Oeiiend of Uie King's Fleet, 
to be obaBned in .the Voyage to- 
ward Fnsbuid. Translated oat of 
the Spaniah into Bnglieli bj T, P. 
Lond! 1688, 4to. 

Eight leaves. RepriDted in tha firtt 

— Peter do. The Art« of TUm- 
gation^ translated out of Spaniah 
by John fnunpt^n. Lond. 1581, 

A eni^oDi tresHM vith aidisisM aad 
tablai.—Lond. IGK, Ito. 

MESmTiOHB.— Oertayna daront 
Heditationa rerj neceBaaij for 
Christian Men, &0-, conoeming 
Christ his Life and PaaeLon, and 
the fruits thereof, with two Hymns. 
Doaci, per Joan Bogardnm. 1576. 

(« Qeorge Cbipuu, but vllboat wiO- 

Glentnuon. liober.pC. ir. 2I« UI7a. 

Mkottaoiom cf the VII. Shed- 

B, Google 

UmLBia.— Ths MedlcTs 
1711. To which are prefiied tha 
It* Whig Eiamicers. Xond. 1712, 

Apmodful piper prlnolpally dinclsd 
■nlut Snifl uil hia p»rtT, MBduttid bj 
Hi, Ha^vulng, usiltail br Oldmiion. 

Mmows, Sir Philip. Obsarva- 
tioiu concerning the Dominion and 
Borareigntj of (lie S«aa, being nn 
AIntmct of the niirine AfTairs of 
Sngknd, Lond. 1689, 4to. 
Hmmended by Lord Chief Biroii FiAev. 

Mbiwail, Henry, A goodly 
Intralnde of Nature. (Lond. bj 
J-HwielL 1538), folio. 

Suburg he, no. BMS, producsd % Si. 

MEDWm, Captain Thonuw, Tbe 
Angler in Wales, Lond. 1834, 8to. 

I^r BinKletoQ ; ■HoTal. Lood.lSO, 

Tbi Sheiler E 
BfHlH Sheller, 
ftiptn. Lond. 

imotrt of Pen 

Miro, BoT. Henry, B.D. Suo- 
oii™ Opera ; or. Selections from 
incient Writflra, sacred and pro- 
fbie, irith Tramlations and Notes. 
ISIK, &e. 

Thl>irrltarUkeir[H ^nbllibed an ei- 

-- Hieg. Eiotio Plant! at Xew. 
list a noi. Sit Baukb. 

UlEBluii', Oererd. Oonspectai 
Originum ^E^ogrsphicarum a M eer- 
'■'anna prozims in lucem edend&- 
nm, in usom amicorum typis de- 
•mptui. Lond. 1761, 8to.. 

Mebtiho- (The) ot Gallanla at 
an Ordinarie, or the Walte* in 
Powle«. Lond. 180*^ 4to. 

Oeorge Chalmerg. II. 410, ItU. IBi. 
Beprlnled In Iftno. for the Ceror Soelety. 


Meg of Herefordshire for a Hayd 
Marian, and Hereford Towne for a 
Morris Daunoe j or twelve Morris 
Dancers in Herefordshire of twelTO 
hundred Years old. Lond. 1609, 4to. 
Hlbbarl^ 8908, more™, II. liB. Snlba- 

Bright, tSU, a 

Mis op Wkstkdibteh, — The 
Life of Long Meg of Westminster: 
containing the mad merry Prankei 
she played in her Life time, not 
onely in performing oundry Quar- 
rels with dirers RuiHana about 
London : but also how yaliantly 
she behaved her selfe in Uie Warres 
of Bolloiugne. Lond. W. How for 
Abraham Veale, 1582, 4to. 
Heber, pt. f, pirt of title Inlild, It 

JollCf,'Tt7l.— LonJ. R. Birrf, 1688, 41e! 
Heber, pt. Ii. iWi, fine oopr. at 12b. Od. 
Seprintcd lan u nin IH. ef the Mtical- 

Mbheqan-, Wm. Alei. A View 
of universal modom Histo^, from 
the Fall of the Boman Smpire. 
Translated by Henry Foi. Lond, 
1779, 8vo. 3 vols. 10s. Gd. 

MMBomtrs, Hcrm. Diet. In His- 
tOnajD Anglicanam Programma- 
Helmst. 1689, 4to. 



- John Henry, M.D. A Trea- 
of the TTse of Flogging in phj- , 
aical and Tenereol AiTsire ; also of 
the Offloe of the Loins and Beina. 
Made English from the Latin Ori- 
ginal by a Physician, To which is 

PnbUihed by Edmund Cnrll. 

.,M,ic»By Google 

1296, IBL—LBtlne, Lond. less, Ifiml 
'W)|\U KnIgbD, MIS, taar«ieo,89.— Lond 

MbIKB, Geo. Jred. The merry 
Philoaopher, or Thou^hte on Jest- 
ing, (mnel. into EngLah from the 
Qerauuf origiiul. Lond. 1764, 
12mo. 3s. 

HiniKBB, C. History of the 
Female 8ei. duukted &om the 
Gernmn by Feed. Sboberi. Load, 
1608, 12mo. 4 ti^. 129. 

Meisibb, Henry. Letters during 
a Besideiioe in BugUod. TranB- 
laCed fivm the Fi^ob, together 
'vnth a, Iiatter from the MorgraTine 
of Anspsch t« the Anthor. Lond. 
1799, 8to. 

MiuiCFtra. The Contemplation 
of Mantinde, englished by ThomM 
HjU, Lond. 1571, sm. 8to. 

A curioug IrestlM on phTBlDgiuiiir, &s. 

against Melaneboly made up i^ 
Pilla compounded of witty BalladB. 

Ths MeHBoliolr CBTilln', or Taefa 
Uutn Piece, bf J. C. Land, printed tor 
C.B.laUieyeariaH,STo. Hebai,pt.lT. 

TtfKT.iw rminw, Philip. Epigtoln, 

accodunt Tho. Mori et Lua. Vivis 

EpiatolK. Lond. 1612, folio. 18s. 

The works of tblB aijttngiiiihsd ra- 

fomor ue ftdmlrod for [heir learaiD^ and 

A TDTlo KodUe I>areiKe, tnl of I^mliie, 
dafenlinc tbe HurUge of PiiaU, tnuii- 
taUd ouU of lA^ofl TnEo EnglyBliLj bj 
Lotfin BeuobSEdfl. Loud. IfiU, Svo. 

A novo work cOcemlng both partes dI 
the SunmeDt to be reeerrad of the Iit 
people a> weU mder tka kind off wloe u 

eights, a' copj 'ia in the I^nbeth Ll- 
hiiry.— Load. ft. Jugge, tlBOe), Bto. 

KnlaUa lo lleur the Y113. for the n- 
TokiDg and ahoiialiiag of the mix Artletai. 
of sui Pralatei of tha Clergia, uwIt 

tantrD. TAnElatAdbj JohnBwefe- Load. 
Tba Juatlflution of Uta by Failb onlj, 

U&, ere. Keed, SSI, i'ob. Inglia, 10:Jl' 

Of the trem Aaetorltla of the Cbnnhe. 

glyBfaa, Ipsw, IMS, IBnio, 
A ftmoud and ^:odl]e JJiatoiie ; contain' 

Zutogllug: the ^clanllEFii of Uartin 
Lathera Paylhe, ifylh an OmHon o( bra 

QalleelM.^^Dd. John Airde'l^lMl, ^. 
Ingn-L lOaS. 21. 10a. Bolhebs, (Bp. Daly). 
Juoe^lBSS,!!. Ite. 

Id a LaUne Oration, made bj the famoni 
Clearke Pb. HelanMhon. Load. IMS, Sro. 

Fononlie da Ano CondaDandl et die- 

Pcaien, traOBlalsd ij Sichud HaUa- 
aoB. Load. in>, Sto. 

Two wonderful Foplih MonitBi to vyt, 
of a Feidah Aue whliih wu found at 
Eoma in the KiTer of Tyber, and of ■ 
mnokleh Calfe. oalTed al Fribarge Id 

Philip' HdaHtbDn.Ihe other byUartfa 
Luther. Traniiated out of Fraooh ints 
Eogliah by John Brooke. (Load )T.Eu^ 

■tere. Gor^oaatonD, JT€G, ii. 16a. 

A godly and Jeamed AaaartioD In Da- 
fence of Uie tme Chorch of God and of his 
Words, tnnelated by B(iob«d K(sbiBaiD>. 

B, Google 

EBglfBha I17 Kob. STngylUm. 

. ..lllWlgtit,8io. Ko 
tH. InglU, lOiO, Bh 

TheUfeof, oomprislag 
tbe ivHt ImportAntTiao u 
fonoitioil. bj PnnclH Aug 

>b,. r 

ObsenilloDB apon the Huidrnltlns of 
RdLI; MelanethDn, mtutnted with Fac- 

Iwi Comapondenc*. Br 8. L. Soir 
Load. 1899, Mlo, SI. m. ad. 

IIeluithb, Fabula traatoTaliB, 
Mta Cantabrigiee, coram iUge Ja- 
cobo. CuUb. 1616, 4to. 6a. 

Helbaitoeb, Brian. FLilotiniiu . 
Hie Wbttb betwiit Natare and 1 
Fortune. Lond. E. Warde, 1583, 

A cloH imitation rf Lilly'* I 

MEL 1531 

Mkuskata, Muaicall Fhanaiei 
> fitting the Court, Citie, and Conn- 
' trli7£[umou»,to8,4^d6Voia««. 
. 1611 

Mellis, Jobn. A briefs Instmo- 

tion and manner how to keepe 

■ Bookes of Accompts oRec the w- 

I der of Debtor and Creditor. Lond. 

. 1688, 8vo. 

Blacs Lirna. Hft P. TbomiaoB, 04, 
10>. Bright, 8i. «d. 

MeIlUOTH, Oonrtney, i. «. Pbatt, 
B. J. 

— William, K-O., of lincoln's 
Inn. Tbe 0reat Importmoe of m. 
BeligiouB Life conBidered. First 
'■"■ Lond. 1711, 12mo. port. 

UiHWUusona Notdi. II. 

r UnM?n?°inn"cbapd! 
!■ or PiOaU* and ami. 

« ot Shakipure'i Play. 

Ueldbitic, Sqnire. See Fin- 
Wton'g Scottieb Poems, toL 1. 
LyjiDBSiT, Sir D, 

MimtEffira. — The History of the 
iiUDiirs and OalUntry of the eeve- 
ni noble and polite Fenons at 
Kome and ^racnse; being the 
AdvejitoreB of Melinthns. Ijond, 
1728, 8vo. 2 yoIb, 

McuBH, John. TravelB through" 
>be Unit«d States of America m 
the Years 1808—11, and Travels 
tbougb various Forta of Britain, 
Ii^andjUid Canada. Hiilodelpliia, 

Lint of SsndDiu pniKhed ac (he Wirbnr- 
biDli>n Ldctnre in Uncolo'i Ion Cbapgl, 

Ex., Q.C. Lond. Roworlh. isU, ruTai 
Sto. It hu not bwn putilUhed. Tbtia- 

— "WilUam, ot Bath. Letters on 
eereral Subjects, bj Sir ThomaS 
Fitzoeborns. Lond. 8vo. 2 vole. 6b. 
Theao 1ftt«rA are highly i^Enir«d, and 

mtly reprinthd. 

moth, E.G.], and Benol 

I. A Ik Lusd. 17M, S< 

iSniaoTso. Relics of Melodino,* 
Portngoeee Poet. Translated from 
an unpublished HS. dated 16W. 
Lond. 1816, 8vo. 


1682 UKL 

Mn^FOUEiix, or ths Muses De- 
light, being new Poems and 8ongB 
written bj several of the great 
Wits of our Aga. Lond. for U. 
RogBTS, 1678, Sto. 
BtnilltT', Ft. il. iMifii.**. nsoId.Ua- 

MsLBOB Papers. See Bahiu* 

MiLXOfiB.^A Deioription of the 
Parish of Meb^»e ; in Answer t<; 
Ur, MaitlaDd'B QueriM, sent tc 
each Parish of the Kingdom. Edin- 
burgh, 1743, 8<o. 

Bt tha Rev. Adam Ullne. Ectmb.lTS*. 
— Edinb. 17^9, l^mi].— Kelu, 1^3, ]2ma. 

Mbltok, Edward. Engebch 
Bdebnan'i, [t. t. English Noble- 
man], Zee-en Land Beizen door 
Egjpten, West Tndien, Fersieii 
'Jiirkejen, Oost-Indien, ic., 1660 
1677. Amst. 1681, 4to. plates by 
Zjujkeu.— Amat. 1702, 4to. 

— John, AstrologBHter, or the 
Pigvre- caster. Rather the Arraign- 
ment of artlease Astrologers and 
f'ortune-tellers. Lond. 1620, 4tD. 

PL 111. l(«r,9>. Oordoastoiiii, USS. l»s. 
A copr, u<d to ba oa ubqb rtms, !■ in 

— William. Sermo eihortato- 
rius Caneellarij Ebor. hys qai ad 
■acroi Ordinee pstnnt promoueri. 
Lond. per Wyn. de Worde. 4to. 

TilJ. IngllB, 1850, l" 188. 

Mhlyillk, Mkivii, or Mbitih, 
Andrew, STEtANlSltlONadSoo- 
tiee Begem habitum in Corona- 
tions B^e, 17 Maij 1590. Edinb. 
WahiegTBTe. 1690, 4to. 10b. 6d. 

Prinolpls 3«(1 BrlC NattlU. EdInb. 
UM, Ito. A uip7 Is In the BritlBb.UD- 

Satfn Uanlnea 'nentmns qnid Yes- 

bf ScIi^ldB. and ■■ 

If ScIi^ldB. 

iBTH. Heber, pL 1. 13l 
le'Luwaule.* Itisnprlnt- 

— Sir James, of HalhiU, Memoirt 
of his own Life, published from the- 
original HS, by Qeorge Scott. 
Land. 1683, folio. 

S. BTii.-ai>i«. Iftl. imo. 8l 
Looa. IIU^Sts, H:ibbvt,G>7T,ls. 

u 'Land, IMS. 410. 

In the BrttlBh UDMnm. 

Edlnb, 1887, 4lo. Editsd fmn Ihs odgl- 

Df tbe Baanitjiis club, ''Hanrotl, 
CbIii7,U. IB). Bright. », Its. 

Tlili edition wu rapriDtad In IfflS br 
Iba HtiTuiD Olds, vblch «> In Ap- 

flned at Benrlok, Anno isil. 
~ r H, Anao Domini 1631, ani 
JoU«T. 18M, 81, Pp: 16, 1 
' Variou. PIsm of fngHlyo S 
tiT,' tdlUd by UsTtd Ulns, 

B, Google 



PuTina In tlie Adi^teH'''ni^"EdiD 

Ste BminfttTDfl Cltib. 1829. AppeDdlx. 

Mzi.TTU^, !EliEsbeth. See Cui^ 
BOS, Lady. 

— John. Meditktioiii. Lond. 
1G59, 12i 

Mkueb, S., M.A. Uemoirs of 
.Antonio CaDora,iTithncritic&lAni 
IjsJB of his Works, and an historical 
ViBw of modem Soniptnre, 

a book [u] 

■ Qnirtarly B». 

HBKNOir. Ste AsATBAXOisra. 

MlKOIBB, Britieh and Poreign, 
ot the molt illuatriouB Fsraons who 
d;'d in the Teara 1711 and : 
EDod. 1713-13, 8>o. 2 vols. 

ph7, Uith 

mitleka, Phvuicki, and athu 

ttn, t7 J 


jhllitlSil'^biB. ^nd^j 


5.HMri.,ieS3,lto. Slfcon- 


■fcr tl.8 iDEenlnna, or, U» 
Mercniy. By tvanl lludL 


ubllshed DODthl? ^^Ddai 



for UiB Ciirioiii, containing m 

tb« mwt yulu.ble ThlDgs thml 

published both >t home ud 

)br«d. Id 

iUUoa u> Arti and Sciences. 



Muraei on Ti»da UoUny, Mi- 


te, Bj«.Br.l kind.. 'Lond. 

1710, 4H>. 2 

leilBTi £•!•• wko ol 

tam-eiila. BHo, 

voliuna Is'onaii 
cua nf Junta 

1 to Ilia QalllH ot Franca lar bii Halt. 
Ion. Written bjr blmaalf. Trmnslatad 
-om the Orlglu1,nnbl^h«d at tlie Hiufua. 

Memoiri or tlie Bedfi^ G<>ftH-H7uHl. 
Lond. ITes, l«nio. a volt. Si. 
■' ■ - ■ ■ " iDln. Lond. 

"•; S! 

3{eiiobul8. — A proper Memo- 
rial for the 29tli of Ma;. Lond. 
1715, 8to. 

nriona punpUet. Sag 8aTa^'a U- 

loriilB for th« Ingenlima. [Edllail 

-. .irrFalthoraanndJ.Kaney.] Lond.. 

lesa, 4<o. 

lorlili of tbe Bigot Famllf. Lonf. 

. . !ni. 410. Compiled by tha taoo^ 
LordBagot. Priiiloly prinlad. 
Mkmoby. — The Art of Mamorje,. 

insisted out of French into Eng- 

ih by Bob, Copknde. Lond. by 

^ Mjddjltoii, IZmo. 

Men h^ore Adam, a theulogieat 
Sveteme. Lond. 16G6, 12mo. 

"- -*a,pt.l.SMi,10i, Boibnrgh8,Bltt 

01 RallqnlBi ei nnpen adl 

MsNAaBEH Bbh lasASL. Anglo- 
Judteas, or the Hiatory of the Jewa 
whilst in England. Lond. 1666; 

B, Google 

A wDrk«fc4iuLderikb1am4r1C^ 

ISsmysLBBOBS, Uoeea. Uemoire, 
■with his Conwpondenoe with La- 
rater, by M. SamDels. Loud. 1837, 

JaniHlam. (nndiited by H. Bn 
Land. ISae, 8tb. 3 Tola. 11. li. 

ISesDSZ, Hoaea. i. CoUectdon 
of Uie most eeteemed Pieces of 
Poetry that hate appeared for sere- 
nJ Years, with Variety of Originals. 
Lond. 1767, 12mo. 4s. 

Inlinded >9» impplsmaiit lo Dodsley'i 

Mendhak, JoBepli,A.M. Claris 
ApOBtolica; or a Key to the Apos' " 
lie Writings. Lond. 1821, 12nic 

A uriai rSpspara vblsh DriEinill; 
jHtued In the Blitli Tolmne of tlie Chi 
tiftq ObflflTTor. In oppoiiClon to the pi 
ciplHOf Dr.TlTlor'lKeytalhe Epii 

Acwoot of tba IndelM, bulb prohl 
tor; uul expurgttoTf, of tba Church 
Senna. Lond, IBES, 8to, 6i. 

GauT Bn Cborch Rafinm. LiKuL 18 
8>o. 10a. ed. 

Indu Libnmun Frahlbitomm a Hi 
V. Loud. 18SG, *Vi. St. 

LUarary PoUar of tha Cbnrch of Bo 

wim » b_. 

CooiKslt of Timt eoncemlng 

Serricc la nid, An. Edlled, vli 
Ai«,br£upa(OT(BeT. J, Meodh 
and Eig. Lond. l§tSO, Sro. 
PalsoM HIatoilB AoU Condi 

inbibllad 1)7 till 
1 of Uie Utetuf FoUoy 

idhuii). 8e«nd 
d. ISM, llnw. 6a. 

edlCloD, si^ugad. 

L BdiW 

of Borne. 

MESSiBn, DoD Pablo de. Ba- 
inmen hiatdrioo da la Berolockiii 
de loe Estadoa TJnidofl Mejieanos. 
Lond. 1838, 8i'o. with plates. 

Meijsoija, Glon^alez de. Eutory 
of China, tnmalated from thi 
Spanish by Farke. Lond. 1688, 4to. 

Undartaksn at tbs rEqnait of Bd. 
Haklnyl. Brigbt, Ulle Inlaid, II.— Vai 
edLUoD. edited b^ S^r Cieo. T. Staunton 

Jor, Ebo, Lond. Bro.aTolj, Printed ft* 

*S7. HiKlDYT BOOMTI, Ap^Bldix. 

Mbheoza, Andrew de. Two 
Bojal Eatertaimnents gireo to 
Prince Charles by Philip IV. Lond. 
1623, 4to. 

— Don Antonio de. Quererpor 
solo querer : To lore only for Love 
Sake ; a dramalick Bomance. Writ- 
ten in Spanish in 1623. Para- 
phrased in English, Anno 16B4 (by 
Sir R. Fanshawe). Together with 
the Festivals of Aranwhei. Lond. 
1671, 4to. 

Cailatiaa. ^ A, a, and l^ *^ learaai 
Quanrper tola, B— Vj Fieatai de Ann- 

ilndJsrrpl. lil. 618,"n* 6d. iiabw, 

pLlT.lSs. Uilgh^GLSd. THiccrxpH. 

— Don Bernard de, Theoriqae 
and Practiie of Wane. Trmmlaled 
out of the Castilian Tonge by Sir 
Kdwardo Hoby, Knight. Lond. 
1G97, 4to. 

Dedloatad 10 BLi George Care v, Knight. 
OordoDstoan. IHT, 7i. ed. IdkUb, tinSf 
Sa.«d. Bright, ea. 

— Hur^do de. ;Sm LAEiKiLLft 

— Lopes de. See Lopiz. 


DOmpIete Colleotion 
Hkngatiim imd luutiool Aitrano- 
mj ; with lunplcs coaciK, uid m- 
cunte Methods Gir aU CiJcuUtitnu 
UBefiil at Sea ; pBrtiaularly for de- 
ducing the Longitude &om Liuu 
SiitanceB, and the Latitude irom 
two Altitudee of tbe Sao and the 
Interral of Time hetween the Ob- 
toratiouB. Lond. 1806, 4to. 

Fonnu ror tha rudy CileiiUclDDBof the 
laiKtRide »IUi thd TiblM. lM4,(oUo, 

MBHXLiua. SphBricoi-um libri 

ni edidit. Edm. H&Ueius, LL.D. 

Profatioiieni addidit O. Costard, 

iM. Oiou. 1768, Bvo. 3s. 

Comlnbla, XI, Sl BUei, ed. 

MntEW^ Ctracioai. A plain 
EabTernon or turning up ijde 
down ul the Arguments that the 

Bion ; also a OoniiitiiGjoii, &c. made 
DiaIogue-w7Be,hetweene the Friesta 
mi the PrentTce, ISmo. n. d. 
PrfntB] ntwil 1664. Bolbtlir, Jnu, 

UsNsa.SirAnt.Baphsel. Works 
on the Pine Arts, translated from the 
Italian. Lond. 1796, 8to. 2to1b. IBs. 

Uims.M. A Description of the 
CoronatioD of theKinga and Queens 
of France ; wilh an bjatorical Ao- 
connt of the Institution of that au- 
gust Cereraouj in France, and in 
other Eingdonu in iBurope. Lond. 
17BS, 8to. 

Pp. tW. vltti a fnotii^BH 11? J. ClHk, 

-iwweSSaon. LoD*, ins, sto. e». 

HnmiH, Bti John. Mnsamm 
Delicise ; or the Muses Itecreation, 
containing aerend Fiecea of poe- 

Slmith). Lond. 1656, 12mo. 

Fp. 101. H!bbgrt,63I0,ll. Blbl.Anglo- 
Pki. as, ti. Si. LtoTd, eu, tl. 14). 6d. , 
s««D, pLLMas.lfli, SlrM. M.Bj'kai, 
'■ - BlndlaT,;Ull.l 


FuetiiB. Hniamii DbUdIb', or, ttw 
Hnau HeEraatloni, contiliilu Hranll 
Fiecei of PotUone Wit, bj Blr J. 11. ud 
J> : a. 1M&— Wit Bsitond, Id Hvenll 
Hiact Foem% not fomuiir pDbllili*t, by 

, UM.— Will BKRatioii*, 

Hlsitsd tnm tla flnei 

Dr. Jtmes Sinlth, with > Preftm (by 
EdATd Dntnla.) Land. 181T, poM 8to. 
a Toll, with woodcnti, U B>. Bmekett, 

Mebtkt de S&lmonet, IL S»* 
MoHTETH, Bobert. 

Uene. Manu Dhirma S^tra. 
The Institutes of Mann, edited by 
a. C. Haughton, M.A.,P;B.8. 
Lond. 18S4, 4to. 

A TslnnUe work. Am JOMia.filrWm. 

McNZlES, John. FapismDa hi- 
cifoguB, or a faithful! Copie of the 
Fapen eJehaoged betwixt him and 
Francis Demeter, a Jesoite, aur- 
nsmed Bin or Logan. Aberdeen, 

GordonitDnn. IIWO.IIS. 

MeITzibi, Benedetto. L'Arte 
Foetica Italians, in cinque Conti. 
Lond. 1804. post 8to. 4 Tob. Ss. 
A Ter; aeit ^Ition, edited byMotbtu. 

Mkbbubt, Charlee. A briefe 
Discourse of Sojall Monarchic, 
with a Collection of Italian Pro- 
Terbs. Lond. TautroUier, 1B81, ito. 

Tbis book AppBATBtobSTfl beoD printed 

niila, 1Tb. Bright. impaTfeot, tn, 

Mescatox, or CommerM >«■ 
triered. Lond. 1708, folio. 
A chfcTActoT Of tbil papar will bo Rrand 




Additionitl Foemi. Land. 1804, 

12mo, 4a. 

Od voema wu pubtllbAd I 
— rtilt hh by Lord Ulflnb- 
MOa, ISmo. ponnil. 

MEiu}EB,Lieut.-CoL William. An- 
^li» Speculum, or EngUnd'i Look- 
ing 01a«se. SiTided into two Porta. 
Load. 1646, 4to. 

Bis. QS. Part I. ending vlth dg. F, 

of fiBsbon p«ma. Prefixed Is ^porlr^l 

un, dL li. l&S, with ftddltloiu] portrait of 
the Gstl or Eiwi by Qloier. A. S>.,>iov 
in theGrenvllle Ubwrj. 

TT», only □□« copy known, imd tlut 

Nf w) fruTD Puiiunu. Losd. 189. Bn. 

I ■ Chronicle of the Threa Kingdoiae,' 
iLcVi never (Lppeared. 

ir'a DucrtpUoa of Inli^l, and of tba 

jond. JugRf 

MEBCHisroH, Iiord. ^e Na- 
MBB, John. 

Mbroeb, Tbonuu, Biabop of Cu- 
lisle. Sp^ch in Parliament oon- 
oeming th6 deposed King Riclumi 
II. Lond. 4to. 

Hebchsio Ituico, IL 'FhB 
Italian Mercury. Land. 1789-90, 
8to. a toIb. 

Br Santru Uariiiila of TowDibend, 
m7£ a Tula, and pan 1. of toU Ul, 18a. 
Bindley, pC. U. I9», S Tola. Sb 


Wine, Bear, and Ale, iDEBther br Ihi 
Bares. A Ulalogna vrllten Brst in Dnlik 

eu[ of ths original Cople, by Mennuiu 
Biltanniciu, for tba BanaBu of hie Na- 
tion. Itaa, 4M. Koaburgha, tat& 16l 
Bhodai, <SS. i«i. 

HarcuriuH BritbuilDiia, ot tba Enffliib 
InleUigeneaT ; a Tragi-Cosisdy u uUd 
at Parii. Lond. 1A41, 4tfl. A political play 
on lbs inblaot or Bhlp-monay, tn vhltb 

altuked nnder feigned nunaa. Ultfisd, 


lannrlae PragmaticuB. 1047, ila. Uojij 

Ute. ATragi-Ci 


GoiBlpplng. B/ 

ed, Ike. By Uercarina Malaaobolim. 
rinted In tba Year of tha Balnf ■ Fear, 

The Cuclioir'e Neat at Veatminitar, 

..rda QuMD Fairfai and Lady Croinirel), 
&t. ByUerendmlllelanehQllcDL Prim- 
ed in Citckoir-tlnie in a Hollow-tne, UU, 
Beprlnted In the Sflta volnma of Iba 
ilan Mlacallany. (The antboi'B ml 

1 Death-bed. By Uercurina Melaa- 

I Cotalsr'a B^, irllb hli lap-ftd of 
Uersniie's Fnp'haUcua, or a CoUaelioI 


anrt ban ■mstr netloDi, 1 
SuuD, ft. II. 809, UM. 
Huizle for CcrbeTDS snd hii tbnw 

ud MBluiebDllciu. Und 1MS,4U. 

Klnelea. KDd Ijlng Wotlilsra b)' Mercu* 

rat.orllniilbnBln ProM. Printed la 
year 1683, 4Iii. North, lit, ill, S3S, 

v BrlUnnlque, a Jnmul sdlMd 
HUHiiQ, Sir John. Butb. 

HiBcnBY Galunt, i^Maant Be- 
lltiODB of what pused Bt Fans tiJI 
Uie Eing'a Departure. 1673, 8ro. 
Strett«ll,8S<,&. Nuiui,pt.l. 99S7,Ti. 

UERDON. Stt luBBK, Mat 

MBKESirn, Hsniy. Account of 

tha gold Coast of Africa, with » 

brief Historr of the A&ieau Cran- 

pun. Load. 1B12, 8to. 9b. 

A lucid sod nluible uxount. 

— Wftlker. The Fidelity, Obe- 
'diance and Talour of the Eugliah 
BitioD. LoDd. 1642, 4to. 

— Sir William. HiBtoriml Bc- 
marks on Ihe Taxation of free Slatea. 
IiOTid. 1788, 8fo. 

I. SI. Ite. Rd. Bindley, pt iT. SI 

Jidli, 61, moreccD, II, Si. Oai 

• lS8t,U.iai. ed. Ueber, pt-ll.t 



iLrLp.Si. Mll- 

focd, in laWJ 

— William George, A.M. Me- 
morialB of Charles John, King of 
Sweden and Norvraj. Loud. 18S9, 
8*0. port. 6s. 

MebBS, Fnuicia, M.A. Falladis 
Tamia. Wits Treasury, being the 
■ecood Part of Wits Common 
Waaa. Lond. P. Short, 1598, 

by John Bodeuhim, S^publlabcdss Wilts 

teseel. eimlUes. ud Eiimplet. Bulfbrtll 
choflffllj foe the Bonafltl o^ young Scbol- 
, I*n. Lond. ISH lima. Preflied li u 

Ing d>M 1636. Iii«ll>,' 1029. data lll£, 

monweillli, I'els, IL Sa. Brigbt, II. 12i. 
[Contains at p. !SI tha sarllstt printad Hat 
oC Bbakapara'a Plafs.] 

user, I'amo. Twanty^ia leaTsa,' la tha 
QrenTille CoUestioo. 
Tba Binnani Oulda. 16H. &K Liwis 

Mbbioot, J, Select Collection of 
Views and Ruins in Bome and ita 
Vicinity, eiecuted from Drawings 
made upon the Spot, in 1791. (Let- 
ter-press in French and English.) 
Lond. Edwards, 1797-99, 4to. 2 
pts. in 1 ToL 61 oquatinbi plates. 
JOMOB riPiB, sm. folio, the plates 

Tblairark bus been twlcs raprlntad; 
Bnt,b)> Whits and Cocbrane.ntKiitiaog; 

Msarrtiir, Qeorge. Anglorom. 
Gesta : or a brief History of Eng- 
land. Lond. 1675, 12mo. Portrait 
of King Charles II. 

0. Bindle7,ptll.UI4,12i. Skegg,aa. 

Thomas. Lore and War, a 

Tragedy. Lond. 1658, ito. 

Roiburghe, MGl. Sa.ed. RhDdeg, ie7& 

1. lla1ier,pt.lL U.Sil. UitfoidiinlWO,^mnedj, 

1. M. Boibnrgha, HU, 

B, Google 

«•. Reed, 1198, wlUi Love ud Wk, 
1SS8. ion, Sd. Heber, Sd. 

MkeiTALI, J. H. Orlando in 
BonceavalleB, a Poem in five Can- 
i™. Lond, 1814, 8to. 

Mebldt, AmbroBB. Life and 

PropbecieB. Set HsrwooD, Thos. 

''Hie true naiue, aeooidlDg to Humph'. 

mirth'en (Uuidii^ when he vu bora.' 

This poetlui 

teenth ceiitnTy,ii All! deeoriptlDn of which 

vUlbafouadiuBrunet, Hiinnal dn Libnjre. 

Piopbslla AngllciDH. LiUne a OaJIVLdo 

I! .- — I '^■■»-, eTj^ntt- Alinldeln- 

hem.'— J?rtoi»fl. 

as. M.— Fnncof. 16M, Bj . . 
dSu ABBOTaFOAD Clgh, in Appendix. 
MsBBETT, Christopher, M.B. 
Finaz B«runi naturoliimi Bcitauni- 
canim, continena Vteetabllia, Ani- 
malia, et FoEeilis in hao Insula re- 
peris. Land. 1667, 12mo. 4s. 

1 I. I. .1. flj3, pnijitc 
iC 0/ Britlih 

Mbebbt, WaltOT. EemulB on 
the Coinage of England i to which 
is added, an Appendix, containing 
OhsemitionB upon the ancient Eo- 
man Ctunage, and a Description of 
aome Med^ found near flottdng- 
ham. Nottingham, 17S9, 8to. 

Ad BiMllBiit Usct. B™keil,MS^ at 

MiBBlOE, Jam«8, U.A. Ajoa- 
tatione, critical and grannuattcal, on 
the Goepel according to St. John. 
Eeading, 1764-?, 8yo. 2 pta. 6e. 

ThM irnle work BbauiidB *ilh ctMilal 

to Uie atudf ofthe Nsw Testiment. 

— Kico. A Book of Qlamorgan- 
«bire'« Antiqaitiea. 1578. folio. 

Fint printed (priTBtely) frtnu the orief. 
OBl MS. br gir Thwiw FhUllpps b1 hla 
uat If Id^ HUl, Woreeatenblre. In 1S», 


Mebbie-kah, Doctor. 1609. Su 
Bo'nTAND, SamueL 

Mebbt Detu, The, of Edmon- 
ton, aa aoted at the Qlobe. Lond. 
1617, 4«o. i;. lla. 6d.— 1631, 4to. 

Beprtntad, Milford, fie. 

MjEaBTUHi). — A new deaorip- 
tion of Merr^land, contuning b 
topographical, geographical, and 
nBtiuul History of that Couotij. 
Bath, 1741, 8vo. 7a. 

itriclona ^ta, attributed la 

Tbsmu Stietzer, 

Thd potent AII^ or Boccc 

E to the 

Hbrbtmah, Ihomaa. Tie 
mat^hleaa Rogue ; or an Account 
of the Cbeata and Amoura of Tom 
Verrrman, commonlj called Sev- 
gate Tom. Lond. 1725, 8to. 

HsBBr MvsicuH, (the), or Ciin 
for the Spleen ; being a CoUeotiDn 
of direrling Sooga and Pleasant 
Ballads set to Muaick. Lond. 1716, 
3 vols. 8vo. 

Heber, pt ii. IL 3a.— Lond. Wsleh, 179^ 
Slo. S 'olB. ' UtteiHffl, in 1»3, 21. IBs. 

Meeting. — The most bmoni 
and renowned Eistorie of that 
woorthj and illuatrioua Enigh^ 

B, Google 

BoDDe to Oger tha Dane, by I. H. 
lend. 1612, 4to. 

HHk KUar. 1T« IHTM. StsmiiB. 
1171, II. Bmbdrglie, SBS). If. ITh. Nu- 
Hui,pt.U.ISI,3J.lG«. Bright, SI. 7>. ed. 

ii^Aass, :Kioholaa. Minutes 
of bb Nugooiatione at the Ooort 
of England. TranaUtcd from the 
ritncL Loud. 1717, 8to. 4t. 
Bf Jtenlsl Dtf«. 

MssaAiXHA. — The Amoun of 
Maudinii, late QoMii of Albl 
Lond. J689, IBmo. 

Sprint bt,n appeared i atav tnmalaUoiu 
TIu EDTdWanton, Dr OiOUDk Intrlgtwi 

Camplata ■UDtr. — 17W, L 

neon. Tits 

sonctomm Evangelist. JobfUima eC 
Laos, Or. et Lat. a Bich. Bretlo. 
Oion. 1697, 16mo. 

MsTtsTASio, Abate Fietro. O- 
pent, illiutrBte di Xote e Dilucida- 
lioni grammiticali da Bomualdo 
Zotti. Load. 1813, ISmo. 6 Tola. 

ulo by Mln»al! "soIiebr'B fnlKl'w. 
S«IU della Open deu' ilbile P<elro 

Opere u«lta, rtvedote da LamaTdo II»> 
llnr SeeoadftEdlilon*. Lond. ISOT, IZmo. 

llu,lu*l)aHnof Alblcm. Pii.lNB.Sro.; 
Hkbbu. St« Mexu. 
ICbssitioek. See H-AsarNSEB. 

MiggmoHiH, Thomas. Flori- 
le^rani Insnln Sanotoram 

MssTEEB, M. do. Sooretdrs d'nn 
?oj<ge en Aiiglet«rra. Paris, 1791, 

Mktoit, William, A.M. Poeti- 
al Works. Edin. 1767, 12mo. 

^iknu.ta. 5« Ratmp. Bevleir, pt. 

MrriiB.— A Colleotion of Valo- 
>^ TrestiBes upon Metals, Minee, 
wd Binerala. Lond. 17B8, 12mo. 

<f i3t nHIa ol Minu. . 

lUliinbyJoha riool*. Lond. 1800, 8to. 
a Tall. Thli edlHon eonlilni elghtaen 

Le Dream of Beiplo, tbe Birth of Japlter, 
jd Ailna appeaud. TrauUted from 
i« Original by PrmoLa OUvari. EhibllB, 

plate the Serlet,de«tc*ted to the Caantfsa 
of EtBnghain, hr W. KBloe}. Priratclr 
pdnted. SDtfiebj'e In Uaj, ISSZ, in mo- 
r«», 1S8. Heber, pL Iv. 6e. 
iitaiBfim; an Opera. Translated 

lenoh, an Engllah OKrapi 
dlnVeiMJ. Lond. 1783, a 

. _, _, -.-Dublin, 

D. Rnrlhtri in 
Britub Tbeatn. 

The ClEDencf of Tltua. liiuep. IGU, 

Bndlmlane; Berenita nn I1ir«« Ads, 
ndlnTerae], luL and £DgtUb. Dub. 

mie Patriot; a Tiagedr [altered ftom 
[gUilailoi br Uharlee Uanulton. Load. 


The Kojul Shepherd ; en EngUih Opera, 
rtllend tinm Meuitaais], try B. Kolt. 
Land. (1704) en>^17d», ISmo. 


TmniUHi™, ehlefly (Vim tb< 
ofFetnTchinJ Uttutiilo, [br 
Tbog. La Muurior]. Oif. IIM, 

1 tdoni of Anoietit and Modem Dnw- 

' ings from ths Beetontioii of tlis 
Arts in IWy to the present Time. 
- Lond. 1798, foL 

Pleoea aslMlad trtm the ItilUn Poeti 
by A». I»U, Camh. 1T78, «ib«U Bvo^ 
Opal Lofft'i lAun. Lima. 1S14, limn. 
e ToU ennn^B (Ber. C^ Spedmeu of 

Chules, Mh. D. 

Metoutb, Joim of Knsreibo- 
rough, commonl; called Blind Jaak. 
Life of. York, 179B, 12mo. port. 

UiETOura, TheopfailoB. Short 
Writing. Lond. 1G60, lamo. 6s. 
WlthportreltofMBliaKe. Tliii«M«y, 

UilrtT-llTS sdtUaa^ hid Hnr, In iwU^, 
men thu on. Ths idltlou, u thar 
an calM, van only aaull numban takan 
ftcra tha uma plataa at diUMwit Umaa, 
and tha dataa u oftaD altorad In tba title. 

Uetiobb, The. Lond. IBOO, am. 
8yo. 2 vols, 
A GoUasUan of Poema. Raxbgrgha, 

UxTKBiir, EnfanoeL Eiitoria ] 
Belgica. See CHimaHTABD, Thos. 
Mbtsis. Sie SeaIiE, J. B, 

Oresk TraBadlaoa. By a Uembvrof the 
UnlT. of Oifard (Dr. J. Burton), 8to. Sa. 

MbthioUi Miscell&nj. Lond. 
8to. 1603. Edited b; Un. Eiddle. 

KCsTBiCAir Bomuices. See Ab- 


BOH, Joaeph. Wbbbr, Henry. 

Metbohibibton. ^mWABHIBiJ. 

HsTKOPOLiTur Maoazinb, a 
Joomalof theFineArti, literatare, 
£c. fromita Commencement in 1831 
to the end of 1849 (then disconti- 
nued). Lond. Saooders and Otiey, 
244 pta. pnb. at 39. Gd. each, and 
forming B6 Tolfl. Syo, 101. lOs. 

This Hrial waa at Aral adllad by Thoa. 
CampbtU, tha poat. ansrvurda by CapL 
JUinat, Itaan 1^ Edv. Horaid and olhan. 

lUTZ, Conrad Uart. Imita- 

7 plicea (IneludSig tha Par 
id by C. U. Idatz. 


Imltattona of DiawlBgs by CaravaisN'^ 

BtiiillaB from Dia.>lngi, cblcfly fna 
the Antiqae. Lond. tor ths anchor, IIX. 
Iinp, (ol. SO plalaa. 

Mkum, John do. The Dodaidiff. 
ohedron of Fortme ; or, the Bira- 
ciae of a quick Wit, Englished bj 
Sir W. B. Knight. Lond. 1613, 

tm. ita. BUCX LETTES. 

»116 metrical anawsra in eooplot vaiaa. 
HU. Anglo-PAat. eoo, il. Bi. atsevev, 
9eo,lla. Solhsby'a in IBJS, 11a. Fairy, 
pt. I. Idn, Ba. FrealLPi, 18a. 

MnTBfln Elegantiie T^i^p' Scv- 
monia, sao Aloisiee Sigece SatTni 
Sotadicfe de arcania Amoria et Ve- 
neria. Lond. a. a. lEmo. II. Is. 

Than are at leagt tio adltlona prlnlad 
W I^gland vilhout any deBtgnaUon of 

lasa DC date ; also ooa printed with Baa- 

IN ; and anathar, BirminffAama, ex tj/pit 
TuiiiUiu, 1790, S Tola. IBmo. contalufag 

Dsllghta of tha Nnptte] Bad, Uld opsD 

rlnttd [n tha liland of Paphoa, n. C 


it Copanhagso. 
OB >•.• ».>.i.>>^cv^ .~>.-na, p. GOS. 

Mnii, Pedro. Hie Treaaorie 
of auncient and modeme TintcB. 
TranalBted ont of Pedro I£ezia and 
M. Prano. SanBovino ; aa alao irf 
Anthonie Du Terdier, Lord of Taa- 
privax ; Iioujs Suyon, Bieor de la 
Hauohe ; Clandioa Gmget j Ac. 
[Tranelated hy Thomas Millea.} 
Lond. 1613-19, folio, 2 lola. 

Tblavork oonUlni mnch ooilnu 
tai, iha naolt or Tatjona and anti 

B, Google 


Mjxrco (New), othcrwiaa the 
Tojage of Aiithony of Eapoio, who 
in the jeara 1583, iritli hia oam- 
puj, ducoreced s lionde of 15 
pronncea, replenished with Townag 
ud VillagBB, with House of four or 
file Btorieg height. TranBlnted out 
dftfae Spuniah. Lond. T. Cad- 
mm, n. d. (1587), 12nio. 

— The preeent State of Mexico : 
u detiiled in a Beport presented to 
lie GbihtbI CongreBa, by the Sb- 
mlarj of State for the Home Do- 
puimeQt and Toreigii Affaira, at 
the Opening of the Seseioa in 1826. 
With Notes,, and a Memoir of Don 
toMB Alaman. 1825. 

Mbtuice, Samuel Biub, LL.B., 
k, A critical Inquiry int{> Ancient 
iwDur, as it existed in Burope, 
but narldeularlj in England, from 
llie Norman Conquest to the reign 
«f K. Chavles II. with a Gbssa^ 
ofMilitary Terms, io. (First edi- 
^00.) Lond. 1824, folio, 3 Tola. 

i Ihronghoul by the 
BliUnce of UteiaTT 
i in gold iDd silver, 
IMonil pl.t* of Ihs Trrarua. 

Sl,'lmperi.l 1eJ"s vol'^lbl. ICB. 

ji ^[nioiHuiwrbmhBolrjglMl work 

«»■ »iid hiitorical _._. 

•aata and rteoodlta teainlDF 

Mio 1541 

ourt to th« full, rich cm- 

Abbey. Ro»lly and truly t 
±dminb\y BiMuUd.Md del 
ealagf.'Siubursh Ecviair, 

Dr. Heftick contribuled many Pagers 
t tfae AnhiBologla, Qent'a. M.g., &c. 
S« C*BT|I, Jobn, Bmith. Charles 

MKZKaiY, p. E. "sr. de. A gene- 
ral clironologiciil Historj of Franre, 
beginning before the Reign of Xing 
Fharamond, and ending with tho 
ReignofK. Henry IV. Trmalaled 
by John BulteeL Lond. 1683, 
folio, 6b. 

MiOHiKLIs, John Dayid, latro- 
duclion to the New Testament^ 
tfansL &om the Cterman, and coa- 
LderabiY augmented with Notes, 
nd a Disaertalion on the Origin 
and CompoaitioQ of the three first 
Gospels, by Her hert Marsh, [Biahop 



UiCiuxiJB, J. B. 


.A on liUIal Ulsri- 

EiditolB da ua HtMomitlbni Dk 

lellB. Lonil. 1773. Bto. Th«e letttn. 
^dn»d 10 Sir John Frtngle, oootrfn 

■o Ihe I 

o.SLSd. Attrlbntad 

MODdnDoe of tti4 Hal 

ttaHliJi. II. Of tb« 
Ftoai Che Boae. Ill 
Jubilee, fton >a uh 

jfcc. TnflBUt«d ^ ^ 

Uon on the Origin mnd Comporitlon of our 
tbree flnt ™onlMl QotpeH. By Her- 
iKrt II*Mh, I«», 8vo. 

The ETldenee (Or the AothentlcltT «nd 
diTtoe ImntiaUoii of the ApoMlypue, 
eUMd sod T!ndl»tedrtani the Objections 
gf the Uta PnrfMiot F. D. Mlchaolli; In 
L«tteni «dd™»d to the Ber. Herhert 
Mirth. Loiid.l802,BTO.SB. 

Bk Lnhe'e Preftice to hla Ootpel ei- 

Hjpothaiti reapBctlns the Ori^n of the 
ihreefir<tGoei«l>. Biilh.lSOa, Bvo. 

Uluilntlon of the HTpotheale proposed 
In the Dlswrtitlnn on the Origin tnd 
Compoeltion o( our thres flnt lanonicil 
GmnelB- With e Preface, and en Ap- 

^Mllli'iin* hieComnenUlor. BySw 
bertMinli.MOS, B*"-**- „, . „, 

hla HTDotbesle, Sto. Ha. 

A DtSmceof the niaab-lloii of IJie Hy- 
sotheslspnipoael in the Dieeettition od 
the Origin »r the Goepeli ; being in An- 
■wec tutheSoppleonitottlMUunTinoua 
AnUuiTaf the Bemtika on UlchKlla and 
Ua Commentttor. Bj UeAert Hanh. 

lDtH>doctory LeotnnB to the aKrwi 

polltlcAl and I 

itton may be gleaned from thla irorl 
Wirim- Drarr-BOia. 2i.«d. E, 
a, TBI. 6i.— ITao. 

nth Pisleo- 

n Boquiry ii 
Tantagea and Practlcabmty of an nnlTar- 
•al learned Language. Loud, IISB, Ito. 
H. Bonie Tooke, 487, ISa. 


■,lie5,3I.BL "IheEplriCofllN 

mmonlel lav, coDtainedlB 
MoEei, iB coplonaly inrei 

if oonjactum and of langna^e, aa weH ai 
landency to BeentldBin, vhieb an tju lo> 
frequent --——-"-- -* •"-- 

vell-eiacnted abiidg- 

BeBurreoUos oT Jtnt 
Chrii according to tha tOur KvangellMa 
"mm tio German, by Sir Georga Dw- 
itt).Lond.lSW, SuMiaia, 

MiOHAKtiB, Sebastian, D J), Tlia 
Admirable Hiatory of the Pouae- 
aian and Coaveruan af a penitoit 
Woman oonverted, who wm ee-' 
duoed to become a Witch by a Ma- 
gician in the CountTf of rtovenw 

). Lond,WilliiimA»pW,1613,«o- 
Fp.418. Ai.loOgi.— aflBT.onGglU 
letf title, * A DlaeonrBA of Spirits, ccd- 

MiOHAirx, J. A., MLD. TrarA 
to the Weatwu^ of the Allraai? 
Hoimt«inB, in the States of theOhic, 
Kentucky, and Tennesaee, and Be- 
turn to Charleetowiii through the 
Upper Caroliiias. XrauBlBtedEraiB 

B, Google 

UteFnsohbfB. Lunbert. Lond. 
1805, Sto. 
Ibue tnTcti m Initraclin ngirdlDg 

Sltla,CindLmiid Hon Scotli.DDiuidar- 
•l>lUin»g^tatlielrUHiii lh« Arti, 
ai tluir fatntastlim inu Commemi. 
TnnUM ftom tlw Frmeh by .' 
HUDkhih. PuK, letO. rafll Sto. I 
Tol. i, pp. Ki. vltll fiO pluWl. Yul 
HI, ai pkUa 51 la 100. Vol. III. p 

BntdlUDii, ISBi, ror. 8>o. 8 mil. 71. 1 
Mgnk Americim 9t1vi ; or ■ DaHsrl 
Ha of (he Fsniit Tne> of Iha Unlb 
BlUa, Cuudv ud Hovi. BcoUa, not d 
•MM In the work of F. A. H lohiu] 

fai Uh Boekj UoaatAlu, the Terrilorr 
On8eD,4own ts ilM Sbona of tin Fult 
HKl lou til* mmAnei of CillhrDlt, u w( 
Hln rirtdia Firu of thi United Buu.. 
^TboMU NnttiU, V-I^ PbUiul. 1641- 
4 njil Sto. 8 Toll. Itll oolound pUMi 
-SmriiI edIHon. PblKd. ISM. lof. Src 
■ mk. 1H oolound pUtes, tl. te. 

UiCHB, U. !L. The Eaeluh Oour- 

tauj. ijoiterdam, 163^ sm. 8to. 

Bright, 6g. 

UlCESLBiisitSiCaLJohn. IrelaQd 
FnaoTTed, or the Siege of London- 
■lenj, in two Part«. Lond. 170B, 
Mo, with B folding plate. 

A ■ngulir dniDitic Qitoi-f, tuh pari 
In In Kti. Tb* onlT eopT kiwwn la In 
Ue BiltMi Mogeuni. 

Anomi orTruButlDDl in Inlud, ISM. 
AltULUID.p. 118S. 

.MlCHXLL, Jamea. Hi>to>7 of St 
Keoto, Co. ComiriU. Bodmin, 
1833, Syo. 

— John, A IVeatise of Brtifldal 
Msgneta. Oamh, 1761, Ito. 

Ao IngeDlnUB «■>;, eonulo\n 
oirtiiiuoliMmUi.iia and pjuliduli 

UiCEi.8, Wm. Julius. Poetics! 
VoiId, with his Life bj J. Bim. 
Iflnd. 1806, 12mo. 
,l>ut«dlUiHL Fontblll, StH M.— I7H, 
™. Boibargho, sari, Ta. FonltiUI, at, 

UiOELEiHwin^ — . Eiitoij at 

Olirarea of Caatile and Arthur of 
S'Algarre. Lond. 16S6, 4to. 

Ooldamld, 18a. HiMD, pL L tMT, III. 

Ah Outu of CAiTiLLa. 

MioiUKis. — An Aooomit of tlw 
Cuitomi And Mannen of the Mic- 
makis and Htuicheele SaTiee Ns- 
tiona, now dependent ou the Qo- 
Temment of Cbpe Breton. Land. 
176^ Sto. 

UTiigH, to Nora-S^li. ud io~Niirth 
Amerlci la guunl. FoalfaiU, »S^ Ui. 

MiOQUELLUB, J. L. Aurelis ur- 
bii memor&bilu ab Anglia obiidio, 
Anno liSS, et Jouinw Tinginii 
LothaiingtB res geat«. (Joan of 
Arc.) Paris, 1560, naiH 8to. 

sir If. U. Sykai, pt. 11. tSO, «.— Lnt. 
Sir. lesi, Umo. Bonell, 1S68. la. 6d. 

MioRO-CHiuiNicoN, or Chronolo- 
gy of iBattlei between hii Uqettie 
and the Parliament. 1647, 12mo. la. 

MicsocrNicoH, Six Snarling So- 
tjna. Lond. 1G99, 12mo. 

Beprlnted it Ut, Utunon'i priTate 

pma, 1S<1, iq. llDo. Aa>I.T.,p«cg IWl. 

UJOBOCoaii, The, a periodical 

Work, by Gregory Glriffii, of the 

College of Bton. 1787, Sto. 7«. 


'•, lOi^lTiW, Itaio. « Toii.-Pmii •dltloa. 

hhL ISM, poet Bto. 1 ToL ua 18hi.1I toIl 
HioaocosH irf London. Lond. 
Ackermaiu], 1811, impl. Ito. 3 toIs. 
104 coloured platea (the archit«o- 
ture by Fngin, the mannera and 
customs by Bowlandson). Pub. 
at 13^ ISs., now 61. B>. 

MicBocosu, or a Fiiitnreeqae 
Delineation of the Arts, Agricul* 
ture. Manufacture*, Ae. of Grsat 
Britain. Ste Pymh, W. W. 


John, p. 707. 

B, Google 



Htoboji, Hortin. InstractLon for 
the Edi^enge and Comfort of the 
Bjmple Chrifttiuu irhich. iotfinde 
vormdy to reeejaa the holy Supper 
of the Lord. 

Ditsd 8 D«. uea. 

MiOBOSCOpioAi, SooriTY, TrsiiB- 
BOtiona. Set Appendix. 

MiDDnuN, Sun. Select Tiews 
in Great BriUio, engrsTBd from 
Ficturee and Drawings b; the 
moat eminont Artiataj niu De- 
Bcriptiom. Ziond.l7d4,obbiig4ta. 
es plates. 

ConiiiuonSKM. FoDlhlU. 10e9,U-!9. 
Qnn, STS, U. ti. Fuon. Fboofb bk- 
rou utnu,— KalDned in 1813, Inferior 
<..._^rf^. eblmclto. 

at CuOei and Abbeys In 

England a 

MmsbEBBX. — A Deacriptioii of 
the County of Hiddleaei. Lond. 
1775, 8vo. 8s. ed. 

The AntlqiiIllBiDrUlddluei,lT05. Sa, John. 

CuatsmB uid PriTilagea of tba M anora 

of UiddlsMi. LoDd. ISBI, Ho, buck 

VM, ITSa, limD. pp. IK, and two pagsa of 

Tb* VlaltaUDQ of Uiddlewt bagin in 
tba Y»r iSSS, by Wb. Bjlvr, Baq, Lan- 
eanlar. and Ekarr DatUck, Kwge Ctoii, 
Maiahali and I>apnil« to Mr Edvud 
BTnba.GlaraDdauKingof Anna. Salls- 
bnrT.I8iO,rirflo,pp.BLfDd«inol includ- 
ed, IB*. TblaHmldis' 

MnJDl.ETOi', Charles. Plana, Els- 
■retioQS, and Seotions of the Hoi 
of Correction for the County of 
Middlesei. Lond. 1788, folio, ~ 

FirtT'Uir«e copper^plataH, irtCh titlj 
IS pa^i or latlaTpnaa 

— Christopber. The L^end 
of Hnmphie; Duke of Qloceeter, 
Lond. for Nicolas Ling, 1600, 4to. 

A metrlul leg:0nd, conitlilinjj of 1S4 

(■or°Mitl"lr.tM,°Kid° JediMled to Bii 
Jarrls CUfWn. Knt. SteBvenB,S91,li,l!a 

1. AaClt-Foat. 

oat.^4W, loi. IOl 

MujDLETOK, Chrietopher. Sie 
DoBis, Arthur. 

Conyera, D.D. The Hietoij 
of the Lue of Marcus TuUius Ci- 
Lond. 1741, 4to. 2 vols, 
ork of antborlty, and conatderod a 

if HDfl of tiio translationi) from Gi- 

Oougta.uer, It-da Blndloy, pt ill. 31^ 

i,lM«,ai,liB.6d. M'aiq. of Towna- 

'antAbrl^enuls ordlnande 
km. Cenub. I92S, llo. 
n concsmiDK tho Origin of 


■ atOifard. Caulh 
ID ohiaflT In tafata- 
ipblei, •«?.«. A 

AnUqnltatlB anidttB 

ALetterfKfflltiHaa; duwlngu 

B, Google 

Mwredilton. Loud. 18M,1S 

T^Hh'oh tke B 
IW, 1(0.-1748, Sni 
L Tree Iqqair; luto 

8*iut«. Land. 

! form ThLeti art HiinpoflBd 
1 BiWint'- "--.Ji^rl 
[ witiHtA, 
tinc'i U 

Cimnh, from tl 
ii lUUtd, tbfl A 

17U,ei.ta.— 1 


u. BiiiaieT,pt.u.ieD!i 
F, pt. a 7a<it Sit Q»r- 

UaiiLGTON, Ber. Eraamus. 
BiD|iaplua EvaiigeliiMt ! or, an his- 
tocical Acooont of Autjion ot 
FiSKlura, batb British sdiI Fo- 
nip, in the lereral DenonuDa- 
fiiws of Prolfistants, from the Be- 
SUining of the Befocmation to the 
, pttaontTicoB. Loud. 1779-86, 8to. 
*Tol8. portraJtB. 
ITUIL^ 1199, U. Ib.— ISIB, Bto, i 

— Sir Heniy. Yojhge to Ban- 
tun and the Malucco lehindB, being 
*U wcond Yojage set forth b; the 
OorerDor and Company of M«r- 
tUnta of Iiondon trading to the 
Eirtlndies. lond. T. P. forWal. 
tor Bnrre, 1606, 4to. 

Tli« Lut Eut Indlin TnTngc. conbln- 
bt mixta Tirietle nf the auu of the ae 
•ml klDcdoma where Ibeybive landed 
•lih flie fottera of thiM aeTaral klnKa to 
Ot Un^a UnJeiUa of England, begun br 

Hk MlhfollofoBr'alloiia of tbem (hM 

lini, As. ttf BoltuD Cmaej. En]. A 

UniDLXTO!!, Sir Hugh, Bart. 
e " Undertaker " or Pw>jeot*r of 
the New Kiver, 
For an usDnnt nf lb* Gannwotea, Ae. 
t the Op«nInff en Mlctkaalmaa Da;, tae 

ler'a Inadt^uratina lo tbe afflce oT Lord 
Ma^nr tbat year, page Iri4a, also Btowe'a 
London, MatthBu'i Uydnulia, when ■ 
hkognnhj^Tlth portrait, of thU 
ctor to London vlll be fbcind. 
John. Praotdcal Aatrologj. 
Lond. 1679, Sro. 

Siehard, of Torie, Gentle- 
Epigramme* ai ' " 
Lond. 1608, printed I 

In the DnimnKiDd Lkbrarr, Edinbiirgb. 
nlqiio. iO copies reprlDLed, Edtub. 1810, 
-ISuio. Brlgbi, «•. 8d. Soibebf, April 

— Eichard. The Key of Bavid, 
Lond. 1619, 12mo. front, with por- 
^-". by ». EUtraolte. 

leCardeandCompau of Ufe. Lond. 
,8vo. Bright. Sa. 

le HeaTenl; Progreia. Lend. iei7,Sv<i. 
- Thomaa. Dramatic Works, 
now first collected, with some Ac- 
nt of the Author, and Notes hj 
Bev. Alex. Djoe. Lond. I&IO, 
5 vols, post 8vo. portrait, 21, 2b. 
EBB, i£. 4a. 
Bright, U. El. 

"tL only 

Blurt, Maslet- Conatahle, 0[ tha Hpanl- 
arU'e Night-Walks, a Comedj^ Lmd, 

l.irghe, B1S9, ai i". Blnd- 

31. »hadeH.1689,IM.Ta.ed, 

In CUstwood' a Colleen 

art^nment lo King 


HoriSTOiT, T.— cmttnimtd. lU.~-iex,ita. Rbuleii, ies8,lli. 
Heber, pL II. 116. Bd. Koiburghe, lUes, 

hI. ISot. Sr Diciib, Ttoniia. 

SI. 2i. Inglls' Old t^TB. 71, isi. Haberi 
pt. li. 7>.— leSO, «la. Rbodei, 18M, 8;. 
SlMblirghe, 6MB, Si. SltetBll, UT" "- 

Tba FunlKs of Lon, a Comed7. 
IMa Ito. Koiburgbe. MS9, K 11 
d Pl»y., 74, W. - "■ 

n Niebols' Pn« 

Till Trlnmplu of Honor udtndoBtTT.t 
Solemnit; parlMm*! U Ui« Ccnflmulioa 
or iba m. Hon. Owi. BotIh into Cba OF- 
flue or UiTor. Lond. leiT, Uol Oarrlcli 
Is a ToL MlO, now ta tlM Dnka of Dbtdo- 
•birs'g CoUecdon. Um^n. QlTentaToL 
V. o(Dy«'«e*lUimot OwWorka. 

,, pL i. a 

1881. SI. G>. vrblU Kntghlil 
r. iL ii. Eteprintod in NletaaW 

Bt T. 

ODd. tot 

lS17,4Io.RsIbu^e:h^5i6^, 11.18. Bbodei, 

letilito. Field, 32S,' 19s. Bhodu, 188S^ 
1^ 10a. HebeT, pL EL Gl 
The TrtnniphB of Loia and Antiqnltr, 

the CODannatton aDd EBCabllBhineiil at 
air WlllLani Cockayn, Knt In Iba Oflka 

1'. reeold Hbodea, leM, 41. 6i'. Reprinted 
lb NidifhU' ProRrauBfl of Itlac Januu !., 

The Irner Templs Muqne, or (ha 

the MemberB of HiM^Bj^atyf Lond'iaS! 
llo. HoibargHe, MflSj^i- 18"- Seber, 

A CoLirtl7 Maique( Iha Devioe uUeA 

tintraent of man^nobla and worthy Spee- 
tatoTB. hy Thomaa Mlddlaton and Wm. 
Kovley. Land, IdSO.dto. With a nood- 
ciiL Field, 33S, II. lOa. EhodeB, IG9S, 
II. 11a. Heed. (004, II. 13g. KoibirEha. 
M73, 21, Sa. UbDot, pb a 18a. In vol. T. 

Tbe Sunne In Alias. A nobis Solem- 

EHtabUBlimant of B(lBtrd Barkbam In 

" Mgb Office of Lord Mayor of Loadon. 

.. 1B31, dto. Ut. Kemble'i oopj 1* 

B, Google 


UmDLSTON, T. — ai\ 

inuw or JuDs 


Bounnlile FrManUtr or Onnn 
CouflimBUoD fend EatfebllBhmeiit 
aMl worthy BroUisi, the RlBht 
■lit Fi|«T Preby, In tha high offli 
KtjMtlH Uantenfenl ; LoTIl Mb 
CUocgUnr or the famous City of 
M Uu nth of October, loi^. I 
NkhiiluO![H,ieii.4to. E^W .»„. 

tdldu lllddletoa't Works Id IStO. Bo- 
nn Stukupcfen Baeletj P»peri. 

tha TrtunpliB of iDtegrltj' In ifae En- 
taulamral ol Blr Uonon UualeT, 28Ih 
On. urn. Loud. N. Ok«s, 1829, 4U. unir- 
In Ihg IMu lit I>aiiinabln'i CoUecC 
bprtoM U ToL T. or Iba Works. 

A OuMit Cheua u It bfelli bens I 
dnyTlmea icted at tlia Globe on 
BuckBUe. Mo data (ISM], Itn. Hal 

£'1L U ISl— Land. o.d. (lenS), a 
tan. Tba Utla la ensnTed, ud ( 

Wnslcitreaor II ruia Bishop, tlia Bli 

Eitg&t and the Whlta Knight (qy, por- 
HUla of Gondom.r wd Loyc- ■ - 
jL i For writing thla plaj 

^tat, pt. iL B07, V. »s. Sd, loBlia' Old 
n>Ti, 70, U. 14). Hibbert, M1^ IS*. 
Htliw, PL 11. i;. Is. taioM JoUsy, «. as. ed. 
^rttk. lOia, «. la. Gordonalouo, 1673, 
a. St TEnnialy, pt I. flM-, «L 16a, Stmt- 
M,UM,3i,6.. Rhodea,IBW,«.l4a.«d. 
JlJM^, pL ilL esa, 31. 10.. Boitioiiha, 

Iba TrlniDpbit of HaUth ud Pr«»rf ty 
U Ilia iMOfursllon of the Ht Hon. Cuth- 
«n Hacked Dnpn, Id ISM, Load. N. 
OkB,16W.4to. QfeiTlek, TSC^ In a nd. 
atbar, pt. It. II. Si. In Work^ toL V. 

Aiban Hard tn Cliaapfr^a, a Blcaifeol 
<<nelted Comedy. lAna. 1«30. 4to, Hlb- 
Km», «■ RoibDrgho, 6181, ZL 111. 

I tlH fo^lth feol llftb 
Uya.' 181B. 
So /Wit 1 U 

0. Bead, 8M*, Us. 
□•nl titie and »r. 
Gardner, II. lu., II, tSSG, 
" ~(. Kaprinlad 
luiua of ' Old 

ir pt,ll.n 

Tba ClumgellnK, a Traeedy. ' By T, 
JnjdlatoQ and V?, Bowleg L^d. 1668, 
J". Roiburgba, MB0,6«. Habsr, pt, lU 
•a Bkoiaa, noo, 6a, Inglls' OldPJavi, 
"Ml, «d,— 1668, Ito. Eeprinted In tbe 
«mtk yolnme of 'Old Pliya,' 1818, 

naBpamsbGipala, a Comedy. ByT. 
■Udleton and W. Bowloy. Lond. 1SS3, 
•a. Blodley, pt. 111. 631, Ss, Boibmrnha, 
•«0, li. as. 4gde,, 1688. U. *., Tla- 
'",[iLll.6t.W^188l,41o. Khod0i,1099, 
?-,°J- Heber, pt. If. t». Beprinled in the 
■Wb yolnme af ' Old Playa,' 1816. 

Tbe01dI*T.i6B6. attiitmaatt,T. 

ifl of DeroDahira'a mnd U^ 
'iw h,uiiiiuuoDa. — 165T,Bro. BbodaBHl703, 

aad,!!, ReprintedwIt^Devtltl^'The 
ouiterfelt Urldagraom, at tha dabated 

Tba Mayor of Qalnboniii(h, a Comedy. 
i.oiid, 1861, 4Ia. BaiburKbe. 6(81, 6i. Od. 
Khode^ 1701, Ta. ed. Heb«, pt. II. 7i, 
Bepdntad In Dodalay'a Collection of Old 

^y Thing for a qnlet Ufa, ■ Comadj. 

Dd. lASl, 410. BhodH, 1701, II. lOa. 

K TiagUiooauidle eiOlad tlie Witsh, 

£r Tho. If Iddktoa. Loud. in& 
lakospaaca waa (Taatly Indebted 

, ylay for hia altoIieTy la Hacbath. 

One bnndnd and ll>iit aopleawan ^nlad 
at tba eipeoae of la. Uaad, Eiq. Soi- 
barghe, 647*. 6s, SIraltaU, 8T8, Us. «d. 
HasMu, pt, L :2260, 6s. Hlbbart, 8348, 

lala of Q. Steeyena' Ubrmrv, no, U60, 
?il Tj. 10a., and Is Dov In tlis Malona 

I, T. ilKmKTncat. Tba Blaek 

>k of piotiiimd leanilng and moat 

he Bey. Jamei Scholefiatd. Cunb, 
'o, 10a,— Third edition. Ldnd.lSSS, 

The Conn try Spectator, 

UiDifiON, Capt.WiUUm. Bv- 
doniaeth neu Srjdiriaiitfa j Sjtr. 
KjataL Llunden, 1693, Uo. 

B, Google 

Boibuislia, BSn, Tl. ed.— 1T(T, Iliaa. 

UmwiPB, The I or old Wonutn'i 
M>.gazme. Iiond. 12iiu>. 8 vol*. 
12mo. trontM. 

SSiS, SI. Bindler, pL II. uei, II. ea. 

MiasB, Quf. The greatVieadt 
DJctiomUT, in two PatU. Iiond. 
16B8, folio. 

Baed,IS3,5L RaibnnlH,lI65,l>fcU. 

A DIctiODUT tt birbuvut Fmich. 

Inlud. Idtd.mi,8< 

HIagB pnHltbMI NT«nl oOiar iroikii, 
chiifly el«iMiiUry. 

JtTEBB, John. TravelB in Chile 
aad La FUto. lyOud. ISZB, 8to. 
2 Tola. Map* and Tiewa. 

A work (laiiUlntiiBmueb TdniMs Infiv- 
mitioii glnui gtly haddled Ii^tber. 

MlQNAN, Capt. Rob. TrsTeli 
Chaldea. Land. 1820, Sto. 

MiOHOT, AbW. Tbe History of 
UiB TurViih, or Ottoman Empire, 
fi^mi ita Foundation in 1800, to the 
Pewe of Belemde in 1740; tc 
vhich is preSied an hiitorical Dig. 
«Oune on Mahomet and his Sac- 
ceason. Translated &om the French 
by A. Hawkina. Eiater, 1787, Bto. 
4 Tola.— liond. 1788, 8to. 4 cols. 

— Stephen, D.D. Hiatoire den 
Demeiea de Heniy II. avec St. 
Thomaa d: Canterberj. 17BB, 12mo. 

iiiBu. Kmtomtxcs. SitQxsKSE, 
Eobert, p. 938. 

MiLiHO, Oiovanni de. See BcHO 
111 Sai^ibnitama. 

MrLBOCTBHB, Lnts. Notes 
Ifeyden's Virgil. Lond. 1B98, i 

vki, Twv (In^ltan. Sm Kufii, Tha- 

Melbukh, Wm. Oriental Com- 
oroo, or a Guide to the Trade of 

the East Indies and China. Lond. 

1818, tojal «o. 2 vols. 
Dnka of Tcrck, 3016, U. 111.— ImpTont 

b7 Tho. MDrtin. Lond. UM, n^ On. 

MtnutAY FAKIL7.— Pedigree of 
the E^milies of Mildmay of Moul- 
sham Hall, Essex, and St. John of 
Farley, Hampshire. Lond. 1803, 4to. 

PriTstBlr prtntud. Dent, pLil. 131, ISb 

UiiBa and Clerioiv. 4to. 

MiLFOBD, John. Obaerrataons 

monl, litsrary, and antiquarian, 
made during a Tour through the 
■" ireaeet, Iranco, awitierland, the 
lole of Italy, and the Netherlajida, 
the Years 1811 and 181B. Lond. 
1817-18, 8to. 2 Tols. 1(. Is. 
Nomr ud her LspisDdsn la IStlt 

Loud. ISt2,Svo. 10«.cd. 

UrLFOSD Hatkh. — ObserTstiona 
on Milford Haven. Lond. 1812, -ito. 

iSi'-' aio. 

iiiiaTABY.— The A, B, C of 
Armea, or an Inlroduction Direo- 
toria, whereby the Order of Uili- 

SEierciBeB may be understood 
readily practised. By J, T^ 
Oeni. Lond. 1616, sm. 4to. 

MniTABT Abt, The, of Traynin^ 
with a Deecription of all martial 
Officers, their Places, Duties, and 
honorable Ceremooies, from a Q»> 
nerail to an inferior Soldier ; widi 
the Discipline of Drilling both for 
the Muaket and Pile, all in KTely 



costume Figures. Lond, by C. 
AUdo, and are to be sold by Eoger 
Danioll, 1622, sm. ito.'2S. PiabsUraa 

Biittil IM ioinpu«d wltb that vliicb iM u 


driDiDg the Musket rad Pike let 
forth in Postures, iritL the Woird of 
Commaad. Ixmd. T. Jeuner, 1612, 

nnall 4to, 

SsMoty-jBTen ptatti, v«i7 nutlr eo- 
tnvei. Nuisn.pC, !<. tWi.Ti— n.d. Sto. 
Vhlu KDlghlH, £02, rnnnwcD. II, li. 

The ancient Coda of Mililarj' Ijirs, (Or 

Tlis KlllUrx Msntor. B«oiid edition. 
IflDd. IS04, crown Bto. S toIb, fla, 

A TnatUo on MlUtur rinnce. S Tola. 


HUtoriCDDi; a Beriee of X'ruula- 
lionB, comprising — 

AuchirelA' TatbIa In Gnece, B Tola. 

ArrUo, br Kmks. 

PrcdHflart'i Chronlcbft, b7 Lord Bemer 
FlnUrch'a LlT«i, b; the Lugbotnt 

UO, 154>9 

and Modem. TruiaUted ham the 
Italian by Mrs, E. Cresj. With 
Notes and additional Livea. Loud, 
1S26, 8to. 2 vols. pub. 11. 8a. 

Mill, Humphrj'. Foemg ooca- 
aioned b; a mdaacholj TiaioD ; or, 
a melancholy Tiaion upon diner* 
Theames enlarged, vMch by aere- 
rall Arguments enauinge ii iheiTed. 
Lond, 1689, email 8to. 
Tht litla !■ In tha unlr* of ■ leaT. m- 

CFSd Id compubnenti b; John Dnxa- 
t, oppofLta an aoma varaea kItW 
-tba [D(nd««r<ha ltantl>pl.«,' ^th U 
itber IwTOs pnllmlDiirT, fitoQInclgbta. 

luble,' dated 'l«3», and on H 3 another, 
FoemaconeanilngDuth/lSSS, BLndla^, 

bM, Ita. KaBBO. pL 1. S%3, lm°perfacf Sl 
BIM, Anglo-Poet. 4T0, U, «l BIndler, 
■ '-Cn,7l7a. Hebsr, pL li. 21, 1&, 
ardner In 18M, U §<. Q. Cbafe 

Mjblua, br Hampton. 

Thui;d'ldea, by Smi'lh. 
Xmphon'a AnabaiU, b 
CyroBHlla, by As! 

TtJgelher 2S Tola, rojal 8vo. Lond. 
J-Baiis, 1814i &c., lOi. 10a, 

MiuTABZ IiiBAABT, add Joumtil 
flf Mihtary Knowiedge. Load, 1799, 
4to. a ToU. 15s. 

Hlllurr AntlqalUaa. Sm OBoai,F, 

UiUtiiT klBcalluy. 17SS, Sro. S Tola, 
Cogl^na beTen.1 ccrioui plecei. 

HojziA, Fnnoeaco. The IiiTea 
ef celArated Arohiteoti, andent 


164S. pp, IS), dedicated to Robert Eul of 

dona, ftontiBpLeu andleaf of eiplanatlaa. 
BlbL Anglo-l-oel. WO, U. tD>. 

— Jamea. The Hiator; of Bri- 
tieh India, Land. 1818, 4to. 8 tola, 
pub. 61. 6a. 

A'duallleirarli.— BacandedlUon.iaao, 
Svo. e Tola. Dniry, 5719.41- I6fl.— Fonrtb 

H, H.'wIlBon. Lond, Madden, istol, 
demy e<o. e Toll. a. 6a.— Fifth edlUou, 

^be Elementa of Politioal Economy. 

n, Lond. Sto. Ta. Reprinted 
Supplement to the EncyelopiBdla 

B, Google 


— John. Hutorical Tiew of 
the English QoTenimeiil, from Uie 
Settlemeiit of the Saioni in Si*itBm, 
to the Bcvolution in 1688. To 
vbich are subjoined, some Diner- 
tatiom connected iiiik the Hiatorj 
of the Govemment, from the Hero- 
Intioa to the present Time. Lond. 
1S03, 8to. i TOla.— Semnd edition, 
1812, 8to. 4. toIb.— Fourth edition, 
181^ 8vo. 4 Tola, (verbatim te- 
piinte), IJ.— Lond. 1787, 4to. 

3fth«Aaliimb7Johi.Crmlg,B,q. Edlnl 
BaxbnrgbB, S8S,eg.— Tblrd edit. 1781, 87< 

— Robert. The History ot tii 
FropsgatioD of Chriatiaiiitv and 
Orerttvoir of Faganism. £diiib. 
1728, 8to. 2 ToI>. 

Boibnrgba, TSDO, 

History of the Church aaaet 

world, j^^dint). tTaUfiauo, lULm. 

Millie, Edmoud. An Account 
of the UniTeraitj of Cambridge, and 
the Collegea there. Second edition. 
Lond. 1717, 8to. 
Tbli UHfnl work >pp«iin In fans of ■ 

tp.a»(4a— N4), Biahop of El™8IT, 
St. Tinnielej,pt.i1.T36,Ss. 

— Bdward, Mu«. D. The Hia- 
tory and Antiquittea of I)onoas(«r 
nod its Vieinitf ; with Anecdotes of 
eminent Men. Doncaster (1804), 

Nuwi, pL ti. 1S7, II. 75. Dnke or 
York, 8878, 11. li. BIr K. U. 6yl[e«, 
pt. If. 610, Ita. liiia. Finifc Dent, 
pt, 11. 7S3, lEa CMlmioR.— TlUs ind de- 

pagei ; cwtsotm tntnduetl™, imd emU, 
Spu«i bl 


Illlfcpp.1— 111 

Soa, 8U, ulk.. _ 

mtU in tba leu«.^ws, and t aaf at Iha 
enTlmu sf Dvncutar, u s (rontiBplsca. 

muDiuti of ninoDgli Bui ud Coups- 

B,U8,1», les. 

— Fred. Cimelia Phjaica. K- 
guTe» of rare and curious Q.uadru- 
peds, Birds, and Plants, with De- 
BCriptions bj Qeorge Bhaw. Land, 
1796, impenal folio. 

Thfl Tuluma codULu 00 oolonnd pllitu. 

la tlUa. but tlH platu no 

Q omfnUf 

— George, D.D. Lectnree on 
the Philosophy of Hodern Histoij. 
DubUn, 1816-28, 8to. 8 voU. 

Second adlttHi, nndsr tbs UUt tt Hli- 
Ior7 PhiliiBiphiaUIr IllnMntkd. Lao*. 


— Joe. See jBSia, page 1303. 

— GeneralJohn. Memoirs while 
in the Military Service of the Be- 
public of Peru. Lond. 1B28, 8to. 
2 vols, portrait, 9s. 

riptlon of tba War 

John. An niustration of ths 
seiual System of the Genera Plan- 
' Linnieua (in Latin and 
Engliih.) Lond. 1777. imp, foUo, 
2 vols. 

lute's, tIe. id ai^nved IronU^daM. IM 
Imtea Dnmbaraj, 7 nipttlamaBtrnfT *■*■ 
3d 4 ottaan oT lemvu. Coni«« wltfa Qt^ 
Isles not e>lDiind ■» ol Utile Tilue. 

-With tw 

' svtfl of plates, ass p] 

■lion of thaseinUSystamaf 

B, Google 

tdnirad plXei, IL ID. U. Coplu irlUi 
plain plAlai ar« of no valiu. 

Hnxm, John Frederick. Varioiu 
Butyecti of Ifktoral Historj , wherein 
•n delineated Birds, AmmsU, sod 
mwy curious Bsats; with the 
futi of Fniotifloation of esoh Pknt, 
illof vhioharednwn and ooloured 
from Hsture. Lond. 17S5, imp. 

Pp. ITS, II plitM, nd a IMTH of tl- 
btlit. PdIiUiW la Dunban. 

— J. S. A NatuPB 
the Criooidea ; or Hlj.__ 
•Btia. Briitol, 1821, Ito. 

Pp.lE0.irlUi{iOUi]leilDUtu. Sotli<by-> 
in U«5, IJ. ISa. 

— Mrs. M. Lettera from Italj, 
docribing the Haimera, CustomB, 
^tiquitiv, Psintinge, &c. of that 
Country, in the Yean 1770 and 
1771, to s Friend residing in Fnmce. 
Bj an English Woman. Lond. 
1777, 8to. 3 Tois. 10a. 6d. 

FoaUiIU, MM, i:. 9a. 

— Philip. The Osrdener'B and 
Bobniit'B Dictionary, oorrectedsnd 
Mwly arranged, with Additions by 
Thomas Martyn. Land. 1803-7, 

IDT. folio, i TOls, plsteB, 31. 39. 
^[Mtt Knigbti, mi, ruBsIa, IW, IBa. 

Pt ii KM, riiaala. ISI. Kuhd, pt L:«na| 
Hh. Duke of YoA. B41% N. Ua. JVrsI 
iiUiau. Limd. 17SI-1, fCiUa, 9 Tola.— 
lTn,t:Ih>,3T<>lB. j.AU>ii riFEi. U. ^. 
-17n, fcUo.— BaTanth edition, IISS, folio, 
1 nSt BleeTBTii, I«0, If. aa. WiUstt, 
U<>l,ai.— £lgbtb»dltlon.l78S,fallo. Tbs 
>M sdlUoB puUlahed bT tfae antbor. 
timU, leiT, irtth the &sarm of tba 
pUati ooloiiied, 17T1, 61. 17i. Od.— 1T8S, 
Mo, » Tola. a> Don, OMrge. 
, Tbt Oudanai'B UfetlomuT abrldKsd. 
uad. tigs, Sra. S tola— 171^ Sio. a n>la. 
ngnrai of tbo laott beautlfuL uBefnl, 
■ad vtammm Planti, daBribad is tha 
audeni'a DieUoiuy. Bihlblled OB 
ttna Hnadnd Coppap-plalda, aeeucatolT 
"inftn ultv DnvlBiitakan fiom Ha- 
intb tha CbaiBstara of tbefi 

nd an Aenonnt of tiie ClaiHl to ithlch 
^n bakvg, aecDrdlne to Bty'H, Tonrne- 
■n'l, and Unnma'a Method «f eliulng 

Ibam. Br Philip UlUer. 
appaand tn 1706. Dent, j 

A mo. 

danei'a Dletl«iM7, 1778, ii. 17i. «d. Na*. 
ua, pi. 1. I8gi.ll. Is. 

CaUloguc Pluuamn DnclnaUDm cob 
In Bono Botanloo Ghelaeyano Unntnr. 
Loud. 1780, era. pp. 1G3 (B— U 4), «Idu- 
^To of the dadleatlon, and expUiuitlon (4 

ancrmnco ^t« to the Oardeo. 

ThaQardenar'aCaloiidar. Twalfthadl- 
tion. Idud. Iieo, Sto, 

_ Samuel, A.M. A brief Be- 
troepect of the eighteenth Centorr 
New York, 1806. 8to. 3 toU. 

— Willism. PamphleK. Sn 

LiYCOCK, Wm. TooxER, Chas. 

— Wm. Biographical Bketches 
of British Oharactars deoeawd since 

logically arranged, with a List of 
their engrared Portralta. Lond. 
1826. 4to. 2 Yolfl. IL Is. 

Laboi Fipn, elephant folio, printed 
for tUnatratlon, to admit tbo larffaat aU« 
Tbole-langth engTAved portraits. Twant)r- 

I of the t 

MiLLEBS, Seo. A Description 
of the Cathedral Oiurch of Ely j 
with some Account of the conren- 
tual Buildings, Lond. 1606, royal 

rnelar, pt. II. TU, Us. 6d. Danl, 

Skl.lUl.aLSd. I>n>,nia>lB, 
I. HIbben, 6ass. da. CbnuinL— Title 
1 dedlmUon to tba Bn, EIr, 3 learaii; 
bea.apagas; table ^contents and si^ 
I, S pwa ; iBtmdnotlon, denilptioD, 
1 appcdii, ITS pages. Tbs Toluma 


1562 KU, 

MiLUB, Ibuc, Sector of '. „ 
cteer, Hanta. An Account o! his 
Life Bill Conreitation, with hia Fu' 
neral Sermon. Land. 1721, 8vo. 

By The. Ulllti, Blghop of W»t«ftrd 
QMgb, 63S7. Bi. Sd. 

— Jer. InBcriptionM antiqiue a 
J. Milles et B. Fooocke edita. 
1762, folio. Stt FococEE, E. 

— ThomM. The Catalogre of 
Honor, or Treasrrj of trro Nobility, 
pecvliar and proper to the lale of 
Great Britaine. WhereTnto is pre- 
fixed, a Tretliar of Nobility politj- 
call and citiU. Lond. 1610, folio. 

An elAbonte ud JudLdmt vorli. «n 

oop^ei, *Tb EnutllaMdumppUedlnmant 

Ivifhter to ^ 

Utf pollUal ind dTill,' ilgB. B ID K, tD 
■lisi, in«r which I* > dDgM leif, p. HI. 
Hut of the pcgea in occupied br *ii- 
grsTlngi, pua 7D In blink, pica 89 1h ai^ 
nmeouly marked RT, and !<•«■ icr 
t^DB 'Cominmiaonm Gartarlaiil O 
bibllut.' Tb* Caulogae, A a-v , . - 
■liai, after whith <t it alDgla leaf, pan 

t luTai, Iha Ian of ihlth contnlr 

•rrau. AfMr stgn. Qqqqq Is 
coDtalnliu dnpUcala pages 1039 and 
Tb* nasug thnnighiHit the votui 

KabllltupollUeaTalolTllli. locd.lftS, 
follu BlndleT, pt il. 1474. 31. 3b. " 
kalt, XW. U. &. Llo^d, eas, ISg. L __ 

Haber, pt 1. li. Ti. Ulbbtrti 54Si 2L l«a. 
CotilUn.— A, 4JfaTeB, A I blank; E(— R 

mencJBg ' ElBclentl.' Slgn.(f.l, 0S.H1 
HS,18,Ifl,La,MB,aniJK8,ani platH 
The CuBldani'g Alpbabal and Primar 
soBtalnlag tbelr Crwd i Ttth the Cuti). 
nafa Apology. LnL UOi, lOUo. Heba^ 
pt. n. wlcb US. DOta* b7 the lathor, Ui. 

An OnLpeit OnvtoDHr'a A 

It ISa. Sa Caatuuut'a Apologr, tM- 

TheMyitmioor InlqnlHe.irlsiBl^Uw 
World mar ""^i ^^^ ^°d UDdenLand lk« 
pngd and T^na Conpatjaon of a Cirdl- 
Dallaa red Hat an/ a King's goUa 
Crowne. Nodale (1816). (olio. Thialatl 
was privately piinled In tba reign af K. 

10a. ed. ' Hlbbartf 6^, lli. ' 

The HIatorj of tbe Holy -Wur, htam 
Anno 1085 by tha ChriaUao PrlnoH 0< 

Tragedy. Lond. 1783, 12mo. 

"Oei, Sa. Hlbbert. 40W, 8l 

MiLUKOMT, J. G., M.D. Cnrio- 
itieflof MedioalSiperienoe- liOnd. 
1837, 8to. 2 vols.— Second edition, 
,8to. iTol. 16b. 

James, F.A.8. Ancient on- 
edited Honumenta. comprieicg 
Punt«d Greek Taaea, Statuea, 
Busts, Bos-Beliefs, nod other Be- 
muDB of Grecian Art. Two Part^ 
with 62 plates, nioatlj coloured. 
Lond. 1822, imp. 4to. pub. 9^ 9s. 
n>i. Bohn, 41. 14a. 60. 





Andiot loedlted CoiH ot OtMk aUu 

oiKligirniiiiHrliniiCiillHIkHii prtD- 
<lpiU;liiOnaIIIiMiiiii. Lund. ISW, nr- 



UniOT, AbW C. X. Elemmts 
of tbe Hutorj' of EugUnd ti-om the 
luTtaioa of the B^omani to the 
Sdgn of Qeorge II. Traiulated b; 
Mn. Braolie. Lond. 1771, ISmo. 
T«r> oUigr tnuilalloni jtppAknd the 
m JUT, D» bf ■ Udy, In IXmiL S tdIh. 

1, pt. L 221%, Ch. 

Utmtnli nf genenl iHitoi?, tmuIUed 

n k\tUin.—in8,Bn.3voli. Muuii, 

nlilli ».— n , TO. 

UlLU, Chailei. The TntTels of 
Huodore Dncaa, in variom Coun- 
trio m Europe, at the Berirel of 
Lettoi and Arts. Edited by C^iu. 
Mill*. (Part the Snt, Italy, ali 
fHuhtd) Lond. 1822, 8to. 2to1s. 

Billon at the CmEiJea for 
nn' UH Poueulon nt (ha H 
MU.ieie,8ra. 1 voIl— Bmdtu 

jMnltjiu lioBM. Pud Tlbf. Pull, 

anion or^ChlTiliT; 

-•Henrj, i.M. An Eslay ot 
™»toMtj and Chentnees of Spirit, 
-w Bnilden of Collegea, Eoapi- 
W>, and BduMb praja'd and com- 

numded. The inTaloable BIcBiifig 
of a Bound, useful, and pioUA Edu- 
cation, especially that of School 
Learning : with a particular View 
to Archbp, "Whitgilt'a Foundation 
at CrojdoD, Surrey. Load. 1732. 
Bto. 6s. 

Pp. I— lilil (not inclsaing two OUe- 
and tbfl eauy, 3S0 pugeH. 

— Nicholoa. The History of 
Mexico, also ObsBTTBtions as to 
working the Mexican Mines by 
British Cwibd, &e. 1824, 8to. 
10s. 6d. 

MnjtAir, Her. Hanr; Hartr 
Dean of St. Faul'e. Poetical and 
Drsmatio Works. Lond. 1839.— 
1810. &cp. 8to. 3 TOia, 18e. 

Tba Belvldera Apollo^ a ;iiia Faun, 

Fazio; a TngedT. Oif. 1B15, Bra.— 

Tba Uirtjr or Aatloch. Lond, 1822, 
Ba^bmu, a diusatla Foib. Load. 

led from t£e Saiucij 

SanKrit. OiC IW. 


1&54 Hu. 

Ltf* of Edwud OiUiaL Land. 1880, 
IflitDryof Cliriiitlaiilty, fnnn Ihi 

SI. l8i.-B«oiid<iUcli>ii. U 

G hinoter And Cmulnci 

Ltctnn fol 1S»> 

tioiuuy. Third editiOD, reriied, 
oorrected, and very coneideraljlj 
enlarged, illnetrated bj twentj-dve 
neir plst«a. Land. 1S05, Sro. plain 
IDs, coloured 15b. 

Englld^Fluite: maUlning tbs BbbdI 
or wienJ botulcal Kicunlons ctalaBf 
Kmt, UiddLeiEi, ud the adjiceiit Cmi 

Milita, U.,D. ud Alauudet Oordo 
Lonil. 1793, Sni, TDl. !. «i. 

— Joshua. A Treatiee OH 
Talutttion of Annnities and J 
rancea, &o- Loud, 1815, Sto. 2 
vols. 12. 10b. 

MllKEB, J. A practical Qram- 
mar of the Qreek Toagae. Iiood. 
1740. 8yo. 6b. 

B«st tdltlaii, 

— John, Church HiBtorr of 
PaleBtine, from the Birth of ChriBt 
to Bioclesian. Lond. 16S6, 4to. 

— John, D.D, Hie. Hiatoij 
ciril and eocleaiastical, and Surrey 
of the AntiquitieB of Winchester. 
Wincheater (1798), 4to. 2 toh. 

A performancfl which. notvlthitAnding 

Dtjuidud woi-ka In Eagliab topognphy, 
T bit first edllion ID DHl clllm lie pichr- 
flDOB u T«nrdiquA]lt J of papaf md im pru- 
rionaof tbaplitea. HibUrt, MSG,iiia8li, 
SI.41. SlrH, U,STke9,pLlI. G11,i;,la. 
Doko oTYork, 8379, U. 139. Humu, pt. tl. 
lSS,niH.W.S8, Tawiiale7,pt.U.lia4, Willi 
•oma addltloiul plitei, M. Hi, fld. liiqe 
PUia> T«*lTB («piM piiutad. Tha k- 

> UIL 

aood ap|iBiidli,18[>l,Ta*ii«erfdetalai 

lugapEper. Dml, 733, IIIBDt.«(.Ik 
Brt.r, 17a, ruHH. latanaiL FVnthin^M, 

gnTcd tlUe-pmgs, 1^ J. Pno, aflar T. B. 
'rimier; dadtuUoa tDttaeCoaaUHCku- 
doi TemplB, ditid Ap. «, 1706, « pagH; 
prefc™, pp. c — IB; coDCanti, S pafii; 
hiitorr, part L tSl piga*. TUi vrdaat 
omulci a platsi. ml pp. «I. (OS, «SS*. ud 
US. Vol.II. lini(T«§»,b»J, 
i-M8 after J. C»t»; pnftae, B pi|H; 

Bbcoi'd Eumaa corraclgd aod eaiaigni 

CoUaticnu—YoL 1. BograT^ tl(^p«f«i 

dlracLtoD foe pLulng tint plataa, S ptgst; 
prafuQ, Ibpa^fl; Qoiitcnte,& paees; d4- 
Krlptlou ^ tha plan^, 1 p^e ; huiarj, 

"'ol. ir Pp.Bia, natineludlDgthslKM, 

ealod, KDd tolloir p. 174 (Op ITS.— T* 

TO. S foIh, li, 4a. Laboi ufu, tnoii 

Leiters toaPnbandary: bain; an 
wei to BaflMtlosa on Fi>peT7, by the 
. Bturna, LL.D,, iriili aamukg cd 
OppMluan 6l HoadtrtBi to tba Uocn 
of the ChGich af Eoglaod, and on vu 
Pabllutlma iKHSinnad hj tba lale ciiU 
and CDdlaiUatieal Ulatory of Wiatbf" 
'^T tba Iter. Joba Mllnet. Wlaoh) 
HOO.dto. OooKt, 3661,1(10. 
A Latter to (ba ReT. John MIlBar, 00 
uiantd by bis raise and Illiberal Aqmr 
DU> on the MamoTT and Wrttli«a of ID 
^njamln Hoadly, fonnailT Bishop CI 
rincbHlei. By Kobert HokIIt AM 
:D. Lend. 1799, Sto. Sa.«d. 
- flMUoni on the Fiinidplea and Id 
"»--iei7, 4c^ *r '— ' 

tooM of FopeTy, 4c., Ac., c 

[latwy of Wta- 

Itti CorracUoni and' Addltiinl. 

I, Sto, Sa,— ITH, dlo, I*. 

Rellgloii CoatroTBT^i 01 
FHeadlr Comipondmisa betwaon a : 
" -'"" Society (f Piotaitants, and a 

parts.— 1831 1 

rreetad. Lond. 1819, Bm. 3 

B, Google 

Wrlten, uocaniliw IUr BftSnt, *n dlt- 
niHd. Lond. IM8,Bt<i. 

A DUHrUdoa od llie modeni Btyla of 
>1l«iiiig intlent Cklliednla, u suoipU- 
M In tha CitliedriJ of B^iBtaiiiy. Loud. 

idBd. 1811, 8vo. S9 pp. vllh tua pUU^. 

MiLNKB, Joseph. History of the 
Chnroh of ChrUt. Lond. 1794, io. 
Sro. B loU. 

Pot ContinutloDii. (sa Boott, J. Btu. 

«Hpriniii|^Hre;.Lo«l.l8M, vlth nmCl- 

18H,gTii,liiiT0l. lOB.'sd. And onepub- 
lliliel in aeslej'B Funll j Libm;, fiup. 

fiacUalSemonB; second edition, n- 
•iKd, ultli Life b; the Bet. J. Ullner, 
1801-2S,SyD. Svoli. II. U. 

TncU and Esa^ri, theological uid hls- 
teiul. Lond. 1810,9™. 12s. 

MlUJSB OE AlUBBDOH. — A l^ght 

-' ■ ■ " ■ ieof -' 

Abji ' 

Mjber of Abjngton, with Mb "Wife 

pcore Scholers of Camhridge. Lond. 
bj Bycliarde Ihones. 4to. 

Awpr, contHIiDBofelghtlamToB.iHla 
He Bodleian Llbrarr- By Ant, )l Wood 

Mutos, John. The Pobtical 
WOHSB of John Milton ; 
Koies ot Tarious Authors. The 
Ihiid Edition, With other Ulua- 
tntions, and nith some Account 
of the Life and WritineB of Mil- 
ton ^ denied prinolpallf □'om DocU' 

Offioee, now flnt puUiibed. Br 
the Bct, H. J. Todd. Lond. 182^ 
8to. 6 Tola. 

Tbia edlHon doea not contain Iha Verbal 

OUar Eiaianl o/tiK AMIiffil Worit. 
Lond. TonsoD, ISBS, folio, IPu. tort, 
tegained, and Sanson AKOnlBt8a),portr»it 
.ndplitei. ChrlaUa'a, July IBBO, mor. 

Poarnal. Lond. Toneon, 168 
(aomellmasln onajporlrail 


pott. Utt 

Loat, and an Index of the principal mat- 
Bplendtdly printed. Edw»pdB,180, 
BoiboRbB, S39I, II. Hai^uia of 

d.mi,l^o. StoIb. With Addl- 

. deal Worka, with Addlaon'B KoIbb, 

ippurantiy in Holland|, ISmo. S Voia. 
It, fmntlapleco, and li piales liy 

led pnnoipallf irom I^ocu- ^ 
hie M^ealj'B State-Pspet | w 

4to. BtoIb. 
l.ptil. 73«,»ith riiltot 

B, Google 

1. ed. StesTcna. 6 

Ijmi. ins, Bvo. * Ti 
S Tola. Hntii. IBM, 
Hon. Losd. me, » 

T, Hud » Lira of UUUuu Edlnb, i;u, 

BlnclnEliua, Basil errille, 17fi8^ royal 
X 2 toIb. BiDdlBT.pL U-UǤ,Tiuala, 
Ua. Balur, ilT, aLia. WlUaU,IT<», 

-■- — '-■~a,K.*M. 

Ilia, na 

S, moneoo, 
WUM KBtsbta. BTG^monuo, 8^. 

Blnplngham, Baalurvilla, naO, Sra. 3 
Tola. lIviinlao[Toiinabsiul.SC88, 
Qairisk, leai, ruled witb nd l^ua, aod 

ainb. 1 

Edinb. 1787, 


■ a 


Llfs wd QloSEUT. 

tond. 1773, 

Sma. 4 


al Wocka af 


f tb« Author by 1 


d. )7M, 6, 7, 

8 vol. 





■tall, pDbU^ 


6a. By 






goDtly priDled by Beoalay, Slndlej, ] 

TDlB.vlthpaTtrBitaDd platea. — iaDfi,<m. 
— iTola.— t»6,18nio, BtoJu. 

H. J. Todd, Kith » Mitloil Eaaaj by 
tin. Load. Cadell, 16(Kt ISmu. 1 nfc 
andplalaa ftftar Bigaud, IL la. 
itlcaf Wolka, adiled by ThotDaaFuk. 
, IBOIi, l&iui.dTols. BhanHB'a pookat 
edition, witli engraTinga after WeacalL 
_ Tba FoettMd^orka.irltb Ma Life by 

Alkln, ito. Linid. Sbarpe, IBIO, 

Lh Hetea by TT. Cnpec ; edited by 


*tiii Poai 

estiU'i Plati 
na and Tnu 

3S, '.Indndiag tba 

PiPIE,'4 T 



at, a Tola. Part 

Lond, li 


1.. With Btott 

Worfcj (PiLradlae Loat. irilk 

Ife IDd Dr 

Johnsoo'a Ctta- 

dsm; Pa 

■adiM KseX 

nad and HlDB 


b Botea adjn 

ned). LoDd.lBII, 



ttler and H«alb, 

Bl:eteb by 3<>ba 


P«ia, UfST 

re, JSaa, Mmo-S 





by Edward 

Hawkins. M.A.; 

■d, 1824, 8V0 

t -Toli. it 12a. 


Works, with Cowpor's Ttana- 


Id lullan Poenn 

l^lipB (w 



Cavper, and Llfo by W. Ht.ylay. liHHL 

Edtu^, vlUi Xotai and a Lih, byBir 
F.gorURi Brydgea. Lend, lesfi, Ae., nep. 
8ro. 6 Tola. port, and IS eDgrmTlDga afle 
J. M. W, rtnier, li. 10a.— Haw adltlon. 
In 1 to!. 870. I^oiid. TegR 1S4I, wlt8 
portrait tad d nlataa altai TnnMr. 19i^ 
UeprlDled, 1848, Ida. 

B, Google 

ICivnnr, John, PoBnauWoBis. | 
BrSliJobo Egsrton Brydgu ; KHiiian I 
■dltko. with porUfelt and IS angrftTiDgs ' 

Ttgg, 1^ ISmo. SB, Bd. FntnesUf n- ' : 
pr^ud. I: 

P«t)«l Works, wilb % U«iiolr,ud T 
Eol«mihmeiiU hj PuHll, WsbUU, ud 
MutiL. LoDd. Cbnrtoii, 1841, Sto. lU. 
BeprinM Iditd. Bohn, 1862, wd slnu, Ca. 

Wltb UamDlr and critics! Bemuki br 
Junei HoDtgoDar/.iUiutntsdwltfa ISO 
AvrmTingii on vood bj Thompun, WU- 

eoKD^,IS<3; and igiiii, ISH. Bn>. 3 T 
^b, II. It. red. Balin, 14g. Of ttiia bi 
ulul ediiiOD (18tS) tx oowles van pdi 

Pwlial WorkB, vltb NoMl mud i 
<( Ub Anlhor. BoiUn, U. S. 184S, 

8I^Iwlli.l'-l"- TUa l« • *«[*«U 

(irlot of FicksiiDS'* Aldina edlUon (f 

BHOal Works, pilnted ttau th« orl- 
tful editlona, TiCli ■ Life of Ihs Antbor 
br Ibc Bit. Julio HltTord. Loud. Fiebu- 
bf, 18(11, nyal era. S Toli. CTb« £nC 

mki printed off gNparalgly oo U3o( 

', Pi-allTplpaiy 

a' by C. J. 
poat Svo. 


^- may b« added, KelEbtley'a Life of 

other adiCiDiil. of 

, [mg Um mniai 
OdlMlan. EdlDli. 

With Ufk of flu A 
IMBertaUDn w eub 1 
ud a&plaDatoTT, an 
Uarelaad. Philjvleli 

Poetical Worki.»i( 
To Qui a 


—ParadisBLost.APoem Written 
inTnr Bookb ^ JOHN MIL TON. 
Xdcenged and Entrcd according to 
Order. London ; Printed, and are 
to be sold bT refer Parier under 
(^tid Chlireh, neer Jldgale. And 
bj Aettrf Boulter at the Turrit ^eoif 
in Biihuptgala S/reel, and Matthiat 
WtUcer, aaAatSt. Dunilont Ctairit, 
in Flmt lirett, 1€6T, dto. 

bars b«en corrected In a fcir abeeta vhlla 
tbey vara paaainj through tba praa^ ani 
probabl} acme Isitm wera ubmIM and 
Teprintod. BIN. Aoglo-Poat. MS, rnati^ 
IK. ISa. Hibbait, un, iritk Puadiae Be- 
gainad, leSl, and Poem, 1«U and ISTS, 
«To1>. nulla, K.IDb. Dent, pt. 11. ISS, with 
pcTlnit of UUtDn b; FalthDme inaarted, 
In morocco b7 Boger PaTne, U. Bindley, 

Snvndtidfrjiive (IMT). Is tbia tba name 
"John Hilton" ia mooh imaller thatJ In 
tLe precedlna. 

It shoold be observed, tbat althongb 
tbis Tariadon is placed as the aeoond 
aUte, It la jutt aa l&ely to ba the fitstas 
tlura is no eTldeaoa to the eoBtraif. Tba 
•ale prlcui, tbsrsfim, ■bleb ara qiwlad to 
what ve describe » tbe bat title may In 
some instances belong to tba seeond; aa 
befbra Lomdea pointed ont the dlsCino- 
doqs no particalu' atlentlOD ]>ad been 

Third tianimi (iwe). Paradise Loat 
■ '>-Bm In Tia Boon. The Author 

. Load.; Printed and 

=!DmB,WS,uai. Naa- 

Kitford, ili 
I Insstled, 

Ve^vdMS). PandlMLoata . 
enbcoks. The AuCfaor^OiUr 

alC M. Walker, 

paradise Esgaiaeil 
Biugu. imi, ti. 10 

k Laaa, H. Uol 
rt, in WeaBninBl 

B, Google 

Hn-TOM, JtAm, Paxasies Lost. 
— >a«a(i«en. " - • ■ 

iuitiii. ,% Load«n,prlnt 

Ae.l«8,«lB. PitibMi _.. 

Tti« PrtBUr to Uh Raidar, Uh Ar^a- 
■Dint, ud smtk, T Ihth. 

SiKtMiJa^oftjlMS). SuMUthainh, 
«ke^tlii|; tut thfln mn no itin on tha 
titla^i«i, uil tlMPilBltT'ikMnMIatli* 
mdu eonaliti of fln Ilnoi Inilad of 
thiM. BlbLAB^Fcirt.Ns.tIW,S{.SL 

TbI fnUowing Biiow ippiT •qully to 
the TvlitloiutUted l«6Ji BlU, Asglo- 
PmL 4G1, 3J. 9i. Sir H.H. BTkeaipCll. 
S13,inUilportn)tilnHrtsi],U liL Hol- 
lii.BU,lI.ta. Bdmloy, 4a(,3;. Ub. Bind- 
m,p«.lll. Stfi.Uta. Sli U. U. Sfkci,, U. IOl Bhu*. i38S,8l.'- 

Pau, Tir Tu BODU. Tbs Anther. 
MILTON. LOHDOK. Printedby, 
wju, ud ue to bo Kid by r. £<< 
lhaAiigBlliiXlabBMUwi.lMS. I 
toot of p>A in «ntT«, Indtaad of at ond 
of proTloiu Uno. ConUlnB th« iddreu of 

th« Printor to tbo Hwdet (In r— ■- 

lh« Mm Uftf JbddniB, in nthi 

Oucii, lit Sothebjr'i, Juno, IBE 

!□ BDino CQplfii bflarlDgvh 
dlfltinguldfa bH the aoTaotQ tltl 

bercd lio.'tDd »i;A°fii8le»a o 
IJrie niinibei«d TM, but the o 


. ^ K'^AIA ciU*nv> (1688). Tha umB ■ 
befiihre. Bi«ptliig thst the iTDfd Jn^ □ 
thetltle-pB«ela tnlUUc, tnd tbera li 

i;. 15a. ' Brigh't, 

br UIltoD, and 
^^^apMiii 1 n twel IB books. 
iMd ud Augm«B(ed ^ tha 


dlTldad Into XII Booee. ihvikj^ pi, il 
16«fs U- BoUli, set U. la.— New Utta. 
ins, Bro. HdIBb, S<3, ia>. ad. 

Third EdlHon, aoinnanted by the same 
anthoi. LoDd. inELBTO. Blodle* , pL 11. 
UU.Si. CaUeeott, Ta. I^ckurfns, d»- 
roccD, IBB. filnnr, portr^t iDoartcd, 

Fooitb Edttlon. Lend. Tonson, ice^ 

Portrait byWhilc^ and Qlher pistes. Pob^ 
Ilabed by nibaorJptloD undar tbn nstmn- 
a|B of La4 Soman an 

T^PusdlH BanJnad and Samaon 
Agonlstoaof aamadata o/tan accompLsr 

Works. B«coa, 1384, U, 12a. Bindley, 

PmdlMlx.t. Lond.lBBS, folio. Witli 
copious and leamad notes or oommon. 
tsry by Ft;atrjeki H[amai and Hlth a 
tabla of tlie most ratnarksble parts of lbs 
paan, ondir the thiw heidn ' " 
tlaii^ Bltaile^ and Bpeechi 
ThMopaoo, B98, 10- " 

WMk rarely 

Agcoiialea.of sti 

on aererd Ooca^oni 

d. Tonson, 1711, ISmo. portrKit and 

1 KnlBhti, iSOe, AddiHiQ'a copy. St 

.—With 'the Pindlue kenined, 
TIS. BlDdley, pt. tl. 1M7, 3 ToU. 
s. id. Heed, 70B8, 8 voU. 18a. 6d. 


Mnaon, John, Fakidibb Lobt. 

tliKa. frill ts Knlghu, »)}, morMcD, 
ISl Blndlsj, ism, lOa.M. BoDle, 
eu, Tllb the PindlH BSEdiisd, U. 29. 

Loud. TonKn, 1726, Bra. Eiljifa Fen- 
isn's ant •dItioD, lo HtalEh li preflud s 
lib, ud portnlt. HdUIb, BIG, 13b. M. 

EdllE<lVt'><>liuil B«DUar,D.D. Lond. 
ITt^lU, Foitnlt b; VertuB. ThsUit 
of ail edition la IntarpoUtod, but tben 

■nS othcij. DlndlBT, pt. ftl. SlT, 6j'm. 
Hiimi,K7,10B.Bd. uioBPAriB,rayBl4ui. 
UaL Toniun, 17»r, 8m. 

Fratim,plAU]. Aeepy, nllb inbignph 
"( a. Ewers, "preasnted to hiB e»rljr 
Ultdd uA Kboolfcllov, V/. Millbr.'' 
Ei'inby. ITH, H. 109. 

Luna. Tonton, 17*6, ISmft S Tola. An 
tdlUOD priDtsd with greitt comcCneBB. 

SobllD, 1747, nral Std. HBi(ke;'B edl- 
*"i.iei7h4ndBoiMlTpclnled,Bnd highly 

>i-eii«^ pl 

1, 1T«, 

Id by John 


['«,4[o,aTo!a. Willi cnlB deilguBd hy 
H'lonn. Pnbllshsd at tbB Bipwie of 

PBmnj add^ Bp. Xg>ton'B Bdltlcn of 
j'vuilu RegilDed, wd other Foeoi, 
v&S.fiRiilii^ tOMiher 3volB. 4to. 3L&B. 
^750, In 8vo. S loH.— Dublin, J. Bi- 

">«tor Ne*ton>B«dIlioiu,'(«'PaeUul 
noTkB, pp. Iefi6.6 
R"k ihe fint (of Findlet Lo«l). GU»- 
fJlTM.lte. *lth notes and references 
J>lb«iiu:ientPoe[.. This eicBllent Mb- 
Uahobig been attribuled bv some to 
DrQHlie,, w eihen, n,o« Justly, to Mr. 

g^Bppemred. Blndley,pt.lll.a48,Ti.6d. 

rmdiM l5bi, aiJmS^'^Viamo. 

l*rJ.SBS, 4a. White KnlghU, SBOB, lOl. 
'^ler,«B,ii.ll9.Sd, " '-"^ 

Ui3.Toni™,mi,Bvo. Llfo by Feo-. 
™. formil and plMes, Bs. 
-Wllb NoteB telectsd Ima Bentley, 
^Ra, Addlion, Nealon, (mt Dthen. by 
*2f "•"'»'". 0™t- Loo*. 1761, ISmo. 

fw- Tonwn. I7W, Sdmo. 

"M- ttHlBlhi, 1781), ISma. 


of virion* AotUort, by Jebn 

rSB, 8»o. 

Bcripture, by John QIIUm, D.D. Lend. 
TBS, imBll gro. 3>. M— Second edition, 

Third edition. Lond.l8M,'t!hno. 

Betenl (mall editions of Firidlia 

LoBl, without sny pertlenler merit, sp. 

peared about tble date. "^ 

Lorn). ITM, IbDO. Btanley, 40% mo- 

toMO, 11.8b. 

Pandlae LoBt, prinlod IV™ ths Int 

and second Edition B«llat«d. Tbaociglnal 

ByBUm of Orthography reetond; the 

and a. Bury 8t tdmund'B, ITWtB, 4lo. 

A leunad preface, and in ■ppcndli an 
Pj^to^ to Uie fir-t book. fiTb^.p*.!. 

Lilnd.' 1794, 4(0. An alegant edlHin 

with ponrslt and S4 plalAS by Rlobtar. of 

which llareTlgnetlBBDnlbe lettei>pTeu. 

Lind. 1786, 8.0. FiKSPAPai D«il,pt, 

434, nioBoco, by Hogar Payne, W. 

Lond. neo. with notee and Llla by 

Johnson, port, and 13 platea by Huth, 

tmm dailgoB by Corbould, S Tola. In t, 
roy. Bto. fta. 

Fatadlse Lost, to whicb Is preflied Iba 

ly's edition with plalea. LIBOR P.raa, 
-^royaJBTO. with proof plates. BIrJU. M. 
Bykas,pLlL4a(,nioroccc^«(.10l. Strallall, 
E80, with additional proof platea from 


Woo. a tolt pUt». la 
Ijmi. 180R pMt Sto. ■ 
FundiH IiOBl. vtth 

Grwn). Lond. inw, Em. T«ra 
iBlon, (H D'lindTf 

I. CuTiofc of Lit, ni .._ _.. 
L I Tta ant III Booka ot 
i._ T____ BudianuL Edlnb. 

a,lii. 1)7 6J), pnbl 

rlth H engnTlngB 
n-bf Jit,pub.ail01..u>,. ^ 
ntikSD sir la liw. i 

Ih ai angrariiiga 


01. 10a. ThekrgapUlH' 

! aimts^ Ids portfolio. Pi:tnta,<>Ui.-,pR»h, 
01. 10b.; Knr aoM ftiTliua tfasn h^. 
Man[a*8 M lUnaH ' 

Iiond. W«hl»urM, 1 
■to. The pi 
ckerlug, fs 

SbitbiLTd, an 

;17 ociglial, by ^ 
other PoeUo 

ml, for Wboola, br t£e Ber. J. R. llajor, 
dA Lond. leu, »tt »»■ Tb. U. 

Paradlaa Loiti^th llemoir br^nna 
Hontgumery, aod Tarioror "-*— --i— ** 
lif H. O. Bolm, ud ■ oaiii| 

la from_PKr. Lost^wlth Hotaa 

ta Sohoola, by 

thB Fraoch of Raymond da St. Matif^ by 

Pandlie LobI ; or UillonpaTaphraied *ld 
AjuHUttoDs. By a Qtf -• '•-■—' 

Loud. 1SB1, royai IbL pi 

Kartin's niDiUatlDnj 
Lost, M platea. Sea pr 

I. SL So. radand 
of tin Puadka 

ia prefixed, signed 

J.O. Thai 

PeradlauD] AmlBSimi, PandlBmii RecopA- 

aollekiia Hogso. Loud. 109O, Sro. BnlL 

J^uidlAl Amlsat Liber iB- 

Cantab. tMl, 110. Tlie dedicaHoB it 
algned by T. P., wtiii la said Id be TIubu 
Powar ot Trin. Coll. Cambitdge. Hij 

iDgbsokaeiiBtalDmantiKtiiiL Stitiik'i 
Hamoln of Milton, p. 68. 

Pandlana AddsaoB, Pooda Angtlfli 
BOrlptpm t JiAanDB Hiltag, mine luteio 
ai Anotorla Eiamplarl LnUne ledditom, 
par,ADLTrln. Cant. Boo.). Liber 
primni. Lond: 170% Sro, OfthUipKi- 
men two other titlo-pagaa iren prlptedof 
tha datsa 110! and 171T. It waa cepiIiUkI 
liilT88,4t». Biigbt, 4i. 6d. 

Paradlnta Arnians Intei^reta Joa- 
Ti»pp. 17«-«,4ta.aT0lfc 

Part of tbe foortti Book of FindUi 
Lost tmoelated iulo Latin Heumelot 
by John Theobald, dedicated to Fiaodi 
Douce, MJl, Ktimdhther of tha lata FI. 
T>oac<, Eoq. Lend, n, d, 4to. 

Faradlaoa AmlBBUB, py»ma LbUdo rai' 
„ — I n^it^i — ■Jolnon, LL. B. Oioo- 
Ola. Tbla admbaUe 

and aplril, than any other ooeUeal 
nofleogthlhaTeBoon.'— Cr.AHU). 
Faradial Amlsii Liber primDa, Gn««,a 
etntford; com ulebri Varaione Utlol 
Rot. aoUelmi Dabsoo. Doblis, ITW 

B, Google 


Kjixoh, John, Pabaj)ib> Lobi. 
ta. Bindley, pt. liL US, 2b. Dediuted 

tint h^ {^bard Diwoa in 1TB8, but hs 

Bloia di Paolo _ 

mBa, pp. aS7, beiid«, Tirte Lulonl i 
EmendulMil, 4 pp. tlao Utle, dedluttoB 
Fitdirick, FrtDU of WKtea, mnd UTb 
HUIm,16 luveB; portmlts oT Jobn HI 
tn, Pull Bslli sod Fndertck Pdnts* 
WilH. Eome coptMw Urge bias pipe 
-PwU, IHO, ISmo. aiols.— VeroD^ 17«, 

ItaUuii d( Fslli 

rnd In EiigUad. 
MBriotdoi. Lond. 17W, 
jlism^i criUdm ; to both 

IttUul 1> FeU^ HlrloItinL Lota-USe 
Sri. Tb« vhoic Poem, In tvo puU 
B^ptU.^«d. Otbsr editions 

FiniUH Pudiilo, recnto la vanl lU 
bul di Mlcb. LeoDl. Plu, 1S17, Sto 


ire ■iTeml olhw lUliu tn«- 


B.: By P»pl, Lnocm. 1811,8™. 

Rtprintod, Luea, 1B17, IBmo. 
ndMllsn, 18*7, Umo. 8 VBlt— In 


[0. Vanet iSOl.-Iu Tomiiby 

mer. Venei. I81G, a Talii.-By 
eo, Bom>, isat.— Sf PDlldori. 



Loud. 188*; Sto, 11.18. 


leTaiUi''itigl»is- tSu/lSW, 


..BlStM. LiEailM«B,STOll. 

fin) coplDB on fitLni. 



■sdla Pardu de MLIfon, iTBii im 


des Bemmninsi d' Addlum. tnul. 


etOa. Paris, 17»,12mo.BToU. 

U P.^i, Partn,- en Angltls ot ™ 


(ll tnidnction par NLc. F. DnptS 

Lanr). Parii, UBS. IM. S Yola. 


plate.. Pint pnbllBlieil, Parts, 

im, 1 

mo. B Toll. Anolhar edition. Id 

8olh freqnenllj rsptlnl^. The 



elegant tban thai bj Racine, 


are levenl other Frencbtiusla- 

r Br'Hoaneron. Paris, 180*, 
^uio.j .on. (fltat pnb, ITSei.-Bj M. Bal- 

Pwli! 1818,' Bto. — By Chaleaubrtand, 
Pwi>,1839,8vo. a TOli. By Pongarville, 
Ptrii, Cbaipander, """ " — 

Das VerlDttlfe Piradles, in Tent» 
arcb B.a.ronlterge. Zerbet, 168;i, St 

Uilton'a ' 

70S, 8to. S Tols.^ Again, _ . 
Ultton'a Fandya VerlooKi 
lank ttcst, translated by T] 


■ L. P. (A 

Dutdi rbyma.) 

El' Paialao Feidido, trad, per B. Raman 
1 Uannida. Kadtld,1811,8ra. iTDla. 
Paraiio Perdido, trad, en Te»o eaatal- 
no DOT J. V. EacolquiK. Bonrgea, 1813, 

Paraln Feidido, traduidii em rnlgar 

Paradise Lost, in Amimlan, by Dr. P. 

It baa alio been tmulated Into Kualan, 
'edloh, and loeEandla- 

— PiBiDiBE HiaiiH'ri, a Poem 
fonr Books. To which U added 
SiMSOS AsoKiBTES. The Author 
John Milton. Load, printed by 
J. M. foe Joho etarkey, 1671, 8yo. 
with B leaf precadiag title, "Ia- 
cens'd July 2, 16J0." 

FiBBT EDiTioira ef both ^ecea. White 
KnlghU,275S, II. la. Heath, 18SR, ll.3l. 

lall in 

. Skegg, port b 

d, 1Ǥ0, 8V0. Bindley, pt, II. 1554, 

Paradlie Kegali 

jamaoa Agonialea 


id 1731, Ud U p 

ilghlr THlnsd foi It 

e BegilDSd, SunioD Ago 

f the Author. 1711, ISnm. 
Terreatra ImlU pir Uidmna 
[Dd Bscige). Lund. Psr. 1780, 

Muke (CoMPs) pMsented at 
CtuUe, leai, on Michael- 
right, before the Earle of 

Bridge«at«F, Tlecoont Bract;, 
I«rd President ot Walee, and one 
of Ma Majeatien moet honourable 
pri™ Connwll. Ixind. Humphrej 
EobinsoD at the eigne of the Three 
Pigeons, in Paul's Church Yard. 
1637, 4to. SO pagea. Printed nith- 

Shodei, 1711, 21. B*. Bindley, nt lit. 
632, «. Jidli, J49,Il,8a. aMeveag,9;9, 
Willi vicvaf Ludlo* CuUe Inserted, if. Si. 
liollli, 911. Witt Juta Bdotsi^o King, 
Ginufa. 1038, it. IDs. CiddecDtt, II. lb. 
Bright, title dlrlT.lLlSe. Craurard,mo. 

It! Origin, ako L'AUejtro ind II Fe 
toia. Lond. BeniUr for E. B>rdlng. 1 

— AsCADSa, Part of a Masque^ 
or Entertttiiunent presented to the 
CounteiB Dowager of Derby, «t 

B, Google 


StiiTOS, John, MisoB Foaus. 
Hirefield, by >ome noble FerBOOs 
of lier Familj j who appear on tlie 
Scene in putontl Habit, moving 
toBards ibe Soat of Btale, with 


Tint printed <□ UllUm'i Ulnalluieaiii 


Fmphruii Latlu In duo PounaU 
(bruiii (lUmiD k Ulltow), ultwnin ■ 
COHludo, ADgllet soriptlua lait) qnlbu 

ffiUlD. EdTBTdi King, qui NaTe, qui 
wlilHRir, uio lUlit. In Oceaao U]r- 

Hwin. LondlDl, pro Autbon, IBH. «u. 
nil coUiiiu the original uwbII bi the 
I*llii vuiDlinat. SothBliv, Aug. IB, 

HlUoall Foema l.jcliui. Onset red- 
itu (a Joh. Plumptn), lT»r, lu. 

UcMa dl aiovaan! HUtsn, da T. J. 
XUhiai (with the EnirllEb tut). Londra, 
lBU,iaiiu. Huoraedralotie,Napoli,lB8a, 

— Sucpeocr Aoombtee). Lond. 
Printed and sold by Eandal Tay- 
lor, 1688, fol. It Bnt appeal^ 
*itli tiie PitTadiM Begained -'- 

SimHn AgonlBleL Lond. printed by 
R.E.,utd ueb> be (Old bf John Whll- 
In):. 1096, folio, pp. SI buidee Title, 
Whit 1> ealled Tragedy ' and ugnmentb 
t leavH. fReprinled nom editlen of 

aimoon AgooUtea, Ornu Can 
ndllui, mm VerBlone Latlna aQ 
OIuM,i.)l. Oioo. 1788, Sto. Ane: 
kat TOTKlon. utoa pipKa. Heath, i 
llL Dnry, ITSS, ISi. WUUuna, ; 



Poems by Mr. John Miltoii, both 
Bnglieh and Iiatin, compoe'd e'^ " 
Tml Time*. Printed bj hi* 
Copiet. The Bong* were let in 

Lcl by Mr. Henry Lawes, GentLj. 

inn of fliB King's Chappell, Lon- 
don. Printed by Buth Kaworth, for 
Humph. Moaaley,^., 1646, am, 8ro. 

Nusan, pt.1. 2^7. 18a. Bindley, 
1 l&&a. a. 109. Tovoeli^. pC. i. IM. 
Blbl. Anglo-Foet, 463, SL Roiiwt, 
. II. !i. HolUa, Sftt, n. Is. Lla^d. 
iL lOi. Inglls, 1038, moroao, V. Ba. 

Iher, 'u 1>. Craafurd, «. Gardner! 

' Boa. HI. lOs. HUbb, DD port. SJ. 10>. 

;er, eopr of porL W. IBn. Mltforf, 

..... U. lOs. Botbebr'a, Aug, 1SS8, no 

°-~DeC to Uaory Liwei, preflisd 1o 

lobnMUtoniboth EnAllBbaul Lfttlu, 
ComfKHsd at ssTSTairiinea. Wllb a 

■mall' W.Uolle. TotUe 
Engitib Foems in tbla editloii were flnt 
added, l.-Odo on tlie Deatb oCa fair Infant. 
■ ■■ aVacaUonEiardielntheCollep. 

Apologu de Koatlco eC Hero. iL Ad 

Anglo.-Foet. UB, U. 4a. Rotue, 181 

Wartsn'iiiop7,lI.a(. HolUa. SeH.ra. C 

ma, open federal OccsaLani 

eo pages, besldei tltls and Uble ol 

(Thia ganerallr aeoompanlaa U 

lie Begalnad of 18M or IM.) 

John Hlifani tUC Lrotdu rAUagro, U 
J-enaenao, Areales,CaBina, Odee, Boaaeta, 
HlKellaiuaa, EngUih Faabni, Elegtanm 
"■--- Brigrwtrf**'™" Liber, BrlTamia 

-fflBi NotM crillcial and mpta- 

nttorr, and other IlluitraUoni, liy Thomai 


1561 wx 

ItnaoK, John, Hm» Pcxhm. 

Edwudi, IM,te.6d. Foatblll. TO, IDt. 
Thli ion not cDtlnlr mpenada tbe 
fbrmtr, iniimnch u mur of tbe ehMh 
■n omlltsd, thair nUsa bafngmpplM bj 
nruenoea lo PmdlM Be(*ined ud Bun- 

■ddnued to ■ Oentlemaii i^f lUJr. II7 
Dr. LiBuborae. Lond. 1778, 4to. 16 pr 

orlgtnids ; end % rragme 

ID Cowp^r. With A Pnlue by lfa« 
'"""' — H«t1«7)- Chi6lie«t«, 


J. pt 1. 


A TiuuUtica i4 tll« I>Ulii ud lUUu 
Foou at MUCon, br J. O. Btrutt Loud. 
ini, Sn. A« *1« Id l^Btlotl WoTki. 
Ltod. Plckobw, IBM, 1 toIh. 

I/AHkio, llPni»H«o> M 11 If sdermto. 
InSFttt*. SMtolIailsbrMT. HudsL 
Loud. Toiaim, ITM, 41a. 

L'Alligroind PniBarato. Oemuauid 
Bn^l^ UoiuilHtm, 178% S*o. 

l/AIUtro ud 11 t^BHmo. With 80 
nitaa, dadgved eipnulr Ac tha Art 
Uoloo ot Lcodan, and anfraTad on vaad 
bT prlDelpal utiita. Land. 1S98, Imp. an, 
Bl.U. Pmoft, royal «to.iDoro8ea,«l St 

L'Allagra at la Fauamao, tradnlt an 
Vara FraiuafB pu BibosTOIe. Land. 
1T88, 41a. 

L'&Uairro, trad, da Gaetano Polldorl, 

UUIont Poemii', L'AIlegra, Latlna red- 
ditnm k Car. Haiab, ISll, tia. 

L'Allagra and D Paiueroao, mnatratad 
trr engnvlpga on Plael aftar doalgqB by 
Blrkat Foatar. LODd. 1860, Imp. 6to. 

— fsosB WoxKS, ifitk ft Life 
of the Autbor, intenpened mth 
Xraiulationa and ciiti^ Bemarka. 
Bj Charlea STminoD*, D.D. Lond. 
1806, royal 8to. 7 vols. 

m, rnnia, 151. ISs. Blr U. 11. Sykai, 
Voika, Hiitortcal, PoUtlod, ud Hit- 

atbuiaoiUf Latin ud EagUab. AmsL 
UBB, (but ratny prlnlad in lAndon), (UK 
8 ToU. With a witnit of Milton by 
Fallbama. Tbli adltlon wu eollactsd and 
pnbllaliad by John Toland, but OtrcnA 
anor or Ignannoa ha prtntad fna m 
tat edidoDa or aona tracti to which (ba 

a, Boibnrgh«,( 

■idaoD. BalllB, Ml. UOi. Uuqujt o( 
Tonahnd, KB, IL Ma. Blsdlay, pt. 0. 
ett, 8L BawM, ISB^ SI. uun ripn. 
A aw aOBtaa printal. Dnka of OnfUo, 
Me; SI. lVill£iBia.Ma^niaaia,7I.iri.M. 
Ptoaa Wark& To vhieh la praOiad, in 
Acconit of bla Life ud WiltlDga (ty 
ThoMiB Blreh, M.A.] Lood. 1753; (tcL 9 
tolB. with porlrait of MUUo, a bna^ty 
VertDB. A very oorract adltloD, cartflillr 
raad through umt praaa by Rlchd. Buaa. 
Keaib, l£ui, U. 7a. Kollla «(», ■libEha 
Poatlnl Worka, 17SI, 8 vcdi. (togather S 
NuBu, pL 11. 168, with tha Pntlcal 
Worka. 1740, fi roll, maala, 13^ ISa. 8(afr 
Tana, SSI, with (ha PDaUcal WoikB, ITO, 


prlndpil PoUUaal and Ewlaalutlcal 
Ha,irithi]e> Tnaalatlona, andiDln- 
troduatloDbyCleoTgaBDrnell. Lond. 1809, 
"-ia.3TOlB.10a.ed. Hollla, 8C8. U IM. 
forks (Prose ud VerM), pilaled fraa 
oili^nal edlUona, vlCb a Life ot Itta 
itaoTbytbaKsT, JobnHICfard. laA 

3, Bto. 8 Ti 


lotyps a 

DoUon by Platcbar. 

mpailal Sre. A 1 
fprfnied by Ueasn. C 
Sannsntly reprinUd. 

HllUm'i Froaa Wocka cotnplata, sdioj 
by J. A. St Jobn, iDClndlBg tha ChrlsOan 
Dnctdna.reTiaad by Bp. Samner. Load. 
"-•- lSlS.S3,poat 8»o.SY0la. port, ud 

ir lllaratnra Itom tha study ^^ 
iDal and nflrrons eloqueQCa,'— 
HUT. Tbli iraBt haa bean 119- 

B, Google 

VisTrar, Mm, Pbobi Wraxa. 

^bd b; tlie pQbllflAtlou *f tha pnudlog 

or BefOntutliHi toaehldiT Church m» 
ttpllH in Enjrltiiil, In Two Booki. lionl. 

ItiuTba d«diicea from tha ApoflColloaJ 

ha tnitlHi, ons obawf i;w> nndtr tha 
ime tf Ju»a (Uiberj. Blibop gf Ar- 
Dixb. Land. 1A41. 4(o. M pa. 

t Pn], la 


VgklnrrolyloBllhMHtffi Datauca oj 
AafiimlaaBaHiHtrwB. At p. 881. 

i» AMlagy ftt B— il J— III i agilnn 
■ FnpUet cill ad'A aodsM CoBfotUliiii 

WlnBp.H>U]. IdDd.l«J^ 

ObHintialu iqnB Mna of hta Uajaa- 
tU'i (CbariH L) Uta Annara aBdiii- 
Muu. LoollMltdto. [AuAHwacto 
«M pristtd br U* M^aatla'B 
Ox&nl, I«tt, (Ttba ADlhor].] 
tHa Aiuwu, bj J. U. Lo^ 

pU IJiiMtiini wnn 

l,b7 J 

^runlciil GoTanniHnt Anatomiied^ 

'at: Being me Ute ud DeMb of Jobn 
iba BipUit. i619, Ito. A tnnsUtiiMi 
Bum Buf baiuQ's BtpUfltea, 4Bcribed b^ 
nek, bat on al«]der grDDi]da,lo MUIihi, 
ttd FBprlQtBd bF hlDL u aucb, wltb bU 
lJlBiiftheroiit,liilT»0, SmPior. 

Tlia Doetrluo ud DlKlpllua oT Di- 
[upoaited and divided lata Cbsplan)! 

"llw. aotheby, Aug. 19, 1868, a£ Sa. 
-fctond MIHOB. Umi. ISM, dlo. A 
np^t of that or 1H4 oa belur fapar, 
■^ bilkrtor type. Th<a work cajleij 

*Ihi DoelrlnB and Dlidnllno of Divorce, 
*aPle> for Lullss, lod GsutlewoiDea, 
M Ul otbei Wemen, Igiinat Ulvone." 
JjljAlMi *to. pp. M.' Beplled to by 

na JddpaoDt or UuUa Bncar uo- 
«»« DlTonui; engllibed by Jolm Mli- 
!«■ LCDlieM,«to. 

1,110. A ibigleihut^repriiledi 
of 'Poam», edit ISTS, Bio.'— en 
BUckhunia'i Romarka oa Jobuon^a 
>r MUton, pub. ITSO, lanis. 

Kr. Wuton otanrro* that 'Wl 
llailhjia more of ahor than Tain*.' 

ud haa ban In dangaT of bateig 
— tw» of Ita gnalait ■— >-- 

lUlon. Wllon'a plaa la Impnclii 

I«oks and 


tilad.' Tbto 
'nmeb, and 

AmopuUttKi a dpoaeb is Uia PaiU» 
Bata(En«laiidlbT lb« Ubertr of udi- 
maed PrhHlOK. Lond. leM, Uo.— Fiur 

Ei>iTioa,pp.4fi,lieaUeatlt]a. -Thamoat 
doie, coiKbulTa, umpntanwlTO, and de- 
ilslTS TlBdlcaUDD on tha UbcRf of tha 
preas lh»l hu yet appauad.'— ICartoii. 
The moat splendid of bla Fcoaa Worka 
in EUKliih.'— IT. Gabirm. Bindlaj', pt. 

Lend, ITSk Sro. -llh prefab b7 Thom- 

dn«a, the iLle Lord Llvarpool, ud a 
pnOkco, by aome nacrlbed to Arch. Black- 
Duma. — LoTid. 17S0, ISmo, vlth Dlack- 

tsn.— Ixind. ]791, Sto. adited bj Jamei 
Loah, Eiq.— Loud, ISOB, edItfdandpTlatad 
h7 Baron UaH^a, In bla Tolumo of' Ocoa- 

?iir»lYeIljMlilu™r^°T. H^tWhS; 

of ' Beaaon* humbly offered for the ILhsrtr 
orUnllMnaedPrlDtlnrirlthtlie Jngtand 
true Character oT Edmund Bobnn, tba 

an KetroapeBUTO ReTlair. vol. il. p. 1. 

Tetnchoidon; orEipoalUonanpoBFaa. 
aagea of BcrtptaTO, whioh traat of Uav- 
riaja, or M^tiei la KurtaBe. ISU, 4to. 

CothatarloD: aEeplj to a n ameleaa An- 
mra^iatthaDooMH and DtaelpllDa 
nl DiTorea. Load. itlS, Mo. Tha Dno- 

AiDODg Other opponenti whom Hilton 
met with for pnmulgatlug bti DaoblBea 
o( Mvocce, no™ Dr. Feallej. Herbert 
PalDHr, and otbera ; hie doctrlnea nv« 
[lia to a BMt called AKlUnuU. Sa In 
?agltt'> HenalogrmpfaT, dc, Lond. UH, 
p. IN. 

A Treallia of hIaglBtncy : ihewfncthi 
Hagletiila hath beaoa, and flu noli W 


1666 itn< 

MiXTOir, John. Pbosb Wobm. 

The TBnnre of King. Md Magf.b 
willed King, IM ifler dug con.; ■ " 

7 ■ Mimon ™ ' ■Ke rs«r or & 
r.UallDe>Oriffi(li. Thenateiwi 

orlcl, until lh»l of BTinnio 

UA. Antffi.dT«n 

le Scotch Pni- 

II. 8S3, 8j.— Lond. It 

l89,12iilo. HoUiB, SeS, Ua. Brlghl, UKiA 
I. r«soliI Gsrdcer iu ISM, UH. TolU 

aWj DOT called BngUnd ; fram Ihe irU 

I870,4U. PrafilsdlBiportrUtof UIIMDlir 

il. Sa. JcdJi, 13S>, l£ 111. «d_&ca, 

13>,— LoDd. 1871. 410. vlCh pcnnil ^ 

. F»lthome. BlmUay, pt. ill. &1, 1(. >i- 

I t^md. 1077..- Lend. lflS&,8vo. Koxbnr^e. 

copy, mm uiacai/itua iii jn..i"u= ^-r- 
mnhj'Tobopreiented to tho Right Eon. 
ehs^Mieof Ciibery; li.lH.M. Bindley,!.SS8,irIth AreoMgltlc*, IBM, II.— 
inut.iaw.ismo. BltM, Sa. — With m- 
Urgcmeata fcj-B-Btron. Lonct. l7B«,»to. 

' GonsldenHoni 
Hum to imur 
Chnreh. Land. 
Lood. VnS, Btd. 


ha likellea 

Ruptuni cr the Cmnmoniieillh. Pnb- 
WiibeA fnnu the HuliiKTipt. Load. ISM. 
Written unou the dlisolntion «{ Ihs pu- 
llMoent by the uiny, with ( view to pre- 
™t the «aWl»Uon ot Ungly. goT«n- 

The prfHint MwM iDd btltT Delliw- 
UodoCk rn»CouinioDi>a>lth, wj to be 
put Id PncUce uid withoat Deley- 


ponndMVanl puHgaL ir] 
log Ois prid* ui •npntltla 
In the Buon tlmge. wan ni . 
CDDOaldad ntln upon tba Usbapi In tie 
relguDrih«aM«DdCbiLrlu. HIllHi.bDr- 
over, pnBSDted a copy of tho nnllcovB^ 
pjiHgai to Oka Bed of Angleiey: vUA 
vera pubUahad in le&lj vitJi a pre&A 
■latlDg that tbey OTl|;tnally Ml«i('* 
to the third book of hia hietoir. They 

RepTlDted. Lend. 181% royal Sro. wiA 
prefhce by Buon Maaetaa.— Lond. ISW 
8>o. Su BetioipectiTe Karla*, toI. U- 

OtTme Religlon.Hereiy, Schism. Ti»«- 

against the Orovth of Popary. Lond.ItOSi 
110.— Heir edition, with PtEfmee hy Bp. 

ad. Lond. H. B 

(a Oaneial HOBk. Pnbllahed fmn 

The nadia and aaaia Way to atUbliih 
■ ftea Conusasiraallh. Land. IflWL 4to.-^ 
1191, ero. Thli piaoa waa tapUM to la 
■Th* IMgnltTof Kingihip aaaeitad,' by 
Q.S.,ptohably(}eorgaBearie. leso.llmo. 
BUaa, it. M. Flek«iiag, pt. liL la. Sd. 

Briaf Nol« open ■ late Sernuinpnacliad 

B, Google 

MlLTOK, John, Pbose Wobkb. 
Atiln of Gnal Brlulii, 1M9-Ba. FoDn< 
UKUg ihepoUtlulCotlectloDBDfMr.Joh: 

iiid WriliDgs of Jabn Milton, Indutlliie 


the Powoll fKoily. CollMled sndedltail 
b; W. Dou^Ikb HamJItaTL Land, (for tJi( 
Cnndeo Club), 1SG», llo. 

Qudll SulDM^i DeftiulDnem EaEUm. 
l«04»iiifc-l«Bl,4to.i.iBaKP«™i. Lond. 
UUibUd, Bti^t,8h The bnt iipolO|r, 
HfiT. WhRoo, tbiitaTerwuaftndiM 
MMieklnn to tbs block. IUiM»e,183S, 
tLM^lffil, IBmo. S«ioiid «dlt<oii. RoB- 
*K, ISM, Be.— Cnm Indlw. Lond. ' — 

ItiDO.— Dafence of the People of Engluid) 

fl»o, TrinBlsted b)- Mt. Wuliington of 
tm Temple. s« S.LiiieiBa. 
Ooihsiethof .Jnne, 1880, 11 wm or- 

tliU Ibis Bcxik ind the lunoclutss of 
UiliDD BbouM be humt by the common 
baDpnea. A pmcUmatlon Isined for Ut 
ippretundoii, ha It pilDted In Bp. Keo- 
Sapulemeotil Apolegy (or tha balioyen 
ti lu Sbakapere Papers. ITSO, Bro. 

Britumfenim B«i, ■ Secalt etOaluno 
HDloid TlDdleatna. DoHini.apiid Libenim 
Cornctoraa TlH Recla. bii1> aigno Saluli 
'aacia.iesa, am. llDW. pp. IIS. Bright, 
IIW, 1T3. The acueeat Tolame In the 
CtUroTtraT betneen Hilton and Salma- 
Hia. ShCbislis.I. 

t>eleaElDproas»nUa Alex. Mori llbel- 
•on'Re^Sangnlnii Clamor," cul ad- 
Jimfttur Joumle FhlUppL Reapoiialo ad 

•Is pro R0B6 el Populo Angllcano In.*"- 

Deieulo seCDDda pro'poputo AngUia 

cUai^gUunoe. Lond. 1664, ISmo. Hag. 
Com. 1^.— 1W8, l^mo. Sa HonuK, 
tfaixL Mou,Alsi. 

St. 1. 1)68, T*. BlDi 

"-■itola ad Pollt 

ITSe, folio. 


S.iSma.Sa.— Lipa.ieaa 
□ la Germuiif raeodl 

of the Boranlgn FtiucH and 
Europe doling tba ndalnU- 
coEamoimaltli, and tha Pro- 

iditioD of isse. 


ram (811 Liber nnua: 

10. PreaiedlBBportr&lt ofMll• 
W. DoUe.— Lond. ima, I2mo.— 
TS, ISmo. 

Itonl Aogli, de Doctrina Chrls- 
IbrtduopoaEhTiRiI. CanUb.lSU, 
. at 8J, 8a. Edited by Dr. a™- 
(jf WlncheEter, from a MB. dla- 
Id the Stala Paper Office. Smn* 

aUEeonUhriltluDwCHna, Iranl- 
Camhridge, l«a. 


Dr. Bumner, kV 
BohD, 1S53-8, P' 


Ute of tba lmjiDden« 

V' intllled ElkcmokluteB w 

(bf J. Luu 

Uffl of Milton, Hsnb- 

.„ ., .. -i-indl with a Character 

of tha Author and bis putr. Loud. ISM, 

liahed by J. T[i 

B, Google 

EniendrntliHU 01 
Mllum'i Puidii 
BontlflT, Jiji- l-n 

HilUfl n 

A fritndlT Latter ti 

_. __d byhiL __.. 

LnM, bf ■ GsoUainiin of Cbrlit Cburcta 

■aUitiT It uld to ti« Dr. Peun, Bljhop of 

A Sarlsir of tbe Text r>f the tirelTO 
BoobiDf PusdlH Loit. in which tbe chlsf 
of Dr. Beatley'a EmanditiDni its con- 
sidered, Ac. Land. ITSa, 8fo. Bh. HoIUi, 
«e9, Eb. 6d. Br Blahop Fenru. Firat 
printed In septinte psrtg in ITSi. Accsrd- 

ollUci, of sennd tBamlng Uld Jiist raawn- 
log, joined with the gietteat cuidour ud 

ID (J.), Eipluubnr Hot« ind 
ID Milton's PuvdlH Loot; 
3f ttia luUiar ud DlaoeDrM 
, haai. I1U, S>o. 7a. 

tATT, e^molDflcal explanatiOQi, oritlul 
udcIasBioal nolet oa Hilton's Puadlso 

Lost. Lond.]744,BD].8T0.pi>Ttn[t,TB. 

A CrlUoia EBWron tbs (Undul) Num- 
1wn of Pimdiss Lost vlll be fsund In 

BiMoel Sa;. Lcmd. 114fi, lio. f^. US-! 

CriUoil IMsaarUtlon on Psradln Re- 
galoed, br the Sst. Hr. Meadiiircoiin. 
LooA. 1732, ito<-lTlB, Btq. 

An EBsa^npon Mitton'i ImlUtlons of 
tbe Ancients In hia Pandisn I»«t, irllli 

«llb a Life 0: 


Lost, sd&pted to eT. 
flret, which was puW 
only. Load, 1741, 12 



With a Ftb&cb, br tbe Rev. Hr. Dodd. 
Lond. 17«. Itmo. &. 6d. 
Tbe Poetry of Hlltim'i Prose. Lad. 

A Letter to tbe Rev. Mr. T. Wsrtai« 
bis late Edition of Mlltoa's JavenUe 

iBritlon bi 8«Dioel Darby, H.A. Eselm 

1780, St. 

Sag^e dl Critloa inl Faradlso Ferdnlii. 
(del Fillppa Scolarl) e suite amiotajlDDl 
_ — iT„ ^j Glnaeppe Addison, aggiu- 

itt ijidreliii. ^eo^i, 1B1«, 
royal 8vD. portrait, 10s, I, 
Stilton Is --'•■ -- - — 

in Is said to bare u 

lie Story of onr 'first FKrents, is « 

ctlons of the Scottish Aiill5uarl«e,Ti)L 3, 
1. 1. 1S26, ito. 
Dimster, RoT.Chirlea. ConeldenUnu 

itunloa of bis Paradise Lost. Land. lauO, 
Sto. 3s. ed. 
The Stndent's PraeUcsJ QramBiar, with 
Commentary m the Clrat Book of Pin- 

a ainud. 

a tbe ChilBtiin Bt- 

i. T. Coleridgo, edited by J. 
a. Lend. ISOO, 6to, I3>. (Tht 

.D Blstoiieal Memi^ of tbe poliScal 
3 of John Ullton. By Charloa Edward 
rtlmsr, Eb^. Lend, 1W5, Ibi. Brlgtt, 

'odd'B(E. J.)AcconDt of the Ufeasd 
ItiDES of Milton) vlthaiertiallDdU 

B, Google 

WaaoK, John, HiLTOHUirA. 

lt> U» irliole of bis Pr»try. Loud. ISCM, 
»n. poMtiil, Mb. lusai PifiE, roy. 8vo. 

)«,8ro.— Ag«'ln,ieili 

uur 1689 

MmKW.Tho*. TiewB of 9e«rt» in 
IrelHUd, vith nii Accouut of each. 
Dublin, 17aS-&8, oblong 4to. Spta. 
- 1 rol. 21 plates, 2i. 2b. pjioom, 

-Anin, 1821. 

Dale of York, SSSO, U Os. Gnna, 

Mn-WASD, Edirard, M.D. Tnl- 
Uanus reTiviBcens ; an Accomtt of 
Alexander TralliBn, one of the 
0reek Write™ that flooruhed after 
Galen, *c. Lond. 1734, 8to. 

D PiIbui 

tod. 1§S5. 8td. t^. 4M. as. ( 

UnaoT thePoe'u. 

i Amjntor, ij Jolii 
Dr. JohuBoDi w li 

I. Pior, Frucli, Uic 

^Iftnde. SOHALLRB, J. 


Un/iOK, Richard. London's Mi- 
Bsiie. The Conntrjee crueltde irith 
Qod'a Mereie, eiplained by re- 
niBrkable obaerrations of eaoh of 
them during Uiis Uet Visitatian. 
land. If. OitB, 1626, 4to. 

Hiaii^ of Fhjdck. CcinBUlile,isn,l>.8d. 

MouDoi, John Thomas. The 

Historie of the Wsrrw betireene 

lated bj Afar. EartirelL Lcmd. 
1596, 4to. 
Bliidl«r> lit. iU. SM, 69. 6d. Beal.MTL 
H. VuHu, pt. U. IVl, Ji. Hsber, pt. L 

MlBD, Will and Und 
ing, a MonJitj. See 1 
Clcb. Appendii. 

Maxa. Ste Cobitwjxl. EATiaB- 

ran. Uasseb. Uuhote, Ed. 

Pimre, Bir John. Pbycb, Wm, 

MiBTiTDEE, The. A periodical 

r Paper, by Solomon Grildrig, of the 

' College of Eton. In 40 fiumbere. 

- Windsor, ISOe, 8yo. fti. 

from tts (Ml^B of Et™ : the Joint 

SoducUou of I>r. Beaasll, Mr. KsighL 
I. CinnlDe, and tbe kdi aftbs lUrqiiii 
. or WellMlev.— 1SQ6, Umo. S tOi. Foe the 
, fonnu, M UioBocosa. 

MimfssinaESS. — Tbe Lots of 
the Minnesingers, or Gerouui Trou- 
bsdoon of the ISth and lath Cen- 
turies. Lond. 1825, post 8to. plates. 
Ao elSE>nt eeleoUon, villi valuable 
□otfla faj Edgar Taylor, Eaq. 

MmoEHT. — The History of the 
Minority. 1766, Sro. 

Only tweWe coplu prlntsd. 
MiHOT, lAwrmioe, Poenie. See 
BlTBOH, Joseph. 

MmsBBU, John. Dnistoi in 
longuaB. The Ghiide into the (11) 
Tongues, viz. English, Welsh, Loir 

B, Google 

1670 tax 

Dnfdi, H^h Datch, French, Ita- 
lUn, Spuiiih, Portugnei, Latine, 
Greeks, Hebrew, &c. Loud. 1617, 

' Ktnihen-i Ooldg li > nrr Impor 
mrfc, jLvd hu AjnxUbad jtnLt u^ti 
to aubuQueut leiLcognphBrm.'— 7^:^. 
contilnj tha Aral nrintea Hat of Bulncilb- 
En la aor Hook. Boiburghs, 1182, Ifia.Sd. 
Bindley, pt. il. ItAS, IL lOi. ToToeUy, 


(omctloM, bnt u It omlti the WBlsb «nd 
PortdgiHHtiiiiguifu, It la leaanlu " 

burghe, m& lOi, fld, Bkndlftv, pt. U. ] 
ISl Huqnti of TewnBhend, hsa, 1 
Soiirell, lioe, It. Si. Horns Tooke, 

Dsriaii, LL.D. Oum Ammidrn- 
aionibuB Dm. Heraldl et Nic. Bi- 
gfdtii, necnori Hieotu aliorum. Ao 
cedit Cominodiaiiiu, eevi Cypruoici 
■criptor. Cantab. 1712, 8ro. 4" 

wlth T 


lUgKltll; A iDliu 


ud nellglithl D 


T^oJi" t 

iPM. WULUmi, im, 

Ilui CjpTluiis do Il» 
im ObHrnUoalbn Nit. 
9 FliTDlcufl do ^ofw 

2d». *■. «iL— OiDD. iwi 

leai, Umo. 

[ RotuuioDB J. D»ML 

lilted into Eng 


rtvm HlHpaiilr».LaIlnTiD 
copIoAUelmuni. Loud. 
B 1b goDorally ttmD& at 

runt's, Blcbiid, Bpanlsh 

OcUtIoi, with TeitoUlui'i Apologrfat 

printing an exact and ampli __ 
count of all the Books printed bf 
William OatOD, who was the Snt 
printer in England, &e., &c., 8to. 

In (bo arenvUIs CallMUon. 

— See PiBia and Teenhj. 

MrN9TltSLaT, — English Minstrel- 
^ : being a Selectioji of fugitive 
Poetry, from the best English Au- 
thors ; with aomo original Pieces 
hitherto impublished. Bdinb. 1810, 
am. 8to. 2 Tola. lOs. 6d. 

An eicellent laleoclon, mado bf Jobn 
Ballaniyne, under llie gnldanoo of Sir 
Waller Scott. &t UaiHEKniu,, WUIlam. 

Mutte, the, of Qeformitr. Lond. 
1600. 4to. (in rem). 

Cambridge, 1851. Sro. 


by H. A.' Uoldsiw 
enity Freuiiaa, 

MiKTTirB, CflHsid. Aureiu. Col- 
loquium DaTidis cum Anima eua 
' "nenteParaphraaiminlOiPsBl- 
i) de MagnalibuB Del tood. 
1679, foKo. 

UiBlBAtrD, John Baptist. The 
Sjetem of Nature : or, the Laws of 
the moral and physical World. 
Translated Erom the French hj 
Hodgson. Load. 1797, Sro- 4 tola. 
13b. Lond. 1817, royal Sro. S roll. 

B, Google 

Mteasbatt. Honorj GabricUe, 
Count, President of the French 
Mstional Asseinblj in 1791. Se- 
cret Hislorf of the Court of Berlin, 
Translated from the f rench. Lond. 
nsy, 8to. 2 Tols. 

MiRiCLB PLiia (5), Or Scriptural 
Dramas. Privately printed under 
the careof J. P. Collier, Esq. F.SJ.. 
Lond. 1886, post 8so. 

...._. j,-Thel 

Wp^u,- The Saerifc) 
pugai Tha llarrlHe 

JK»n; GloBu'}', 4 jKimi. Tba four lut 
plHH ira bece pitoUd foi the flrst time. 

^right's uL« >H a 
Sir Henry Filr&i, w 

t^ Hirrairiiig of HeU. Hoie. Wm., 
MiBAKDCtA, Earl of. See PlCCS, 

— Soipio. Cynthia Coronata : 
sen serenisBima ilaria Amtriaca in- 
clytiasnoo Principe Carolo Sole buo 
Aurieomo cincta. Bine loco aut 
Anno. HiO. 

Mnt repreaenUng P. Charl« Joining 
wdB vlih tba lobmU, ilao HioireB of 

ibeElcgDr Bpain. Hebei, pt-li. Ids. Bd. 
Utbboe, The, a periodical Paper 

eUshed at Edinburgh in the 
r» 1779 and 1780. Edinb. or 
loud, folio.— Again 1782, IBmo. 
3 Yola.— Lond. 1801, ISmo. 3 Tolf . 

MlBBOB FOB Magibtbates, in S 
parts. Edited by Joseph Hasle- 
wood. Loud. 1816, 4te. 3 vols. 

BeatedltiDD ot tlila populuproducUon 
of tbs reign of Elliabeth. ColliUd niUi 

Idndlnl la ,£dlbui 






old, Heliir, pi 





'.rt l),BdlU 


a7l6«*nd.. 8 


:>. SiuDder? 

n 1818, 11. 1 





llB. RDiburghe, 331S, n^o- 

biW KnlBhu 

T&1 first 



It Si. reaoM. 

(Bnt p.« only 
blbl. Anglo-Poel 

rmprinttiit bj Tbom 

fb^P«m°Qn'"LOTd"HutingV' ^n 

lleunerbuHt's HCODd pottion). Heber, 

The flnt Parte of tbe Mlrourfor Hacl» 
niei. Lond. bf Tbomaa Muihe, ISItv 

B, Google 

1672 HiB 

MlBBOB, &e. — eonliniitd. 

^tO. BUCK LETTU. SO luru. 

print of tb« Ant tdltlon, iltb m u 

awUht togflnd eoocladlDf (lu t< 
tIx. it. Innglua, 

Tha Uit (or tbM) Furt of the J 
forMulitntw. Lend, br ThH. H 
1B76, 4ti>. Th« •Ulion of in4, th 
■heet behv npilDlvcL 

Tba flnt Puta of tha Uinmr IOt Kigli- 

ms, 4to. Th^iMUtloD, KTS RIUo 

Tht lul tot tbUd) Part of the Uinnr 
(or Uisl'tnln- N<wl7 comcted >nd 
entuwtd. Idnd. br Ttanmu lUnbe, UIS 
4U>. The edition of ItTI, with Ho title 
TtasTebMncltulS keeiidi,but oiItK 
ver* print*!. BIbL AnKlo-Poet.MO.^ar 
eup!. Mid ftorlum MS. 61. Sa. 

The Mtando Put of the Ulrrour fm 
MigKtmtu, eontkbdng the Felli of thi 
iDfOitnute Prinsae of thie I^jide: fran 

of Duke WiUliB the Cmquenor. I^ 
prinlad 1^ Klobud Webitar, 1678, 4to 
pp. 144. ThU portion, publlabod bf Tho 

n of tbU part. BelM 

10a. Onlj-M 

-.. „ Nawlr 

InpriDtad, and with tin AddllloD aT dlnere 
Traffadlai anlargad, Lood- hy Hanry 
Manfa,Uin,4to.t8aiaaTaa. Bddwlnand 
Hlegijufa •dlilone, irith aavanl addiihinm 
10 auh part, pnbllahed bj H^glni. It 
cootalna TS laganda. Blbl. Anglo-Poat. 
441, St, SB. 449, «. Blr H. U . S;kea, pi. 
M7,3I.le. Llayd,TM,Gl.iaB. Btular, sSl, 

A IdtroTT fiv HvIatnlaB. Ha^van- 
Urnd, vlth ■ laal AM, callad A Wtntar 
HIghf a TlsloB, DalDg an Addition of aoelt 
Tregedtea, atpaalalljr femana, ai are — 
cmptBd In tba tanner Blatorl^ vltl 
Poem annexad, called Enfland'a Bl 
Liii]i).F.Kyng>toD,ieiO,41o.pp.SM. Inl 
editido nanv of the legenda aro onrtal 

liaiietaod QaldTin, b; Rlcbard N. 

In Melona'a copy there Ik a d^lul 

OINoltlnghem, Sal this being enppi 
la Beldom found In the iQlnme, t 
H, Sykea, pt. 11. fllB, ruHla, 31. 10s. 
bctt. 5684. 191, Blbl. AnglD-Poel. ! 
ft m. iOl. lOe. IGf. RoMoe, 11S3. 
Bindley, nt. IlL 878, 3L Be. Crei 
n.Za.Sd. ^sber,pl.lT.4J.ea. Blln, 
BlMrait, SM4, data ICiO, nuila, 1 

liy Bogor Fane, iL 17a. BIseTani, 7ffi, 
II, li. Blbl. Aj.slo.PoBt. lia 71 Ti. Be- 

MlmuT of UiRlstratei abbnuUled In 
Robeila, ISSe, ISmo. 

MiSBOB or Qoi3>. — The iSirroan 
of Qold for the STpfnll Sonle, trans- 
lated out of the Frenche into Eng- 
lisheliftliBnglit ezceUentPrincDase 
Margaret, Moder to oar Botierepe 
LordB King Henry Uie VII. 4ki. 
LDK. SMBIbl.HarletuHe.Tol. lT.p.5!G, 

1 In He Britlah Mueeom.— Lond. bj W, 
I Worde, IBM, 4U. A copy la in tbi 

MiaaoH OPOtrsLiDT, — TheBoke 
calljd Uie Myrronre of oure Ladj 
reiy neoesauy (or all reljeyooi 
Peraones. Loud, by me EJiiarde 
Pawkes, 1530, folio. 



bu n 

MlBHOa 0» THB WOBLD. — The 

Mirrour of the World. Printed in 
Abbey of WeBtmeBtre by Wil- 
hua Caiton, 1481, folio. 


fal. nnu 


L, *lll 

b'lbe antl 



eih aet of 



out col^pho 


lopl,« 1. 

, prtota 

.!>■, monxco, lU. Koiborgbe, 17U, 
lee.noir in the Deyonehlm coUMHon. 
1. M. Sykea, pt. U. 418, 31(. Ite. 

B, Google 

Iim« cdDUIus sIgD. I 
bluk- Tha full ptgn 

a TjpoK. Antlq. by 

itaaa BdlttiA vilh printed uplta 
iDltlalg. Wblts Kulgbla, 2978. HiohxKI 
Kl.ltt. IngUs, ISOa, diiDBged, 111. 16! 
WUlttt, Iflll, moncn, 19K. IOl Bib 
Ihtl Uss, sunoooo. SSL te, ed. Calwjel 
BOC I»4, 7U rMDid, Hun, 1SS3, »71 

The Mlrronr of Uidnei ; or, ■ PmmdoiiB 
—-IB) B.n(ford) Oenl. L[ial."b7'Tbo. 

■mitB of P0II7. In Trinity Cidlego 

TlieUlTT«irofUi]s>tIe,ar Bade« of 
[MwiitcoiKalladlysiDbluoiiedvltb Em- 

dotlTely In eig:hl9, uid iflillpiga coalili 


AMq.byWbdln, i. 10I-: 

— The MjrroQi and Djacryp- 
cyon of liie Wocl^B witli many 
UeruajlleB. Enpr. hj me Lanreiice 
Andrewe, folio. 

Thu chef^'CBnm of Andmre's pnu li 
> iFpiim of CKitnt'a edlUon, baling Uh 

1»E?, A oopyitUteHlsofVToodlKiase'B 
Ubniy producsd Sgl. Dent, pL II. 784. 
tLiea. Gee. ChKlmen.U.MT.e!. Gsrd- 
"a <n ISA. lut >«r npilred, Tl, 7i. 
91nB«r in IWO, Imperfect, II. 4ii, Col- 


Sam ; TEtrioiu norks. 
The Hlim of CoaidlaHBti. 1«C0. See 

I Oluaa if Chrtitsa 
id. by nu BobBTt Ittflminj 
ontaiiu (01. Cli. The sn- 

<«> u leaKiuBd Co Iba Hon. Lord Hnser. 


Tmr iiyly otBtont Jobui FBwtBrtT.' 

To>Bil*r, t*- I- Tit, a. Heber, pt Til. 

id Tlieopbllni. Impilnwd 

Olus o/'Health. & 

Hlrror of Lora, Su Hooaiis, H. 

ICe Knl^tB, 19 

Load. ueo. 
86, Idmo. Lloyi 

UliTor of tha Cburcb. S« Auona 


A odleetlQilof utirloil epigruu on 
ir, CilTln, MeUncttaon, Uutllnger, 

«liMO«^ «a. Bibl.ii«to.Peet'M0,6I.^ 

Hb. Umo, C 6 in elg:hls. The story of 
Suwmab wrought intu a oorel, |1iy B. 
QrHne. Imp. fSr R. Waide, U84.} Set 

u>d Knlghla. tnnBlaled out of the Spu lab 
by Margaret Trier and K. P, Imptlnlsd 

Tola, tmperffct, 141. reaold Utterflon, IS6S, 

lessa profitable than DeceasaiT for UL 
Ui«lHmMi, *Dd QsTsnion or Sstaus 


fe or Long MSB of 
Himtorls of Fcytr 

169a TlistlUeHTxfromth. 
OulL de la Peiilsn, 1H7. 

ment, sad lostruction. Lond. Lim- 
bir(l,NoT. 1822-1540, SOtoIs. wood- 
cuts. Published weekly at 2d.— 
Stm Series. Jjond. Oimningham, 
l.a41.44i & Tols.— Lond. Burstall, 
1B45-6, 4 vols. — Fourth Series, 

blighedmontUj. Land. 164.7-49 

E Hurst t Oilier) Keat and Bi 
irds, BucceBBivelj. 6 vols. — In nil, 
46 Tola. 8to. 

Thli DDU populu ptiiodlol ns oiigi 
tullT edited by Mr. Thomu Ureilj-, Chi 

by a Mr. Rtj, hill, Wbng off under him 

eontiniied ftditor uoUl Mr. Umblid »lla 
qiilslied the proprletonblp InlBtO. Fron 
1841 to 18U It wu edited br Mr. D. u 

MlBiDKOB, ■*. e. Sir John Hi- 

MisoBLUHBi, bj J. Q. (Jamoi 
OlMsford.) Edinb. 1B18, 4to. 
PclTKlelypHiilsd. CimtalnatniisIiliiiD! 

flphsrlBtorlLimj lEoeH froip UeULatuio, 
IlallBD SoniiGts, So, EjUm, 8>. 6d. 


cu(l: or. It sslect Collection of rare 
and curious Tracts, illustratiTe ot j 
the HiaCor;, Literature, Mamiere, 
and Bioj[raphj of the English Na- 
tion, during the 16th and part of j 
the 17th Centuries. Lond. Smeetoa, ' 
1614-22, 4t<i. I 

Elattd, only eigUI Dumben were pub- 1 
bed. Strsttel], ISdT, 11. 1&L Nuuu, 
pi. II. 17B, a. Oardner, In IBM, IT.. Cow- 1 

M1BCR1.L.1HIA. Baoba. Set Bas- 
BraoTON, Lord. 


UiscEU^AJiiEe on sereral ci 
Subjects ; now first publish'd &D111 
their respective Originala, Lonl 
Curll, 1714, 8vo. 

Pp. TT-r and es. On tfae title-pilt 
porlrslt oT Ant. i Wood. Edited ij 
Rawllaton. IntMirolnmaanlbapna 
Inge ag^mt AdUhht kWood, in 16H 

•gunit Gdnrd Hyde, Earl of ClanDdco, 
- - CbaticelloT of Iha kliigilani, vllb It 
r'l dehnee. 0«. Chalnierg, Si. 
eellaneouB Lsttan, glvinit an Ai 
a! tbe Work! of the Leaned botb 

onblaw<Kk,puUiabtd'wsakIy,pn» 3d. 

eacb, appeared on tba ITUi Oolaber, I6M, 

UlHAlluiU^ UIitorlcaL and Pbllolosi- 

1I. A curlDU CidleBtlaD of priTate 1*1- 

pen ; (cblaBy nUtlu to Bn^b Hiitnry 

and Uaraldi;) (Bnnd In Uu Study of > 

"obteman latalr dseaaHd (by Kme nU 

be by Jnlin, Ilnkaer lAad«dals,l<u<l. 

Uall&x). Lend. 1708, em. ea. CootalM 

e Secret Transaetion of BIT John Bon* 

ne, temp. Charlee I. at p. TB to 181. 

MIrtb and Wledom In a UlKVlluyir 

fferenl Chiracten. Lend. B, Brmim 

DS. Bills. Ti. Heprlnted, Lond. ITiHSni- 

edtey of Cb altera.' Bllia.»>30, iaU. 
HIeoellanea Aurea, or the goldan Med- 
r. LaDd.lI!0,§vD. Naisau,pt.l.S7S,3i. 
UlHHllanlw In Pnae and Vsth [by 
Lord BuSollcl. lTI!S,8To,aB. t-Aitairna. 

in Taata, bj Mr. Pope, *• 

guth. Field, U 

bam^a E[^tapb, tranalaled Into Engliib- 
As. II. EMIaabon tlia Duka of HarW 

bomugb, *c. III. RefKctlinie vltb ti. 
gaid to Dr. AttaTbnrr, tha Duka of Boek- 
Ingbam, Bar] of SnadortiDd, aHt otben. 
I\° TheChanctenofthsDDkeofMari- 
bonugb'i Foot Daugbteis, Printed II 

"Tha Derbaa. Lond.S< 

inea CuTlota. Edited by W. 

B, Google 

MlMetUiMoiu ud Fngltlie 

HisosiEFa. — strange and vran- 
aka Ajxoant of tbe great Mis- 
di»h loilamed bj the late dreadful 
lighlaiiw, Tbimder, and Land- 
Hoodi. 1688, 8to, 

MuHu, pi- 11. SIT, ITl 

MiacHBA. — MisDffi Pars i OrdiniB 

pnmiZeraim Tituli vii. Latine Tertit 

et Commeiitario illiutrsTit Gul. 

Qniiiug, Accedit Mosia Mail 

.-. _a Misnain, Edv. Pocockio 
Inlerprete, Oion. 1890, 4to. 

£l;bleen TrutlasB tias theUlKhu, 
tinsUWd b7 ths R8V. D. A. di Sola and 

HigiKBBE, The. FanegTiical Ea- 

■^s upon the Lord's Prajer. Lord 

[% the people. Lond. 1717, 12mo. 

Hsber, ptv-oldmor. 18i. 

UlSEKSBE UBI LeUB.— A Ivttell 

^satjjB in Engl^aha called the 
EiposjcyoQ of Miserere mei Deus, 
ta»nilated bj roe P. Buaha, Preeat 
ft BonehoTame of Edyngton. 4t<i. 

MisEUxs of Human Life j or the 
■^Toana of Samuel Senaitive and 
Enothy Testy. Wilh a few sup- 

emBntary Sighs from Mrs. Tes^. 
'Hfioe Dialogue* [fbrmijigyoL 1 
of the Work aa afterwards pubiish- 
Jd). Lond. Miller, 1806, 12mo. 
foldmg coloured frontispiece bj 

inelj popular, asd rmo IhrougU flio edl- 
Mom In ono je.r. ItwrnsreileBed Inlba 
Edlnb.R«T.Ko. 17, 1808, 

ViricUs'i iDcldantal to the ^aci^ull- 

foldlng froutlMpisca ifter BorBifort, bj 

This !9 tbe Dnt edition of rot. Z, and waa 
pnbllahaii In MnJuQcUon ■llh thB atj[lilh 

publllbed Ihisa timea In 18(r7. 1^ UiUer, 
and a fourth tlma In IglD, by Tegg. 

UlMtiM, &t. Tonth ndltlon l tsirbioll 
an now, for Iha flrat tlma dddod, Poatbu- 
muaQiaigibrT.T.aadB.S. IntweotT- 
una DlilDguei. Lond. P. Wright, IfOS, 

Bon, lias. IIDD. 

P. Wrlgbland 
rontlapleca re- 

i.ff.. in old 
r York, 

Tbe Iflierlea ot I 

pulai LibniT, ISGS, Bro. Hitli 
Uon HlHriea, b; Sic Fntftil Murmnr. 

aiitaen icenea taken horn the Uleeilea 
of Human Lire, br ooe at Ilie WnUhed 
(J, A. AlkluOD). Lond. 1S07, ohtanti Sto 

Tbe Coiaforta orHuman Lire; or Smllea 
•nd LaoBbler of Cherlea (JliMrful and 
Harlln UeiTj fellow. Ineeien UMoguea. 

inrod treat. bJ OrBen. 

1. Odd;r, 1807, ( 

The Pleai 

1. Of a I 

MlBBlXB ad Usum Eocleeie Ebo- 
. . censia, optimis Caracteribua Ce- 
center impresaum. (Uoueo, OiiTier) 

_.. . Yosa HiBUL.— Of (bla edtUon 
-^- tbe Bodleian (QouEbaod Doo«aei>l> 

B, Google 


^hd'i Coll. Oifurd— Rd 
■nd Cnv^ opim OllileT. I: 
Coll. Biltiaii baMBin.— Slue 
ISBQ, 4bi. Id Uw Gangli C 
IilbrsTT.— P"!*. lt*»rn«iill ■ 

[ IdKVCB. UnlTflTBltf Llbrnry, Cuotindge. 
I BrUish Muwuio. imperfect. Data of 6n- 
, llLSfiMid.— PiriB, HlgmiLO uiS Boprt IC 

In vtalth ha htdwiltlu 'Tha maiika of 

Adlmnd thatoC Bunm.'— B«iaD,VialatU, 
n.d. taua. In tba Owgtt CollHUin, 
No. n. Bai Oongh'a Aogannt tt X«rk 

MrflaAT.-g ad Taom EodfeueHne- 
fordeiuui. Brothom. f. Oliveriiu 
e( Johonnu U&uditier, 1S02, folio. 

mtrlT T. Bttnift, o» YKU-oa, miiuii ■ 
iaD*llin»dcnl,iIlnllia Bodlslui lAiiary, 

tlUs uul put or the Sr>'*l>i»' 1° "" "- 
bnrf of St. Joho's CoUegn, Oilori, Is ilao 

MiBBll^E ni ileam EocleBue 9a- 
lisbimenais. txmd. B. Fjdboh, Im- 
'is Card. Uorton, Jul x. 1500 


n Earl Bpencer*! library. 5u 

EmmiDoel CoUen. 

theputallBhlng of UJjiHala ' In DHOin Bccle- 
Bin Barleliurleaslg, In the sia JatCsr,' 

Blntsd br Cutoo, !a to ba (Siind In Dr 
IbdlD'a edltioa of Amei' Trpog. Antlq' 


IS been UUlf Bold b 

uadla, RayuMns 

xoiTioK. >iai><:attlir, S 
llmo. — Vanat. UartzoB- Imp^i 

LKaL 8 

Hartmf. Imaaiuli Eg 
Uou» aod Gongh: In ijouio.«.i -uui,. 
Coll. and Ualv. Lib. Caiqbiidge.^Kotbo< 
magi, Uoiln, 1107, folio. DukaoC Deron- 

BoralLlb.WludaorCaalla. AjultaeT.alao 

VKLLUK SC Cnthbsrf a CDllegt, Dlli». 
~-Lo^. parRleb. PynBini,lMM, KiLJia 
foiio. Eminanusl College, Cuabr%a,DI 

but Impeifbat. Tbe irork beglDi al H ■. 
(preaedeil b7 a MleddmrJ oppoalla the ni>l 
una aod po(tculU^ nilh a Win iDtacrt^ 

raniuaberadaahraBfoI.IUi. Da Ibon. 

■gain ai t as foL HivliL Oatbtn- 
TeraefullowiaUbIa; and'FiniB' In at 
CDncludei Uie mlume.— Another aUHm 
In 1K4, dinrlng from all tbeolbeifollH 

ColLOiford.— PariB,Ver«rd,Jnnll'a9,LS«, 
fol. UnlvBTBlt; Llbnry, 6amliriase,» 
tllle.— FnrlB, Hopyl, for Clueo de iaaer- 
toon and Byrknan, Bept. U. IKU, Icio. 
CulT.Lib.Trlultr College, DnbUKSvl of 
AshlHindiaiii.— Ranen, WO*, 8fO. oa TBr 
Ltnt. Qaeau'a CoUege, Oilbrd.— RauD, 
IGM, Hail ilL Horla, bipaula R. BIsb* 
ard, J. HnajD, F. Coate, at W. Btsul, 
4 to.-~SlDa logo (RouaoX Ap. !T, 19% lidbL 
BodleluL— KotlioiBagi, linpeiiBia H mbi at 
Benuud, Ang.S, IMS, tto. BrlUah H dhdd. 

Bodlelaii!— ^waiL TloUa 
ta. Orititb MitaeuD, Sli 

folto.— Paria, BjrteiaB, 1610, foL CbapW 
Ubraif, York.— Faila, Uoprl. Impendi 
Byrcknian, 10 CaL April et Teb. J, IfiUMli 
folio. A.J. B. Bom, Esq. Bodlalu,'' 
vKLT.™. Abp. Laud'a copy. In UnivenlO 
LIliiHCT, Tiinltf Collags, babUn.— LonL 

tlol, and ChrlBl'B Coilege. IngllB, 1014, «• 

leafwaueng, Bi-Si Parts, BembolUn 

II, IBIB, fcUo. Bt. John's College. C". 
bridge.— ParlB, Hopyl, Impenali ajjta- 

•, Omgi,*'- 

Cambridge. Earl of 
Semard, 4laJM4.— 
98. lGll,fol. Bp.Col 

Len, BTTkEDaiv^^- 
— i-anB, apin re. OTTkinao, IGIS. Sn 
Brit. Mus. Bodleian, Donc^ and Oaaib, 

BieDafBe) lSie,BTD. Bclliali UnMUB^ 
PaiiB,16ia,8iD. UplTanlt;College,Cu°- 


mult II ir.* 
HJgmoD. Imii 


cjo Bud 

Bold bj VBlaDTinj 1 

BclUib Uutnm.— IN 
KyoF^tou Bad Uenrr Bi 


PJckarfBg, Bbeat* 

folio. AccordlDgto Ame 

>.j ^iSTciUka, IBil, 

410, Bodlslui Libniy.— HfflwiL OUvlac, 

leiul^Puril^ Fatll'lGSl, tat BrlUafa 
IfuBBiim, Imperfect. — Puij, ImpaQHls 
Fnnc, Be^unlt PBrialea, lS3Sf foUo- 
Bodlalan, kUrnnotti Callegs, Clupter Lib. 
To*; UniT, Lib. C«nb.— PBriB, Fr. Eag- 

senoi, Kodlelmn, imperfocL — Aotwerp^ 
RoTflmaDd, impenata BrrkrauiH Mar. !^, 

i. Om™ NIr 

Biahop of Ely, liS8. 21 

MuBeDm, Imperfect — t»por» a^ne ImMQ- 
•IJ Cbrtal. Anreniiini). Ap. 11, 1688, folio. 
BedleiBn. ImperfKt.— FBritila, ResiiBult, 
16», folio or 4ta. BodlaiM Ub.Chrlbt'B 
College, Oriel Colleee, Oifopd; UniTeraitj- 
Libniy and Qneen'a Coll. Cambridge.— 
U30, FuJa,BeniboIdt. Utjerson Id ISGi, 
nil. 171. lOs.— 1*1111. RegoBnlC, 1B91, 101. 
DoLM Colleotlon. Bodlelio.— PBTia, UBS, 
folio. UnlT. rJh.Camhridge.— Paria,lBSS, 
Ito, UnlvenlCr LibrBiy, GBmbrldi^. — 

Godgh.— P»r^, 1631, folio. British ^ 
BBDiDr BodlBlBQ, imperfect. GooirBblfr 

St'Edmnnd'a Cun. Uerls.— P^a. 1I>38, 
8io.— Pariiiia. IBga, Ito. A copy on Tit 
Un. formerl; belon^ni; to Qneen Utrj, 
ll In Eloo College Ubrary,— Yenel. 1611, 
8n>. Rob. TBleDtlnl ei offidu H. Hunil- 
toolB, tjpog. rObiloi™,— IM— r8-«8).— 
P»rt8, Kerrsr.— IMS, foiio, os vsitDii. , 
't Cuthlisrfi College, UBbiw.-fioueD, | 

C.E;aUn, En.— J>>rl«, Impenaia Merll^ 
INi^ foUo. pnbBbl]- the finegt edition of 
the Bmnaa UIbbbI. vlth voodcuta, inlUalB, 

BriUali Hdk 

, Qoua'a Colltse, Oifbrd, Cuunbarr 
CBtbediiil,Ae. lleoplwsftblBlBCehBTe 

i ^j^ TBiieS ImprtntB, but they 

be of tbs BBma tdltiosi Urn 

' itnaa wpl«B, jst Babertt 

USa— Load. KragBleii end 

''—••^ WW, tto. BodlfllBD. Ooni^, 188 : 

C. BTton, Esq. — Roun, VBlentln, UN), 

"- BrttiBb MDBenin.— Banen, HBmllton, 

bf V^enClB, 1666 (in cdophon ISH), 

•~ii.i.- T, =.-...., valBDlln, 

dlffftmioa ii 


— Lond. 1 


J BriHah Huaanm. Bodleian, 

StOEiyburat Collega, UnlToraltT LibTHrr, 
CimbriaeeiBelUol College, indNewCia- 
lege. Oiford, fci, Ai.— Ediaont without 
dBlea : Puis, Hegnault, foUo. AdTOCBtee' 

ImpeTlflCt copy os vku-uh !a ia gt Jolio^B 
CullBga, Cambridge^— lx>Dd. Pyoaon, folio. 

vgh Uiere are to manji diffrfrent fdif 

f OtA AitfMuX Engliih C^burcA, CAe^ 
•Xt/ oaarfor piiblv: lole, onrf ihfrt- 

extran^ valaabU, and tvrth nvng Hmet at 
-yA at JAdv bd-B afiw i/'ort age. A ffood 
toant if Osn mU ie /^inl i* MatMa 

nd. HBBter^ 11 

MiB^n.H pamim pro Sacerdoti- 
buB in Anglia, SootiA et Tbemia ili- 
Derantibos, ei MiBBsle BomBmo re- 
"■ loco, 1615, 4to. 

be Heri^an CoUecUon. 

- 1 Sk Cat 

tweip, l€S»,4U>. Maskell. SotliebT'B, 

B, Google 

1578 MiH 

April, 18ST, W. Britnh MoMnm, )- Hot. 
ner. Trintti College, Dublin; BodlBiiui 
■odqnMn'i Goll«jB,Oiford; E»rl Bprnoer. 

MisslXB aliquot pro Saeerdotibus, 
4c. Sine looo et imprim. 4to. 
A eopT In BIOD College JAimrj. 

MlssALM BomanuTn ei decreto 
Sacroaancti Concilil Tridentini 

(dementis TIIL primiiin, mrno 
denuo Urbani PapiB VIII. auctori- 
tate recognitum, et dotU Feato- 
rum DiiBsis hiicueque coni»6BU 
auctum. Hia aocednnt Festo qii» ei 
indulto ApoBtoKiM in R^o Hiber- 
niK oelebrantur. Dubliniiei Ijpog. 
B. Coyne, 1833, Bvo. also Keating 
and Brown, Lond. 
EdItlDiii in 8y°. and limo. priDtad by 

UliEile Bomaium, Latin and English, 
ulUi SuppleinBDt by F. C, BaMnbeth. 
Lond. 181S, lamo. 2 yoIb. 

MiBBElDBH, Edward, Merchant. 
The Circle of Commecoa ! or, the 
Ballance of Trade, in Defence of 
free Trade. Lond. 1623, 4to. '" 

A curtoiiB tncl of elghtr leaves, w 


', (ba V 

iaBaUglea,&s.; tnaalaledontof Hl^ 
nleh by Mi. rhilllpi. l<ond. Ute, Bto. 
Seianl Letters nlatlng to tbe Fntw- 
int DiDUb UiMlon at Tnnqnebur, ia 
le Eut Indlaa. Lend. 1T», Sro. 


cjndlced. Denl. p 

Trade Aouiiab. Lond. iail,8T0. Ingllg, 

MiflsiONABna . — Edi^raig and cu- 
rioua Letters of aome MisBionariee, 
1707, 8vo. a Tols. 

DeKMiblng tlie labonis of the Jeiulliin 
tliB East. ^aJiBDITB. 

Fropngatlop of the Gospel in the EaM ; 

inish 1 

or the Con' 


•Ae iiTgb!.I>nleh. Lond. 1709 JO, Sro. 
Thlrtj-foni ConferenMa between 

veil throngh Bngbind, englished by I. 
Otell. Load. 1718, Std. Sa. SO. WUiel^ 

Miasr, Ceaar de, Les Parabolw 
ou Fables, et antres pelites Narra- 
tions du Sieur IsBemedrasec de Serd- 
nol, Citojen de la Eipublique Chri- 
tionne du 18 Si&le : Mlaea en Vera. 
Et suiriea d'un Appendioe. Lond. 
1769. 8to. Bb. Gd. 

PraSied la ajnrtntt of C. de Mtaay; a 
amaQ OTikl, by B. Poirle. 

MiBT, . MiBcellanf Xetten. 

A Selection from Uiat's Journal. 
Lond. 1722, 12mo. 2 Tola. 

udlbe cUimB of tbe Fiotestaal aucxei- 

llltt'aWeeUyJoniiial.faUo. Bindley, lOMI. For lT36«7-8. Qeber, In > 

MirosBi^ James. Eavaillac redi- 
vivus : being a Tf arratiye of the late 
trialoEMr.J.Mitchel, a Conventicle- 
preacher, for an attempt on (he 
sacred Person of the Archbishop 
of St. Andrews, To whioh is an- 
nexed, ail Account of the Ttyal of 
Major Thoma* Weir, executed for 
Adulter;, Incest and Bestially. 
Load. 1678, ilo. 

r>r, Oeorge HIckM Isaald to bo (he an- 

eighth yolamB of the Bomers Coltoetton ti 
Timcts. KdSMU, pt li. IBM. Bl- 


MiTCHKTX, Hugh. 8«ottunsiiiB> 
Tnlrar AnglicieinB, and ErammB- 
licJ Improprieties con-ecteiL Qlas- 
gow, 1799, 8to. 

— JollD, D.D. An Essay 

(ho beflt Means of ciTilizine the 
Subjects of the British Empu^ in 
India, and of difiiuing the Light 
of lbs ChristiBn Helieion through- 
out the Easlern World. 1806, 4to. 

Pur Itati «ur the UnlTSrrilr of QlM- 
Iw^JudgedDr, Buehuuui'Bpnzs, 

— Jiseph. Poems. Lond.1729, 
■onl 8to. 2 rols. 

Noirlii llltls eittnuUon. Hltthenwu 
IMiaUml br Sir Robert Walpola, lad 
m diitinniahed br th* tlt1« of BIr 
Kabart W^pols'a pose 

ttmrnta^ Robert. Plans and 
Views in Perspective, irith De- 
Kriptioiis of Buildings erected in 
Euelsiid and Scotland : and also 
in Egsaj to elucidate the Qrecian, 
Boman, and Qothia ArcMtacture ; 
iMompanied irith Designs. Lond 
1801, imperial folio. 11. Is. 

MrrcHKLL (T.) Indei Ghw- 
dutiB Platoaictt, Oionii, 1832. Sto. 


MnroBD, Rev. John. Agnes, 
tbe Indian Captire. A Poem, 
tood. 1811, 12itio. 

f«ni. Land. IBICL— Second sditlon. 

ChriilLns, Mmid of the Bontb Bats. 

^ Xlya la tlis Jnlr nambar o< 

Sesnerj. Lond. (Vol. 1, 18Z4, ..j,. 
1826 i ToL 2, 1826 j ToL 3, 1828 , 

No sdttlon, 

Bofan. IMS. DoiISio.S 
trmU. on >l«l ifH 
Again, 1892, and itiw 

' children abeve (n ^ 

d. 1834, IXmo.-S Tola. 

ra of American Lifb. 

Loud. JWI.-AtUa, 
Tt lbV7, post Bto. 

iit]«r,lSB6, poalSro. 

Julian. ■ Tragedy, In fire Acta,(TerM). 
end. IgSS, Srn. 

Soenea. BomHta, 3a. Lond. tm. 
Foicarl, a Tragedy. Lend. IBM, Sro. 

Chariea the i^lj u hlilorlcil Tra- 
it] I nglon Hill; sPoBni. L«id.ieil.STa. 

d People. Lond. 1^1, 
port. — fioeoQd edltlop, 
vo. 1 Tola, port,— Thlid 



MiryoHD, Wm. The Hiatoiy of 
Greece, ■with the Author's l«st Ad- 
ditioDB endCoweotiona ; aads life 
of the Auttiop l^ Lord Bedeedale. 
Lond. 1829, 8v0. B vole. 

181S, 4ta. 6 

IsR uirrMtlEmH ud sdilllloM, (edited by 
bii brewer, Lort EedatdAta. Lond. ItW' 

8titbediH<ra,«Ul*dbr'W.KIni?. Lond. 
IBW, ISmo. 10 Toll. port, pub- at Si. lOi. 

SoTonUi «nd lut edltLon, rtBdltsd by 
■W.King. I.ond. lBS8,8vo. 8 toIb. porl. 

■WilhContinMUonliyK. A.Dnvenport. 
Lond. 1835, ISmo. B Tola. An umntho. 
riled reprinl of (ho first lull of MitiOrd a 
vDrk of vbicb tbecopyrSsbt hftdeipirod, 
wllb Ul mferiot Continnetlon In 11— -' 
thai porflon whlcli was Ball protect 

Obsemttoni on Om Hlatoiy kM 

nmmcDlulT t 
£and. IS , 8v 


tnd. 1774, Bv 
irniy.WM, 7 

MiTHB, The, and Crown. By 
George Osbom. Lond. 1748, and 
8to. 3 vols. 


A GontlniuUon of the Hitn snd tbi 
Cioira ; Id ■ Hcond Letter. Lond. 1711, 

le Hlitoryor tlie Ultra ud Pint; i 
btoh the flrH and BeeoiKI Putg of lite i 

dulioiw—LoBi. ISlfl, * 

Den et Bei— OWI ud the King. U 
ie. Fmqaaatly printed both iD L>.tia a 

natmctlonof biftm^eety'ssnhjecta. I 

totT, by Brewer, vol. t. pp. Hi. HojliB, 
Life ot. Lond. pp. 76. 

MooiitrKr, John. TthtbIs and 
Voyages into Asie, Africs, and 
Ameriea, the East and West Indra, 
Syria, JeroBalem and the Eolj 
liHnd. Translated from the Frenot 
by Hath. PuUen. Lond. 1696, 8TO. 
njbbert, M79, ruoale, 6.. ed. Ba- 
burghe, 7181, 7e. WUto Knights, XX, 

MoDKHA, Leo, He Hislorj of 
the rites, cust^imes and manner ol 
life, of the present Jews thronghoot 
the -worid. TransUted from tbs 
Italian, by Edmund CbihuMd. 
Lond. 1650, lamo. 4b. 


Lond. 1646, 4to. 2 -rolS. 

Bindley, pL HI. 06^ IL n. 
MoDBBiTiOK — The Hjslory ot 
with her Nativity, Countiy, Pedi- 
gree, &c. Lond, 1669, 12nio.Sa.6i 

B, Google 

MODIBF l^TBU^B. — APopnlftP 

EwcripUon of the Tarious Countries 
of Iha Qlobe. ££ted b; Joelah 
Conder. Lond. 1888, 4a. 12iqo. 30 
vols, maps and noodcuti. 

Modes. — A Treatdie upon the 
mtKiea ; or, IwOTell to !Fcench 
licti. Lond. 1715, 8to. 

WrilUn bT Bllhop HilDB. Baei, a«2X 
•l ed. Hlmller. pi. lU. ISU. witb Itii 
nimei of Ihe penons utilluUl' lUlld*^ 


MoDiTB taoendi nnom Hundre- 
dnm, HTB Cariam de Beconio. 
Loni per W. de Worde, 4to. 
■"^ '~™. — Impr. jxtBIch. P 
.—Lcaid. K. Bsdaiaii, 1538, 
IrwUH -wKi traiwaUlj re: 

IfoDTTS tanaodi Curiam. Boro- 

I nnm, cnm Yieri Fnuicpl^ii. 

Inijii. per Bich. Pfuson. 1516, 

FfloFtHn IfATes. PreqneDtly reprtnttd. 

I MoEBiB Attioibta. Be Tooi- 
Inu Atticis et HaUenioia,' Siwoe. 

I Oregorios Mutiiiui de lateri et 
T«n Gnecaroxu Xiitt^mruni Pro- 
nnutiitione. Oion. 1712, Sro. 4a. 
UoFiATT, B«T. J. U. The Hii- 
torr of tbe Town of MaJmesburj, 
■Id of ita ancient Abbaj : together 
lith Memoirs of eminent Natires, 
it. and an Appendix. Tetburj, 

-ViHln, pt. I. !2ar, Bs. FontblU. Bll, 
lb, FiTi FAPiB. Fiftr CDplH pclnWd. 
»«ter, 42a, ai. 6d. OiUottH.— Pp. 1— D. 
l-ttO, tod i ^t«. 

MoFiKT, William (SchoobDaater) . 
The Irish Hudibcaa, in mght Cantce. 
land. 1766, 8to. 

In Utile eiUmsUon. The dsiigB i* 
<• tidkola tha muuian of ib* miuitry 

fwpla of Inl ■ ■■ - 

<*', tBi the 

UoarL. — A true Halation of the 
Kingdom of the great Magor or 
MogoL Lond. 1622, 4to. 

Tllle sod HTCH I«t«s. tbe Jul blank. 
KtprinttduitheStitToliuust UtaUar- 
■•U Mlicelliuif. 

HOL 1561 

UoftiTL Taj:.xs, or the Dreama of 

Man anake ; heing Stories told to 
divert the Sultanu of Quienit. 
Written in BWnoh bj the cele- 
brated Mr. Guelette, author of the 
Chineae Talee, Ac. Now first tnuia- 
hited into Bngliah. Lond. 1748, 
12mo. 2 vols, copper-plates. 

MoautacD. Stt Eoour, Pu- 
mAux, E. Ibttho, WasbinfftcD. 

LIfa of Uabammad, Inuliled from Ibe 
Anble of ibolfcda, <rlUi «■ latndin- 
Iton, Ac, br tha Bar. W. Uomr. EldJi, 
n. d. 8to. pub. 10a. 

MoHinr. — IVial of Lord Mohan 
for killing the Lake of Hamilt^m 
inaBueL Lond. Eolio. £« Hl- 

MoHg, Frederick. Treatiae on 
Mineralogy ; or, the Saturol Hia- 
tor; of the Mineral Kingdom. 
Translated bom the German, with 
conaiderabla Additions, by William 
Eaidinger, F.&.8.E. 1835, post 
8ro. 3 Tola. 12a. pub. IL 16s. 

tha nalTRal hlatoir ajBMm tf nliM- 

logj- Ed. ISSO.Sto. 

MoBBS, Edward. MX The 
Peraian Interpreter, in three Farta, 
L Qrammar of the Fersian Lan- 
gnage. 3. Fenian Sitiacta In Proae 
and Verae. 3. A Vocabalarj, Fer- 
and Engliah. Newcaatle, 1792, 


runmai, irli 

I Di. A 

a CUika, this 


Introducti™ M 11, ii » work 
iuiisiaer>bie mailt. Bnickatt, £!aa, Ta. 
MoiVItS. Set Bx MOITSI. 
Moi^ANTS, John. Idea Togatm 
Oonatontiffi aire Fronscisi T^leri 
Dublinieneie preatoris in perseoa- 
tione congreeaua, et Beligionia Ca- 
tholicie defenBione interitua. Parii, 

ill edltioB 3 Wire, til. p. 


B, Google 

I'oLBBwoBTS, Bobert, Lord Vii- 
oou ,t. An Aecouot of Denmark in 
1892. Lond. 1738, 8to, 

Hutb, !u»l 

101. Sd 

FonthtU, S 



edition, .pp 

thii r'". 








i'. M» uni 




of DtDBiuk 

In tx 

am.. A«oHlEglo 






•d: Mug J 

to m 111* Tmtln 


3. Loud 



— B. Foenia and TrsnBlBti 
Lond. 1716, 8to. 

MoMBEB. J. B. P. de. (EiiTres 
aT80 d«« EemiirqiieB par M. Bret, 
Londrea, 1809, lamo. 8 to1«. 

JSiDO.aTDli. Rbodea, ISaa, 69, M. 
BbIcci Comadfei In Frsucb mnd En- 

ftiDO. 8 loli. •Ilti cnti br Hc^rtb, &c'. 

. Wbita Knights, 4837, SI 

medy, binalaied tif Uitltiei> uedoonnw. 
lamd. 1870, 410. Rbodei, lers, 3i. N. 

outwitted, 1 flircB, IransliWd hj John 
COIT. J,ond. 17M, Ito. 

rioniiearde PoiitwaniniM: or Sqnlrs 
TrokBby, dona Into English. LoDd.l7M, 

TiUa iVras (ililcea of) UoKire'i 

by ttacre Rindtt I.e ■" ' '-• 

■DSD mud Bill, ISN, 

MoLiEBE, n. 8. Uemoin of 
the Life and Bare AdTentnrea of 
Henrietta Sylria Moliere, a Bo- 
mance tnuubted &om the fVeuch, 

ji 7pt«, Lond.1673-7, ISmo. S tdi. i 

HibDert, 4j<. Sd. , ; 

MoiTHA, Don Juan IgnsliuJ. 

The geographical, naturel and Oxi : 

HistoTj of Chili, To which an I 

added, N^otea &om the Spaniih id J ' 

3h Vcrsiona, and two Appen- 
dices b; the English Editor. toLd. 
1809, 8to. 3 Tola, lis.— Lend, 
1817, 8to. 2 vols. 

MoLramfl, Angiici MOUIIB. 

Moil, Herman. A new DESoip- 

tion of England and Walea and va 

adjacent Islandi. Lond. 17S1, ioia. 

Heber, pt. Ii. U. it. 

SyiteinofGeognplir. Load. 1701, WH 

KM nnblidud muy lupe, wUdi IB 
itUehed to mioDi worlti. 

MoiilBOH, William, and Jofm 
IiABB. lie Eeports of the Com- 
miBBioners appointed to eiamin^ 
take, and atato the Eubhc Aocounti 
of the Ehigdom : preaented to Mb 
Mnjeaty, and to both House* of 
Parliament : wilih the Appendicd 
complete. Lond. 1783-7, 4W. S 
Tols. 1^ la. 

MOMJEW, M. G. Trarels in ™ 
Interior of Africa to the Soorea a 
the Seneral and Gambia. EdilW 
hj T. E. Bowdieh. Lond. 1881 
4to. With a Map and PI""*, 
pub. 21, 2b. 

Trirali In thB RepnbUo of ColiimMil; 
the Ysm IBM md 1823. Timoelmtel "Ki 
the French. Lond. 188^ 8vo. . 

MoLLOT, CharlBB. DeJoieMw 
timoetNaTttlL Hinth Edition, mlD 
Additions, Lond. 176S. Bto. 1 
cols. 8a. 

Best edition of ■ toi^ DripuIlT pe*- 
llibed In ISTfl. _, 

Hollind'B IngMUtnide, ot a serioni B' 
poetDldtloooiUi lb* DDtch. Loud, im 
ilo. With ■ Fronllaplnce b^ G^r™' 
and e.ptanalor; iMf In TBrte. UolJ.™ 
II. ISi, r»-do»w«n, B88, II, *. BoOlt. 
I060,ll.lfit Heber, ptll.Sfc Biiidlf|r,P«- 

iT.3ia,iiB. ain,ptii.ss46,«.i!* 

— FranoiflUfl, Srammaldca 1*"' 
Do-Hibernio» oompendiata. Boni% 
Prop, flde, 1677, I2mo. 10>. 6i 

;. Google 

A UPT of thli unil both tli« folia* 

16Te,STo, Habeijpl. l.UW,DiicDt,BB. 

MonnrKTi, T., M.D. Obierra- 
lum> on the Dan^ Mounts. Porta 
■nd Towcn in Irebod Dublin, 
1725, gm. 4to. 

$« BoiTi, Oelmrf. 

MoLYMEDx, WiHism. The Cue 
cf Iralud's being bound bj Acta 
of Pscliament in England, stated. 
DnUin, 16^8, em. 8Ta 

Eoiliiirgho, 888S. «. rraqnantly re- 
nUted. LuoirATEii. 10>. ed. — 1790, 
s™. - W86, 8™. — 1170, BvQ. 

Aitwera to till irork, hf WniUm At- 
naS nd JobD Cuar, ippstred la 1898. 
Sh Eullt, Hugh. 

UiiLYiiEux X'amilT.— The Pedi- 
pea of the Familj of Mo^neui, of 
CuUe Dillon, in the Coiintj of Ar- 
magh, Iieliuid. Eyeaham, 1819, fbl. 

A^gle Blieet. nmnged ud printed tor 
printi dlatcibntloa bf Hlr Tbomu FbiL- 

A^liUry of tbe Funllf of Uolfnaui, 

UosissuB, Nicholas, M.D. of 
flwille. Jojfill Hewes out of the 
Mwe founde Worlde, wherein is 
^^dared the Tertuw of dinene and 
nudris Herbea, Trees, Orlee, 
flaatea and Stones, Ac iWe 
Bookea. Englished bjJhonPramp- 
ton. lend. 1677, 4ta 

Hlbb«t,UOI, morocco, 111. IagUi,Uti, 
■>»nxco,ii.s>. Wblta KDigbU, lias, mo- 
mcMLte.— 1680, Ato. BllBO, IL So.— isse. 

u bj oonfuaau with tbo old coptea mir 

I OrlglD aad Prograaa of 1 

177?^. 81 


MoHCBXBFF.W. Thomas. Poems. 
Lambeth, at bis private prest, for 
priTate diatribution onlv. 1B29, 

Tbla gentlaman'i aioia orlgiDillj nu 
oileS OD *rlllag fbc Iba BUgs; he «u 

Ii ■tuibuted to him. 

MoNZT.— The rieaaant Art of 
Mone7 Catching. 1705, I2ino. re- 
printed, Lond. 1840. 
Natuu, pt, 11. 39, Ti. — 1737, limo. 

:;onipUlDt of the Wmndering Eclgl 
Uona- t'Argont. Ste Farcj Sodatj, M 


»3V, pt 11. iwa 188^' tillleool^ iji. 
MoiTBOIiSO, James Burnet, Lord. 
Ancient Metaph;aics t or, the Sd- 
enoB of Universab. Sdinb. 1779- 
>B, «o. 6 Toli. 

MoBiABT, Henry de. An exact 
and curioua Survey of all the S. 
Indiee, eren to Canton, all duly per- 
fonnod by Land. Wherein alio are 
described the huge Dominious of 
tbe great Uogor. Lond. 1615, 4to. 
A cop7 la Li Ihe British Jlusannu 
iDgtii, eel, 11. llB. ed. Oordonatoun, Itt^ 

MiicdByGoogle — Hel»r,pL<ri.lI.(M. ItiiKprtnted 
In the Uilrd VDlqiu* «( ttia Somen Col- 

MOBISB, P- Th« Hiitory of P 

Painting and EngiBTing. Lond. „ 
1699, 8to. 6s. 

MoNUiaa, Edwiwd. The luid- 
gntTine of Hessen hiB princelie B«- 
oeiving of her Magestiea Embas- 
Bsdor (Henry Clinton, second Earl 
of Lincoln), tond. by Eobert 
Eobinson, 1696, 4to. 

BindlB7, pt. il. E&30. 11. IB. Hlbbert, 
31. 11b. Eeprlatod In Nichola' f mgregsca 

MoHiFXtmn, John, l^e Abridg- 
ment or Summsne of the Scota 
Chronicles, with a short Descrip- 
tion of their Originsll, Sx. (Lund.) 
Printed at Brittadne's Biu-Be, bj 
John Budge, 1613, 4to,— Anolier 
edition. Lend. 1612, 12mo. 

1 Uie (onrUi volmiie o< 
The CtiriMtlui'i Victot 

cliAlbeiDiriln. Otm. 

Uuj iltataintlaii of U 

id Cersmonlsi used ml tha 

Mouk: or the Fill of the BepnbUD u 
i« Beitontlan of Ctaa lluiH^T ^ ^ 

mn tbe FniKb bj Aodrsw B. SuU 
ood. Bohn, 1661. po«l Bto. ta. «- 

_ .id.iai?,i: 
Read, GMO, 13a. Roibnrgbe 
07^ SI. 4b, GordomtouD. 1601 
Iwt, MM, ICU. NUBIU, p 
Thli edition Is rttiHnted In 1 
vot 1. ISlfl, iSma-Edinb. . 
less, ISmo. BlndleT. pt. il. 



pUnTiHd by A 

Eei B<xm.uni, Certirne 
MoaiTOB. — Tha Monitor 
British. EYaeholder, Aug. 9, 175&, 
to July 8, 17&9, Nos. a08. Lond. 
1756-9, 8to. 4 voli. 

' pDpnlAT political psper, oilgiiuill7 
■ " - AldBmBD Beckfbrd, 

iltor, or Oneo-liaom Uli open, 
its;, foKo. £lght«D :iiimt>en, ill pulv 
lialwd. A periodical theilriul paper. 

MoHK, George, Duke of Albe- 
marle. ObserratHnu iroon milituy 
and political AShirs. Lond. 1671, 
toL portrait. 
^BHidl6)',pl.L17^9»^lJM,eT0. lUm- 

James Henry, Bishop of Pe- 
SuBun.ii,Bie]iwd. Eosnuts.Pn- 
K, Biebaid. 

Mom. — The Mont's Hood puD d 
Tj or,, the (Aprohin Brysr dc 
scribed. In two parts, traiulittd 
ut of French. Lond. 1671, 8to. 
With « frouUeptaoe. Tbeflretputw" 
Titten by Du Meullii, the ■Bcoml bJ M. 
lovot Keed, M62S,U. 
UoBiioiTTH, Jsmee Soot, Bon 
f. An historioal Account of the 
heroic Life and magoanimoiis 
Aotiona of Jamaa, Dule of Hon* 
mouth, Ik. By S. T, Lond. 1685, 
lamo. Portrait by Ven Hove. 

Lloid, l»l, la. 6d. NaasHi, pt, i. SIM. 
Ge. Do-rdeiveU. BBS, «a. ed. Bailwi^ti 

the Haylaiea MiBceUuf and tbe Bomen^ 
— Robert tioy. Earl ot Me- 
moirs of the Life of Bobart Carj, 
Baron of Leppington, and Earl of 

B, Google 

Written b; himielf. 
Wiilt Borae eiplsnatoir Notea. 
iond. 1759, Bto. frontispiece. 

BirM,M.3TkeB,pl.fl.4S3,108. Ooogh, 
lllO.lOa.W. Vfllatl.SM, 10s. BinSlej-, 
pt 11. 1728, 10s. O»n1ck,16ia.l0a. " ■ 

. - . idbyBirWallsi 

MlnMHie, 8vo. 9a. LiSOBr*fK». 

MoBHO UTUSHTSS. — LamtiDtable 
KewB ont of liloninouthaliire. ooca- 
Doned b; tJte Ovraflmring of Wa- 
ten in the said Oounty. Lond. 
1607, ito. frontispiece. 

Anpy l> in (ha BifUsh Uuenm. Pwi^ 

Msooin of MoiminithBlitEB, ITOe, ISnig 

dock, Eeq.] Loud. 1^ i: 

A Tour in HownouUiahln mil Pirt of 
GUnuirgiiDshlTe. HilesiroTtta, ISOT, U 
FoDIhll], 2SM, dits 18IT, 9». 

Sa CoiB, Anifaiteuoa. WnuiBs. 

HoNBO, Aleiander, U.D. The 
Works, with the Lifeof the Antiior, 
Edisb. 1781, 4to. lOe. 6d. plates. 

PDUished by the ■DtliDr's KiD,iritli 
POInlt of the doctor, sflai A. Buui 

EBi;r on GmnpinlJTe AnatimT. Land, 
m. Std.— Heir sdltton, wllti idditloga. 

OslMlogy ; or a TreiUss on tha Ana 

ti«i,oinecledMidsnl»r^. Bdliib.l7« 
Sid— Agmin, Edtnl). 17«3.— Edlnb. 1765, 
TruisUted inlo Pranoli, irtlii plUes b 
a Bos. Pirii, 17M, fclto. 

— Alexander, U.B., son of the 
pnctOmg. He Slruotnre and Phy- 
BtologT "t Fishes erpMned, uid 
compared with thoae of Man sod 
oIIhi Atiimal. Edinb. 1786, rojal 

Fooetloiia 01 US DerToni sjMem, Ulus 
tiuai with Tables, Edinburgh, 1783 
»I»] folio. Willelt, I6BS, II. 

A DescrlptioD oT all the Bans Uneoic 
•r the Hunu Body ; their Btmctura ex. 
lUued, ud compucd iritlk that of the 

upmlu Llgamenta of the Jointi. m 

Iralfld with TablOJ. Minb, 1788, foUo. 

malB Edlnb. 1796, 8<e. 8 toIs. 

MoiTEO, ilex., M.D,, eon of the 
preceding. Ulement^ at (be Ana- 
tomy of the Human Body in its 
soond State, witii oocasitnul B»- 
marks on Phjsiologf, Pathology, 
and Surgery. Edinb. 1826, Bvo. 
2 vols. 
Otttllnee of the AoatoiQj of tbe Ha- 

i»n Body in lis somid »nd diseuedState. 

^Inb. ins, Sto. 4 Tols. (ivl. 4 belBg 

— Donald. Descriptioti of the 
Western lalea of ecoUand called 
rjbrideB. Edinb. 177*, 12mo, 

The fallowing te the tlUe of this cuTtvos 
'ork.'Deurip£lonDr the Weilam Isles 
r Scotland, called H;1iridee ; bj Ur, 
Knald Uonro, High Dew of the Islei, 
'ho travaUed (hiwigh moat of them In 
he Year IMS, with tha Oeualoglea ef 
Qe eblef Clans tt the Mea. Now Srat 
nhUihed ftoD the UB, To whioh Is 
dded, I. An Aogoimt of Hlrtl and Son, 
f tha Lord Keglster, Sir Oeoige U-Een- 
le, of TatbatpUenr before pnbUihed. I; 
. DeMTiption of SalDl Kllda, by Mr. 

A Voraga to Slid Kilda. In 1897, b/ 

separate titlai, 

r' , 

dstsd 1773. Only BO copisa printed. 

DcoBld, M.D. A Ti-eatise on 
Uedical and PharmaiMuticsl Ohe- 
iatry. Lond. 1788-90, 8yO. 4 vols. 
id appendix to toL iii- 
— Colond Bobert. Expedi- 
tion, with the worthy Soots Es- 
ent (called Mao-Eejea Begi- 
it) levied in August 1626, and 
reduced alter the Battails of Nei^ 
ling to one Company, in September 
1684, at Wormes in the Palti. To 
which is annexed the Abridge- 
of Exaviae, &b. Lond. 16S7, 

;. Google 

BozbDrglia, TOU, 19l Blnillef, pL U. 
lOfiS, IL III. Doxdunll, SIS, i:, iiB, 
Brtght, I0>. ad. Lison p.pis. Gordon- 

■ Prince Elector PiUUoo o( Rliino,' 

pp. 89, iIbo tlblB, &c. 11 luvei; pi 
pp. sai, (od UMe, » iMTM. 

KoHSOE, James, Freaident of &6 
United States. A Tour of Obser- 
Tition through lie north-eaitem 
and Dorth-weetem Btatea in 1S17. 
Fbiladelphia, 1818, Sro. 

ISostos, W. }. £itnctB &om 
Hb Journal during a Tour in Istria 
-andDalmatiainlSlT. Lood.lS , 
8to. not published. 

— SirWilliun. M^alopsjchy: 
being a particular and eiact Ac- 
count of the last zvn Years of 
Queen Elizabeth's Iteign, both miH- 
tai7 and civiL The Ent written 
by Sir W. Monson j the second by 
E. Townsbend. Lond. 1682, folio. 
■ To Uilg work Cunden >u greatly lo- 
dsbted.'— A'iailaon. il. 7;fi, 11.3a 
Bright. Ss. An eclirgcd edition of Uon- 

mnltor, tre( 
n publllhl 

u "Momoii'i Tnicti,'n p 

Mglml tlBB, ma be Aon 

Talome of Uhuiehuri (;i>llecllaa of Voy- 

■gei and ThtsIs. 

MoNBTBXLBT, Eng. de. Ohroni- 
cles, traneUted froia the most ap- 
TOOVed Originals, with Notea W 
CoL Thomai Johne*. Hsfod, 1609, 
4to. 5 toIb. the flflh consisting en- 
tirel; of platae in outline. 

ID folic. 


Col. JchnBi" 621. ICW.— Second e'lRT Lond. 
IStO, Bto. 13 tdU. vltli the SI orlgiiuJ 
platei 1d4Lo. pub. At 72.41.— New edition, 
wltb dates, end npirftrde of 100 wood- 
eutl (unKonn "Jtli Froliwrt).. Lond. 1639, 
■oper-roTal 8to. a Tolay^-Anln, Lond., 
Bibn. IgM, ■! f da. II. ta. 
LMCbrontqueedeFT«nce,*c. Pirie.Ant. 

— P«i>, 1612,'(oUo.'b Tola.'— pMiJ, 181^ 
tOUa, t Toll.— Puil, IGTl, fclle. a Tcle. 

H edition. Thmniu'i ec^jr on 

MoBBTBas.— Of Two wonderful 
Popish Monsters, to Wytj of » 
Popiih Asse which was found il 
fiome, and a UonMah Calfe, nlrsd 
at Friberge, witnessed and decliR<i 
bj Luther and Melancthon, trans- 
lated by John Broolc, of A^ nsit 
Sandwich. Lond. T. Easl^ 1BT9, 
4to. two woodcut*. 

MoMiiCnrroB. Sm Mohtisit. 

HoirxAsn, Basil. Selections from 
the Worts of Taylor, Hooker, Bl^ 
South, Latimer, Brown, Mil- 
imd Bacon. Third Edition. 
Lond. 1829, crown 8to. 12b. 

imlng the Eipedlew7 "* 

it^fu nowpropoeed 
Tbe Debatei daring tbi 
Fu^unent upon (haBII]) 

lOe-ina OweUing-hmrti 
a itealliw nn u'lfitil' 

InqnlTT Into the upenloni mi tl« 
late Oidlnary it Hewg.m, witli iUern- 
"onj on Nflvgale ind the PnniAbi&cidAr 

Digest of Dev Decliloni in QanknrsHTi 
inkrnpt Lmi, Lond, 18»4,tor^»"' 

Report! of Can! In BlnkruptCTi LBU 
ipundBllgh'iBeporti, lSSa-n;ll»- 

B, Google 

HOHUSD— nrnfinunl. 

Lond. 1803. 8iippbment,lTol- 

CMtlT, 18*^0; HonlM^, D-MOB, >Id 

EjBter, 1S13, 8to. together S vol*. 

De On, leU-M, In iJl 9 toI>. niT>l Bn 

Ctrl BuDtlDg. Tol. 11. H to Z. AppendU, 


Mnd EdLHim. Loni. 1822, reyil S«o. S 

voli. 11. Ite^Flnt tdltlon, ISlt, S Tol). 

<?Add<lJQa. »d Altentloni to be mlda 

Mri, Uod. 1§M, a«i. 8«. 

<D the orlgUul Uit or Britlih Biid>, 4;ki 

N«>r Edition, edited by Haimlo. l,ODd. 
18S1, an. in DM ToluiDd, i:. U. woodcuti. 

Dlgul of PiMdInga In Equity, wltb 
NMh dT ths Cuai decldsd la tha diffamit 

ConmofEqaltT. Land. ISH, njil St6. 

TuUcam fiilUnnlu: or nitun] Hif 

InqolrfM raipeetlDg tlw Cenrtm of Com- 

tDiTotBrlUitiBhtllB. WItb Bopplameiil. 
R™»r .8M. Exjur,,IOB.«o%;oU 

^rmuunent of the new GukmptAel 
Ba«i,IV.e.lS. Load. iBU, Bto. iH. 
ErldBicB In BBnkniptoy. Lond. ISH 

Ifttu 00 tha B«port of tbe Chisan 
CommlaolaiL Land. IBM, 8td. Si. 

A Dtcut of tlie Binkrapt Lava, u 
•Itand Sy the nair Sutniei. Third Edl 
U«i,illhociiiilde»ble AddlUooa. Land 

P^,nnlquB, Bylon, mor. lOa, ed. 
JaHUcilWm^.' 'sm Biomr'sSlda. ' 

MonTAOTJ, Slra. Elizabeth. Let- 
^ with gome of the Letter* of her twoParts. Lond. 
Bnlmer, 1809-13. crown 8to. 4 
•oil. portrait, 12b. ||.1S8S,1(. la. tiios ri- 
'n, In demy Sro, U. U. Mn. UootiKii 
•uUia fimadar of "The Bins Btooklng 

_.EB«y«i the Oenini «na Wrtllnpi of 
Wiiknure, eompurod with tho Greek iDd 
'iBtti dmnnMo Poeta; with Earairks 
"l«a Iho minpieieiiUtloin o( M. de Vol- 
wra. Bto. Aoeording u T. Wirton, the 
™st tlagiDt ud ]ndrclotu piece ol crlU. 

J^hnigha B881,".,— mas™. Gairlch, 
!5?L,V"i8vo. Wlllelt,J718,B..6d: 
I^tMiSto. Edwirti, Wfl, Hi. Sd.— 1810, 

_.~ CoL George. Omithologio*! 
"•^ioatrj, or, Alphabetical Sy- 
"opii, of British Birds. 2 voEe. 


rerml pupen by thin nteemed Iia- 
iil wllf be found In the Tna9«tlo» 
o( the Llnnein Bocie^. 

— Msgdalens, Viacounteas. Vita 
Domiiue MsgdAlenEe Montia-Acati 
in Anglia TiceoomitiaMB, per E. 
Smitheum. Bomee, 1609, 12ido. 
Hebai. pt ni. II. la. 
MosxASDE, Edirard Wortlej. 
Befleotiona on the Rite and Fall of 
the antient Bepublice. Lond. 1776, 

t Edweid Woftley 

Lady Mary Wortley. Worka, 
including her Correspondence, 
Poems, and Esaa^a, willi Memoira 
of her Life. Lond. 180B, orown 

TO. 5 Tols. portrait and 

Edited by Hi. Dillawny Ri 


portnlC >nd Aaiinl 

son, Lord Wlmroelilfc. lend. 1887, Byo. 

■ LudyMirrWorOiT, Lat- 

vlth a ten iddlUfiul n 

Bp, Monugnc edited the W 
uui I. Sh pasB 
— W^tvr. The Sbfopbtria Pan- 
due, ■ Putoial Oomedy. Loud. 

■ "\ Sto. 

ediudbyCliliLnd.— A 



Cbi«> .t 

Loni. 17T8, limo. £ I 


e> edidon. 
-LoBd. ITBl, 

Itinio. a TOK-Wilh 

bee PiHins. LoDd. 




edfH™. Ob Tituw, 

two c.pi» printed 


Vint, edited by J. A 

SLjDkn! Loml. 1S» 



Lids' UonUgue'H 



Bptrlted, ind e..^ M 
tndu of raaaieM th 




matriagsB, cbildren, and other 
tions at Home, with his Death, Ac 
Load. 1709, 8to. 

— Bicbud, lucceBsiTely BUho|i 
of Chichestar and Norwich. DeOn- 
rinibiia Ecdesiasttcia Commenta- 
tionee. Loud. 1638-40, folio. 
TolB. in 1. 14b. 

Tbe >ri<)ii;a of tbit ptelite ire h 
touch repote. The aecend purt aid? 

A Gagg (Or the new Qoroell t No, » ne— 

Appello Cie»reni, a Ju"t AppejU; 
t"o nnjnal Inforroert Lend. 18a 

U DDnmeita of Ihe Chiicli 


la Qeeeo anil bar lu 

£. Chaises: 

Kmburghe, MSS, 

Nm«u, pt i. MM, !8. 

UlaeeUatisa f^rltealia, or devoat E^ 
uya. I>ii|d.l«lS,«o.wlUiaf™nti«ple™ 
by UarahaL Biodiey, pt iii. 336, ISe.— 
ld4S Heber pt. IL iOt. 6d. GordonotcDn, 

1. 6d.— Part a. Land. KM, 410. 

Wiiliam. The DeUgfat^ of 
Holland, or three Montha Traxd 
about that and ot^ier FroTinow- 
Lond. 1696, 8to, 

Pontbill, 2754, Ida. Heber, pt. t. U. 

MoHTAioui, Michel, Sp. de. Ij» 

asaif, Ktea EemarqueB par F. 
Coate, Lond, 17S4, «o. 3 toIs. 
rtck, 1666, Ifli. K«d, 1MS6, 17i- 
del iddltiims. Land. 1139, limn. G 

r, at la ChuMlan a» 
Lr. Paual. Lond. 1110, 
■mat tneludu the addi- 
ta In Ua edition of 1T39. 

leatdeot B 

Th* Eaaayi of MiebaaL Lord of Kdo- 
talene, done Into EngUab by Jobn Florin 
■ --■ leOS, Mlo. Archnologie nm. 
iiei of" Emn and Omlariona." A 
vLlh BD undoDblBd anlegnpta << 

Tbe intereit of tbie antegiapb wu 

Kchael Saipieor de Mat- 

EnKllah brj^ 

■ Costs. "Sond. in*, 

B, Google 



EBiTt, HiKlad ftom Mntitgiia, w1 
lUti^eftlisLUaoftlieAiitlHr. Inn 

McoruxTU', Don P. BaltJiu de. 
He Hated Truth; or JMwOTory of 
tb» Intiigiui of Amoroua ' Eopa, 
Lrad. 1S78, ISmo. lOa. fid. 

— Verexde. Ho Spsnish B»«de. 
Land. 1631, &ilia ; >tt>ohed to Ale- 
imn'a Spuiieh Bogue. 

XawTijwB, A^oldiu. Atlu 
Chidrauii et Jspaneiuu. £m 
OeoBT, John, 

— FrfjiitinB. in Oratitm wiorbj 
b« teuhMh th>£ Christun Uen 
omiDt retorte to tte Coimoel of 
tfrait without committing ui hiiy- 
unii ofliiDoe. Engijalied bj L. A. 
loud. 1662, 12iiu>. 

Blii^ letm. HabHi, pL Ir. II. lU. 

— Joh. Ferrarina A Woorito 
''xuiifiige the pxii Orderyuge of 
tComaion W<^ engliihed b; W. 
Bmnda. Lond. 1669, «<.. 

Inaiivolmne.dedliatod Id <J. Ellia- 
Mw, UB InUHpeised mtmiI poatlcsl 
tnoiluinufmiii elude uitboii. BIdI- 
"7. PL 11. 1018,31.18. 

— Beg. GonsftL A DiscoTerj 
ndplme Deelantiou of aiuidry 
■phtm Praoticw of th« H0I7 Inqu- 
"iUon of apajne, newly tnuiBlited, 
«Wl bj Jhon Dm, 1668, ito. 

BuosL»rrBB,itmal»ted liyV. Bklnotr. 
Miinden' in 1S18, ta. Anothar Biltlon, 
»iUi uge UdltloM uppeireil in 1BB», 4to. 

MoHTOBEsmar, Ant. de., Sieur 
<!» TiBleuiLe. Eseossoiaie, ot le 
DwMtre, Tragedie. Seconde Edi- 
'ion. Eonen, 1603. 


B, eigtit iHTsg, B, *Bd 

HoamnoEH, J. An authentic 
■icwunt of the Ute Eipedition to 

Bnboi, on the Cout of Afrisai 

with a Beacripdon of the preient 
Setdement of SieiTB Leone and the 
■c(j»o(Hit Country. Ixmd. 179^ 

ThlB KiilliM pobllihod other titeenwd 

MoNTXiTa, Robert, U.A. A 
Theater of Mortality : or tbe HIiu- 
triouB Inscriptione eituit upon the 
UonumoitB in tiie Qra; Frian 
Chnroh T«rd, Ao, in Bdinboi^ 
and its Suburbs. Bdinb. 1704. A 
farther Collection of Funeral In- 
■Tiptioiu over Scotland. Bdinb. 
1713, amall 8to. 2 Toln. generally 
bound in one. 

Hlbbert, GGOt, l«i. TawMlfly, pt. II. 

Dooki of Eplgrftma adiI Bonk of Uisal- 
ludM In UngUab Yarn. £dlnb. IIW, 
BnnllBYO. Brlgb^8».aii. HBl«r,pt.lT. 

rubliihad by Hit Bobt, Blbb>ld.~Ito- 
prlntsd, Edlnb. letG.aro. fuilmileiof the 
Kuce mipi ; only IMprinted. £7(00, It. 

— Bobert. The Foreiter's Guide 
uid profitable Planter. Second 
Bdition. Edinburgh, lS24v 8to.— 
Afain, 1836, 8to. 

QimrUT]; Kartaw, voL sztL 

MONCBITK, Eobwt. History of 
the Troubles of Great Britain, con- 
taining an Account of Hie moit ra- 
markable FasaigeB in Scotland, 
&om 1633 to 1660. To wbich ie 
added, ■ Continuation to thefavoor- 
sblo Beetoration of Charles II. by 
D. Siordan de Uuaciy. TranS' 
ialed by J. Ogii™. Lond. 1736, 
folio. It- Is. 

B, Google 

1590 UOK 

UotmuoK.— The fiunoua Bl*- 
toris of MonMjoD, 'Kayghte of the 
Oraole. Lond. 1633, 4M. 

4h>. llllu,'lll^ieW, 410. with 11 tnaJ. 
Uipjcw. Uibbart, MOfi 9i. «d. Box- 
burglu, Suppl. STB, St 6d.— n. il. (in- S. 
Tnor, 410. Wblta Kolgbti, aMS, lOi. 
QoUamld, 4W, lU. BLLu,ll. 


Phillifb, John. 

UoNTiuAYOB, George of. DiiuiH 
of George of Mont«nuijor, tnuii- 
lated by BartholomeiT Yong. Lond. 
1698. folio. 

Thii putonl Bpudih romum, d*dl- 
uted Id the Lidy Rleii, and like B jdmy'a 
Arudlii, full of poetiT, bu been uilgnad 

are 100 godlj Emblemota Aral 
vented and elabourated ii; the 
French Tongue : bat noff in aeve- 
I. Pranck. 1619, 8to. 

MoHTB-BocHiKii, Gnido de. 
Manipultu Curatorum. Lond. per 
Winandum de Worde, 1502, 16mo. 

A copy in l^mbetli Ubnrr. 

UoNTESQunu, M. de. The co 
^ete Works of U. de Uaateaquu 



OD tHa (JuiMH of th 


and F 

lII of 

the Boiuii Boplre. 
L™d. «™d Jltion, 


17M, I 




Baprll del Loll. Londna 


FInt Bdltiim printed In Eiu[. 

UDd Dl 

■oA. It wU at «• 



R much Df It) popD 


. Thnt part (Inak tL cli. 

■bad aapaiately bj Bann Uaaeivi. 1781, 

new EdltloB gf hla WoAi io Ii 
ladatPaiU. LiniL 17M, Bro. M. 
mUd Latt^r^ tmulatad Item tlu 
«li br Mr. FUd^ Tlu Inulli Edl- 
vltta leTaral nar Latlan and SiOm. 
I.lTei,ltii».STola.Sa. TbaiaLatten 


. Lond. 179, Itmo. 
ofigtnaUf pdUlihad in 

I orieliiiU] 
Ml, Mo. , 


MonTFAirooir, Bern. de. Anti' 
|tiit; explained and represented in 
loulptures- TnuiaUted bj Darid 
Humphreys. With a Suppiement- 
Lond. 1721-5, folio, 7 Tola, platea, 
lied from the originai vork. 
toldmild, B7f " "- ■■" 

B, Google 

TravakbnmPmrJitbRnighlulT. 1 
nil. Sto. Wlllal^ ITJB, a*. M. 

DlmiB Itallouni : tha AntlqailL' 
Jlnlr, iHiBg ilr " - ■ ■- ■ 

niw, iMuiai] nmn uw ' Honnm 
hMmiiKUaFniicBUa.' Townalgy 

MoNTaoiOB'x, C^t.Alei, The 
Poemi, now fir»t published froni 
•Breral sncieut IlSS., with biopv- 
pbicsl NoticeB bj BaTid Irvmg, 
LLD. Edinb. 1821, po«t 8to. 

Ilw Churl* ud [he SUye. Comiioied 
liiu BatUih mntsr. Edliib. prJDtod bj 
SilNnWiUa-gnTa, printei to the £li«'i 
MiJHil*. Amu Domini 1IW7, 4ts. flnl 
•iHhn. A npT mmrkitd IN. ISi. In i. 
btMm bmkullu'i uUlogns. 

IhjCbiftit ud tt« Bl^«. Printtd 

UuiUDiglb. ^Inb. pnnted be Kobect 
n>ld>'p»*, pcenter to Ibe King's Ui- 
MU, UIJW U»7, «to. In tbe AdrguUl- 
Ubnir.^Edlnb. lem, B. Habei, lit. It. 
IL-OblgM, 1?B1, llniD. 

Ellab. IBIfl, llino. As (dltloii •our' ' 
™ 17 Lsrd Hatio, BlUcm, O. Cbilmi 
ja Ulni. but not (iJund.^EiHnb. li 


'in, iimo.— OIUEOW, int, llmo. 
,Blut.lISI, Hlblxit, 5611, 10b. Sotbs 
trs In lInr,lBll,M,81^-01u«m,Urie 

"M-wea, 1*00. ite.d,7i«MSL 

Cnunni M SjlTeaCtlua Pninnm, I1 
•*OBiit VtiBu tnniluiiiB par T. D, S. F 
*■ a p. p. (Thonum DwopiUnini, 8ao 
lonj ArttUBl PnoBomm TVpli Flalub 
fiwnlcli, l«gi, iSmi). Cbilman, pt. Ill 
'M.IM. He!)er,pt.i..Ti. 
^Tha Ulndei HahidT. Bdlnb. R. Cbur 
^ im, •mall Bto. is laiTai. Bm 

Th aftlng betirlil Mcotgoiiiaila iLni 
ninn. E£nb. br tha favlm gf Andn 
'■■n,im,4to. iDVaraa. BngbbM.lfiL 
--EUnli.helnofFlnl.vMii,ieSft4to, O. 
S^n»™,8L8B. BnrbiHd In adMon of 
S™". im. It ta fB»ert*d In WaUon'a 
*««« (WleoUim of Poemt, Edtab. ITll, 
« H™», Alai. p. liaa col. a. 

— Jamw. Poetical Works, Ijood. 
WIS, 12mo. S »oli. 11. 8s. 6d.— 
"^- 1836, 12ino. 6 toIb.— New 
•itioQ, ooUeoted bj himwlf. with 
MditioM Mid not««. Lond. 1841, 
•m sgBin 1866, 12mo. i »ol«. por- 

trait and pintee, 14e.~Loiid. 1860, 
nnd EkKsiu 1868, eq. 8to. iii 1 toL 
port, and cograved title, lOa. 6d. 
Tba WjodenrorSwlUerluidnnd other 


ud, and otliar Poema, Lond. 

Bowrer, ISW, roval «to. 13 pintei. 

Tha Weit Indlea, and olbar Poemi. 
Lond. 1810, ISmo. pp. ISO. (TbiB la Hi, 
the sfim TredeJ'l " ' oemson 

Va«ai to the riamory of tbs late Rlch- 
■id RaTKiMa or BdiUL l.ond. II117. 

Tba ChlmneT-iwaepai'B Friend, and 
llmblng-boy'9 Allinni. (Edited by Mr. 

Rojd InaUti 

ir«a Books. Land. IBU, llmo. Bi. 
Tba Chriitlan Poet, or Belecdngi In 
•nn on aaciad Sublacts. Olaigoir, 1B26. 
joond aditlou. Qlugovr, 1BS7. 
Chriatimn Fsnlmtit, or Bymoa aaltctad 

Nan odltion.* Lend. W. ColUna, IBHa, %£a! 
li.— Tentb adltlos. Lond.QritDn, IS6I, 

Poama (ealect) br JamaB Uontgomcry, 
lltadbTlbeR*T.K.A.WIIImott Lond. 
outledga, IBM, am. 4io. portnll and UM 
InaCrattona on vood, 11- la. 

Originil HTcini for Public, PrlTnle, and 
nlal Dsvotioii. Lond. Lcmgman, 1SB3, 

ad Selentiao Uen of Italy, Spain, Ae. 
Komary, Ac Lond. (Lardner'B Cib, QjX 
1B3K-I, ta.p. Bto. S Tola. 
ChTietlaa CorrtapandenE | A CotlaatlaD 
' Letlara, vlth prallmlnuy EauTby 

Bto. B roliu IBa. radnce 

IPoattol. ByJ.W.KlnR.' LoodI 

Partridge, ISEB, l»mo.pp.«0.lli. 

UamolrH, Inclndlng BalvAtlonB fhm hla 
GorteapondaiKe, i**m*iTM |a proae And 


iaal*. Edlu4 by Jotm UoUuid ud Jh. 
BTwetL poit Sto. t Tolfc with pMt 
niuiU. ^ ill U platM.) LoBdl IBM 
(pnb. U IS*. Sd.} nluMd, Bobn, 11. ii. 

Mr. HDiilgonisry goBdiuMd tb* XUbM 
Irii for IhirtT-oM fun, frua itA m 

Dipnaenoe of tha DeitT. Lond. 
1828, 12mo.— TwEDtj-fint eaitioiL 
Lond. 1811, ISmo. 4i.— Twen^- 
«ighth edititM. Lond. Cluipniaii and 
HbU, ISee. ISmo. 4*.— Haaudw'i 
School edition. Iiond. 184fi, J8mo. 

Thii, the inllior'i Snt fobo, ■>« writ- 
Un In Us KKh yur. 

Situ; or InlellMit vlthoDt Ood. Land. 
1830, 8•<k-Ag■iI^ IdDd. Bogus, tSU, nr. 
Sto. iLi ud lamo. (Bililai) u. After 

UH pubUcKtiaB of this pcwn ■' ■■■ 

G*lT«d the ubclqiiet of aieu 

A Unl™re»l 


ISSaito.— Fonrlh ( 

l-ood. ISW, Bto. T>.AL— A(elii,Ul^ lano. 

Oxfoid ; ■ Poun. SKond edltioa. Oif, 

J. Skaiuio. Oirord, ISSl, Sio. — Lwd. 
WbilUker, IMO, Umo. 7i. 6d. 

if Bpiiiie. Lo^. Iwr.Sn. 

TheWiiu'flf _, 

Sund Uedliuldu ud ManlThmiH 
■ Third adliiaa. LcoL IM7, 


Tb« Cbrirtli 

Life ; ■ KuiiulI It Bi- 
nd. IBIS, ISm.-BHWd 
1. Hit], lSt», Itma. fnsL 

Btttngtoi.. iei« Mma. u. 

K^ooudPoUi?. SMondtdltloi. 
FubM, 1817, 12MIO. St. 
Bund aift. Lend. P. Jmckemi, ISl^ 



:iit*r», lau. 

Bumtnerr, i Cnsnnlin to Uie EoilUh 
Pnjsi Baok, Load. Chipmui esdHdl, 

L71J1: Cbriitiu Foam oa ChdiduII; 
Id the Chuich ; Orlgiul ud Selaewl 
u the 'Worki of Kobart UoattDEtBT. 

h eillUoD. Idod. Bililai, 

'TliLrd odldon, raviied 
Edlnb. C;illTk,l»ia,8To 
d. Bsatledpi, I 


aimturtij posi 
lUuflr ahugad I 

HevuHTinlf i_ .. 
nlij, in Us Edtab. Serli 

iug unther. 

Moin'GOMxsT Favht. — Hsmo- 
nbles of the Montgomariea, a Hi- 
rWivo in BhTine, compoeed brfora 
the present Centnrf. Gkag. 1770^ 
4to. E leareg. — B^rinted, Edinb. 
1822, Ito. Only 76 oopki piiidML 
ivitlon, udMR ^n tn [ &< Behxi. 

Lond. Uatchud,iMC,la.i 

lamo.— Btoond •dltton, h,<u>» luu cn- 

luftd. Im^IS^Sto. 

The Id«l of lb* ChilBtlu Cbnieh. 
Loitd. 18<G, Sm. Se. ed. 
^uborough. ■ poaUa sluce. Lend.! 


UoiTTHLZ Bbvizw, The, from ila 
CQmmenceiDent in Hav, 1749, to 
December 1788, 81 voU. Beoond 
Series, from 1790 to 1985, 108 Tole. 
[Edited,imlia 1803, hj K. Qnfflths.] 
Thiri or ' New Seriea,' Jan, 1826- 
1B30, 16 TOla. Fourtii, or ' New 
Tbird,' or 'Hew SeriEa," J«d. 1831— 
Im. 1815, 45 roil. After wbich it 
<raa diMontinaed. A Oeneral In- 
dex, n4&-8i, bjthe Qev. B. Ajb- 
oongii, 2 Tola. Continued, 1781-9, 
hj the same, 1 ToL Another, 1790- 
1816,byXC.,2TolB. Lond. 1743, 
Ic 8to. £06 >ola. 

Fralhiu, tTtS-iaaa, 176t<i1b. UL1S^«i. 

PgtdSiher'BindPraprletoi'ii (Dr. Orlffitli 

li wblob, ap to IBIE, Uw IdIUiIh or ounii 

wb Htlcle. Thla lerr IntarEatiiiK eat, 
Mtli lodsus, 6 vols.— In all 201 Toluiiu. 

XmllSj Hacuiits, 1088. 

XinlhlT HlMElluT, ST OaoUaiDeii'i 

'nuui, ieai-t, Ho. i TOIL B«ed, Mai, 

poblicuion projected bf OesI 
■llUlie pridcifrfcUv oT tnnaU 
FrBDcfaDi>Te]ei>rpu7i. Ttwui 

la tba Bajtl IsatltatlMi. 

ent In F«bniftT7. 1 

Mnu Uu Kaue imsud 1701. S«lfut, 

vols. IflBd. 9To.-NewBerie..lS8Si™i. 


vol. IS.j Contlnned u Moothl^ M.g«. 

■due of toUIlca, LitenCnre, ud the Uelles 
Leltraa. Loud. IS3&«, foFmlegTOIi.10.tS. 

aS|= i„ ti.. Co. of Oo-n, ttnip. Eli«. 

^^"^y"!? " sL^T^^^S^^) 

talh ud Iujm; Kemain of thB Vli- 

H^tpim.^^'l^iamo.lOa.V Ontr 

CVolfl. M of Ihfl lut eerhw ue dsKribed 

r Uoulhly Uigulne, ud UnlTenit 

^uoiuau^ u The New M^Ihlf UigmtiM 
and Ut«[U7 JounaL Lood. iesi.8«, Sto. 
' ■ i™. fotmlog toU. 1&.18. [Vula. Ii30 
by T. Campball.}— GoDtiaiied w- 
ine i4av HooUil; Magulns and Homen 
iat. [yol>.de.e2,ediUdbTT.Haak;Tola. 
e»«, edited b; T. Hood ; Tola. TS end llfMr, 
'- W, H. Aina»orth.] Lond. 1637— July 
, 1860, vols. 19 IIB.— Continued monllilj 

Uonttilr MulB of Vool Hualc. Sf 

w Bmiais 1807-11, B vola. Lond. Bvo. 
wain, iiitb jiorlritlti. TliEimu Bellamy 
1 theorijfiiial projector or tb 1b periodical ' 

MontllT EpLloms, or Catalogne of okw 
■oblkaliimB, Sto. FoDtlilll, 7S<, from 
an. 1797 to 1804, 8 vols. 13a. Tomeler, 

Monlhl/ Repoiitorr of Tbeologj ud 

ia(»,fo.S>o. llfdUi,Eifi7,ll 

HontbiT Censor. Lond. IS2S. A abott- 
Ured publloUao. 

UoNTl, Tincflnzo. La BiTOln- 
nons FrHjiMse, Tiaione oUa Dim- 
tfsoi in qiuttro Cand, dtt Yincenzo 
Monti ; I'AiiDO 1793, in Occationa 
dells Morte di Ugo Buaerille. 
Londra, 1804, crown Svo. Be. 

The Penan™ of Hugo, a Vision on ths 
French ReToluUon. In the manner of . 
Dunte. lo four Cantoa. WrittenonOo- 

Ihe origin illtallanlnUEngllBtl 
li tvo •ddUloual Cantoa, br tli* 
[jBojd. I.ond.ia05, 12mo.S«. 

;. Google 

HosTLTio, Bkue de. Commenta- 
riw, tran^ted b; Ohail«s Cotbm. 
Lond. 1674, folio. 

M>n)ul> (, MSS. IJt 

neBloipcal Memoir of the Family 
of itoDt™orenoy, itjled Da M»- 
riaco, or Morres, sneient Lords do 
Muisco in the Peen^a of Eng- 
lAnd and Ireland. Puii, 1817, 
4ta. plBtm. 

— Les Montmorency de FraBce, 
et lea Montmorenoj d'Irlande. 
Preois Hiatorique. Par Mone. H. 
de MontmorEncj-Moires. Faria, 
1B2B, 4to. pUtei. 


UoiTTOLiir, M». Bnchantod 
Plants, FablM in Yotm. Lond. 
ISOO, 6ro. 

FrtDtid by Beiulaj. 0* TiLuni. Twv 
ooaiei ilmck oiL 

Ths Faitinl of thg Boh. ind otbei 

MoHTBOBB, Graham of. Fietaa 
illTitrisBimi Domini, Priocipia ge- 
neroaie Graemorum Familiae, Co- 
mitJB Montia-roaarum, in Fatrera i 
Tita plaoidS decendsntBm 9 No- 
Tomb. 1608, qui Begia Vicea in 
Britamiia leptentrionali felicitei 
geaKiat, et in supremo !B«gni foro 
Senatorum Prinoipem integerrimi 
egerst pioque Fim nuerentia J)olori 
adhiljita Conaolatio, Edinbnrghi, 
1609. 4to. 

ELi IHTH. A copy [| la tlu Billlih 

Truts TclitlDg to tbs Uarqoli at Mon- 
IrsM. 16<ll,Ae.4ta. Tavnatur.ptl.TOS.M. : 

Kt Std.: and t&io, : 

niibtl<ihKl.uidu> Appendix. Edlnti, IIX^ 

Knt Std. : and sgun, UK, Tn« Bn.— 

..... _ '■■lob.lKB, i. a 

Ths BiDlUBM d/ Rh«lop<B. Ts tbt 
LussnUble Dulh of tba moat notile Uu- 

noir pvbLiflbAd M bia boiuHiFmblfl Iiitai> 

pafia. Kaprintad ftcxn Iba only knon 
eopj (baloncliic to J. P. CoUrar. Biii.|, 
In Etaa aaeoad aeitei of BoatUmb FnfttlTi 
Poett?. adltad by Hi. D. L^og^ 

A RalatloB of tha tnia Fuiwnli of Um 
Lord tfUTinla of MoDtroia. irlth tbU of 

Iha ArauTltla Callaetlni. It ii nprlaUd 
In tbg UTenth Toluma of tha Hulalu 
MiKclluy. Sh Wiskut, 0«iirga. 

riplar, Eiq. LoDd.ISSe,ST 

wltti BortnlD 
tlia fourth J 

pnbllibad, In 

. Iicnd. IStO, Sto. 

ainb, 19S«, Bto. 3 

to aattlB Cbulai tha Sauad i: 
I, Ac. ISta, Mo. Ona si 
I the third Tolmu of t] 

lion or the Eigeutlon a' 

1,'an tbellst of Uar 

J, irhloh »M Appandli. 

Kemoln of Jamo, Uarqala of HaX- 
me, b; Jimea anal. Land. BoutMn 
ISSe, 19mi. porMC and irood cut, Sru 

UoHTB, U. de. Sora Fnndsi 
or, the DeccriptiOQ of tliat Fsit 
of Neir r^anoe whioh is ons CotSi- 
DentwiOiTirEiiiis. Lond. 1609,4(0, 

Tnnatiiad bf.F. Erosdalta. Itiin- 
prlntad In the lasnidTolDniaatlbeOiM 
. CoUpctton tl Vojigu and TraTela. 

UovTOKBAT. — Code of I«n 
from 166S to 17TS, 1790. fbUo, ISl 

Frinladbror ■■ "- 

.. orMoalaa 



B, Google 

MoosiE, A. Scotue indioulum ; 
DC tin preseot SMa of Scotland. 
Together with divera KeSections 
upon the ancient St&te thereof, 
'lond. 1682, am. 8ro. 

Hoo».— Ihe Man in the Moone, 
discovering a Woride of KnaTerj 
under (he Sunne. Land. 1638, 
Snt edition. 

TlM Kmn la the Uooa. Loud, ITa, 

— Lord.— The whole Life and 
HiMoT7 of Lord Moon, and the 
EdI of Warwick, With the co- 
mical FroliclcB that the; plaj'd. 
Lond. 1711, 4U.. 

A cnjiy ti IB Oie Brltlih Mawnm. 

HoOBi, Peter. A ihorte Tres- 
tle of cortavne l^ungee abuaed in 
uu Popish Church, long T»ed ; but 
umt aboljahed to our consolation, 
uid God'B word advMinced, the 
I|;ght of OOF Mluation, 4to. In 

K«)>t lUTH^priDtod >t I^nrkh t^ 

UoOBBSlHS ! Cnrioiu, Satjrical, 
^Ktiooa, uid Deacriptiye Sketched 
"1 Poetry and Proeo, with Appon- 
^ of unconnected Triflea. Lond. 
18S2-6, 8to. 6 toIb. port, of J, 
^■Wpe, M.D- Ozon. 

PnT»i8l^ priBted, tor prauDti only. 
A**** oarioiuptoc*! mrB written bj* Mn. 
^ILl-otUor SloWM Stnet. 

Mook, Edward, iStjot. The 
^dn Pantheon. Lond. 1810. 
^*l 4to. 105 pUt«a of Hindoo 
™w« in ootline. 

]niila KnlgkM. 9Hfi, ruioU, U. I4i. M. 

A Nuntin ofthoOrgnUoiuorCBplalB 

b Tlppo Bulun 
llo. fik Fonllil 

KlnUcui. Und.-lSll, 

iMiud PhnmioranAt- 
at IhcUniud LociJiimi of 
. Woodbriilge, ISaS, ISmo. 
Bright, IDa. 

Jameo, LL.D. Euiys read 
literary Society nt the Weekly 
Meeting within the College of Glas- 
gow. GlMgow, 1759, 12mo. 

^iiyoD lb* End ottnmij, mixoiaiDg 
Arlotslle I iBul u • L(uiU7 Soelet; 
GUa^T. In two puts. QUaicDV, 

iddlioB'iCilD, doita Into LitiD VoTH, 
Ibout tbe Lore Bceiiei. Olugow, lie*, 

SIoximU Llngna QriKK GIug.lTTO, 
BO. ■ a,. naa.-Bdtoli. ins. 1803, ISUS. 
1643, tc liDO. 
IDUmuDuirl Enuy on ibs Pnpoil. 

of tho Owk Linguiga; raid to n 

Llunryioda^lDQlugow. Glug.lTW, 

Moor wu Orwk pnTuaor it tho nol- 
lontly or Qlugow, »d his Eletnenu 
LlngniB Onoe liu eontlaood in sonenl 
DH in tbo uhlToraitioB tnd Kcbooli of 
SooOnid la tbe pnoant time. Tho mora 
not adltloiiB hiivo bun edlKd by Dnif 
IT. NeUuo, T(M, ud RowlUi. His 
itritlioongiplonoua » » pMlolO)^, bnt 
ia £agUib ityl> li vary iudlSotsilt. 
UooBB, And. Hiatotj of the 
Turka. Lond. 1660, Sto. 4 vols. 

Ajm. A full eipoanre of 
Ann Mooie, the pretended faating 
Woman of Tetbury. Lond. 1813, 

In bfanUdda; or Aecnmt of the 

■nea. Bins. (ISIS) B>o. 
EumluUoo of tho lapoaCnra of Ana 
.oon. Bj AlBXfeBdar Uandanon, U.D. 

DDd. isia, bto. su. 

SUtomant of Futa reUtlvs to tho onp- 
poaed AbatlTwnce of Aon Hum. By Ika 
Sar. Lalgb RiohDHiDd, IBia, 8vo. 

— Ch&rles, H.A. A full In> 

Juiry into the Subieot of Suicide, 
'o which are added, two Treati>e« 
on Daelling and Quning. Lond, 
1790. Ito. 2 vola. lOa. 6d. 

B, Google 

nd Plays. Lond. 1766, 4to. 
Bindta^, pt. II. me, *a. 

Fmblei for the FamilB Sei. Land. 1TH 
Ore. With CBU 67 Hiyioia. Bio*'— 
pt. il. int, 8«,— 1788. BloflUy, 1 

DnnutlB WoTlu. Loud. 1TS8, 1 

*Hat WoiUdge, uid pliteg, Be«d, : 

UoDre wuprlius[p*l iKiiitrlbnIar to ■ 
psriodlMl pdbUMtloBmtltled The WorW. 

— Sir fWioii. B^rta in the 
Bcdgos of Henry YIII., Elizabeth 

and James. Lond. 1675 

folio, 18«, 


KlmSonwj*.— 16«S, (bUo, irttb nvtait by 
Fulthorne, ISs. 

— BVanda, Tra»eU into the 
inland Parte of Alrioa. To wliich 
is added Captain Stibb'e Tmge ap 
the Samhia in 1723. Lond. 1738, 

A. ralnihlairark. IntroAncliK tba ti 

tumtnjfmTttnd ttUn etAMn 

yet but llltlo known, Mrlly dnini tRm 

c&mv to Eoffluid. Aaotlcsof tbi 
TlU be fonnd Id Hngh Unmr'i 
work on Atria. Hwth, niO, 
Nm«o, pt. I. 4301, 7». Willett, 
Roxburgbs, 7327, X3i, 

Voy»ge to Oeorgli. LoDd. IT**, Bro. 
Pootfclll. ST88, 18a. 

— Ororge. The History of 
Uie British Berolutdon of 168S-9. 
Load. 1817, 8to. 6b. 

— George. Liyee of Cardinal 
Alberoni and the Dnke of Eipper- 
da, Miniaters of Philip V. King of 
Smin. Lond. 1906, 8ro. 

flecond Baitlon, with Life of the Mirq. 
toPonilal. Lond. 1811, Svo. &« PoKni 

— Bev. Heniv, The Life of the 
Bar. John Wealty, A W , including 
the Life of his Brother the Rer. 
Ohatles, A-M,, and Memoirs of their 
Earaily. 1824, 8vo. 10*. 6d. 

— J. TwOTtj-ftye Vistre in Boot- 
land, engrared by J. Landseer. 
Lond. 1794, 4to. 10s. 6d. 

— Junes. A List of the prin- 
cipal Castles and Monasteries in 
Qreat Briton. Lond. 1798, 8to. Bb. 

Hikbart,GK!%nsite,Ba. AtPumi 

— James. A NarraliTo of Ub 
Campaign of the Bnttsb Aim k 
Spain, commani^ by ImiL-Qei. 
Sir John Moor^K3. Lond. 1809. 

Wllhapntnltof Sir Jobs Kant, fc 
Bdwude, TOL 12a. Xhhb. pt. U. 10, b. 
Ounu-uii. DokBofYom.gaS^mimB, 
SI. 8e. 6d. 

— John, BQooassiTely Bishop of 
Nonrich and Klj. Sermons, pa^ 
lished by Dr. Sam. Clule. Lend. 
1715, 8to. a you. lOs. 6d 

With portnlt of tbe anthor br VvaJE 

— Lieut.-Gen. Sir John. life 
and Letters, edited by bit Broths, 
Jamee Oarrick Moore. Land. IB33, 
8yo. 2 vols. port. pob. at U. Ii- 

— John. Columbarinm, or li* 
Pigeon-HoDSB, beine an Intndac- 
tion to a natural History of Ivu 
Pigeons. Land. 1735, 8yo. 8>. 

— iTohn, M.D. Worki, ^nSk 
Uemoirs of his Life and Writing 
by Bohert AndoTBon. Edinb.lBSO. 
8yo. 7 vols, portrait. 

FrmnH. SwiUerlftDd ud GenDiAT = *^ 

iKlara. Lond, 1779,Svo. a yoli.llli'i 
Fontblll, acsa, wlui the Vleir of Itilri f- 
111.— Second edition, ITSS, Srt. 1 "f^ 
Edwaids, ISI, Ua. ad. 

A View of Boolety and Ifaovn ^ 
Itily: with Ai»cdotei lelatiOK U am 

A JonrnsI dnrisg a Besldenea f» TjM 
From tbe Bawhming of ADriut to tba Ud- 
dlsorsewnberlTSI. To wbkb la adM 
sn AHsoost oTtbe moit nnuukiUa Erot 
thai bspHined at Paris froia tli« U" " 
tbe DtaOi of the lata EtBg of Fru«^ 
' nd. 1788, 8T0.I vols. Ids. 6d. IdnA 

»,18>. PMilhlll.aiBO, 11*1. 

reign and domeeCle. Lond. 17K>, Sn.t 
Tola, 811. 

EdwKd, VarlanaTlewiofHimias^ 
fnre, taken finm Life imd Hasncn, oU* 
England. Lond. 1796, 2 toIi. Ti. ; 

;. Google 


Hinliiuit Skcubcagf UTe, CbumoWn, 
ad MuEwn in virfoiu Conoan,: 1b- 
ilidlngitlie Ilamoln at > Frssch L«d> ctf 
VMUtf. LoDl. 1800, 8>a.ST0l>. IDs. Bd. 

Koore'a Tuiooa Woiki, csltected. Sto. 
U lulu. WllUuaa, nin, it, IBl 

lUiulSkBtsbui InlwofuM. L<ol. 
18^8™ Bdwardi, set, tg. Bd. 

KoHluu. orBtlMUoMhoratlMnanl, 
^<^«MitaIul. ud mlaMUuBou Wortt 
« UialUtDr. JobD Uoon. niaitrited 
^* «* blggr^>U«l ud (rlHul AoBOODl 
™BlciLoliula>l,uidu|iliiutiiry. By 
OaltaT.^. PnrogtudF. BUgdos, Kit. 
w, laoi i v(«i. feip. ero. port— Nb» 
wtlod, (MtitM BhuUh of Dr. John 
■»n| CDmctAd and ■uemsiilad. In ooa 
wL Load. ISOa, po* b™. port. Ha. 

UooBE, }ohn. CoUeoUons for a 
topognpMcal, historwal nod de- 
sOTptiyB Aoooiint of tile Hundred 
Id iTeUad. Lincoln, 1609, uuaU 

M L (Brnmi;, On. Pp. IS, wlUH« 
Pl»t«. LiMBPiPMu 7,. ear 

— John Biiyle7. Beporti of 
™« m tlie Couiia of 0. P. and 
Siohoquer, 1817-24. Lood. 1818- 
31, TOjal 8to. la toIb. 
iri'S"'^ •™*" "^ 'l" To™ Bepnrti 
IBK. 6, 17aS-181», m C. p. 1T8B-1819. 
>Mtolh,E«hiiqii«.lfBa— laiS. UiDd. 
"l. rml era, » ToU U IBfc 

auppl^mmt to Hosn'i, Monlng'i ud 
"««M£l'« Dlf*«i. Br J. B. lioon. 

J. B., and Payne'*, J. Be- 

ia the O. P. and Excbaqner 

ib«r, bora Hioh. 1S2T to Eut. 

wau. Load. 1828-32, rojal 8to. 

— J- B., and Scott's, J. Be- 

porta in the O. P., Eioli. 0^ and in 
J™ Hooae of UoAt, ftom Miok 
WSl,toTrin.,1884. Lond. 1888-4 
wjal 8to. 4 vola. 

— Jolm Hamilton. The new 
OTictieal Hayigator. The 19th 
™tion, enla^d and carefiilW im- 
Pfored by JoBoph Desaiou. Lond. 
1S14, Sto. 


KOO 15W 

— Sir Jonaa, 'Knt. A new 

System of the MatJumatios. Load. 
1681, 4to. a Tola, 

Wlllatt. SSS, lOi. M. TUi anilDent 
DulbBBKCIcluni, aoeiirdliic to Oiunr, 
the ftrat Engllabmui chat eonpMsd a 
' Sntuu of tba UathanutlH,' 

Eiglud'a lat«rut; vlth Uie pnauug 
framing of KUh Fonda, As. LouLlSmo. 

Mapp of Ts Gnal LaraU «( tha FuBL 

. . . 18BS, limo. irtth ,. „_„ „ 

Onfton, see. Hi, Dent, fL L 901, ^ 
""•^-rt,6SaB, lOa-Sd. HBl>8r,pt.lLa».ed. 
Bobert, XliHriiim hiatoidco- 
PoeticuiQ. OiOD. 159B, 4to. 

Habar, pL tU, lOa. ti. Bright wHL 
Lutognph uT Dr. Doniie, 11. 

— SamneL The Teaminga of 
Chriat'a Bowola tonardA hia lan-< 
guishing Friends. Lond. 1648, 
Svo. 7b. 6d. 

With poTtmi at tha antbor br W. 

— Rer. Thomaa. History trf 
Deronshire fraai the earlieet period 
to the pFeaent time, 1829, 8to. S 
Tols. Platea by Deeble. 

'SirT. -Sm Hobb, Bb Tho. 

■ Thomaa. Betnm made by 

QoTemors of the bounty of 
Qneen Inne, 1786, folio. 

Harqnit of Townahoid, 1136, IL ». 

— TT"""", Obserrationa on the 
&nt and second Tiaions of St. John. 
Lond. 17BO-2, 8to. 

• - Enquiry Into ttia NitDTS ind Canna 
T SkTiani'B Agony la tbe QAlden. 

Ludnac and tb* Kei. Caleb Remi^. 

UooBE, Thomaa. Poxnou^ 

VoBEB, collected by himseli {Firal 

ealleeliM tdition.) Lond. Long- 

, 1840-1, ISmo. 10,ToIs. port. 

aud 19 platcB, 21. lOs. 

'--upaet tallilB*ditioii.thB Literary 

ts, Deumbar, IBU, uya; 'From 

f tbe earlier prodQctlDoa the moat 

int bave been expurgated ; and Hpon 

L tfaa anlbor baa laid (ba liand of 

on and ImproTemBnt.' 

B, Google 

Hooks, 'Bioe. 

StlHonl u atbul BdtUon. Loud. 
LMcmu, 18BS. lima. 10 wait. port. Kiid 

tHrary fiditloB, UDplet* 
dfVB 8*9. Loud- Loni^iuii, IB48, jwrLniC 
b7 KlctanODd, Tln»Ua T]«ir of BLoper 
ton Cottaca bj Crunll.— Agntn, iat7, 

cnini Sto. jiruMI u BkIv 2>p<. LoBd.* 
ijOBfrnm, ISH, 111. M 

•qium 810. port. 10[ , ,. 

OB* lAUUnc Hull. Ttali eanulnB tiHllf 

oem* poblukod 

— 1 bj Corbtiiild. Lou 
Wl bP' XWX Iteio. Si, 
AOfl j-»aal WoAl,irLth LIFa. BdLlI 

Oil) ud Inglli, ISN (pp. BM), Itmo. 


Tbs Poetlal "Wotki of Uu Uta Thoil 
IpTttm, Ehi. . iMBi. 18)1, flnt edlUc 

WItb u Appendix caaulDlig lb 

Itmo.— Anln, 18*9, 18W, Ixmd. 'Lmg^ 
nun ud Co. ISie, (Up. Sto. with r' 

Not edition, vlguttitltla, LoDd. Lony^ 
liuuiiidCD.lgM, poit Bvo. (oriq. Idmo) 

Within ifnlgiut^D.'UicLiBK, R.A.. 
ud tha Lottei-mH ancrivid on Bts«t by 
F. P. Btsktr. XoDd. Loncnui nod Co. 
ISU, anpaT-nril Sni. PrtnUd on - '— 
tUekpipn.KSi. Raprinudln le 
■ Ihlnnw DUST, St IL 111. 6d. 

Wllb U E^blf SoLifaad itsel I 
ftVfn orlglmtl Dealgni by Copo, Cm 
^, Ptilb, W. B. FBUt, J. 6. Hi 
iaeI1n,l(UltLl, Unlntdy.SuK. F. bwm, 
■odWud. Loud, Loogmu lul Co. 18M, 

Trintcd IB Ribi IW with tba PnOc* 
ud NoiM ftom IM MUtotlTa Edition oT 
Hoon*! Postlaa WoAi, tha AdtartlM- 
manEi orlglnillT' prafixad, ud a porQalt 
of tha Anlbar. Cmd. Longiau ud Co. 
lau.nino. b.<d.— Radnesd, 18B% to U. 

OiharalttiomsLoDd. Field, 18U,atao. 
11. td.— Load. HID, 18M, aiBie. M^ 
LoM. RaatMn, UN, Sbno. ed<-Load. 


id.lBSEi, poitSio.-edUti 

la LIgbt or 

Propbitcf KJ 

S irettall, 1 Ml.vltb WwuU'i plilta,piv^ 
Blitb ^tion, with jUtoi iftirWeiiilL . 

IBmD.) Tlgnalta tltle,fii 

— AgilD, iVK, 1668. 
JP«^ Tupe: wilh tba Pral 

'IMRmftii, IB&8, 8!biD- ! 


iDld. liOBd, Ronuaafo, in«, 

Id.' RoQlMn, 18M ItoO' li- 
Id. fBdinbl^adatan, 166^ 111 

Id. FMd, ite. atao. Ik ei. 


Dai Pu«dl<j>«' 

ISU. Mdd. 1 TOll. (FOIBllllgToll.llw' 

LiMi Kokb nach dam u(Uk1»d ^'- 

" -"-"bato. BuifciBdU 

(Pannliw .<d 1 "f ^ 
loUnk dM lo-imd A» 

CUaibeha E 

B, Google 

itlh NoLe^ iddniMd to in EogUihnwi 
bfui [rtihmso. Lond. Cftrpibtar, 1806, 
Itif Bto. 

H- P., or Ui« Blue BI«UDg; * «onlo 
Open. Loud. Powar, 1811, Sto. 

IimcimD Lnms: or tha Two- 
rtni ton Bao. Bf Ttaomu Dnnrn, 
]ui. Lend. ISIS, tatp. Brik— ElgfaUi adl- 
««, Lund. 1818, lamo. «*. aennMeu 
•Uihnu him mppwnd. 

Th World u VutmliiXar : ■ poriodi- 
■1 PrniodkntloD, Hy Tho. Bnmn, the 
rmira. Load. laiO, ISsi). 

Alcipbiuk, ■ Pom (In tn Utlen> 
lAd. Hienu, 1S8>. Thl> •ruflntpub- 
■Wud U Ibe «>d of tho £plcun>n at Ihla 
bti; hat«u ■!» uldHlIti « iwpKnU 

Tho FininiH in Eaauvn ; lMln> ■ Bo- 
qogl u ttaa ' FudgB FuDllr Id FmHi.' Uj 

(dIUoB. LDIld. is9», IXmo. 

Ton Cub's Mhouii. U Cokiuih. 
Wtih a Pnbca, Nolea, and an Appaadlx. 
By HUB Dt Uio ¥mai. Laai. 1KI», fiep. 

f ULU for tha H01.T Au,iiiiac,KbTisai 
a Ihi Road, «o. As. Br Thoinu Bnnd, 
tin voBBgw. Load. ISIS, lamo. 

Tha Loiu of the Aaous, a Paam. 
Imd. LoDgmui and Co. ( Juuarr I) lest, 

» of the Tlm^i Jdu 

•l^re'; sltta thaMotaaaDdaVlg- 

natlo fma aDaitpilirT.Ci«lwlch,X.A. 
Loud. LongmaD, ISW, samo. la. edr- 

AfalD, tste, Mmo. la. U. 
Mtiial gdiliau of Oi 7r<A MOMn, Va- 
Homl Airt, Sacmt Son; j. te. 


S]rmphaiil«> and AoesnpuliiHDU by Ur 
J. A. ateranaoa. Load. J. Powar^StH-M, 
folio, 10 paR^ pnh. Ut. wah. Tbli vaa 
the flrtl adltioii of both imdaaiidmDato. 
Eub part aonCalu U aukidla* and * 
hannoDlaad ain. Tba flnl and IMODd 
I«p«fBd In 1807; (ho thlld In ISlOl 
tha fourth Novomber, 1811; tha aiUi, 
l>Member, ISia, dated 18U; the ilith, 

Iha eighth, ilay, IgSl; I'ha nlolh, IWO; 
Ibataulh and lut, Jnna, ISM, with Sup- 
pkmeat at Sa. addlUouL 

Iriih Malodlaa, M« JAitli vlM Oo ITonEib 
Sir Jobn Stawiaoa, Mua. Doe. GomplaM 
Loud. AddtoOD, and Lonaman —' "- 
IBfiT.— KalMsad, ISEB, In tw«lT< 

S^opboidM and Aesoaipaiilmoati 

il. Set of OleeB, nllUa and do 

ilch'li ■I«"htp,'hSiimh.T'l 



. Lond. NovoUo, IE 

Iriab Uelodlaa ; irith Sympbonlaa and 
LosompanUHBta by Sir John Staronaoih 
-Edited br J. W. Slam. Naw edition. 
tuMlil, Hall, tSU, 41a. m UD. lie. 6d. 

Iilab Kalodlaa i witb S^mphoBlai and 
*lai»fort« AocompanlmaBti, comploto, 
.ond, (Hoalaal BenqiMI OfBca], ISW, 

b Bynapboulat and 
tha l-laDDforto, hi- 
Jar and tboaa moat 
K. Loi>d.()(iialat 

of tha, with SjmpboDlaa and Ai 

B, Google 

UOOBE, Tiiot.—mtititmed. i 

aanta br H. B. Blihop. Ui< Wordi Tit * 

ii»,iSH; uweibFab-ieaa. 

Hoomi'fl BiLBOnMr or N^noirAip Am, 
BBdoOiereciBgiLiHirtnlwUKtoil; alth 
SrnplHHilsa ud J . t — 

E. Biahcip; tha mi 

BlihDp, Land. Vowtt,n.i.\ifS»t] t 
folio, i puu, It Itg. euh. 

Tooai HlBceUuiy by Thos^ Uoore, lA^ 
Jfwfa hT HsniT P. BWiDD. LdiicL J. 
Fswar USS, m. bUo. Pul 1 (lU pab- 

A. Cudid Appeal to PuhUe Conftdnini, 

Hutoiai or til 
en>. StoIl An 

Edinb. Hag. lU. LOX, u, . 

~Fm Mr.'MMn.'a edltln of SlierilM'i 
■WakM, pub. ia« Ht Bbuidu. 

Llh of lAid Bttoiu Sb BiKOr. 

TBI EnODBiu, a Tala, Lnd. U 
au asd Co. (tPan) 18», Itmo. 

EpiBorau, nir •dlcloo, with SMn; k 
wUek la added, Alotphron, a Poem. Lnd. 
HaomH, lem, ftap. Sto. with i pUla br 
Ooodall, after J. a. W. ToRin ; ftilM- 

(ilB witb Hr. U»n f»r u llliui 
EplCDitaii, neir edlUoii, oith tba Nota 

nepniD, ISSa^lDto DaUli, bl 


D. Idn[L(Julr)iSSl,p»tSlo,iTI)ll. 

18^ Ilmo. 
acpB br J.. 

• King "' 

ef(ieuj. LoDd. (Lardiui'i Cab. 

the Letten of Tb«. VKa 
pDbllcatioD of T 

I, ISBS], poi 

Jm T. Croftoni 

In hti prshce tlie editor 
the Lilerarr Qarella of . 

•ann DBlT vere aeleeled ind poblUbtdbr 
bit LordBblp. TbeortgliKl letteiabiTlif 
pmaad Into the haiidt of Mski. FaU«t 
aadStapaoufapublk aate, Hi«t y*" * 

nl. ft lM»i 
it/e buBdnl 

B, Google 


MooBS, Thos. — coniinuid. 

DDci orTBmu Moou. EdlUd 17 
tbg Sl^t Hob. Loid John KutitU, U.F. 
Wtihl^nnlu.Ac. L(m<.Loii;iniin,i86ss, 

ileiQHrulQa. ^r 
id. (fwdy, 1880 

taim knd Pietnres ttnto Tho. Moors 
tulle Silectlfnu, irlth origliul Deiigni 
m ij Cope, Corbonld, Btrket Koilsr, &c 
Und. Loagmui, leGS, fUp. lU'. pp, S36 

D^ E. FlDdan: iKth descriptlTS letter- 

. inp.ilij.«pl»tM.— A^n,lBlB,lmp.«o, 

' ^tw oditloii, wiOt Memoir. Loud. 
, Wirt. iDd No- York, [1883], fiiUo. 

Hooie'i Foema, l[lustn>tlQiia of; tarn 
I I>"lf°i b; o, Jonei, portnlt mnd 19 

Suihud'i taDstntiosi; bant, and 14 
»7iiii>tllpI>teB,3B. Sd. 
'llMtrjtionB. from DsBiBlia 1>T Cortoiiia 

. Uk RcoUi ; deBlincd and Dnnn b] 

■^ d.[l6371, Imp. "to. 18 p'«ei. 
Bbm, fmni tiie Fi™-iior.hipper>,Hlo> 

» bebn tba IMmh, 

Bli ItngTSTlngi I 

MBlodlu, vlUi Com 

An Ep<<tle I 



:19, 8*0. Priv^uXj prlnt- 
nly). RsprinUd in Lit. 

Kf oooE, Sir W. Uie jounfer. The 
True CmcifiiB for true CaUiolickea, 
OF the Way for true Catholicka to 
haTe the fame Crucifiie. Edinb. 
Wreittoun, 1629, 12mo. 

Heber, pt. iT. 18g. Gm. Ch^msn, di- 
mmged, 10s. «d. J0U7, 18t3, 91. Sa. 

Tba C17 of Blood and of t bnk«i Co- 

of BoitiJIsne. PilDted fmn tiK origioil 
US. CDug. test, pott Sto. SwMdiis. 

MoBABsr, Jsmea. The ffistory 
of ttcero'a Bamehment. Trans- 
lated &om th« French. Lond. 
1725, Sro. 

RojbntKhB, jvee, S«. 

MoEAES, Ft. do. Sm Fumxeis 
of England. 

MoBANT, Philip, M.A. The His- 
tory and Antiquities of the Comity 
of Eaaei. Load. 1768, foho, 2 ToU. 


od, MM, UK. lei. 

rriTslfoUo. Dent, pt. II. 780, UK. Si. Hlb- 
berl M49 nl.U- HBUti.4a)8, ""•■%>>'' 
■wtllett 1869,S1I.10>. (SoDWOflluBktei 
IntHBLr upwri^TthoHwIilcbMd,*! 
ihorter thin the book.) CsKoliw.-TOl. 
TltH, MUtent.. «od dertlMtioB to Le 
D»cr«, S l»«ii; pretiea, t«o pon 
(d.W1788): Inlroiuodon, iiiiLlpW 
(lUa-puKs ' Th« HlBtory— of Colebaik. 
OH InEf: dadloUon W Tsnlck, Bp. of 
London,! pkgeiiumn of thanibaorilwTi, 
Spuu; hliuriui put, Its pic»; ~ 

npnted : Ik* ConflmHthw of flia Hli 
^Ebu, IddndiDg Indai, amU 
tfHcdfflTVftorf-w "- -^ —' 

tatfir, pp. l-t«0. 


„, „„_„ , , cODnuonlr c«ll. 

•d Andlsr Bat, sngnnd bj Amtln, 
vhleh ibouU bM piaa HO In toI. i). 
Pu»ni ud iM«»np»tjd. V0I.U, 
tlU»«ua, tOBttnta and dadlcatiou to 
Loid Harniid, 8 laaTMi pnHua, a pages 1 
(thta pnAwa Wag npaiaadad by tbit 
anbaaqnanUr glTan for tba liatTolgnie 
la Danalir ea»nal, aeiodllK to the dl- 
nouo^^ranat tbe fint of title page)| 
the HlaHnT, indudlnK Index and arrat* 
eupana. PagM H3 BndlManonilt 
lad. rtgM Ml and «!». m and SM 
ara npeatad. Boma ecpiai ba™ a Ulla. 
pan, £wd VM, Uta tbe (aUa of cootenia 
'The HlitaiT and AnMiolUu of tba 
CmaiT et Eaui.' 

TA nan editlnn, wlthont data and tII 
oullbe nlatea, iTM printed In nnmbari 
Cbelmaford In 1817. falio, 2 toIb, 
Bhabbr and wortblaaa book,] 

HisiotTaiid ABlItnlclee of Colclieet 
Loud. 1118. Folio. Afterwaide mnch 1 
Urged by the aathaT, uidlaairporatad 
hlH Hlatarr of Eisai. A atow, with k 
rant's MB. oolaa, la la tHe lllicar; of 1 
ttaral IniUtuUon. 

Tlia CnielUea and FeraMutloBB oT 1 
Romlgli Cbursh dJaplajed, Lond. 17 

MoBATiAMS.— The Hiatorj of 
the MoniTiuiB firom their first Set- 
tlement in Hecmhaag, in the County 
of Bodingen, down to the present 
Eme. Tranelated from tho Qer- 
iDBO. Loud. 1764, 8to. 2s. «d. 

id Srethnn, IBDO, Std. 

Ascsontof the Idorvrian Bratbn*. 

IT pula:— I. AH Account of JAa 

if. Blalarieal imoont 


unam a( the Andant Cbnceta ef tk* 

ran. m. A Bkalchof tbeKtualaad 

■Uatleal madpllna of 

tha United 

am, in BoheiMB MoraTi. and P^ 


a faltbfUl Bamnant on 

thali Dia- 

n. Bndfoid, 1321, 11m 

Jlhmi^ BkaW. of Ihf^SiS 

u, and moit remarkable 


modem Uiitoryof th 



'iS^ K^ok™" 

CHiirri, David. Hol 

aaa, Jolui. 

oan, T. Eiama, Hanrf 

MOBiVinH, T., BcotQfl. Metaphn- 

1 poetici NaupaotiadOB (aire Jk- 

pwitiadoe) Begife. Lond. 160^ *lo. 

Blodley, pt la 680, ISa. Bright m\ 

MoaiY.— A Surrey of the Pk" 
. ince of Moray } historical, gM- 
graphiool and poUUinil. Abeidaoi, 
1798, 8vo. Set SSAW, Eer. L. 

MoBDAirr, John. The compWa 
Steward. Lond. 1761. 8to.B«o1s. 

MoKDATUiT, Elizabeth, Tu- 
conntaas. Anecdotes, 4c. com- 
mencing 1656. Lond. 1810, l^io- 

— Mr., second Son of 3ohi 
Earl ot Peterborough. Trial ot "t 
the pretended high Court of JoitiM 
at Westminater Hall, June 1 and !. 
1668, Lond. 1661, folio, port™! 
(which is rare). 

MoEBSOAI, Benjamin Beii. Sa 
Tahob, Henry. 

MoBDEM, Boh. A Book of *' 
Proepects of the remarkible PIw 
in and about (he Cilj of Lonim 
By Bob. Mordon and Phil. lee. 

Tbirtf platen, Ilie T| luchai long bj H 
incbei wide. Prinlad about 1700. 

MOBK, Alexander. Fidea pob- 
lios, contra Calumniaa Johaim. 
Miltoni. Hag. 165*, 12mo. 

Foemata. Farli, leW, aio. With V^ 
tnlt. Blhtaait, U16, II. 3a. Bright It n. 

B, Google 

Ifoft^Cresacre. The Life of Sir 
IHomu Uore by his great Orajid 
MO, Otesacre Uore, with abiogra 
pUcal Preface; NotoB and other II- 
iulntions by the B«t. Joseph 
Hontw, P-S-A. I«nd. 1838, 8to. 
1*. Portrait. 

T>o ediUoD] of thli Ufri huTC IwroR mp 
p«Kd tw Mom, Sir ThmdM, p. 1809), Ii 

tMaOitwiIHrofiL lathcipretoraoflhe 
Tbnui Ji^^bJln ammotri vltta o^ 

-Edward. A htle and bryefe 
"Otjie called The Defence of 
Women, an especially of Englishe 
Women, made agaynsto The Schole- 
HoTOe ofWomen. JjonA. by John 
ijnge, 1660, 4to. 

AprnductLnn more deaervliia; of notlcs 
frm ibt object it bul in ri^r. Uiu tot 
laimtii!*! marit it li raprtnled (ft™ > 
ooHUW copy) In ihB iMonil yoluma of 
DlteBBi', piM„ of popuUr Foelry. 

MoES, or MUBB, Eliiabeth. S'ee 
wimoH of ButHaw, p. 915. Eo- 
irain. King of Scotland. Scon* 

- Sir Qeoi^e, Knt. A true 
Ji'eonrea concerning the certain 
AxKuion and Diapoasession of ee- 
™n Persons of one Familie in Lan- 
(s^e. Lond. 1600. 8to. 

|f°i- J. R for Th. Chsrto, 
0'liw,pi.ii.iia. Coaaa^.—. 

taa' K** 


— George. Principles for young 
™iieea, oollected cat of sundij 
, Authoure. Lond. 1611, 18mo. - 

"wra, u, jj. ttenrvae more of the 
OMJ Order of S. Benet, and En- 

glish Congregation of our Ladie of 
Comfort in (Wbray. Paris, 1658, 
13mo. 6e. 

tar or Sir Tbomu Uon. 

MokB, Hannah, Worts, inolud- 
iuB Bible Ehymes. Loni T. Ca- 
deU, 1818-21, crown 8vo. 19 vols, 
pub. at e;. 16a,— Second edition, 
with Additions and Corrections. 
Lond. Cadell sad Daiis, 1830, post 
" I. 11 vols. 51. 

tw ediUoii, coinplels. iilth Memoir 
Notej. Loud. E.G. Bohn,lS53,fcip. 
portrait udTlgnalte tilta.pneei, H 
. li 188. ed. or Sa. Sd. per toiume. 
CoBlents of lAU eiiticn : 

■t Uiuikea Ood for 

llDga teen nil sni a Jlrely fu« 
>raco Wilpole dactared tliat Haoni 


B, Google 

Mob*. Hannah — etmlimud. 
Sftcred Dnunu; chiefly IntaDdAd fer 
Toanv Ponoai. Ttaa adIijmU UIe«i tmm 
the Bible. TDirhlehli4(Siied,Scaalbil1t7, 
■ Fnio. l/IBi. 1789. Sto. !■,— Siitwmth 
edition- Lend. C4de1I uul DkTiti, ISIQ, 
nut 8to.— TTenty-third odition. Lond. 
Culall, IB4fi, 32iiia, It, «(L~TirenCy-fOunh 

loai. 1TB8, 8ro Seve 

ITW.— Eighth edition. 
Seven Urn eUltloDg i 

Au EBtimeta of tb> Rdigiaii oT the 
reshiDuabls WdcM. Ixind. 1790, lima. Sl 
— FintasdiHco. Lood.lISS. 

Tliliga PoUHei. bf Will Chip. 1708, 
13IB0. ^iM ttetrpma. 

BemaAi en tbe Speech of H, T>iTpimt 
In the lietioBil CoDventlou, on Bellgloti 
■Dd publlD BdaudoD. liond.lIsa,Sa.6d. 
—Second edition, 17M, 8vo. 

gtrietorea oa the modem Byitera of 

Tole.— Load. IBaO, pa« Std. S itAa, 
Ulnle lonidB lonnlnff the Chuncter 

of ft yoDug FrlDcees. Lend. 1606, emm 

Sre. * lola.— Filth edltloi. Laid. ISU, 

pest Sto. S Toll. pob. 10a. Od. 
Colelii in BeiTch of ■ VUe ; eoilipn. 

bendlBB obMmtlinu en dooMtle HaHIa 

ud Muinei^ Bellglan and Uonle. Land. 

teog, post Sto. I T<3i^-Blit«aiUh •dtHoii. 

Lend. CsdeU Mid DaTies, IBM. — Asd 

Load. BohiL 1880, fitep.9rt, 
(tgnetta title, Si. M. Then an beeldei 
■OTenl email edlttone, from Se. to le. 6d. 
PractlcH] Pletjr: <«,tliaInflaeHs<o(the 
Ktllglon sf the Heart on the Life and 
Hannen. LoBd.lBIl,Umo. aTole.— The 
(hortoeDlh Edition. Loud, isa, post Sto. 
1 Tcda. 10a. «d. — Beventeenth edition. 
Load. ISS^ Una. port. la^ElKhBesmh 

KS;i8«10,MBa.. . , 

ChriHtan Honli. FUUi edltten. Lond. 
Cadall and DaTlei, 1S1% Sro. 1 toU. Ila 
—The ^htta Edlikn. Load, ims, poet 

poat Sio. pub. lOi. Od. itdmea. B 

An EaUT on tbe (Ihuaeter aodpncM 
Writlnn of St. Faul. Loud. ISIf , ><« > 
vols. iS,— The fifth Edition. LoiiSII, 

Cadell, ISST^ poiC Sto. IOl gd. abHl, 
Moral glulchei of preiiillnt (Mm 



e ant ediliim vu sold on Iba di( i( 
illcatlon.— Tenth Bdltios. Loiii MA 
O, poet Sto. pub. at Si. rednMl, BiH 

ond. BDhn,lS49,ftep.8To,pi>rt,^ad. 
Storlei foe the middle Bankiiri BocW- 
Lond. CadsU, 1818, poetOia, 61. liu 

Tom, ISN. samo. i 

iHe'i^hlfl C 


The Fatal FaUehoId. AtatOj-i^ 
1779, Sto. Originally oiJled tM «»" 

Pttcf. A Tragedy. ITTJ.-Lmi IW 
Sto. — Fifth edidon. Lend. 191*55 
Hearty 4000 coplea wen eotd In Hj W 
foRnlgbt. It liai beoi tiaadiKd U> 
Fmch and Qeiuan. 

TraKdiea (Mb. PoicT, Ibe T«M Wr 
hood, and the Infiaiibla IJa[iti«)i I^* 
IBIS, po« Sto. »». ^„_, 

Cheep RepoeltorT. TiasU. F"'™; 
in Noa. 17llfi^&— Ne* edilloL 1^ 
Rivloilon, ISS7, ISmo, S Tobi iH--'" 
edition. Lend. Hoiliton, 1933, wa< 
Tola.I0fc8d. ThiapopiiUrierfe«^»» 
kIdub tales In tracts waa tiandwaw 

Tbe Feail of Freedom, or the *W[*" 
./ doBHtlc BUTtiT In CejbH! aPJJ 
by Hannah Mote-, theToaal Fu<aa<>FS 
-■•-ilcbrCharleeWeetaT. To •"• 
Ided, aeraial nnpaUUHd W> 

TjmtA ia«T fln. 

1 ibtWt •* Jf I 

B, Google 


UOBX, HaiuiBh — amtimud. 

aemoln of Iht Life uni Comyond- 

Urtg. tood, l^l-SaCD^^'edlUon, issft 

CSto. 4 toLb. — Abridged (Seelsj'i 
i.LJ, I8S8,fc«p.8>0,6j.- 1866.33. 6d. 


wood engimvln^a, ISa. i 

Life, bv Itn. R. Smith. Loud. 
8to, 9». ' 

MoBi;, Hemy, D.D. Theological 
■Works. liond. 1708, folio, 12b. 
Portrait by Loggan, 

tlen of tha aT»Tid Myatery of GodlEneBfl. 
i. An Enqolry Into the Myataryof Inl. 
quity. 9, A propbotlcmlEijHMitloD af the 

AdL 4, A Dluonne of ttaa OnundB oT 
FilttiinFotDUofRellglaii. 5. An Ant' 
dHa ngidDit UoUtry, with u Xppmdlj 
(. Some diyine Uymna. 

maUA FlUonin ; or, m rutoila 
ikaioftluSoiil. In four HVeulFoami 
Cuibridga, IM!, lamo. FInl sdlticn 
CimMdES, 1M6, IXmo. Heber, pL It. ii 
Nuwu, DL t. ISOe, fiL 

FUluoriilcdPgem*. CuiMdge,le47, 
em. B«BW«1L 1B07,*«. HaiMn.ptl— - 

A iiHiisa will ba foimd In tin Kstm^ec- 

dilL Undlol, IOTA, folto, with pnrtnlt 
of Hon, Bt 61, (tUblg iiBdu ■ tTM, by 

(^era phUHopbla, Udiw nddltm. 
LiBd. l«ie. fcdlo. i Tola, with ponnit at 
Hon, nt. 65, ud of John Cockthult, hit 
dlKlp]e, both by LaggMn. fleith, IlSd, 

Tba pblloK^lal WiltJiKi cf Htnrr 

Atbelim, w'ltb u Appendix. I. Eci- 

Dh Cattai, &D. 4. ImmortalUy of tha 
Sad. 6. Cnleetnn C^bnlUttcl. The 



fOnnh BdlUon, aometed ud nuch cn- 
trged. Lonil,lJia, folio, 10«,6d.— Lend. 


tee «nd pio- 
B, 1943, ISmo. 


Enibtrid'lon Blhlcnm, piwIpnA monlli 
An..l.l868,lBBS,12mo. ' 
Tnnaliled by Edv. Soathinll. Lend. 

SIOKE, HemicQi. Historui Fn>> 
yinoiw Anglicane Societfttia Jean. 
Audomari. 1660, folio. Frontia- 

A copy is in tha Brltlih Uuifimi. 
Uebar, pL 1. ; pi. U. U. tie. biiiht, 


~ John. A Table &om t)ie Be- 
gimuDg of tha World to this Day. 
Uambridge, I<^at, 1593, 12mO. 

uindJey, at. 11. IM4, Hn. Oordmatoun, 
lfiS3,2ii. TDWi»lBy,pt.ll.ItiO,^.ed. 

Tbme Beimoni, &c. Cimb. lliM, 4ta. 

iloned by the Death of Mr. South.' Loud. 

— Bichird. A true Behttion of 
the Hurdera committed in the Fb- 
rish of doniie, in the County of 
Salop, by Enoch ap Evan, upon Uie 
Bodiea of hia Mother and Uiothor, 
with the Cauaea moring him then>- 
onto. Lond. 1611, 12ma. 

Seed, sua, Ta. &» Stuuui] 

Sir Thomas, Omnia Latuia 
Opera, quorum aliqua nunc primum 
in lueem prodeunt. Loranii, 1&66 
et 1566, Iblio. Portraits of Sir T. 
More end Bishop Fisher. (The 
Utopia ii amitt«d in this edition.) 

B, Google 

Mobs, Sir Tbog. — ccnft'niMit. 
ieTim, Mia. 

BuiiiK, lees, sia. Th> 

Bull. aw, tlo. II. IL FrlnUd br^iobca. 

Ii. IBs.— Parli, GsnnUDiit (IMS-ITI, lima. 
Bright, 13>.— BuU, ISir-lblS, <la. Hetnr, 
pt Ix. IGa. TblBsdiUoD, prlated hr Fnben, 
ft]» oootAliu tbe epIonniBDf lion eai 
Erumn^ pneadBd by firumi Qirtrelt Pa- 

«iEnT*d ud ^wgimphieiu orDamenti 
wen pcobablT datTened b^ Huu Holbaln. 
— Vlmiw Puiii)nln,l«S, 4U. This ediUDii 

pit,' ud 'SI Strini 
iSM, *lo. »llh borfe 

atorFrobtn'icdltian. ] 
^Usetloa— CdIodIbi, IK 
itl, IMS. Subjoined >■ 

pwlll be found In Tlio. Peckej ?•!■ 

Epistolft Ad Adbdem.Oian. cnm Ep 
Blndloy, pt. ill. SI9, IOj.' M, 

— The Workra of Sir ThomM 
More, Snjght, Bometjme Lords 
Chaucellour of Englaad, wrjtt«ii 
by him in tha EagliBh Tange. 
Loud, at the CosC«8 and Chirgn 
of John Cswood, lohn Walj uid 
Rich&rde Tottell, 1657, folio. 

SLlCi: CETTIS. BlDdl47, pt. 11. W, 

v!t9.M. Etnavell.'im, If. 7s. Hlbbirt, 
6660, 8i.a«. Bd. Sir M, M. 87IKJ, ptlL 

Agrlp. 1 

edilloD. -~ Qlue. Foulli, 1760, 
Ooogh, Mil, Ga. WlllUma, 1B17, n 

Uori Eplatali id Oennuinm 

W. 121. Brigil, 101. Q«iji»r, ». 

SI. 12b. CMuiat The TolnmB out 

Q.M1U7 bj-WjlLiemBMte'll. twoBl 

tween pp. llgis, 1b • leiTcSiuSlli 
lollw (JSlrTho. Mote's •WthBClirti' 
Reedec' reBpeotlDg tbe prtntBT>B full 
vblcb iBfcT ie mqoeatly wuitiiif. 
Oldv'e Brlllib Llbruten. IH-T. 

The Sergunl end Fiere. Lonl 
JulyM Nolery. o. d. Tho first effoi 

BuppljctcyeD ot Beul^a eg 
— * ' '^gg'" " — 

an of Beggln. (Lend. b;W. 

li Eplgranu. A copy 

' Bir M. U. Bjiea. pt. II. iiA "lib UwA 
■ Dlelogna of Imegea end Ei«liil"e«i 1^' 
. U-lBa. Blight, both ple«B>?i*^ TUl 
i volame amUlns lUtil Imtob, ^' «" "^ 
, 'Cum pnullegio' and 'Tbe >•■*' "•■ 
' I «ped In the pryntynit.' Tbe ll"!"*'*' 
1 blenl.. AcopyiBlntheL.mbet^"'™! 
', A Dyiloga of Bjr Thom.VS^ 

ten, u of the VaneratlDn & w'r W* 
Ynugye & BelyqusB, preyyoB to sf"^ 

B, Google 


MoBB, Sir Thoi. — emitimtd. 
•Id grijBf oD Pylgrvmmja, wyth tntuj 
Ulan Uiyii|{y« tonet™ tbe psilylent 

by^De in SuoDf, hud I17 the father 

Tb« Tolurai 

III sdCtiDii, prlDtcd <n t< 

iHlh mirtrv.— Lond. [W 
Mio. PiilUck,Juoe 10, IE 
Tla CrafnUcyon o( Tyi 
LoDd. br Wjllyam Bui 
BirM. M, 8j*0>, 


SaoyKth, roade 67 SjT Thonisi Mora 
Kinbt. WfUyiniBiiitclLlSSa. 
bliu. This HCODd pan contilns from 
bMi Ok fourth to book the ninth Inclu- 

Tha DebellKToa of Balem and Blzince. 
Jiinlad bj- W. Raalell, UW, 8vo. Hoi'- 

Whu BM, It a». isgiii, lois, ai. 9s. 

i'Ka, PL II. IJ. IS.. Another, fiM, W. 
Mhibr, KSI, mar. SI. 8s. The irork, 
piecedad bv a pnbce. begliu on fol. Till, 
ua li divtde^lDt« tiro part). The flrat 
WiUiichaptui.aud rada on bLclUI; 
Uu BMond beglu vitb tba flfteantb chap- 
It Add a frfiBb aet of ilgDatDrtfi and na- 

lea flBcapfid In pryiLt- 

copr Is 

>ULuntiel& Llbnry- 

TLfl Apo1oK7« of Syr auujubb h*vj 
•OTEtit, Eoade by him Anno U3S, aTtert 
W gauen onar TbolBw of Lord Chance 
•or nf Bnirtande, Prynted by W. Hi 

»'ii^ IS*" J""' "" "" 

lulM I 

ID he apalogiaea for bla wiit- 
•t Tindill, Barna, &t, and the 

Knted aninst a Trutlie 

SpLiicnallly & the Tempon- 

ifOB 1607 

I Baenmimtef tbe Anltan. Lond. W. 

The anave'r (q the Brat Fait of the poyu 
ned Books vhycba a namaleaa Haredka 
oha Frith) halb named the Supper of 
eLord. By SlTThnmaaHorsinlgbt. 
QDo teas, attar he had ginan eiiec the 

rthya books.' Ingtla, lOlt, Si. BotheVi 
n-IOPli, written in Latins by SyiThomaa 


litle-iuige ii a portra.ll of More by M»r- 
ihall. HlbbBn,UW,2l 6d. Brigbt, Sa. Sd. 
Utopia, Iranalatad into Engiinh by Dr. 

Baliabury, Lond. 1684, 8to. FInC edition. 
-188B,8to. HBber,pl.ll.6>.Sd— DuSlln, 
ItSr, l&no. v!th abort account of hia lih 
ind trial.— Glaig. Foulis, 1743, am. Byo. 

(eitracUd from Hacdlarmld'a Lllas of 
a biographical Md Iltarary Inlroduo. 


wbleh M iddad^ Hew 
Bum, irlth X Pmhalni 
Kotsa, kr S. A. St. Johi 


^rlpUon d« rutofia, tndnlle pi 
.. . » B.vud. Puill, IBBO, Wma imodGut 
Hebw, pt. i. nor. 1(. «. 

I^dt, ITlfi, (Dd Amit. ino, ISiDD. 

A D juiojnaof Cmnfbrt ■gilnal Tltlwl*- 

«to. X4,liielehU 

WBip, IflJS, IBmo. 
DuebeiH ol Fed 


niiidil« CcpLed. Ad( 
Dsdlfstsd by Die pttn- 

pt. U. 1817, II. ll. Llnvd, Srft, 1( 
hright, U 78. lnBlU, l5*T, Ili-l 

ptvl. lis. Btlghl, lI.Tl.-Ant. IBT4. . ., 

8T8, ia«.— Anl. 157S. TownBlBy, pi. i. 4m, 
wl[)i A poTDiat at More, 11. IM. M.—New 
•dltlon. Lmd. DDllmui (BngllBli dlb. 
Ub.), IB17, poit Sto. Si. 

at OUT Lord BUjrunenEAUy Hod TlrlDiUy 

bathe, with eerteln deoout and ve 

iDitnnUoD^ Medltadoiu nnd Fi 

Th* Htitotle of the pICUfiil Life ■ 

aA, bla Brstbl 

atoTthe'ilniniiUonDrslolii _ 
111. ud hli miMnbl* ud. Bdlled by 
W. ahMm. I-oiid. Thmuw Fnyne, ["■ 
Ites. Ad eleiiot history. Tba ml 
soBriaU of 461 p^ti, wllh two portntu, 
iMtoitsd to Or John LenthikU, " - 
Then an two tJU»pag«, the Brat 
Hiit<irla&i.orEdi>udUieV.' Tfae< 
•ThB tn^ull HtBlarle, Ao. of Rli 
thelll.' KoibiiTgbe,§3M,Xl.te. Tc. __ 
ley, pt, L 4m. iL fit. QimTsi, tSO 12l 

.- i UlJtorT af BnfflBsd ; 

■LOdhitBiehudUI. in Cm-iltyiLUe at 
SliThoa. Uon. 

neUMoTTof BIchudlll. Edited br 
S.W. Uagsr, E*q. Chlnrlek, IBM, Ith 
pertnit, poAtSro. lOe. luiok r^r^m. deny 
vn. TwaDty-fiTe copiei nlotal. pub. it 
It. im. Blbbert, UsB, IL da. Sir M. H. 

Byksi, pL U. tffi, U. b taitua, I 

lb* Boke of the ttjn (StnOint 
LadyFortuae. 1 "' """■ "' 

IfiSb, 4(a HtlK, 
l,8vo, Blb].<;i.^ 
n. III& LffdOiiU' 

joud. IMS, p«t era. Brtghl, % 
Tit* lU Toouo Unm, Orud Cua)- 
■■■nghlltein, l"" " " 

Full, OoHelin, 18SS, Sro. 3 Toll, poit 

The Household of Btr Thomu Hn 
Lond.B«I],I8Sl,poi[8TO. la-dd^-Smd 

The Llle ud Death iff «r TIhbu 
More, Irfird High Cbincelliir of EngM 
vrltum by it. T. U. and dedluM I 

'™° ' w!* Toraley, pt- I. IM. 
Sir U. K. a)M pt 

r, pt. U. If. IK. ei. NiwB, pt^ 
1th plate of thefaMilyof Motiu 


en. Blndley!ptll.UTt,l>^ 
> 6d Liioiraa. D>A 
.to. Hihben, 6S34, ""S"** 
I5B. If lU. fld. BnxWt 
miUami, 1211. irith ;«a^ 
TaldM InaerMd, notiB* 

l3i, Cremcrt. ^ 

itoeh! Lond.Lai*"* 

Lrtteij fnm It; 

IBU In Ia"!*^ 

0. rPrioUd sepantely: 

BriOah SU- -' 

Cyeiopadia, tfol- 31. 

r.) LoDd. Hoiil»Mnri°8M,'l*n"-'p« 
Ufa, by Wallm. ■ — ' "-'-"" " 


19 . 

Wordiwortb'e EetleeUHl"' 
iMoiB. AFUy. SaSu» I 

B, Google 

Koix, ninmu, d« Eichillem . 
k mie Bnglilh Oatholick Ohrutiaii, 
or the SuQt's TTtopia. Lond, 16^, 
ErUntlT dia pnducUen of m' ntlin- 

UntlT dia pnd 

I dcdlatsd to K. 


thair Rarenua, Bi- 
TnatUl, l8a>,ft.L 

1W, LoDd. Treatud. IS , folio. Ifii. 
Bkn of th* Tmd» rf an.t BriolD 

laid. Tmtal, [1BS91 A>L Ite. td. A1» 
BriUili u j lititi Hunfulnrasa 

i Pncraai of tba Silk Tnda. 

TbB put ud pi«HDt SUieof tba HhI- 
nlicii batwean Qrau BrIUIn and all 

ChniiuiTi>|!loal KMsrdB af the BclUih 
%>1 and Commamtal HiTT, fnn- - 
gllolSB. Lood. Treutlsl, lew, fi 
'rna A.D, S6 to th* Haaent Tlma. 

— Simoon. A Tour to the Bojsl 
Spa at Cheltenbun : or Oloucester- 
AiTBdispkyed. Bath, 17B7, 12nio. 
P>. Xe. and three pUtai. Tiu fine 
KlHoo ippeired In 1783. 

MoB£HKAD, Williaia. Liohir- 
>n% rire TBlediDtio SootuB aub Dw- 
oeaaa D. Qeonii Honaohi in Aa- 
£li& revocati. Cond. 1660, ita. 

In LallD and Bngnsh, oonajad n g of 
tight ihaetB and ■ half. 

Uoitsmi, Jao Bodngnei. £e- 
hl]tth JfthMob; bems B Vocabu- 
■^ of WordB in the Hebrew I*n- 
page, found in the Holy Bible and 

*ntera, done into Xinelish and 
Sptnish. Lond. A. Alexander, 
A^, 6533, 4to. 6». 

Moan, 'William. Verbomn la- 
uamiiD oiun Qreecii Anglicisqre 
wiiijuiiotorum looupletjwinii Com- 
nuntaiii : ad dabonitiiin Chulielmi 

printed IndooblacolsmDi. It 1> dedicated 
to tlie Earl of Leleeaur, arter vhich ire m. 

lenH.'addnoHd to tha'itadlouTOUth. 
bj Abi, flamlnc. Pany, pL L ISO), 

HoBBLl^ Homai. Lexicon G^ne- 

co-pnModiAcuin, olim volgatuTii Ij" 
pis denuo mandarit, permnltia in 
Ijoas oorreiit, BienipliB a ae ol- 
lati«, et AnimadTeriiionibaB illos. 
triTit, Ycrbis a Th, Morello ominia, 
quamplunnua auiit t el Qnecis Yo- 
BDiit, et Chwicii Yocibus La- 
1 Ternonem anbjecit fildr. 
Maltbj. Cantab. 1816, royal 4to. 
rtiivlT Bupaneded tba OTiflaal (mea- 

dltloalun. Lmd. 18><,drair4to.pDb 

:»!. BadneedlLli. 

An EngUah aMdgmant of (fall laamsd 

„ , _ Eiigliah.angk To. 

ecbolary, and a TcaatUe on OoaatltT, and 

1 Onak Uatah' Lond. IB 

1 aftsr wTHogaRh. Dail, Bt. U. n 
mta, ISi. TDim^, pt. L ew, IL 1( 
hlieKnlghtB.aSM, ru«)A,iI. Heat 

Thomas. The Elemrata of 
the Hietory of Philosophy and 
Scienoe, fnun the carlieet authentio 
Becorda to the commencement of 
the Eighteenth century. Lond. 
1827, 8to. pp. 660. 
gtoiUea In BUtDry. St. HeoO, IBIfi, 

ICOEIX, Thomas. A ehort Ac- 
count of Scotland, with an Appen- 
dii on the difference of the Scotch 
and BngUah Liturgy. Lond. 1702, 

0, SI. fiaadd. Ha- 

~_-„^ <Utad 1J06 or miL 

Btaanni, 11«S,iaa.ed. Oaidaei, la 18M 

B, Google 

MoBBBi, L. DictioosCT. S.el*''«Ji"«»d*5d,Terr»ccnr»temd 

CouiEB, Jeremy. I copious Indeies of die prunnjiil 

I TbingB and Name* therein con- 

If OBK, EdKsrd Howe. A Die- tained. Tranelated by Benjamin 

■ertstjoii upon English T^pogra- . Aleiander, M.D. Lond. lTGii,4ia. 

phical Foundrav ^d Foondnea. 3 Tola. 

With ao Appendil. Lond. 1778, , A iBnch*.l«med work. WUtaU, l«9^ 
»rn ja.IiH.Scl.— Abridged indelncidiladwlUi 


mi Tiliubig ■«%( 

of the Apwadli SrNlcholj (pp. 

Reee mlllUntlTiiD : uv«d 
erdtug EdTirdl tertll R< 

WLB printed for priTfti 

MoEwmTH, Tho. M.D. Papa- 
tu8, Mil, depraTiite Beligionia Ori- 
go et Incrementum. Ediob. Wal- 
drgrave, 1594, ISmo. 

Re41c»t*d to K. jKin« VI. of Swtlimd. 
RKiibaigha,41B,9s. Comlsble, SS3, 11 10b. 

MosESOy, John. See HoLT 

MoEKTON, Andrew. An Eesaj 
n the History and Beality of Ap- 


Lond. 1727, 
,1988, SB.- 1729 
Bb, Fonlhlll, 
18«.— 1J35, 9vo 



Farocbla] Tymmy, or the Houao- 
menM rf SelMt VwtdM. LoDdtsrof*^ 

MonaAONi, John Baptist. The 
Seats and CauBee of Diseaees in- 
Teatigated b; Anatomy ; in five 
Boole, contuning a gt«at Tarie^ 
of Dinectiotu, vith Bemarks. To 

bb hj w. Cool 

MoESAH, Sir Henry. Toyago to 
Pacsma, 1670. Load. 1683, ISmii. 

— J. FhomiiBritannicuar being 
a niiBoellaiieous CoUectJon of icaim 
Traote. Lond. 173*, 


Ix numbari appeuvL 

Hiatoiy of A-lglgra ; to which is pr«. 
flied, HD Bpltome (^ Ch« gflnor&I UI^EDTT 
of Barbivy, Trom tha fiarLteac Tlmn. 

48. Wllleu, lS3(i,lIs.6d. hiaot'rua. 

' — John. A short Analjsis of 
St. James's Epist. ch. 2. t. 14^ Ac. 
Lond. 1588, 16ma 

— John. Essajs npon the La<r 
of Evidence, new Trials, speciil 
Verdicts, Trials at Bar, and Re- 
pleaders. Iiond, 1789, Svo. 3rola. 

Lieut. J. C. TheEmigmiei 
Note Book and Qmdei with So- 
rallectionB of Upper and Low 
Canada, during ua War. Lond. 
1824^ 12mo. 

' A BKlfal IhoiTgh at ttie asim tim • 
nmifnl -wait:— Quart, Etcica. 

Nio. of Crolane, Kent. Tho 
Perteotion of Horsemanshi^dniiniB 
from Nature, Arte, and Practiu- 
Lond. 1609, 4to. 

B, Google 

UOBQAH, STlvanus. The Sphe 
of Gentry, deduced from the Princ 
plea of S'ature : ui hiatorical ai 
IBiealogioal Work of Arms u 
BluEan, in four Boots. Load. 

I, folio. 

1 ' MOBBiB, T. The Welcbmens 
'■ '■ Ivbilea to the HonoTr of St. DaTid. 
liLond. (1611), 4to, 

gl — Sir Thomae, A Relation of 
.IMajor-General Sir Thomas Mor- 
j I gan's Progrew in France and Flan- 
dere, with the six thoiua»d Eogligh, 
in the Years 1657 and 1658. at the 
Taking of Dunkirk, and other im- 
portant Places ; as it was delivered 
by the General himself. Lond. 1639, 

lli[[il'l>«>k,np.l30[uil8ie>TUTini _ , 

oT CltRbdmil. The Tonrth book, pp. 116, 
tUopp. (M) 10 (401, ■">* » >"^ conU'--— 

A TrcUiM of Honor a 

i hononble 

.lUo. 1613.4to.pp.l«8. A 

MB, consist. 

OEB- Cenaur 

Sl^^'*^^ ««Bete 

t^nidHi, King Cbarles hi 

AngustB, o 

City Biir»l ; Of the Poiindfru Names, mid 

Mlat tiaatmn ol th.t City 

SD hlitorluJ 

iM Mitlquariin Work, la 

Vers., -Ilh 

AnotlLtlans. 1648, 4tD, 



H'tali. IxiDd. 1668, tto. 

Unrd, Eirl of Minclisste 

•n m ihe buck of Ihe lit 

Sn^ ll'}!l "?'?,"" 

reprinlBd in Hoi^a'a 
si]s; In thB flrdTolnin 

I ot ht»to 

— Thomas, Dr. The Moral 
PhiloBophEr, in a Dialogue between 
FhilaletlieB, a Christian Deist, and 
Theophanes, a Christian Jew, &e. 
Second edition, corrected. Lond. 
1738, 8vo. 3 Tols. ISa. 
In this -orfc revelstion was «»cked 

iljiT " 

A DeCeoM or llie Vrml Fhllosopber, 
ig^net a Pampblst IntlUed The Immo- 
rsJilfof Ihs Morsi Plillosophar. Bjthe 

sgsllist Ibe fa^sB AMUMtmin, Jn.ulla,' 
and persanll AbuMa of Samuel Ckaodlat. 

, DIaplarad, 

Sir Thomas Charles, M.D. 
Sketches of the Philosophy of Life. 
Lond. 1818, 8vo. 

' gan VIS adIiclpUof the school of 

B, Google 

1612 MOB 

In oivontlDE tbuu d«trlB« of pbTdolo- 
itr«nuoiulT TcpallsA ^7 Vr. RoiuMll uid 

Bkitehu of the FtUoainta; i 

idBd.ieai,aTo. loiindedui 

uPbllinoirtiyiif Llf«. 

If Hon 

T Horgso. Lead-iau, 

Th* Book wltticnil 
Ckulea u>d LuIt Hi 
pmtSvo.STDli. if. H. 

tSaaaAS, 'Williaoi. Principles 
and Doctrme of AiGurancea, An- 
noities on Lirea, and contiiigent 
BererBions. Lond. 1823, 8to. 12b. 

— J«dy ^dD^. lUlj. Loud. 
18£1, 4U>. 2 Toll. 

■(tuited.wltli rHpwt. bvByKU.' BIi 
H. K, STkH, pt. II. GS7, IBs.— Lond. Col- 
bncn, 1891. Std. 8 TDls. DnirT,!7G«,J{.lL 

Lellet to the ReTiswBra of ' Il»lj,' in- 
cloillDg Ml Answer lo»Pinpphlet«nUde4 

,e Horguiicbe 

will I 

'« July. 

nlftUrl n UUina ed i 

. 1T8T, Itmo. PsUWied Is hu 

' ma Irllb Hup, or Uttriial Fng- 
Tse.— Loud. 1§07, pent Etvo. Thli 
ippenn to bivB bno pnced«d by 

t arruwed to Ei 
Jd to E»T8 mg 

Loud. Stockdde, leui, p«t Bn. 1 ma, 

ThoNoriuirf SLDomlntck. BtVIu 
Owanua. LBni. S. PbilUpi, 1S0«, pon 


The IClHlonuT; nil IsiUu Tik. By 
Mln OnHKID. With > poFtnll of tt» 
notitat. Load. Btookd^, 1811, p«l en. 

U'DonnsU ; a utlOBILl Tile. Br Liij 
Korgu (hLta Ulu Owuuoo]. Lend. ClJ- 


■ and the (VHihtilFi. 

id. IBS7, poet Svo. 
irametic Eknea 1^ 
laden, 183S, pact 8ni 
.tientsalam. Iflod.IS 

The PrinwM ; or the Bogntoe. tooi 
IBSe, pott Sto. 8 tdIl a itoi? Uniw 
OD the nToluUon In the NelhertuidB. 

Womu wd hei Master, Loud IM, 
put 8io. 1 toIb. IJ. li.— Xe» "iH*"- 
Idld. BrrH, 18&S, poet 8>o. 9 iDlt. Ti. «■ 

to the bU of the Bomu emf In.' . 

Luilme, the Prapheteu i a Tile " 
India. ijiod.WeBten™, IBM.pii'S™ 
I09.M. Aribdmento^theliMniu;- 

PaiaaHa tVom mv Aulablognpb7. l/n^ 
Bentley, 18N, S>0. Ite. PuNlJdwdtiell* 
fe' mouthi baKva bar death. , 

Tba Frienda, Foea, and AdTUluMtt 
Lady Uornn. Br W. J. FltrpUri^ 
Dablln, me, Btd. 4s. 

Before bar manlaae {In 181L), <Mi 
Udr'a «ai4> bur her maiden laiu, ij*- 
□•7 OwenMin. For'^Th* Book wlIliHl 
a Name," published in omiJnDctloo vl^ 
her hubaud, «■ Kaaui, fil T. C. 

UoBffAinc, MautiiM. An Bm^ 

on tiie diwnatir CSiariotW Cit Bir 

John FaUtaff. Lond. 1777,8"). 

'Thiseiaa;? [pobllihed anonTOOuln 

the memoTj of 5 
which baa bean re 


burghfl, 3864, lit. GiL Harq. or 1 

UoBixK, James. A. Journey 
through Ptmitt, Annenu, >ud Asia 
Minor to ConBtantinople in 1808-9. 
In nhich is included Bome Account 
of bis Majesty's MisBion ucder Sir 
H. Jones to tno Court of the King 
of FenU. Uond. 1818, 4to. pktea 
wdmspB, 21. ISs. Bd. 

16; ullhi JrmmalDrtbs VoT>«v I, .... 
BmilB Hud Bomlwr to Iho Pei»l«n Wulf ; 

Morler'e Joanieyv tn juitly nE*rd^ 
a woAj of «ulhorttT on ths dfll, po 
Ittlcal, domOAtic, And command*! drtom 

T^E AdTentarsa of HnJ^BnIw oT Jipi 

The Ad«ntofe« of Hiiji Bit« of I«ix«. 
)iiK, In Engtuid. Losd^ UnmT, iiiffi, 
ftiB.gvo.SToli.— Ini vol, LowT Bsnt- 
W I aUDd, Not,, 1B<B, poR Sro, Sa. Sd — 
lADd. Wud and Lock, IGM, ISmo. Is. < 

Ajetbi. Uie Ua^of Kan. Lood, 11 

WDtley'l SBnd. Nov.. 18*6, poit Srn. 
«J_M,— Lond. WWrd Md Look, ISSe, post 

Zohnb. the BoMiae. Lond, Benlley, 
UK, pMt Sto. a toIb. K. 11a. Sd,— In I 
ToL LoQd. Bentlav'B Suiid.Kor, ISU, 

ilsl AUnntt 1 • Novel. LomLBsntley, 

TheSiiM. Lond. BbhUbi, IBU, post 

Hanhi Toutr^d : a Frtw^uui 
^ In IBil. N*« ediUon. Lo^. — 
»T. IBU, psat ero. Ua^IfiSX, lama. Il 

MoElBDOB. — The fixfflonj and re- 
nowned Hiatoiy of Morindoo, ft 
King of Spain, who mailed with 
MincoU, ft WitdiL Lond. 1609, 


UoBmnrE, B. Sm Uobisoh, Sir 

itaaiBos, BcT. John.- An Ei- 
poeitioD of the Book of Psalms, ei- 
planatorj, critifnl, and derotionaL 
Lond. 18W, 8to. 2 toIs. 

Ing mlnlaUr, la cQ^endBd by Ur. Honia 
In li[B iDtrDdDaani to Uia Btsdy of tb* 

— MEHxritius. Tbrenodift Hiber- 
DO-OatLolica, sire Planctus unirer- 


BoOmbft IBIabop Daly), Jnna 3S, 1SS8, 
L 4a. HebaiT pL TlU. 4^ ISa. A oopy 
in tba GruTiUa CoUasUon. 
— , or MoBTBiy, Sir Hiohard, Kt. 
in InTsctive ajoiste Tieasoa, 
wherein the secrete Practises and 
traitemua Workinges of thejm. that 
auffrid of iate are diaclased. Xiond. 
Berthelet, 1E39, 16mo. 
- ■ in «lght>, bealdes ait of pnfatory 
r. RoilJiii*hc,8«8,iI.*s, CopiBB 
the Bricl^ Unaenin and Lambeth 


4to. Dedlni 

mTTrinily CoU., CamSridga. and Bri- 
ll Hueenin LlbculH. Sec CocaUEUS. 

romfarUble CongoIatlHi for tba Birth 

Death of Qneen Jane. UH, dto. 
Wood'* Athan. Oion. 
ntrodncUon to 'fTledoiDB, Baakel of Ba- 
Preupta of Anpetna. Lond. T. 



MoBiaoN, Kobert, M.D. 
teram Historia umTBreali> Oio 
BMis Pan II. et III. Oion. 16B0. 
99, eeu 171S, folio. 3 Tola. 2^. a 

I. Lwd. J.iIun^IIn,tp>I. 

MoBiAHB, Sir S. The Hiitoij 
of the ETsngelieal Churches in Ilia 
Talieja of Piedmont. Lond. 1658, 
folio, fine portrait bj Inmibarti aflw 
Lelj, mRp, »nd eurioui pktea. 
I>di«led to Oliver Cmn..ll. 


juSBt of ArchbliliD; TI>^' 


ble oelobritT In liladny, puMlsli«dou« 

■entloiia of sir S»m. Morlsnd, (lir !• »■ 
IlLlllirell, Esq.] CimUb. 183S,fi™.l". 

— Sir Scrope B. DBMripuco 
of the Shields of Anne in the IWl 
of Wotton House, Butia. hm^ 
1823, imp. 8<o. 

miou. -work, PriT-WT^"^ 

Several Trentises,- written vm 
sBveraJ OccMionB, both before aw 
since the King's Restomtion, «Iih* 
in hia Judgement ir '■"" ""'' 

MoBrM,Cliaa. P. TraTele, chiefly 
on Foot, through seTBrtl Parts of 
England, in 1783, deecribed in Let- 
ters to a Friend. TraniUted from 
the German, by a Lady. Lond. 
1705, 12mo. 3s. 6d. 

Remarks on Ibli entntarnlne 
trlan uui vlU b* found In lbs Qum 
IV.B4SM. It la npiinud In Ihs 
voluma of PlDkeiion'a Coll«Uon t 
■get and TnTala. 

MoBLiBD. (JeorgB. Authentic 
Memoirs of the lal« George Mor- 
land i together with Specimena of 

liis Sketf^es, 4c. By Francis Wm, . mreB, vuam, nun imo™ •'"""o'Sia 
Blagdon, Lond, 1806, oblong folio. tieEarlof Morley. Plymouth, IBl* 
21. ii. 1 Frtvmt«fTpriBt.d. 

m ma a -Js^ii-^-i. i» fuUj "'j 

known concerning the Church ol 
Borne, and moat of the Doctnws 
which are controrerted betwilt h" 
and the Church of England, 1683, 
4to. 3a. Gd. 

— Henry Packer, Lord. De- 
claration of the Ps^m M, iX^ 
Tltionum. Lond. 1&39, 8to, 

^ Earl of. CalaiogoeofOwKi!- 
tores, Csata, and Bnats belongijii W 


MORLBT.Thos. ApkiDvideaBie 
Inboduction to prof ticall Uusicke, 
set dairne in Form of h Dialogue -, 
deuided into three Pari«a. Loud. 
1597. folio, II. U. 

His. Bright, II 

, Inglls, 

Toyttt Lmd. T. Bat, 1693. 401. apurtJ, 
BlDdltT, pL Jt. 600,lfiB. — Newly Imprint- 
«d, wllji some fton^ oddod by the authoTr 
Limi. T. Este, 1606, *tD, BriRM, 11. ISe.— 

MidrlgiJlei lo fenre Vorcai, the firtt 
BiiDkB. Ixnd. br TliomiB Eita, ISM, im. 
Twenty Kinga. 4 purti. Wblta Knlghli, 
SBS), with Surlgili, leOO.U lOi. 

Uldrl^i to ronrB Voicei. Newly im- 
PTliitod,wllh Boogi »ddad by the Juthor, 

•ODgi, lp»rl«. Skegg, SI. 1T«. 

TbB lnt Books of Billetle te Atb 
Voyeei, Lond. hy ThomiB Este, IBM, 
llo. B pirts. Solheby, 1649, IW.— Loud, 
hj T. Sate, 1600, llo. Not mertloned 
lu> Wood. Beprinted la ecore for the Uti- 

liie Flret Booke of Cuiumete to two 
VnjcM. LoDd. byThoB. Etl. 1686, ito 
3pute. (Cuitaiud tenor.) 

CtaumtlM, or UtUo ihort feonm to fovr 
voyMs: selectid on of the beat «iid np- 
I>nued ItKllsa Aothori. Loud, by Peter 
Short, UOT, 4to, « nute. Mldgely.ti. 

Cmouneti, or UlUe short Aere u Stb 
■ml ilio YayM*. Lend, by Peter Short, 
i^r 41e. 6 pu-ti. In thB AshmoleaD 


ef the beat ■pproned lUUen 

Lend. hyT.EiCa, use, tto. 5p«ts. He- 
l*rj>tTlU,lalotUW, Bilght.ln 
"tSiw, ■ltheUiereDUHUoi»,S*olB. 131. 
Vend utDtloiu u edmon deted 1685. 

MUrigilei: the Trlnrnphei of Oi\eii>, 
to On tsd bLx Voycea ; camlHWed by dl- 
"raieiwtillAiictfHm. Loni hy T. K.t«, 
ino, 4te. e pirti. 

(Tweity-^va imgt, •*! by the belt 

Nun ud Tlr^niw of Qshu EUubetb. 
thtii la her ility-elriith yeu. Thli ool- 
iH^tloo, BteerdiiiB loT. Wuton, «u rude 
•* Itw expeuu ot the Eulot Hottlngbuo, 
Id[< HlghAdminl j with misir lewelhe 

Bbki. Bright In 

18141 folio, lltbcr, 
ArvK, only 2A printM 

by Wllllun Shore. FonniDg 1 
KoTollo'e Chonl Htnd-lloo]!. L 
riiet Book of Ajr«i or III 

f. Cooke. Lend. [FlSaei oblong folio. 
The Flnt Booke cf Coneort Leaeoiu, 
iide by dluen eiqulille Aothore, (or 

la Treble Lute, lbs Peudon, tb« CiU 

A Boilil Berrlu by Motley Ih printed 
In Boyee'i Ci.thedrm] SlUEic, TOl. 1. 

MoEMoy, tha Book of; an ac- 
count written by the hand of Mor- 
mon upon plates taken from the 
platee of Nephi, tranaiated by Jo. 
acph Smith, Junr, Palmyra, 1830, 
12D.O. pp.688. 

Third edition, canfnDy raTtwd by tha 
tnnditor. Kaovoo, 1810, lino. 

Fint Enropean (tou the KaoBd Ai 

can adiOoiL PrlnteiJ ■-- ' " 

Lirerpoel, En{^d : t 

Thnai aniJ Seaeana ; ec 
I periodical eileading to 

B, Google 

Ggrenuila mi 
335, IBmo, pp. 2S0. 
OMph BmlUl, (or HigtiTi 

Und, 1619,iamo,7l,6d 

n, b7 UcBIT CmwilII. 

a of ae Idltar-liir BulnU 
ll i)l)«er™tion dnriog L »l. 
dsnc* U Qreit Halt Liti 

Ub TerrCtOTT. With no 
t Bale Lake 'city, hj Mil 

Fiflsen Yean amODe the Mormons ; 
being ILe NarrellTe of Mm. Hay B. F. 
Smith, late of firut Salt Lska CiC7. • 
Sister of one o( tho Monaon High Prieala, 
bjB.W.OreBn. tl.York,iaS8.iaino.7a,M. 

The KonnoiiB, or LatterDay BalaCe In 
th« Vallej ot the Qieat Bale Lake ; a 
HlBtOT of their Bli«, Progreee, Doctrtnaa, 
Pieeant Condition, and Pnajieati. deriiel 
from personal obsarrstlon, dorliiE a reil- 
denn amonstbem,t7LleDt.T. W.Gim- 
niion. Phl1ldelph(a,I»l!,3s.Sd. 

of the Seut salf«7led Lalter-Dar Samta, 
bJD.T. Klddar. Ne* York, ISmo. 2a. 6d. 
The Mormons, or Latter-Dty Batnts; 
with Memoira of tlie Life and Death of 
Joseph Smith, 'Tha Amerlcao Maho- 

bury, Captain of the Corps of Topogr»- 

FuiwMtiooa ottAe Gmintrr, natuml His- 

F^ltet'phla, ISeS, ro^al 8vo. II. JM. 

Spliitual Delualons; beingaKej'Io the 
HjReilu of Honmmlnn ; eipo>lii( tba 

ParUenUn of thitt aatsiuidiBg Hetwr, 
the Spiritnal-WlPe SriCeni, ai rnetUed 
by Brfgham Yonng of Utah. Bjlaatm 

MfalK. firJ.HayneB. 1S».l>ii». 
Hvlne Aulhentfoity of the Bwit < 
rmoa. By O. Pratt. [ISSll 8io. 

J, llBBll 8> 

ioond edltlisi. Liind,Ne 

Dbnnh Bavlev, 

MoaHiT, Phaip 0^ Lord <* 
PleseU uid Monuj. i. Wo^ 
conoeming Uie Trueneeso of CliW" 
tUn Religion, tranalated into En- 
glish by 8jr Philip HSdner, Enigli'. 
»nd Arthur Qolding. The *irf 
Time published. Lond. 16l>^*»- 

"--- '-"itlon ol Ihla efltoaioed ■or*.-' 
lnglia,S§T, 188. Helier,pt-l>- 

'j. Fiel^° Loud, m^T 
is.— Lond. IBIfl, Sto. Ip^ 
M.— 1B80.-1S81, Iftno. Ertn, 

uMedltiUiniea lba«.K,Bi 

noalba Ur 

h, ime Into Ej- 

B, Google 



Udbsat, Pbilip of— ffon/om*?. 

'biup of — c 

at Du-bf. 

A Cbrtetlsn «iid Godly View of Duth 

Itted by A. W. Lend. IBSS, Std. 

into EngLish by [hs Couatttse af'^em- 

FoDly 4 leiTH. Heber,' pt. i. hilf Ihe 
lltlaMS. 11.13. CmUeK>tt,li«.— (SO" •-- 
— Lond. 1607, ISmii. SUbi, Hi. Sm 

ucHbed lo' Sir John Fenilck, Bu^ 

TOlncoe dC tb'fl Hu-lelsa Ulscelluy. 
other, by A.W. Lonfl. 1683, 8to. 
other, by E(Jir«rt) Algsfoi). Loud, 

Fdhtd Bookai of the InstinitkmB, Vii, 

the Euchuist in thg old Chonb ; 

ought ii 

Bonthwark, Lond. 1660-90, 
4to. 6 Tola. 42. is. 

By Onen, Msnton. Butei, Bitei, Jen- 
kyns. AlBop, Vincent, Biirgeii, Tlllol- 
UD, &0. &c WilliuoB, 1(63, HI USb. Bna 
ut.— Fifth edlUgn, untaUy coUeted ud 

Jtmssmcbola. LDDd.T«|clS<^ I^rga 
Sm a Tols. SI. llB. 

■t Crjpplegels. Loud. 1( 
PubUBhed by Amealey. 
LB Homing EierdH e^ln 

Lond. iB*-78, *lo. 

Vinoent^lBIB, 4fc 
CuiClDiuttian. ] 


lese. (WlthaPntuebrgudwlAMisi- 

leyO Load. IWO, 4ta. ISs. 

M0HB4T, Willi&m. AebortTrea- 
tise of Deatii, to^ber with th« 
smgmatick Deecription of old Age 
and Death, &e. in Encliib-Ueetar, 
Edinb. 1681, 12nio. 
Gerdonstmin, ISOl, II. llB. M^-Agtln. 

MoHEKLt, Winiam. New Eng- 
land ; or, EnaiTtttion of the Ajr^ 
Earth, Water, Fiah, «nd Fowlei of 
that Country, and of the HatiyBS. 
Lond. 1626, ito. 

tb/Briu'h MSL^*'H^i»rtpt.'t?u 6t 
— William. The notoriouB Im- 
postor, or the Life of W. Morrell, 
aliasBowjer, aometimo of Banbmr. 
Iwo Parta. Lond. 1692, 4to. 

MoxKBHiorB, John. Berenndi 
Episoopi Wyntomeniis Ilootori» 
Ghirdiiieri Angliie Concellani Spi- 
taphium. Lond. 1565, 4to. 

Baprfntsd In Heame'i CoUeeUon of 

iioamax, Oluniua. An Apo- 
logy iinSahoolmaaters. Land.1619, 

MoKWB, Corbyn. Eiraytownrdi 
flnng the tme Stondards of Wit, 
Humour, Baillery, Ac. Lond. 1744. 

ObgemUona on the 
preeeut St&t« of tht 

it IiOidon, pteuhed in Oetober | 

curloia pnmphiet. 
'BJdlvd,"irL.S. EauayB on 
Landscape Qardening, and od mut- 
ing pictureaque Effect with rural 
Scenery. Lond. lS27,4to.U lis. 6d. 

— Captain. A Collection of 
Songs by the inimitable Captain 
■lorria. Lond. 1786, 8to. 3 pta. 

Collection of modem Bongi 

B, Google 

UoRBU, Capt. — fonlif 
etit AnMteootlc ^oclelT, tho 
Ur. BnitTilDw, Ur. Hewnrdl 

g} pp.) liind. 17B», Bto, port, of W. 
ewBTdlDe. Pirl S. (80 pn.) 
The Bee, 4 CallecClon of Songs. LDod. 
1790, potlnll by Van Auen. 

SDHEI, potltlCtl ud UJDTlTlll. 

HitMUiiiikl in Prou inil Tens. 

QuutiT: er, the Md-lilulc U1. __ 
TLla nlaliTG to (be BlsTS Tmd*. Loud. 



Brtacip«l Mntribulm lo ■ Hilmri^ or the 

Two of hli 


Id the 

MOBBUOH, Hobert, D.D, A 
Dictionary p! the Chineas Xioii- 
^(WB, ID Uiree Fuia, vii. Qiinese- 
Eimish, amnged according to the 
Badicols (8 toIs.) — AJphabeti<»l 
Arrangement (2 toIs.) — English 
and Cbinese (1 to!,) Macao, 1815- 
23, rojal 4to. 6 Tola. lU. 14e. 

Thl»dlctloiimTT*iii»jba cotuldered u 
Ifae moat ImpotlaQt work In CtLlneBS lile- 
ntun tliM fau yet (1818) rwhed Eu- 

AH hlH grooDd-work tbe * JmperUl Die 
ISoavj of Kuig-hfl/ but baa mute mwiT 

jiqUtJoai from thf 


tr of Ibd ChLueBe Lhd^i 

nLueee Lhd^h^. 
90 orlgliu] ChineK, 

the CbLDBflfl lAaga^a, with 4 free and 
*erb«l TmnjUUon in Ennliah. By the 
KeT, R. UoiTlKii and olhen. ItieaD. 1816, 

A View of China, Sic phlMoBlEd par- . 
poflea; desiRned for the uie of FerioBa 
■ho study the CUineie Language. ICacu, 

ChluBK Ulacellanlea, oi Eitraela fieu 
Chinese Antbon, in tbe naciie Ckaruler, 

hie Chlneie Wockl by 8 

Ktdd. Lend. 

1838. 8ro.!Toli. port. B., 

Vocabulary of tbe Canto 


Kliah and ChiuBse. Macao 


Grammar of the Bnsli"! 

LannnaM, f« 

the Uiie of the AngloCh 

English KulChlnaiB. Maoao. 1828, Sri. 


listing of Mtt- 


6d in China, at Singapore, 

a boa^ghlp 

at B«, in the Indian Ooea, 

, at ttie CmS 

of Oood Kc«, and In Engl 

nd: wllhla. 

W. Siopkl. 



Dr. Morri*™ translated 
and Evening Prayers of 

tbe Uonlai 
he Church tf 

Engiand into Chio*», In 

817. He J* 


Iranelitloii tt 

— Williun Maxwell TheDed- 

eiona of the Court of Bession. from 

la InatitulJoil until the Separatioii 

of tbe Court into two DiTisioni in 

1608, digMted under p 


intheformofaDictionarT. Edinb. 

1811-23, 4to. ai Tola. 

Index to the Deoisiona of the Conrl of 

lOtions, and in Morriaon'a Dtctlonaiy of 
«cisloDS,1ir William TaiL £dlnb.lBI& 

S» EiiCBiE, Lerd. Halxisbtdii, Peter. 

MonBiTT, J. B. S. A Tindios- 
tion of Homer and of the ancient 
Poets and Hiitoriana who baTO re- 
corded tbe Fall and Siege of Tn^. 
Tork, 1788, 4to. 12>. 


Written Id uinr ts J>Mb BnuT* 

: p>>><»rtoiuiinthitinb]«eL 

I AMStlmil Bemmrkt w ttw Ttpopnph; 

I iITkj. Lond. IHW. ito. 

I MimUuiKnu Tiuuliduu ud Imtti- 

' tigia of Uw mlmir Onak Fotla. Loud. 

Mobs, Boderfok. The Com- 

]ilijiit 0^ Bometyme a gr&f FnTe, 

unto die Psrliainent Howbb of tig- 

lud, hi> D&turBll Country, for the 

i Badreue of certen wicked lavea, 

mi oMfoins, uid cruel deoreji. 

I ImnnntedfttSBTQjiperFranciscimL 

< di TunmB, n, d. (1&36) IBmo. 

' Fun KiTios. Id tb* OnnTtUe Col- 

I IkUib. loglii, IMS, SL fia. Whlu 

UfbCi, V&, nuda, N. 7>. «d BUu, 

K 161. BrtftiL 61. 6t. BdibBbT, leel, 

' V-lOi. Hatnr. U te. Aa Br^dgaa' BrU 

«A BiUlDgrapbar, IL lTS-81.— Oaaara 

, &S«iije,lij'Mrtl.eliBojB, ISDo-n-d. 

(<da UM;. Tvo edltinoa, ow amtaln- 

, u« B, is Bighta. tlia othar O, In roan. 

I J*taVM8M,Si.B«. BotbadlUauan 

bl^ BritUH Hoaaiiiil, and Iba aaeond i> 

bUmlMtbLllinir. t^id) Bui.] 

m CllHa of London, made br Rodarigo 
1 Hon. Frintad In Jartoho In the I-aiid of 
: fnsilse, 1H3, ismo. Honar, lEH, 11. 8a. 
I — ADuOiar edition, NoreDbflrgh, I54fi, 
I 1liw_lKitbar adltlon, no plan. 1IM8, 
I t^. Contilu F, In algbla. A eopf 
labUabethLlbraiT. M 

UoBTiuTY. — A Oollectdon of the 
I JMrir Bills of Mort^t;, from 166T 
I to 1768 inclusiye. Together with 
I Kreral oilier Bills of an earlier 
I INile. Lond. 1769, Ito. 

TniriilctLaHiinblolaBd— I.fMlnnland 
I HUtlisalObwmtioiiiimtbBBtUiofUor- 
i ^t, t? Cant Jobn Qtannt. KB. 8. 
npriatadfrom ttaa illth adlUou In l«ie. 
U. Aictbar Eiaav on polltioal Arlthma- 
I ^UKanlngthaaiawtbofthaClly of 
' J;Mlim; irlth tba Haaaona, Pariada, 
^u>H, and Coostqamaaa Ihanot. B; 
nw thi (dttloii printed at London ta 1688. 
< In.QbHnmllaniaDtliapaatQrovttiand 
PWBl Bute of tlia CltT of London: n- 
platadtrom tba edition printed u Un- 
wln ITSl: vldi > Cmitlnnallon of tlie 
'^Uu ta t^ieendoruieTeirlTGT. Br 
t^roMonla, Em., FJt.S. IT. icom- 
. tmitn Tie* of As DlHana and Agea, 

, fcillMlaWThJilrYeai 


nortallCr, 110 pagaa; a Iblileif ubie of 
luea, Ac. between the tiilla for Mtt- 
0; the TarioDB tneta, 101 peffe% and 

ling Of 
r Tho- 

Britaine. (Anon., but b; E 
mu Malorr.) Land. 1634, 4to. 

NevadJtiaD. Lond.iaiB, laaD-STola. 

La Horta d'Arthun. Tka Htitnrr of 
King Artlini and tba Kntgbta at tlw 

MoBTlHEB, lieut. Ckorge. Ob- 
BsTTBtioDB snd Benurka made dur- 
ing a Vojage to the labutdB of T»> 
neriffe, Amiterdam, Maria's Iilanda 
neat Van Diemen's Land, Otaheit«, 
Sandwich IslaitdiS, the Fox lalanda 
on ths north-west Coaat of America, 
Tinian, and from llienoe to Canton. 
Lond. 1791, 4to. 

A haitf Tojage of ten montha and ona 
dar, oontAtning bn( Itttia IntbnnatlotL 

— Tliooaa. Oommercial Dic- 
tionary. A new Edition, revised 
to tbe preunt Time b; W. Dikia- 
son, Esq. . Lond. 1S2S, 8to. Cb. 

Supanulad b; Watsistitn and Maecnl- 

MoBTmB.—The Fall of Slorti- 
mer, an historical Play (by — 
Satchett). Lond. 1781, 8to. it. 

The plar iraa pronoimaed by the Gzand 
' tiBCanntTOfMldd!eaei,JulrT, 

Jury Jot tl 

in langoase tba moat Inanltlng and aic- 

dlcatfoa of tba 7aU of Uarilmai. Lond. 
1781, 8to. 

UoBTW, Ann, Oounteaa of. Der 
Totions. Foorteentb Edition. Lond. 

B, Google 

1620 XOS 

' I.D11I, irllt thmi hnnt after > ■skf Tha 
MoHTOB, Ju., B.D. Thellonu- 
tio Aiuiaii of TeriotdaJa, or the Hifl- 
torf Mid AntiquiCiea af tha Abbey b 
of Jedburgh, Keko, lldrot, tad 
Pryburgh. Edinb. 1833, 4(a. pUea. 
(pub. il. Zs.) 15a. iiixai pafkb, 
proofi, royal 4to. (pub. Si. ISs.) 

— John. Stt Srmmr, Jolm. 

— Joliii,M.A, TheHatimJHu- 
tory of Nordiainptoiuhire ; with 
aome account of the Antiquities ; 
to which ia annoied, a trviaoript 
of DooKudaj-Book, u &r aa it re- 
lates to that Oounty. IiODd. 1712, 

* A work of varr oonaldanblB IndmbT. 
wrlttsD «D Ur. Plot'! matliod, and rm n- 
~ liu'—XiailKm. _ 

aUUon. HVwport im. Iftiu^-Fantk 
■dltloii. FlTiniHtta, Kaaa. IBM'-EIM 
aditifn, n-VTiCtaB t? Jadgc Darla Ba- 
laa, VM. WO, Bto. wttk arau. 

— Ilioina*, ■aooauTd;Bi«hop 
of Cheater, LichHald, and jDarham. 
Li& and fdneral Sennon, &tm 1 
Tim. iT. 7, 8. Bj John BarvuL 
lond. 1600; 4U>. ISb. 

Pnttiad li a sortiBlt of tha bbhap (tr 
FallhnnH). BliliiwarBI*,a)a.Ua. Ai 
vittlDfa tf tUa pniata, ir]ilcti«B>|i*- Viiist^ IMC u. 

a.d4. HarqoU 

I— I. PUUa : 1. ^(tit 

l.TwdnfMilli, p.L _ . 

ahallt, p. U6. 1. TtalrUao ihcUa, p. Kit. 
e. Bliuan •lialli.p, MS. 6. Trmh^T* 
•holla, p. ill. T. ThMj^two OMt, p. 
"" " --- immnilnUf.Mt. e.EUm 

we. 10. Tht^ '---■'- ■- 

tiMii.'Ai. p. SM. i». Blidi, „ „ 

1^ Fragmoat of aBomaa paTamauc, dli 
coisrad In 1«W. p. EBl. Pnfixed to th. 
Tolnmo ft a ihaat map of tha coonty bj 
John Harrli. A copy Id Iba BrldHh Mr- 
Hum nonulaa HS. solaa Vr the aathor. 

Morton, Joehua. Bennona o 
TanoiuinteraatSngfiat^ectt. Zjoad. 
1788, 8»o, 2 ToU. 

In UDildenlila eatlmatioii.— ISDt^ Sto 
Stela. WlUlaou, 1118, U. »a. 

— J. H. Etohingi, SO hiifori- 
cal Subject!. Loud. 1780, foL lEa. 

— IfathanieL New England'e 
Uemoriall g being the Hiatoiy of 
the Rymouth Oolony to 1668. 
liond. 166!t, 4to. 

NMun, pt. il. 107, He, — BeaoM adl- 
tioD.irlUi HapplamiiiCby Gotloo. Beaten, 
1711, Unm. Sebei, pL il. 0*. U.— liilld 


r«,iaS8,Um«. BcVit,10it 


pt. L IM, Sl Bebeir. pt lUL la. 

— Thomaa, of Olifford-i L«l 

New Engliah Canaan, or Hew C* 

naan. Containinx an Abatiaat ef 
New Englaod in three Books, wnt- 

AmetWr. 4to. 

(panad thiinffa tUa eBiloBa woA i awtf 
elkan, eua aaUtled "Or the Baaual 
Tdompte at th* Dloa IVaRlilH of Mr 
Canaan," bjBav Jonaon, whlelt lanotta- 
elnded In anr adltten <d Ui WaU, 
Wltil*KiiI^t^lU>,UlB. QoTtartH 
1«M, 11. 18a. Cddeeoti, data mt c^ U k 
—ni\eT, pt tU. SU, 18a. Noitli, pL H 

a, aue isM, lis. 

ifoxiOH, Rer. Wm., Hii>n- 
atj. A Diotionarr of the BenpK 

tatioD, compiled (rain Native Kll 
Other authorities. Bishop's Ot 
lege (Caleatta), 1828, 8va. IL £a. 

MoBca, JngUd Hobe. 

MoBmn. Tha moet Fteoau 
and Benowned Histraie of lU 
Woorthie uid Illustrious Xni^ 
Horrine, son to Oger the Dwa 
Tnuulated b7 J. Markham. Loni 
1618, 4to. 


B, Google 

XatMYjia, f «t«r. St* SVtm- 1 — WalUr Hudud. An I 

MoBzeni. See UoEjflov, B. 
UoBTBDB.Fynm. An Itmcrsiy, 
tcmtuniiig his Ten Yeons Trarel 

Unoilgb Qentun;, Bohmerland, 
SwiUsrland, Netherland, Dsmnuk, 
f<dmid, Italj'.TurkiT, Fnmce. Bu- 
kid, SootUnd, and Ireland, m 
*m Psrta. Lond. 16X7, folio. 

AnlsLbls ud much uUtmed imt. <l. S15, a. Ifli. Muqcli of 
Tmiihuid,H46, U.Sl JiLdla,SlG,SL8i. 

Vonii, pi. ii. gas, 4J. iol HibtMn, tete, 

'UA,iLe:ti. VUlsll, MM, ^IDa. 
Q*Ur. U. t. ». l«i. Cmotud, ronU, 
to^ H 1^ 8d. Blnnr, flna, in arf(liiiij 
>iMli«,8l. Aiicit!»ci(Ui>IlliieTU7wUl 
Nftmd Id the KatrHpMtIn BaTlair, il. 
>M1 The ItMf opp«1u lb* Tltlt, DOD- 
bWag Hu vordB ' An IttngniT,' li oar- 
A)uil]' nntiig. 

ne abtMT of Inlud, fnm Oh T(„ 
ina u leoSi clTtu u Aimaut of th< 
S(l»min of tha Eul of Tn<w«, wiUi a 
Am HuiMlMi of th* SUta of that Klu- 
Jn, ftmi lltt: to whldi la addad, a 
pwripUaa of Inland. DuMId, II»,Sn. 

kUltinniT. Hocth,pt.U.BIH,ll.lli. 
UoscRVB. Ste Akaobsok. Bioh. 
Uvurs. BiuuAZ, ThoQui. Tzs- 
. UosoovT, or UuBOOry. ^hBoi- 

Mosoow. — The Benorto of a 
WKtdj and burible MB»acre in 
Udn») niHi the fsarM End of 
^■■iMtriiu, Uie last Dnke. Lond. 

.>«ITHInttieBrilMiMin»ina. Cal- 

^hUtortoi! BMtdl of »lB«Ki1r, with 
gvlwedtaBltatlaiuordnirliwi. Load. 

aiLTiii,Rob, BaanB,Coat. 

Moanar, Benjunin, M.D. A 
"Wtiie on Bogar, with muoella- 
B»m» medical ObBSTTBtioaB, Lond, 
Ii99, fl™. 58. 

Swffld BdiiioiL «iili aHutlenlllaaddl- 

A Troatlta eoaoaraine the PropmOai 
■M BfciiU of CoB*«. ITSB, B«i.-Bftti 
K™* >lth eosaiiUiaDIa Addltioni. 

Nationa. Lond. 1^. 8vo. 7i. 

A woTlt of ooaiidanbia laaraing and 
tuts. Blndlar, pb IL IBM, lOa. 

— William. Beporti o£ Ca«M 
delonnined in the Court of Chan- 
ceiT during tile Tims of Lord Chan- 
ctdlor King. IhibL VJii, folio, 

naprinM, DDblln, 1709, SrO. 

MSb^, Juatm. Harlequin t or a 
Defence of grotesque oomio Pm- 
foimancea. Translatod &om tlie 
German bj 3. A. ¥. Wunecke. 
Land. 1766, imall 8to. 

OuTick, IMO, monoodyn. 

Uorax, Jowpb. TurUih TdM. 
Lond. 1794, ISmo. 2 yoU. 

Adtntona of TbnoUir Twla Eaa.i 
In a Serlaa of poatlcal Eplatl*!. Lead. 
ITM, Ubo. 1 ToU 

ThU nIbOT, Tho wu a Jiuike of tte 
Ota Hiaral othor work* of to- 
iM, puDpUMi, &0. Ela alao 

mi ntlmr puiodloala. 

MoasB. £'w Bxodot. OtOMit. 

A SaUUDn or tb* ■ndlaa oat of Moaaa 
hlB_ Tomba, naai Xoont Nabo. Load. 

- ChoienenaiB. Hiatorie Ar- 

G«o. GtO. Whiilooi. Lond. 1786, 

— Henrj. Fictureeque 'nem 

of Banta^B, irith Deecriptiona. 

To which ia prefixed, an hiatorioal 

Aooount of Bamegale. Load. 1817, 

* nperial 8tO. 

Dnka of Toik, UOt, tt. W. (UtaUai. 

-Fp. iwiUtaplanaodSSrlaMitoaaah 

' irhicli la *B axplaaatoTj IBHui uwafc 

A CoHamon of antiaoa Yiaaa, Allan, 

'aura, Tripoda, Oaodalabni, Banojpbafl, 

tn. rkov varloai HaaeDBii and CoUaa- 

* ii(,aiiKnvi,d(laOBUIn3)iwlTOPlita^ 

forali3wlil('- — — ■ -"'■ •■'- 


Dohd,iLe«. L. 

Ir K. 

C. But. 

MosHHK, Jbbn Lawrence, D J>. 

An BoclMuitimi Eiatoty, uicimt 
and modarn, from the Birth of 
Chrut to the Bt^iniiiiis of the IStb 
Centun. TranBlsted from (he ori- 
ginal Latin, witli Notee and chro- 
nological Tablee, bj Archibald Mac- 
laine, Q.D. Mew editioii, with a 
ContiDiiatioii bj Charles Cootc^ 
LL.D. Lond. ISll, 8to. 6 vol*. 

Dnry, «7M, 31. Si. WUUuiu, UM, In 
Id ihe dflpumant of Cboreh hliU^. 

d*Mr*tB( *[ tba DMiM «( an hscImIuU- 
nl iMmj.'—BMtp Wtrtiinm.—Tlnt 
Edltiin of HulilDe'i Truriitlon, with i 
BnwIODtBt. Load. I7e&4 lio. i •roU 
Wniatt, 171% U. 14>, lt»c»i,B37, UlTi 
— 17W, Sto. B toil Goagti, M13, It. I7i 
—1774,610. GTidi. Denl, pt. U. IS, 1ft 
— 17B9, Sto. B TDll. BlDdlCJ, pl-ll. INt 
ILlSa. £u'lorKam,SKL2LI&.— 17S( 
era. e Toti.— ISDS, aro. 6 •oil.— With i 

tlia Ctanrah, b" G«rgii QUlg, BlXlf 

nlgliuil LiUd, oith cxploas iddl 
lfot«s, orlainHL mai sglHted, by . 
Huidock, D.U. Edlt«d witb Add 

bj tllfl R«T. HoDfT SotDUB, BI.A. 

1811, Svo.^Tolt. — Lond. Longmu, 
and •gain. ISBO, Sro. 4 toIi. »£sa. 

Ad Abrtdgment of Moibolm'* B 
B«tl»t Biitmy, br J. ~ ' " 

■ur isDponant pHtinilug, t 

atkdftk iaU 

author eoull wttr 
^enral hldtorj. 

UoBure, Sir Oswald, Q.HL 
Eiator; of the Town and Cutlacf 
Tntbn^, in the oo. of Staffpni, 
Derbjr and Lond. 133S, Sia. ptiM 

MoiS, J. W. A Manual of olu- 
■ioal Bihliograph;. Land. ISUi 
8to. 8 Tola. 

Dnrr, 9760. 171. WllUmiJi, UU, 
II. llL Sd.— With iddlUDDi (bTH.G. 
Bobn). Loud. 1837, Sia. 3 toU. Iti. 

— Sobsrt, D.B. Somont ud , 
Diicour«es on practical SDlject*. . 
Lond. 1782-8, 8ro. 8 Tola. 

Wlih portraii of Uou hi Tartu, tf- \ 

oi mj. eu. If. 19. 

— Thomaa, B.A., of Tncthio. I 
CO. SlAffbrd. Poenu. 'WotrO' 
hampton, 1769, 4to. piMlhnl 

In thlfl tolnma wltl be 1m 
mAmirvi ^gga,fo FotldoD, 
'Pin the BoiToiri Df a Po 

inuiWtatiChMD blank T«nb Uilin 

— W. a. HUloiT and iflfr 
quitiea of the parochial Chmdi (i 
St, Savionr, Southwark ; Dwr^ 
tiona, hiitorica! and biogn{^ 
by Uie Ber. J. Ii'ighti^it^ 
PlBt«e. Lond. 1818, 4IU>. lii- 
Froo&, II. 1b. Ihsu FBOon mi 
Xitchiiin, Si. 2g. 

Tba ElnoTT and AoHqplllB <'^ 
Town and Port of Ha " ' 

IBU, ero. V> plate 
nyal Btcl pnoft, 1 

HinoTT ud ADtlqeltlu of tl» W* 
of Hutbigm. BD9UI. Lood. UK, W 
Pani,G«itUiiliiE UiBHiiDdndorBiMI 
allpahUihod, pp.<0,aDd4plUei,lU-"' 

UoBtE, MiJea. The Amignn^ 
and Oonvietion of Tanrifl ia bmS*- 
mona Tpon Pro. 28 : 8. By Mil* 
MoBse. Lond. 1596, 4fo. 

lDglll.988,7s.6d. Hab*r,pl.T->a« 

Moeaoit, E., D.D. MinisW of ; 

St. Pet. P. W. (St. Petar-B, fwTi j 
Wharf) A Plant of Paradiaft tf 
ing a Bermou preached at St. Ut- I 
tin'B in the Field^ at tb« Vwai 

B, Google 



of Jolm Goodliand Holt, the Tounsi 
ton, onl]' child, and hopeful heir of^ 
niamaa Holt, £sq. of Qnglehont, ! 
in the County of Lannuter, Eeq. 
18 March, 1659. Lond. 1660, 4to. '■ 
Portmit of J. 9. Holt, bj Lo( 

Lord Bi«hcp o( KtTTy, In IreUnd. -Jftf 
*u Mlfercd it bis tooenl la IHe CiOit 
ditt Chilith Df the HdIt TrinllT, aml- 
BOnlj tJled ChrlJl Chnrcb in Dulilfn, on 
TrtliT, Us 12 of Jiouiy, Atmo Domini 
Ita-i. Loud. lS6t>«, 4to. Tealurw. 

UOM, Humphrey, The Prim- 
rOB4 of London, with her Talisjit 
Aduenture on the Bpanish Coaat, 
leeiDg of the Burthen of 150 Tunne. 
I«iid. fbrTho. Nelson, 156G, ito. 

Font lanu, A eopy In lb» fijlUdi 

Mothk la Taykb, FranoiB de la. 

Of Libert}' and Senitude, tnuis- 

lited from the French by John 

Eraljn, ISmo. Lond. 1619, 12rao. 

Ef eljn'B fint production. 

UoTaiBBT, George, M.D. A 
sew Medical Dictionary, lond, 
1801, folio, a.vols. 

Thi Oral tdltlan at IMl pop ilu' VOCk 

UotHEBWiu,, William. Min- 
*tmlsy : ancient and raodara, with 
•n historical Introduction ani 
ITotw. Glaagow, 1827, 4to. ISg. 

Fp. n, SSO u4 iilT. besIdH tlUe, dedl- 
_u .. ._, mllke- 

tvo «taliIug«,aDd ui 


Mob. Loodl' 

le Harp of Ranfrainhtn.) 
atlre and Lyilciil. Olug. 

. tSapp.»[ 

Uomm, humble, for Ajiioaa- 
tion to muntaine lUligion Mta- 
bhihed; an Antidote againat the 
PMtileDtTreitisea of wcnbrFriesta, 
1601, 4to. , 

^nuif prlDted. Wranghu, H. 8b. 

j KoTBATZ, Aubry de la. Tra- 
Tela through Europe, Aela, and inio 
Part of Africa Lond. 1723, 8 
Tola. — TrareU in Pnissia, Busaia, 
and Poland (forming vol 3), 1732. 
Together 8 vols, folio. 

With mapt and tnti. Hren] of vUch 
ara by Ho^uih, aad wunstliDai cut cnL 

far as regards tba eopflng of hucriptloiu, 

11.88. CallUrJ, OT ft.nca. 

UoTTX, Couutesi de la. The 
Life of Jean de St. Bem; de Taloia, 
containing a compleat Juetiflcatioa 
of her Conduct, and an Eiplsna- 
of the Intriguea and Artifloes 
used agaiiut her by her Bnemies 
relative to the Diamond Necklace. 
Written by he»elf. Lond. 1791, 
8to. 2 vols. 9a. 

omnjx, Pet«r, wrote about 14 
Playa (itt Bic^rsphia Dramatica), 
and tranalated Montaigne' a Eaaaya, 
Bayle'a Dictionary, CMTBQtea' Don 
Quixote, &o. Ac and aerersl other 

HOTTETII.LB, v. B. de. Me- 
moirs of Anne of Austria. Ixstd. 
17S6, I2mo. 6 vols. 

RoilmrElHi, S0S8, 6a Sd. uioiFAna, 

UoTTLET, John. History <ji 
FeterI.,BmperorofBussia. lioiid. 
1739, Sto. 8 vols. 

RDibnigbSiTeSO, ISa.M. i^taxttm, 

Hlitor7 Df the LIfs and Bdgn of tbe 
Empiwa Citherine Df RuiBla. Lnod.lTl^ 
Bto. t TOl>. 

Sf KTf.T.jR, Jofl. San'OuB, Robert. 

MoTTOB, The, of the English 
ITobility in the Year 1800, freely 
translated into Terse. 1822, Sro. 

B, Google 



HooxTTC, The Sieur. TniTe1> 
in Fes end Mok>oco. Loud. 1710, 
4*0. map by MolL 5m Voj»ge« 
and Trerela. 

Mounrr. Set UUPWT. 

HovUiIboe. BiblioUiBDkEenl- 
dics K'g""' Briteimua. An ma^rti- 
MlOatuogneof Bookion OauMO- 
g7,Hw*l£7^(tbmt7, Zuigbthood, 
and OareoKimaa. Lond. 1838, roj. 
8ro. portndt of W. Camden, II. Cb. 

•Utina of pp. iilU (od MS. Uiboi fatu 
InlU.. Blbbart, ES39, II. 13a. 6d. 

ADUflnltiM of Wwlmliular Abber, R. 

- itnUd »T tMlvi ~ - - — 

—nbl Q. P. Hunll 

Tb« HtttllliT Hi 

tba BriDslnil Fiml. „ - 

thalt Ami. Lond. ISU, Sto. eat% U. Il 

AnEov OS tbtBomuiTlllu of th» 
AngiuUn AgL Iboli AicbiUctnnl IMo- 
poUUoa uil EnrlDbuMDM, uid on tbo 
Bmuina of Bamui domiUe EdlSow dli. 
oonnd Id Qiwl BilulD. Uiai, IBIS, 
8T0. pliui. Ml. LAkei fafvl 

Endlah ConutlH daUnuMdi oraTo- 
pofnpblBl DownipUim of b^iid. H- 
lutnted br ■ Hap of Loadoa ud ■ wn- 

IBNl H. ta. « map* eolonnd, SL 31. 

MOTrux, Lewii dn. Boram nnpo' 
in Begno Sootua |:«etamm Hiatona, 
perlTemBumFbiUethen. Dautiui, 
1S41, 12nio. 

QordonitoiiD, Ian, >L U. 

Splitida do ^loDpKtii AMltuno can- 
tia Jo. Hall. Lend. IHl. H«ber, pt. t1. 

Th4 Int ToA niDaUmaa attilbaM to 
Lnd. Hannwu, or Dn HoUn, <ru wrMm 
hj WlUUm SpU(, mlnlitBr >l CLmpran 
<a Hollaai, oUaflr ftom conuaunlntliuii 
■utblBbrBolMrtBiilUa. &> I^ws's 
•tlOoa of PilDolpd fiiJllte'i LelWn ud 
Jgnlula, voL L p. caU. 

h. dn HonUii pnbllohod mur olbar 
w«k> whtab wan prinlod >1 ijnidoii, 
Uil«t SaWood'o >uU. SnBDBnT, 
p. MM, aoL a. Thaatnim Tngtcnm. 

— PVtm du, D.D., Putor of the 
Befbnned Churoh at Paris. The 
Papal TjTajmj m it ma exerciBed 
orer England for gome Agea, repn- 
amtad. Now aet forth by ioB Son, 
P. du MoxdiAf Chaplain to King 
Charlcaiind. Loud. 1674^ 4to. 

The AooompUdmiBit oftba Pn^bulit 
..■ On ttalid Book In DetniM »f iht alho- 
llok«Faltb. TniluUtadl7LButli<IM 
Eptimniaattat). Oxfert, tSO, Om, 
lonaUT. St. II. m Bi. M. 
""ill ealolntad Fnndi pntulut Bt 

If pobUataadmanTotbarvoiki. Sa 

BKW. Mattliw. 

- Peter du, PrebradM7 of Cin- 

ujrf. Begii Saueuinla Clamor 
ad Oaelmn idTemua Paniciddi An- 
gliowoo*. Hag. Com. 1652,lSino.6e. 
Pobll«hod UJonTmonilT ; lij •am u- 
tribnled to Alu. Mon. livuumnd 
by MUton, In bit • Dstaulo ttcaoiU F" 

"l''l^?£i'?rpU« of Sonl «.d or 
itoIlIliid,Iruu)at*d lnUBnBlUb,>tlt 
dlllonil HdUi, br Jobn Bvopa, DJ). 

HoDi^TDM, Thomai. The U]^ 
nr or Qlana of Healths. Loid. 
by Thomaa ColireL 16ino. 6l. 
A mrk ■bowlDi' ' hDT tbo pluitttHjJ 
ij-gBo in oDsiT boora of the da>e ■>>• 
□TRhM^ ■itb Iha natuna ud upogliM> 
of tbo ill ijjtgn.' Hatbsrl DoBon ■» 
niotborodltiou.— AnsdlHoa, Lood^ 
Blobud K«lo, IBmo. 'WhltoKnlgktmlOT, 

00, II. So.— Lond. Ungh JtnHia, 

__ Loud. W. UjddletoB, a-d. Httw, 

Hodhtaod. Stt MohmOT. 

MomrTiiM, Didymiu. Thefl^^ 
denera Labjiinth. Lond. 1G77, 4to. 
a pts. in 1 yoL black Linsi 

■Oathend. Odt of tbo bael uprHH 
mitMS o( guilenlng, husbuidilt, «d 
pbjrtotB.' Wbite Knigbu. IMft^"* 
&. Hobw, pi. Ii. 10o.-lS8),P«ifei« 
bj H. Dotbloke., pt 1 *. *■ 
-last, 410. AoniTlnU»aioartBlI* 
brary.— 1808, *».— Howly ootmHad •«• 
■Diaigad. Load. leU. nnall tin. 

— James. The Hiatcnr of 8^> 
ancient and modem. Xoit, W^ 

Tltls, oM loof ; UblB of Motooti, »»■ 
hH, uid IntrodaotloQ, 11 pagH i*" » 
loiyof Cawood. 40 pagM, m* m™"! 
tbo HUo, tin Soiby dixwloiy, Urt a™ 
prii^p^ InbaUtaatl. and "l*™*^ 

(Oliod^JliD of Belby, and a K.W. Tta» << 
Ibt ehDRib of Bt. Oumaln'a 
McnrmrnBAHi. -The mBTj Moi^ 


lag. Iiond. W. Pemon, 1733, 
pp. 182. Sat SoHSS. 

HomnxBiiiKa. — 'HamogaBa 
OntioiiB of BsTonl fiuuoiu llDimte- 
buitu. Loud. l&DO. Sn Smn. 

HouBTEiroTt B- Sekctiona from 
the Joamals of TnreUcTB in BruiL 
1B£5, 8vo. 7b. 

HotFUTFOBTgWiUiun. Six Flays, 
with Memoir. Xiond. 1720, 12iiio. 


Buburcha, SSSS, 7*. ti. BMd, SMT, 

b. ti. SmOi, IMT, Itt. M. 
All printed wpkntal J, In Ito. Iwtwwii 

tW8 Md isar. 

MomrruoBsn, lU. Hon. E. B. 
Home, Lord. Tbe Eittory of the 
niiici[al ^nvusaotioni of the Irish 
Puliament, 1684-66. To which ii 
prefiiedt a preliminBty Diiooiute 
on the ancient Parliaments of that 
Kingdom. Land. 1792, Sro. S vols. 

Uuisti Dt Tovnilund, nl9, Ju M. 
Nsdler, pL ti. UM, «■. 6d. 

UoiTNraOKRiB, F. Anneeley, Ba- 
roa. A true Copie of the Sentenos 
of Wane, pronounced sgainet him 
in the CasUe Ch&mbeF at Dublin, 
the 12th Beo. 163S, &c. ]Jond.foF 
J.B. 1611, 4to. 

MontT, O. Prooeadings of tlie 

Eogliih Plantation at Phmoath in 
Sew England. Lond. 1622, 4ta. 

Uoxov, Jowph. Mechanical Et- 
CBMB ; or die Doctrine of Handy- 
^OTki. Lond. 1677-96. Published 
in ■q>arate Nob. or Parts. These- 
«nidTolQmedat«dl6S3,pp. 894, !■ 
*hoUy ' applied to the Art of Print- 
Wfo' haa for a frontispiece 'the true 
Bngiet of loureni lano Eoeter.' 

WUlett, 1704, If Hhantek EiarelHi and 
"*«>, iee&« 1 TDli. niHla, II. 14m. 

lAivwiB CI a PjkWBgfi by Uw North 
M'tDjipas.Cbtu.&s. Lnnil.iei^ilo. 

HOT 1626 

MoYXB, I^dv. 'Sermons in De- 
fence of the Dirinity of Christ, 
preached s( tiieLedun founded by 
her Ladyship. 
lTI»-»>. Bt Dan- WatBHud. Cuat. 

ITlO-l. ByJsmeiKBlgliC Lo^lTSI, 
in&4. Bt Wllllun BanlBU. Land. 

vna. sto. ss. «d. 

inM. Bf ThMns* Biihsp. Load. 
ITM, Bto. Si. 

ITSaa. Br Henrj Fellon. Oit 17SS, 

17W.A0' BrJoHph Tnpp. 8TV.3i-0d. 

ira&'t. By jDhoBninw. Lond. nn 

17SU. B^Jarsnliili Seed. BTO.iTi>li. 
Bj ChulM Wbeatlaj. Sto. 

Kldlay. Lond. 

ITS?, By mniun Clemniti. Land. 
rsn, Bto. 4b. 
17M^. By BeoJunSn Danoa. Lond^ 

ITSfrS. 1168.T. 1787.8. I7dft9. lIBS-70. 
1770-1. 1771-S. 17»A Cnknown. 
177i. Bt Ttuou Udtall, DJ>. Lend. 


The Lectures 

MoYi* Waltw. Works, with 
ante Account of his Life and Writ- 
igB, by Anth. Hammond, Eaq. 
Lond. 1726-7, 8to. 8 vol*. 7a. 6d. 
Wrth nortnit by Vwhio. The Ihlid 
ilnma eoosltlB of Works not puhlKbtd 

(hmoBt CnrD.) Thi> Mthor is Myjad' 
Drydon '« moit Ingeniom young gan- 

msnity mncb sboTB bll yesn.' 

HoiHiKC JCT LETisto. BibUo- 
thiqae portatiye doa EcriTiinsFran- 
gois, ou Ohoiz des meilleiiTs Mor- 
oeom Bitraita de lenrs OnTragot. 
Lond. 1808, royal 8ro. 8 toIs. 

o( York, Sn7, It IDs.— IWO, tor 
Toln. An sbrtdgioeat foe Selu^ 


Uorm, Dkiid. Hamoin of the 

Affidr. of SootUnd, 1677-1603. To- 
gather with a Digoourse of the Con- 
apiraoy of Qowrj. Edinb. 17C5, 

The uthar wmm & dotnflBtle Mrrmnl 
Jamu VI, to whiHB he dsdlutuhla ir< 
Heber, pt. ti. Sa.-^Ne« adltlcm, l§ao. 
BAniuTm Clth. Appsnilli. 

UoiHBT, (3us. Abel, D.D. Leo- 
tun* on the Ooepel looordiiig 
St. John. OifoFd, 1S21, 8to. 

MoziXT. Sh Bohbet', Ii. A. 0. 
(a pftcndonjm of Henri Beyle). 

pDbllibad loTpKt^ Tlth tnolMMi 
DDlDnnd pUtH. Dnks of ToA, SttS, BK 

Mtidsi, Thomu. A Dewriptioii 
of the late T. Hudge'i [Qjndmpir. 
Load. 1790, 4to. 
Boiburghe, 11117, Sl «. BofpL K 

NuntlT* of FKti nUting to lliid|e't 
TlmakHpaiii. Iiond. 17M, Sta, 
Bapir UDr. Uukaljue'i Ajunittl 

mukioftliaCouatilaBrnhL Lmd.l»^ 

— W. An Acoount of the Oje- 
u carried on. for aocompliu- 

LUo at 

, Bt Eiwui HoImH, 

^u Ltriok Puqiiett oonUlDlDg to 
t the fftvogrlte Bonge, pflTfQmifld 

■rlca of the iild plua (hii pmsal uuoa 
Land. 17H, Btq. 
Fiblei In Vena. Lond. ITSB, Itmo. : 

HiTOKDOBim. — A mott pleannt 
Oomed; of Hncedorna, the Eisfa 
Sonna of Yalenoia, and Ajoadine the 
Kings DBughtoT of Amgon. With 
the merry Conoeita of Mooee, Ao. 
Lond. 1698, 4to. 

to Bobart Qra 
Rhodai, 1«8, i 

5a. Bright, II. 181. . 

. Koibniiha, 4aM, U 

BhodaL MB. Ua, In t 
tbn.— AmpUSad vlth 
la aolad baton II 

lallalooa CdIIh- 
Bnr UAULmsyU 
« BJiattUttettj 

— _, TB-uncflT Bight 

Laad.ftTFTaiiBliColaa {lB8$4ia. A— F 
S In Aran, a Hit of BanaBeta sold b; 
Colea aeenpylnn P It 

MnnoBD, William. As hiato- 
rioal Aooount of the Battle of Wa- 
terloo I comprehending 
■tantial NarratiTe of tbs whole 
Eyente of the War of 1815. Lond. 
1S17, imp. 4lo. 

England and Wales. By Willi 
Hndge, luan Dolbj and ThoniH 
Colby. Lond. 1799, ISOO, ISll, 
" ' TOla. 29 plates, 8t 3l 

OKDTimn Sdxtiy. 
iaoh. An Easof toirardi ■ 
new Engliih Tenion of the Boi^ 
of Fa^niB, from the oHginal H^ 
brew. Lond. 1744^ Sro. 

A leuiiailiroft. How btchly KrJtiidn 
waa aateemed b^ Dr. Joahkd mAJt* 
•aan In tha ahineMr of Undnnl^ai 
latUT in Boawall'a Ufa o( Johwoi. 

Hums, Alexander. SootialniS- 
colnmi or, tlie preerait State d 
Sootlaod: together with diren Be- 
fiectiona npon the onoirait Stat* 
thersof. Lond. 1688, l&no. ii. 
uord, sao. Si. 

3. An Account of a gnl<l 
Series of Kational Uedala, dunng 
the reign of K Qeorge IXL Lonit 
1820,^. WithengraTingacfth* 

ekett, »7I, lOi. Sd. Ocobs, UA 
I. Dokeo/ York, 8404, Biof.l*- 

Bobert, Britiah Birda; f 
Hiatory of tiie FeBthered Triba rf 
the Britiah lalonda. Lond. ISSB, 
poet 8to. S toIb. plate* in ooloun. 
"Ifth adWoD. nrlsad br W. C. L, Uu- 
--, £>q. Load. Bohn'i ninitnted li)> 
ISM, port Bto. i •Die, vllh 6* AgDC* « 

By Google 

■ MULIB, J,— l- 

nm Ubh of NMnnl PUlOMpliT' 

Atm^BaUa ta tiM ObHtnUon oT 
NnUn. Lonl. IStt, Umo. rroDk— IMl, 
Sitd. (VoL TT of C«uUbWl,lIlHl- 

Ae Honnt. LohI. IBK llBO. eo~ 
Innd ftimt, ud Ttgnalta.— BMOnd Idlt. 

Tbt Earth. Loud. ISST, IftDO. ntonnd 
ftnLudTltiiaUa^BMoadtllt. Lonl. 

Sqamer. Load. IBST, llmo.— H«v (dlt 
iDtunn. Loud. IBSTiUmo.— Mairadlt. 

WllUr.' Lend. IBS7, Uns.— K«r idlL 
loid. 1647, Itmo. te. Sd, 

■mill FhllMoph; ; ■ pomiUi TItir oT 
On Hmnu Mind. Lond. USS, 13bo, 7i. 

Hu, In Hi phnlul Btiuotora uid 
Uiptailooi. Lsnd. 1B3^ lamc coleimd 
Inu. ud npttUe, Ee. 

HuLtn hla iDtellHtiua FubIUu ud 
Adipuuoiu. Lgnd. lSae,lteio.Mk>und 
mot. ud Tlinatu, Gs. 

IIu,tihliBd>tioDitoB(«Mr. I>oad, 

aHj dwenbod. Balnn » Comptnlon lo 
Oilbvt'i Illnitnted Hip of ths World, 
lad. IBM. inno. 

Tbe Ida of Wight ; Ita put utd p»- 
nnt CiwdttlHi, and future PiolpHiU. 
l«d. (IWO), itpyal Bto. »S lUnatraUooB, 

Cbfni and Ita HcwiiRea. anil FacDllarl- 
tlw^ litha VlewoftliaOplumljauUDn 
udaNoUceof Auani. Loud. ISW, fup 
Bvo-aa-Od.; Tttli map eoloimd, 4v. 

Imku In Aatnoomr. Saeond •!]• 
U«. Lond. 18«,14mo. front da. 60. 

t^oaiMticatad Anlmala. Loud. < 
[Eoiai Lltmrj), 1889, f«p, Bto. 6a. 

EarTtrn, ) 


KTTL 1827 

iglBHr, and ARhltsit. 

ska, ataldi an «f a popnlax 
aald to haTS bau wAtMa 
RobKt Hudla'a dletaUim. 
Mmnr, Prtsr. A Commentarla 
Tooa the r 
Land. 1G96, Sro. 

— Iliomu, M.D. Insactonim, 
ghre miniiaorujii Animhlimii Hbttf 
tnun. Lond. 1631, folic. 

A mrk of ■smsmarit, aoiulaliiieofaw 
pue>, Kith BDinoniui wood mla, irralclta 
ed& aiscntad, pnhllahad br Sir Thaod. 
da If aTarDa.— In Eii|ll^ br J, B. ]dJ>. 
Lond. idU, miio. 

ailk Wormai andtlia!! fHal, llnlr d^ 

Lin;, IBW, dto. Calda»tt,lda.'SHH.T, 

Dfrood, uHd In tliLa n^i^. Comcwd 
and tolargad bj Ghrlalophar B«u»t^ 
HJ). Load. UBB, dto. p. 9M. Calda. 

An aswunt of Houbt or IfnOi^ wDI 

MDoeLSTOir, Lodoviob. The. 
Aote of the WitDeaaes of the Spirit. 

with portrait. Muggl't™. Tts atylu 

Ima prophaU of the duIt high. Immortal, 
glortoua Qod, Christ Jami,' pnhUihad 

X TruB RapnianE&tlon of tha abanrd 
and mlKhievoni ptliielplaa at the Sast 
commoalT knovn br the rune of tluggle- 
tuniana. tond,ieM.*lo. Bj J.WUUama, 
DJ)., Bp.ofChlcheetar. 

MuniiWilliaJii, DJ3. Duoonrse* 
explunatorv and prwotionl, on too 
KpiBtleof St. Jude. QlBBg.l82a,8TO. 

Work of tba Hoi; Hvlrlt. Edinh. 3Bta, 

6en«nlia Papn t . 

glia DiepenKitio, etc Lond. impres- 

siun per me, ElchanJum Pjnc- 


Loud. Rlohirdum PjuMn Impnu {dim. 
10901. 4U. Usbu, 1I.IM. 

JIlitBBBBT. — Inotruclion for the 
Jnoretumg of Htilberrie Tc»ea, and 
the Breeding of SUks ' ironnw. 
lend. 1609, *to. 

X copy Ih in tLB BrttUili H hhuid. 

MiTLOASTEB, Bichord. The flnt 
Part of the BlementBrio which en- 
trealeth ohefelie of the right Writ- 
ing of our Suffliah Tung. Xiond. 
less, 4to. lOa. 6d. 

' A work of canaiAtnbta marlt and uti- 
lity, cortalning msny pertlnant oli»«r™- 

___„ ... JB Ti^nliigin of Chtldnn, 
aitliar bir BUI In their Book^ DT Hullb 
In tb«li Bodla. Land. 1581, 4ta. lOi. " 
BHd,9M,U CiU«»tt,21. BrlgbU. 
H*lim,, *to. 

CateulnDiu PhI'du*. In Uamn Boh 
Ptull^ conHripUu- Lond' iCAS, t 

UuUiiKSiBdiTard. !Ikeluimt- 
able Boince of the Xawne of Shoff- 
n^ aliu IdwU, m Sbropahin, bj 
Fire. Lond. 1691, 4ta. 

Mum.'!) Snot, or the Apokipe of 
Eio Molier, 1620, portnut on TiUa 

Id th* CUmiMy BcufSs, ISIS, 4u., >t 



Attiobad li I 

doil. 1603, fonnlDK 1 
to, A Copy of both 

poHd u he tho Holoferan of Lortfs I* 

MviiBV Haubt. — A troe histori- 
cal Discourse of Mole? Hametg 
Bising to three Kiiiedoroee of Mo- 
r^wcoa, Fea, and Sus. The Dis- 
Tnioa of the three Kinedomee, by 
dnill Waire. The Behgioa and 
Polioy of tha More or Barbarian, 
The Aduerttnres of Sir Anthonj 
Shsrlev. With other NoueLties. 
Lond. 1609, im. 4to. Black letter. 
A covy is In ths Biltlib Hnivii 

HtTLSKATB, Lord. Ste PsiFFa, 
OoDstaDttne John. 

iSvU/Uii., James. Tiew of Irish 
Affairs, 1688 to 179G. Dablin, 
1796, Sto, 2 Tols. 

BjlOHOnlo .- 

■a poctnlt huiD 

bom a chimney ti 
I itatlng that ha ' 

MtTLLHt, John. Wocka on ^(l^ 

tification, Ac Bto. S vols. 
FonDuly In high eatimUloo. BO' 

bnrgha, ISSe, Si. Si. 
A Trwlln UDcenilDi ttia ebntnW 
ut o( Fortification. Lad. 1I«t, Bm 
nUBtt,lJ*l,H.-1766,BT0. LowLlW 

Th* Attack luil I>«fencii of «-«** 
Placaa, In threa Parti. Lond.IM7,»«. 
A ttm&H Bonnndu th. IWBjl 
Part of FortlfieatloB, m (Enr Pirti. Wa*. 
"",8to. WUIett, 1T«3, 1(. 1b. 

Tr*atlM(rfArailai7. Vllhui^ 
pAndii or SnppleiDoat. Lond. 17^, Si^ 
WUMt, 1T«, Ito. Wllh BsptiaBBft 
Lond. 1T80* 8io. f — '- 

ThaPiBld Enginaer, fi 
of H. CUirae, vltti 01 

§n>. * lolifc {Inl).— Thlid Bdltlon, !■ 

- i. Lond. iTee,evii.pui«. wiiw 

MuiHB, John Ton. Annivaiu ■ 
History, in twenty -four BooB- ' 
Land. 1618, 8to. 3 tdIs. 16s. 

— larl Ottfried, Frofa^a in 
TJniversitj of Gattingen. !*• 
History and Antiquitiea of "t 
Doric Eaoe. Trsualated by S««F 
TufiieU and (Sir) George Coni>*W 
Levis. Oxf. 18S0, Sto. 3 toI*- 

B, Google 

ii4*dltloii,L0da. 1S», Sto. ItoU. 

HMdtt of Ik* LlUntun of Andant 
QntN, (tiuiUted br Oaonn Con 
Lnii). Lmd. Bildvlii, viuit«d f 
BmCMjiT D«fDl Enowledn, IM 
Id. L (Vol. IL put 1, being ttia co 
•tini lopjn, all pnMlBlMd. 38B pign) 71. 
^Nev edition, HHDple tad from »i« muin' 
•Blpta of ent. JttBia, the woclndl 

Cman Iniulittd br J. W. Dontldw 
D. Loud. J. w. furksi ft eon, 18 


litndiKtiDn 10 ■ SalanUflo Sratan 
MTtbutogT. TnmdstadbrJobnL^tsb. 
ubL LoiigQiut, IBM, Bto. Ub. 

Aulent All and l(a Banulu, or 
•U or Iba AnhmhigT of An. 
MHoB, •rltb mimanna uddlUnu. 1 
IMI br Jobs Lollcb. Loud. B^ im, 
"1), pp. 838, Ifa. 

° Lft« themitbor'i ' Doiliiii,' BDd 

<tirlot. TnuuUtad IlnrD tba OamiiD. 

Ind.iaBa.STO'-BMOiulsdlUoiL nrlaad. 

—Philip De Oometft Amii 1918 
<t breiii Dncriptio Partna inon- 
'tnni ei Irlsndia addacti. Lips. 
1619, 12mo. 

A copj i> la tba BrlUah UiWDin. 

— a. Voyages from Asia to 
imeriai, for compleating the Dia- 
wrerieB of the Korth-WeBt Coaat 
of America. To which is prefixed 
iSomnury of the Voyagea mads 
|iy tiie Bnsoaaa on the fniien Sea, 
Bi Beard) of t North-Eaet Paaaage, 
IWated from the Hiah Dutch, 
jfth the Addition of three new 
Haps, by Thomas Jefl^s. Lond. 
U81,4to. 6b. 

— WiUiam. The Element* of 
'^ Science of War ; containing 
tba modem, eitatilishedi and ap- 
PWred Principlee of the Theory 
•nd Practice of the Military 
B'i'acea. Land. Longman & Co.. 
18U, 8.0. StoIb. rCpUtea, pub. 
^ it. reduced II. Is. 

mnr 1829 

UTnxDncfi, Joho* A TeetioQotiT 
■giuiiet Periwigs and Periwig-mak- 
ing, and Flaying on iDstrumenti 
of Music aniocg Christians, or any 
other in the Baya of the' Oospet 
being several Beasona gainst theee 
Things. 1677, 4to. 
filndler. Ft. UL S8MU. Hebar, pL II. Sd. 

A Tslulila work ce 


MmosKAUBiii, Baron. Gnlliro! 
reyiyed. ; or, the singular Trayeb, 
Campa^s, Toyages, and Adyen- 
tures ofBaron Munikhousen, com- 
monly called Munckhausen. Third 
Edition, conaiderably enlarged and 
ornamented with a number ofViewa, 
engraven fW>m the original Dea^na. 
Lond. 17Sa, I3mo. 

plitaa.— E^btta sdlliaii. anunaiited wtSi 
tvanly u|iliiial«T «i(raTliigi, (nm ori- 
gloAl daaltiia. lAid. Keanler, 179^ 
llmo, Titb platai by Bovlandson, (soma- 
Uinaa ooloarad). — Load. T. T((g, IBOft 
ISmo. BUu, M.— Again, IBll. 

Ho^inun; taniobl"d«!luIed (a Mr. 
Btuc«, tba travaller. Lend. BTrnondSi 
nm, iSdk.. vlih iO plitsi, IncIndlnB Iha 


b Sequel, li 

' " 1 I17 A. Crown 

T, (aeqool abridged). 

-ninstntad by A. Crownuill. Lond. 
"mbner, ISSSipoatBro. pp. tw, woodcnta 
nd Mlonred pUtae, T>. «. AgilD, UW. 

•enseltled. It hiltrlbntadbrHr.Weit 
tVltij Tearf RoEoUaoMons of u <Hll 
BookHllar,) to Ur. BL John, oT Oifoid; 
■ "■ Cbartas tyell (Prtndjlea of Q*»- 

B, Google 

[r. Bmca, tha AbyidBlu tn- 

Udsdi, ConitantU. Sm Snr- 
Nut, Joaeph. 

HmnuT, AntlioDT. Worla. 

KstlHB of thli viltu vUI t« fMmd In 
WartiD'a HIHm of EngUgb PntiTi 
Btkn** BiDcnplils Dimiutlei, ud Rft- 
Htfi nbUofiiiAlii FndgL 

nisXlRoarifKuUlilUMi otpilMl- 
Hl Put tf Um Hlmot or Kiglrtntei. 
Balactadonlnt tha Bund BulptuiH. Im- 
pilnUd bj J. Aid*, Itm, 4iii. Idtstm. A 

Tbfl P^nn of PlAuunL pAflubla 

EiuMd of tba WtH, ud rnnsBrT 
thaWutan. liood. fOr Hesrli 

U80.4ta. lDT>n*. Atopr-lfl Uh F«- 
pjiLui Llbruy, GuDbrldn. 

A braaA IMaoaana of tba taUni 
GamptoiL and dloan othar Fh4i 
Dack*diin,te. LoDd.USl.STD. 

A ihmitoiI* tl Bdtmuid Camplan and 
bti ConMmt«i,tkalr mut borrlbla and 
toaltamn PraatlHi aulut har IMsaUai 
moat lojal PaxwnaDdtha BMlm. Wlian- 

Cam^oD, Balph SbarvlD,! 

Bclu, axacDUd at Tlbonuv Uu lit of Da- 
«8nii«T. PnbuiliM br A, H. Land, uat, 
Itao. Flflr^K laaTaa. HlbbBrt, KBO, 
monKBO,9l.lia, Habar, pt. Iz. IL IOl S« 
Cahpiiw, Ed. 

A bnah and trda Bapsrto of the Eie- 
fiottoa <rf oeitAlne Trmftbnn &t T^boma, 
tha n*lU and zu Dtju of Kbt, UEa. 
Gatbarad by A. U. «bo vu tban pmeDI. 

laaTta.— Loud. Cbulairaod, llo. Batba. 
bj', leBl, mai. dl. Ifa. 6d. Homar, SL IDa. 
Brigilt, 11 ISt.— BenilDtaL tSSl, at the 
andof'JohiiaKanl'aM 'John a Cum- 
bai'— iH BKuuratu Sooirri, In Ap- 

dry Eiamplaa npiatliig manj atiUEO 

A braof* Annimr mada nnto two aadl- 
fiuua PampUata ; [a Dgfence ot Edmund 
Campion and hli AoompUeaa, with 
Venaa.] Lund. UBl ISmo. IBs. pp. 70. 
Hlbbert, MM, U. ISa. BlDdUy. pL il. 
1787, N. JtUiLAD|la-Foat.Hl,81.Sk -' 

na En^h BomayaB Lib ; dtaoiv- 
|B| tha Llraa of Engllabma it Booh, 
tha Ordara of tha Engllah BaBiliiarla.tka 
DlaaanUan batvMO* tb* EngUBhuaol 
tha Walahnen, Ae. die Land. J. Cbub- 
wood, Usaa, Ito. Toodaata. buoi unn 
Pp. T& without dodtaaUon. Behat,p(,Tl. 
Stea. madler, pt. il. IIU; H^ °>-'im 
4to.pp.Ta. iDgllj. 988, 11. di. Hebe^pl 
Tl. waotin* ■ eat, ISa. Tbla edlUm b 
nprlntsd fn tha (eventh vohima of lln 
Hailelin Ulaeelliay. 

L«ad. IIIS^«to. FoT^^aranlai 

of q.1 


UaTj. Buanaa, 

nlailng' to _«^.^il»^„'>(^* ^"^S 

tlgn of har alatar O 
i7Il, ea. Bwd, 61TT, 
Hikea, ^ IL B83, 4;. 

li.V' ^rig 

. Ba. OardDH, la Ut 
Bright, U. ISa. 
Qodly Biensiae for Chilrtlas FudU 

A BaoQTat of Dalntia ComUa; tf- 
nlgbtd wllh Tart* deUeat* aad (hma la- 
yaDthna to delltht thair Hbidta ■boM 
Plaaann in Uuaiqn*: and tban-wtfilll 
to ^ag iwaata mtUea, allharto thi UH, 
iUndoia, Tlrgimdlea, or aula oltal^ 
atnimene, Lond. 1SS8, 4to. ConBlH^ 
JIU. Blbl. Anglo-Poat, 461,1101 Bond- 
ed In Ih* ninth volDiaa of tha Hui^ 

ARhaloplnlaa : or the tOcbe' "^ »" 
Abbs. I69S, 410. fi«TH«jj,W. 

>ha KaaqTa of the Laagna ud <>• > 
Bpanyaid dlieonered. FajthfoUr JS I 
laud oDt of iha Frenob Cople P'"* 
at Toniea by lunel Meiuyei. Lood.*' 
Blehard Smyth, 1698, tta. TwV^ 
lana. Allheendl.H. PotaUhtdaiB ' 

Tha Dafanoa of Contnufea. fatift' j 
against common Opinion, dil"l" J" ! 
Fonne of Daclamationa In haoa ot^ 
by A. M. Lond, 1693, 4to, pp. W. Wg | 

4|D. ShSbiiupi. 

tt PoRagaii, Dom Behi 

B, Google 

Tho. BeTTODd. Rlmilea, 17fi9, (S luTea 

loTtrancfl, fiO70t IK- Etuib, very Ads 
JiD, IStfi, 3M. 2a. HIbbert, Mn, Bl. Si. 

lb* DuUl of Riri»rt BtrK of HddUhr, 
toB. LoDd. imi,4to. Thfalitlwueiilwil 
bj gi ■*■..■. to BeT'ooi, bnt by HalocM 
u MnodiT iDd CtastUe. KtaodcB, 1781, 
et Bl IheUb' Old Fluyi, 7S, 12L Ita. 
KnhirEbe, K>n, 3L Sa. Hlbbert. HetS, 
UlL fliinti, 6i. Ba. BrlKbt.S(.te. Ht- 
te,pLlL4£. QBTdoeTi 18&4, GL A TQTy 
nploiu KuJyiii of lbs two plijn, the 
Donhl ud Deitb, will be fbuDd In tfaa 
InCtDlmiiser Rltson'i, ud Id Quuh'i 
Vtbm Bond. Both wen leprlnud In 
UO, o.Bto. by Ui, |J. Piy™ Collier, 


Mrfiinned Ii 
BtllUiy, K] 

imtuD, OB ' 

IMS. Lend. 


llgbt, H> hOlBmBlM 1 


pt, U. 8i 

imbskW Lund. 

^liEWA&om tbe CreitiftD 01 me nona to 
tJiU InetenL Lond. 1611, Sro. FHndley, 
»t.ii.i;BCi,l!g. Nuun, pt. I. 2B17, U>. 
TowMlty, pt. II. T4S, lea. Sat Dr. Dlbdm'a 
Ubniy ComptDloo. lEH-S. 

duTU-UiiUnibiM: the Tiliunphsl oi 
O^lds. AtlhelwegtinUoDof SlrJunei 
PunheMon, Bnt. In the DlgnilT of l^rd 
Milor of LoDdm, on Tneidiy tbe S9Ch of 
On^.lSll, L-oDd. leil, Ito. BlDdley, 


iailsnl Drapery : M, rid 
Eogluil^ln tlieeecoTidYi 
u«- In Bonair of <be A< 

IdTd Ualor of LoDioD, on 
0"<>ber,181B. Lond. O. Pore 
Bindley, pi. It. 612, iL 17i 
pt.TlL8es,3L StprlnUdln 

UgMttcin, Bodleian Library. 

^be InaUlliUon 

- ■ -ai4, ■■ 


tbe Offlce I 

Honour of FlSmoiigen 

^'lllfc'' l._ 
ProgreuH of Kln^ 

Junes I.'toI. lU. pp. 196^. 
John ■ Kent, ud John a C 

Alex. I Stow, Jobn, 

, —iaioi". Idfe and 

rapDndence of 

Lond. ISOO, 8to. 2Td«. 

Mrssoitijii EzFLiOAXio, or hi*- 

rogLjphli^ !Figure of tha World, s 

Poani bj S. P. (Sunuel Fordags). 

Lond. 1668, 8to, 
Mmud, pt. i. >S18, 11. Sa. Koiborfgha, 

UvKDnB liter et idam. Set TTit.r.^ 

lude. Set 'Eoxmmass Olitb, App. 

McimnB mulieliria or I^dica' 
Breseing - Boom unlock'd, Stt 
BvBLYM, John. 

Ucmxra ForamrBis, or the Fop 
displajed ; being Uie Indies' Tin- 
dicatioD, in. Anawer to Uimdo* 
Muliebria (in Terse). Lond. 1691, 


MviniT, John, Gent., Babielor 
of Uuuc, itnd one of the Orguiiibi 
of her Uajeetiea (Qaeea Elizabeth) 
Free Obapel of Windior. Songa 
and Psalmes compoaed into 8, *, 
and 6 Parta, for the Tee and De- 
light of all e " 
l^me Muaicle. 
1591, 4to. 

Land. I. Eat^ 


I pt. 1. 

Buniey'i History 

11 M. 

MrwoZiDonJoBJiBaptiBta. The 
Hislocj of the New World, tmna- 
lated &oni tiie Bpaniah, with Not«E 
bj the Translator, an engraTed Por- 
trait of Columbus, and a Map of 
Eapanola. Lond. 1797, 8»o. vol. 1, 
pOated. BUibut,H6S,4a.ed.. 

A pi 

B, Google 

1682 mnr 

Mttireo, Iimas. A NamtiTe of 
Hie mililai7 Opentiona on &e Co- 
romandd Coaat, 1780-4.. Land. 

Pp. sn, will) IS putu. Frntun, wr, 

Tha ]>eFeiwe of Tnoei MTiitro, Eaq., Cmp- 
Mln in (bg lata BarmtJ-thlrd. or Lcrd 
Uu]»d'i Beglinant of Hlgtiludf-- 
ajr&iDHI A ChugA of PluUrlflui frota 1 
WoTki of Dr. WUlUm TbomMonj w 
the origiiii] Pipen on botli Bldai. Lo 

— Son. Sir ThomM. Idfe of 
U^or-Qenenil Sir Thomaa Monro, 
Bart, and K.C.B., Uto Gorcraarof 
Hadru. With eitmcts from his 
OorrespondeDCe nod private papcn. 
Bj the Ber. G. B. GHcdg, MX 
Lend. ISao, 8?o. 8 vol*, portrait. 

Orlglnllr In 1 toIi., toL S Mns ni 

McBaTBB, SebnltJan. A treatyie 
of tlienewe India, yiiih other newe 
jbnnde landai ami Baudea aa ireU 
ewtwarde u treatvarde. Tmiulat«d 
into BugUeh b; Bjcharde Edan. 
Lond. b7 Edward Sutton (1G58), 

A BOff li In tka BrlOih Uosgosi. Tha 
tmttHe nnuiiu X 8, In algbti. baddH 
title, dsdkatlon to Itia Daka it Northam- 
liariaada,a m&a^asd aUUg. CaUe- 

It ^noaiad agil^ mdar tba tltta «f ' A 
billft CeUtetlBB aad eomHBdlau Einet 
of >tnuiii(« and maaianlila Tbiogea, (a- 
Omad oat «( tba CMtM(rubj* itf Babai- 
tlanllDiiatar.* LoBd.U74, l6nio. A eopT 
lalathaBrftWilliHDn. HelMr, ptrL 
liBVaiAat, IL Tba Tolim* - - 

HuNrnm, D. A Ikithfal Nbf- 
ntive of the ConTeraion aad Deatli 
of Oount Etrnenaee, late Prime 
Minister of Damnark. To which 
ia added, Uis Hiatory of Count 
Enevold Brandt, from the Tims of 
hiilmpriaoiUDenttohia Death. The 
whole tranalatcd from, the original 
Gennan. Jjond. 1773, Sto. 4m. 

Jlmm, J. H. Bncaiutio: or 
Oount Cajrlna'a Method of Funtiq 
in the Murner of theAntienti. To 



McBAio^, H. Lettree nir la 
Angloia et Ics FTaD9aiB ei mi la 
Vougea. OoL 17SB, Sto. 8>. 

UtlandaHtlblBC tha ohineUn ni 

HI, «ltb u EaHT on TnnlUif. 

nd. ITM, Bn. 

Mufti:^c^ Oni^uio. 5MWit> 
POLl, Bsiraae. 

MuiATOBi, L. A. A BeUiiM 
of the Uiaaiona of ParagDi^ iw 
done into Bngliah from Uie RaiA 
"^ -'-•'- Lond. HB9, 8fo. 

wnk, dMariMW ^ 
MTanuidf and dTlllalng te Indtm 
Uu»>»,John. SannlWoria, 
ith hia me. LooA. 16117, if- 
portrait bj Eluthome. 
IraTa, 8M, 7a. fld. Sotbebr'i m W 
ti. Aauiding tr> Wood, '«" "*■ 

loot wH ■ brwiid, pnUnf, uipT 

ButKal pnelilu.' 

MtTBDBB. — A brief Ditooni" <^ 
two of the moat crueU and LW" 
Murders, committal both in Wi^ 
OMlorahire. Lond. 1683, itaa. 
A oopj la In the Britiib M°"™v, 
A Via* of lundiT Bmnplei, iff^f 
maoT Btnoga Mudara from tba'"''; 
--- -daia brOwnBrairDkUlifll* 

D. lK»<LW.Tfrli|bta»i«» * 

iatbaLuBbalbUbnn- ,,^ 
ma ool of <])«in*al^ of* <™?^ 
' wba bad killed d1» luiBin' »" 

and odd Pacaana. teawlab.OMP 

Pan, test, an. Bn. __,,. 

Lond. THot Boarlat. IBW, 4to. 

"-irtclde PapUt, ot wt-tbnrt »» 

a tra«loal Aonnnt ofa Mnr^*^ 

id tt Paditoir, In tha CodIM ■ 

Tall, br ■ Psplit kUUi^U*'"'*' 


B, Google 

^Mt va Ota bbDHlf. ISOt^ tto. Buai 
IJTTU, Willi wvodmU, Klngiad LoeUa'i 
fi AprU IBIO, Sl 

. C>ld»ott.ll.ti.' 

Beport or tbi hoRlliI* KiiHbtr 

Joni, 1607, 4ta. Nuud, pL U. 

Pnuber at Rcefcluid la KorMk, tj' ] 
Canta, sua Lave, uHl whmdM U br 
lil>irU^iaM,4Io. BMd,«MT. Niuui, 
pty.lM.ttli. Hatar, pt. tL llL 

MiiNar or air J. TtnitU. lUMn In 
(ftineBIT, bj BlTlIlBO, ""* "" — '"^ 

T TrmUl, ISIS, 4to. Ni 

Qanr«vloa or tie lno U nidim^ Jehn 
d« Paris ud J, delt TlgiM, of the Mordn 
(f Kr. Wei)', Usnhut Jtwallv. 1(1^ 
«». viai&iotUplKB. Bli>iU«;,pt.Lim, 

HniUer, U nrthu, or a bloodr BalaHw 

likPMtn, by ifojaca, martbena hw daara 
Huband, Sepl. IMl, belDc aa^tcd tat 
imualled thammto by U»iaiM Har- 

Bloody HnibaBd ud ouU kalgh 
Uiluls of tvg Uottlian, UM, jto. 

^m to llial boifid Crime, bla Bar 
UkawUa to hare kiUad ttaa If aU' 

lot anr aaTCB bomlnd vmA 

la Banud bla UanoBr of dlipo^ of 
tbam, Ifln «ID. Nuun, pt. II. sai^ lOa. 
A Ina idadOD of aBobbarr and lIiDdei 
awirtttai hr &Ta notoifoiia HlKhwarBaD 
narCoUnoft. Lond. Mr*, 4lo. 

' Im* BalattoD at the honlH* UoDdr 
.^____.»_^ ... . ^g^ 

£lndU] , . 

Tto boTTld UnKban, ona oDBanrytlH 
IVtb ol FiMnce. tha QthaT on CUriea tba 
litbli Bon In Lair, I0tl,41o.TlIh pstralt 
efChailaibr HoUar. Kins and boiMa'i 
In Uanh 1810, l«i. 6d. 

An <iact HanatlTe of tba blooAr Hap- 
dn and Robberr ommitlad br Supbni 
Xatoo, Sanh Hwlft, Oeorn Bhodu, asd 
Bonrr BIcbald, opon tba Fanoo of Jalm 
Talbot, IMS, tto. Naaw^ptlLW^te. 

Bloodr Naml frODi ClatkanvalLtTa ftdl 
BelatlOD of a moat bonU Mnidar ecu-: 
■BIttad br a JonmaT'Haii* Coapar, Tba 
kinad bia iriro In a moM cnul Hanar. 
IiOTul. lOTO, Ito. 

Belationor tba thra* InhsBUUM Hmdan 
eonuiiilMd bi WlllUm Klal, allai Walti, 
npoo Uie Bodiei of W. Jobaaon hla naat < 
jrlMinan, and Bobatt Portar. AIM tlM 
Iluiwr bDV be killed, and atrlpved a 
Drtynta Bar, v'tb bla BanBanaa and Kie- 
«Dtion, isn, 4ta. Naaian, St a U^ Tl 

The munlaroiu mid vtA witli iti roaoEad 
PnaiibmaDt: belo; a bue and full Bala- 
doil of a UldvK^ Uiat vaa put into an 
boa Cage with lUtaen wild Cati, and bo 
muted W l>ea(b, by banglDgoTaiFln, 


tnral Grlma mlraouiopilr dl 

BldlOT oB haran Cbild, wbieh Bb 

In a Callai, it bar Uutar'a Houaa laWap- 

Mn& ks, leit, 4IO. Naaua, pt U. h!^ 

n, in ttaa ilaiue of Eiq. Bluak. ena of 
-~^ OUike, ea tha Bod/ af Wlddav 

nlbjJ9744ta. Naaaao, pt'il. 969, lOa. 
''—tharwinont; oc a tna and AlthfU 

- __ jH af to bontbia Hnnkarosminl tl»t 
tbirtr-tbrae Years ago, by an unutanl 
Uothar opon tba Bodr of her own Chfld, 

on blDDdr Pi 

I eomnlcted bj 
ij Penon, unn Ui Fatbar, bla 

. and bla Wife, at Cank In Htaf. 

tHdahln, and the Haonei' bair be aatad 
Oit bloedj Tragad;. Together with bl« 
- ""' — ■-- CoadamDalloB, 

banoa and crual RaLberr and Mordic 


of AnthooT Wllaon, ItSTI, 4lo. Naaiau. 
MtnaalMn Barenga agalnit Mnrdar, 

RT.dto. Bindter, pL 111. 8M. 
BInrn bnt true Belatlon of Iba Dla- 

narrefameBtliortid and bloudrUuTder 
aonnlttad on the Bod* of a TraTtllat 
tUltr Taua uo <D tha West of EngUud, 
and alio how tba BkDll of Iba aald mar. 
dand Paneo WM ukan ap with a llnoan 
Cuy thanoo, dbe, ISia, (to. Naaiag, pL II. 

~ - • - . of the lata moat honld 

cks, upoD the P««on of 
d Archbishop af St Aa- 


1631 HUB 

A tme BalaUiin o( t boiiU Murdn 
mmmltted upon the P«n™ ot Th™»" 

th« White Hmie nm In chalmiford, ISM, 
_uh . tnii. Ar«aunt dT Uu Dluaxmif 

UDTd, iOta, 5a. M. 

A fasllish Uardi 
FraHb MldvlIS od t 
build. Jmnuuy S7, II 



eismplei of Om InUrpoalUc 

dflDHiD tba DeucUon at t, Hut , 

Nuun, pi. i. 107B, lOi. 

MDBDOOH.John, TheIHc&ini>i7 
of DiBtinctloni, in three Alphabets. 
Lend. 1811, 8vo. 10». 6d. 

Qt ot dlOBnnl BpaUlng u 


thaLstteiE. UdIUi, 

MvBB, And. The Duoorerie of 
St. Peter's Wall at Peterhead. 
Edinb. 1686, 12ii]0. 

— (or MooBB, irhich Ke) . Sir 

William, of Bowallan. Caledone 

ComplHiiit Bgaintt infaitit 

bells, 1641, 4,(0. 

Foiir luTBi. Rifitilted Id 

Trne Cruelflxfl for tnu Cithollokei. 

The CryofTdDOd And offt broken Coi 
nut. Edlnb, lUO.^to. np.IS. A hx 
on tbe d»lh of K. CbiiiU> 

aiugDV, leas.lSDiii. tm. i.uai tm 

HcHFOao, Nicholas. PrwEaenta 
Poetjca : or Mi»celknlea ofPoeti- 
otl Musings, Moral, and Dirine. 
I«nd. HTMoaeley, 1(S60, jamo. 

With ■ nortnit ofths luDiar. filndler, 
Bt. U. IMO, SOI. SmoW, Heber, pt. It. 

MusniLO, Bartolom^ B. The 
lofe of, compiled from the Wntinga 
of Taiiouc AuHion. Traualated 

hj Captain Ediraid DaTiu. Loud. 
1819, port 8to, 
Hibbert, UK, Si. Sd. Huiu, pL I. 

MOBMBLBTii, J. Db Verborran 
Compocitioiie. Lond. pet Win. da 
Woide, 1629, 4to. 

Blnillej,, lOM-irith eight Gi«»- 
maUul trMtIm bj WMttlnloD, 81. Ik. 

MUBJOBIEB, A. (Lond.), printed 
bj Kobert Boworth, and are to be 
sold bj John Wright, 1667, Bto. 
60 leares. An anonjmoue prodni)- 

A tatr at BiUgewnlu Honig. 
HtmrEV, Arthur. (Dramitie} 

Works. Lond. 1786, 8Vo. 7 rob. 
Pottiait hj Cook, after Dance. 

Nan fn little uUmitioa. Hoibiirgbt, 
SM4,1I.1Sb. Heber, pL i>. 1&. Dtot, 
1769, with UnrphT'i l3fe, Ac of Gtnkk. 
aod Bauy on Dr. JohuoD, Si, 4a. Bui, 

Tbe aponter, a (h« triple BeTeiEt.t 
Fun. ITH, Sts. Not la the ullHtht 
edition of Uurpbv-i work*. iUK>du,Uai, 

lit. FtM,iii,iat. 

Uemoln of the Life end WriUnn 

>. ikU, 

losnat.Aa. LoDd.iaOi.STo, a TolL n> 
tnit of OaiTlck. Reed, saSL It, M. 
Bcubiinta, MOT, 11. li. 

The Ufa or Arthur IfnrphT, Eef- 4 
Jeiat Foot, £>q. bit £ucBt«. Idod. 18U, 

— Edmund- The preeent Stale 
and Condition of Ireland, but moi* 
especially the Pnmnoa of DlitHi 
Loud. 1681. folio. 


— James Caranah. Plana, !!)» 
TBtioni, Seotdona, and Views of tba 
Church of Batallia, in the ProTinoe 
of Eatremadura in PortugaL It 
irhioliis prefixed aa introduotraf 
Disoonrae on the Principlca of 
Qothic Architecture. Land. ITS&i 
imp. folio, pub. in S ports, irith £7 
plates. 21. 8b. 

Haiqnii at TevoAend, H«. U. lU 
ODneb, WOO, U. lis. ed. BlbbBn,S«l, 

u. 111. N*w iiu*, me. 

B, Google 

TnnlilnPilrtiigdi Ihnagh (lia Pn>- 


11" IbBTw/, in •bi^l. ■'■» lnflnii.l1 .n 

iMut of tba iih^i 

HUSPET, Junes CaTBimh, The 
Inbiui Antdquitiee of Spiun ; re- 
pnMDting in 100 very hignl; fiiiiBh- 
*d lino eugrayings by Le Keui, 
findcQ, Landseer, Or. Coote, £o., 
liie molt leiQBiliBble Benuuns of 
tha ArehitecturB, Sculpture, Paint- 
i'^ uid Moesics, of the Spanish 
Araba, now eueting in the Penin- 
^, inoludiiig the Alhambra; tlie 
MoiQue and Bridge at Cordotaj 
fta Eojal ■rain of Generaliffe j and 
ua Cat% de Carbon ; accomwuiied 
bf letter-pretB deacriptiona. Xond. 
WIS, atlas foL 

AerLRnpm Woav, with one bimdrad 
"BtitlDgi, chlaflj br FHdar and Laad- 
■"*, from drawliufm madfl on tba apot. 
raULatied at fortr EuLnua, but af JTta 
J»wi»ti8iiedbrMr.H.G.Bohn,wltli « 
UdlUmul platea, itH.Sa. Dnirr, SOU, 
^ Uia /to. toloma, (BIBU17 of Iba 
a^madan Eaipira), luula, EN. lit. 
BibbFrt, KSt, with Um tu Tolume ISl 
. na Hlnn; a[ IHa Uahomedaa Lmplra 
laBuin. Load,181B,ttii.Riap,IG9, 

Tbla Talnma, dealgnad u an IntrDdnc- 

^iraWaniotiqnUtaii, waaMinpll ■" 
Jglm Shakaipear, Thiia. Harlxelf E 
aid WIILmi, Sjliford, ftr ihe pobli.:..... 
MoBaiT. Jame^ Earl of. The 
Deplonitioan of the cruel Murthei- 
of Jamea, Erie of Mntray, mnquhile 
^nt of Scotland. 1570. ' 

MUE 1635 

— Lady Charlotte. The British 
Garden ; a deacriptire Catalogae of 
hardj Plants, indigenous or culti- 
•ated in the Climate of Qrcet Bri- 
tain. Lond. 1799, 8to. 2 vohi. 

t«ra of the Bt. Hon. George Baillio 
of jBTTiswood and of Ladj Grissel 
Baillie. Edited by T. Thomson, 
Bsq. Edinb. 1822, 8ro. 

Frlratalf prinWd. 

Another edition nprintadfiirBala. Edinb. 
ISH, p«t Sto. 

— Aleiander, D.D. History of 
the European Languages ; or, Se- 
aearches into th« Affinities of the 
Tentonic, Greek, Celtic, Solayonic, 
and Indian Nations. With a Life 
of the Author. Edinb. 1S28, 8to. 
i vols. 1;. Ss. 

— SirDsTid.ofSorthy. Poams, 
containing the tragicall Death of 
Sophooieba, 1611,— tkslia, or oer- 

I Sonets. — Faraphraae of the 
Psalme, 1616. Edinb. 1823, 

a Tngleall Death of Bopbonlabo. 

Qeorge. Sermone and Trea- 
tises. Edinb. 1823, 8to. 

This oork dlKOTsra farjr HDildaTable 
loandn^ reaeuEb, and ori^nalltj. 

— Hugh. Emcyclofjhdia ob 
GEoaoAf HT, comprising a complete 
Description of the Earth, physic^ 
statistical, ciTil, and poUtical, exhi- 
biting its Belation to the heaTenly 
Bodies, its physical Structure, tlu 
natural Eistoij of each Country, 
and the Industry, Commerce, poli- 
tical Inetitutions, and civil and »o- 
oial State of all HatioDi. Loud. 
1631, 8to. 82 maps drawn Inr 
Sidnej Hall, and 1000 ottier m- 


1636 wja 

myings, 81.— Second ediUon. Lond. I 
1840, 8fo. 3i.— Third edition, witli 
Supplement, 1844, 3i. Supplemeat 
aeparatoij, Is. 
IJUlorlt*! AMoont of Dl««vBric» »nii 

-^B«»nd ediUi)n,enlu^. Edinb. 1S18, 
8«o. 2 vols. 
Hiatortcil AMoonl of DiwowriM mn 

to the pnHQt Tlma. Edinb. 1820, Svo. 

f ttlDTia on Hntigratlori. LvaA. 132d, StO. 
HisW "f BrlO»h India. Kdlnb. C»b, 

lB»)cr. Ito.Ved. 
looalriM respeetlDg IJ« CbttMlma oT 


MKSBiy, Kev. James. Hietory 
otBdigion. Lond.l764,8TO,4,TolB. 
— Swood edition. Lond. 1765, 8vo, 

BdectDlKontK". "flB,BTO. Bnjckett, 
*'b>''w on Rearastion, IT68, B'o. Broot 

BrockMt, 31U, IBi. 


n, at Btite. Lond. 

iMtcm on Lordi Bplrttnit ; n AM« 
Idas. Tytlifs, ind UhurcE Power; "lib 

tmiiHIa onlbe PeroIitlonB. Loud. in\ 

iaiorrot the AmsrlcMi Wir. IMl 

~ John, l»te Seoretmj t» Uk 
Young Preteoder. Genuine M»- 
moirs of. Lond. 1747, 8vo. 4<. 
Lloyd, 861, 71. Sd. 

— JoMpb. B«ports of 0««> 
tried in the Jury Court. Bdiib. 
1818-26. 8t0- 3 vola, 

— J. P. De Coloniii BcsniKJi 
^ InBoliBBcilaniciaetMBiitneffi- 
Tiornia Commentotio. floH. IW, 

o. 59. 

— Lindley. Memoirsof liisU« 
id Writings in a Series of I*""*' 
ritt«n bjhimself J with a Preai" 

and Contiiiuatioa of the Memojj 
by EUmbeth Pcank. Torf,^ 
Byo. 9b. — Second edition. loA 
1827, 8to. . „ j „ 

Wlih a portrait and tacdmlfc » " 
•ntograpli letter. 

Ehcimbh Gbakkib. 

Jol. ISmo, 11 "'Ji 
the Eierdm("J* 

'«1» "'b pnj*; 

Second eaitinr. nva, liroo.— » "— -■-^- 


.odltion, ImiiroTwi. Y«l^ i»I. '*» 

B, Google 

Mca 1637 

'DBtoD, [U.S.], ud Pbllulelfhlii, IS49, 
An Abridgmonl of Mnrmy's Kngtlili 
«^l«i«lo'rf note", *c. BtI.EUIs. L«d5, 
'« English Gr«mnnr...d«»Ipiai 

; [lK8],a 

[iaiHr...«itb m ippflndli. 

(DJOieSO,' iSmo.- 

AbrldipnAnt ot Udt 
mur, with iLn Appand 

^ 18S0, limo.'ta. ' 


. [Edited by B.G.e.j 

Hnm^f'B H^rld^d English Gra 
>°ltbirtT-aTit edliliii. L^od.LoDB 

Ad AI»MEiaent of Uamiv-g EnKlfBtl 
Onnniw, 6y the Bev. J. ElUs, Junr 
""i IBM, IBmo. 

In Enlugsd edlUoa ot Llndler Unr- 
raj'itbndKed Eiigli.h Qnimin.r, by Iha 
*" Dt.OllBS. Lend. 1839, 18mn. U.8d. 
— IJ" (dllion. Lond. LongmBn, IBM, 

iditlon, York, ILond. Longmu 
HienHMj ■dipted lo theanm- 
r edition, I<ond. LougDua &Cd, 

Mnn_, „ 

byJ.Atger. Biiiton,(IJ. 

of Mnmy'. EibkIbss ud 
iy J. Alger, Junr. Bwloa, 

Exenlm, rerlrxd 

Jn by LoDgmkn & Co.], l^mo, I 

niMck'a inproTpd sdiKon of Mnmy'i 
urUgcd EnglliU Qrunmiir, Titb name. 
>™iiisrGlKB^ Dcumpenled with Ques- 
tmi Bm eiLmLnmtlon, Led eipUnLtory 
"*•» Lond. HQldiiironh, 18B0, la. W. 
-Mniditlon. Loud. Piper, iee6, IBmo, 
B-WH la. fld.~ Again. '"" 

AltKT'a Abridgment 

'■aEogllsbGraioinar. BjF.I.C.TreD 
'le i^greBiiTa Pun 

and put, llaldon, IBM, 
±t Etymology and SyBtai 

, eratemallcally airang. 
cUooBftr Pining! By 

it MDmi'a En- nuu-e polnUdont. ^aHimlKTof t)i9 
in Appaiidli,tu.| UnlTUBltyDrOiR«d. Lond. [leSOt] Sro. 

B, Google 

Y.Tk, laM.'lSmo.— TwantyjliUi edition; 
Loiid. LoDcmui. UIE8. Sh. ti. 
Ssqoel to the Engllih Buder, or e1«- 

Eiit Meotiaiu In ProM ud Poatir. 
irk, 1800, limo. — York, ISIB, Bto.- 
Elh-bth •dlUoD, Lond. Longmin, leU, 

IntndDctloii li tha EngUih Kudar. 
Tuk. 1801. UmaJ— Mar editian, Loiid, 
Lowsvi A Co., I8S8, h. «d. 

Tm Pitnoauaiw £iigllHli Raftdar. The 
Engllih Baadar, br Llodtij Uumr, to 
w1llc^Il, br tfaa alil oTa Ker, inaorviiDlgiiEl/ 

olualut pnpcr Nunai, As. BtJ.AIeu, 
Jnnr. Boit™,(U.S,)18a6,lSmo. 


tlim. York, 1810, limo.— TwBnty-DlDth 
i^lllon, York, 1821. lamo. — FlRr-lhitd 
Ddltlon, Loud. LDan[1udiCD.,18eO,la.ed. 
Flnt Book for Children. York, leW, 

deamelllennwriTalni. York, 180^ llag. 
— SHOid adltlos, Yftik, 1808, Iteia.— 
Siitk »dlll«, York, IBSS.Va. " 

, ,.^-id In tha taBtlm«ili 

axparianea of Farsoni diitlo^lalie 
by tbelr GraatneBfl, LaaRdnjt, orYlrtm 

euluged, ITSS. lamc — Elgliita edition, 
conwlad. Lond. nK, llmo.-Mlnth edi- 
tion, ImpnTed, York, 17Sfi, lluo,— Tentb 
edlttan, York, IMl, 12ina. ~ ElavcDlli 
adltloo, York, 1802, ISmo. — Tfllrteenth 

jnno. — nniaiaanin BoiuLin, lari.ioBo^r 
Selictlou from Bp. Home'i Coianie 

A Bl^rajibloal Bieici at H. Tali 

A HHRpwdlnm at Rallglona Filth u 

the SMlBlj of Friend" ^"or^lSlBTlhE 

i adltloi^ improrad, 

Baitlmaiitl of nasi 

mtUo EDtartilniiianl 

,ood. ISSI, Una. [babv NdlIB et Tn 
nbllihad br Iba Tnet iaHwUtlon o( 

oclelrori^Uikdi}. Ij[Hr adiUDB, L( 

— Mungo. A Treatue on 9faip- 
Buildins Bud KaTJ^tiQiL Willi A 
Appendix and Supplement. Lond. 

A plidn, IngaDloQi, and penplauv 
truUaa. Wlllat, DM, 14l Sd. 

— Ber. Bichu^ Aii Introdiw- 
tion to the Btad; of the ApoctJjvN. 
To irMch is added a brief OudiM 
of propbetic History, &om the Bi- 
bylonian CaptiTitj to the Oom- 
menoement of the 19th Centiu;. 
Dublin. 1826. 8to. 

— Sir Bohert. See Mamixi, K. 

theendofthelSthCenturj. Ediiib. 
1822, 8to. 10a. 6d. 

A Talnable lltuKir hLatUTi 

— ThomaB. See MoBiTruB 

— William. A short Tnatiuaf 
Death, io Hiie Chapters ; to^eth* 
with the Bam«aatlck DBnoriptiDn d 
old Age and Beath, &e. in English- 
Meeter. Ediub. 1631, 12mo. la 

Go^onitonn, lEOl, ll.lls.ed. Bdbli. 

— Hon. Mrs. of Auit. ACoid- 
ranion and uaefiil Guide to Ih* 
Beauties of Scotland, Ac, Lond. 
1799-1803, 8to. 2Tohi, 12b.— 'JTiirf 
edition. Lond. 16 — , 8to. 2 vols. 

Mfbhill, John. Ifev Bootet^ 
Cookerie, with the neireat Ait of 
Curing or Serring (1630) ISmo. 

Bun umi>. Bright, ee. M.-ICK 

~ 1 Bookga of CcokaiT anl Csrrlai- 

B, Google 

Umiiiii, — . The E^t of 
Mnrladi, the loii of Q^hi^e t or 
a Xreitue on or ooncenuiii 
FjnmidB uid the Banki td 
Kile. TrHuUt«d from ^e French 
of Vattier hj Idha Danes. Lond. 
1672, 8to. 

A cBjioai vcnk of Uu mhMIe UM, fma 
ID AnMe HS. 

Hubs. — Uuuruia Delids; con- 
tuning more Ulan aCentun of rojal 
latine ADBgrania, pabhahei^ *" 
Arthur ^jae. Lond. 16SS, _. 
Sm also Faokfls, and ISxama, 
Sir John. 

EdJttcqalnU. Load. 1141, 1 

quitnoT, nnl evin Ode ah Aleitndro 
ADgllM MucrrlpU, ■ Kbetorlbai a 
AD^icul BiDgii MUne nddile, . 

tfDLV BA&KmUnea, Cunbridve Priia 
foBici (E^Uah).'a. Sl.ed. 
Kdltad VlfiiM H«a.— 17TS, tiBoe p^ 

lu:^ Ea. — Mh> edldon (to laOA). Cul 
kidn, 1S17, cr. Std. 3 TstB. 
Miiw EteneDMB [edoDle J.PilDieD). 

bwk. llBt, Svo, 

J.Herbert). Eton. IT9B,nr<BTO.avi'ln. 

lu> I. sdidlt R. Oke>, te». Sn. Ol 
Uuia CuUbrtgleDHii ku Cumlnii 

orasU. Lond. In Bd. V«lp. 1610, Bra. pp, 
Z32,iCni.M. Edited br Blahop Blomflelj, 
■nd Tho. ReniHlI. 

MoaiB HrdeiuM. H^de Abbej FriK 
Poem*. WinloD, 1838, ISma. 

UcaxiT?. — Muuei, Maechi at 
Bionis quce eitajit omnia, quibus 
acceaeere qiuedant lelecCiora Theo- 
criti Ki^llia, Qr. et liKt. Autore 
Daride Whilfordo, Lond. 1666, 

Ka[gliM, S»ei, monKXD, R 8«. 
herona el Lundro'. e OrKcn In 1 

light by one broad. Dedlisaled to Inlgo 
aea. Acaipiis in Uie BodlelaDLIhraiy, 
obably unique. 11 la reprlDlHl in He. 
lapel's TKeDtedlUim or Chiipmaa'aCla*. 

tapyitDn, Knl 

llr Robert Stapylton, Knight. 

;nglieb heroick Ve™, l^Alei. Stopfocd 
aBott Oilord, 1716, 8to. DodlMtsdlo 
lady 11. W. UontAKne. 
The Lorei of HeTo and Leandef, by 


1640 Mca 

Mrs^flB — eonlimied 

t of JJun BDd Lv.n4eT ; a poa- 

puna. FrivALfllT prlDEed fat 
fiA, t)H tlullstaT. HlodleT. 

una. By PniKli 

elluy b^ E. Luik, DM ; by — Emwil 


MuBCnLOB, Wol^angus. Com. 
mon Plaoea of Chriatiau Kdigion^ 
■with two other TreatiicB, one of 
Othea, and an other of Tsurje. 
Lond. 1553, folio. 

, Loud, n.i. ISmo 

Tha TBiBporiiour, thM l» to mj, Ihe 
Obtaner at TjmB. tTiig9l&t«d tnto Jn- 

B D«d. truiBlKted by RtDb 
mo. Whita Knighu, seei, n 
Sh Heiuii dI Oologos. 

Mqhck MereorTj or Honthlr Hivnn&ir 
r ITOT. 4ta. HuHU. pt IL IBS. e>. 
Bsd.IMS, 6>.M. Bindlay, pt ill. 9« 

republLoallonoflhsNatdrmnlUui . 
UuwiUhnry. S« Coofu. £. 
Huh In Uiaqnends ; or, a CallKD" 

i/fid Tola art vtrp frea.) 

The Mum Vigsriw, or It 
Uortal*! CompLiiiOD, by Sol«n 
mS Mirgery Meirf-plii. Uai. 

VoL. l,pp.iT. indSM. Trt.S.B-if-'^ 
Tbe HnUH MimH'i lHlii(iCDU«eH 
of pDemt by Gny, UbDRkai, Coinu, 
Ac. *c.4o. Lond. 177& am. ero.t'*' 
KMun. pt i. M01, Et. Blsdl^. ' 

MtrBEDK. — The Uuieum, or liie- 
rwy bistorirad. Eegister. l^ 
Dodiley, 1746-7, 8vo. 3 Tol». 

MuflBuM CBmcBir, or do- 
bridge CUuical Researches. CiSiV 
1814-25, 8vo. 8 pwts, or 2 voli. 

B, Google 

HvsBtni MmSBTx. See Qek- 
lUB, Sir B„ p. 680. Eurunur, 
Sir F^ p. 1269. 

ConiuL If Idbtts, or ■ If ur^iM, pnuant- 
td iBfcro PrloM Ch«l«, bit Hlghnr— 

«l4,4i, !0u. Rhodes, Sfl, with the Const, 
irihe UuB. MID. ItM, iiei. Blailet, 

HlTBBtrv of PuntinK (md Sculp- 
ture, or Colleotiona of uie Princi^ 
Pictureg, Statuea, and Baa-Eeliefa 
Fd the Public and PriTste GbUotm 
orEurope ; containing 1160 outline 
plat« by Beieil, witli deftcriptioiiB 
in French and Engliah bjDuctieane^ 
17 toIb. cr. 8to. Paris and Lond. 
1S29-1833, 61. 6b. 

MnssTJu BBTUSVicinf. Ste 


IfnBQKiTE, Sir Bicliard. Me- 
moirs of the diiTerent B«bellioQB iu 
Ireland. Dublin, third edition, 
1802, 8to. 2 Tols. 

— Samnel, M.D. Two Dlseer- 
tatiooB. 1. On the Glrecian M;;- 
Iholog;. 2. An Examination of Bir 
Ibibc Ilewton'B ObjectionB to the 
Chronology of the OlTinpiads. Lond, 
1782, 8to. 8s. 6d. 

Pnbliihed *fIBT tli« KuthDr'* death ij 
Th. Tyrwhltt. ubse ruu. Wlllett, 

— Williem, M.D. Antiquitatoi 
BritanBO - Belgicn, procipue Bo- 
muue, Figuria illoatrats. Ime 
Dnnm. 1711, 16, 19, 20, Byo-iToli. 

H«t!i, *6SI, It ll. D«,10». 

dipeodant. ThB ttUai ua lupwiiTel; u 

JoUl TlCiOli GiriUphlnm cum KoUi crt- 
tU, BipUeatlaii^ua V. C. Hen. D«4- 

OulUMlmlMnignTa RsfilB godatitli 
ULniuquv Bocil G4tA Britumtcoa Aoc«- 
dlt Domui BcTerlinc ijaofaU ChiaQola- 
glu et de icniHul* qamduii M, BuIh 
Alfr«UDlM«iUtla. Iks Duum.iiDOOXvi, 

ADtiqnlotea BrlUmia.Be1glCE, pmd- 

le JlUl VltaUl SJiUphio : 

itt AppflDdiX.) J 

t. B. b. B. ii 


1. HDCCII. port. 

— William, Bliq. A brief and 
true History of Sir Robert Walpole 
and his Family, from their Original 
to the present Time. Lond. 1738, 
Se. portrait. 
Fp. Tilt, ud 7S, pnbUibsd br CuU.— 

MuBH, Job. Declaratio Motuum 
ao Turbitationum inter Jesuitss et 
Sicerdotea Scminariorum in Anglia. 
Bothom. 1601, 4to. 

Mnna— The Praise of Mn«io. 
1566. Set Cabb, John. 


cenU. Lond. le 

nelck {Ooipoll. I 
of CnnfUUtioD. 

B, Google 

Mmo — eontiKaad. 

Inarried by uiil grnely Ht fiirth tn their 
Vrtttce lie. 10 Chs ainglng FlklEU Mt 

fi, hi,- 

ni snit Dltlogiui. 
tcoDit edltloEL Dmeb 
I, Blodley, pt (I, 

enlnrgeil. In I6B*, fo 

106«, iL 14.. 84.— A O , 

All.— Tke lut (dlUHi m pot lOMh In 
less, fllthout mj ilUnUon beroml O" 
tltla.uUnfiTMBoiili gf theTnuiUT of 

Kt oCToou, Kdhii, (» 
lOlKBt Sooga by llMtbl 
01 the Flar-4iouss, pafa- 

Thorougli Bh> to 
them - 

Lnd. j.'wiiiih.foUo. l^ldMdDoalUr 
in ■Ixpennjr pun, from 1708 M t7»,i*rii 
put oontelalng 1 p>g«e of muk ud u 
engiaTcd tltls-pege. The wliida fnlit 
.■-~.™.™,« tbeLTiiVloli ?,"'»■ "»l> eenend Hflo-pegM. Br. 
I • ebolee CellHillon of nev ud ex- 1 ^ltcliiiiBT>i copy, Ibe oclj oie le ta 

ud delightfiill (Or illyoungPrM- ^ TheMerry MuBlciin; oreCuiefortte 

Lond. lCft& oblong nsmll iioi 

A U ueick Leclor, or the Art of Hul 
d\acaon'd of, LaHl, ie«7, 4Ui. BstliBb] 

A phlloaapbioel Eaui of Hs^ok. Iff 
Sv NoBTH, k™, Eoger. 

The Traunry of Hnilck, eovtilol 
Ayret ud Dlaloguee. Gompojiwl by Ji 

Ch<flee iyret Bonge, end Plalogui 
compoeed by aeiani QSDtlemea of h 
M^utie'a Mu^ek ud otli*n. Fi 
booke. Lond. larS-M, mmli folio. 

Tha TheeCerofMuil^or oboloeCotb 
Hon of tha beic Oaaga. In (Ont Bool 

Cintoa; Bonga wid Paneles. &■ Foui 


rith lie'nwiii^*! 
[ to SlrJokiBfr 

kiDi) by Leirla Kuiondon, a ilnitiiiilli 
Tba Dl 

9 DIviiH Companion, or Duifl 
~— Tan'd: belngadwIoiWI* ! 
—,- and aaajF Paalma, H;IIIII,ul ' 

.cal UianelUnr. 'Hii^Tatm. 
vol.. mtb fronU. Hibbm, W 
[aa«n, PL 1. Ma, U ' - - 

.1, Un, II 


■Dd ibe poblle Tbaatrw, 

Collection of neir leaching 
fWl'd bt tba Ttiutrea am 

ho)u Goltecclon of old gosgt, 
rllb greatjDdniioDL * — ^ — 

Ttoiothy Tnllp of Fk. , .- 

■■- - Tsral koowin* Uuaielaaa, ?(M»m, 
Allad MoDxcra, Lond, WM °" 
I UdbIuI Enterlidnei.eaer 

^bJ^Teri'n; fe,1i ^t?°'i 
Frederick I.erape, and enirt^ " 
r-plalea, irttb a vignetM on ««T 
Coplea an frequent]; milUtUJI)' 
WIlBClora.] Lond. 17S7-8.i>i!U-(»- 
KB In Ibe Oiwra of Flora, "ilf ■" 
■noa Banei of Hob, ii^gn'i 

are moat eAteamed for Compotitiat^ 

greateitpart written for and pejivofi 
in tba Academi' af Kuala [btid la <M 
ApolK] r,ond. 17*0, Bva-AoolhirlJ 

beiwaan bnokala omitted bom IM ■)>>•' 

By Google 

1 CnllaoUan or J 

Umlial BlogT^hr, or L 

■vai baliw ■ Col 
■■Ml ud SHtch 

!• VIOllll, Oww 

it UiaOldsn Tlina; ■ 
ntBtnnBillidi, ud 
tndis of (hi NtUoul 

A ■hDTt Eipllaa™ of .Dch Word, 

1 T«iu u u, m^i„ 

DH of In VduI and 

Till* and IT luTSB w 

M^iJ^yi balDg 



« Merry SoB«i,th; 

UatHorHloT them 

nOreljMir. Load 


nis Cftthednl M 

ne^l^ (7lhg Dia^ 

Htmony ; belnK ■ C 

•.l..>b1« ud uAfut 

LDnd.n.d. Svola.4b> 

llunHinli Rmcim, a 

DlTin* and Uoral 

Sorigs, wltli Htdiu 

and Antfaemi b; 

MTer»l emlHiDt t[> 

Ur^ and an «i4 
g. Idi.d.o.d.amall 



■t nelibratad Bali 

TUBM. Edlnh. 177S, 



, being an Attempt 

«> frw the Scale of M 

neio and the To« 

tllB Alia fnna WrltanoTtill 

fall, Eki., F.B^. 
tunaoUar ' ' 

JaliD Uuw«U.] Li>i>d~lf8i,"8TO.~platei. 
Uniltt Iti Londco, by W. 'St^tai of Eie- 

llDBiouin.— A Kuif^ TUnetoTT for 

leal Blietch of 

a for IwmlDK 

ths Aeademj of AiKlt 

■ddsd, ririirat UTmna, Anlhomo, Ula^ 
Dies, HoItiU, Ac. Loud. 1799, Itfano. 

Voeal Anlholoer, or Iho Flowara of 
eong: being a BcTeotlon from the Tocal 
Mneleofluij.aonzuny, France, 8irtt»M- 

JSDgliah irords; aJao, twelve oilgiaal vo- 

ir-^, br w. otap- 

„j ^. «. hlacfuTwi. IjOnd. ' 

"h^ '^' ^°' ^'''' *''*'™ «»l^ni 

the title of Nadmial EngUeh Ain, 1 *oU. 
Imp. Std. sonCalne eelfSii alra. 

— — , WiflUa br Um 

Bui of lleiut EdcwnalM. Tha tnt 
adIUoB SM pilntalv dnBlatad aauiu 
ht frUoda ta tha MNa aathor.— FMitt 
idltloa, eoDttnntd to the prHanl tliii*, 
iDd Ineludlnc the F«tl«ar In Weatnl^ 
.ter Abber. Loud. ISSl, Itmo. 

louw. Land, laifi, llmix S Tola. Com^ 
tied by Dr. Bnaby. 

lefbrEdnidHotmu]. Lend. 1S>^ poat 

HnnoiL LiBUST : a BelMHan of tha 

:nKllHb and Foreign, edited hy V Ayr- 
ton fof the Opera Home), imnptlilng op- 
■ ardiofMOplMniac^Uiiilob/ the mo^l 
._. ^ - md. C. Knight, 

CollecUon of CJaailcal and Pi 

MaAaiB', Eugliih. Soolelii a 
odlea; vliti many of the b 

v...-..-- «,.Jnf nOin- I-.nnntA^n: fhn whi 

, in. Sadoeed, Bi 



Mngic — cniilinofd. 


with ' O TimefUl Volco,' Ibo Bplrit Bong, 
ud tour aermnii Sonn, wltli Engliih 
Wordi, rollo. ISIB. 5i. 

7^ Ihrre preixdviff trrti^et art iitdudfti 
i» (Ae Mu^att Library, prinMd from tin 

Hd^icilOiu; t'CoIlwttnn or neu-ly 

Conde. Itond. John D&je, 1SS4, 
; lemo. 

,' Bud LBTin.' In iha OnnrUle UM- 

T ' Myiis, Gillian:. A ctironolo^- 
cnl Eiatflr; of iha MethodiiU, bwa 
their Eue in 1727. Lood. 1813, 
8vo. 8b. 

Tha fint sdltlon wu pubUBtwd*tUn^ 
pool ta IIM, lima. 

Htxn, Alexander. Yitm Ihm- 
keldienais Eccleaus EpiscoponuD, 
a prima Sedie Fimdatioae id An- 
num 1E15, ab Aleiandrf Mjin 
(giudem BciJeaiffi CanoDico con- 
' >ta. Edinb. 182S, 4U>. 

. Land, 164(1, Bro. 

MuaEST Bud Pike. fM MqJ- 

MusTAPHi, bj Sir P. GreriUe. 
See Bboo£B. 

MirsuBUf!. Marcos. U. Mumri 
CBrmen in Platonem. luaci Ca- 
■auboni in Jaee)>hum Booligerum 
Ode. A<^cedunt Poemata et Eisr- 
eitationcB utrius^uB LingUffi. Auo- 
tore S. Butler. Appeadicis Loco 
Bubjioiuntur Hfiimus Cleanlhii 
Stoioi, Clementis Aleiandrini 
Ejnuii duo, Henrici Stcpliuii Ad- 
hortatio ad Lectioneiii □oTiFcederu. 
Consoripeit atquo edidit Sam. But- 
ler, CacLUbrigiB, 1797, 8yo. 

Dmrr, 6M, Id. Tbe FoeiD of Kuoru 
will nlK be raand In Foatai'a Euty on 
AcanC (Dd QuDdtr. 

Mtdbelmobb, Henry. A Tt»iu- 
lation of a Letter b; a I>encbe 
Gentilwomaii, upon uie Death of 
ImAj Slenor of Soje, Priuoeue of 

cnpta. Ed 


Mtwehpli, QefiVay, of Gtbjci- 
Lme, Gent. EsBafes and Chinc- 
ters of a Friaoii aod Friaonen. 
Lond. 1618, jto. woodcut oa title. 

Pp.lS,HltlitUls, dediutioQ, jio.Boon. 

II. 9«. Boibui^ho, 6682, I3».-Withii» 
DBW AddltluDB. Ixiod. less. 41a, A (• 

cut. 'need. 2BS7, la^. Nisxin, pLILtK 

Sto.411. vlclieiitbr ftawtck. SUh,V 

Uy^iboub. See Uirbob. 

Hesxekibb, The. of Lore and 
Eloquenoe. See Philups, Edff- 

MTilailat ind othsr Litia Paawotlki 
XllUh tnd XlVtb Csntiiilsi, edited li; 
Tho. Wrigbt Loud. NLcbsIO; 1SS8, Bn. 

A ColloetioD of Engluh UladgPlaTi 

UrleH. CuVMsTiT ilTBinrlai, Dmn 
Mfitnioi. HoHE, Wllllua, Bialnii^ | 
Club.Knl Sh&keapuR PiiKn. Appondli. 
SBiBriE, Tlio. ButUm Bocisir- Tonn- 

MiTHOiCYBTKa, a Surrey of tat I 
Foeay; with BaroiwuB, a podia 
Tab. Lond. 1843, 4to. 

BliidU7,pt,iIi.a37. SI-IBl I 

Uytybiak AscHuoKoot a 
Wales. &« undw WAi:Ea. 

B, Google 

- «« 


N, B. TbBin- 
wr^ted initiala of 


Comdiui. Nxss, C. 
H. E. CB«a»'B Dialogue, or a fi^ 

miluir CommujucatiOQ contAimng 
the first Institution of a Subject in 
&ll»iuioe to his Sorenugne. Load. 
Ourfoot, 1601, lamo. 

Heber. pnwDUUDn ocip; to Q. EILu- 
* - 'Ih portnlt an b«ok of Ulle,lJ.l«. 

N. r, B. (. I. Prencis Nbeo. 5m 

SiSEB, P. Bosientinua. 

K. (>. A aeognphicoU Deacrip- 
tion of the Kingdom of IrelaDd, 
according to the iye Provinces and 
thiitj-two Counties, kts. Land, for 
Geo. Emeison, 1642, 4to. 

N. H. Ste NrcHOU^ Henrj. 

N.I. A perfect Cat^gue of all 
the Kniglit" of ths most noble Or- 
ier of flie Garter. Whereunto is 
prefixed B abort Biacourse loucbing 
the Institution of tlie Order, &o. 
bj 1. H. Lond. 1661, 4to. 

W. K. Tha History of Uiis 

Batty N , contMning her aroor- 

ons AdTentitfM and Tuious turns 
of Fortune in England. Lond. 
n. d. 8vo. 

N. H. Sei Nedhav, March. 
TheM letten were alio employed iis 
a ngoature by William Oucden, 
Uing his jlnab. 

N.N. America; or, an enact 

Description of the West Indies. By 
N. N. Lond. 1665, ISmo. 

With ■ mtp. JtAlt. we, with portnll 
ofCoIambiwlnHrttd, Ut. Nuwu,pt.l. 
—,9*. C«lrto»tt, 9«,— 1«M, lano. 

N.N. Bomes PoUies, or the 

Doroni Prysrs, a Comedy. Lood. 
1681, 4to. 

BoituTKhe, 4*71, Sg. 

N. N, Sn WiBKiB, Lady. 

N. N. An Bpiatle of a Catho- 
like yonag OenCleman, being im- 
prisoned, to bis Father, a BTvtes< 
tant, who commanded him to set 
down in Writing wlut were the 
MotivM that induced bim to be- 
come B Catbolike. Doway, 1629, 

N,N. TheProgBiueofCathoLolB 
and Protatonts. £onen, 1633, 

SupponBil to h»TB bwn »ritl«ii by Jib. 
oTBrarely, &■ p. 3e3. Bollieti)', Julj 

N.N. TheEnglishNunne.being 
a TreatiBB wherein (by way of Dia- 
logue) the Author endeavoureth to 
di^w young and unmarried Catbo- 
like (Gentlewomen to embrace a TO- 
taiy relipOUB Life. 1648, IBmo. 

N. N. Treatise of tha ifature of 
Catholiokl'aith andHereaie. Eouen, 
16B7, sm. 8to. Is, 

N. N. Syhester Jenks made use 
of this signature. Set Dod's Ch. 
History. Potsr Talbot, AnAbp. of 
Dublin, and Nicholai French, Bp. 
of Perns, also used tlie same, 

N. E. See Nicoul, Eichard. 

N. S. The Ik^bI Oarlaud. Lond, 
1671, 12mo. 

BlUklMteT.pp. ISB. BiU-Asglo-Poet- 
4S1, nuwia, 41. & 


1646 SA£ 

TS. S. AoU Lucif, or the Eouae 
of Lislit. Loud. ISino. 
H>ilHr, Ba.U. 

If. T. Aoaleots. 'Sm Boots, 
Darid. ! 

Ii. T. SM Nettlls, TbOKiu. 

N. T. Q. Sa NiWTOV, IbomM, | 

K. W. A. PoniTsMon to godlie 
PurpoMH. Bj W. H, Loud. 1583, 

D 4, Id eights. 

H.W. BBrlay-breake, 
' ■ for 'WaiitoM. Written 
., Gent. 

iru. DsdieaUd ta 'Hii 

ing for WantoM. Written by 
W. N., Gent, Lend. Simon Staf- 


Pp. aa. 

o Nlctaolsil Bretdii. Bibl. AuElii-Pott.ll, 
Ot. 10s. re.Dld Biimdsn' ia laiS, U. 8i.; 

;5^'s■. i'T^^i";^ _'.'-, -B^K^'JiLi''' 

_ _ - r.'pUv. sa. u-. 

N. W. See Hbabe, W. 

Habbkb, Thoi. PlttjBiuidPoBmB. 

Reed ai»UecIlonor,liiaDivoL.4t«.8StO, 
li,7B, Hoiburghn. SWO, «!. Sa. BlndleT. 
Bt.tll.778,«.8>. North, pt.Ht. BIB, ai.lO», 

MlmxeemDa, ■ monll Uuque. Limd, , 
1887, «o. ' A Tery poetic rhspnodr.'— W. 
Oiffard. mbbett,M8»,lli. Jloiburgh*, 
CM9,10b. Rhodes, mi, lai. Bebar,pl. 
U.(M.«d. IWptioled In the new ecliUoB 
or DodileT'' O^^ Plan. 

Hunlbal end Sdpio, a Tngedle. Loud. 

ieer,4to. Boaveu, ims, *■, w. uoi- 

bn^i*, «64S, lOi. BhodeB, 1T71, ISa, In- 
JtUi'OU Fliri, 07, lie. 109, Cd. 

Corenl tfmrfen, ■ pl*B«»ni Ccmodia. 
Lond. 1838, «to. StMTeni, 112M, Bi. Ke- 
tnr, Bt IL 181. Rhodes 1788. ii— 188B, 
4to. £iell^ClldPlaTi,Bl,Ul. Soiburgba. 
"W,10a.8d. Debar, pt,il.8i.8d. 

The Spllng'i m«1a. a Uiuae. Loud. 

«e,iU. Boiburgba, una I&. luglli' 

Id Playi, BO, U. ISl Caldecotl, lUi. 

TUe Uofortiuiats UoUier, a Tragedle 

iDtantlon at tlis Autlior. Loud. tflU. 
RoibarghB, K&2, Bi. Rbedei, 1718, Ue. 

TheBtlde, a Comedie. Lmd. 1M1,(iil 
Roilwrgfaa, sbW. Si. ed. Rbodea, 17H 

Naeeb (im.^A genuine Hiatoij 
of Nadir-Cha, formerly call'd Tba- 
maa EoiOi-EhaD, done into Endiall 
(from the Fenian). Lond. 1741, 
8to.— Land. 1746, 12bio. 

N "T.«, Bobert. A fieUtion of 
the Toyid Eitfertainmenc gircD to 
Queen Anne, in Jime 1613, at the 
Citie of BriatoL Lond. 161S, 4lo. 
JuDesLDnmiGopjla the Badleian U- 

yuaos, John, LL,D. An im- 
partial Collection qf the grot Af- 
fairs of State, from the Beginniii; 
of the Scotch Eebellion in 16S9 lo 
the Murder of K, Charles I. Talni 
from authentiok Hecords, and me- 
thodically digeated. Lond. 1682-3, 
foho, a Tola, frontiapiecea by Whil^ 
Zl. 2b. 


t'grsm., ^-" 
etntiell, . 


iAajd, 001, 1'. i^a rjuncHji, iKti, 
lllbbHt, 8700, ISb. Rbodee, 177S, II. 

pTeaenutlon OD the Prince't Blrtb Day- 
Load. 1838, tto. 

Tollenhimi Court, i Comedle. Load. 
18SS, ato. Roiburglie, UUl, 10a, Od. 

Entertaliiiieiit on Uie FriDce'a Birth 
Day, a Uuque. Lond. lew, Mo. 

iulttd vltb gcEat allowBDC* for Utiir 

Ceing foil of vailly curiooi and TllDiUt 
autlientic piecei'— Bp. ICaih.rUn. wa- 
Istt, 1673. IJ, 8>, Baatli, 4t54, IL IV 
Hebar, pL i. II, «■. OiMaliDiu-VilL 1- 

the'intto«uoiSi,°Uxli*pp."^e uU«- 
18 pp.; the work, 817 pp. -ith a fiwKI* 
piece by White, and tha mind or Uu 
S^nllip'Me (m pMDi of 87 UM.) 
TtllB, nplBtle dedlcilnry toE.ClKriBan. 

vork, eil pp.; ■ Iible, 3S pp.; ilu • 

of the front! Bplece (mpofni ofSlllnet), 

High Cuurt of JuBtlca Ibr the tri»l ofK, 

1«S*, folio. With an Klleg^ial eallea- 

B, Google 

Fmcei ind Fintanindi, or i RpMlmen of 

S«piinillon. '"tIi" finl pirt irilllen by 
»>r.K, thBHCDndby KobertWin.] Dib. 

SaLVB, Carmen SauBCritum, & 

tnuwUtid (iDm tba Buucrit Into EvfUih 

Not«H bv tha Kbt. H, 11. Mllmati, 
Olfold, less, Imp. Sto. 

NxNi, Bsttietti. The Historj of 
theAfCkin of Europe in tJiupreaent 
Ago, but more partjcoldrlj of tbo 
llepublio of Tenice, eneliahed from 
the Italian, by Sir Hobert Honj- 
wood, Knight. Lond. 1673, folio. 

Pp. ei4, b>iide> dedinLiiDD to eir W(l- 
lBrV»08,Knlgbl, ludtlUe. Koxinrghi, 
StSB, 17.. M. 

NAJfTES. — The HiBtoTj of the 
fioaouB Edict of Nantce, tranilated 
into English (by — Cix^e). Lond. 
John Sunton, 1694, 4to. 2 vols. 

UuiiniiDf Tgwiiib«)d,jL:sO,il.!a. For 
ftnm qaem lliaj, dtud SO June, 1«3S. 

Nahtwich. — An hiitorioal Ao- 
oouat of Nantwicb ; with a parti- 
cular Belation of the remaAable 
Siege it sustained in the grand Be- 
" " " ■ 1 1643. Shrewsburf, 1774, 



Pp. 86; and « 

. LloTd, 

NAoaEOHacB, ThomHB. The Po- 
pish Kingdome, or Eeigne of Anti- 
christ. Written in IjtttinB Verse by 
Thomas Naogeorgue, and eoglyBhed 
bj Bamnbe Uooge. Land. 1570, 4to. 

of H. Denlum o™'lh*e"lh™ 1. DeSL 
Kit UshsrdsWnlUDi. Blb1.'AnglD.FaeL 
■11^ imJKrfMI, IL Is. mold at Simidr— ' 
Id tSlS, II.IBi. llebtr, pt. lUL SI. 
Parrf, pt I. 23*8. £L 17>, Nottb, «, 1 
Bnnd, 41. tea. Heb«r, pt. )T. Si. 39. 

BrrdgBtf Ceunn LlUrKla. 
ate Oooan, Buaabj. 

Nafhb, Archibald, Lord. Mt- 
loirs of Archibald, first Lord No- 
ier, (written by himself). Edinb. 
793, 4to. 
PrtTiulf prlnUd. Korbnrgli*, SStt 

Onelea or Sib;lln, mgTHliig vtth the Ea- 

nBLntion, nod othor rluwi of Serlptun. 

""-■- W4ld<gnT>, IfiSS, «to. Tli» ca- 

Dd leftmadvorfE, vhich prvdooeda' 

not MUatUm whaa fiiit pi^abcd, baa 

Bsen Danilatsd lata Uh Fimch, Dnicb, 

' a«nuaa luunnni. Blndler, pt-ill. 

ISa. Ii«ll(, m, ISb.— Lond. fat J. 


Lond. [Edinb.] . 

91L OiidDiuUDn, IMS, 
ition, or n Egltoma or 

Coutnbte, 773, IM. Ok. Ch^me 


k, HlnficlLogirllhmon 
LogLbUta. Sh BiinciTT 

Lir< of^^n Hapier (Inmitn oT La- 
guitbDU) by Lord Kncbnn mnd Dr. HlDto. 
"78, 4to, portrait. 

Ijomoln of John ft-^' of Uereblatan, 

y Mark Napior. Edinb. llOi, ito. porta, 
od pUtai,piib.nt SLSa. 
NAf nrfi, Macrey. Bemarls illos- 
trotiTe of the Soopa and Influence 
of the philosophical Writings of 
Lord Bacon. Edinb. 1818, 4to. 

Not piloted for ula. iFram the Boyal 
Soelely of Edlnburgh'e TranwielloM.) 
Lord Sicon nod Sir Wilier Balelgb. 

ProfeMOr Napier wu adltor of the fiTm- 
plement to the roarth, fifth, nndtfitbedl- 
tioDtt of tbe Knoyclopiedli Bri Utml ». l«H^ 
STobi,4to.; andahioof the seycDth edl- 

B, Google 

— IJeaL-CoLWmiam p. p. His- 
tory of the War in the FemnBab 
■ndinthe SoDthof Fnuioe,&c>m tlu 
jeai 1807 to 1814. Lond. 182S-40, 
8ro. 6 Tols. phtM, 6i. 
Ibb rf the I — ■ '-■ 

Bt Lt-OoL W. Niplar. Lond. 13% Sfo. 

Fmlkar Olaamilou tij I^mf, Vlt- 
eoaal gmncfiiid. Loud. I8H, Sto. 
Notoon &a Cuapalgn of 18C»«, In n- 
- -tegt.«(d. Hud«>i HUtofT. 
iL T. 3. SoniL isae, Sro. 
n to Lone, On. ■•> 
nplf to do. 8to. ■•. 
Blilcta[«> on certun ponuM of 
luloi's Ulit«T, wliloti ttlita to 



mi. BjW.F 
. LoDd-USa, 

pnnmiU. IK 

Coon tot Bf 

Tho Co,^ 

to bla Btptr to nilotii Op. 
13,8yo. pp.61,liSd. 

Bttarto Boresford, IBS*. 8to 


ji. N»pisr, iaaa. a™. is. ed' 

|KlT».l83fc8TO.afcSd.^ " 

u OD tbe Cam L>ir, 1311, 8vo 
Ht of Bctnde, with soma 

En^ih Battlci ud megtt In tlH Pe. 
nfniuV Loud. W«lorton.lSSa,pr«§«.. 
lOi.— SHDDd uUtton. Ldud. UimT, 1X6, 

Napouok I. M6iioir« poor 
serrir n rHietoire de France, 6cTilv 
' Sunte-H^l^e kmu U Didea dg 

Napoleon, pir la 0^ 
■ g* es Cipti- 

n^raiu qui out partagi 

lit* et public aur les MSS. 

^rament corrig^s de sa Main. Land. 
1823-4^ 8to. 7 Tols. 21. 8». 

Thi» work IB dlrided into tn p«ni, 
tbB ant endUsd ' UtniDlnn' dlcUUd u 
GangnlB QoKrgnd u>d JHsnlUliii, in- 
■liU of 4 Toll., tlia mond ta oatltM 'NoM 
>t Ustucu ' ud eonalma of S vdIi. ch- 

otpKl works. As. ralnthir; ta bfanpcbliiM 
durias hi) Ulb. A BRh toIdh of Ikt 
HomoliH, auad tka Srd of JbuUn 

na publislieil in ISSa ; bat Mil cbledr 
on the ibHign lAi ;>iralD>n. liwl lllUl 

nciBo or nimuii: vola. 1 ud I dicuud 
to GoDenl Oonr^uid ; vols. 3 Hid t df& 
Uted to tho CoDitdo UoDtfaolon. Fom- 
' — ' Toll.— Hinotiai Mls»lluilei i't- 

Colhom, 1823^ Sio,— To^WtM T 

1 cmpenur Hipolson a Baloto iitMt 
p»r le ComtB Do Lu Cuu, Lond. C* 
buiu. 1B2», Bro.SpirtBorToto. gMnnllT 

eleni, W t 
IDd. IfBS. S> 

Jnorml of the Prl«to Ufe ud C»- 
Torutlono of Ibo Ecnperw NshiIkii USk 

Auo 1.JIH ui nitpoiBDn iKiivpariB, I 
r. de Bourrienn*, hie prinU Socntir 
nth Notos, Daw flnl tddad, ftom 11 
ICTitioB of Nupolwm, It St Belen 

' Qeneral Bapp, of Conalant, ud ti 

B, Google 


HiroiBOH I. — tontlnued. 

Tnoilited t>T Ueinel. L«iid. WMt- 

LhhI. Th«Du. 1840, 

id. Bobn, 1861, ISm 
byOaoEVB Ifo 

. il. in., redaa 

HIgtwv of Napoleon, sdLted I17 B. H. 
Bonn, lllmtrateil by KsiTat and Hone* 
Vsnat Lonl.TjM(for¥UltellTXlS«, 
"y.B>o, 2fcl>. with S8l woodnils, pub. 

BUtoiT of NtDDlaon, mm Uia FrcBch 

InHODl by >!»••« Var^^t. T.11111I. WII- 


tiTonr Uh Fnaoh CiiiiH. 
<lta« People of Ui« Untied 

Napoleon I., &c. Lond. ISM, Bro. 

The NlHiily ot N. Bonaparte, Empe- 
' mil the French, cHeul.Wd l)y ■ 

elmllar Schemei fmployed by Philip to 

1tai\y, by the 1 
i«oilJanol]. 1 
lldWKd, 1^, 

L. Lend, lSfi2, pAat 8to. 
nd vignette tlue-pageBj 

ichsBS d'AbninteB, [Ub- 
ud. Denlley, 1831, Bto, 

iTRenti, from the nunl »lebnt«dpiii- 
tiLnaprodnced In Fraoce duiing the laat 

— Ner edstloD, Rama ptfttei. Lotjd, 


UernQin of the PrlTAtd LIA(, BAturo, 
»M R«\pi of Napoleon in 181B, bj FlButy 
di Cbunboolon. Loud, 1B9J, Std. ! vole. 

Tbe i^t Day. of Nipoleon : Memoin 
°rtha lut t.0 Veara of Napoleon'e KUle, 
l^F-lntomiaarohl. Lond.lSia. Sro-Svola, 

fxn \a «fleen Cantos, by Doctor Syot«i, 

Erifllih Ttinilalion. L 

b '- E. £1 'hlfi'"wlTli a : 
'IWKh *miT on Iha Hh 

Tba Smut; or H. Bnonapute an- 

Elghtcan origlni 

le Honaparteid; aHriChCenile 


Friendi or Briton's Monitor. 
Esglaiid (tarn Jolliia Cesar dovu to tli* 

B, Google 

1660 KAP 

Napouoh I. — dmlnuitd. 
C*tAli>ga* of French CniBlli«i, &t l^ond. 
ObHiTalloniDa Loid Bithnnt'i Spcach 

Iswe, OB HH oppiMtiTB Conduct tow«rd> 
NipaMw,i'LUiu Appandli. Loud.ieu, 

HlataiM DonbU nlnUve to N>pol«an 
BoonpuU. [B7 Abp. WtaKtsly,] Land. 

Od« on (he Dealh of Nnpoleoa, Lines 
on the NempoUlm Revolution. «nd othM 


Naphtau, or the WrostlingB of 
the Church of SootUnd. See SCOT- 
uid iif Hoirie'B Scots Wor- 
thieBiToI. 2. 

N-iBBOBoiraH, 8ii John. 5w 

NomtW ft f>f the Banjin^ In the Portef 
Tripoli four Men of Wtr by Sli John 

King «nd Lochf e'e In 1814, li. ISi. 

Kakss, Edv&rd, B.D. MemoiT] 
oC the Life uid AdmimBintion o( 
Williua Cecil, Lord Burghlef. 
Lond. 1828-31, 4to. 3 toIs. prat, 
ju)., pab. 91. 9a. red. 2^ 12s. 6d. 

D V .,,. ir ..„ of Ui, Hw 

nlUrlMII. Sf 
ond. 13H,8f». 

Loud. Momr (Fuaily LlharT), 1881, 
iame,poit.arTelle;iuid,M. Tegg,Si.6il. 
XetoDln oT the Intulon of Fnnce b; 

the Allied Armiei, 

rheBoDipute Lett 

id Danfttoliei, 

^J. A. Kjumlne; bt FimcA and Xngiith. 
Lond. IMS, poet Sto. 
Hillary of lbs Cap^vltr of Kipoleon at 

nf Btr HudBOD Lowe, snd offiolel Docn- 
meotB not befon mede pnbUc, by W. 

Think. I to m7«ir:'e NoTftL lal, 

ilenlllo AnomiUes. Lond. ISU, lami. 
i *ols. An enurtHlnln^ work. preseaUnc 
much cnrions tnfonnstlon. 

— Bobert, Archdeaoou. A (Hm- 
sary j or, a. Collection of Words, 
PbraeeB, Ifamea and Allusiona to 
Custonia, Provetba, de. which h>7e 
been thonght to req^uire IlluAtn- 
tbe Works of English iu- 

3f Ortiaepy. Lond.lTStpBc 
df BteniRtIc, pemplcnonR, And 
■ork. Blodlej, pE. Li. sua, 

Slemente of the English lath 
id ind chrenolii[io»l View of 

B, Google 


Bight Bar. ■ W.rburtod. torf 
Bp. of GloOMStar. Loni. 1806, 8vo. 7l. 

The VeTMlty of the Ev.ngeliBls d.- 
■uniBtnled, br ■ compintiTa Tlsv of 
thetrHlitorie*. Land. 1818,8™. 8.. An 

vxa 1651 


lBy,pt. lli.«4». Mldglej, «. lOs. Ul- 
tereon, ISM mm. «. ISh. d.rd„„ in 18S4, 
Bl. S« Brjiref Ceniqni I.tleterli. ■ a2 

M.r[ln'. MonlhH Minde, IBSB. A C6=n- 
iBKuffe BiTen 10 MirtUi Ji.nlor, 1B88. 

WIS, ibno^ " ' " ''"*°"'°"- 
the Brltlili Critle, idiI for jeen lt> prin- 

Nabbib]!, John. Hifltorical Ac- 
count of tha Origin and ProgreBB of 
Aetronoinj. Lond. 1833, 8to. ' " 

Ln^yttu] ABi»D0ai7, 

ogectiooB. LoDd, I^S> 

Naht, ComeliuB. A new His- 
toiT of the World. Dub., 1720, fol. 

HiBH, Prederiok. PiotureBque 
TiewB of the City of Paris and iti 
EnTirons, with Deseriptions written 
in English, b; J. Scott, translated 
into Eranchby M. dela Broafiere. 
Lond, 1883, roj. 4to. 2 vols. 

FnfcUshfd at S. 89. PHOan, IN. ISe. 

H[bb«rt, 68»S. Indie, monKco, 101. IBa.' 



The origLm! dnwliin(Hld to have i«at 
IICHH.) weraloTtiarpe'BCit.I^ ftrSU, 

— EiohartJ, itommonlj called 
Beau. Hie Life, extracted &omhia 
own papers. Edited bj Dr. Gold- 
smith. Lond. 1762, 8to. portraita. 

ier, M. C 

I of thli e 

n. print. 

— 'ThomaB, of St. John's CoU. 
Cambridge. Works, Poetical and 

Of thia writer, Mr. QIBiird obtarrea 

nlUeT7, nsTar vet inrpuMd.' Inl5B8i( 
wee ordered ' Thet (11 Niibe'a bookea end 

- Mid Mar- 

„„„.,„,, diaeoTerlDK the Euhba ttaet )■ 
bndde la BngUiid ; and amferrlntt toge- 
ther about U» apeadle NspeRlog of the 

Bied, MSa, SI, la, BrIghC 21. I2a. Bd! 

lelier, pL tIU. JJ. S>. 
Theflrat Ptrte of Pasqoaa Apohirio. 
therein he renden ■ Rei»n (This 
'rltniiei of hlBloof Silence; and gill^ 


ud pethelluUy iDiermli 
— ^o edWoda with till d 
I. B^AhelJefleaifor. 




Habh, Thorn 

IDS wltb yoi ta SslhiRi WiJdna, ta 
lis] Hurej'g Hunt la up. Land. J. 
>sF,UM,iti>. Tkla puapblsl eoiUliu 

ther were going prfnllta lo rtcQi.ll Iho 

A|llH'l«pi>'bTTho:NMht..fl«r which Is 

Bright,! ■ ■ 

1(. li 

lindler,I]LlU.Ue,31.Ba. B«d,»10, 

auto it UMisd > umpumtlTa Adnuui- 

nt. Til]. UDCDt iMt dunngWI,! 

With prefitDrrEpiBtle in Sapl; to QtbriaL 

OiTdiierlaIffi4,3J.Rs. BothobT'l in 1831, 
II. IOb. Bud, 2US, 71. 111. 6d. Hsbar, pc 
tT. ISa. Bepriatad In Ihe flnt Tolumi of 
tti« ArebXo. 

Dido, Queen of Cuihaea, Ibtt. Sk 
M*BL0W, E.p.HTS. 

The TnfortuuuTraTslIer : or, the Lire 


la N Ight. or, a DlaeonrH 

ai.fld. Straltell, nx, n. Ta. Hlbtwt 
788, SI. ISe.Sd. BlBdlB»,pt la 7S7,9t8s. 
^7,nl,ll.ll9B,MH. l»le,U.H.OooA 

leher, pl.iT.41. Bfsold, Oanlaar,4LUi. 

' Royal 'Biehanga to aneh wrniMpM 
;oDtl*Dien as resona thert, le97, 4U. 
Undlsy, pt. Hi, leM, St. it. 

I>et«lplit>n anl first ProenatloB uS ll- 

WiMB, lo ha ramembered. Lond. H. 
for 6. B., ISW, iu. pp. sa. Including 1 
nils, eptatia dsdlcatoty and ■ddnai. t 

Will ind TeaUment. Loud. 1600, ft 
SlaObrd, Ito. Bhodes. 1776 w. BoinU. 
!BST, 41. Sri. Boihurgbe, SS&3, 41. U 
SolhabT'a la Nov: 1838. S.. 6b. Brfl^l, 
BJ. IDs. resold Halliwall, »Uy, 1856, Jl 
13a. Haber, pL li. U. ea. BanrlnteliB 
tba new editlai of UedaleVa C^ssliaa gf 
Old PU71. 

Tbe Bstnmt of the SLslghl or the PoMa 
tram Hell, wltb the Dlvehi Agnswem 10 
tba BumilioaUaii of Fierce Fannllon. 
.ond. Wlndel, 160«, 4to. Altrlbnt«4. bit 

.onitoun, ieS6, «, Reed, 3147, 

Luh^iiUst, the Libartlna and tb* Bi 

Ba LlCHniLD. Rich. HlBTET, OsLtld. 

Sabs, Thomaa, at tha Ulddl* 
Tcmpla. QiBtamio, (w k {oneSali 
Wftf to B bappie Li&, Mt fort 
a Dialogue betweene a Ooontijiiiu 
and B CitiEen, a Dirine u ' ~ 
Lawjer. Lond. 1689, 4to, 

and u Brldgnter Hdiih 
N.Ib.Sd. Resold, HetK 
Anolber. put of leaf Jtii 

B, Google 

Viwe, Twadway, D.D. C 
tionB for the Hiatory of WorcBeter- 
ihire. Loud. 1781-2. WithaSup- 
plcmeot. Lojid. 1799, folio, 2 ^ 

were trftoacrlbed ■ bj hiB Bon, Iho 
iQthor of CmsUn, Ac. Beekfgrd in 

loLa of Tawnsh^nd, 3468, luuli, 
mil«t, 16T4, 131. 131. LIBOI 

»M.iift]iou t tbe au^l^ en t, n» 
Tli4 abfeace of the aupplemeD' 

Ml IOb. OjUdtJan.— Vol. I. Loud. 
■cH. anil 610, not fnelndlng the 1 

a. (Dyarpiiii.J.F.lier, sc 
S ippeniliiO^ But this p. 

UiriiiK Ike dil4 of lim. To Ih«H I 
■i'>1 pntniC o( Maali ll pnflud. 

Nasktte, Arthur. Divine P< 
«»>■ in Oiiee Forte, tii., FoetiGsll 
AppIicBtiODS, Job's AdversitT, Po- 
etioall Frajen, with Man's Loot- 
ins-GliiMe. Edinb. 1665, ■m.l2ma. 

Binder, pt lU. BR 81. Hebw, pt t». 

— JamfC, D.D. CMologus Li- 
fennun M8S. quoe Collegio Corpo- 
™ Christi in Academia Cantabri- 
gienii legftrit Matthfeus Parker, 
Atoh. Cantuar. Cantab. 1777, 4to. 

An etcelleoC catHiogne. Tonneley, pt, 
■I'ltao.lDa. Biiid1ey,pt.HI.80S,T«a.Bil. 

Itlaarmria Bfrnmlt BlDMonia et Wlllal- 
cil da Wonwtn. Caaub. 1778, Sto. 

Hftbert. 7 

T, 8b. ei. uaaw p. 

Nathaji, SabbL Tractatui de 
PatribuB, in Ling. lat. transl. cum 
NotiH per Franc. Tailerum. Lond. 
1664, 4to. 

NAiTKE,LBnr. ATreaiJBeon the 
ancient Method of Engnmng on 
preciona Slonea, compared wiUi 
tho modern. Lond. 1754s t"^- 
(Two editlDDH, ona Id EngUtdl, the otltn 

CalaloguB dea Pieirea eraviaa do Sj- 
lord CamlB it BesBbcrDugb. Lond. 1761, 

Natteh, John Claude. Bath 
Lluatrated bj a Series of Viewi, 
from his DrawTOgs ; with Deacrip- 
tiona to each Plate. Loi^. 1806, 
Bnper rojal folio. 18s. 

ad Bt Jleiila, 

anotia Deplcio. Sm FittiiD, James. 
IlAHTSA BsiTiVK. Emprintod 
bj Bittharde Pjnaon, folio, If. Is. 

taobth oOQtory, printed br Pynaon, Mid- 
dlalon, Rutall, Bedmao, Tiittall, Pawall, 

diBpIared. Sa Spectaele de 1i 
<atiuallBt'H Focksl UagaxInB 

ketcbaa of Britlsli Quadrupeda. Svo. 
1 74 eugnTinga by John 8cott. 
Ubed at M.8a. uaoa tirrt, roy. 

tori aod Botanj', intHided for ibe nae 
ItudentB and TtHTcUen. Load. ISSS, 
ID. irlth plat«9. 

B, Google 

1654 HAU 

Th* N'&UiisUil'i ConipulaiL 18M, 870. 
■wJlh pllMI, pUIn, 12«. coloniBd, II. iB. Stt 

VttmlMt hOmrj. SMBIrW.Jis- 

NKton'i Cruel SMv Dunu 1 or laitch- 
lan mtmMen M Itae f^mile »i, Eli>' 
ll.niei .nd Anne WilUt, who -rBre eif 
oiiUd ic Tybnme, 1037, soodcnU, 4tg. Ac. 
Bothabr, IBM, II- 

NirDKCi, QabrieL Inetmctioiu 
concerning erecting a Library, 
tranBlsted by John Eveljn. Loud. 
1661, am. 8yo. 

Ihe Litirwy of Ci 

c LlblMT. Lona. 1863, 4' 

lin MlsctlUnT- 

jtory of M«le by «y of Apolr 


HiUMTOS, Sif Robert. -n-" 
Court of Qneen Elizabeth, with 
coniiderable biomphical Additions 
by Jamei Caulfield. Lond. 1814, 
Aki. 21 portrait*. 

copies 'ors struck oS villi ths portnlts 

aS98, morocco, 17s.— witod by P."WLlJodd! 
Loud. ISai, poal 8to. irflll9portr^U 811- 

Onlyfiftooo copies printed. 

F[»BiiiBnl* KBmlU^ or Ob«r™UM« on 
tlio Iste Queen EllELbeth, bar timeH ud 
fayourltea, 110. n. p. IMl.— llo. n.p. IBO.— 
jymi ie»8, 8to.— With eipl«i»loiy ob- 
■emiioiu. Edinb. 1S1», Svc 

The Fn^monURegUUwersremlnted 
iB Oui lint Tcdams of tbs Pheoli, In the 

ud mt tbt «1 or tlH Hemoln oT Bobert 
Orr, B«t1 of Moamooth, Load. 180B, 
Sto; *. ItaWwp. Eertw, t. aon*. 

Hmolra of Hlr Robert Nmntrni Or J. 
Cuiiaetdl. Lend. ISll. ilo. fHii portnlt. 
uui rins, In Kdlo, Nunn, pL L 

NiTTBB, Fred. Biihop of "VIwim. 
Of all bluing Stam tn generall, 
traiulated by Fleming. Xond. 
577, I6Q10. 10b. 6d. 

B, In «Kht«. dedlcsMa to Sit WUUmi 
Cordell, Iknight- 

NiimoAi. Almauack, The, and 
astronomical Ephemerie, from the 
Commencemont in 1767 to 1864- 
Lond. 1766-1860, 8to.98to1». lOi. 
uwt nHful to tb« prutlal 

mutleil men. It Is pobUshBd uaa^J 
by order of lbs idmlrilty, genermlly (^ 

jSJ'l§Bl,'^SS It "" rednced to Si Bd. 

~ SH sdlted tl first b; DT.Hukelyne,' 
m 1771 to IBM, 6y Mr. Hltebint rf 
. Hlliry, Comwill ; snlweqaBiitlT by 
' Yonair- Ml. W.S. SHtlbrd; mid AH* 
B 1SS7 Tolnme Indu^TS by Mr.J.S- 

Teiles reqnlrife to bo med wltb lb« 

itlCude and Longitude St BeL, 

TSiYMXRSn, B. F. r, Dominiii 
Femander. An Account of Chin*, 
with a Supplement. 

In the tint ond Blith •olomn of tbe 
Chorelim Coltectim of Voj«g« •" 

Nat¥. — The Natal Chronicfc, 
from its Commenoeroent in JamuT 
1799 to Dec. 1818 inoluBivB. Lond. 
royal 8vo. 40 Tok. 

With portnlti tM other pl>l«a. P»- 
Jarted by the Sit. J. a. Clu-ke. W«- 
bill, MO, IN. ReBd.»Be8,97noB.M.15. 

A CtJleclion of Paperi on mtrf Ai*- 
' . — 11-1800, Svo. 3 «U. 

' C^j^UrT L'tho'SritWi »!t- 

The Nirei Bseien book (oy v^rw 
Qluoock). Load. 183ft port 8vo, » •oU- 
Sscond Hriei, po«t Bro. 

HkTBl Affiirs, 1560 to 1«89. A ma* 
Bitr»ordtn«iy Beriee of Pilots ^'l'?' 
MSa.mnd AntoRT^he, In «T Tolt WJo, 
ths property of Sir George DnoMU, But 
Sold tl Sotheby's, June ^ 1BSX. (M W 
Tbe dBbCripUon eitendi oyer 8 page*. 

Natmb, Sir GeorgB, G«rt«' 
Prinoipal Kiiig of Arms. Hie Co- 
ronation of K. Georga IV, solam- 
niaed in the CoUe^te Chnich <^ 

B, Google 


Bt. FeUr Weatnuiuter upon 
mth Itay of July, ,1821. Lond. 
UM, Ktlu folio. Pub. by aulwcrip- 
lioD. Futi land 2,>t 121.128. 
niL Psrta 3 and 4, oompleted by 
E Or. Boho, who repabluhed the 
idule it lil. laa.' 

feConxULtloD of atornlV,,p.G!a. 

A CnUMCion or tti« CdiU dT Anna 
lijnn lij Uh NolillLly mi On try of Qlou. 
cmUnliln. Its. with Sn Cuts or Aimi, 
ririB. FubllMhad 

NiYioB, Franoii Hare. Hiatopy 

of Siq Efl1ietioRapablica,coDtamuig 
tbelUie and Progress of the feden- 
tiTeBepnblies, to the Middle of the 
(fteenlh Century. Lond. 1801, 8to. 

tttaia edlUon, enUivad ud nDtlnna 
lo I nceot period, ineluAlng liie troobh 
Id Uh tmie Vaud. Load. IBDB, 8t( 

neclTilud mUituyHIMaiy ot On 
■U', tna Uie Ludlng oT QgiUm t 
Oh Goddqilon ot Uie tnctjof WntphiiUa. 
lAd. lBlC,8vo. 8 TOU. Ita. 

Kasmjb, Jamea, the Qoaker'i 
^Kwtle. Memdiof hialiUbtUiii- 
i'tr;, Tryil and Suffennga. Iipnd. 
ins^ Sra 

li Its BrltUh MiiHBm in muT truti 
Vmd mlhUuf totfau iliijniUf eatnujtlut 
1B3-78. ^ 

Naubehub, Ahrm. A. Bsproofe 
'peLan and geenen forth b; Abra 
flBUrenua againat all fidaa Chhe- 
tuuu, ke. Tnntititei out of So- 
Our-aaum, 1579, 8to. 

Elffat Iwvaa, in defBDca oT H. H. ud 
fta FuillT or Lo**. 


KxAUB, WiUiam. The double- 
BFmad Man, by the new Inuention ; 
biiefly (bowing some fiunoua Si- 
Ma atohieued by our Britiili 
Bowmen; with aeoerall Portrai- 
tDRs pi.operfor the Pike and Bow. 
Lond. 1626, 4to. frontifpiece. 


..__, _;. lai. '&. Gough, 

tU. lDKli<,SS3,l(.lSl. Muuu, 

J.' King ud LochM'l in 181*, 
n. d. ito. Blsdlar, pC <>. IM, 

The aolbor'ii i!op7 or tlili in- 

pnalon ia In tli* QmoTlllo ceUecUoa. , 

Heat, DanH M.A. The Hia< 

tory of the PuritaoB, ot Proteetant 
Non.Confonnista : from the Befor- 
matioD to the Death of Queen EK- 
zabeth : with an Account of tlicir 
Prinoipiea ; their Attempta for a 
farther Beformation in the Church ; 
their Sufferinga ; and the Lirea and 
Charactera of thmr moat oooaide- 
nible Dirinea. A new Edition, i^ 
Tiaed, corrected, and enlaced, bj 
Joihua Toulmin, A. M. fiatl, 
1788-7. 8to. 6 vol». 

Bsitodltlon. HDlIi>,8TT,52. Wllllusi, 

our UnffnAee, Dod'i Roinjji Galhoiio 
Chnrcli History not eicBpled.— OMrt. 
Mninc. Bp. WutiDTton ufa, 'I took 
hanu ^B»f ■ Hlitory) lo my Iidum, and, 

ttaioDgh ; ■hiSi I tWofc W b« . ftill con- 
fBUtlon of ftU fall r>lH hot* and putial 
reprtWiUlloM.' - l-Dd. lT8»-8, On. 
d TolL Sir P. ThonMon, WT.V. Si. 
BilfaopotBlr,e4I,ll. MuqnlsoTTowiia. 

78U, «. Hi. 6d.— Dublin, 17M, Sto.f 

Nb*1 npon oewion oT hl> pobllihing Ilia 
Hlitory o( the Puril»o«[b7 A. B.) Lopd. 
HM, Sic pp. ao, Indudliig tlllo and hilt- 
A VlndlBtion of the GoYemniBiil, Doo. 
Irins and Womlilp ot the Church of laig- 
lud eeCahUitied <a the Ralgn of Queen 
tioM of Jr. Naal In iho Uta Hlatorror 
the Puritani, By Isuo Madoi, Blihop 
otWorcMUr. Lond. 17B3, Bro. Bi. 

B, Google 

1656 lU 

JStUi, Dttoiel, 1S.A. — rnnftnvaf. 

A BaTlav of Cti« prtndpil Futi ol> 
Jeaud to tbe flnt tdIiuih of Iha Hiitorj 
of U» IhuitUB (br Hiahop Uidu). Bj 
Dm^I NhiI, M.A. Idnd, 17M, Std 
pp. S% Including Llttfr 

An lllnilntica of Mr. Duld MnTi 

hMD. With Eemart". Bj ClirUlophsr 

An Imp&TtUt BumkofttloD, S 
Kt^'aHlMcTfortbaFurlUms. By ._ 
QnT, LLi.D. lal Iiud Midox, Bp. of 

r muDlcipal I4VI 
jrffliu. ifAi^oyu. jb vols. BlDiUar, pt. IL 
9(X«,1«1. WUlett.lSU, l^fii^l7«,ETr>. 
a lOlL Blihop of EUj, 6t9, ISa. 

ITULB, Aiiam, U.B. Letters 
from FtnliigBl and Spain ; com- 
prismg an Aecount of the Opera- 
tions of the Armiee under Sir A.. 
Wellealej and Sir 3, Mcnre, bam 

lond. 1809. 4to. 

land, MoldnTU and Tutker, 


— Ji^m Fnaton- VinrH of tbe 
Seata of Noblsmsa and Ctentleaun 
in England, Wales, Sootlaod mid 
Ireland, FirH Seritt, Lond. 181S- 
1823, 6rolB. 4SS plat«. 

Stca^ Stria, Lond. IBM-ISSB, EnlL 
njtl Btd. (aU published] S«a plltH, U- 
gether, llvola. pabliihM »" "*' "" "" 

t, Indlft proob. 

prid.tfl deacrlpClDDB. pu 

Ihe Hlitarf ud Antianltlsi gf Oh 
ibtTCbumb of St Patug^aatmbriv; 
■Jnilns KtiUcea and blci«nphlal Mt- 

.2 nuBlMn, tb« bit In 1SI8, at lul 
— , IS, in ISe, 101. IOl uuKFUuEi 

tiDp.4to.wlthpn>ofiDnlDdunn«T. FiOj 

— '— prinUd, HllAan. tea, ama, 

■ Paoon aad Emainaa, pob.U 

"— hBti, tsm. U pan^ itL tt. 

, tn imperial folia, ladla 

ch tha Ui^ P^HT Dn^dali'a M«iUtt 

lele. rsoora. BrockBll,»3«i 

ILaEm'i -newBitf Aawat 

coUe^te and paroahiit 

IB Gnat Brluln, faaliKbu; 

.oti, McnumeDta, &t. Ac tn£ 

.6, rojaia.o.S Tota. PubUAt* 

— SirThomaa. Treatiw of Di- 
iction how to tntTcll safel; and 
rofltaUv into fonaign Counllitt- 
ond. 1664. 8vo. 

This book ahontd htTsa partraittf tte 
Dlhor bj W. Mafiliall. HuMn, p ' 

t^ Google 


bw, pt. tL ISl BUu, CO poitrult, I7i. 

NSAT^W.H. TheUohammedui 
l^stem of Theologf ; or, & Burrey 
of the Hiatory snd Dofltriueii of 
TBlamia m eODt»sted with Chrutl' 

tni^. Lond. 182S. 8to. 

IfiABCBce. The Tcmige of Ne- 
BTobiu. Ste Qvognphm vetam 
Soriptores. Tikcbht, Wilham. 

NEOTiBim, Fatriarehs Hieroeol. 
Confatatio Imperii Papa in Eocle- 
BKm, Ijatine, per F. .dJIiz. Loud. 
1702. 6to. 

TSXDBiX, orlfSEDKUC, Morcha* 
mDut. The Hicelleucifl of a &ee 
State. Lond. 1767. Sro. 4a. 
BdltsdbyBielurdfiiiim. Hollli.'UO, 

The l4vellen laTsU'd, or the Indepeu- 

■n Interim^. ByMercDilDS Praimltlciu! 
Load. 1M7, lb>, Sbod«, 1TT7, 19*. 

Digitus Del: or, Ood'a Jultl« upon 
Life (nd UeKth of Ihs 1a(s Jsmes Duke of 
TTunnton. Land. 19U, 4U. Bllia, Ii. 

) Comuioiiweillh of Bng- 

1. Lond. 16 


iley pt. 

BepiinUd vlth the 

He«>-vilteT. Lend. 4to. 1660. Bltiii,3<. 
An aoainnt of this naiad wrilcr of 

of Ilia publteatioiM, wilt be tCmni in 
Wood's AlbBO. Oxeo. 

Nekdlb. — A Sohole Eouae for 
the Needle. 1BS4. obUmg 4(d. 

WUIe Knlgbti, 8137, niuk, SI. ISa. 

llEEliLlB(Hmu7). Wotka. Lond. 
1724. lamo. 4e. — Inud. 172S. 
12mo. 4«. 

KXL 1657 

KlELK, Henrv. Leottireg on En- 

fliah Poetrj, from the Beign of 
Idward III. to the Time of Burns 
and Cowper, with mboallaneovw 
Tales uid Foenu, being the Literary 
Bemaina, Ac Lond. 1S29, portrut. 
—Second edition, 1830, post Sto. 
SH Somanee of History. 
Nbild, James. State of tie Pri- 
sons in England, Sratland, and 
Wales. Lond. 1813. ito. • 

Ngtr.T., Patrick. A Tour throngh 
some of the Inlands of Orknej and 
Shetbind. £dinb. 1806. 5a., L. D. An EsBaj towards 

. InTestigation of the Origin and 

Elements of Langoage and Lettera, 

that is^ Sounds imd Sjmbols. Lond. 

1772, «o. 

GosHit, SMB. it. 

NsiaoM, Horatio, Lord. The 

Lettera of Lord Selaon to Lad; 

Hamilton ; with a Supplement of 

inleresbing Lettera, by diatinguished 

Peraonsges. Lond. 1814. 8to. Z tola. 

unC&louo publlestion. tending le 

the tepuUtlon nf una ot the giesteit 

nesiUT, Jul ft, UtW. Lond. IB 
with fOui prints, Id squtluts^fn 
ingn by C. A. Pugin. 

Onoa's KTspbie Biatory at I 
BiplcdU. udDeath of Uontit 

coDtslDlag 15 Engtavhigi^ end 

(hna e^lBSted wboto-ibaot Plates of his 
Lordablp's iploadld TleCorlea, tU. Um 
BnlUai of Bt. Vincent's, the Mils, end Tn- 

sbiKey*' TheMemoinbjmDciiWin. 
BUgdon. Lond. 1806. folio. U 3b. 

B, Google 

1 X«F«kg, etmUlidiig tli« 

Birfcer). Lnnd. II 

CtABKit, JunM 8Moier, HAmmison, Ju. 
PnrioMw.T. J. BoDTHSi, Kobert. 

HEiaoN, Jolm. The History, To- 
pography, snd Antiquities ot the 
Pariah of St. Maxv liWgloQ, in the 
County of Midiesei ; inUuding 
biogrtiphicol Sketches of the most 
emioent and remarkable Fersona 
irho hiiTO been bom, or have re- 
sided there. Lond. 1811, 4to. 

Inn on 13 pIlUl. Nuuu, St. II. B^ 1T>- 
Toi™ieT,Pt.ll-lM6.1fti. BlBdl«7.PLIU- 
IK, lea. ei.—&eami edldan. I^ond. ISM, 

the FestiTolfl and 

Forts of the 

Church of England, 

with Collects 

and Prayers for each solenroity. 

Lond. 1704, Sto. 

Aeoortlng lo Dr. John. 

liuble help to devoiion. 

»d -hlch Hu, I 

ul« of uiy book 

aTernrlDtsd In Ei^tasd, 

ireptttis Bibls. 

iM». WlUtamB, 

'^^LUi.*^ 1.4M.F 

8lil«nth ^Bo«. Umi. HM. 174% 

ITSl, 8TO.-H8W »]ltl« 

Lmd. TMg 

1S4S, s™. 8..-L<md. Sot Pi™. C. K 

IgW.Sre. en, 13mo. 41.- 



C^pudo^ foe Uu F« tints ud Futo 

ihridRtd. i«d.iTae. 


ud FsstlTdt, ibrtdgid b; EUut 
■— Ldoi 1810 °-~ 

ttoa to ui« end aaw^ 
BaUcliHi, with in office fn Ilia Half Gola- 
miiUiia. Lond. IT06, Sro.— ITIB, 12mc 
SeTentli sdltloa. To vhloti li ulded 
ebuuterottheuiUuir. Lond.lT%ia 
—Haw adlttoo. LoBd. Boc.Prom. C. 

•ria Qnat DBty o( freiiaenHng tba 
Chiiidu Basrieu, and the Pilun oT "-- 
pnparatlon lequlnd, with lultable de 
tiooflr partly ulleated tram tba aucJ 

r aditivi, Ijood- 

. J. U. Fuker, iS<0, ISmo. 3>, Sd. 
BdLj., George ; KETn.Ewuj^ t. 
T^omu. A. short Discoiui, 
eipresaing the Subetonce of all Qm 
late pretended treasons wainst tha 
Queenes Majestie and Estates of 
^is !Eealme by aondry Trayton, 
who were eiecuted for the stune, 
1586 : with a godly Prayer for the 
BsfeUe of bar Higbneesa Penon. 
Lond. G. Bobinson for T. Nelson, 
1686, 4te. 

Blight, U. 

— WiUiam. Beporta of fecial 
Casefl in Chancery in the "Seigaa 
of CharlM L and H., and Wil- 
liam m. - Sbtot, 1717, 8to. 3b. 6d. 

mm. -BoTov,! 

Nblub, Thonus. Collegiarum 
Scholanimqoe Publicamm Aca- 
demin Oieiuenais Topogr^hica da- 

NsMBsnTB, EpiBoopiu Emeamui. 
De Natura Hominis Liber, Or. et 
Lot. in integrom reatitutus. Oxon. 
1671, 8to. &. 

B, Google 

Ths but edition. 



lOM, ta- 

Tbtt GbaActoTof Ubn; nownuda E 
glilti. LoDd.l6II7,»DU. B1!»,Sb.M. 
Nenita, Sir John BaptiBt, i 
Ban. Nennio, or a TresUae of 
Nobilitj- Doueinto Engliih (&om 
the ItaUaji) bf Wm. loaet. Lend. 
IBgS, 4to. 

Prvfiiftd Lro cdminciidAloTy TeruB by 
Bpeiiser. Chipniiiii, Ot-j, la. Bindley, 

pt. ill. Tea, i:. iia. m. Bright, ii, 17l 

miaa, U. Sb— 1600, Un. Biigbt, IL Oi. 

Ntamiua, Buichorenus. Kennii 
Histocis BritoDum da rrima inha- 
bitatioiie BritAnnue idbu]* bccq- 
raste Tho. Qa]e, notiaque et Indice, 
■uxit Cbt. Bertmnua. Haimue, 
1768, 8to. 7a. 6d. 

A tew coplea prlntel aaptntaly trcm 
Bsi-nuG SerlptoTBi tm, mt p. IMt. The 
wort ii ilM> in GUfi'i Serlp. fflM. Brit. 

HlitorU Britonun. (d Edon Codlcam 
HS8. muuiilt Juapb BISTenHHi. Lonil. 
IBS^Std. Printed W lb* EngHib HU. 

uriul Seelal] 

ii GrlloDDn 

th fAcplmlle pUt«. 

Qllu, LL.D. I-md. ISiO, Sto. iDBahn'i 
AnlltnuOLn Llbriry, lucludal unopg tba 
•Bli old EngUih Cbranloln.' Laid.pMI 

The vcrk of '& tndnloqg noipSlar, 
Ihoagb, fnm Iba unUgiiltT of bit male- 
riklK, Tiliubla to la inqulilIlTa blnorian.' 

NxoT, Saint. The Life of St 

Neot, the eldeet Brother of King 

Alfred. By the Ber. John Wbita- 

ker, B.D. fond. 1809, 8to. 10b. 6d. 

&(Hewiu>. J. H. LlvaaaftbaSalota. 

Nbotb, at., in Oomifall. Soma 
Accoont of the Church and Win- 
dow! of St. Ifeoti in ComwalL 
Lond. 17B6, 4to. 

Bj the Bar. Bciijuiiin F<Mmt, BaeUr ef 
Bncoimoe. Pp. U, endlui irlih 'CaniD- 

plfttesj and tTD /aided plataB ot tba vtiH 

Pmchlel History of St. Naotl, with th* 
Life ud Hlrulei ol St. Neat, and the 
Ballad tC Tragaagla. By Judu MichelL 
Bodmin, 1S3B, ISmD. 

Nbots, St., in Huntingdonahir«. 
Hiatorj and Antiquide* o£ Stt 

GOBHAK, Q. 0. 

Nbeib, Ste Ifunot. 
Nefos, Comelioa. Ezwllentinm 
Imperatonun Tibe. 
Com. Nepotla ai»ll«ntinai TnipentA- 

tornm Vlte, edldlt U 

ConiaUni Hepea. Idnd. typli Biisdlay, 
Comalini Napoa. Olaig. 171S, Elmo, 

. uaoi puu, Duke of 

Bepoa et PutcpsnluH Uala. 

Tariii Laetlonlboa, i 

mt. OioD. 1B19, IStoo. to. Liaac riRK. 

Tba ureand DealhorPoispciDliu Attt. 
m.;(wilh abaerratloni by Blr Matthew 
Hale.) LoDd. ICTT.Sro. 

into Engliib by MTeral Gentlaman'ef iba 
Ualyetilty of Oiforf. Olford, IBM, nn. 
§T0, la. N. Baprinled, l4Dd. 188K, 1713, 
1,71», 17SS, 17W. ISmo. ^ 

Conalliu KapM, with a UUnl Eogllah 


TmHktloB Inr J«lni OlaAa., 

Bto. it. 64L Freqaently reprinted^ 

CornsUua Hfpofi* Ylt*. vllta u Engllah 
TrimUtlon by — AnoU Edlnb. 17M, 

Kepotia TIUb, ulth m litenl 

Lond. 1767, Btd. r 

edltlnn. Edlnb. IMS, 12iOD.ab 

CoratlU Nepotli Vita, with EDgUsh 
MoUb uid Qutitloiu bv DndleT. Neir 
•dlUon. br tho Rbv, T. WWlo. Lond. 
Longmsa, 1865, ISmo, 3t, 6d. 

ComElim Nepoi, villi KngllHh Kolat, 
In'UeumSctiolicEtowDsii.' £toii,lB<4, 

B HunlltonUa STtUtn. Lond. 

lui Nepw; IIMnny ti 
lea, by the Ber. J. S. 

(Bohu'a ClMB l ad Llbnir^ pmtSro. 

Kbb^ Antonio. The Art of 
Olasa ; vherein ore ahewn UieWaf ce 
to make and ctJoor OIoh, Pastes, 
Enamels, Lakes, and other Ourioai- 
Uea, Translated from the Itoliaii 
bj Christ, Uerreti^ U.D. Locd. 
1662, Svo. portrait. 

The hof; Life of. Faria, 1659, Sro. 
Nbho, Claudius TiberiuB. The 
Btatelr Tcagedie of CUudiuB Tibe- 
rius Aero, ont of the rarett records 
of those times. Lond. 160T, 4t<i. 

AnDnjmoiK. Roxhurgbe, 4Q76, 16s. n- 
■old Bbodeil, 781, 1^ 1b. ; ioliu, Hebv, pL 
11. Th. od. tjttenoals, Od. 

Tlia Tr»gedj of H«o, iwvl/ irriti™. 
Land. iaM,«tci. 

Also Aaonrmods. Reed, Btll, M. Baz. 
bnrglie, 4*27. Ba, ed. wiold Habsr, pt II. 
7>, ed._LDiid. 1S98, die. Ksed, TfiOd, ta. 
EbodBH, 174, ». 

Tbe TragedT of Nen, Emperor of BoEns, 

Lee}. Lond. lBT6,«lo.— AHoKdto'PlBO'B 
CanBplrmey.' Land. 1076. 4te- Roibnrgbe, 
4M8, U.--Iiicliided In the lUtd Tolnme of 
Lse'i PtajB, Hmo. 

TSmo Oabab. A# Boiovh, Sd- 

Nbbo, R-. *M If iffioi, FrruHj. 

Nbbbii, p. Abridraient of Eo- 
nlwsiattiail Eisttir;. Sdiob. 1T7E, 

-WflllBma, 1SM.1CIB.U. 

Nit!!, Christopher. Histoij iid 
UjBtery of the Old and Sew T» 
tamenta logicaUj disciUNd ntd 
tbeologioallj impToved. Lond. 
1690-6, folio, 4 Tola. SI. Ot. 

This iroik, by > celehnud tio»»- 
ftjnnlat, la skld to hava beeTi of gml uaa 
to lUttbav Haury In hla EipoeiUoo. 
Peace Offertigs Bod lamenmiom. IM, 

-The Nelkirkid 
1 and eiaot Be- 
Moed iu the hts 

Hiitorian. A tru 

lation of what p 
Wars, from 1671 
167G, 12mo. 
'with m eeulptoiM 

An ucnrala Deicilption of the TTidltd 
HsttaerUnda, urilten hy an EngUlb GO- 

Jonnul of kTout' (hnmgh tha NelliK- 
lands In IBll. Loid, IWl, Hao. Fp.lTL 
By Lady Blcaalngten. 

Nbthib80I», Sir TVanois. Ifc- 
morin sacm Eenrini WallitB Prir 
dpia &c. I«ndaiio funehiis. O** 
tab. 1617, 4to. 

Bllio. at Bsprintod b -*-'-"- 


old Obltom HenHet ril>d|li 

WalliB. ( 

NsTTUEiUN', Thomas, H.D. A 
Treatise on Tirtiu and Eappiaw. 
The aerentb edition. Bdinb. 1TI4, 

An esleemed mrk. — Glasg. ITil. <■■ 
utaa msB. TflMuna, 18U, iiidiii«i 

IfnrsiuszBne, OuL Eist>ni* 
sire Chromes Bemm AnxUcannii, 
sen de Bebna Anglitii, Libiii T< 
■-' ""', 12mo. 


amhaU D9. 


Sh Baum, Thorau. WlnUra <rf Vtw- 
bBTT Till likawlsB ba fonnd In Gile'l Slid 
7al1'a coUecUon of EogUih hlitoiiuu, 
and In Uie BlBIorlcal iadalfa PubUi»- 
tion. [App.) 

AEnuAB, Heiii7. A new Dic- 
tionftry of the Spmigh and Engliah 
ZoDgtugee. I«iid. 1S06,8to. 2 II ' 

Bacond sdlttoD, 180S, Sro. ■ toLi. Dri . . , 
son, IOl Sd, — Ttdid BdlUo^ iwwrpontJxig 
Buatli. LoDd. 1B17,S voIiL— Fourth edl- 
tlDD, Loud. ISIS, Sio.t TDli^Flftli editiDn 
nilMd ud grwtly snUrgad by D.Vl- 


A pockat Altiidgmvit aftblaDktioiiuv, 
priiit£d In pevL type, iLU gone IbroD^ 

{itBPWtypadi IBso. row, ta. ' 

SnnuNK, Caspar, M.D. The 
obemioal Works, sbrideed and me- 
thodized, with large Additions, by 
WiUiom Lewis. &nd. 1759, 4to. 

NsTnuiB TON BiHasiii, Johonn 
Wilhelm. Des durdilauchtigen 
I'iirefeii Johanii Emet dee Jiin- 
^sTn, Hertiog ta Saohteo, Beiie 
m Prauokieioh, EngeUand, imd 
Kiederland. Leipzig, 1620, 4to. 

SsooDd Bdllioa, with Uta ud NoUb by 
M. J. H. Piggadsno. Jen^ 1734, Bro. 

An tntaiutliig ueomt of tlie TinTela 
ef Jidm Bmeit, Duke of 8«e-WBim»r, 
In Eogluid, Id leiS. Ttaa Kulhor de- 
ecTlbai the plctnnB In Iha HiTenl Boral 
Paluei. (&■ Buiciiui'B Ltiuntur dar 
Ulann Saliebesdueibungaii, i. ess-fi8t.{ 

£evi, Philip. CnTBor; Semarka 
on Bome of the anci^it English 
Poeta, partionlarly Milton. Lend. 
17B9, Sto. 

Two hundred eoplu of OOt Tolnna, 
CDDiUtins of 146 pBs™i *■» piinted for 

•fllud. While 


While Enl^ti.SSee, 141. Sis 

adSl.lIs. BlDdle7,ptU.aisa,^«d. 

Nnnstl™ of the Dlilntumanl of Mit- 
ten's Ceffin. With m. PHlHilpt. LoBd. 

y, with MB.Dolea, olearlypnT- 
not UUtoa's cotta, U naold 

— Ilohsrt. Ths laerrj Cornpaa 
niona, or Delights for the ifneenioiu. 
Lond. 1721, 12mo. 

Fieflied Is a woodcut portislt of the 

NKTjax, . The Qenerona 

Fanrer, Mr. Iferell in Thamea 
StTEtl, who alloweth hie Maid, lunt- 
allj a black pnddiiiE to dinner, and 
made lamentable Moane tiiat hii 
Maid bad rob'd him ; because ahee 
KiTe her Sweet-heart a Piece of 
Bread and Cheese. Load. 1641, 4to. 

NssHTi, pt. I. 1100, II. Ah. ; pt. II. lufi, 
U. la. Beprlnted In hc^mlls, 1B18, lie. 
filiHlleT,pt.lT. l(e,lB. 

NsvELLSiPranoiBde. The Pope's 
Missiouaiy, &c. The OonreiBion 
0^ wherein many Secrets of the Bo- 
miah Clergy an leraaled; with a 
Narration of the Antboi'B Life. 
Load. 1644, 4to. portrait. 

NxTXD, William, son of Lord Is- 
timer. The Castell of Fleasnie, a 
Poem. Empryntfld in Faulea 
Chnrch yarde by me Hary Fepwell, 
1518, 4to. 

Nbtii;!, Hemy. Bhoffling, Cat- 
ting, and Dealing, in a Gvne at 
Ficqneti being aet«d from the 
Tear 1653 to 1668, by O. P. and 
others, with great Applaoae. Frmt- 
' ■ the Tear 1659, 4to. 

'Reprinted In ihe 

'Si'Liiias. 'sl^ct™., H. C. V«B. 

— Bobert. The Poor Scholar, 
. Oomedv. Lond, 1622, 4to. 

Bhodes, »81. U. Blndler, pt. ill. T8I, 
>lth NsuDlon's FngmentiSagUla, IMl, 
I. Hebar,pLU.Se. CsldKotI, 7s. Sd. 

— Thomas. Imitations of Ho- 
ace and of Jnvenal and Fersins. 

Lond. 1758, 69, snuill 8to. 3b, 6d. 

BEmxi, Alexander. De Furori- 

bna Norfijaienaiaro Ketto duce, 

libo' 'mna. Ejnadem Nra-riBus. Ex 

nfflrnn^TTairi/j Bynmwn im,1 R?R,4t«. 

B, Google 

_. lt« of IBIB: tin ftnt, with- 
out tlia puMR* dUplcuIng to Uie W*kh> 

tba ottHr, wlUi two dedlntioni ; tIi. ihit 
to Ardili. F>rk*r, ud ft Mir one to &rcbb. 
QrtadtU. Th* «iaulv« puiua In at 
p. 111,'Bidaiilm KstUmnI nD,'&:. u 
'Sm pnrtHgium quod; An. p. 183. 
Boxbunhs, ei», lU. Blihop of EI7, IIM, 
th N. CWIallm.— Title, ws luf. on lbs 


■h umI Budd kingB.^ 

d ol Odud's AoglOTL 


wlohi AD. civuiDaa oj k^cu- nDoas. 
Load. lOB. dto. Dmt, pt. II. T90, tU. 
NiMO, pb U. W7, witb • pUn ot Nor- 
wl<ililiintod,Si:ife. a<lliilun.~Pp. 110, 
aol iDOludlB* Utls ud dcdIutiiiD to Sic 
Tliomu Ulna. KtOOLt, iltrei of Noi- 
violi, iliinad K. W(«d(), iWvu; uid 
To tin ChiUtlui Budu,«p>«ei. Geo. 
Cbilman,lCla.— 181S. 41o. GordaDitoun, 
ItSfLlLlTL WllnUlMd S».6d. 

Ad WaJliaproans ApoloffU- CcOf- 
ttiutt Beniiti BjBiaaau^ l£i7B. Ato. 

;S« OoLUDDi, eta. Rata. Bidsit, 

._ _i the Wand of Neru, 
1664 to 1739. Lond. 1740, Mo. 
fHSwTH, Wai.,M.D. 

NBTYLtoa. &* Mkvuxb. 

N«w Amioit.— A DaBcription of 
the ProTinoe of Kew Albion, with 
» I^ettei from B. Evelin, that lired 
there for nuuiy Taare, Lond. 1648, 

NuuB. lOei', IL Ita. 

Newbebi, Pranou. ' Donoin 
AmioiB.' V^riM on Tudoiu Oocv 
RiODB. Lond. 181B, crown 8vo. 

AnMpublUhodTolnmo. Bindley, ptti, 
Ut7,M>.t«oldBllH.Ts. IIeb«r,pt.(T.I>. 

called BiTCa FngmAticiiB, or the 
great M»roh»ntixi6n — verj prMtie 
for Children to rede. 1563, 4to. 
Eo.burglia.SSli.niJBU,SOJ. Thlavo- 

Nkw BaiTiiB. — The Discovery 
of New BritUine, began August 27, 
Anno Dom. 16&0, bj Edw. Blond, 
Merchant, Abraham Woode, Cftp- 
taine, Sacklbrd Brewster, and Eliai 
Pennant, Qentlsmen. Lond. 1661, 
«to. 11. 6<. 

Hbwbtteqh PBKiiSK Casb. A 
Disquuition conoeming the Law of 
Ali^iage and Naturalization accord- 
ing to the Statulei! in force between 
the 10th June, 1816, and 26tli 
Uarch, 1818. niiutcBled in an 
elaborate opinion of Couniel, writ- 
ten upon the claim of FrincaGiiia- 
tiniani to the Earldom of ISvw- 
burgh. Farii, ISIB, Sto. 

Nbwcahtle, John, Dul:eof,!lA)rd 
PnTj Seal The whole Life and 
noble ChaiBoter of, who died at 
Welbeok, 16 July 1711, with an ±e- 
oount how he baa diepoeed of hia 
Eitttte, and who is to many bia 
Daufht^, the greateat Heiress in 
Engbnd ; as also an Elegy on hii 
death. Lond. n. d. Sto. 

. — Margaret Cavendish, l>uchjesB 
of^ Leltt^ and Poems in Honour 
of the incomparable Piinoeas Mar- 
garet, Patoheas of Newcastle. Writ- 
ten hj several Persons of Honour 
and Learning. In the Eaf oy, 167^ 

A gnu and fOlKms puKgrrlo db tlM 

Dially on bsi Qnce. Blndlir, pt. IL 6UL 
dila leja, 5>. Bllu (Farnwr'H oopvj, 
a. St. In BmUud'i haiiudn vUl ha 

PhlloKpUul FuelH. LoikLISU, lima. 
Nusvi,pt.l.a4ia,7i. airll.Al. Bfkai, 
pt. U. SU, nuUi, II. Is. 

Pocnu and Faodai. Lond. 1663. tf^tUo^ 
vltb putrait by P. T, SchinipaB aflar T. 
I>lapanbgka,8I.ea.PriDM,l6a. IntbaBM- 
ttita HDMum ii a ccpT witb US. dmu Ib 
Blnd>a7,pt.U. 14mi.lBL BUh (Wal- 
poK'i "t7\ U- (■■ Babai^ It. iv. 13*. 

B, Google 

•dlcuu. Lead, less, fblio, pp. SH. Bll 
Anflo F«t. ttO, lUmlntsd with mtbt 
portnlUoT Uia Dach«H, 7I.TI. SIngi 

PhilOMphlcKl kDd pb^ul Opitiloi 

Uy, pt. II. 1*80, wtlh M«tuiV> Pletun 

Ac. laie. III.— iseg, fotio. sir k. i 

Brku, pt. <1. 6M, Ite. 

The World'! Olto. Nstun'i Plctnr 
dnwn br Fude'i Paull U the Ul 
Idad.ieGA,f)iUo. iBthsBrlUiliJInHii 
IB ■ COOT wiOi MS. iHlci br tba Dochssi. 
—Loud. IW^MlOk >1B wtOi »tM (Omi- 

viiibCoIi.} Bbidiar,pt.ii.i«a.iriuihei 

L^fjU^I 0[dDiBU,lBI6,lTl. InHTted 
In aoina wpiM ■■ > nrint, DIeiitiibeck del 
F. Cleant, so. h^Mwct mmmnliig pW' 
tnlta of WlllUm Cartullih, Uiraiila M 
NeiratBtlti big UkraUonua. uM thai] 

at the' uftaT Sir U, H. STkM^ ptintt, C«i>taU*,8SS, Killed. 
P1I7I (n eod E). Loud. 178S-S, fbUo. 

pan, irit 

— beaidei helog dedlc^l 

Fnflied la > frentlaplece by Vu Behup- 
en, irlth foil. length ponimlt of the 
■ ■ " — beke. Hoiburgt 

_ _ _ US,IU.lM.Sd. Co 

■teble,BST,SI.18a.eiL Pitaa, bn* plat 

DnrKhc.M9r, datolBBS,! 
ILlGa. OnrdDer, ftL 

Uou upon aome Oplulotu Id netunl Pbl- 
lowpfaf. Loud. laU, folia. B1ikdlef, 

itfCidLSd. uiu, pt.i. ie>. 

CCXI KHMUt h«am. Lend. IBM, 
tOlio. Latten CZZIII ud CLXII ua 
mpegtiiig Shkkeipeire. Haber.pLx.n*. 
SUH,>tdiHd,Ua. "--' — - 

d>tel«WFlli. Rbid]eT,pt-li.l«ee,18i. 

bub,^— LoDd. lerfi, «io.ii.'N.— LatiM, 

LoDd. laes, foUe. Bindley, pt Ut. lOSa. 61. 
H*ber,pt.U. la. Aeopylain tbaBrttiib 

Omuids eTnitanl PbllOMpb;. Land. 

BMMt TOOH at lb* DwAWM oT H«<r- 
oBtla, (ditad. by Blr Et*nan Bij^ii 

But Knl, IBIS, 8to. TTent7.aTB ahUs 
prinlad u ( ipeclmaD itf the Lee Priorr 

unerson, 1M. Blla^ morocco, II. IGa. 

A troa ReUUoD of tba BlRh, Ac a( 
Hirgant CuTandiah, I>iitihaia of New. 
eulla. Writttnby hertelf. WUhacrU 

Kant, 1814.'ioj>l gro. Frinlad m[ tba 
prlTAte pteaa nf Lee Priory, wjtb & p». 
cnlt. 3. Bardlnit, dal. W. N. Gardiner, ' 
■culp. It li eitrvrted from heT Lady- 
Hi bberl, B«81,\7«! ' "" 

Hon nouTeUe de dresser lea cherauz. 
Anrers, chez Jacques v&n Jkteim, 
1657, folio. 

B7, P\"- tAHQv FAFiE. flae-Certby, 
acnfr.raaoldLcmd.lSgB,UI.UL Tbeyal. 
abOQid coDtaln two titU.pagM, «e pria^ 
ad tba sthar angnftd, tSao a Sw pUtat. 
Anaag lliau ta • print oT tba Carandlab 
Ftnliy by Dlmanbak^ of tha DnUa 
(Oho lIuvDli or Nawcutls) ion, Ctaarii^ 
TiBeaant ICuiflald tiKI Hr. Haniy C»- 
Tandlsb, ob bonebuk ; tba Jluqila uid 
If erehleiHia, thalr tbrea Dmubtan, uid 
IbelrHuabanda; tba BuH oTBridnwi- 
Mt, tba Eiri of BnlU^lROdia. •ud Hr. 
Gheyna era undai a urioimadB aa epBDt^ 
ton.^ AnnTtiwuiJ pertoet aopy la in 

uia gMond niiiaa baa aigbt and twalTa 
plalai, HTaial of wblcb u* ooloiind. 
Bararat sOkar •dlHoa with addlUonll 

Sate* b«TS b«*B> nnbUabad it Paria and 
Anew ITattaod and utnotdlDaryTDTan. 

ordliii to HatDTB : H alio ts perfMt Na- 
tan bytba BabllityofArt L^.IMT, 
folio. Bindlar, pt. il, 14M, IBa. UWII 
PAPiB, II, la. ^ha Duka luforma his 
naden that ' tbia la oeltbar ■ tnnalatlon 
of Iha fbnusr, oer ab abaolnta Dceaaatry 
addition to It; ud may ba of oa* wtthant 
tba Mhar, Si tba atbei baa bam bltbaito, 


L Corned;. 

16M mr 

Sxvounx, W. 0, — mtlmatd. 

■nd itlUII, vithonl thil; bot both togll- 

A new Uethnd ind eitnordLnH? In 


dluLrsded^8M6rleEChe>tiii. H°UTe1l» 
niBDt Irmduit en Frmnti^- Load, lOTl 
M<a. II. B<. 

Tbti work on tbB MmatmBil of Honn 
twtn the Engllsti or^giDil ud tbe Fnncl 
tnnfl[»HoTit is quite distinct ttom thi 

Til* CDDDtrv CuptLine uidtho Tvlstle 
Two Conedlei. it tho Bsgat, i.6i» 
ISmo. R»d, sace, 5a. ed. Soibuighe 
«M«, 9l.6d. Htiodoi, T31, U. Si. Lond 
H- tUtJtJ, >•*». l»°it Hohei, pt. It. «• AcoordlogtoWood.SllltlB] 
auiited bli p»tioD in tba eomDoAarB o 
eerttln pUf a. 

I^md. iaT7, 4to. SoTbur 

The trinmphuit Widow, or tti« Bt^iej 
ofHuiooUTS. AComadj. LoDd. 1877, itj>, 
KoibuFKlie, BBOe, It Is. 

Newcabtlb cfok Txnz.— Hinla 
on the Propriety of eiitablubiiig a 
Typographical Society in Newcaatlo 
upon lyne. Newoutle, 1S18. 8to. 

gADttemsa.boloii^Djr to Newcutls uidli 
iwl^biinrtiood, fcnntd thanuelTst into 
■oelstr; and tbsj agreed th4t the nn 
dunld be deDomlnitad ' The Typaenph 
ol BodstT of NewcuUe upon Tree,' ai 

Ghonci^lilL IMB. Sa Obr, Wll- 
Aji impwtlal Hltloty If Nowoutla 

tSS.Sa.M. TDwneley. pt. ii. ia77,ruiHU, 
ISb. DmiT, 3188, l»e. Dent, pt, ii. 751, 
)1. Bdwuda, eij, Bl. Oaiiaaiii.—TiaB, 

1. llt-liii.; the hlltor;, two pans, Willi 
■ppendlua, 1-647 alu t nn.p_ hyF. Vij 

. a« BiiUT, Rot. 
tjswoutla upon TyaO' 

NiwooKB, Iter; Petar. The His. 
foiy of tlie oncieDt uid royal Foun- 
dation, oall«d the Abbn of St. Ai- 
ban, in Uia Connty of Hertford; 
from the Foundation thereof in 793 
tD ita DisHiutiDn in 1639 ; exbiblt- ! 
ing tjie Life of each Abbot, and the ■ 
pnncipsl EToatB rdating to Uie Uo- 1 

i^aad tlu«e pLatM 


Ber. B. Memoirs of Dr. Ga- 
briel Goodman, Dean of Wcstoiiii- 
ster, and of Godfrey Goodman, 
Bishop of GJoQoeatcr. Bathin. 
4lo. 1825, poitraita, 

— William, BncoeMively Bishop 
of OsBOry and Waterfbrd, and 
Axchbisbop of Aimagh. An Har- 
mony of tiie Qoipela. Dublin, 177^ 

■ Xmj otfaer HirmoDiu oF tbe Oocpali 

to Ulla.'— &ill«i Wallas. Dube of Qrsf. 
ton, M, It. a>. Baalh, 817, tl. VH^^lSOt, 

Tha Dorstlon of onr Lord's Mtal»ti7 
partleuUrty conaidered : in Reply to a 
UtUrfrom Dr. PtiaFtleT™ thai auyec^ 

edition, I 

Edwirdi, 703, Ca. 6d,— Tbird 
md. PriebUey, ltSO,B^a. lD(.Sd. 

w of' the Chief DlfflcDlUu In tha 

■toriul TIew of the Bngllah Btb- 
uulatlona : tha EipedlaDOT of t^ 

SAutborltf our preaept TTuala. 
the Uaani of eieeutlDK neb a 
L With a Itat of the .a^ona edl. 
the Bible, and parte fjiercof, Is 

17fl9, &VQ. Oa. Atl fmportu^ work 

.ii.2i«,]i. aa>wt,s7i«,n. 

apt towudi TeTlilpg OUT BiK 
l&liofi of the Orealc &er1pCiir«L 

explanatory Nobea. I>qUlik 

B, Google 

An BngllshHinnoiiyof thsFoorBri- 
KellElB; gsaertllr dlnpoMd (Tier Uie Man- 
ner of the Greek of WilliUD NoRnni. 
Archblilinp of AncHEh. Lonil. las, ei. 

SteEiMiir,. pBoraiTB.ThBinniinoi, 

Newcoust, Eic. Bepeitorium 
^ocleHiAflticom PHrochijiIe XiOiidi' 
nense : an ecclenastical Mrochud 
History of the Diocese of lyondo 
Lond. 1708-10. folio. 2 Tola. 

Heatb, 4638, «. Ga. Sir U. U. S^kes, 

Ei. li. 6M. roul", lOL North, pL U, MM, 
, ToiinielST,,niuU,«£.lSg,6d. 
Nau>ii,ptiL 410, «,»<>. DBa.t,ft.ll.7mfil. 

ud Mlddleni, n 

« Puta of Hart. 

Hid DIocaH iHtHigIng'- Pv- BSa, nol la. 
oludlog biir.tllle, Utie nod dediaUon tc 
Hanry GoDtptoD, Biibop of LoDdon» fi 

page. PagaiS7,88aiidait-80»r«omifc 
Ud; Bp.11,nmTageu»ii pp. 764.766, 
TSS, Te0, 7TS, 7TS follow paga TBI ; BDd 
after p. 1J3 are pagai TTfl, Ac, The paging 

Pp. ^3, tncLudiitg appendix ; alda half- 

Dup ot utfl (Uoceae of IjHidoi. 

Naw OnBTOUB, An laterlude. 
1677. 4to. 
BloeklettiT. Bi)ibiiighe,4!ffl, tll.0i.ed. 

Kbwill, Her, E. H, Letteta on 
tiie Scenery of Wolci. 1821. rojal 

tionoftheDiaooTery andPlantstiou 
of New Engiuid. 1607 to 1622. 

OordDiistaoi^ 3031, 7a. M. North, 

Eogland, by cartaluo ] 

ra, && Loud. Iffi^ 4to, Gordonatoni], 

New EnglaDd 
the Pequet Sei 

between the BagUeb and 

.«. Ix.od. 1&7, 4to.- 

l«3e,41o. Haber, pt.T. If.lOi. CaUe. 

"ad Abotrmcl 

land, liT John Cotton. I^od. 1841, illo.— 


a' brief Hi 

rrailon of eode Chunk 

opinion and praclioa In 

Jib Uhojohea lately emcled in New Eatt- 

•nd. Bj W. E 

ljnid.lM^4to. aiiUi»- 




all; aamnd Ek 


'lb. ISBO, 188." 

of the New E 

gll>£ Aflalni. erS.E. 

1888. Ito. Both 

eb7a,Feb. lBB0,4taa. 

Ion' of the Btaie of New 


piesent ,ear, l*nd.fcr 

Xlchatd Baldvl 

n, 168B. Pnttlck, Mar. 

1§». U.3B. 

„,".?: ^."^^ 


ot the Con _.. 

Jollege<ifGanihTldgB.&c Lond. ISU, Ito. 
Pnltiik, Mar, IBW, SL lOi. 
Ill Newa l^inn New England, 16S9, 4ta, 

^Impllcltiea rafenee agaJnita leran. 
tded Pburth Goyenraenl in New Eng 
Id. Lond. 1048, 4lo, Elbbeit, TGlS, 

the aiorioua Pngreaa of the Ooepel 

by Bdward Wioilaw. Land, for Ee 
Allen, 1849, 4ti>. 

A History of New England finm 
Engllab'piaDtiDg In lOSX until the 1 
•"~ ■-nd.lBM.4to, By-JohnB._. 
aanetiinea lUted to be by SI 


poeUully relalad by an Inha- 



am ar 
6-8, » 

<n New-Begland, Load, 
'wo parte. 


d,'l«Vl'to,'" "I™"" 


of the Tronhlee with Ibe 

B, Google 


A HtOMIill of till pn 

■tata of Hev Enftud mmir laa BU- 

«o. ' 
Wltohenft In N«t EngUnd, Sa Ut- 

1M8; WiTCBOKHT. HOBBiBD.p. iiaa 

'« KenDBtfs SlbUotheu 

Nswiyoui, Thomu. A View 
of the natura], political, Bud com- 
meroUl CiroumglanceB o( Ireland. 
Xond. 1809. 4to. 15e. 

New-Exohanqk. — A Narratian 
of IhB We Accident in the New-Ej. 
ohange, on the 2Ut and 22d of No- 
vembei' 1663. Written hy Don 
Pantaleon Ss, eitraordinarj Iiegote 

in England. Iioud. 1< 


Kbwtodiciilutd.— A ihort Die- 
courae containing Bea<on» and In. 
duoementB tor planting that Conn- 
tTHT. Dublin, 1633. 4to. 10«. 6d. 

Uii Utjtuy't (K.ChulBi I.; Commli 
rion fcr the Wen.gOTomtag of hawfound 
lud la In the laeDDd Toluiue of the Oifoid 
Colleetlon af Vo^igai uUt TnTeli. 

NEwaATi. — Disoonery of a Iion- 
don Honster, called The Black Doe 
of NewgMe: profitalile for aU 
Haadera to take Heed by, Lond. 
1612. 4to. 

UlMklettar. Pp.M.wllhi&onflaptsw. 
Written bj Laka Hotten. Reed. ITSO, 
TI. lis. mw. Angli>-Poat.M4,a«. rewiii 
B.nnflan' in IsiS, HI. Ilt-1B38, tlo. 
lliDil]Bi>. pC. It. 1%,1I, 1711. BaibuTKlie, JoUeT,W.lB. ed— Land. 
by a. Bimion and W. Whlu, ito. W 

' A dlalogna (1q piuae) be[»liit the author 
Hewgale, nod petfaetl; uiqaaintad with 

Tka Mavgata Calamlir. ITDO.—lTaO. 
Bj Robart SuklflFB. LdUd. 1TS4, Svo. 6 vt^. 

Tha Nairgata Calendar, or Uilebtctor'a 
Bh»dT Bgglnar, with Cb* iut djli^ 
BpAachaa or tha meat DDtdrlooa Criminals 
(Tom HOO— 17TS. Lond. J. Cooke [ITTBl 

glatar, BytbeBBT. kr. ViUatM. Lond. 
J. Wemnan, 1TT8, Sto. 1 Tola. II. ISa. 

The Milefutor'aRegtaUr;(ir,ttie Keir- 
gate and Tyhnm Calendar. Lond. HOBC. 
[1778-801 Bto. 5 Tola, wilh many DeS 
pUtaa, moatlr deaJgnad brDodd, ILllaAl 

Old Bailer Chronicle. Edited by J. 
HouDtacne. Lond. Randall, 1701. (Ba- 
isaoed I7§8.) Std. ItoIx. W platai br 
Valolm It. Sa. 

Criminal ChronolagT i oti tlH ''•w Ker- 
nta Calendar (ontalniiiKTrtili Cnui tha 
year IIOO till 1«11). By Andnv Kupp 
and WilUuu Baldwyn, AtlMBera^l-Lair. 
Lond. Natlan,&a.uai, Bn.dTola.platea. 

The eama (wtth CODtlauUim n leitl, G 
Tola, aad ■ SapplanHiitu?, or Sth toL to 
18U>). (ThU adltliin wu lamed u «bi- 
pleia Injiw nloawiabmtisn; tlMaUa 
Tolume, wUeh eantalsB TMali Aim tSU 
to IBX, with a BMMi^ Indai, waa pob- 
liahedatHwtlBM.} L«Bd.K>>Uni udCo. 
n.d. Sto. S Tola, i^tas, V. 13*. M.— In 
doDbla ooltiDU,lB>tl>, Bto. I -nit. 

Tha Naw and Ggmplala NawgMa Ca- 
lendar. Bt WllUam Jaokean, Eeq. Bar- 
rlaler. Lond. Hogg, ISOO-iao^ eia. 1 toU. 
pi^ In lU montfay Naa., plataa. K«r 
edlUoD (cautioned to ISUl Lond. Hon, 
1B18, Sio. B Tola. (fOrmlnii 9 Toli. tba eS 
Tolnma being in two parte), platea, W. la. 

New OthVxa. — DiscoTeriM tti 
t'he French in 1TB8 and 1769, to 
the South-Eut of New Guinea, 
with the Bubaeqaent Viaits to Uie 
ume Lands by Snglish KaTigaton, 
who gave tliem new Namea : to 
which is prefixed, an hietoncal 
Abridgement of the Tojage* and 
DiscoTeriea of the Spaniards in the 
same Sew. Translated from tha 
Prench. Lond. 1791, 4to. 

pp. iilT aod tsa, alth U ptataa. Wi^ 
lei, 111, lie. Dniry, ISU, rasala, 1S«- 

Nsw Hahxshibi. Ste Litho- 

N«w HoKWiro. — The Hiatorr of 
New Holland, from ita fint Dia* 
ooiecj in 1616 to th» pnaant Time. 
Ijond. 17ST, 8to. Ba. 

B, Google 

NbwJbesbt. The Grant*, Con- 
eesuons, and Original Constitu- 
tioDB of the ProTinoo of New Ser- 
Bej, before the >uiTBndBr thereof to 
Queen Anne and Phibdelphia, W. 
Bradford, foL n. d. p. 763, 

Lattar* from Ibenca, if Klcliiud Hwti- 
4to. Pultlck.'Mmy, IBBS^lt ISe,^"" '*'*' 

Nkw Yobk. Lawi of the State 
of Albm;, 1825, 8to. S toIi. Sff 
HiBTOBioiii Society Collections, 

Mkwlih, Tho. SermoDs on >e- 
reral Occuioui, Oiford, 1720, 
Sto. 2 toIb. 

'WillUmi, 1246, 21. 

NswHAjf, Arthnr. Tha Bible- 
Bearer, by A. K of Trinity Oolleaje, 
Oxford. Loni 1607, 4to. 

Blick letter, coniHaling o( 23 liarei., 882,83. Heber, nt. il. 6b. M. 
W.IUkOM, ^1, moiocco, 31. SB. It !■ a 
' ihrenfl Mil™ nponjll hypocrtUciI, pn. 

— PloasTTes Tiiion wtti De. 
■ert'g Complsinti and a abort Di- 
alogue of a Woman's Propertiw be- 
tween an old Man and a younir. 
Lond- 1619, 16mo. 

Pp. 8S. Perr^, nl. It. a», MS. Htle 
Sl.*t. Btseresa, m 31. Si. Blbl. Anglo: 
Fwt KM. aOL HIbbert. se9S, V. 8a. 

500, 4J. ElL Uldgeley, lU ^lOa. nmld' 
JoUt (Utle MS), 21. 10a.— Keprinted for 
Mr. Cttenou, isto, lama, br E. Hulnxt], 
Byde, JilaoIWlgtit. BllH.lOe. 

duct J chiefly 
connoili of the Church between A.D. 
8fi5 and a.d. 881. Land. Biring- 
tODB, 1833, 8to. 

TU« edlUoa vu it oia tline worth 2lla. 
1b eoBHqauce «f tba ■slhoi'a oldMtigii 

Kiw 1667 

1 h(TB It lepnliliihed, but It ma anrrap. 
RBlirinled. Lonil. Lumly, IBM.lOs.M. 

Me'nr'BMresSic.l CoJmlMl^ l"Tt 
ip. 62. Lend. lS36,eT0.lB. M. 
ParocJilsl Serioons. Lond. KiTingtOB 

aaiBrml edltioBi, we glTs tbe dale oTtlie 
flntudlut. Vot. 1, I8M,Mlh «)IU«i, 
18M; TOl.a,183B,ffthedllioii,ieoiiTol! 
^ lese. fourth edition ISM; voLl.ISSa 
Alii edition ISU ; Bmrtb eijUoo, 'vu^ 
rIMlj mllered ueonUng to ttmuui Ci- 
thoLio Tlein, Lond. Bunu, 18B0; vol. 6, 
Kta, aecond edlUon ISti; tbitd editloD, 
LoDd. BiTingtona, ISCT; toL t, 1843 ae^ 
cand wltlliin 18*6.) 

LKtuna on I 
beCHunh, •[!' 

.ond, 1^ 8tc 

Jtaffy, ieS8, la. 

. Bfiiieirsd in Btli 
d to the Sav. K- W 

f the Filheri [inony. 
Lond. RlTlngtoiia, 1842, 

lona, chlelly on the Theory oT nlU 
gtoua belief, preached IwDire the UolreF- 
•Ity of OiAid. lAnd. BlTingtuu, 181^ 

B, Google 


NBinun, J- f 

■riiigMlU, ISM, 8to 

theftmlMlMUetlHtatoiyof 'lieeirU^. 

oitp***'' i-"^?'^"^ .''.rti'ST. 

tory, tmuUi*! I17 NewmtB, »oL 1. 
An Bm»t cm Uie De»8lopn«ntotOhii* 
u DoMtiw. Lood. Tm'M, 
1 edltlaa. l^ood. T« 
.— BfrtewBd 

fatTtj, 16M, 

llB ItoctriM.' By in AngliOHO PrtMt. 

Mltliiid»te»i or,Mr,N8TiiiBn 
on DBialopment its own oonfutit.™. 
t, ^uondun dUciplo. Load. 184a, syo- 

niHerUtliiiMnila quedHm aldi»' 
ologlcn. Sanm. (Loai. Twvsy), 1 

ilon tsA G^n ; op, Om BWry of » t.on- 

A*.— Foorth editlan, ic. iBW, 4b. 

DiK-xuMi idiimwi » mUei Coogni- 
CTtloM. Loml. LongmwiB, IBiB. Svo. 
t^eeon* edition. Loud. iKneinui, 1 

^'liitani on CfliUin DUBenltlM ftll by 
AnaUuni In nbininlnK to tha Cathi^e 
CbarGb Loud. Barna, IBSOfSvo. — Seoond 
edition, a. 18B0. 8m. ISiL-TMrd edlUon, 
tt.l8W,eio.7>. _ ^ _^_ ^ 

CiUiollM in EnglAnd; id 
brothera of the Oratoty. 
1861, Svo. 13b. — Ttdrd e 

Tha SanM uA Nitoi* of VtimAtj 
EduMtlon. BecoirfedlUon. Lond. Lohf 
nuu, 19N, poit Bto. pp. SBO, flL 

Live, of lfa« EiKltah arfnfc brtt* f^' 
I. H. dwiMBi ■»* «li«^ l^ffria^ 
ppiriLCd« of Thirty KtwiBpW",^ ,"» 
m«lemi»at Ecolodutln ul pluu 
Women of the sulr Eagllsb Chnidi. 
Lond. TooTny, IBM, limo. liTt*«. frontti- 

■ i,pnb.a.8». BriB«d, B^in,U.U. 

_— StStepben, AbliotiiodPouiidX'yi 
Bl.W»lburg.; imi Bt *lnlb^to. 

Ap«ti« of ti» BBg"*. "^i'^FsS^r 

"LJiuuu, inil Bt. HoDoiiia; togothw 
TihTS ucount of U» WHJ fiitiili 

; belDsrlhsBk- 


Don, Dt Bd«l"«U. . 
ind at. BtTtbolomo*. 

ind at. BirtBoiMiiow, on. 

6r-St Wulitu, Mitaop of WoRWtet; 
4nd Bt. WlUiui, Aidibtahop of 'If^'^ 
tL'-Bt Pvjllniu, Arebniiinr^ w it". 
ndoompwdonofBtAiignrtlno; Bt.Ed»1n, 
ting, »nd Bt. ElbeUwrip^ 4>h«^ ^'■'^, 
— _. nL ^ — -^Ylr^nfl mnd *^ 


OOiu md Work of Unlvai^UM. Lond- 
LuigiDWUiietie, ISmo. Si. 

aS^TprsBhed on TKiom KCTStoi 
t^. Bur-XUM, cr. 8.0. Pp. m «* 
Seooad •dlUon, 1868, tcip. Sro- »■ 

Lsttan on BIr Bobert PhTi BpMOb •• 

'LeUnw and Euiys m Unlnntty Sn 
JenU. Ijond. Um^aua. 180B, Itoo. f 

g._8t Puillniu, Arebhiab^^ 


, ua at B«g». yi^^^»^*J" 

7 J-Bt'amiert, Prtoc of Beinprlo^ii", 

8.— Bt WilftBd, Wallop of York, 4m.' — 
8*11.— SLGarmim, Bishop of Aoi- 
™, iBSumHidy, a Tofci. 1». 
la— Btiphen LragWiB, AiAMthiv •* 
id, Abbotof BtaTua; md 


ih MS). Bf 

■f! Bt. TUohBTd,' Bishop 

J}i. Newman inada 
Traots for the Tunas, (."Bim -aaj. m 
oontritaated toI. E of the ' Plain SannOH 
br Iba iDlhoia of Tiwita for Iha TtueK 
(Uind. BMngbJiu, W«-*8, »rota.Ba.«*. 
eaob.) SocwFoemB in tha 'Lyt»Ap<* 
toUaL' (Land.l^B(h«dlIlonIMB.) Hs 
al»»>ntilhBted to the Hannal of Qieek 
and Bontn FhJIoeophy and SdsVM, i*- 
pnliUshad from tha EnCTOIapBdfa llatn- 
poUtana. Land. Orlflin, 1860, poat Stq. ta. 
- J and new ediUon. .inu 1814 
!d to bur eTldence of hla la- 

^^s*°warka, chiefly pBfaUibal by 
BlTlngUa ud Co, u« Sn^lati Hl^ 

B, Google 

VswMAX, Salig. AGnwunar of the 

Nkwiuxiet Pamb : or, a Pbt- 
liament Outiry : or Stnte Commo- 
dotuH set to &ia ; a Tragi-conia^. 

i(L Land. 1649, Mo. 

i^ A<»pr°f tlilgilniutioamnKIntli* 


unsdNev-tlirkaCPi. . 

mantA oatr FlgarrA^ weittaa by tha Hiq 

in tbe King. I6it, 41n totbsbr'i In 

Newhsak, John. His Kight- 

orowe, n Bird that breedeth Sntulea 

in many Familieg and Hoosehi 

I.ond. 1590, 4to. 


g btbsn 

pt. ilL 778, U 1 

I. Bll«llt,Bl< 

lurglia, ears, 41 

I. JoUy, 

News out ov ExIiL : a Dialogue 
betweene Charon and iSebut,s Deuil. 
Lcoid. by John Bjddfill, 1B36, " 

Hurrr VIII. and Croravel. Hamx 
Biilnar; BuUU UmIi idTowta, U_.. _ 
waUnnu bslong to Templ» bridge, ud 
dwallUc In Ckuurr-liae. 

N«m« (DDH fr«n fiUlI ^ of Lora ti> 0aiir- 

Neve Hewvl, wmtarnlns a thiHl 
iMnaU of Sniklgr ud HuMoriu'i 
belllm. Charlgwood, 1078, Bra. u, 

Neiea out of QBimude. Uet. ««; 
TVondufDll ud dnica Hairea oat of 


phemmiBeurtflosiif tta*P>pl(li«UICuie, 
truiL br Budill Hurinton. (!anlarWn{ 
Mlchall, Ibr B. CunploD. iDgUi, 

ftHna, Vflslce, ud Vlflima, 

iSDO, with 1 frnitlnileea. Blndtai. 
. T8S, K. Itl. " 

>H from GrmTHund, leat to Kol»d», 
Load. brT.C. for TbomuAnbtT. 16(4, 
<to. A Pdhtl™! TTict, very mueh Is tha 
■tfla af Tbomu Nub, Bothilir In 1891, 

New« Crom Longh-Poyle in IroUiid, of 
the RsbclUaD of Sir Cm* AdoDghotr 
ud F[)l7jas-Buh Uu Divr. le^ tto 
King (Dll Luchte'c in Uircli IBIO, Ila. U. 

in Bp^iL Lend, for If a[] 
LofOanauj. 1813, Us. 

□gtlHI. 1813, 4to. villi froDtll- 

im' Spain. Loud. 1818, «ta. 


a ItalT- iei& to. 

er toBimltod by a fathar on Ui 
. lonwIUMlT rMnind from Uia Id- 
d^at). Adib His, tto. auoK Lairu, 
"" — ^li punpbkt LUIa took hli tnK«df . 

d ' Tbs FaUl CurtHltr.' Bindlaj. 

in LiAoma, tnta a UoKdiaDt in 

la. 1810, Up. ■itb Koodcut. 

Bindlsy. pt It, l«, 

■"■- cartaid Nawai of tbig preaaot weak. 

bad br Natbuial Botlai, vbo na 

iior of teiaiml of tha iDtalllgaMani 

prvuialor ofac 

BtniuB Mawaa ooi of diTan Comtriea^' 
untr ^aeoTared till of lataY«a[S,taB 
ilnngt PUgrim. Load. lUl, «t(h 



n . . jti BAUtloD oT tlia UUdDg of 
a wd Paluaong, In Uu Porti of 

n the Eut Indiu, 1^ f"* HolUnt- 

an. Lond. Wit. 4m. B^m. 

En^t liidli. In no Littan, the < 

ELgllib in 


FebnikTls, I^ gtm nao 

Chii»lopli«rf of «. lanipMtuoiu Bi^ril, 
vhlcli {• cillHl bT tbo indiini • Hhitt- 
luooiWhirlvii^; vheremitg Ii tidied. 

the diwdful Aeelden 

Kairu fMm 840* : or 
Tcrrof foan EngUeh Ci , 
SlnoTT of tbg Taiken. M 

Allalii, im. Sothsby'i in imi, IL It, 
N6WU from Bmicb tbo Oxford Jijlei 
164fi, 4to. nitfa B fronUapiteo. Klpg u 
Idchte'i in Muob 1810. 13i. 

Hsn out of ttia WaM ; oc, t1i« Chinilt 
of 1 llDuntatauk. lUT. 4to. Uoyd, W 
ICH. TlU.8t.6d. 

Btnnga Nan fntn SsoUud, or J 
ttnnge BalUtoa of ■ terribla ond prodl 
gimt Hoostar, bom* to lilt *iiitiiiMi 
of 111 toaatUon, In a Vllliga osen Idn 
bocaari, «alM Hidastonth, Btpt. 11 
IMT, and tba Worda tba aald H[«itB 
vaka It lla Birth. «la. with ■ WMid4nl 
^ia, iau, «•. Xiiqula of Tombtai 

Newel ttota the North, or Diilope bs- 

alathw of tha hmae et that good Bhlp 
dlad tha Marohant Borill, which wm 
lit iwiT tan Laaauaa from Ilia Latid'i 
nd, OB 'Ainndir Night, b^DS tha HI of 
an^har hitt. lUIl having In her a 
roiid af Traann, at thlt Btorr followlBg 
rtb mly lalita. Printad la the Yarn 


IkufuLFlBht batwiBii the Di 


. Jaiti9,804-,M. 

' nimw Sea. Being ■ 

lUtiOB of a ■Bight)' Fight upon the Coaat 
..-.--■^^-^ LoDd. 16u, 4to. 

CItta Nawwa. Court Kawea, Oonntiej' 

Mowet - "• ■ - ■- * 


PLntimduthBH ThinvL-.* 


Id mr Hattna. anw^lr noi 
t AnllpodaatheHThingtirei 
1. lM^4le. I)utui,pLli.3B 


Townol^, pt. L 7i 

s'tnnge News Item the Wot, belBg ta 
ooDunt of Hitnl miimcnloueigtau taea 


H iDBrchtng fa 

rhoniBa Reynoldl, who heftwe ha wit 

ilghteen, nuidered AU« Stopheai lal 

nn Medek't Hoqse, ind twlsg itteoiTtlt 
s murder one Mlu Coiflaldi. ISIt, 4M. 
Muaan, pt. iL 3Se^ >i. 
Kawai bom Poddla Doeke, or ■ Nun- 

m*, «™ Nu^n. pt u. aw. lii. 

Newaa from KooaiBgtoD : baiBga Bali- 
ion how a If aid tbarali lawoaed u bai* 
baviearritdiwiTbTaaB^Bfiilt, ISI^ 
lo. Huau, pt. U. «D, Sa. 
Strann asd tarrlhl* Hawi (ram Bhoia- 
IttlitfaWMBaB that hMh Mid hanilf 

B, Google 

(a tl» DnII, UiiDC 1b B*df« Alltj. 
l«r«, 4to. Hhuo, M. 11. 1I6D. 7h. 

BQvi^MDd tBTTlb]aNevHfniii04klng- 
"- — 'n Buki, of ft Tbundu Clip, Ac. 

Bobber ■tnugielir a 

:» thfl bATbuqai 
I Sinn of ( HoQ. 

BtBT broQgbt forth bj ft L. . 
TirwOBlaf, pt. 1. TI!I. H. 7i. 

4ih»ii* an Aaonnt of tbo Ut« snftt Eob- 
IMTT ftnd bftibinmi Muiclar cnamltH' 
than bf BIgbvLTmfta. 1077, Mo. Nu 
•u, pi. U. 886, Sl 

Bma^ Nflwi flrom th« Dvep, w!th ft 
Aemmt of I. IftTRO piodl|loD( Wtaftb 
1S7T, <to. irltli ft wosdoal. SftsiftiL dl 


Stnuin ud WODdnftal Kswi ftoi 
BridaweU of ■ oosTarUd Wbon. 1S71 
41a, NftHin, pi. IL llfll, «•. 

Heva from Bfttthtdonw-Fftlr. (IflTS), 
4to, THh ft woodHt. LloTd,tM,13>,6C 

KoDdr Nam fna Ai««I AII». balnit 
■ troa AoKiiDit of tiM cnial mnidoTlr ' 

aoB Dorothy Jowfln,wbowftft bftrbftrc . 

nbbad ftnd kUldd by tm of bar Lodgarft 

Vtn from U^itona, ft Nftml 
tha Trails 4iid GoDdonmiCIani ol 

DdB. lerS, 41a. Mi 
|>B rnnn DnlUdT-Wi 

IuvIiIMt tiT bla 

, If. «», 


RelftUoB of uiii* Fntilu Uw Daril b»tb 
IftUIr pUjad vUh ft pIftMar Pot Ebua. 
U8T, «to. HftHfti, pt. U. M5-, ISi. 

Blrftnn Nem fron Atetaigtoil, naar 
Uftld wbo Taftpaaagmwltb laTerftl Dailli 
ar EtII SpMIa, Ae. ICB^ 41a. Korth, 
pt Ul. 701, dftta M7>, 7b. SftMU, pt. iL 

Kewsiboalpnriab. 4M. with ft in»d- 

Nbvu nvmlpnlch.onthePruUaMDr 
•orilj PraUU). lie. «ltb ■ woodcDt. 
[IDE ud Loebttfi la Uftnh, 1910, IM. 

Hsiru laiwly nrlixi. *ta. with ». wooi- 
Bt. Xinc and Loabes'i 1b Itftrob, ISIO, 

Strftnia tai ftarfnll Newel fimn Plilito, 
II the fulih orWaitBam.ofona Fft^ 
•oi, ft Hilk Waiwr. whatft l> flftyly to ba 
aana throwiiiK or Stonai, Bilckbftti, &e. 
a. OonKh,£ieS, 111. 

Stnjige NBva from Batton In Coniwftll t 

ofWftlan, In gammiinst^ 
lanhlnL NoriolkB, and otb 

plaliud, ftfl boliif , ftlang wltt 
ftlmoil tha eicliulTa r»^ 

NswsTBAD, Chratopher, An 
Apologj for Women, or the Wo- 
man's Defanoe. Lond. 1620, 12mo. 
OordoHtous, iBm. 

Newtb, Thomu. Proapecte and 
Obserrationa on a Toqf in England 
and Scotland! natural, (economi- 
cal, and litenuy. Lond. 17S1, 4IO. 

A Tour 1 
S«. B^iiD 


otlaiuan. Ixiod. 



Epistolffi, Ora- 
Lucffi, 1710, 

^fi>.d b 

ft of th..»tbor, who 

hrflnftry to the Coort of ToMftnj. 

Sir IsBac. Opoa, qiue ex,' 
omnia, Commentuiia illaa- 
trabat Samuel Horaley, Epiac SMt- 
fenaia. Lond. 1719-ti6, 4to. 6 Tola. 
102. IOe. 

ika of Onfton, 171 "■ lOi. Blibop 
lolpb, IIU, 71. m. Od. Haftth, 13l4 
WlUatt, aw, SI. Is. ed. Bibber^ 

B, Google 

Kbwtoit, Sir Imum — emiHiiMti. 
esoa, 91. l^»BMI^ pi. il ass, niMim, u 

WmininH, 1166, in jir.Mll. IK. 18l. An 
edlllooor Nevton'tpIiLloiiiphhal Woika. 
pTfipared vlth leATDlng uid Kbtlitj, fs idU 

inub.' iris. 4ts. ^b-' 
iffccfl by Boger Cotea, 

«DtB ddIt. CODACftl3]0, AST, K 1 

0«dn.r In ISM. K. 1T..-Iltait, 
Qeo. Pft Itomiikla Loud. 1780, Sro. 
S ™l.. lOi. Sd, 

PblloMpblK Nitnnlls Frlnripli 
thnutlca, pDcMtidil CommenMrlla 

tnt*, omnniiiil Stodlo T. L. Sear > 

JuanleT: 0«iiiit. \19t-ia, Ad. 4 pU, In 
Sn^n.9bWillett,lTM,ai.— Cm.AUob. 
•dltls non, ITW, 4ta.« pta. loS Toll. KSl 
mbb«r^ KIM, U^-OUh. isa, njti en. 
tma.ii.Sa. Vmr.t^-nisan.Si.iii. 

Bieerpte qunduD « KA«icnl Piinoip^u 
Phllowpliin H«t — " "-"- ■- 

Fri]iclbU,3flnt ■ectlDDfli 

'th. -wUipr. 


J, b7 C. 

I. Oil. 

MatbennttMl PrinofplBS of N«tiir»l 
FbUasopbv.tniMlMtsd br Andrew Motto. 
With t^ L«n of tbo UOQii'i Motion 
Moordlu to OHTlty, bi J. Muhln. 
Lmd. ]?», e<o. S TDla. HlbberL Mas, 
Sb— irith AddltiDU by W. EWviL Lob£ 
laoS.Sm. Biols. ILla^IiOna. iei>,Sn. 
3 Toll, portrelt mi a idiUi. It. Ti. 
Her edition, to wUeb l9 add*! HswtaL . 
SjiUaa of tbe 'n'orld ; with LUk bT CMt- 
trndon. Now York, IfSO. roy, Bro. It li. 

lUttaHiutlal Piinlplee of Hitortl 
Fhlloupby, br Ol Ibhh! Nsvtoo, Knlglit 
taualsted Islo BngUih, sad UlnBlnMl 
vlOi a CoBuiUBlUT, by Kobol lluwp, 
A.H. Idod. 1TT7, 4(0. TOL L (lU pn£ 
lUhedl— Second edlUon, (dbif Utlo only}, 
1002, 410. ]6b. 

phia utarells, tnd. par Mma. U Kinalu 
an ChuUlei. Puii. ITGB, 4ta, ■ *o)i. ite. 



ThU truilatlDD lj Meanpulelliy « eom. 
mentuyof Hue.duCbutelat, iUustia. 
tDdi by CUliuit, and aa biibulcU preface 

Prinoipl* (',^.E^>>^>„ 

Lond. 18», BrVldi M. 

Prindpla (in Bnglldi), Book I. SscCbnu 
1, a, S. Edited by W. Wbeirell. Lond. 
Parker & Sod, lSte,!a.ed.Seci^Dns 1,1,3, 

Cambridga, Maimillaa. iS6*. crowii 8vg. 
l(».ed. Lend. Boll. 18-, poBtSro. lOt.U. 
—By Wrigbt. Lond. WUtuker A Ca, 
13—, Sio. 10a. ed.— Firm three SecUoOB 
■Ith fi & II. by J, Eiins. Foortii edl- 
tioa. Lond. Bell, 186^ era. 61. 

PiUclpiiu Lend. 1770, Byo. 3i. By Wil- 
liam EmenoL 

« l^n ofMotion, by Robarl Young. 

A CoianiantaT7 on Navton'a Ptlndpia, 
with a nipplementaly Toliuna, destnied 
fbr thenaa of Btodenla at the UnlTei^Uaa, 
byJ-M-r, Wrigbt. Lund, laaa, 8to. S 
TDlc wltb pUtea, II. Bs. rednced Ida. 

Gommantailea on HestoD'a Prituipl*. 
Land. WUKakar, 18*8 ray. Syo. *- 

BIgaud, ~ Elil«lcal Eae»an 
pnHJcetlMi of Bit la. So.lon'a Pi 
Oxford, 1838. Bid. Sa. 

A DennonAtntlon of aome of the prin^ 
pal SactiaaB <tf Sir laaac Newbm'a Ptbt- 
Diplea of Dataral PhUoeonliy, by Join 
Cluka, DJ). Lof^ 1730, Iro. Il 

A genarat TreaUaa oa tbe Lua of N*- 
toie >«l Modoii, with their AppUtaOo* 
to Mechanical alas Iha Doctrine of em- 
iripBtal Fmea u>d Veloaltiae of BoUm, 
J ^1.1 • .1.. — ,,^ SecUtB^ 


ribinj «, . .._ . __, 

being a Fart of the gnat Ur. Newfan'i 
FriBciplea. By Mamstmr DltloQ. Umi. 

PneleoOonea ^" " 
atTa PhUoaophla 
Ulnatata, a W. ^ 

hyalB) -matheualieMi 

Whiatoi. CenCali. ITIOi 

BUliaae N 

kiavphy naon easily dmoOHtraled, vlth 
Dr. Haling Aewuit of Comeia iBn*- 
tnledibrV.Whlatoo. Lond. in& Sro. 
Laetnraa on Sir Iiaae Nawlon'a matha- 
nialie FMIoaenby, and on Dr. lUUey'a 
Aecaont afCoBala, by W.Whlatan. UmL 

B, Google 

KmbsU da plndsnn Vitett ii Ttiy- 
■lan, nk f ob Ut uliMp*l«naM ndr 
I'ln-mUlUW da SfiUaa d. Ut. HiwUi 
p«Nich.H«tHk<r. uinBkt,ina, itec 

A. vm ot air Ihh HiwtM'l HMba« 
for umBubig Uw BHtelun of BalMi, 
br OhrtMophtt KoUmbk. IaA. US<, 

EIun»ti sf BIT I. Mnrtn'i FhUoHikj, 
by Jf . de Volute^ teuulntodbr J, Hou*. 
Land. Iiaft Btq. 

Kaaponn 1 tooM )•* Ob)«i»'>i prlB- 
idpsluMl SB FnmuBBiiliinilhK- 
bbl«da!4«ni>ii,KirIl.daVolt*ii«. . 
178*, era. 

An liAsdnetion W th« Vavtolu _ _ 
lopovkr, br B«)|.llutlB.L(md.lfCS.STii. 

BaujaalB IURIb. Land. IKSf^ » 

maul ft>r Aa Smptliaai at arm^ \y 
GsDi^ Hutln. Land. 17H, Sro. 

Tnl SyiMns (to Fbriiqaa gtotaia da 
Kevtao, p« L. B. CutaL IHS, Ma, 

Tlvir of BIT Inaa Kartn'i FhUaaaphTi 
br Hsnrr ruabartoa, MJ>. Lad. 171^ 

An'AoDinit tt fOt Tmiu Hawtotf a »bl- 
hMophkil IHKOTartei, bj Cdia Mad»- 
iln. Loud.'-lTH^Sia.te 

a*5a*tl«u nr U PhyMvoaMiodanH, an 
U ThUo8>^ito HawtoBtuM aomnito 
ftna Sana £E>anr((>, p«l'AbM ly—. 

Tba Tbeg)(«r aHI FhUaao^ IB Claa- 
lo'ii BomidsiB Bolplciiili Mpfctrid; ai b 

HewtDDlu ^wtom la partnted agnaaUa 
to ths Nstlijiu sf tht vlMat AnelaBl^ Aa, 

PuaKnisa ef tha VawMiUa PkUoao- 


vuBafaadam i 
I at idndtDdl 
im. li^IOe; 

ad iyN 

ptiv, br Ben]. Kaitin. 

AB BrplanatioD af tba prlndp^ Pnt^ 
ritlon of Blr Ihh TJa-rton'a FbU«apbT, 
1766. In NIc. BanndaoWi MaU— * - 

ATnatf af Aaea batman Dm 
tuid Nawton I ts Thlah la prafliid, i 
aonataf tha LWaaorOaaaaBibiaB 
loioptaan. Id FiaBsh, br A. H. Pi 


Feller. 17II. 

An E»ml»< 
PMIosophT. 171 

In Laid Honbodda^ 

Aa ntutnttDn of Sir Ji 

. AlgKDtU. N...., . 

latatt frcm the ItiUiui [bT EIU. 

Cutsi). Loud. ITW, Uni>. > lOb.— 1711, 

lime. S Tola. 

Oftices : or, a TreitlH of Vte Baflaa- 
lona, ReftutlonA, iDflBcElMiB. liid Colonn 
t light: iIbo twn Traatliei of tba Hh- 
lei uid Mignltuda of eurilUaeu' F. 
inrea. Lend. IJTM, <to. Iloibnrgli8,lSW, 
>. Sd. — 17»), Bto. at. Sd.—LeDd. 17«Ct 
te. tOi. 8d. 

Opthm itva da Baflaxlanlbaa, Bafrae- 

Tnotatu doe da Spwda. 
'InaFlgniBnuB ciiTTlIlDa- 

"■- II. Ne«too ftve 

bTF.CQita. Peril, 
nothar. In Haret, pabUab- 


CVUeil Laetuaa nad in tba publlek 
Schoola of Um UnivenitT of CamMdjEa. 
Lend. tT«^ Std. Si. 

LactloDae Optica la SeboUe ptililltlBb)>. 
bltB,lM»-7I. LoBd. 17n,4Co.Sa. 

Critial Kaaiarka ob Sir luac Navlan'i 
OpIgiOBi OB Cdonn, Ac. In eipetlBiantBl 
OutllBae Av a Baw Tii^orj ef Colonrai 
Uibt and TUOB, by JoaapbRaada. HJ). 
DbUIb. 1S1& Gto. BoBia papen nnpael- 
Ing NiirtaB br Dr. Eeada will be Ainnd In 
Ibe PbllDeoiibliaJ Ifaculne, and tn TboB- 
n'l AbuIa of PfaUoiopbT. 

Tbeory Df Llgbl and Coloora. Land. 
rut, Uao. S Tola. Bazbnrgb^ ISSft, 

■ InflHtlOH ef Usibti agoain) 

fma hla; 

otiiar Obeamtloni dUerlBC 

aad appaaring ta lead ta a Chi— „ 

Thaoar of Usbt and Celeon. Load, lin^ 
»n.db^pp.lH,wllliiilBaplataa. _ 


TbaSariania rariend: bataj B Ba> 
^ totiHA^madranlHii *' ■" 

Lorett. Lend. IT 

Ija<rlS(kb;firiaBBoUBaoivU'I3- DnbUi^ 
unt of the Aethai, wltb iome Ad- 
br Wit of Appendli, br B. E(i> 
I, k.D. Dnbtln, 17tf,8TO. 
Leconnt of fill laao Nevtotfa Op- 


ITvwTOir, Sir luao — emdnaud, 

t1cB» pmrt ],fDTinn 00.58 of Uie LlbrKjof 

ton >od Dr. J>m« Qregorj relstlng 
nlltolliwTeleacopM. In DiyW Orsgor 
ElamuU of Citoptilof ud DlDpttid. 

Knmn^ Qhidbitom or CD»n 
edited br P. R. iIb MaBlmort, ITOO. 

Two TnfttlHS of thd Qudrfttun 
CinTM, uid AulTiIa ij Equtloiu of : 
laOnlte NomlMri^Taniii aipliinsd; « 

17 John Slevut.AJI. 

mc. J«. BHrllng. Purl 
meoU, ExempllBCuiL Si 

•ith HdWI md EiimiitBB. bT G.R.M.TU- 
ivo. fOldi'ng'iiilitei.- 

wll"n'Wor^Tl»n.Uted°™in"tC ori- 
glniLl LUfo of sir Hue Nawton Ht the 
Rot. John GolioD. Idod, I736,<ta.lOs. $d, 

Im.B'o. ' ™' 

Ustbode du FlDihrng, tnd. (■at Buf- 
ftm). Puia, 1T<0, 410. 

A I»HODrM «iie«nitiiff tb« N^tnni ud 
CtrUlnljaT Sir bus NevCan'i Uathod 
of FiniiaDi. >nd of prims uid ultimate 
Ratio*, bf Ben]. BoUits. ITtUt-STD. 

Letteia of Sir lauc Neirton, relatlog to I 
hla Dlipula ■ItbLelbidUiipiinhliRlghtJ 

nrle%ffe»D» anln H. de Lelbolu at 
1. Navlon. par J. Kalll, ITU, 8>0. 
Eplaloli J. Kalll Id Jnaniieiii BanMQil- 
u, In qaa laaaaim NaTtonnm at (tip- 
_ am contra GrlmlHittaKa In Aatia Up- 
rianalboa a Cn^ qnodam publl^^Ai 

ia. Cant«b.i7OT,»To. PilntrfniidBrllia 
luipactionor WUatan vltlunl the aoiboi^ 

aSro. RoibniKht, 


HibbanMM, 'lfcT~ 

JnU ArlUineH^ Cbl D>r ammt 

Kevton] : la nblcb la addad Dr. Hallar'a 

' ' findluHia Boots of AquattoH 

allr. Tniialatedframtti*I.aUi 

br RifbaoB tod rarliad and sMIeetad hf 

Cann. Uod. ITIO^ S«h— 171a, Sn. 

UnlTonal AilthBWtta, to wblcli la added 

Tnaltaa npon the Kaaanrea ot RitiiM, 

Jamea Hagalni, AJC. The vbola It- 

itnled and eiplidiwd in a Bailei of 

Notai, Iw Uw Rar. Tbaako' WUdai, D,a 

Ixmd. 11m. Sto, a nile. IDa. «d. N« 

-""— ,lToL Lmd.Whlttakar.IS— ,81. 

imMlqnsunlTaraelle trad.du Latin, 

KDi BTimiTE, LoDd.lT!S,<la. 
a popalar aceoont nt Ihe tmttil 

Methodo' d: 

a UnlTBi 


Cbronlcla from 

LDdent Ejngdcttia 
a preflied a ihoit 
ilcla from the flntrfemonofTliln™ 
iropa to ttifl ConqiuBl of Fnnii br 
inder tbB Great. Lond. ITSB, dio. 
- of Elf, ISSS, E*. uBoi ripu. 

,i7ee,usa. wuiiimB, iis<,iuft. 

B, Google 

in bta ' Defecica deUClmnologle,' Fills, 
17fia 4to. 
BtrictDni on Blr Ii. Newlon's Chrono- 

tStimteml Ttail." 17Be. 

AnlniAdverBloiii upon sir I. Kftwton'a 
ChroDology.lyAtainr Badfirol. LonllTSS, 

*pn»nt. PuMi 

BlilHip of Bty, 1IS«, lit. H( 

^DpheclH of llmilel, Ij Zuhu? Orey 
LUb. Lond. MSG. Sto. 3s. 

TimotliT 111. IB). Loud. 1TM,Bto.S9.8 
wmUiDi,lU8,«B.ed. NeireditUmo,! 
Four LiOUen from Sir louo Nowton 
Dr. BcDtloy, oouUlnfDC Himfl Aivnnifla 
iB Froof afft VtltJ. Loud. itK, St. 
ThtH Lettsn, pubUihod irltbout ur pm- 

OcomatiTiuPrlmdtoIiiSdoUlf ; i 

Berkeley, Blibop of CIdtiw) ths Aui 
of IhB AnilTBt, bi Phlliiletlm C>nu 

£Biisl>(JuHiJiiHii,M.D.) Loud. 1 
0. A KooDd letter, enUUed- The 

IxUmiti, Cltri 

B Llbnry of Uiefiil Knov- 
li Vfrti Brewiler,(.oLMof 

UoiTonltr of Csmbrtdge, to Dr. John 
Offell, Vloe Ch«Dcellor. Norwich, 1848, 
ToyiLl 8TO. pp. SO, iBllJi fkcfllmlle holo- 
graph, rrJTiitelT priuted for Mc. Dair- 

Lelten imtten by' Dr. Bonlley lo Blr 

Uemolre of Blr Ih» Newton, from 


UlBtory ofOrMthim by KimnndTnmor. 

■on iru puMlihed In the Uttr.ry Miig. 

Uuny irtlstei reipecUng Ur Ii. Ne«- 
lon'B phlloiiphT, At. Bill be IbuM In (be 
PblhMophlal TrtniKtlMii. 

Letten. In An.«r to -ome Querlee Mnt 
lo tha Author, concerning the geauine 

nmAlng oT the Greek Tut, I Tn. ill. te. 

Otklogne or the Library ot the 1et« 

KH^ tint prlnttd on oceulon of Btr leaic 

Mn. Aune HavU«,eoBUlnlnB chiefly the 

K.rt™'i «o Letter, to Ur. Le ClflnJ 

CollKtlon of (he great Sir laaM Sonoo. 

UtelypublUhed. York, ITBB, 8TO. 


B, Google 

HmrrOTi J«meB, M.D. Hort»L 
iond. 1762, Sto. pl«to«. 

WUta ■ poitnlt of UM tiUlur, Bt. T% Id Iiiu«t,He6,at. H>t»i, ruai*, 

— 3ain«« WaiiMo- A now and 
euT Intri>diiotioii to the Hebrew 
lAngiuge. Jjoa± 1806, l^nta. 

— John, D.D. ABtronomi* at 
Trigonometrj*. Lend. 1666-8, fclw. 

An ■seoont of JiAn M««t<n u>d hli 
wmk> irUl b* toond I" Wwri'l Alfam. 

The Engliih A«id«mT-, or ■ BrW In- 
ttoducUon lo the e«T«a Ubml Art>; 
Onmmu, Aitthmeiick, Qeomeuis, Mu- 
(lak, Aitnmoiiiie, flhtWrtJt. and lARUk, 

— John. WoAa of th« Ber. 
Jolm Keirton, Beotor of St. Morv 
WoolnDUk, edited bj Siohard Oedl 
Lond. 1816, 8to. 6 toIb, 2i. 12«, 
With • portimlt of tbt inthor,— Loud. 

Wb^ uw aditln^ vltb ■ Lite of the 
Anlfcer IH tJ» K«. KiohnniUeiii!, iud Ml 
IntnlnUtsn liT tka&«T.T. (;uIlDillgh*lI^ 
tLA. Load. 1M», «ompl<U In one vulnus 
ImpacUl 8n. nstnil. U. B*. Be-lnuieil, 
Land. H. Q. Bohn, ISM, Uia. 

K*t>Uh. nitr Eipartt«T SlHnnH 
ftnn tta hiiUMl of Ihj'-—--' — " 
lla of Hud^. PwwlKd 
IIU ud 1186, In lilt "-^ 

D. UniTomi^ 
BducatJoa, or EipUiution of the 
Statute prohibiting foung Uen go- 
ing from one CoU^ to asotner. 
Iiond. 1726, Svo. 

Sepristed, Load. ITSI^ Bro. Stmuki 
on Ibb imk b; NlcbolH Amhiint will te 

'Hulfsrd CoUeia. 

ktntes for Uia 0«v«nui»nt 

Sannou pmuihad baton ttwDDlnBt^ 
of Oxford, bf Elcturd Navtm, O.O. 
Ponndar ind trincdpKl oT ~ ■ ■ ~ - 

il of aiclf ord Cat. 

pUced hara bj p&rticuUf rtqueflt OxC 
I7Si, Sto. h. uion p.iFEa? WUlliaH, 

— Thooiea. A. Dotable Histo- 
r^e of the Saracens, drawen out of 
Augustine Curie, and eundij oUm 
good Aotboun. Lood. 1675, Mo. 

FoL IM, wilhout pralUa, Ac IMl- ' 
atad to ■ lAida ChulH Usnnla, Bans 
of KflTBfkMD,' Ac BindlCT,pt.Ul.niL 
U. Iti. JngUi, WO, II. ia>. CaldasHl, 

AppTDTad MadldoM nd eadlil Ba 

Tha Old UwTlHeloda, 8*0. tLUZ 
L*nu. uae. 

MeilMl (or tha Blkla. Lund. UW, l*i*. 
ataeniu. IftO, Sa. lugUa. uea, Sl U. 


Aiiepoloa Dallm, or tb« Daalk of D»- 
"c wftbtbaTaanaodHTFiuianU. A 
lYB DlHooiM of on Id* 
liDlL Tarr imall dto. B^ 
tUH nluBa or HlcM^ 



Poflla in«da of tluMFlawai Rowjltt^ 
Ijiid, udKoaenwr. Land. UM, Uai. 

5u LWnail, LeilM. NotteHofUmlllll 
to fosnd in Wwd'i Alben. Oisa, Vw 
ton'i Uiitorj of En^lih PogOT, u4 Bit- 
HD'i Blbllograplila Poetlu. 

— Tbomaa, Bisbop of Bnitd 
The Worka, witli some Antaaatii 
Ma Liffa, and Aoecdotea of seTO*! 
of Hi Trienda. Lond. l78^ tto. 
- ■ rtnitbyJ. ■■ 

Dluaitatloiu on tha Piopbadaa, wliUk 
bKT» nmiukktilT baaD fUlAUad, ud at 
tUi TlmB uv f nifliiirg In tfas WadL 
LoDdlTM-a,8vo.S VDIi. A VBn-knDa 
ud mnch-ntaemad noik. GooA, m^ 
l«a. N.-e«i»iid odlUoo. Laud. 171MB, 
Sto. S Toll.— lAud. IIH^ Sto. a nil. So*' 

B, Google 

Inntw, ISO, 19a.— Hlnth (Altioii. Perth, 
1IM,8«1 1 Tota.— IdDd. ITM, 8*0. S- - ' 
T»tkEiltlca^ISOi,BTo. « toIl- 
Svh 3 Tols^ln OH tdL Lead. 

ll)>d. Tmk, 1848 ud iLgB 

i4HJ7iU g( Bp. Nawlon » UK Pnphe- 
dai, BstlaKi l.iislocT mad OnTsg on Uk 
P«itMencb<, br J. B. Bntllb. lj»d. UM 

Newtok, B«t. William. The 
BlBt(»7 and Jijitiqiiitiei <^ Uaid- 
itODe, Hie Countj-TowiL of Sent. 
Lonfl. 1741, 8to. 

LKiT«,fi8e, Si. Ni»>««,pt.LMS^B>. 
TowiwltT, sac, Sm. M. ubob oi tbkx 
riFu. NHUii,p(.a.S,nuida.lM. Ku- 
Bu, pt. L 14^ Ma. U».th, IMT. "^ 

Hkw Tbab'b Gut. — A nen 
Teu'i Qifl^ dedicated lo the Pope'i 
EolkeM. Stt CUbixb, Eemard, 
p. see, coL 2. 

— A ; or a HeaTcnlj Ant of 
Ptrljament. Iiond. 1569, ISmo. 

NzirYoKX. — Acta ofAiMmbl; 
from 1691 hi 172G. New Toil^ 
1126, folio. 

ABOthtr, bom IWbt 1718. LoDd.Ul», 

IfEZ, UuvhaL Hemoii* of 
Hmhal Jiej, published bj hii 
I^umlj. IlIuBtrat«d nitli Fortiait, 
Haps, and Fkua. Loud. I88S, 
8to. S Tola. 12l. 
Ullltuj Btudlu, Written for tlia oh 

1*-, 8TO.6fc 

SicuMviB NuciDB. Trereli in 
England. Si Ciiozir Boout^ 

SiooHOLSBjAlffiL, BJL A Dia- 
MDne of Uarriage and WiTinft 
and of tiie mateat Mjaterj there- 
in contained: Howtoehnaeagood 
Vib from a bad. Lond. 1616. 

Snrnoir. Pp- 01, Indodlns tli« 

Nicoou, J. 3*e HiOOLs, Jolia. 

_ Riciurd, the dder. A Traa- 
tiaa getting forth the Ujaterf of 
our SalTBtion. A Dav Btaire for 
daike WBud^ring SouUa. Land. 
1813, 8»o. 

A saprti In tlia BoHWaa Llbnir. 

— Xichani Po«tio«l Worka. 

NiBula TU ' a post of gnat clecuce 
... . ^MKm — •■■- 

BiiUud.ak JoltoT, 
Ututi, II. l-ft 

Elln ud * ynetat Nl^hta 

n Tun, ibed at ilie 

un Kuoiuia Fimanla at Bcnry PrlBsa of 
Waloi. Land. IBll, 410. Bif. Fl,pp.4<^ 
dadloated to Liar Hay- Tfaa tbna alataia 
an Angak (Eoriind], AUua {Scotland), 
and CuilwA (Walea). lAoji, T«3, H. 
Strattall, im,«.eL B«aoId, BUai, U. IBa. 
BlIA. ADglo-Psat, *M, TL Ta: Baacld, 
Uidnler, *>• «a. Brtcht, U bi 
Tbo FDTlaa ; with TsitiiH 

of EpLarammaa, latyrluJl ai 
tlcka. Loud. iei4STO.pp,7l 
glQ-P«t.*as. Bindley (i-lUi I 
01 Waltbun'i CmnplklBI) il. 


Elevan learaii. Raprfntsd Ir 
Toliima of tlia Hul^m MImcI 
Uosodli ; or.Waltfaam'a Com 
Iho Dulbofthe IddyUonorl 
IfflB, jmiU Bto. Two shaala. I 


BnDOBiliiDi,* tn on* Toloma, Kf-, re»14 
Uebar, Lot It. 41. Aeoprtalba 
BodlBlan. Bapiinled 1b Itia trnOi Tolsma 
«( tlia Huteba UUetOmaj. 

LondOD'a ArtlUarr, brtafly (ont^ntaf 
Itenabta Fnctlea of Ihit <ro(0')>i* So. 
' ' * . Loud. UlS, 4to. Pp. IM, 
iCndoctMa. It la dtdlulad to 
" ~ ' Lord U^or.Jbctn 
,a piaAwa to tba na- 

B, Google 


aio-Poat. tat, -.M. VM. mwld Hldi^, 

ft.Ul.TTT,TI. JlJlt7.tI.4L HilMT.ptlT. 
II. !>. pt illl. IJ. til. S« fliyilgo*' 
Britldl Blbllof . 1. SSS-TO. 

BlrThnmu Orarberrlai TUcn: with 
tha OhHAtB of WutoD, If n. Tuner, the 
llta UBrtaDinl of tha Tcivar, ind Pruik- 
Ud. BtR. N. Oico. Pilnud br B. H. 

■ — '- -»dwti, Bp. ee, « 

L u. stfC 11. isi. 

■ -- ■ 

a, pt U 


TH0ldlIldgeleT,S:.i8i. ed, HaUr.pLlT, 

UiB. J<iUei>,3i.ei. Itlinprtnladlnitu 

7th Tolume of t)w BuItUn klKtlUn;. 

Tba Baggu'i Apt, iLd. Ba Bwaii, 

HiOB. — An hjrforical and piotn- 
rMqne Deicriptioii of the Country 
of Hice. Land. 1T92, imp. folio, 
21. 2a. [by Besomont, Albuiis.i 

CanUTnlng tvelT« sUhlngi nmOwi In 

NicxTAH, Hemsleee Mekopolita. 
Catena Onecorom Patrum in Job, 
Or. et Ist. oum Notii P^ JuniL 
Loud. 1637, tol 10a. 6d. 

NiCHDi-u, 'n.eaxj or Eutj. Co- 
moidiB, a Worte in Brme, contajn- 
ing an Enteilade of UyndM : wit- 
oeaBing the Man's Fall from Qod 
andChriet. Tnuulated out of r 
Almayne into English, 16nio. 

Bliok Lnm A to D In sffhla, SS 
IWTW, Thli pliT, printad in • (ontgn 
and utlqniled tfpa, withoDt data (U71, 
■agordina; to Bakar'i Biog. Dnm.L Ii 
dllidad Inta four pauaa or Kta, and la- 

qnlal pRdofna. A am Ii In the BriUah 

piasaa, wrtttan br Mlotaolai, II. lis. ed. 
llbodai, ITBT.iei. Jnllar.n. SHBirdaaa' 
XMUtula, It. Ut>-9. The woika of IH- 
ahoUi wan br innl pnnlaiaalloiL 18 tt 
Oatohar, tlnd EUaahath, STderad (o ba 
bnmt, and ail paraooa daelappd pnnlib' 
aHa (or haTlag tham In thtlr poaaaaakn 
wltliDDt Di< Didlnule'i pgnnlaafam. 

Th* Prophatia of tha Spirit of ton. 
Bat (Onrth by H. H ; and l^ him pemied 

llBhedbrH. N.OL 

1574, 9to, elfbt l«Tai. 

Tarn Pada. Bat foarlh by B. M. and 
tr^ him bawly paroaed and oioTa pUjulf 
dacland. TnulUedmili^Bue^lmaTB^ 
8T0. Contalu 81 laani, IndodlDK tfHe 

EaTalatio DaL Sat ftinith br H. IT- 
and bf him parraad and more dlttlnetlle 
deoluvd, TruiiIal«ionlorBaaB.almifn4 
Sto, 10a. Containa W laaTH, iDcladiiis 

Eiun^m Begnl. Bet fmrlh hr H. 

Baaa-ahniTne, 8io. Ida. Conliiiia 100 

Proiarbia, TruilatBd ont of Baaa- 
almnna. Sto. On4S Iutsh, InclndlHt 

Dicta. Tranalatadoi 
Sto, On 47 IsaroB, tb 


diQfhli month. TmudUsS 
UMJllDuyDe. Lend. nA 
L. U.Sl 

TraDitalad out at Bai^ 
abniiM. S«i. Twanif epiatlei p^sad 
piograaalTalr to v. 418, aiclnilTa of th* 
pralaaa and tana ol centaata praiiad. 
Prohablr aaraial, ir not all, of tbentpla- 

. Buo. 

■t diTlBlon, c 
!. S-ia, baa « 

aa; tha 

untaiainf eopptr-^Ia aBfiBTliif*. 

AFfBuraof tbatneand aplrlln*! Ta- 
bemaolB, aoaordlnR to tha lpwai4 !>«"'■- 
or QoDHof Oodln tha Spirit. V 
unto la addad. the eight Virtnaa ot 
Frlutad lUG, r 

1 aeparala leaTe^ 


B, Google 

IfiaHoiiAe, HBorv — eantiiuud. 
Ktlaarth by EUd4d, ■ Falloir-eidcr with 
tbealduH. N., in lbs FimsUe of Loiu 
tl tern Christ. Tniulitsd ani of Bu*- 

UlHbiUi Open Dal PubUihed by 
TiUm, > Fsllov Eldu w[th H. N. In ttas 
Huieliald of Lena. TiuuUud out of 

taiDS iS7 pnees, eidusiTe of the prefica. 
heid,^6,rM. Hebur, ;t,lL(i. M. 
Tb> 6nt EibortatlDD of H. V. to his 

Cerlan of the Bongt o( H. N. 

Joyfol Meuue of tfa« Klntidom. 

£pliUo lent unto Ivo Diaght^n < 
Wnliik {rem H. N. Uie oldeot Ftlher i 
tile Funll* of Loia. Amal. 1«W, 4t 
Couutilt, no, 3a. 

A Ktona EibortiUon of H. N.— . 
Dldwne b«»aBn tbe Fithec ind Sod^ 
IlwDecUnUon of Iba MuL~The ne 

BIghteoEuieBS.— Tba Holy Lmnb. Uei 

lioro, bf L R. [John Rogera.)' Haber, 1 
taoa, print*! »bool lti74, H 18a. 
Miny of Ibli a.uthor'a ^aea* wai 

Tjsogr, Antiq.byHarbon, For Contu- 
yw^ of hi. Hareale., « K«mmrB. 

MicHOiias, J. t. TojRge to 
Kew ZeaJand m 1814-lS. Land. 
1817, Sto. 2 vols. map. 

— Thbnuu. Stt CsssA. IiOfbz 

us QoiUKA, F. ZiSATB, Aug. 

— and Bi.0HAKU8, John 
^ Befbmed Spanuird. Lond. 
162], 4to. 

ElghlHD luru.— LiLtlne. Load. 

KioHoLiY, HicholM. The Ha- 
""gUioiiB, FBTcgrinatioiu, t Toy- 
'tf made into Xuxkie b; HiobolaB 
aidiolaT Daulpbinoii, Ac Tratie- 
■Wed out of the French by T. W<«h- 

diatad to Sir Henry and to Sir rblllfi Sld- 
ity, Knlghta.b^ John Stall, and la adomod Hialh,aiT6,l(.iri! 
DodaBwall, CM, ni». SI. lOa. Roibncgbe, 
7SS1, SI. §a, OordonBlorD, lOTS, $1. 13a. ed, 
NorUi,ptm.ft8B,iiior.*J. ToTnelav,pl.I. 
711, 51, Klofaolaj'a NaTlcatlDna, Ac. will 

CollooHn of To7*«ai and Travail. 

NiCEctu,, John. An Hoore- 
gluM of Indian Neves ; or, a Dia- 
coone ahewing Uiaeriee, and dii- 
trewed Calamitiea indured t» 67 
Englishmen, which vera sent for a 

A cop7 is Id the Library of K. QMTgw 

NiCHoiJfi, John. SecollectioiiB 
andBeflectiona during the Beign of 
Qeorge III. Lond. 1S22, 8yo. S 


— SutkiD. Frospecte of Hit 
most considerable Buildings in and 
abont London. Lond. b; John 
Bowles, 1724, folio (or oblong 4to,> 

Coatiining St plates, M In, liy 4. 
A eopy Is in tha Briliah IliiHuni. Sa 
Upootl'a Aecoant of Worka ralstlog to 
English TopMnptay. 11. Bao-l. 

— W. Set NiOHOLS, WiUiant. 
NioHou, Fnmcds. Stt Oompen- 

— Francis, M.D. Fran. Ni- 
cliolsii, M.D. GeoTgii II, Uedici. 
Vita 1 cum Conjeeturis qusdsm de 
N^uni et TTsu Fartium bumani 
Corporis similsrium. Land. 1780, 
4ih). port, by HalL 

This clasainl pleoe of tdogrsphy, writ- 
ten by Dr. Lawrence, tha triond of Dr. 
Johnson, was nOTar publlahed, Oough, 

Bag. Uadle. LoDit h 

at non nato,Tsbulls sa 

11, Di^nlaltlo da 

B, Google 

added, ■ few Putlco 

.Dllntod I. . 

worth, SbottHliiook. uid 

tllHd. Loud, 17SS, pp. ril (Inelndiiig 
index} ud Iffi^ ud S pUUi, sw it p. 4S*. 
Pa«u SI, <8 to U, M Co T3, TS lo BJ, ud 


i^oUKtioiU tOI 

dlnKtOD, Luton, bad DaDBttpIv, Xat ' 
17©. Tiao, om I»f; pp. f-T, 1— I 
11— Idd, itB~Ke, SLT~~&4, tben 1 iLut 
iBftf, ooQUIblng emU, Puei 49 to i 
{17--89* (tbsH Utt«rd«Ilvn«d wltb H. 
xzn. ud xnx.} u* nputtd with ui 
ilikB, ud Uu nnmbsr aoolali 

the UiflD^ and ADllqnttiu of fi 

Bedford. Bj Ollfar St. John t-.,— 
Lend. 17SS, PI^ ^. D0< Ineladlng tbe two 

Bokorer mi P«>k C>Ml«,ln theCoa^ 
etDetbj. By lbs Bei. BuniKl Fnt. 
nioatntad with vuioDB DnwlBglDr 

iDO)iidln( llie two tiUs-pegva 

di9covar«d uMlbiw- 

^ludlDg the tltle-pe^fl. 

tenu, Ivpege.. 
UTiii. tie HlBl. 

P*86», J 

It ud 

No.Ii_ThBHl8torT«id Ar..., 

FotheilnjtH, in the Conntr of Northunp. 
Um, mtfi »Bver«l Penieuli™ of -"- 
Exeentloii and Fnngnl of Muj, Que 
Beau. Load.lTSr, pp. illtud liB, 
thna plates. Pu« IB to 8S are raputed 
-—■--•— --it, ff-J" "• '-" — 

•d with no. 
of the -■ 


. Page IIB conulnA a ilit 
Tinbei* of the Bibl. 

out Freiuv at Coiaatry, Lend. 1783, pp- 
vlll and 41^ with a pUt* of Oufi I^' of 

N0.1X1. The Hlltecy ud AnUqultiei 

ittanltJei of Elmnwall aad Cup- 
an Alb, In the County of dnftiilli. LosJ. 
lTW,pp.SS, not inelndiDf two UtVpuei. 


-pagei, pti(ei.Ac 

nulolog a DtBcription of tilt 
1 Old Aberdeen, In tbe T«n 
», Bt (VlUlam Onm, Towa- 
erdeen. Lond. I78t.PP-II»lii 

od W. PitonoD, 174&' Pt«B 

The Kietory and AnUinHia 

Chapel, lD.lbe MimaiUrTDl 

, in Bootland. Bj Hr.Qtap 

HartlD, of CluTTioot: with Remarki kr 

" Profbisor Brown. To which are udd- 

le Rldliig of Ihfl ParliameDl of Stol- 

in 1dO« and 1681, and the Cenmoniili 

-ved ID less 1 the Btatntea and Fta 

LP by O. I 

^ IK K.lag of Amu ; and 1 
ilcqlai I>eKiiptlon of the Rnatla of 
tland. Lcmd. 178T, pp. I>S^^ Kt 
Inding two title -pigei, with three 

Uihfield Honw tn I 
Fwae. lond-lTBt, 
Mo. Kini. Bkelah of tbe Hlitoty of bi. 

Campml^ of AgrlcDlA ; with ■ I 
teBcrEpUuD of the Camp at Budj 

amTBr' ^lul I of the Roman Campa o/'BatUe Dykes 
!», ineladlng the I HaerAodH, with tbe TIamllltailiein 

B, Google 


SlcaoiM, John— anlmwRJ: 

laid. UES, ;v. M, iKl liulndloc two UtU- 
Mo. uirn. Ad blitor)g>l DsRriptloD 

rf Ik. .j..1,BJ I^.na,_ .. rnt /ll. 

LoDd. 1788, 

BiHr^Md, ln1hel>1*of ADglsHafbT ttae 
fisT.John PriM, Kwper of UiB BodleUn 
Ubniy, Olfbrd). LdwI. ITSS, pp. It ud 
X (lUi iwD plAUi. Pp. B6 ud W Tin 

MI?BW1 Wtth DO. til. 

TOL.TI. TIlts'AntiqiilUHUiignplil. 

Ko. IT. lldDiDin of fill John Bwk- 
nod. Lund. ITSa, pp. M, Ht iBelmUnji 
UUt ud b^f-diK TJUl ou plita. 

Nt m. CoDUIniiiB Addftlou to Uia 
■onglnDf Sir Johu HiKkaood, ITM, pp. 
n-17, not Lualndlns tlw hilf-UOa, >llb ■ 

<i «r aimondi D'Eiai, with m«nnl I.«l- 

PilHdi. From thaOriiluJilii tlMBil- 
tlsli Miunun. Lmd. ITSS, w- ix ud 81, 
lot lutlidlDg two tItls-pigH. 

So. XBL A ■&<)» gmHlcstulTltw at 
■btFusUTofOllnrCnniwsU. Towhldi 
fi pnSist k cisplDiii r*dl(T». Loud. 
1<% 4-^. pp. xvlil ud M, vltb tws p«- 
^imH. Tliapnfiu*liilgDe4K(icliud) 


itdj «e, lew, tg juM M, list 

lY, Blognphlut ADHdotea m 

Ik B(t. John Hnletil]^ M^, Anlbor m 
■><• Hlitorr of Domt, *e. By tb* a»<i 
Gm. BlDgtuun, 6.D. Ixod. 13%, pp. S- 
1>, »t Including tiro tltlo-puu ud u 
■dTenlMnuDt— Bwonl tdltlon. Land 
U1S,4U>. TiUa ud pp. 8 to M, portndC 
»>°« eapl« pilntsd bi AHo to btnd wUt 

tmih of Mumte, — 

I'affit). Loud. II8fi, pp. N, ddI loeludliig 
t*o Utl^paCM uil u (dnrtUamaat. 

no. lu. A STllogt of llM ttnitlBlng 
nthenos lueripUoni nUUt* to Iha 
avEUon of sul Enailih Chaiebu ; bib. 
>wUi(lMd with > N Disbai of Coppn rlu*>^ 
•HilbtUng FuilmUH of luiiw of IhoBUKt 
nitsHil. Br tlis Rev. Smual Pagge. 
l-«d. aei, pp. Y—xvl, mud i—iae, not tn- 
fladlDg two Utle-pic«, uid > dodlatlan 
to Xltliud Gongh, E^. with 3S pUtu, 

ItO, Bngnvod ^ Bulit, and dellTuad 

No. iLTiii. Fruments of Engllih ul 
Tilah BlatotT In Ha nlDth and tanth Can- 
tarr. [n loo Parti. Tnnslatwl fnnn th« 
idlo. and lUaitntad with 

with a ma "^'f^ ™" "^ '*^' 
TOI. vfi. Title 'Antlqiiaei to L«l- 

oaatBrahira'and ganaral mnUDta, Iv pagta. 

PrtBisd la a ponnll of Jolin Miobola, 

aflar Towns, by Cook. 
No. Til. ContalDlsg tha HIalary and 

AnUquiUaa of HlKklay, In tha Coanty 

flloka, Dadlington. WAio, and tli« H*da. 
With a larga Appaudii. (By Joho M- 
eholi). Loud. iTSa, pp. t1 and MO, with 
Ifl plaCea. Pagoa Jw and Cfl are npaatad 
with aatarlika, and at paga IMli tha 
gaoaalogy of ClalTaUnd. 
Nd.hjii. ThaHlatoryandAotlqnlaaa 

tag the Hamlau of SkalcfeleT and Bmosk- 
IngUm, asd tha Qruig« of Leioeaur and 

rlok. With u 

John Nlchola. Load. ITSf. 

blographkA] . 
at larga. By Ja 

■ For tha Conoty 

^oglciU Ublea, tIk, of tile tt^ 
:uTilla, Da Fenan, Onehy, 
il Chapman. Pagaa ISg. tM, 
MO, an npaated with aita. 

of Loleaalor, Publiabad by John NIchoU. 
Lond. 1TO0, pp. 411— ri4, not Including 

which laiur ara lomatlinea placed at the 
eonolDaloa of to]. tIII. Pagta 418. 4X7. 
4Sa, 487, 4GC^ 4GI, 4S9 to 4S8, Ml 10488, 4a& 

to470.i8s to Ei'a,iue, 

npealcd with aateriiika and 
an on ona page, ConEaloa 11 

John NIchola. Loud. 1790, pp. I ud 71 
— lMM,inlfpriBted loea Pu«> 1175,11- 
U8S Is 114& 18n to U13, ISIT, 1818, It 

VOI- IX Halt Htle ' 

Antlqultlei, (In ConHnuatl. 

''^oea Topognphica Brltannlc^V No. J. 

ilUeaofthaPallah «l 


jHtv, [inelndllig tlie Hunleti of 

Uuruua, OUbuT uil Altaoiliiul — ' 
-' - '^ *a}u«» Puiriior Anilar, in 
T^truwlok. BtU) ' - " 

ElB. Loud. „. . 

idlBf Utla, 1-lia. IW— 1M, 

lai-us, IM— &. 1SI-— -lOT, lar—ut, 

■M3-'l«, 148-1«& On p. Tlil r— •- 

Hlitory mnd AsOflultla, dhh tba Plui 
HlguMd In UwaMitlanu^i HigulDg, 
let i>nicDtliiEr>niDUiil BiBtiiriH llunwti- 
ont BicUad; Land. ITML w ^ WU IB- 
dndlBg UiB tvo UtlH, wtOi ImplMm. 

Va. ID. Aa Hlitary of tb* Huor mnd 
Huior')i(iiiH oF Soath Wiiifl*]d,lnDsbr- 
•hln. B7 Tho. Bio™. Lond. ll^fV- 

iM/c^till^nB^* «rrmlii,illd " 
for Uh,(T) plicu. Bipiialed In 

No. tv.Tlw BtMorr ind Antl 
Shenitima In Oh Coontr of 81 
InitnMd. Tontber ■llh Uio Padlnaca 
of »U ttm millM ud G«Dtr]r> uMb 
■BUnt ud modem, of thU Pnllb. B; 
iba Iter. HsBi)' Buten. Lald.lTM,F^ 
IT undSae, irithi'vU^of BhansloB.' 

VOL. X.Wo.T. HLiloricl P»rtlcal.r 
oTLunbtUi Pulsb End Lunbgth PiLim 
In tddlUon lo tbe Hliuilei bf Ur, Du 

BriUnnlctL Br tlia KaT. aBmuel Deuce 
Lond. im, pp. 1— JT and 109— 4S& Si 
Tol.lLNo, iini. 

NcTL ThaHinorruidADtliinltlHiI 
Tvlekcdhim. Bj Edward TToaalds, Esq. 
Land. 17Sr, pp. IM, not incluUnj: tba tvo 
tlllo-pagai, vilb 8 pliUB. 

o tlM HiBlorr ot 
rlih tin FUlu at 

_ , , of StGothtaBrtw 

Kiehud Oouf b). Lond. ITBT, pp. 306—06, 
— '—'-■"— -Jm tltlo. wlih ton MiH 
lied 181E, with u iddi. 
,g of Crojland mbboy, by 

Hoi. Koirnal Oitnon. EoUrgM wilt tlH 

40. (bi Blchard Oongh). Und.lflOUpp! 
Ir wd 303, witb 13 platsi, BepilDlad 

riiJ4ta. T bitty uiplea 
Antlqiuflu of LoodOD t 

otaTDiulOKtaol and n^bibotleol srdor. 
Land. 1IM. pp. 8^ Bol iaelodlnc tltm 
biU-tllla ud UUe. Pp. 1— « «ciipr <n 

NiCHOU, Joim. The HiRoij 
and Antiqnities of the County of 
LoioMtw. hood. 179G— lS16,folio, 

4 Toll. Ill 8, 001. LABOB FAPZB, 

BOI. nuAbSlLlI^ uiu 

bnd, MA^ ToL 1. 11. ud lU. and put L 
of TOL It. 8N. Idl. sir U. U. £ykH. 
HT, nwta, 1061. Baker, e«S, RL IM. 
Bockftird in 1817, No. »«. nncal, SSLli. 

paper, niHl«) 80i. OOHaiwit^—VtiLLpiit 
I, Cmtolnlic Inlnduotloa and SSMary 
of tb* Ton OT IJuowm. Tillo,dodl- 
oatlon to OaotiB tb* Third, Ac pp. I— lIt; 
btU-tltlL dodleatton of tho InlrodottkB I* 
th<KCT.SliGbM.CaTi^ Bart. lleaToi: 

mint— ilnU; THtaAaKotilV 
Ae. pp. xlni— aluU I aoatalogm^ Aapp. 
eIixtU— «tIU; nttim nada to padik. 

i— aluUi aoatalOKHbAi 
. ..rU; ntnm oada to pa 

pp. 1— IM; baif.Utl* and dadlcs- 
iiDoiothoEu- -- ■ 

pai^. Pigsb I 

.ellKii, 19 and W 

i appendix and Indax. 61 
«..,...,..«, P,..>l>ll,alTiII, BlHluidl 
of tbo blBto^, are repeat«d i 

npealttL VoLI. Parfu. ,_ 

Uontlnuatlon of tbo Hiitorr of tfas Ton 

TarHHuaal. brief memoira of the aalhn, 
eontonla aod Hit of platea, elsbt pa^aa; 
tba blaton and a brief IndaK, pp. »1— 
ns(p.d«rr*HaMirUhanaBter{ak. tbo 
rareno blank); appendix, pp. U— U8i 
abetfkct of anawBTi, Aa. nn. i— 10^, ta- 
% 1— lU, I-% and I'K 

„ —30. OM 

biatory, 424 pa^fl 

indei, pp. *3S-e. Paces 

asa-t, anl 417 -P 

iiBki;pp. xe. 

witli imeaDd t« aitnlakB I p.«SI Ulwka 
raiwaladirllh two and three aiiuilaka,ai< 
p. 388 la omitted. VoL 11. Put n. Cm- 
talnlnsaaBTuBtnrDBln.ITtB. Tlllaaad 
dadJoaUn ta Joeeph Cradaak, Eaq. tn 
lemTOBi the hlatorr eomtnoad, pp. 481— 
BKi appandii, 141-8; a hrjif Indu.vtA 
the UbI of plalai, pp. Ita..GO. Pp. 41A-& 
471-4, esi-s, woe, and BEO-l an npeattd 
wllh aiLaitaiu, ud pp. 813-^ an Bin- 

B, Google 


8, 16 pUgBB. PlgES^ 

■>ki. Pp. IIS .n 

rspeLtsd. Vol. 

>U0.ieM. ITHiiporliaiKrfUuiixrrkUllie 
wmrip or nanu ama MfuAfli in At fin 

Cb. 8, ieog,1 ntlt iBd dediulian lo the 
of Hotn, I luTsa j the history con- 

la history 
tloni mod mrhUoiii, pp. 
DuMian of tba ippeudlx 

W-llCO: oMtlDuMI«fl 

«^ «7 to8M^ Tl» tnTsb'TSl io7»l,"is»i 

ni-% swm, STS to 876, sss to SM. sro to 

>n, 1011-13, 1M7 to lOB). 10S6-«, ud 
lllM,u9nprint«d wilhutiilBki. Pp. 
m—auilKiW— lOhiTSUterirti. VoL 
IV. FiH I, GontidiiliuOllTaLUl«li Hoit- 
nni,ie07. Pp. 1— «», not iKHndlnK title 
uddedlHtlan to Buon I^tkUng, 1 lon^ 
priol i( Igia^ iMiDB eii«Ml*d Iharelii, Slid 
thenforGiwtnqnltHl. Atpi«a9MudgM 
mpadlpwi. A«(«>iidKMinkTith«bir 
CinT«tlou,At.ieiO. Title M>dd*dlwtiiin 
ta Buon FieUiiw', two lw«: tbe htMoiT 
of th> county eonUiiiiea, with mdditloBi 
"id oorradtiou, brief iDdex *iid ft lint of 
Villa, pp. 1_4S0. Pagu 9H— e.«ilitidii. 
IDC Uie psdigree of FMMIng, ua repeated 
MA utdriAg. The arigital eHiiat ucu 
i^tnyd bff jWe, Ofid not reprjnltd on 
■twjiT AhMr, »M:A t* aectf^nngly very 
««. ViS. IV. Pin n. Oonttfning 
BFumiHoE Hm>BED, leil. Title, 

liA of mbeorlben end two todeiel, pp. 
1-»1t ; tlie hlatorr of tb* wmnty eonti- 
^xM, vith (ddltlone iiid ain«iiuaiis, e 
PS^ina of BhlTlay, btlaf Indej^ dires. 
Uou bi the Under, list of pUlee In the 
''liBe, ud for VOL 1. pert U. vt. ttS— 
KM. Fuel 4tl-S, M> te &M, eie-30, 

Q>-t Tss. 807-8. MS to ea^ 8w-4, ss» 

« »t 816-lB. W8A «od 8TO to «M, »™ 
npeuad with uterlike. Fsgei S2fr8, 
MlW 8U liBie'uterlBkBi pp.8S«.8,«ni 
"XOMpege; nideNpeTslBleef,theooii- 
iliKiUgD of the p^igcee of Clert:e Jei^ 

I. pp. ai— ilv. Tol. i. ijut It p«ge Tlif, Ml. 
™ P"iW preceding p. Ml, ilao pp. 116, 
11^ of the ippendii, end igsln p. ^, the 
to p^ in t^olnme- TciTil. ^rt il. p. 

«« lut In the iSome.' ToL It. pt i edl^ 

iric 1685 

tloBiaff.p.4M. (oLiT.p.I.edltliinlBIO. 

A CoUeoUoD of royil ud noble ■WlHi, 
tKi> Icnovn to be eitmnt, of the Klnxa end 

of Welea, ±bS evf 17 biioch Df tbe Blood- 
Conqueror to tbu of HenryT II. inclndYe; 

Lend. 1780, 4U. Bindley, pt 111. 780, 71. 
Edwuda, te*, lOLSd. EoibuiEhe, lUT, 

B^Svo, BtoH. wilbpo 

IMI, 3TDli.1Ll§a. nib 

BlognphlcK] HemolrA I 

Ipcludliig e perticulu 

Lond.lJBl. §TO.B«.ed,- 

eddltloM. IBIB, crown 8vo. Ona 1 

avo. Thirty copies prioted. 

BlOKFHpbical Anecdotes of f 
Hogerth : end ■ Citslogue of liln 
•' — lehiglcelly immnBBd ; wllh 
^ Bemuu. Lond. 1T81— -ITJ 

_ .TDle, Hibbort,6807.Si. 

e, 778,101. Bi. Dent, pt.U.7IH,njB«l«, 101. 

.il.GW.UMU. HirU.U.Bybea, pCOl! 

SR IDs. SteeTeni, 1713. Tol. 1. aai 11. 
Willeu,lT8B,T0l.l.tBdll.Bi,Ba. Wh 
Kniihti. T - " 

—Lend. ISIS, <to. S 

reul iddilioul 

llBhed U W. fa. 
1. Bhodti.cne, 

irt. Lond. 1828, Itc 


Vt theend of the 

B, Google — 


ttaelSth, Ulh. and Iltti Ccnti 

(luoed ftom tbe AmnpU of 

ullesUd from luloui puU of tlM JCInc- 
doFD; -wiUi «ipliJuL0i7 Notam. Loud, 

nat. 4to. Roibiugbe, Btae, u. it. Dtnt, 

BiOKTBphtcMond LItaruT Aa«dot«fl 01 

jm LncldaiiUl View of Ibe Pngtvvt ana 
AdiBDcemBOt of Lluntani In T^la King- 
dom, from the UefflimJrw of the pTeHQt 
Cenlury (o Iho Bnd of the Vmt 1777. 
Lond. 17Bt,«lD. ' 

by Bui™. E 

vault, um,u 

h portrtit of bovje] 

. Brockaii, axm, ti 


WuiimiD Bovjar* Friotor, aod mi 
leunod f lianda, uioeideDUl VI 

ProgtsM ud AdTucameat of L 

In tSli Kingdom duilng the lut Centnrr, 
■nd Blognpblal ADWdoUi ofkconilder- 
kUoKumberofemintDtWriMn uid in- 

TolL Loud. IBU-ISIE. (VoL 7 ii In two 
puts, ttw fint. pobllnhed (n 181^ oooUna 
Ml iDdei to lb* flrit uien Tolnmu, the 
dai to voli. vlil. imd li.)— iLLnsTsiiioM 
ot tlM IltHHT HiMory of the eighteenth 
ud orlEtnel Loiton of emiuenC FamnB, 
and Intanded u t 3*q;iMl to the Litaniy 

trutlom, Tolg. l.~ill. 111. Brockatc, 

. 10 voli. IS!, lit. HlblHR. IMS, U 

1SII-23, 13J. 111. — Bothabyi, In 

ie abon ' lilDstHtlDns of LttBimrr 

ET, In the Couoty of Lcloaitar: tnclndlng 
IB HuDleti of DidHngton, Stoke,WyUo 
id tha Hyde, Tbe Becood edition, em- 
lUlBbed with tventy-tiro pUlai. To 
hlch IB idded, th* HlHtory c^ Wlthartey, 
"■"" "Dntyj mud B luge £xtnat 

of the Mudi 

(InellutiDg UiB Hlmlnu 
bury end Athentone), 

WBTwick : by tliB iite UuOboiId tlBrtlatt, 

if UutihUI, 01 


Dd Bepumlaly bm^ 

Tttla ud dediutlon, too leivtwi tha 
Welory of Hinckley, 4s. pp. e»—7S&, 
The hlilory ot Wtlherfey, St lOOT— Mj 
Index, 8to. one puga. 

[TUe fint eJiUun vu printed in O* 
Blbliolhen TopaKTi.ptatei, (Ol. TiU 

Brief UBmolnofJolinNlchala.teoievA 
Tvelie copl« prlnlwl, Xeed, fiue, itltk 

Uemoirof John NlchalB, ^ 
"i"— -i"-! cqialD-~> ■'-• — '-' *— i 

nim'B MBgujDe (Or 1 


Nf OHOiiB, John Bowjer. AcccniuaJt 
□f the rojal Hospital nnd coUegiata 
Church of Saint Katherine, near tlia 
Tower of London- Load. 1821, ito. 

and M, irlth no plate*. 

Loadcm l^ageantB : Aoeonnta of HztT 
royal PncaaarooB and EntanalnmBala la 
tha Cllyaf London, fnun Henry II. h>Bi»- 
eut Time I with a bibliographical LM of 
Lord Mayon' Pacunta. Lmd. Bra. IMI, 
U. Lawn pana, nyal Sro. Ob. 

CoUeetanaa TopociapUaa at flm— lii 
gla. Lond. 18BM^ gro. 8 nia. C<_- 
Ulns iBdaiaa In aash volume, and at mA 
ot Tol. S an Indai ot addlHoDB la Rnitaia 
and a BjoopilB of contenti ot Iba S inli. 
PnbllBhed at II. oar Tolnme. 




Lond. IBte-^RiyalSn, 

. HlBUrioal Notlcai of FonthUI mi 
Abbey, by J. B. Nichola. Lood. U 
Sio. plalea, ISa. uui rana, U, la. 

Ur. Nlaholi wu Itkawiae editor at tta 
tblrd and fOarth •olnmaot the BBt»)B«- 
largBd edIUoD of HulchlnB' ]>oraet,atf (( 
the nev edition of Duaton'B lleoHtia. 

— John Qough. Autographs at 
lojal, noble, leained and rcnuA 
able Pereonggea, conepioncNii ii 
Bngluh Einloij, horn the S« 
of Kichard II. to that of CharlMll 
including aome illustrioua Foraip)- 
eni containing manTFaMBgeafr^ 
important Lettera. Engnvwlai ' ~ 


thedireotion of C. J- S 

NiOHois (Josifts). Plea of the 
Innooent, wherein in averred that 
tile Ministers and people falHeUe 
temied Puritanee, are mjuriouBly 
■landered tor enemies or troublers 
to the State, against all «jcophan- 
tiiing Papiatea, statising Priasta, 
&0. l£mo. 1602, If. 4e. 

B«»tl7 printed. Tba aoUiur vu of 
EutWBD. Id Kent. 

— SamnaL Acolaatus hia After- 
iritte,aFDem. Lond. BBylie,I600, 

SonarkLble u vontaliilDB: hiih pmnllAl 

J«Ui7, lOt'lOn. 

— WiUiam, D.D. A Commen- 
taty on the Book of Common 
Prayer. Lond. 1710, (olio. . 
„ Wilh pcrlimLt of the aoUior by Vaadar 
Gs^L Blcdlay, pi. II. I^es, 18^ An 
JWoSli tppMiid Id 1711.— Satond edl- 

AP&rtphnin oa the Cofflman rrayer 

b« in AniveT to all the most osnil Ob- 
laBallittDii. Third edlUoD. Idnd.iriS, 


MiDhoUi pnbllsbad othu irorki. 

HlOHOiflOM, John. Operatlre 
ICnhaiuD and British Machinist, 
^^ a pnatical Display of the 
'bnohctoriea and MeoWical Arts 
<if the United Einedom. Loud. 

Thbd sditiaD. Lond. Slmnrood. 1849, 

' ■MRillrouli MsebiDOrr ud liinufi 
•WW, Sinmith of Msterim^ 4o. Ac. I 
0. ftudjo vfstr. LoDd. Bohn, ISSB, & 

— Fetar. ArohitectnM] Dirti- 
onaiy, containing a correct Homen- 
clature and DeriTations of tha 
Tenna employed by Arehit«ct«, 
Builders, and Worlunen, exhibit- 
ing the Theory and Practice of tha 
rariouB Branches of Architecture^ 
with the Lires of the principal 
Architects. Lond. 1811-19, 4to. 
2 Tols. numerous engravingi, pub. 
at lOf. 10a. in bda. reduced 41. 4«. 
usas FAfEB, St. 6e. 

BecuDd ediUoD, «dltAd by Loaax and 
OanyDD. Load. JaeksoD, lUA, 4to. 3 tdU. 


ellM of ARhltaetnn, 

RuTeato' PrsMLM? tE« mie™M«thod™ 
drawing tb* lobnography uid Orlbogta- 

kL> Ifao Five Orders of Arcbllsotuni. with 
a put lariotir of btmutlAil Eiimplaa 
selectad ftom tha ADtlqna, »nd mt^j naa- 
ful ud elsKiDl Omamonti, with Bnleg 
for proJecllDg theia. Urad. 1I9&-9, Bro. 
B vols, with &S pUtas by Lowrj^ pub. at 

jDoephGwilt, Eaq., c(adpl«Ia In onfl Ufm 
hawTj. Lond,n.G.Hohn,lBta,ll.lls.M. 

a AtcffiUluro. 

Thu Csrpsnlar's New OnWs; or, the 
ook of LiDoa (or CarpectBi-a MKimetrl- 
„llr eiplslnad: comprlilng air the ele- 

•tendard Woik, revised by 
piul ; with practical Bales on 
y Oeo. FyDe. Lond.Weale, 

B, Google 

VlCBOUOR, Prtcr— cm'bikJ. 

TUnlcdItloB. LoBd-HiTiiiud, II 
an.U'^Vewtimaa. Loi 
1«, 1BB& ter. an. tat. 

taaUeiiaaiwr. Lead. KiUt, IS17, 
410. a Toll. nUIH, U- 1*. 
' TIM GoMs ta B^lnr Munu?. a> 
Mntaa ■ wm^Ma Tmiln un ttia Obliqi 
Anh; ta fade fHa, wlih an AppeEuil 

tmi aonwUi UuBiuboat br B. Covan. 
l«d. Bpoo, laeo, «r. Sto. Sl 
TntUMOB Projartton-, tugathei wtOi 

Od Uw Graatiueliilii of Htilnui 
lUiHl-Rallc Load. 1830. ia^Hf 
thn. Laiia.T<i.yl«',lSlT.4to.iai. 

FracUul flratan of Altabra, br N 
MB and Bovballiani. IxiDd. 1SM,~ 
adlUoiL Loud. Baldnln, ISM, ISni 
— Becanth adlUon. Loud, Slmpkin 
Itou. Ba.— NaT adlUso, IKS, It. 

Boar <>■■ fw Comblsatoilal Aiulfali. 
Lend. ISl^ Sro. IBa. 

EHaira on IhtqIuUod and T^ra1□tl0D: 
wUh an Appandli ihadDg tfaa II» nl 
fixurata Humbora azid aiiChmatlcal Squl- 
valanta In the EitiacUoa ot Sooti. Idiid. 

Tlia BodlmaDtl at pneUoU Fenpeo- 
Ute. Und. LumlaT. 1823. Sto. Ti. ed: 
CablaetmakflT and Upfaoliurei^Giilda. 

and PncUce of Ciupeiitiy, Jnlolng, At, 
Land. 1811, Sro. IBs.— Iiimd. U. Taylor, 
leiB. 8to. Ms. _ 

Talilo or LogarlUmia. Lond, Wliit- 

Treatlie'oa DUUing. Iiood. Wsala, 

Carpen'lei'i ud Joimi'a ABigtant. 

aA lotiodneMon to tlie Kethiid rf In- 

oramspti, eipnaiad by a 

NioHOifiOH, WiIUam,Bp. of Qlon- 
ceslsr. DaTitU Harp itrung and 
tun^d ; or, tn easie AjuiI^bib of tbe 
lAole Book of PsaliDB. With a 
derouC M«dit»tiim or Kajgr at the 

though wriLIan In a fiuaint aod aabaUallc 
■Cyl4. may nevertbeleaa ba eanaalCad wltfa 

Biahop Ilteholaoa> aiulyaaa in hiacoiB- 

Bllaa, la. elL^i^ii,mi,~aio 
— WiUiimi. A Joamal oF ITa- 

tunl PhiloBophj, ChemiBtry, and 

the Arte. Lond. 1792-1802, 5 TOla. 

4to. CoQtinuatioD, 8vo. 36 Tols. — 

1302-12, together 41 yak. 31. 3a. 
Intnductlai to NaUisl FUbnDphy. 

Loud. 1781 Sm. S Tola.— WBT, 8to- I Tirfi. 

— ITK, Sro-lTDla. Ednird^Stf,aL 
Diattssarr of Charalstry. Land. mS, 

KiczoLU), J. Original Letters 
and LetlfflB of State found amoiwit 
Milbon's Papers. iSw&1jxtoH,Jo&]. 

NiOOBAB iBUinM. — Lettras on 
the Nicobar Island*. liOiui. ISIS. 

._ iDtanatlng Hltla voA, H papa^ 
pnbltibad by tbe Moimilui. 

KlooDEutrs. — Nioodemua'a Gos- 
pel ; oODtaining an Acxuimt of oar 
blessed Saviour's Trial and Acca- 
BatioD, &C. Bj Joseph Wilson. 
Lond. 1767, Sto. 2b. 6d. 

A poor tnmelatlon from tba LaUi af m 
fo^ad gDBppL,ae?ar beard of Ull tb« fourth 

and Atail aocouDl of It, irtll ba lomd Iv 
Jonea' Malbod of aetttlng tba Uaaoa ef 

bV Dr. Tngallaa. An AiKl»3aaOB nr. 
aloii, frwn thaCambrU)|a Ktaaia^t, b 

uabridca UaBDasr^ii, b 
ptafancbOB *d. ThaaHaa. 


GoapelL Lond. by W. da 

Ito. Tweaty-Uirae luTV^ 

ubUo Jlbrafy at Cambrl^Ka. 

Horae Tooka, MB, aau£ 
tesold Whila SuiKhu, SU3, wontt*, 
" 1 UIMiat^Ul%Ul.lte 

B, Google 

-UI3.4to.— UI8,«<>. A DDpr to la (li« 
riliih UoHum.-lGS^ 4tii. Thli edl- 
on GontAlDH F fl, the former Bigiuturi 

HrcliadoBi" OuHll. Lend, by Job 

tr, pt. ix. al. 3i. Tha idgnstura A hi 

Niohodamiu Uh OmpBl. (Boneol, 
citanCiHi>tiirier,snilJ<8rci. A 01117 It 
■a BriUA UuHUBi. InKlis, 1063. (Hk 
Niolmdeioiii hla Ompel. I&i6, ISms. 

NicoL, Jiimo9. An Eaaayc 
Mature and Design of Soripture 
^arrlfioes. Lond. 18H3, 8to. 7b. " ' 

— John. The Life and AdTen- 
tnrea of John Sicol, 1 
Edinb. 1822, 12mo. 61. 6d. 
phgr, UDilitliig of ilS paeed wil 

NIOOLA^ Fradenc The Life and 
OpinitiDB of Sebaldni Nothank^, 
translated from the Gennui b; 
Ilioiiias Dutton. Lond. 1796-8. 
litao. 8 TOla. 10a. Sd. 

NiooLU, Nicholas Earria, Knt 
S4Bl,or; ot the Battle of Annoourt, 
and of the Eipcdition of Henrf V. 
into FrsTjoe, with the Boil of Ihe 
Hen at Arms in the Engliah Army. 
Second edition. Lond. 1881, 8to. 

A rDnnar edition appeared 


Llfa'iif Williun Dariion, I 

of Writing (pnb. at IBh.) radaeed Is. ed. 

"A niinnle ImeHtintlon of thequealloa 
>a lo Elizabeth's piivttr and canseotto 
the death of her Sitcr, Huy (Jueen of 
Scoti."— ffwUmioVa Jftpnriw. 

Catilogua gf the HenJdi' TltltitloDi, 

nuealo^cal and fopagraphlcal MS3. in 
the Brillih MiiJteiiiii. Becood edition. 
Lond. ia». Svo. Oi. u,aoaEiP«a,fla. 
NotiUa HlBtorica; contalDlng Tables, 

tl«i fur the Uee of UTHtoriuu, Auttqua- 
ilea, and the Legal Proftaalon. Land. 
18U, crown Sn. Blisi, fli. ed.— An im- 

BIO 1689 

pnnad editloii, under title of the Cbm. 
nologror HI>tOT7,i]prlnltnI<DLaraDer>l 
CTclopBdiB. LODd. 18W, lino. da. »d. 

A ainopila of (lie PBsrnge of EnKiind, 
aihlbftlDg, under alphabellul Arrange- 

to Con 

on, (uni 


. „ Inglasd), ReTlacdand 

onrthope. Lond. lesJ, roy. 8to'. II. WX.* 

TaBtamentaTelDBta, being IllnimtloiH 

ftoD WUla, of ancient Mannem, Cnnonu. 

"- - Ttll M ofthel 

_. of masT dlattn„ 

the Reign of Henir IL to 
gfQneanElliMiath. Load. 

BthoOl ft 

A Boll of Anai of Pean and Knlghta 

tbeRelgDoffidvaidthe Sflenad.fnm a 

ninnpitraiT KS. in the BMtiah Mnsanm. 

With a PR^». Lond. law, era. lOn. Sd. 

I PATEi In dto. Fifty copies printed. 

and a CataloruB of the Knfghn Knes lu 
lurnal by ona of the Sniie of Thou! 

B of Anna of the Beigni of HM117 

id Edward Ill.i edited by N. S. 

NioolBi, Esq. LDniL 1829, Sro. lOa. Bd. 

B, Google 

Hi« Knur 

ud BerkeldT, « 

iinled iijOb- 

A Latter Id Defence of tha BUtemBat 
nlUIn to tlw Bsrony of ChuiilM, la the 
BTAIvril Hi t)l< Feangs. Lund, lail, 
llmo. pp. It. Tlili i> ■ raply to ■ not* 
of BIT Xgtttim BiTilgei rsliUvt to the 
Buony Dol balDC aiUnet, flrec printad in 

Latter to tha Duke of Wallliigton on 
tba PTDprUw ud Lag^tr of Cnating 
Fhh (Or Ufc, irllh PreoadflOtfc SscoDd 

•dlUim, lgB0,8To. ai. 6d. 
BapoR of PTMeedlogi on the Claim to 

•ddlOoiul Faeti, uUI ■ Rafutallen of Xt. 
PalgrmTB'a 'Bamirk* in Kaply to thli 
Work.' I-ond. 18S1. Sto. lla. «d. 

TnatlM on AdalteriDS Butudr. with 
■ Beport of (ha BulioiT Cih, ud of all 

1836, Sio. — Second adlUoD, eomcted. 

Tha AntlMK (ppaui to 
aonrae of Inforcution. 

Un the Llbrarr aod Catalogoa of th« 

French RevolntioD. Load. 1847, Sto. 1 
Toll, 11. Sa. (All priDlad, eitanding ocdr 

TiBov. Fnnols. Oidby, BirKanelm. If^j- 
BBiir, Lad;. Out, Ltdf Jana. Hanr 
VIU. King of England. LoiDon, Chm- 
□Ide of. Makveu^ Andrav. NeiaoM 
Dlipatohaa. tAutitvXr F. BcaoTE lad 

NiooLL, Aleiander. Notitaa Co- 
diois Svuantano-Ar&bun Fenta- 
touohi in BibL Sodleiami, oompLeo* 
teatja. Oiooii, 1S18, roy. 8to. 

ronl B'o. 7 Toll. It. lla. 

UiatolT of the Onlen of Knighthood 
«(tha BriUeh Empire, of the Ordarof the 
QiHlpha of. HuoTar ', ud of IliaHadiUa. 
CroHBt *nd Gliipi,<ioiiftn«d firNiTal ud 
■fUitarr SarrletL Losd. ISti, Imp!. 4to. 
4 TOl*. annMnnu Mlonnd pUtai, raduoed 
to SL 13l sa. or, with tha plats* lUomi- 
natsd, ud with fUB-leoKth poitnltg of 
Qnaan Tlatorli, Prince Albart, tha Klof 
of HsDorer, and the Dnkei of Cimbridgi 

ttiKiea-M.' ThecopiailMllHoedliaTi 

neth Bgodljoewe Stoiy o< 

11. l£a. Gao. Ch^ 

ir Trial of a1 OIhe 

« 1^ 10, la aighta, G baring hi 

the Bec&ntatjon of John Ificholl, 
for the Space of two Yean tbo 
Pope's Bcholor at the Sngliah Sa- 
minorie st Borne, whicli deureth to 
be raconcilsd Bud receiTed ai * 
Kember into the trae Ohuioh of 
Obrist in England. Xond. 1681* 

B, Google 

ITlcoLS, ''obn — continued, 
V 1, in elgfati, wltb dedlutloi 

Ctypt, UB* aetita. no. Till. Ingm 


19 ud Tleta. Su Beloe'i 
&n And Sarmimniadfl ■ 

kod Impdnor 

At FunilE, DndltT. PAieoTl, Sobl. 
AiucDDDt or JchpNlcoliwlUbe found 

Nicoifl, Wiffifun. De Litoris in- 
T6n(iE Libri VI. Lond, 1711, 8to. 

Mid Antjquit 

Weatmorland and Oumberland. By 
f Dupti NicolaOD, Esq., and Kichard 
Buni,XL.D. Lond. 1777, 4W. 2 

DniTT, gigs, il. at. Dent. pt. II. 1ST, 
with Addition^ p11l(««, tuuUt 61. 7i. Od. 

bind, 'mos,' IL 111. Bnclielt. as^ tl. 

iL Ooftiliim,— Vol. I. Pp. cuiiv ind KSO, 
»t Including tho UUe Willi > fold^ mmp 
DtWwDDDTb^brTfao.KltehliL VdI.II, 

a. IIM, not Including ths title, irilh t. 
lad mip of CumlMrluid br ThoiDU 

— WiniBm, mucaaiTcilT Biihop 
of Cu-UbU and Derry i anenrards 
Archbiahop of Cubal. The Eng- 
liab, Scotch, and Iriih historical 
IdbtariM. To -wbioh is added, a 
I«ttei to White Kennot, D.D., in 
Dtfanoe of the Engliih biatoncal 

ildbraij, &o. A. new 
lion corrected. Iiond 
A T4lDibta work- Indlip 

llndT of EdeIIbIi hlBlolT- BlndlST, pi. 
lil.TIM,!t:ii. Dowduwell.GW.SI. t9>.6d. 
Edwirdl, £18, 31. §L UBllh, 4MT, rau. 
ai. BiDcksIt, 2383, 31.— Becond adlliaii. 
Land. 1788. fol HDlllfl,ll8a,ll.lTi.uiaB 
ufihF WUlfltt, lB7T,ai. 

The flnt edition of (hii wnk'wu 
pnbllBbed In tbne dlvUloni, at ioler- 
Tail. Vic Eoglish Hlitorlcil Ubmr. 

'Lond. i«9e-e, Bto. s pu. In s toU. St.— 

Second edlilon, 1114, toUo.— Scottlib Hi*- 
urlcml Ubruv. Lend. 11<a, Sto. Bliai, 
aLed^Jij>haiitaiialLibru7, Dublin, 

A Lstur to Dr. 'Whitfl Kennfttt, in Da- 

fCnee ijf the BogUib 

ttMbury in hi. Blghti, 
a Bngn>h ConTonUoD. 
Lona. 1703. dto. pp. SI. 

Libniy (by T. kjuiBr). Letter L Lond. 

To Ihe ^liho'p of Oullile, wntalDlng 

bAtwsEO Fnn» ud Beotland (bf T. Rr- 

Cugei in Ills SooUb Llbnrr. (Br Blr 
Mii Blbtnld.) Edlnb. 1T04, Bto. 
Lege. MiTchluiun: or Border T^wa, 
With ( Prefus end ui Appendli. Land. ' 
1700,810. Roibnrgbe. Ml, Sa. Bladlar, RB6d, (B71, 1». 6d. Cat- 

twoleeTBB; dedluUoD, 4 pigei. ud pi*- 
fue, K pmns.— Lond. 1I4T, Sro. Dei»,pt. 

Letter! on Tiiiona Bnlijeeti. literuy. 

KUtlcd, wd ecclegiutlul. Land. ISOS, 
i. 2 Tola. Edited br John NIohDla. 
Bladle7,pt. ii. !180,Sa. llibbeil, KOS, Ba. 
BlBhop of ElJ. BM. ta. 6d. 

HiratmB, BartholdOeorg. The 
HlBTOBY of JLauB, translated by 
F. A. Walter. X^nd. 1827, 8ro. 
2 vols. 

A innalitlon ftom Ibe Brat eiUtloo of 
the OTl^ul, now i>f no Tilue. 

A new truialelloB br Jnllu* C. Ban 
and Oenop TblilnU. Cemb. 18>S-81. 
Bto. S Tola. IL lia. OC thla them l> > M- 

iddltlHia cenUloed to Uie tl^rd edlUoii 
of the origlDiL Ounh. 1881, Ste. i ud 
a third adlUon. iBSO, with map. 

Vol. 3, Inunlated by W. Bmltb am 
Leonard BehmitE (with fanaral fndaa). 
Load. 1843, Sto. 181. 8d. 

B, Google 

KiDimB, B. S. 



thecwllMt TlMi b 

ron USB. br I" B«>i 

Kriod M Um 1 Till, of Bown HIMoit. 
la fOUoirlB«two Tohmm m ta omU- 
DiutlMiofbirUi, fonslu eltbartbatdud 
SdorthtLKtunmorOsllh «ii*-"- -' 

(Fdnn Toti. « u>d B r« lfa< HUtorr, ni 
luiTeuiiddlUonil tllle-pagib ' Th* Hl» 
torr of Bmm C»m tlM ant Fnnls Wu, 
*«■) . , 

LsBtuR*, both Sariw. SaMndadiUo 
LodL TsTlor, -W. and V. ISUt-IO, Bn. 
TOli. II, <L— Tbifd adltlan. LowL lee 

Jttatma on Kobio BUtorT. Tnna- 
latadliTH, I.1I. CtaepmeUsad F. C. F. 
Damailar. Edlnb. FullutaD, 1848-00, ICp. 
Bahn, leU, r(ap. Bn. 8 Tola. lOa. «d. 

Nlrlmlir'a Hiatorr of Bona, aptloiiilMd 
frgm the luger irmk, and adapted to Iba 
ua of ethoolB and CoUegaa, by Tnruv 
T*lu,B.C.L. WittaCbnnolo^calTablaa 
aad an AspaDdtl. oif. Talbofa, 188&-T, 

, I. ComprUiiiaitha 

«>iT oi tlM AaiaUa MtUma, l£< ^rp- 
tUnajOra^ )Uo*4«dain and Oaftba- 
glDiaai. Tniialalsd bjr Dr. Laao b arf 
iobmlti, vlth addUloDa and conaetlaia. 
LaaS.iaca,9n.t tola. froDt. 

LcMuTM aaADdantltfamgnVhr ud 
OMgr^hr, «e»prialiif Oiaaa and hex 
Coloolaii^Mma, MaeedooU, nwrtam, 
Itilj, Qaiil, BpalB, Biitaln, the North <rf 
Aftka,As. 'banUtadrMmthaOanun 
■ytloii of Dr. Iilar, br Dr. Leonbiid 
»nlU, with addltiona ailll oomctlouB. 

Aooonltag 10 tha Qnirlwly BarUirara, 
'Hiabnhc 7aa thn>n naw tfght iip«i odi 

th* aa(«npbr «f 

V of Homer, 

maacrUIIOn on tha Uati 
br T. B. Btandnth. Lou 

lltariea ftm Qraek Hiatorr, in a 8e- 
Haaof TaloB ralacad tohla Bon. TTass- 
latad frBB the OanuD. tond. Halt, 

Btoriea of Iha Ooda and HiRwa of 
Ozvaee, loU ta bla Boo. Trutalated fran 
tha Garman bf Barali AnatiD. Loud. J. 

cobwnd lUiutratlDna by H. J. Tom^ 
bend, 4i, M.-A«aLn, 1S(9. 

Hsnwngeichlchte. — Talaa of Oitak 
Harwi (the Ganaan Ten); with graa- 

Hlabnbr [Itoiuidad npoi »M c 

tbnbr [biu 

br Madam Hanilarl. TTlth I 

8ro. 1 toll. tf. U 

u txoB hia BiDOT vrltlngBt aditad 
-uu udalated by Bnaanaah Wtntwartt, 

NuBUHB, Omtcn. Tnr^ 
tlmnigh AnbU, and otherCoonbiea 
in the Eut, Iraiulated into Eogliali 
bv BobertHcfon, with Notes by tha 
iWasLttOT. Load. 1792, 8to. S 

ThiB Eigttah tnnalatlon, bealdas omit- 
tiu; the moat Tal aable and aciandflc part^ 
Ifl, Id otbar nflpflcu» totallr tmworthy oC 

PlnkerlOD'i Calieotlon of TDjagea and 

NiaiTEOTF, John. An Bmbaoaf 
from the Sut Indik Comjmoj ot 
the tTnited Fronnoea to <%in>, I:; 

B, Google 

Ifr- John Nisrhoff'. Alao hi Epii- 
tle of Father John AdBoi* oonoera- 
ing the whole Negotiatioil, wiUl 411 
Appendix of Several B«iDarka out 
of Potfaer Athuuuitu Kirchar. Sn- 
glinhed (md set forth with thoir 
soreral Sculptures by John Ogilby, 
Esq. Lond. 1669, folio. 
MteuhoriVtiysgBa mud TnTels Into Bi 

Ptnkorioa'a CoUsctlon, anA bl 

Nun WENT ITT, Banurd. The re- 
ligioui FhiloBopher, truiBUted fium 
tSe Xhitch by John ChunberlAjue. 
Lond. 1730, Bvo. 3 vols. 

A >Drk lamalj In miicli estltullt 
F*i»T, >» Uh ETldauui of the OtailBtli 

buldes dedlnlton, pn&n, ind u emu. 
Fr. NtgBr it Ae«Dta. Sm Whitii- 

— 1>. Petr. Pr. Patreii Nigri 
BritaDDicBTum Nuptianmi libri 
trea. Mediol. 1669, 4to. 

WWh irood^iii ponnlbi of Pfcllli 
Utt. auBIU.Cnfti, 110.7285. i 

Towni. Lond. 1810, rojBl 4to. 
Filntvd to ■ecompsoj tbo Buutloi oT 

pognphfi or ■ S«TtBa of bJatoclcsI mi 

181«,*to. " 

A Foftnltura or Hethodfun. Loud, 

Bi^t of tbs T[d4l Nlgbaogmle v. 
Blockdils, In in AeUon for ■ Libel too- 
talned In ■ Bolair ol the Poitnltura of 
MstlutdlsQi. Load. 1800, 8vo. pp. Sfi. 

A Portmiaro of CsttaoUclBm. Loud. 

The RellgloDi and nllglmii GsniniioiH 
dOHTtbed ; "lodudtug (^riitliLiiiril 'b^ 
sU BoDti uid Dmimiutl'ima. Lood-lSil, 

HiLB.— A «hort Belation of the 
BiTsr Nile. Written by an Sye- 
witneai, who lired many Yean in 
the chief £inj^oDi8 of the Ab;>- 
mne EmpirB. Lond. 1669, ISmo. 

Thlfl rauUcn wts wrfttou bj Fathor 
jQrDnjiDO,aikd tniulatfid bj Sir P.Wyioba,. 

" bu OTldeadj bMO graafly IndeblBA 

Jadls, 107, 5«. H«bar,pt,li.Sa.«d. 
! Knigtta. 3808, 61.— IdlS. ISout 

NiLrs, Archb- 6t TheuBlonia. 
A Treatise conteyning a Deelaration 
of the Popea Tsurped Priniame: 
written in Oreeke aboue leuen hun- 
dred Yerea lince. Translated bj 
Thomas QreiMip. Lond. 1660, Sto. 
Sotbebj, lasi, u. lOn. 

ICiM. A satirical Puppy. St± 
Mat, Thomas. 

Nnaco, Ber. William. A Gene- 
ral Hiatory of StirHngshire, second 
"-""ion, with a Continuation by 
BoT. W. M'Gtregor Stirling. 
Stirling, 1817, Sto. 2 vols. Map. 
and E EngraTings, 12s. 
""-- former cdlfioo wia pnbllihtd st 

mOD ; a Diicourse on cer- 
I'aasages of History and Eable. 
Sti HiBEEBT, Hon. Algaraos. 

H18BIT, AJeiander. A • brief 

Exposition of the &nt and second 

*'~iUe» general of Patar. ' Edinb. 

I, Sto. 

A TeirlndJdoni mtti—Omt. 

B, Google 

ta pnetlal Otmni. 



IfiBBBT, AleiaDder. A. Sritem of 
Heraldry, BpeoulaliTe and practi- 
cal, with the true Art of iBlrnon. 
Bdinb. 1722-42, foL 2 toIb. platw 
of AmiB. 

An iblB work, of gnat ntLUtf ai nEir^H 

lurghe, S> 

lax, or Loud. 181t folio, 1 vols. «. li, 
own sinDM. KuBHi, pi. I. MM, fiB. 

BaIblB«h^ eeoi, u. UsUr, pt. 1, ii. ed. 

An Buar on the aiuiEiit and modern 
DsaotAnnorlM. Edlnb.lIIB.4ta.Hu- 
qnti or Toinuhmd, iMC7, I5g. Brockett, 
lUU,9i. ToinHla7,M.llliOT,«L Blnd- 
la;, pt. lU. 196, St. Boilinrgbfl, 8802, ^. 
— John. IBpicediam. nob. Rob. 
Ssrereni, Oomitia EaseiiEe. Lond. 
1646, folio. 

HiTHBDAiB, Winifred, Countesa 
of. Letter reUtine the pantioulars 
of the Escape of the Bar! of Niths- 
dale from Uiie Tonar of London, 
28 Feb. 1716, Lend. 1827, 8»o. 

Prlvatfilr printed by B. Qraco, Eiq. aod 
Dcea^olullj atUchsd to hie Hiltorjr of 
the P«nill7 of anea, TOJI.I en. 

IflTEnxois, Duke of. Fablea, 
tranalated iiito English Vane. 
Load. 1799, amsll Bro. 4s. 

NizoR, AnthoDjr. The Blooke 
Tear. Lond. 1606, ito. 
Bl(n. B liij. Hober, pt. t1. 11. 3*. A 

la Brydgai' British Blbllogn^ar, 11. 

described tbe perfeci 


Whllglft a. C 
MomorlHll. King Jimei, 

Tlia Qnnmd ud Original of tbe Wan 

London'! Dots ; or, tbe Ulrmr of MB- 
chaol Tavlore; a Memorial of (be Ufa 
and IJeiUi of Mr. Robert Dore. Lood. 
ieil,4Ia. Blndlsf, U 4a. Bright, ILlta. 

of Commtlon, or a crtBr 



LiTTii. Roibnrgbe, Ma, 

Blbl. AngI 

■Poet. 4SJ, tL 

phec^T. L 



0/ reprinted. 




noe. tbe J7 of 

aOS. I.QOI! 


— John, Secretary to the Berf- 
eteak Club, &b. Sketches from Na- 
ture. Lond. 1T95, 4to. A aeriM 
of EngraTinas of Cbaracters. ill- 2002, 11. Ii. 

NoBBss, Bobert. The compUte 
Troller ; or, the iJi: of TroUing. 
Lond. 1662, 12mo. 

Twa editions appeued In 1683, mi II 
was repTinted Id nc-simllfi, 1790. StnU 
tell, aw, ta. BlDdley, pt. U. IMO, fa. 

Book. Borwieb, n.d. e»o.— Fourth odl- 
tloc, eppeoded to sootber edition of the 
Angler'. PocketBook. Lond. 180*. Bm. 

iTobbes' Art of TroUlng, new edlttoa. 
Lond. ISti, 6to. Frequently reprinted. 

HoBUJTT, — A Treatise of the 
Nobilitie of the Bealme. Land. 
1642, 12mo. 

Bird's MegaiineofHonoarvithaaia' 
lltle^o. Nuuu, pt. U. 784, «•. Brigbl, 

AnHIitorical and Critini Baaay ea Os 
tme Rise of Nobility, polltlo^ end drll, 
Lond, C RiTiogton, i7ia,3To.— wao.Bn. 

Bamlnshsm Ball, CO. Norfolk ; bnt n» 
iimaa Found '11)1 (Hies attrlbuttiig tba 

B, Google 

■Dn'f Arabic OrsmnuT. Sdmb. 
1B20, 4to. lOe. 6d. 
NoBliS, Mark. Usmoini of tbe 

actor&l House of C 

i. 1767, 8ro. S vols. 

li>,|».li.9Ci<»,lI. Foi>IUU,BS7S,ll.lii- 
-•HnD. ITSiL 8to. 1 VDli. Edvudi, U, BlndlAV, St. U. 1157, Oh WUUlt, 

A BiTiev of tb« Vgmoln of IhepnMo- 
loil BouH tl Crommll. Bj Wlllluu 
BlohudB, U.A. LfDii. ties, Sto. 3b. Sd. 

hiai. BlnDlaKtiikra, 1760, 41e>. wicb pl»E«i- 
Dtotpt 11. aM, 171. Brcckatt, 32S«, 111. 
fioUli, loas, »a. Sd. GDmbe. lus. Bt. 

.1 a<»tl(iBlcal HIbUft of Uie prusDl 
Bi^ FuullIBi of E^TOpt. Idud. 1181, 
Iteo. pp. 9Ki, wiUi « plitaj of vmi 

inwiloslul Tublsi. Land. 179T 
BlldlBT.ptU. a003.El. Boiburgbt 
S>. Duke of Yock, 3786, lOLSd. Fo 


"""" ■ ' "Jib bruUnded High 

ilntedloait la Judg- 

i ftppoliitM 

Loud. ii«8, Sio. ^ •olB. Duke d 

nso,ioi. Biiuiia7.ft.u.aua,9i 

A HIatDTT ot the CoUega of Amii,ud 

>«i>du of Uui College, until the pm 
Tlmo; with & prellmlaKry DlUflrtfttloD 
ntiUn Is tbe dDbnot Oidsn Id Eng- 

UDhnmn Conqn«Bl, Loud. IBM.lto, DBi^t, 
Jt.ll.8RS,Bi. To«nel«,pt. (1. 12«e,78. 
UUIPiraa. I>nbsorYDrk,S«SI,, 

iroo 169S 

ithaandoftba Reign of Qeorga I. I,SBd. 

KM, 8T0. B TOU. 1&. UHH FAPEB, Im 
IfllSTD. 11.71. 

— ThonisH. Pnctloal Perapeo- 
tJTG exemplified on LandacftpeB. 
Loud. 1806, 4to. 

— T. Blackhelth ; a Poem in 
fire Osntoi. Lumen* j or, the an- 
cient Britiih Battle : and Tarious 
other Poema; inolnding a Trana- 
lation of the firal Book of the 
ArgooautioB of 0. Valnlua Flaccue. 
Loud. 1808, *to. 

SoBLmnua.— The Bobe of ITo- 
blenee. Sit IAbee, John. 
Ths Porteom of NoblaMSM, truilattt 
It eitsiKb* lu Seottla ba KdaUr Audn 

i Andnir UtIk, UW, 4U. The osIt 

if knon !■ In tba AdTout*^ LibniT 
_. EdlnbDixb.— Riprlnted In ISiT, witk 
Onliicnu iiiHl OiiTUM. Ah p. MS. 

Nobody and Somebody. With 
._e true chrooioaU History of Ely- 
dnre, who iraa foTtunatety three 
Bererai Times crowned King of 
England. Printed bj John Snu- 
dle, (eiros 1600) 4to. 

CnUotni. Title, irtth <rood.ont (A ai to 
J tn « & lut luf hu wwd-cut of Firi of 
BomabodT on ona alda onlT. A copy la in 
Ilia Qurfek collection In tbe Brltfab Hn- 
aanm. gotbaby'l In BOT. IBM, momeoo, 
N. 7e. 6d. Etid., J«i. 18». Bothebr'a 
In I82S, ISl. Brlgtlt, 71. 5a. iUlliwell, 

■rkaa. M. II. era, isa aiaukm.~Fp. 

1— Ma, not iiMliidinB b(]^tltla, title, uid 
pnliKeABi peg« ; utlisritlai^ two pagai ; 
Dttsf ubMidlien, (bnr pigea; uiptodli 
m, 1— IxU, uAdlrecUoaslUpludng tiia 
(nnr) pUtea, ona page. 

ContlnoatloD of Qrangei^B btogrmpbleal 
BSttttj of Englud, from tbe KeTC'~"~ 


— A Letter from Nobodr in the 
Cilj to Nobody in tte Oonntiy. 
Printed for Somebody, 1679, 4to. 

NoonraiTAL Ooodsbsbcm, or 
Deeda of Darkneeae : committed 
by the CaTaliera in their Ilendez- 
TouB ; vhenmnto is conjoined the 
eereral Poatarea naed vith their 
Whorea and Pimpea, &o. Lond. 
1642, 4to. 

Hebar, . 

B, Google 



yttm, ■ ■— ■ Vnnia of NmI 
into Europe, ooDlaiiuiiK tlie fint 
loliBbitaDta and Peopling thereof 
clous into Engluli bj Bioh. I^ohe. 
Lond. 1601, «o. 

BtHTeni, im, U >*. 


I* IgtiMd -aork, irlth thit cf Dr. 

i. H. A Saledion 
of Anoient Greok Coin*, tdiie^ of. 
Magnk Orncia uid Bicily, from tha 
Cabinet of the Et. Hon. Oie Iiord 
NorUiwick, drawn bj Del Sltiu 
and enpnei bf Henrf Moiea. 
The Deicriptioni by Dr. Noehden. 
Iiond. 1824-6, folio. In faor part*, 
pab. at 41. 10*. 

Brigkt, 11 to, Tn knadnd ind tSf 
•oplM prlnM. A Itw tun pnnr Im- 
ueHMM o( til* ttUm on luU* p*pai. 
eoUwbr'i, IBM X. Si' 

OtfiBjin ud Becllih DliiU«iu7(ronnd- 
•d OD lUlMalMrM^). Iioud, ISU, sqnua 
IkDo. FnqaulIrrepilaW; lOMrtbeill- 
USD (iHrHtTptdJ, Loud. lUT, Itmo. Tl- 
AHdn, LmiL IBM, mu. Sa M. 

A. OnBBur «( the Oemta L«iunigB> 
•ir tke Dh of KagUihrnan. Lnf . UDSi 
Udo. — SaMOd adlUv^ «on*Bt«4 spd 
ImpraTfd. Loud. IBDT, limo. ~ Third 

nntb edition (nTlHd and wikrirM). 

<atiuUi7. LoBd. IS^ ItmOL Sa 

flditton. LoDd. MutdhiI, UM, IS 
ExenlHS for vrinDg Oonuu te 

laC. H.I 

KB)- to 1 
Writing Oi 

the Nev ^^tament ; in vhich the 
Greek USS. ue nenly olsHod s the 
Integrity of the authoriwd Text 
vindicated i and the Tarioiu Blad- 
ings traced to tiisir Ongin. Lond. 

19, in.lii. cuh. 

An jDtnidncttoB to the Childs* Qna- 

— UicfaaeL A Treatiiw of th* 
I*tn for the Belief and BtXtictoMt 
Ot the Poor. Lond. 1825, Sro. S 

Toli. li. 16s. 
Foarth odition, iri(h ccmBtdnablfl addl- 

llSt. Lond. ITW-t, Tojal Sto. 1 J^ ••. 

Noli ks TAiiaEEE ; or a Thinge 
to be thought on, or Vox Camii 
■acne cUmantis afa Altari od Aqoi- 
lam SacrilegBm Noli me tangare ne 
te perdam. 161S, 4to. 

Wilh two tltlBH, DOS sDETiTed liy HiP- 
■h>U, tba other, a wnoi-cal. BOMtnlt, 
-- ■■ 6M. Ik. BU^lIJ, 

IL 785,11 

NoiXIHB, Eenr, Henuetical 
Phyuc, translated ij E. Taughan. 
Lond. 1666, IZmo. 

NoHiBuii iNqcisiTiOBna in Ca- 
ria ScaocariL Tempore B^ia Bd- 
TBidi IIL Lond ISOT, foEo, 
2L 29. 

Pilatod br aathorltT ol tha soHla- 
■lonani of tha PubUs BMOriL Tka 1>~ 
qnlitUoDB Ukao br t>n aiHWm uA 
Tuidtton Id twan^^avan oo mji aa, |n» 
■untto ttao ttlrd A0ldiiilulaa,datad Jaaa- 
arr M. 13U, to laTj tha ninth UbI^ tb* 
nlDtli aioea, and (ha nluh akaat craala* 
to the Kfa>s b7 gut. U Edwaid III. 

5uBnx>BDi, Public. 

Koircos»minBT Bnunra; limng 
Original Sermons, by Oliver Hoy- 
wood, TbomtH Jollity Houy Nnr> 
come, and Hairy Pendlebury : ■•• 
lect«d &om MSS. with Uemoir^ 
I^ItidiwdSUte. Buy, ltU4, Srak 

B, Google 


NoNOOMmsviBis. — FarewcHBer- 
tnone of some of tho moat emment 
of (he Nonconformiat Ministers, de- 
liTered st the Period of lieir Ejwjt- 
ment by the Act of TTnifonnity in 
the Year 1662 ; ta iriiich ia jap- 
Gied B liiatorical and biogrsphioRl 

UcTiird, In KB RlitoTlul Am 
Principles ud PnctlMi at tt 
tbrmliu ualnH Chnreb snil t. . . 
(li«drMKeft.nii>tliiiiiiDdi!rK.lidwaldVI. ' 
Anno IMS, to tbig pisHiit Ymr, IBM; 
w[t)i(iiAppaDdlioruioiT.FhitiBg*liut ' 

-daltaud. L«nd.T,Hi>Iairwd.Aniuil«H ' 
viths/Kmt. ^^rltlau undsT (ha nuna Df ' 
OUrei Feoll*, bal tha prodaeUiinafDaTld 

HOI 1697 

AwlKtioDfmm Uia Hld<rirei or, tha 
Old Whcuh'b Uagulna. Hlbl»rt, BIIO, 

NooDT. Set Vandkb Noodt. 

NoOBTHOVCK, John, A ncw Hii- 
tory of London, including Weat- 
minstw and Boathwark. Load. 
1773. 4to. 

Toiriwtar.' fU a. is«8, roMli, U Si. 
CoOUin— PD. bos, ba^dai title sad dadl- 

NoBSER, Fred. Lewia. Traveb 

for NoDoonfa 

, _. , I oaat opan 1% 

tr T, Br»y, D.D. Loud. WOT, 8to, 

NoifcotTFOirttrrr, Hiatory of, as 
it yiat argued and stated bj Com- 
nunsionerB on boUi Sidce, m 161L 
Lond. 1704. 8vo. 

This volume conelelB of Ten Papers on 

nine of uia'thonjhT^lS " Prehce » 
latisg to ouaeliHul oonrormltr. 

HoiMtritoilS. — Hiatory of PaaaiTO 
Obedience. Two parta, irith an 
Anpeodii by Abraham S^ler. Amct. 
1689-90, 8to, 

So LkTHBUBi, Bar. Tho. 

NoRPABEn^ The ; or, the Quints 
ewencB of Wit and Humour. To 
^■iud) ia added, an Index to Man- 
*tad. Lond. 1767, lamo. 

Original, and enlarged with Ob- 
sarTBtions &om amdent and modani 
Authors, that have written on the 
Antiquitiea of Sgypt, by Dr. Peter 
Templemon. Load. 17&7, atlas fbl. 

a pEctareaque dascrlptlop i>f Egypt t STery 
aubaequaut Invellar baa boma avldeiiee 
to th9 a/aamej end ^ellty of bla ra- 
il, pL 11. 1*S0, 

... dir«rfB,518,8Laa.— 
md. 17fiT, 8vo, abridged text, end no 
loplatea. Baed,tlKt,llB.ed. Feulhlll, 

Dedieat«a to Sir William t 
Knt. [Boprinted nith die third 
article beloT.I 
Speraltmi BiiuntitB. Tha first Parta. 


B98 iroB 

ITOBDIJI, John — eontiiH 
j'lOOi, 1' ' 

[ ' Thlnci to Ih I 
I thli Bocke. ud 

H. Tbomu. D«- iBSl. Brlf^ht, lu mo]: ^ I 

dic»uQi. 11. llL KiUDiioii.— A— H a, in Bpaentl B 

fbun, to lum ; alto thm msp>, tIi. ul ud hlB 

JI^IeHi. London, ud WumiDiUr. | m;.!.. Land. 1T2£^ Its. Thalueerput 

Tui« u« SI ahlfllda of uma on £bfl leltflr- ' of tlilH turrej ta ft man tnnBcnpt non 

PTMI. The H*ri«lu, ToL NO. coDtalni Cuair. Huch, 4TI0, If. Si. WtUelt, 

Hw ant dimnght o( "■' ■- "-'■•-'■ - — ■ "■ -— --.-t. -- .j 

deHrlpUOB of Sun 

Pui: m topl^n'tA''' 

1. In tuo or ttitM placei it liu 
cUou latlu bHid-sritiDE oT Lord 

SpMolam BrlunnlB Ptn. Tha De- 
nriptloD ot HuttroiDiraBa. 1N8, its. 
Briglil, II. Sl Tha pnsantitlon cop; to 
OiiaaB BllHbatb, nntliiti put of tha MUD. 
fiabar, OiAiliai^Fp. >1,«1^ 
AOftp; aluthraalaavaliTlLHiansrmTad 
tllla-p*ca,deAiotllaii'D. Edwudoaeuwr 
■bUIO, BuoBl Baauchunp, ComiU Hart- 
Ibrdifl.' 'To G«ntlamaii wait afltaotad ta 
tUi tiaiuUe,' ' Thtana to ba aon^arad 
IntliaTiaid^tfalilMok* «ndKwp«,' ud 
orlcliuil HartRKdahli^ 

1771, «. IW. Bright, 

vith dadloaUott to iMti BuMgh, » A- 
flUt, datad IBSJ, la la tha Laabctb U- 
inirf. Ujuif aopiiaoflba HlddlaBexud 

HartAwdinilr* wan boood logotbu at in 

Bpaeolam Brltawde : ui bialoiteal mid 
^hmmpliiealDfaerlpdoDof HiDDuan 
tBi BABIfOUMHIBC To (hlob is added, 
s PiapaimtlTa 10 tM( Work. ItM.— Loud. 
188^ dtn. TMa (tha wend) Impnaatoa 

togMhan— Tb« tUid ««iH«o. Lond.ins, 
ito. Haivila ot TownahMid, M», ii 
Baka,4U,ir.aa. TowBatar, p4. U. un, 

iBi.} itn, u.ii. Biiidiar,_pt.aLre^tM. 

Bibbnt, KM, Bunoaaii.liriiL D«at,pt. 
II. ei)8,motOMo^ll. uaairun._ Uaath, 

ahlpftil IL. _._ 

FmuUlTa, A-C, UhaTaaMfUdli 

A— B 1, n iaara; anotbtr laif oonl 

lu aommcnditonr Tana^ algnad Bobart 
Muolaoa asdH.O.; alao 8 mf, aoplad 
' ~ ' Li ot th« Anu.oTtha 

prinlad. Dent, pL iL 818^ 
■a, Sd, Tha Hu-laiui sap/ 

■n. Aeaordlng ta 
lTM-6, DO. 9088, 
thia book than In 
anypilawd aeon papar.' (Mluieit.— Fp> 
101, aot iBBlndfaig two Utlu, ona aoBoad, 
"" -.V — ^rintad '. and angnTad aedl»- 

iwMd, Eail at Oifiicd, alfui 

GhrlRophai Batasiu, * tnUa of Cava- 
wan, dadleatlan to King Jamai, rnlaa tit 

1 ptiHipal Bittara, > taUa, 

oant of tha uthor, toaathar 
llapa. 1. ComwalL p, 1, L 
■jndi^, p. 84. S. Kb-— 
I. d-PowdatHDndrad,! 
idrad, p. 86. 8. Trig I 
r. I.auwwlthHniidr«d,^7T. 
Diniun Hondiad. p. 83. S. Wiat 
uodnd,p.85. ID. Eut HuadiBd,p.M. 

.; alao 8 mf, 

pflBelpal nnoni I 

of UddlBiax.— Hantodaht 
pagaa, ud 8 laavai, oontal 
■ntad tltl«,d*dlaUlan, As. 

DallncUlon ot Horntxurtoi , 

T*u luicuc. Lond. n», 6n. St. sd. 
UKnnm. Blodlay,pl "" " "--" 
(OTE, tOa. kaiquii of Tf 
Ua. Towiulaf,pt.iL8eS,10(.6d. OMt. 
Ml— Pp. M, not Including the tlUo, - 

Tha US. pmonud la KlnzJuiaa 

Jw Harlalan CoUacUon, Brit. Ku. 

BO. Bin, ■oeompuiiad with the orlilMl 
dnwlnga, but not tha naptt tha piuM 

SpamOi BrItunliB Pan, aa histolial 
and ebongnphlcal D«>er1iitlon ot EaiB 
In UH,*lth » Uu (ISH). DOTat bataa 
wlBtML Ffom a kS. in tha BgrMA 
CoUaoHon at HatSald, adltad br Blr B- 
Ellli. Loud. ISdO, tOa. 8d. a^ CusD 
Cast Book!, Appondii. An original tal 
Tary amloni manuautpt aurrar of lUi 
eonntr la lu tha GrannUla Librur, Bd- 
tbh X aaaun. 

'opegraphT, 1.44 
°g. Topog. p!«| 

9» OoOBh'a BdOih To 


aaja. a annay of Sniraj 

br John Sarien. which bl. 

Camdon's BrItumiL Lond. 180T. (bl 
o Id Bpaod, 1811, with tha neeptloa 
nt i but oDO at Connll la added in 

B, Google 

SorrejoTM DiBlogo^ dl-ridad loto 
BcDki. Loud. t«H, tlo. pp. SM. Bind 
Ft. U. iSlD. firigbt, ll. ei. Qtii 
4a. M,— leiO, wifli » rill twoie MirlT 
tiled, Ito.— 16^ dtdlcited to fitr R. 

Cbulu, 4to. Blight, ai^FoiinhedlUuiL 

itclh Tnwnoa 
Vllh > cenerill Tabis uf the most or 11 
piindpia Towneg to WKlei, iDnsoCi 
MdoollwUrlbj lohDNoidaD. Lond.lR 

Dnt, III, II. SS7, II. 6l, CoililiDn.— Tit 
uddrilcitlcm, twoIUTei: ubiu of tl 
CnmtlH. 38 Id DDinlier,— (tthe iHttom 
^Beare *lth dafAotei, Cbe tbb ta necq 

KThe ToliunB cooeluda. with Ihr 
K ibeeti, vli, 1. 'A T>bl« 8lie>ii 
IbtdlituuaibetwBCDB (lltbe CitlEB >i 
Shire Towneii of EnglsBd, IhH are ™r 
(nb«DdedlntheininB.' 1. 'Yorke BUIp 
i ' A Tdila ihewlDg Uie dlatsncea of U 

dkt« UBS, p«g« IWS. 

Amtbei ImpieiitDn, aold by Jolin Obt- 
Ml^ at tlu Soatli Entnncs of tb« KotsI 
Eicfaiiwe, n. d. TbB Tatilei. vhlch an 

Ibapnbuulionof the Idagna Bittaoiili. 

Noiden'B Map of LoDdGpn, envnTed bj 
FeUr Van den S.B«n, IflZS, eitltuUd ' A 

Sm Loaiioii BwDOi, page iWU 

Tte Hnriey of Wlndwn Fnrsit, 
tb< LKtla Faik, u Uksn In le 
«P1M In OHimllB in Hi. R. R. 
Uitu to the Earl of Ltncoln on tli 
tai TbomogbfatM of Wlndaor. 1 
■Btt. PiivatolT printed. 

Tha tUhar ud son obtalnod a 
Ann King Jamas I., in 1007, ai ]( 
«n of lili UijeitT'B Crovn Land 

rnrtlr in Ttna and partlf In piDH. 

eetsd and enlarged. I..aiid. 1B8S, lto.~> 

A MliTor foi tbe Momtnde. vbenin 
lar bs Man tbe VloleDce, Iba Error, ths 

iDlUtode. Lond, 1688, ISioo. Pp. 118. 
adicalad ta the Queen, after which la an 
ddieai to (ba Chilillui nader. UUh, 

Antltberia or ContraritlB batirecno Iha 

3nn of a palre of GloTee fit for every 

A Chrlatlaji familiar Comfort and Xa- 

,ond. IfiW, 4to, WhltsKnlghta, aua,G9. 
ABoformlngOlaai. Loud. IfiSft ISnia. 

to QuMDB Eilz.! 

L-ond-Ifimo, n.d. Reprinted by tha PAn- 

Tho Mirror of Hononr, nherela areiy 
Piofeisor of Anoea, from the Oaniral to 
he Inferior Soldier may see IheNecee- 
dtyof the roar and SorylMotGod. Lod4. 
iwr, 4lD. Pp. is, dedJcatad to Bobert 

To the Reaiier.' Inglla, Ml, *a. Marq. 
ifTownihend, 94ra,l^. JJojd, lOOO, 18a. 

Isi. 12a. Brlglit, li.'l 

The Latvrlnth of Hua Life, or Vei- 
tDea Delyght and Envlea f^poalte. Load. 

atrte of the moot niliome panegrtio, to 
airKobertCair, Knl. Sir 6. li. Bjkth- 

tm, poor copy, ^l, Vl. reaold Utleraon ; 
Bjisi Haber, pi. 1». u. Mldglm.iL 
"-- =-loe'a Anecdotoa, H. 10S-& 


drm Iflft poor ftftor Ui 

■piiltiul Ufa. Loud. 
in In Eirtb 

Dwlh. ooD- 
Wlfe (Dd Chll- 

Rot; ftniDdgl npco Mo- 
itioDi, and Pnren, fa. 
m. Loud. leao.lSmo.— Flf- 

prlnUd with 

ABUMlooa, i 
HoBToxE, Otiu'lea, tenth Duke 

of. Stt HOWABD, ObarlM. 

-!■ Seniy Howard, Earl of, 
aftarwarfs Date of Norfolk. Jour- 
nej to ConBtontiuopls. 1671. Sm 
BusBUBT, John. 

— A Letter from a Qentleinaii 
of Lord Howard' ■ Betisue, dftted Rt 
Pes, Mot. 1, 1669. giring a fall 
Selation of their Yojage tlilther, 
and of the preaent State of the 
Countries nndec the Emperonr of 
Morocco, with Aoooimt of the mei^ 
chanditmi; OommoditieB of A&ico, 
na alao of the Manners and CostooiB 
of the Feople. E>ond. 1670, 4to. 

ffaiitUll,lftiSi. Ii«lli,ei8,lSs. 

— Thomas Howard, liiike of 
Norfolke. 1554-72. Sm Maby, 
Q.u«en of Scots. 

— ThomM Howard, Dnke o^ 
1604-4& EmbasBT. 1637. 

Set CBomi, Willun. Mummfl, 
J. A. da. 

— Thomas Howftrd, I>nk8 of. 
The Amignment of I^omaa Ho- 
ward, Duke of Horfolk, hefore the 
Earl of Shrewsburj, Iiord Ei^h 
Stomrd of Eneland. Also a brief 
DeriTstton of the most honourable 
Family of the Howards. With an 
Acoonot of what funiliM IJiej are 
nlatedtohyUaniage. Tratlsaiibed 

BaprlDtad tn tba ftnith TDlmaa of As 

NoHPOLE. — History rad InK- | 

iuities of the County of ITarfolL 
Forwich, 1781, 8n). 10 toU. 
Origin iUt pDbUihad In vnkly annliat 
it. fii. IXnl, pt. 1. »a, niula, ai. Ml 
aiBalbn>.—1\at, dsdlaUoDtoUla Diikaif 
Norfolk, and prtfUA, pp. 1 — u ; duerip- 
tion of Norfolk, with so ludu TlBdi, 

......... .. . jii^ pUlM, ff. 

of BloScld. W 

[ of CLukclOH, 200 ptgH. 

Vol"iI. Ths"&und™d of 
p4gu; of Depwrnd*. 197 
— ' ' "'" ••"f^pt. 

IT pUolOg til 

p«BM,>ruiioi»pi.u.;Di u 

with two platai; of Eanbi._., . .,. . 

with tvo ^iiM. VaL IIL ThB Hundnd 
dT N«(h EtplnaluuB, ISO p»«». wiUi ill 
pistfli; of South E^nghuD, 326 pafftt 
with BT«pU14a} of E^Deaford, 14ApUA 
with one platL VoLrT. ThsHuDilrMtl 
Bail neig, SM P*g», with two plaM; 
of WsitPlegE.Mpsga'iOlFanhiH.Ill 
iiBvi. with Ihna Dlitta. VoLV.Fn^ 

Half, arc 

ii^lu; Hiub 
Itfa twD p1il«g. 

-Idas Hondrsd uJ Half, 870 vga Iff. 

— M an rnwsted with uterlaki]. wlA 

'itaa: Hundnd of Oillav, 1<« pi«a^ 

Vol.TI, Tho HoKlrad 
, . -^ pugsa. w1 th flVB phm 
Btlfker Hull, at p. O, tt 
Ud Utt; of S. OilmgAM, 

12fl pagBB: orGlltATOIB, IM pu«L Tsl- 
TII. %hB Hundred of Bip^ne, n 
pag«; ofHonawad, lis paxaa, wlA ■ 
plaUs; of HoU, 111 psgia, with l|4ilai 
at Hamble-jard, ltd paceai of Loddv^ 
103 pans, with a Tlow or LuiKleT HooM,, nol In th« pilnEod !].t VoL TllL 
Ths Hnadnd of Lsundilah, UK psMS. 
with ona pUta; thsHnndrHl mnS KiU 
ofKltfbnt, llSpcca*, wUhSplUaa; Ika 
Hnndred of Shnmham, KM pagea. *ilk 
S pUlM. Vol Is. n» Btmdnd of 
HmlthdoB, 110pa««, with SpUlM; if 
Tanrhua, et pogast of Timalaad, lid 
pagw, wtth S jplataai «( Watihaa, ■ 
pu«, nd of warUnd, 115 panjk YtL 
X. TltWaikdh^^tl^twolMTes; U 
duoUoa, pp.iu— ixi oia BMerr of 
Cln of Vorwish, dWpage^ with a pli 

A OHHral Hlatonr of tha Conoti 
Koifiilk, with nograpbloal HotlcH. 1 
wlch, 18S9,poat Bro. f Toia. U. lU. Sd. 

Bloffnphloa of Emlnont Peraoaa (tf 
Conntloa of Eaasi, BoBblk, and MM 

;, Google 


TftKPOLK— emfniunl. 
Oiiil. tmiili Bn. villi hfii at t1ii top oT 

il«^ <tvi. nl IB.! ""rf OB ■mil i.i-n 

W the Eiennioni lli(Oii|[h tboge Coun 

<«Uuij. ITM, Sto. 

I "Is. ByA.Cowpar 

B8l»ll[on In ITor- 

Wt, In thd y«r 1MB, whtah n. con- 

*»=«J br Rob. Ketl, 


« WTiBondhaio; Ihel 

"1 tie 3Ttli of Angu 

1, by tbs'coDdoct 

•M lallint SaliiTiour 


Wirwiek. Nonrleh, 

nsi, era. 40 pp. 

*■ NivitLi, Atai. 



indll. Published 

, -«U?„,^be« . 

td. eicli, ij W. 

I^ NorfSlk T^m ;« Trmlls^ Pocket 

vompuloo >-The ililh edition, gttulj 
nuirged ind impnned. Norwleli, 1808, 
Uni^m sea, vith ■ mip bj Nnle. Fine 

l^lk AntbologT. being PMmi, B»l- 
tb< C«Bt7 of Norfoik. 41o. 80 copies prl- 
"Wrpi1iil9dO)TOreh«-dK»llweIl). It 
omtaiM iho Norfolk DrellBry. 40. 

Uni b)' K. Ludbreks. Norwich. ISIS, 4Io. 

WogdiriTi'g [Sun.] Tbs Norfolk To- 
I'9F»pl«r'« Hiniul ; bslng k Catalogue 
« BMki and Ei«nTlTiEa hltbeito pnh- 
UAfi la BeUtlon to the County. 7be 
;»1« rtriMd nid Mjpnsnled hj W. C. 
f-'"°g- To vbleh ure ippeaded, i Cits- 
'^iworiba Dmrinn. PrtaU, and Deeds 
»H«l.d for the niqetnitlon of [he Ooun- 
I7 Btatmr by Dswenn Tamer ; md iIbd 
If-tl or tbe NocMk CblRsIlrlM noT 
"Wn to be In Bilelaiiiw ; «nd of the Ut- 
JwripMirod Dra»iog8 reUUngto Noi-- 
^k In the BriilBh Hoseuni. Loud, isia, 

Anhlleotnnl Notsi or tha CfannlieB, 
<Auab, and otbn Bnlldlnn Id the Clt; 
HNonrlah and Nalgbbonibood, by J. H. 
Puker and floddard Joluaon, Baq, 1617, 

KoKDt, J. The oompleto Korth 
Bea and Saltio Pilot^ mDlndingtbe 
(^tt^at^ Sound and Qulf of fin- 

Iindi exhibiting the irhol«Navigs< 
(ioa from LondoD to Bt. Feterabnrg, 
in a Set of Cbarte, A. nev Edition, 
Loud. 1814, adaa folio. 

id Rnlei nsaayaatf tb* tma Dlnuga. 

NOBMAK, Ttobert, The new At- 
tractire, oantaining ■ short Dia- 
coarse of the 3f agnet or Tfoadstone, 
now first found out, Lond. 1581, 

IngliL HIT, Be. This eakbnted by 

the 'dip.'— Lond. leSE. Ito. Bright, So. 

iMje, Ruiee for tha Art or N«vin«tlne. 
.Veirly corraotad and amended by M. W, 
B(onraghX 1685. Lond. Ifi86, 410.— Lond. 

lute English. 
4«i^'4ta. IngUs'lll^ 

If OEMAiTDr. — A Tour through 
Normandy: Loud. 1764, 4to. 
2b. 6d. 

ict (by Dr. C.Doearel) chiefly 

I Normamiamm Scrlplorel. Set 

Tradllloiia of the Peopla ; edited trom tbe 
' imal of a recent fraveUer hy F. Sbo- 

J« COT»i>, J. B«1L PiecAiD, C. 
SniTHaiD, Mn. Chaa. TDkKU, Dnrson. 

NoRHXLL, Robert. Stt'SowiaUi. 

KoBSis, Cbarlea. Etchiaga of 
Tenby ; including many anoieot 
Edifices which liATS been destroyed, 
and (ending to iUnitnte the most 

B, Google 




■tanking PecuHariti£e in Mrly Tls- 
miih Architecture. With n short 
Account of tliat Town, uid tlie 
principal Buildinga in the Neigh- 
boarhood. Lond! 1818, 4to. 

Th'eArchltMtnnl A 

■Driant sit;. lawil. 1811, i 

K folli 

NoBBis, Sir John. Bpheroeris 
Eipeditionu Sorma et Draki 
Lnsitaniam. Iioni T. Woodcock, 
1689, 4to. 

Pnlxed IB u tpliOe, 'Utcbielt AMs- 

— John, M.A. of Bamerton. 
OoUeotion of MiacelWies, consist- 
ing of FoenuB, Essaja, Discourse, 
sad LattcCT. Oxford, 1687, 8vo.— 
Lond. 1693, 8»o. — Lond. 1717, 
8to. — Ninth edition, lond. 1730, 
8to. 6g. 

'7, mor. by Ra^vr Pityne, 

. Thli e 

inud Plitonlit, 



Byo. 4 toli.— Load. 1718, 8to 
relh Bdiilon, mUtlsd cbrlaMmn 


>. LoDd. 1784,9 

TO. 1 rola. ISi 

Lond. 1881- 

Lonii. 1!01- 



Hlgned to lupp 


vaUon ol monl UDttmBiiti.' It iraa uCl- 

rlnd tn C}a1irl«l Jobn'i TTiAorr of tte 
InulUitiblB World. S«puam4. 
m 8ir R, Wurtnit'i Qul5 lit Amort 

kud titlefl of SI plBC4B written bj Um. 

TfoBBis, Bobert. ^tfemoiraof the 
!Reign of Bosaa Ah&las, King of 
Dohomj, an inland Coantrj of 
0iiiney : to which are added, &a 
Author's Journey to Abomof, th» 
Capital I and a, short Account of 
the A&ican Slave Trade, Lraid. 
1789, 870. 
Fraflied is a map. TbairolE miodlted 

SEAw. Lonjt, anOior of th« mnarr at 
mtsi. WUleCt, IBta, Si. 6d. FonOilL 

— Silvester. The Antidote^ or 
Treatise of Thirty OontawairiM, 
with a ti^e DiBoomse of tin 
Obiirch. |I)ou(i,7], 1668, 4to. S 
parts, and an Appendix. 

Tb« lut put is rreqnsntlr naUas. 

NoBTH, FnuiciB Dudley, third 
Lord, A. Forest promiscuoiu of 
aereral Season's ProductioiiB. Iiond. 
1659, fbUo. 

BecoDd (ditfon, witli an addttlflul put. 
Hltben, 8867 I3g, Btoauy. pt. U. Ufl^ 
1»H. Bright, If- ""'" '"- 

Nauaii, pLU. 

4I4.2J. QardnsT, ll.Sa. Wbilo KnlKhta; 
-"■ ■■■- "'idlsy, ptlL 1S3B, aifc. 
rm sulboi'* COBT t« to 
.oUeoIlon. SaiWtifcUt 
Roral and Noblo Aothais, b; Park, aM 
SiydgoB' BrltlBb BlbUnsnpbei. 

— FranotB Dudley, fourtJi Loid. 
Ibeerratunia and Advicea (Boono> 
lioaL Lond. 1669, 13mo. 

Reed, aTlG.89.ed. Hlbben, tTIS^ Us. 

A NaiTallVs of sums PuBag« lo, cr 
iDDfHimoDT. Lond. 1«10, ISmo. BrisM^ 
I. BllH, 69. M, Hsprinttd in tha alitt 

Light in the Way to Faiadiaa, via 
Iter Uocailonali. 1«SI. Bro. Blln,aa. 

— Francis, Lord. A philaao- 
phical Essay of Musick, direoted 

Friend. Lond. 1677, 4to. 
SG. ' An Inseniani tiael ir iUta n hv 
lAjrd KMper HorUi, bot pubUah«f 

pb; of tbii i 


I of the I 

B, Google 

jDut b4 ftUond to hsTB conadanbl 

NoBTH, Sir Dudley. BiteounM 
upon Trade. Loud. 1691.— Edinb. 
1822, iio. 80 copies reprinted. 

HandaUi. Lood. H 
4ID. Ullwr, pt. t. ]£(. 

— Soger. Livea of the night 
Eon. Franoii Borth, Baron of 
Unildford i Sir Dudley North, and 
the Eon. andBer. Dr. John North. 
Land. 1742-4, 4to. 2 Tob. 

nnlelr, u dBScribed In this neit uUcle.) 
Hlk^of Ely, I2S3, U.6B. Nuua, 569, 
X. Bnxkett, v. 7a. Bindley, ». Sa.— 

North. Lond. 174*, 4to. With portisil 

MIL laiS, l£la. Rsed, fiiai, U. &i 
B«nMp. HeTlBW, t. 138.69. 

Tbt Life of Ihc Bt. Mod. Fnadi Nonb, 
WDn or Onildford, Lori Keeper of Ihe 
Onu 8ul under K. Cbarlea ll. ind K. 
'uiei II. Loud. nis. Ito, wttb portrut 
«( Lord Oulldfoid. Lloyd, lOOS. II, 4i. 
SaM,fi1W, W.— Nov sdlUoD, ISOS, §*o. a 
Ml HlbUrt, BIH, ISl Sa Uotnapec 
Bto EoMev, IL W8-». 

uuDSn : or. u Enqnliy Inla Uie Credit 
«4Ver»oltyof •prelendedcoinpleilllli. 
■■TefBneiud (byWlitte Kennel). Uind. 
H«^4ta. With porirail of K. Noitti by 
Vgnne. Hibbert, suet, TI. Up. or Ely, 
n*, II. H. HBith, «87, J7e. iJ»o» piUB. 
UrH. tt.Sfkee, pt.ll. es^ Ouvl- 

Kos 1708 

■ d Fldi ud FDh Pondi, 
nenely. Boiblt^*, 11M,lt. 

pt. 11. «, 8*. — im, «to. Sh Albu, El*. 

ADiKDunecnthe Study nrtbaLiire, 
DOW flnt printedAxtm thoorl^nelMS.lii 
the HirgiiiFOColleEtlDn, Willi Nolu ud 
I11iutri.Uos> by ( Hamber of iha lour 
Tampls. Liond.iaM,BTO. pp.iT.eudlOO, 

HemalnofMnilek:. Bdlwd by nr.Blm- 
bwlt. Lond. IBM. im. 4to, 

— Sir Thomns. A voluminouB 
TranElator. Sm Doni. Plptirch. 

NoBiEALL,John. TnveU through 
Italy. Load. 1766, 8to. 4*. 

Vrith k map and leTana plaloa, psb- 
llihed by Holt. 

HOBTK-AiixsTOV, History of, 
[by MiH Crosafleld]. North-Al- 
lerton, 1791, Svo. 

NosTEAVPTOK, HeUT Howard, 
Earl of. A. DefensatiTO sgainst tho 
FojBOn of Bupposed Prophecies. 
Lond. 1683, 4to. 

Eoed, lies, Set Oldy^BiiHdi 
Ubnrlsi.SSl-lS. — 18W, [olio, (ioidon- 
Btoun, I1I0, Ii.ed. Bindley, pt.l. 3Me, 
Ba.«d. Habor. pt-T. B«.«d. — Another, 

Qirdncr, In IGM, Ss. Ser Biydgei' Cen- 

NoBTHiMPTOM. — The Hiitorj' of 
Northampton and Its Vicinity. 
Norauunpton, 1816, ISmo. 

wlt£ e Tl'ew af Quean Eloiuor'B OioH. bj 
J. Smith. 

glnni^ o( the rira, Sepl-'wi, IMS, lo 
MoaioM, JohA. 

NonxH-SniTAni- See Scotland. 

NOBTH - BaiioH. The North 
Briton, 46 Nos, complete, by John 
Wilkea, Esq., C. Churchill, and 
others. JlluBtrated nith Notes, Ac 
&c. Lond. 1772. 1^0.4 toIh. 15s. 

aijaantOlyoa. This 

B, Google 

1704 iros 

Mdtttoiu BuMUnUon su Um Mom oi 
WIUui' oekbittT ud Bldartuitu, u well 

— Flnt«dlUuB.lin,(alli>,aT<il>. Inthiii 
•dlUon. Ho. 46. BuiUliliis the eatebnted 

^ t^fl * ^ 01 lbs KIdS, kB BfCBD dAOfilflOC, U 

]l vu Hnelly (uppceaad.— 17«^ folia, t 

vnt, wiiiu sidgbu, ses, u. 

NoBTKBHOOiB, John. A Trea- 
tise wherein Dioing, DiunoiDg, Tiin 
Flajea or Entorlndea with otber idle 
Pastimes, &c. commonly ysad on 
the SabbatJi day, ue reproued bj 
the Autboritie of the Word of Qod 
sad luntient Writer*. Lond. bj 
H. Bjnnemaa for Q«orge Byihop, 

U& of Tltlio, wiUi A 

anUlnail In f u Anur, adltad b; Prim 
lliikn,*bi.Sviila. ShHuutt.W. 

HOBTH-I**! FUUQE. — Of tlH 

CiroumieFsnce of the Hutii, er ■ 
Tnatiie of the Horth-eHt Pir 
ewe. Lond. 1612, Ibno. 

Bebar, pL vll. U. lU. Brl«h, . 
' ODpT la Id IHa Bdtlth Mnaaom. 

NoBTSEBir BiBJM, 4o. — Bhjnm 
of Northern Bardi ; being a Col' 
leotion of old and new Songi and 
Foenu pecoliar (o the Countiea of 
Northombei'laDd and DorJum. 
Semu-k, BeU, IS—, Umo. 6a. 

triUj^sllh^aaalptlaii D( the t 

UlOa. Diuid, IL ISIa. SauthgaU, 1818, ■ 
31. Baprlntaa b^ tba Btwktiapeua S - 
tiatj. Su AmtaUx. 

ABninniaamaCbrletlinFtilh. Lon 
IBTl, *to,— ISea, Itmo. BHshtUlU. 

The poor Uan'a Oarten. Ixmi. ISO... 
Itaui, Sa.— LoDd. br lolia Chariaweed, 
Sro^Idnd. b; W. WUllavIoii, Bio. 

NoBTBcon, James, SJ. ICe- 
moirs of Sir Joabita Bt^nolda ; a 
brief Anilyiii of hia Disconraes, and 
Tsriotiea on Art. With a Supple- 
ment. Lond. IBlS-lS, Uo. 

Brockett, -laai, lb. Sir U. U. Brkaa, 
pL li. SS3. 13l.~181B, 6T0. S Tell. Dmrf , 

Ode hundTed Fablea, arigliiil and as- 
lected (am aerial), Lond. 1B3S, peatSm. 
1(. IL Pp. W!, with sm ongravinBa on 
wood, chiKBjr ifler William Hurer, by 

pra^f iriln. 6d. Z few < 

entirely Dii iBDiiPirat-, 

lion, with a portrait of Northcotfl, ap. 

peared ia 1830. luoi fafkb. loyal Hto. 

ihe ciLta were a1«d printed off aeparataly 

FabUa. Land. ISaS, p«t Bro. with s&i 
woodeuta, after W. liarvej, by Thomp- 

iDiai^with Daw title, u 'Tha Aitiat'i 

■^ randlana,] 

'wlaiia, Lai 
, Zamblani, * 

Bright, IL ISa. 

I, KUopa, Bo- 

. leil. 10a. KeptlDti 


Popular TalflB and Honutcea of tha 
Nnrtham Nalloaa. Tnnalated bT W. B. 
Leeda. ISU, 3*ah>. Dnur, SSSli, U IL 
NoaTsmaioiT, Bobert HenW, 
Earl 0^ and Chancellor of Engbnd. 
Life, by Lord Henley. Iiond. ISUi 
poat Sto. portrait. 

Bapecta froqi Lord NnrlUifbiA 
FapeiB. Sh Edd, B. H., p. 71S. 

lioaTBi.MiOM, John. Topogn- 
pbical Descriptions in two Toyi^ 
through most Parte of Biuopei 
Lond. 1702. 870. 

fouDd ia the 

NonhlelKb'a tmal 

e of Hantf 

NOSTHKOKB, ThomM. WasluDg- 
m g ot Iiiberty restored : a Forai 

I t«n Books. Lond. 1809. Sto. 
A. boiica of tlili poem will ha Ibaaf b 
i« Quarterly Hatlew. IL aat-76, 
NoKTH of England and BoolWI 

; ^ly. Edinb. 1813. 

imdnd capias ' noir lest nlr 
■om Ot otlglDal KS.foneiA'ia 
BaaioB of the Uls CeL JohoH <f 

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VnnTTTTT Tni^T, » H I), Sliiabeth, 
OoimteM of. MeditiUona aril 
Pnmrt. Lond. 1709, 12mo, 

Bncktlt, JMB, SlM. ConiUblB, BN, 

— C. F. Duohesi of. The 
Oastlu of Alnwick and Wukworth. 
With 39 BtohingB by the Docheii. 
Loud. 1823, 4Ha. (2B0 eopif print 

— Haniy Algemon Poicti ^fl 
o£ The Simulations and Eats- 
Uuhment of t^ Honaehold of 
Henrj Algernon Peroj, Ihe fifth 
l!!ar! of KorlhiunberUnd, at hU 
CutlM of WreaiJl snd Lekinfield 
is Yorkihire, b^un Aimo Domini 
1512. Lond. 1770, 8vo. 

Roi ptlnicd for ule. Thtra in tlU* 
ngti lUted 1788 and ITTO. Tb< suUer 
■Uad Hpluippurto beprlnlsd npoD flur 
Wer, lu «(b«i lICanBca !■ UMtnlbl*. 
ll(iUli,«9().iDId*, ILUl 61. DtDdKr, 
st.lLIU»,«j.U>.U. BMnu, IIID, U 
NHHD,BtLSMl, Be«w«|L 
na, niHla, 61. IBi. Ruborght, SS88, St 
ToneloT, pL iL 881, mull, 61. 6i. Sir 
K. If , giku, pt. II. Ml moroeco, a. Id. 

BroDkuc, itiaj^ in ukL rutuu, axeu, 

m U. 6d. SotHsbT, 16 Dee. UET, N.i;<.6d. 
BUh, 1L 111. Bttfg, U. Ua. M. CoUo- 
<ln.— Title, iMlMHfa, ml fbbfaoi by 
tbiau Pt(t]r, BUlHili of Dnaion, pp. 
l-UTi, (Oe nVba << 4Ab lilW™'. «j 
'<Wni|i> Mi «Iw (/ lAa hut), ulTeraie- 
nwgi, t wm; lb* IwlmUr, ffA—i; 
hxaAM book, iMmgm; mttutlitm 
l^liod'i ItlneniT, UHtei ud imu, t 
ngn not numbeMd— Second adlltofL 
Lud-Pbdcsilnc tB17,evo. """ 
ram, iti copies primed. It ta alio re- 
printed eatlre, prelice end ell, la the 
fonnti ToluDie at Oroea'i AatiquiUn 
Hi^rtory, 18M,«ID. 

— Henry Pert^, Earl of. A 
Inie (uid Bojainaris Beporte of (be 
Declaration of some Put of the 
Eatl of Northomberknd' i Treatom, 
vith the ExamiiutionB and Depo- 
eitiona of Bundrie Pcrsotu oonoem- 
ing the nuuiner of hi> Murder in 
the Towei of London, Ae. 1585. 
In .XdibiH C. Bailer, 4to. 

Pp. B, sot laclndlDS the preftea. Ooi^ 
dtoalHn, BBS, Ue. DlwUer, H. It. tSE, 



Psacc, Jamea. The Petition and 
Claims of Jamea Parcej to the 
Earldom of Northumbwluid. 1670- 
94 Lond. folio. 

— John Dudley, Doke of. The 
Saying of John, late Duke of Nor- 
thumfaerland, Tpon the Scaffolds, 
at the Tyme of hie Eiecntion, the 
22 August. Lond. 1B53, Bro. 

oloCU, TOL IITll. p. 8( 

— Jstori* delle Coae occotm nd 
Bcgno d'iDgbilterra in Uateria del 
Duca di Sotomberlon dopo U 
Marie di Odoai^o vi. Tenet. 1668, 
Sto. 101. 10b. 

8«liaBiL«u4i UuoLUKJ, Haila. 

— Bobort Dudley, Duke of. 
Qd Arcano del Hare di Boberto 
Dudleo, DucB di IfoTtmnbria e 
Conte di Warrrick, libriVI. Firenie, 
1630.46, i1, royal folio, S vole. 

A -work dill of ■chemei, chaita, plui, 
4x,cbleflr Tsluable lor the ■uthoc'a pn- 

Eerl of (JuildfonI, 3(H. >l.-3Koiid edition. 

tlic lile - - ■ ■ 
Tie, I5H,1 

^n end Oidi 
ihedhjlbeDu . .. . 
the bettor eondiiet of the 

, of Trlnldade and Cout itf 

ir NnrtbDinlieTland,>. — A hiatoii- 
eal and desoriptiie Tiev of the 
County of Horttnmbvland, and <d 

B, Google — 



the Town and Ooimn of Fewoude 
m>oa Tfoe, with Berwick upon 
iWeed, and otiier celebr&ted PUiceB 
on the Soottisb Border. Newcastle 
upon Tjne, 1811, 8to. 2 voU, 

(WJnlin^— Vol. 1. pp. M. «lld 7», not 
iDdladhig contantB >nd dLnetioni br the 
ttlnder. 4 puen. lIio fi pletoi. VoL ii. pp, 
l-Tl, K>d fr^llt, not Including smU, 

NorthumlMrluf auUnd, 17SS. Ba 
BlTtOH; Jo<. 

An Aoeount of tfaa rntt FTnoda tn tha 
BiTsn TfDC, T«u, Weir. Bd«n.^. In 

^th™eirc. 1818,lSnni. B«. 

Tb* MirrUgs of tti« Coqnal ud the 
AWln, Ivo i»li!« Rlien ia the Countr of 
NorthnmherUBd; » Poom, ntlUi two wood 
mubrBewlek. Newo. 1B17, lamo. 

SHHcmBuuw; Honoios, Wllllim. 
bnpracticability of ■ North-weat 
PiBUga for Bbipa impartiallj con- , 
lidered. B; Scrutator. Lood. 1824^ ; 

Tfali Himphlet, wHtMo bf > Brltlib 
NeTel OfflceTj li In opposition to an arUclfl 
wbicb uppsmrsd In tha Qnuttrlj RaTlev, 

BoBTOH, Bobrai. A Matliema- 
tjcal Appendix, containing manj 
propoeitioni end Conciueions Ma- 
thernatiasl. Jiond. 1604, 8to. 

— Thomee. Ferrei and Porrei, 
or the Tragedie of Gorboduo. Ste 
BtrcKHimsT, Lord. 

A Borpent of DllUloo, (bj Jno. L^d- 
grnte), wbemnnto li ■nneied lbs T«gB- 

s Fiwlimetlon 

^wirr)>\m Bs'ru. Ifil 
Anglo-PoeL 11. !ll(. 

t^ilind »n™^/eetawlind"' U 

S' Hen. BrDDemu, IMS, l^mg. 
jhl«, twenty, elgbl iBMTes. 

U 1i»>ei. CeldecDtl, Sa, Bllu, Ite. 
Anolber.uonMas of printer. BUu.lSt 

A Bull gnunled by tba Pope to Docrtor 
Harding and othere, h^ HeconcUauent and 
aaaoTlIng o( Esgliih Papiiten, tomdu- 
mlue FaTtb ukd AUegaanee to the OnwH. 
With a true DsoluAon of the IntmUn 
and FniUa thamf, and m Waning at Pe- 
rila iherebir Imminent not to benaglected. 
Loud, Jehn I>Br,ItnKaOIeaT>L lagUa^Oa. 

A Dia^Hliig of (bs gnat BnD, and bh- 

AldengaM hj Jobn Pa**, IChna. n. d. 
lOliaTBa. Bladler.iei. 8d. BUH.ll.ite- 
piluted In ToL 7 1^ tha HatlaUn Was. 

AnAdditloadaolaraloriaof the BuUa^ 

mier Aldergata (hy John Days), laoM. 

A CollecUan oftlWH plena with tliii ga- 
neral Ktla, ' All •nch T»atl»s as haTa lala- 
lytwenpnblliihedbrTluiDaaKaitia, Oil 
tltlea sbareaf appaan In tha nait ald^' 
which llat named tha laat Atb piaaa 
(•11 vHh aepanta tltlaa), and Farm and 
j'omi, m luiTta, tha laat blank, d.<L 

Sykea' In ieS4, foe uTl^ iBBiJd BrUH 

I.: 1BJR ai inj/ ^^ 

wU] be rinnd In Wood'a Athen. Oico. 

NoBioN, Hon. Un. The Un- 
dying One, and other Foemi. 
Lond. Colbum and Bentle;, 1B3<!^ 
poat8To.78. 6d— 1858,12mo.ii.6i 

The Dandlai' Kout. 

The BsmiTi of Hoaalie. Lend. Etaint 
1S1», poit Bio. Be. ed. 

The Co^nana. Lond. Cburteo, UH 

In ISGO, under Ibe title of Talaa aad 

atloB ^j^'«^«^"'j^'^ 

edition. Land. Colbum, ISll, poat Bra. 
IOi.«d. Raprtntad.NevrortlHCllnu 
Thii poem called (Ortt the folhiirlqgrt- 
mark fmm the Qurtarlf Ueiiaw : ' Tble 

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iituiclia bnlutioD, bat 

Load, dup- 

Smnd cdltioa, a. lB4e, ei 
AimtCa^sBAlIidi. k 
Lond. OrsDt Mtl Grimiii, 

Lnul. Chnrtoa, 1800, Ifmo, l9, Sd. 
Letlen to the Hob [CbutliU], b; Ll- 

LbiBt ts Ibe Queen oa Lord Ounotl- 

an. Lirad'ljiogmin, l&6,8T0.8it'™ 

llirWoDaiigr,tta*»thCeDtiii7. lK4,s>a. 
Mr. Noiten hu tbo aODOlhuted M 

Annula; tud edited the Lidj'a 

TBv, Fliher'B DnvlDg'Roeia Scnp.Bwk 

or her gnrndbtW, Blchird BrineleT 

NoBTOir, Thamaa. The Bereral 
CoHfeasiona of Tbonuu Norton, and 
Chrutopher Norton, tiro of the 
Nortlieni Rebels, who suffered at 
Tjrbum, Bnd were drawn, hanged, 
ud quartered, for Treaeon, Maj 
£7, 1570. liODd. by William How, 
forBJchard Johnes, 16nio. 

BaprlDlsd in Ibe aftb namber of Uor- 

nf Wordsworth's poom, ths 'White hot 

NoBTXix, Kobert. The If eroura 
of an Chriatian, oomposed and 
*awn fortha of Holjo Scriptures. 
Bj Bobert Nornell, man of annis, 
diuing the t^e of his tmptiaetie at 
Puis, in the Bastillie, for the teati- 
iBooie of OUT Bauiour Jeiua Chiiit, 

(In Vene, oontaiuing Bodlie Bal* 
ladee, and other Poema^ Bdinb. 
by Bob. Lekpreuil, 1661, 4to. 68 

Geo, Chdnen, pt. lit, 9n, iOI. Tbe 
ODly oDp/ kuoim. u Cbelmen' hIb c4- 
f^opie Iba ruune is by mistake printed 

In hiiUel orOcntUidi F«u, p, 110,lblska 
it la probablj Hnvel, oi KorraL 

NoBwioH, — The'Hiatoiy of the 
Ci^ and County of Norwuth, from 
the earheet AccouDtH to the present 
Time. In 2pt«. Norwich, 1768, 8vo. 
OrlEirully ijuhllibBd In Kumban. 
leath.MSl', 1»9. l>,i.loeo,lL8(. 
leber, §•, Sbegg. 17i, Colfah™,— Pp. 
1—374.376-648, not Including Ittle and 
ladluUoa to Tbomes Starling, £iq. two 
leBTU Mudei, 4 pages, ud T plilH, ativ. 
I, 341, 371, gTS, «M, 446, 4aS and 4»4. 
Relation of tbe Mutln; at Norwieb. 

complete HlBtoiy of the City of Nop- 
. .J, from tbs eulleet Accounts to this 

pnient Year 1768, with aa Appendix. 

Land. Iie^ Sro. Pp. SS, with a new map. 

John Hoyls, K, Appeodli, pp, 41 to«. 

andpp.l— 10, Reed.7B.6d. IJoj^d, th, 0d^ 
An EeuT on the Antiquity of the Castel 
if FdcrwlcD. its Fonnden and Gonraon, 
nmtlie Kioga of the But AnglsL Nu- 
rich, imSTD.- Bepil4lt«d IBM, 670. buC 

Hillary or the HsUglane Orden and 
Communities, snd af the HoapitalB and 
Csstles of Norwieb. written [br/elia Kirk- 
patrlek] about the ]rw ITiS, edited by 
DavKn Turner, Esq. Yumoutb, tStl^ 

'.onil. 173E, Bio. Fv- 68, iscladlng the' 
lUe-psge and preface. Attilbutsd to 
niomhiueh Gordon. Eiq, 

The aemrdi of Notwlcli : In two Parta, 
»nd. n»^ llmc. 

Twenty Etcbinge of nmarkable 
Ibonbaa and other PIctunsque Bnlld- 

lSed"by R. Di.on. Nciwlib, IMO. 4to. 
iiaoi pipin, folio, only one copy pttnted. 

Vlewi af tbe Churnhes. Chapell, and 
lulldlDgi Id the City of Korwlcb, bj J. 
lillett and otbere. liS6, oblDDg 4W. 

&■ laiLOi, Bisbaid. 




KoswoOD, Comeliiu. Di*UM 

Sloqaence : or KB Bn>7 upon the 
Trope* md Figure* contmnwi in the 
holj Scripturea. Lond. 1694, 12ma. 
KosBUiT, (A CiTil), whersin it 
contained the oSjce and dewtj of 
all Mogiitntes aod Judges, &o. 
eathered out of Latin, and trun- 
dled by J. G-. Load. Bto. B.Wjor, 
foe J. OoodaU^n. d. 12mo. 

CMiiTlliiii.— E It In^ghti. Hiittieby,18(i2, 
11. IDs. A ran '■ '» liUBbath Uhr(i7. 

— The 1 a Poem. [By ThomM 
Grady, Bsq.] DutUn, 1815, royal 
Sto. a second edition with plate*, 
Dublin, 181S, royal 8to. li:4«. De- 
diesled to Tho. Bloore, the Poet. 

NOTT, a. P., D.D. SermoDi 

noshed at the Bwapton Lecton. 
od. 1803, 8to. 
Tb» Dr. Nott wu Pnbend of WlDchg*- 
terud luUi to Pi1d«u CbvlotU. Be 

at Pin 


NoBTOCz, <r. The Conftuion ol 
tha Mnhamed Sect. Lond. 1652, 

Vomu^ixn, Uioh. de. The 
true Propheaes or Prognoatim- 
tioni, translated by Theoph. di 
Oaxmcieree. Lond. 1672, Ailio. 

Willi rrDDtlapUofl, a«itt]ii1iig poTtnita 
of Ttaeoplillns iB ainiKleru, M.D. Ih* 
tniulMor.aiid Nithnlel FHket, nfOttf't 
Inn. Etonbiirghe, ta«. fa. (d. 0*id»r, 

■Dd tditnd BiTUET ud WlATi'a fotan; 

Non;, John, M.D. On QieBric 
tol Waters md thoir InflBence. 
Bristol, 1803, 8vo. 

Ha edited Qitlu' Hornlicok. Set Die- 
MB, T, p«g9 BOB. 

Nmime-HAK, Charles, Earl of. 
The royal Bntertainment of th« 
Earle of B'ottinghun, sent Ani' 
bsesador to the King of Bpaine. 
Lond. 161%, 4(o. 

Uind, lOOtl.lIi. Bindley, pt 111. tNl, 
Iftl. Tolrnelar, p. I, 71»,*J. Tb. 

SovB, Lord de la. The poU- 
ticke and niilit«rie Discourses of tim 
Lord de la Notvo, translatad oot 
of French, by £. A. Lond. 1667, 4to. 
Ff. 4t&, dedlaled bj the tnulatsr Ta 
■ George, Eule of Giunberiuid,' Ae. ead 
the Ktncot Maun*.' 


oT the Lord deUNMI, 
— - fOr the Jut Ds- 


ler the PretMtlga ettit HiJeaV, InMr 

— leted, accHdlBf to the Freouli Corib 
Id ■( VeidaD, by A.K. Lhi1.> 
WooU^, 1589, 410. tirelTe luTei; 

Dan, IMS, Mmo. 

Uleh. NiutndeniuhliFnip»rit[»tlon 
fbt the Year lUe. WOh Uie Predletioni 
and Freugei of eoeiy Uocwth- Antirfir- 
piB, Iftno. 

Prophedei wwernlD; tJteFatooralltha 
Klen ud Qoeena er Great Britain alnw 
the Befbtmatian. Load. ITIA, flvo. 

Norm AjittiiciirA (bj Andrew 
Johnston). Loud. 1724^ 8to. 2 vols. 

. TbeaeroDd TDlaiBa MNSIM* entlrelT of 

» tar. Lend. lfiS4,4u>. A poem sot wHeai 
- ' ' Aniat or Ueibert. CoDstable, EBI^ 

NoTA BBrrANHii, offering moat 
excellent Fniitea by Fianting in 
Virginia, Lond. 1609, 4to. Sw 

NoTA FbUTCiA ; or, the Desciip- 

3n of that Part of New Fraaciv 

which is one Continent with Tii- 

alated from the iFieDch, 


NDVaFranda. Three laata Vorant of 
i UoDla, Va Fmt, and De Foarriaceiiri 
laI.-AeadU,«o. Jadli,m,ft. 


Novs NissiTioHss. ThB Books 
called Articuli od Notu If untiones 
and the Booke of BiTeniteM of 
CourteB. LoDd. B. Tattel, 1561, 
Briglil,l>.Bd. SaVBnltdiaauliiBuci 

Nova Scotu.— PerprtiuJ Acta 
rebtins to Nora Scotia. Ealifiz, 
1767, foljo. 
TkeprMtatStataiifNcnBHtii: With 

le Cout of North A 

t> nUlwt la Hoi 
ti of Brttlgb Am 

KoTAtuims. — Opera qun snper- 
■wt omnia, a Joan. Jaokion. Loud. 
1728, 8vo. 

The but edman. Bulli, ei8, Sa. ed. 

KdHi IllcitnU lb Ed-irdo Welclinun. 
Oim. 1724, Sto. An ncciinito •dltion. 
WHlum, IBS4, E(. ad. 

ITiffiiJOTa.— The Britiih NotbI- 
i*ts, with an Enaj and Prefacss, 
bionaphical and cntioal, by Mrs. 
Barbnild. Loud. 181(^ toj. ISoio. 

Itw^ 8ii G. OnsdUoD, BoWsson Cnuoe, 
JoH^ AMInwi, Tom JohM>1' XngUih 
B>n«, Gull* or Otnnlo, Fobikt 11" 
UtUa, Tliiu it Wiktflcid, Famil* Qui 
it^ RimlMi, AlragnB ud Hunt, Jul„ 
•UodiWIle, Vtttn u4 Art, Blmpla Storj, 
Vu of Faallnc JbU* da Raublpk Hum- 
Phnr CUnlur, toliltul Qniiota, Ealim, 
Old kuHT Hoaaa, KiOSbm. CHUti. Bo. 
Bun af the PMnt Unlailai ot tt^lio 
Mu u ba laaat, BUmt, nd Gitattdi. 
2»t, Bt 1. 1ST, TL lOi. Duka d[ Yoik, 
ND, e£ ei.— Baeoid edItloD. Low' 

Kov 1709 

!■ IBU, Bt Uc ; In IttT, (1. 8h r In ISM, 

Sio. a TBta. Mr M. M. Sfku, pt, IL M*,' 

lIsUutjnE'i Navallgt'a Ltbnrr. Edlnb. 
1S31-G, niTtt] Bra. 10 toIk eaapitta, ;ub- 
llihad at ItL nduud u M. Ba. Ths pre. 

Wallu Scwtt. But. GoMniiTa:— Vol. I. 
JMsph Andmi. Tgm Jnnea. Amelia. 
Jouthu'WIId.—Tol, II. UiKliilck Rin- 
dom. Pen^na Plckla. HuniphrEr 

wiot Grnv^a! Don QbImb.— Vol. IV. 
S II Bias. Darll on Two Bilcka. Vmlllo 
GoDEalea. AdTHnturei of a Guinea. — 
Vol V Trifltram Shandy. BaiitliDaDtal 
Jonnnr, VleuorWakafcU. Kaaaelai. 
Uia at FcelLog. Uaa of the WoiM. 
Julia ill RoubigDd. Caatla of Otiulo. 
Old GngUib Bmm^Yola. VI. a>nd VII. 
PWDtll. Claiiaia Hailo<ra,~Tsl. Vin. 
sir Cihirlei arandlaon.-~Val. IE, Qulli- 
Tat'iTisTala. Haunt HamnUi. BuIuk 
Dona. JaneiWallaoa. Hanrr.— Val. Z. 
BMUoi Roaaoea. KoHaiaa at Ot Vv- 
raal. HnMrlaa of Udolpbo. ItaUaB. 
Caatlaa of AOilla and DnDbarna. 
Brltlah Konllita, with a UogTaplikal 
latchoftb* Anthora, and ■ arlllaalpIa■ 
heeto•achWo^k,bf W.UadSxd. Lead. 

NovEiXH.— If orelle Otto j atam- 
pate a apeae de i Signori Qiacomo 
Contedi Clanbraaail, Tomaao Stan- 
ley, e Wogan Browne. Loud. 1790, 

tt« Taflnad WIS ot Itair. Load, 
■aall 8T0, 7a. ed. 
A islact CdtoBtkaof Nenli. Su Caoi- 

rlaUDijgtaUianlaBdothda. Sot^bj'a 



Kmabu, SIM, n 

dBG.U, Ua.. Staaran^ 611, Mua tiAey, 

— ' Hlbbah,Mtl,moToeco.3l.6a, On 

dl QiBtlti^lna e 

OluUatU. VaoaHa, 

lattarok at IT 

LlbaraUla. ■.! 

'Toralla. a. L at a* a. vaaa notanua. 

Kanlla aealta nilaataBB. t,onl. 1B14. 
'0. OnlT BftT lepiea printod. Bdllad 
T B. W. Sliuar, %aa. Qoldauld. no, 
'..6a. BolbaVa>nl»,U.lla.ed.WIille 
nlghEa, Mia 11. Ua. Bladlar, pt. U. 
MS, 11.19a. iUbbait. snt, Sa. Aaopy 
lYiiuiH, lBlrsla.lSDa,l>iatlHCtiei>- 


bcoaglit to Bed in England, with 

B, Google 

the 'Whore's iSiscarryiag, & Poem. ' 
1641.— 2 parts, 8to. 

Wtth sIronliipiiH. BlDdlsTiPt. tU-ti. 
SL IBi. KmMHU, pi. i. an, &U Uabu, 
pt-l.TlLSd. I 

NoviBBi, . The Works of 

Monsieur NoTerrej translsted from 
the French. Loud. 17S6, Sto. 8 

KowBLL, Alex, D.D. Catechis- 
mos, ure prima Inidtutio Disci- 
plinaque FirtatisChriitisiise.lAtine 
eipli(»ta, &c. Xond. 'Reg. Wolfio. 
IG70, 4to. 

«Utli)ii,ndw(sd. itafMd,""' 

110 Mgei. Bothelij' 
1. N. Bllii, mendii 

smaa sildlUDDfti mstt«r ibont Cooflfms- 
tlOD. TbBuiIiestlieuLlfdIitlaKUlBbed 
by hsTlDg s Uit of ei^bc typo^^phlc^l 

X. Wolfe, 1071, 4to. pp. ISO, Then mm 
tn •dlUoBsot thli alw), under Iba auno 
4t*^ on* b*wlB> ulf UiB yur, ths nUier 
hsruv fn iddmoD in. CKlend. Jno. — 

m. IW- — FoUBTB 


anu n 

4l0n«f thsnt 
hid u oppa ^ 

Iht pPHUDH thfly U 

^ u. ices, 

(Utin). Li 


Lesndng of ObrlstlMl RsUgtm. ' 

]At«d out of LstlU Into EhOLTSBK \U7 1. 

Norlon). I.oiid. by John D»r«, IKO, <»■ 
The CetKhlim omUlm, b«»il«i ths IM- 
ution h7 T. NortoD to the Aickblibi^ 

In tie eighth toll 
the EDgflih Cbsr 

Bu f-sikeT SoeietT, AmtBO. 
EaEUihCitulilim li nprinttd 
[hth .Dlume ot Tiw F.U»n U 

Df Iba Om 
». 1 pt yl!, I 

Onak ' 

.— Other adltlose, IE 

OasTW. Oioo. ITSS.Bto, 
Loud. 1S18, Umo. 49^Nai 

BUnpUaimd Uuili^L IS 

«*tril TdtlK r> w1 

Lell^ioD, to baa Uemad of ^1 Yi 


Latins qui adlecitec pnpoiHOdui <> 
Scbolll. IiODd. (pud loh. DlTnil, ISO, 

TicHiu. ConUJcBB In eights, dadbxti' 
to the AicbblBhope, Blshepe, ^ 

The Little GstaeUem. Lood. iUd»i> 
Dny. USl, llmo. DenKcneirsBuUM 
utechliBU bat lamr thsD vbit vU 

All these Cilaehlami sre eimne'r 
rmn, end soma eC Itaem not laUifutorU; 
Identified, Sh ChnTton'e Life of DMi 

Proofs ^ce'raTn^Artlc'e. in BeUiJlM 
denied by M. luell. Ht forth by Tbo. Or Itfti. 

B, Google 

irel of H. T>OTmu 

The Supper of our Lord. 

Ths Ufa or Alauudn Konll. Sh 
Cbhtdii, RKlpb. 

KOY, Sir William, Beporta and 
Geaea taken in the TiJne of Q. 
Elizabeth, E. James and K. 
Charles, load. 1656, folio, 7s. 

A ci>^^flflUon of Ecnpi of cues mrAt Ijy 
SflTleHntSlcor fromNoyaloOflg pAp«n. 

The complekt Lavyer. Lond. 16G1, 8to. 
VnqDOnUy rsprintiJ. — 16fifi, Sfo. irlth 
piitmilt(i^ Palthonie), — 1870, 8vo. — '-' 
portnit. Nuuu, pt. 1. 2M8, aa. 

John Doddridge. Loud. 1^1, 12I&0. IDa. 
KrBn^Jubila Bntaonico-Stnsf- 

FrancW. 1662, I2mo. 

m Gorin.n, -ilH nnlMronl Eagliab 
portrUU mi lilitori»l prinU. HbImt, 

Mucits. See Nioaitdbb. 
Svax dereliette. SmMuombht, 

Tivas Tenalu, eire Thesaimu 
Bidendi et Jocandi Lood. 1741, 

-HtMTaiu, Eao, 5l 

NuBKST, "Hon. Gleo. Grenville, 
afterwards LordNo^t. An Essay 
on Doelling. Bucbnghom, 1S07, 

BHTI1M7 prints. The Chsncelloi'i 

^tbhflld In contftqueKa of Mb Lordship 
Dot bMpjF of the proper lUndlrur to ccm- 
CeM fOiit, Blii^ PL 11. 181. 

BnaortslB otJobn Hempden, hlf 
■•njBDa ms 'nmea. Load. IBS2, &ra 
iToTa. port— Swond edition. Liiiid.ieS9 
Btd. 3 vdIb. poiC and 6 platee, IL lOa.-' 
FgiTtli edition, in vim TOlmH, wUb ■ 

injK 17U 

lUmidr.ot Uia aDOkdt ud ■ gaatnl In- 

ALetUrto Jobn Hoirmy.EMi. tomhlDB 

MamorlaJe. Lond. 18SS, 8fO. Thlinr*- 
dDced ■ neply, entitled ■ Lellar la 3<Aa 
Mamy, Eaq, Inieply to k letter froni hli 
Lordahlp b; tbo wriur of tho Article In 

LegeudanfthoLDiruTStUllea. Land. 

TheBslbt dlscDued, Ini Letter (otba 

Rldgw.y. 1836, Sio. pp. 68, la. 6d.' 

Ltndi.CluiilcM sod Sacred. Loi>d.l84a, 
post 8to. a (ols. I81.— ISIS, ISmo. 2 Tola. 3a. 

— Kobert Craggn, Lord. Odes 
and Epistlw. Loud. 1789, 8to, 

— Richard. Ojntliia, contBon- 
ing Direfull Sonnets, Madrigalls 

^ 'lOTi^ta intaroonrses. Xiond. 
B, 1601, 4to. 
uuTKha, in lot sa<2, nnlqne, mold, 

Thomas, LL.D. TheHMoiy 
of Yandalia, containing the ancient 
and present State of t£e Coontj of 
Meotlenburg ; its fierolutions un- 
der the Tandala, the Tenedi, and 
with the Succession 
and memorable Actions of its Sove- 
reigns. Load. 1766, 9, 73, 4to. 

ThaacendToor; or, a Jminial throogh 

H. ^m 


By Mr: N 

geuL 'The Kcond 

edition, cfl 

meted, Ac 


Itlnrrat^. L^ 


'iTols. ■! 



ttarougb 00 

Court! of MeckW 


count of the 

bu^. Loi 

:ai. (9. 


Oe. FocihIU, S0S8, 


raniUted HoHTES- 

mtbe Llfoof Ben. 

vanuto C 

other workaj «id 


a Pookel 

rODcb and EuEliah 

which has beat. beqnniUy 

fortunate Beigns of William II., 
Henry II., Edward II., Bioherd EL, 
Charfes 11., and James II. Lcaid. 

oiU niece, br diaries Cesar, prtnt- 
Reprtnied Id Lodge'e 

Life or S 

: JuUdb Ci 

B, Google 

Ninanuno OaaamoiM. 

Nnr, ThamM. A Oomibrt^aiiut 
the Sptmiard. Lond. 1S96, 4ta. 

EI«TuiluTM.dMtl<w(«tlo tha Bliho 
ofNonlah. IngUi, lllS, 1l 

Ninr.— A Nonne's FTDphen, o 
the Downefidl of Fiien. liond 
1624* 8vo. 

vritb ■ irood-«nt OailBnrtoiiB, 1841 

trom th 


B. Lond. 1916, 

ICdhikak OotTBTSimr. — Do- 
Bcription of JfuQelum Courtenej 
in tia Coaaty of Oxford (tha Seat 
of Iha Earl of Hwoourt). 1806, 

pp.68. Priv.Mly ptintai Or1gln«llr 
ntlRted Id 1789, und • Heond tiua In 1107. 

NuT.cBicxBB, ThB. Set Jmm, 
page 1201. 

Ndttaiih Thomu. A JohtdbI 
of TniTels 'wUt the Aikanata Tern- 

torf daring (ba Tear 1819. Fh!k- 

delpbia, 1821, Sto. map and plates. 

Baprlniad, BoaltHi, I8U, lima. 

IntrMocthm to Sritautic ud phnlo- 
loglul BoCuT-. Bo>lon,D.S.IS!tr,evi>. 

Munul <rf Itw OrnUboloxT of the 
UnlMd Stilci ind ot Cuub: Luid 
Birds intd Witer Birds. Cunb. Hau. 
183a. limo. 3 ™l..— 1863, limo. S toIb. 

Tha Qenen of NqtUi Amerlan Pluti. 
and a Catalogue of tbe Speciaa to Uia 

Sa UicHJim's Sorik Amerleau a^lra. 

BYOOLtSjPhiUjp. $m¥iooixi^ 


Nye, VstbanieL TheArtofOtm- 
cerj, 1644. With partnit at. 20, 
byW.HollM. Lond. 1647, 8to. 

1648, with port, bv HdEIht. TovAeleT^ 
pb U. Uilfi, lla.— 1«6. BliH,lSa. 

— Stephen. A Diacooree con- 
cerning natilral and rarealed Be- 
ligion. Qlaeg. IT52, 12ino. 

TVilJUnl!, l&i, moroKo, 16a.— I^nd. 
1696, 8VD. Nye pabUsbed UTonl othat 

Y, Thomas, p. 1244. 


N™. See'ilAY,1 


Ifmooi, Ed. K.A ITamtiiia 
of hia Brother Alexander Njndgo'* 
being most horribly tonnented with 
the Derill Lond. 1616, ita. 

Musag, pLlu 5T1,16b. Hebar, pt.Tl. 

HiTOit. fealTixoir, Ant. 

B, Google 

. Chr, ThePoun- 
r tain and Wel- 
A Bpring of sU T>' 
y lutaee, SeditioD, 
J anddetdlieHate. 
3 Wherein is de- 
i dared st largs, 
' tbe Opinina of 
HijMrios, £cj (hat Borne in Italie 
IB BigniBod and noted bj the Ifanie 
of Babylon, in the 14, IT, and 18 
Chsptara of Beuelation of 8. lohn. 
Lond. 1689. Ho. 

Pp. 38, dedlutod to Uie ElrlB of Boo- 
Uiiton andWuwlcle, by Chr. O, 

O. I. The lamentation of Troy 
fci the Death o( Hector. Wisre- 
nnto ii amiGied, an olde Woman's 
lUe in hir nolitaHe Cell. Lond. 
P. Short for W. Matts, 1B94, 4t<i. 

IiKucss. ThirtT-tHOlMvM, Inicrihed 
lo air PengrlM BjTtls, KnL, Lord Wll- 
longhhyor Eroibl'. 6/1.0. Oardonalonn, 

;»Qtliig, 2 

n isia, 

0. i. Venus' lootiiig-CHass, or 
a rich 8toTe~haase of choira Drol- 
Ifflj. Load. n. d. 6to. 

O. J. Set Olds, John. 

O. J. M. Sm MoiTTBora. 

0. lb Sm Owbn, Lewis or Lnle, 

0. S. A Diali^e between two 

Prieata named Watkin: ^id JeSVy, 

Attiltiii ted to WlllUn B,o^., , 

0. B. Mans Mort^tie(.v. ,_ 
Tnadse wherein 'tia proved .that 
whole Man is a Oompound wholy 
niortalL Amsterdam, printed b; 
John Caime, 1643, Ho. 

Oasxbt, Benjamin. Selectioni 

from Sbakspeare. Lond. 1^8, 

post Sto. 7b. 
..... «._.., iSobJsiiti, Loud. 

, _..,__ _ . „.&pbla portralca. 

Ifid. Onlj AO oopiea printed. 
0>.TiB, Titus. The Uemaira of 
tus Oatea. Lond. I6S5, 4ta. 

, U. iBT. 16s. RspHDled la the nlncll 
[:;■«> Sa,iX,tr\ or the Piean ot the 
» King JuDsB, dnn to the Life. Iti 

tlnued CoD8pli»cy agtlc 
QtEsllglnn, ' — — ' ' 

'Hilid edluon. Lond. 

I TltuB Oatei -nn pnbUahed IBTS— 1706. 
OiTHB.— The Boot of Oaths, and 
the BSTeniL iForms, ancient and mo- 
dem. Lond. 1649, ISmo. 

in, pt 1. SM, a«. Drlghl, Bi.— 1689, 
Sto.— 17:- "- 

Be oT Oitl 

U.6d. Heber,pLyi.ln1ol 
OeOn, theli origin. N. 
ioif. BJ J. Endell Tyler 
edition. Lend. 1B3S, poet ^ 
Tbe Oslhs of Alleglsiice 
Blffibny, CnnHal Obedten 

ire, jLDii HIb- 
).D. SMond 


OAi^MSiM, Olirer, A Quest 

of Enijnirie by Women to know 
whether the Tripe-wife were trim- 
med bj Doll yea or no j gathered by 

B, Google 

1714 OBB 

<niTer Oat^naals. Loud, b; I. O. 
1595, Mo. 

A pottlnl tnet. Blndl^, pt. It. BR, 
IDLKK. Fht^.TLIOl Jolbr, Ul Bb 

Ohuiuh. Abdua the Prophet 
Interaieted by I(hoiiiu) S(rM- 
hidn}, Fdlow of Mudalane Col. 
)m w Oxbide. Ijon£ b; Hmrj 
l^iiMDMa for G«o. Biahop, 1571, 

A-a. in M^tM, itOimiai to As 

of HiutlDriciii, ud ma luf ccnli 
tmU. wmiuu, S, msTocen, II. IB 

OntDimoi. — Hutcny of PassiTe 
Obedience. Sit SklIiIB, Abednego. 

OSEDTKiroa, liuk of a ChrjBten 
Han. Sa Tykdllk, WilUam. 

O'BintHB, Thonui Lewis, Bp. of 
UmUl Scimona on imp(»iaiit 
Sntqeda. Iiond. 1T9&-1821, Sro. 
StoIi. Ob. 

O Bkuhi, or the inchanted 
Idand J being • Belation of a late 
DiiDorerT of the Dia-inchantmsnt 
of III iJand in Qm North of Ire- 
land. Land, 16TS, 4to. 

UiuUt umlbKl to BIclurd Hod. 
Llord, 1D06, II. 8l HabK, pL tU. U. 
" -j^ tlie vuMm WooilBr, wiUi 

. Load. l«r<^ 410. 

nr, Henrr. The Bound 
'±'owaa of Inilaiia g or the Hjate- 
riee of Free Maaonij, of Sabaisai, 
and of Bndhiran for tbe first time 
anreiled. Priie Easij of the Kojal 
Irish Acsdemj, enlarged. IiOnd. 
18H Sto. plates, H. 10s. 
BUu, IM. 
FIueiiMbi InUnj i IruuUtM firm tlia 
Bpanlih nf iT, L. VIllMlieT*, ud iUutn- 
UdnlthHotiL Lmd, less, Sto. lis. 

— J. Focaloir Qsoidhilge'Sai- 
Bh^la J or, an Irish-Englirii Dic- 
tionary. Puis, 1768, 4to. 81. 8s 
— Second edition, revised and ooi^ 
rected b; the Her. Bobert Daly. 
Bablin, 1832, 8to. 18>. 

In thii ftditiui nuh luiavue la printed 

- .--. -,ul»ftm,»ll 

romui. For Bnjr ■ -'■ 


ih.Mita p 

— Bar. PauL ApractJcalOraai- 
mar of the Irish Lsjiguage. Dub- 
lin, 1809, 8»o. 16s. 

— Lusoriom; a Collection of 
Conririal Songs. 1782, 16mo. our 


OsBiQinnB, Julioa. De Prodi- 
giis. Oion. 1703, 8ra. 

A KDOd •dilico, niljsiiied is HoUMTa 

Obssbtatob, The, by Sir Bogor 
Ii'EBtraDge. folio. 

This pnlodlMl paper, irrittan to Tlndl- 
eatt tha miuorai of the Donrt lod tbe 
chmisctflr at Qm kinj;, from tha ahurse of 
balng poplihl J ■flaelAd, coiniiMnail April 
IS, ISBl.iMiruBiHiUBUedferKiiunua. 
Habar, pt II. « ndi. 1881 10 1«U, t*.U. 
and ToU. 9 ud t, US/, ll. 

Tha Obaarrator, with ■ Sonnurr tlia- 
ttlUgoKa. Tlilapapu.UieflntBiiBlMrvr 
vhloh appaftnd Oct. H-Sl, U6^ *■■ aoo- 

Tb* Obumtor,n)T 1701,1709, ud ITM, 
felio. B; John Tnlililn. F1ald,971, lOa. 
Tblg paper cammeiicad April 1, 170^ ud 

ni eitramalT obsoilau to the T«l*i. 

OsBSBTBit, The, A Collection of 

morsl, literary, and funiliar Esaayi. 
(By Bicbard Comberiand.) Iiond. 
1785-90, postSTO. 5 yols, 

Sseund edltlDO. Lond. 1791, post St*. 
6 Tolt— ITW^ 6 yola.— Third adirfon, IWB, 
poit Bto. S TOlB- An a^tfemad im^ 
■IncB reprinted in ths British SBoarlBti. 

Occuioffu, pAFSBB. — A OoUae- 
tion of tbe Oocaeional Papcm. 
Lond. 1716-19, 8ra. 8 Tola. 

Tha asthoca of the Occadmial Papers 
vera ' tha Rar. Jaahoa Baraea, Bai^uiila 
Avary, LLJ>., Baa]. Qnmaaor, D.IX, 
Sam. Wt1(llt, D.D., Jafan Braas, DJ3„ 
Ur. Eamaa, ud tbeBsT. HoaaiLowmaa; 

a imtkli at tbadr a> 


Mbt Dr.l: 

1717-8, »c* 

aratanta tobothT^araea. YdL ilL 171S-U, 

The Occaalonal Paper, In tea Kamlian. 

Lond. lseT-§, 4to, Ai ammTmaai nibB- 

■loB by Eiehard Willis, BiihopoiWla- 

B, Google 


OcoAK, or OotiK, Willimn of. 
Disputatio interClaricmn et Mililom 
Buper DoteBiate Prolatia eodesisc 
Mqae Prinoipibiu termruni oom- 
miste in forma dialogi j et ComMm- 
dinm de Tila Anticbristi. Colon. 
1*76. 4to.— Pari., 14S8, 4to. and 
othar editiODB. 

A Dt4li:gue betweu* a Enj 

und. Tho. Bert 
1W». ThliDotiblslll 

(kg tampMllUu or Princes, isd 
CDinRh be siempted from uutrlbul 

Dlaji^orim libri HpUia adeenuH 

Iannis XXn. •. I. [P»ri., BtoUl 11 
Fun BDiiioi.— Lngd. 14Husait 
OpDi noiuRlata dlinim ot dlalogl 

' --(l.fol,— Lngd.HBOindM 


XUI. Lngd. IIW, roL 

Seriptqin la prlmmn II) 
nun, la gao Uieolaglcii il 
tXipa phLlrxopliLe docmAti 
elplfc reaolvnntiu itllb clu 
ipto. llS3,(tl.)follo. J 

QoDilUlwU HpUm, Fl 

Truutni Loglce diTJsns in tiei pirtaa. 
llr(a.l4nH. All. 

laolosleum. Lngd.llM, 



BummulBlq Jlbrofl pbyilconuD. Bon. 

vritings Lntha tt 


OcxiJ:[ra LuoAKirs. De uniTsiri 
Orbis Hatun. Cantab. 1670, 8to. 

In Opniciilii MTtbologiciB Tho. Gils. 
A tTHDBlfttlDn will bfifcmad l&tha.Buro- 
peui MBgiulna for 1762. 

On the Natnn of (hs UulieiK, &a, 

Ocmsrs, Bermtrd, of Siena. A 
Tragedie or Dialogs of the uninata 
TBUijwd Priinaoie of tie Bishop of 
Some, and of the iuet Abobahjng 
of the lame, translated out of !«- 
tine into Englishe bj John Ponet, 
D.D. (Lond. W. Lynno.) Anno 
Do. 1519, 4to. BLACK isiTxa. 

Engliibe, Anno Do. Muii-riii 
R. C. {probililT Robert Croi 
.Uim Bsddcll, m. Bva. 

^t,^ly 'RjchulL Alff«Dt] 

e grest 6lr P. Bkob). Lend, by 

7 Inelghta, Dediculad by A. C. to bar 

other, the Lady T. RIIsb, IBfi. 

A Dlalogne of Foly^mj SDd Knother of 

nofQullty. Lend. IBaT, Iteio. Dilgli^ 

B, Google 

M-U. Baf,tt. T* 

Ocixsr, Simon. Eiatoiyofthe 
Sanceiu, containing the lim of 
Mabl>DMit and hu immeduto 8110- 
cesKHV, ao Aooonnt of tbsir 
temarkdile BbHIm and Siegea, and 
of the Bsligion, Ktea, Ciutoiiu, &a. 
of that warlike People. Thirdedi- 
Ijon, widi additions by Dr. Long ; 
and a Flan of the Temple of Mecca, 
Ae. Lond. 1767, 8to, 2 rob. 
A enrlvoi and nrj ntflrtalnliu 
BMtli, W7S, IL l<k. Hinu,pt.La<4R, 
tt.BlVbat,Blsa,.U.1i. mUluDs. 1KB, 
bin* moneeii. «. IDa.— FlrM editlcm, ITIM. 
Bre-lTd. IUaliiiicli«,Bei6,aL«il. TdI.i1. 
■ ■ ---d ediUm, 1T19, 

SUndard Librio), If 
Si, u.-Fifth sdltioD 

lAnd. ITIS, 101.870, Nuiia, pt. L S4M, 
31. Boibniyhii, 7in3, Si. 6d. 

Sh Au. Jaatxb, AbL 

OCLABOVS, Christoph. Anglo- 
nun Pidia, 1327— 1&58, Carmine 
pemfarieta. Item, Einnuovliia, aire 
depaoa^rdmo Angli» Stato, im- 
pennteBliiabetha donatio. Iiond> 
eicndebat R. Neaberie, 1680, 4to. 

Bad of (ka plain hu auae.p»g« m 
ai iB»ll«*nt*Ir. Thawoikwuip. 
polDWd bj it. ElUabetk tmi bn prlijr 


in tbeHldg! 


Bnr|b1fl7. tToklbOi 

doDA Into En£liAh Tftrtfl, hj 
■ck. L-rad. Bob. WnW«grH^ 
a«bor, pL It. ISIS, SI. ta n™ 
_-iTin> CoUeedon. Doliaud 
. the LhIt Hyldnd.itla ID Lu« 
■■ — ■ - HeriwI, 

IDD prMsr CEtsn, Htipnnli pnUrtOt 
jipUcntnr. Loud. T. &vla, USg, Ko. 


(yCLEBT, "Mi <->>«fl Lexioon Hi- 
Iwrnicom prsesertim pro Tosbiilii 
antiquioribiia et ohainria. IjOTwii, 
1643, Bto. 

Sothaby (Bp. Duly), Juna W, IfiBS, SI. k. 
•~ tba Gnnylllo Collectlaa. 
O'CoBHOB, The. ChroniclM of 

Tnnalated from the original Muin- 
' a in the Phcenician Dialect 
e Scythian Language. Lond. 
1822, 8to. 2 vols, portrait of the 
author, 10a. i<absb pafbb, 15a. 

— Arthw, The State of Irt- 
lasd. (Lond. 1798, 8to. Not 
publiahed.) Translated iiil« FreniJL 
PariB, 1604, Svo, Set Bai-xnaa 
of the FBB88, 1800, page 140. 

— Boderio. Works ; with •" 
Abatract of Irish Eiston, and of 
the Honarcha of the Belgian Dt< 
nasty. Cork, n. d. Svo. 2 roll. 

B, Google 



0'<Vnn», Charles. I)iiMTte< 
Stmt on tbe Hietoij of IreUnd. 
Bublin, 1T66, 8to. 
uva, »t*\ii>»>t. aim, »•. «.' Bcm™u' 

KM, IB*. T™miI«*, pi, il. 8», 19«.- 
DabUB, Iisa, Bto. «, b, 0, B— B r, tn fMn. 
At BM« M > 0>>Uiig iHkf of ' Th* Bootldi 
r«dl» or LsllOTn' M p. m ■ Blip rf 
■aeotUintlqiui,' or Inlind. Llord, (W, 
Si.— IIM, naw tiOs aslf.— Dnblln, leia, 

irorkl^ tnd 

— Chfldea, D.D., Member of 
ths Acndem; of CortonA. Ha- 
moin of the Iiife and Writings 
of the lata Chulei O'Cocor, of 
Belonagve, Esq. M,R.I.A. ToLI, 
(all printed.) Dublin, 17B6, Bto. 

Tb U lii ognplilal ud eiRHalogle^ Tsrk 
ia of grwt rsrilr, > few toptai only h»T. 
tnr bun piinted Kir olninUttan ■mengtt 

ths ftlendi of Uie «nlt— °- " '■ 

Mid tohnYBbBeniupp 
SrkeB, pt. it. SeS, mc 
rielwr, pt. Iv. et. No 

Colain»»nin»aHlb«. — , 

tars DD tha prtsenl Uode of itppotiitlng 
CatbolU "'-■-— - '-'--■■ »■- "— ■■ 

lDf[)i8m, iei<v-ie,8i 

Appeal to tha Popg. Lnad. IBU, Sro. 
BftillotfaHa MS, StDveuaia: t dttcrtp- 
»B (Jitalogus of the Msonacripta in Ih« 

:b>Md tbam In 16*6 for SOOOI-'tfter 
' taBd baen uUlofrued for psblic ■•la 

— E. AChrammarofthoGaelio 
Language. B; B. O'C. Dublin, 

— - et Stlj. La Tie e 1e mar- 
rtre du B«T. P. !Frere CorneiLe 
O'Oonor et du ?rere Su^c^ne Dalii, 
Beligienx de I'ordre de Saincte Tri- 
nity et redemption dea oaptifg an 
Eij't d'Hjbernie, par f. J. de Ti- 
tte. Paria, 1646, 8to. 
Sothiby (Bp. Dalj), Juna », IBIS, 

OoTAYTAJT. Here begynnetli 
OctaiTan the Emperoore of Borne. 
Lond. (probably by Copland), 4lo. 
with a vood-cut on the title. 

HbIkt, pt. It. iDoperltet at tbe end, 

ai. 111. 

OmATUX, Emperor of Borne, a 

Bomance. Oxford, 1809, post Sto. 

FiRr copleaoflbiaeltgultruilated 

v^j „[_ tnm a Francli MS. ia Ih* 

Library, vtra printe 

'" nl IIL seZ'lBa. loBlis, 
dj iili, iC 4>. BldlDp 


- COBT. 
beire, Bindlay, nt. Hi. SBi 1G>. loglls, 

.. „ J ^j2, it 4>. '"-^— 

it. Bright, Sh.. 


Oataolmi ImpeTati>T. An ADdanC Eo- 
gll >h metriul lomucB piin tad In tlm (bird 
Toiuma of Wabar'a UollKtloB. It la la. 
maikabla for tba alUKularilr of lu itanu. 

Hampabiie Sjalict, neul/ as It la now 

OnvBis Cam. Hiitory of tbe 
Lond. 1711, 8to. 

O'Dait, Dom. de Bosario. Initd- 
am, Inorementa et Eiitua Familin 
Oeraldinorum Deamonis Comitum, 
Falatinorum Krerris inHibemia, ao 
Persecutioma Mvretiooram deecrip- 
tio, el nonnullie Pragnientis col- 
lects, ao Latinitate dooata. Ulyaeip. 
1656, Bto. 

(UJoMm. Pp. 1-40B i title aid piefatdlT 
matter, U. Iutsb; Indfi, Ac. 9 kiTca. 

pt. iv. ik Sotbabj (Bp. Daly), June SS, 

OBDirTEB, — Book of Oddities, or 

wonderlul Story-teller, bj Jackj 

Btnuge. Lond. Cooke, □. d. 12mo. 

Nuua, pt L ne, Ita. 

B, Google 

Oddt, J. Jepson. Znropewi 
Commerca. Iiond. 1905, 4to. 

Fp, SSI. wltli • una) »d tItbt mip of 
Europe, Oaldimid, KT, lOi. 

OdKLL, J. M. A. All EsBaj on 
the iElemeata, Aooents, uid Pro- 
■odj of , the English Langnage. 
Lond. 1806. 12ino- S«. 6d. 

— Thomu. A brief and short 
TreatiBe sailed tlie Chriitiaii'B Eb- 
thu'land. Amet. 1635, 4to. 

Into tba Eultfth luKDtg* ; but U Till bo 
■HD tlut Thomu OdcU utlclpiUd him 

O'Dbibooj^ John. The Historj 
of Iraluid. Loud. 18:27, 8to. 2 

An (UUllaDt, ll»r, cosclH, >n< nnolT 
work. 5fi Qnu-tert/ Rerlaw, ilTi. "" 

Monil, PolltKml, ■ 

I Rsllgiona Vlei 

OicDLUEFASitiv, John. A 8ei^ 
mon of Jhon Oeeolamp&dios to 
f ong Men and tSa.jdena, translated 
bj John f oie. Land, by me Hum- 
frey Powell — sonld hj Hugh Syn- 
aloton, Ac. ISmo. 
CMil»lia C T. In slchti. InglH.lDn, 

Jaba Oeeoluupidlii 
■gts nf oia P«n. bat i 

ISmo. From MBDn- 

OpmCB8.— OfEoe for Panitonts, 

or ft Form of Prayer £t to be used 

in einfiil and distracted Times. 

1691, 8to. 9fl. 

PrlTitalT prinlad. Preflied la « por- 

OfflnofChrihtluPinnta. Cunb.lSie. 

Thi OBh of Ihe Holr 'Week. Pvfs, 
br the wtdos Cbiwtisn, 1070, Sro, r'-'- 
^>l« by HoUu-. Bllia, Si. Bir M 

MSO, 14,L Sd.' Whita KnigbU,3U0,'ll. 
Niaun. pt. 1. aiM, moncaii IL 15s. 

Iholfo form of pnyer pobllihsd br oidtfdf 
King Jnmei II. Quilck, 1704, St. 
■Uaiem odllloai of kll th« RnauCt- 
tbollc SarvlcB Books nn kapl In pIllL 

Ofpicia 8. 8, Patrieii, Oolnmbr, 
Brigldffi et slianun quoiiiii<l>ni 
Hibemie Sanotorum. Paritiii, fill- 
gaert, 1620, 8to. 

Tbli coUeotlon wu gdltad hf Vmit 
'■■ 'lf,pLl» •- " 

per T. Kerrer, 1510, 8»o.-lBS], 
Su Bibl. HtrteUna, 8*0. toL Ij-A 

—In EngUsb, IfiSl, Sro.— UUn, im.»m 
—Latin and Gng. VSU, S«>.-UKi> *^ 
Eng. Land. lESB, Bn^^othwagl, iX- 
aud Bng. 1»% Sm.— KMhaH^ l^"* 
Eng.leiM.— UtsndBnc; LonLlWt"- 
Alaothnaotbar sdlUona in Snanl*' 
printed kt Ldodon ■itbuat dalal. 

O'Slahkbti, Boderio. Ogjps, 
sire Renun Hibemicarom Oaaai- 
login. Lond. 1685, 4to. 

A great funit of knovledga ud i>f"- 
mttioo nUtlne to Iifah truBarfiouu' 
lana. HlbbgrL G80, U. Oa. Habo^Ft>- 
dn.mon)«o,11.1^8d. Tb*Td<Di(«- 
Blsu of pagea M and TD(^ not iDcIndH! 
Utle, (plitirik dtdlaKlDIta Janlu D" 
Eboiwsnl at Albaaland, (ppnballii Db, 
Dodlol LoftBt D. Rlcbardl%OilB( UM'> 

OgygiA Tlndlcated artiut tb« Oqao- 
tions ot Sir George MuksaaiL bT C. 
O'Cooor, DibUii, 1770, a™. Oazifcti 

O'QAHAeHFB, Fdix. AoKi^ 
on Uia loTeetifjatiDa of the 9>* 
Pnnciplee of Nature; togethw** 

B, Google 



the Application thereof to (o!ts the 
Phffnomeiia of the phjsioal System. 
Loud. 1786-6, Sto. S pta. 

OaBOBiTB, EUiabeth. The Hie- 
torj^ of Eaux from the earlieit 
Period to the preeent Time. Loud. 
1814, 4to, vol 1. pistes, 7b. 

qury. ti* islatAd to Jin. Ogbonie, ud 
UlllUd lugilf In tbU TOIk. 

OaszK, Bunnel, D.D. Sennoiui 
to which ii prefiied, ui Account of 
the Author'g Lite, together with .. 
Tindicndon of his Writing! ageiugt 
■omeUtaObjeatioiu. Cemb. iTSO, 
small 8to. 8 vols. 
Pnbliihtdbrln.Balllfii. Huth, 

Vild^ Wiilatt, list, IMOl— PUui (dlt. 

Hrrnioiu dlapUy tbat HrfKt proprierT 
■ad pnrltT of Bagllih itction, tfiU chu- 
tlaed tananeu of aiiiip«IIlDii, ■bleb hkTa 
■cuetlf bem tqnallsd by iny wrttar. 

plats fell mwnlng; like DamoiUiaiH^ he 
un nlbrno dsduetlco ultliDiit «m«iUi1 
Iqjurr tolbeHnUnn.' Dr. JobnKn ull, 
'he fought tho InfldaU vltb tbsir on 

Oo-TLBT, John. £ebtione de In- 
oarceratione et MaTtjrii P. Joannia 
Ogilbei natione Bcoti e Soo. Jesu 
Preabjtari. Duaci, 161G, 8to. 

— John (Coflmompher) . Works. 

Townetey, pt. It. 1181, 6 Toll. '!». Cbln*, 

ABia,An»Tlc>,iadEagl>iid,SI.6s. Nnrtb, 

pb iL 14Bt, T tgIh. 71. 13>i. Sd. Huuig, 

Til* EoteitilBDuint ot bla meet Euel- 
kst ll^Mile CUde* II. In hli Puun 
throD(b Iba CUt of Loadon to hia Com- 
Mtlofl. Load. Mtt, htlD, ro. Iti, vitti 
pUtea l>7 HoUtr, Ae. A apIasdidTiflBu*, 
pnbUahadattliaKlDB'ac ' ■■■^-- 


AfHoi. 11 J. lis. 

Iha CltT of London to hta Cora 
■ Dascrlpttonof tbelrtumphi 
■Bolamnlty. Lond. 16fll, folio, ] 

» (KIT, 

Dsnt. PL II. nr, 31 St. Hlbbert, Btei, 
U. Ui. Wlllttt,lT«^W.18B.M. Sktcs, 

Afrlia, belDi u twnnta Daaarlptlon of 
tlia BoRloiia of Xgnt. Birbarr, L/bia, 
tnl BlUsdulfarU, ia. «o. LaBd. ISKL 
folli^ It la. pp. les, ud S lasTts, loolud- 
leg nntlafiMS, tttia, dadiouloa U Kint 
Cbulis II. *B. with nspa ud KnIptniH. 
Psga 7Ct eonMlos dInMloBa fin pluin* 
iha m^« ud aealptDna. OtilbyaAMaa 
• - unla mora tbu an Eo^lali TaialoD of 

Ameil«; biigr the latest and meat 

cnnte Deaoripdon of the Nan World, 
and. 1S71, lalla, «. 1l pp. STB, huida 
ftuDtlspleai, IltlB.eaulogas of Ihe anlhon, 

.IpturoL Page STS omtalni dlieeUona 
plielugthe vhols-iheetpilDts. uiai 

■t India Companj of the llalled Pro- 
as to the Emperai of Juiu. Land. 
0. Mio, II. Is. ^oitb, pt. iL IttB, wltb 

Embaaar to China, 1B7S, ll la. 
Atlaa Chlunsle; being a Balaflon of 

naaAabla Paasages In Ivo EmbaaalH 

iloK an aocunta DeKrlptloQ of Faisli, 
IS Empire of the Great Uocol, and other 

im tba Eait India Compu)- 

of Chin*. (This part : 

la Chlni pobUahed 
unul, larB, M. II. Bt. 
.jiethelral: ar, an II- 
e Kingdom ot Englani 

.□d DominlOB of Wslea, by a nf^raphi- 
al and Mstorlaal Daserlptlonortbeprln- 
(pal Boida thoreof, printed on lOOoopprr 
.laVaa. Lond. 1870, fbllo.Uls. Hanill* 
fToirnBhend.EMS.ltCa. Bitickalt.XUT, 
uiBla, 61. SB, — Seeond edition, revlied. 
ndappannllythndfMl. Lood.leM.fol. 
Nev edltioD, ImproTad by John Owen 
nd E. Bovan. Loud. 17S1 (eniiraTad 
hTouKUan^Bm. «ta.lOs.«<l. Su Owae. 

on, Wj, OgUby snd W. Uorgan. LsBt. 


1720 OBL 

Ojrtlbr IlkiwlH nbtlEbd nil 

tniiil>Hoiuor.£aor, BohUiUkITi 

■W s Am (dlUon of the Bolm; *Ueb 

OoiLTis, Sir George, Bait A 
true Acoount of Uie PrHerration of 
the Bc^alia of Scotiaod. Til. Crown, 
Bword, and Bontre, &oin blling 
into tfae Handi of the English Uaur- 
fert, hj Sir O«oive Ogitiie of Bsr- 
ni, Xnight uiil Baronet ) with the 
Bluon of that Familj. Sdinb. 
1701, 4to. 

Ogilth, John. A true BeJatioD 
of the Proceedings against John 
Ogilvie, a Jeauit, executed at QUs- 
gow, the last of Februade, Anno 
1S16. Edinb. 1615, 4to. 

A copy li Id IhaBrltlalillaMam. Gdi~ 
doutouD, ini, II. 111. td. 

— John, D.D. Poema on 
al Snbjeobi. Lond. 176^ 8to. S 
Tola. 9a. 

Dr. JabiuH otwml of tb« i 
'taauoM flDd no thlnUiig intbu 

Pblbwmtaloid aid srlUul Obnmtlaiu 
on (he Kutnn, Chinotan, nod Twloiu 
ap&Uu of Gmpoiaoii. Loud. ITTt, Sro, 


lngi of Herburt, Sbiftoibn 
Hume, Gibbon. ToalnUn, 



PhiliB^lier.. Imd. n» 

,8to. 0^, 

OOJ-E, George. Antiquities ei- 
plained ; or, a Collection of figured 
wnns. Illustrated bj Descriptions 


taken from the Classics. Lond. 
1737, 4to. ToL 1, (all published), 
100 plates. 

Bricht,ta«. Combe, ltt7, 71. Hater, 

OostoH, William. Oratio fane- 
bria in Obitum Tw*Timi Virorom 
Georgii (Keith) Maniohalli Comi- 
tis, Acodeuiiai MariacballansQ, Ab^ 
donie, Fundatoris et Uraoenatis 
nmnifioentissimi. AberdonUe, 1623, 
4to. 10 leaves. 

O'HuLOUir, S^ireater. An In- 
troduction to, and a Hist^jry of 
Ireland. J>ab]in, 1803, Sya. 3 rok. 

But aditkia of thiaa ucalleBt mk^ 
nhleb m bin prlnlad togetber. 

An laDvdnollaa to tlio BCadT of tbe 
HlltOTf ud AntlquitiBl of Imlud: U 
which tbe Aueitlaiu of Hume mod otbai 
Wiltan ue ouuIoiuUt mnildcnd. II- 

AppeDdliei; contilnfni?. 1. Aolnudw- 

of Great firltaln ■nd Irelend, b^ J. Uu. 


of other Notions, u well u both BiiUin*. 
LoDd. lITS,«la.SToU.18t. 

O'HiTK, Joannes. Epilogiii 
Chronologicos, exponems aaodnote 
Conventus et rundationea Sacri 
Ordims Fredicatoroin in Bt^na 
Hybomie. LoTsnii, 1706, 4to. 

O'KsiSKAiaH, Job. Alphaie- 
tum Hibemicum. i. L 1671, 8to. 

A copT li in lb* BodlsUn lAtanij. 

O'Esurntt John. Dramatia 
Woils. Load. 179S, Sro. 4 Tola. 

Roihirshe, sgrs, «. ISii St. Sake of 
Tort, SSM, 1/. Ita. 

s DouEtalan, b^DK Mi 

B, Google 

oiB Oil) 1721 

OsMixr,¥maaM. Hnnoinofthelof Englanda, Ao-andoftlwOliiirolia 
life De»th, Burial, «nd wonderful of En^jUnderafoonned uid gooem- 
Writinm of Jacob Bdunen. Morih- ed Tuder hym, «g»rD.t »1 eudw M 
smptOT, 1780, 8to. blMphemoiulj «nd t™tOToiiilj m- 

' <ir;iii 1i<t.«.»« n> ■ fimrn hftQ OT thS Uyd UbnTOO, Of 

HeieaLe or Sedioioii. (By John 
B*]e.) 16ino. 

" '- ilghu, llo*Ur prtllWd in BLlci 

small Uoumnent of great Mercy in 
W uid four othen Doliiennoe 
from SluTiaT at AJgiarB. ^— ' 
1674, 8to. 

6'Kmj.i do Aghrim (Willkm). 
Desciiptto bipwtita antiquiiwini 
at Inolyti,B<giii Hibernue, ibii nia- 
joria Bcotie Sanctorum IdbuIm 
ToL i. Tionno, AuBtrie, 1708, 

I rinppofleii IbHt 

Sally nsidad at Vtei 
>- •hiiUlaloiT of tnl 
H) uid putlr In pi 

latea lOlo Pranch, inn ui,™ 
ISn, Svo. with guieilogliiil 

OXSI.T, WiUiam, M.D. Pyro- 
logy; or, tio Connexion between 
natural and moral Philoioplir : with 
» »hort Disquijition on tie Origin 
of Christiaiuly. Lond. 1797, 8vo. 

Old P^TTfT Chbohioib, Sat 


Oldcastib, Hugh. Work 
BookkeepJDB. Lond, 1643. 

Mmtion^ii by Jen" MBlll. iB ■ A. b 
initiuoilon.' 1688. 

Sir John, The Mirror of 

MartjTB, or the Life and Death of 
that thrioe-Talianl Captwoe and 
moBt godly Martyr, Sir Jolin Old- 
eantle, Knt. [Lord Cobham.] Lond, 
T. S. for William Wood, 1681. 

In «rM. A aapy Is tha Pepyalui Col- 
leaUon. CuiDbrldn. 
"°.^^..;^i . J ail. .inhn Oldtuiu. 

OlJ>a, John. The Aoquitai 

It WDtsrlord the T 1>L7< of 

, .i»,' (■uppowd to IM the ifr 

eond bookpriultd Id Inlud), iHilearUlnlr 
— ■-'- -'-i lyp» of the ConfiMlon bj Tm- 
aouttavuk. Koahurght, aOt, 
Oeort* Chtdaien, pt. lil. «. Sl 
air K. M. SykM, pt. U. MO, wHb JrtiB 
~ T'> EpliUe, im, 171. e^ M. H«- 

pt. U. with Uu IJon&Hlcio, Ulit, ud 

Weua ot the RoHri*. USO, K. ISe. 

«, pt T). eonur o( lut wudas, II. 

ubT>B, B. TbaBU, Deo. ISaS, SI. 
^CoahMloii of the moat unuient ud 
taw ChrlHu Catlwllka «lde B«Mb, ao- 
Doid>BC ts the OMn of the ill Aitulei 
ot o^eoonoii C»d«, aat Hirthe tn En- 
allBhe hrJ, O. SotJieirirka tiy Ohriito. 
pberTralhel. 1669, lano. auciLirTim. 
UonLeiiu h in elghlt. Heber, pt. 11. In. 
reeold BlLu, SL Sa. Homer, IBM, mor. 

A ehofte DmoripUon oC Attlehri«t«, 
with a wHnyng.iJot to he doo^voilby Iba 
hTpOEilil* and oraftle eonwaoM of tlH 
Clergia. Boothwirk, C. 'rtalhel, n,d. 
llmo. Buor i«T«», « laaTea, nnd oaa 
bUnk. Hebec, pL 11. U. IBa. 

Bat Qajj-ta, Bodolph. Ridut, N, 
OiiDBULD, Mra. Anne. Authen- 
tick Memoirs of Ura. Oldfleld. 
Lond. 17S0, 4to. 

Beed, SSas, le. ed. HIbbert, IS860, ea 
&a£aHTaH,W. The Loiei'a KiiMlIuy, 

■tteehed to SeKartoii'B 

y of the Stmflfl, pnbllahed by E. 

{^oJid be b 
Hlitorr of thi 
dull, i-mi. n 

— H. G-. Anecdolw of Arohery. 
Lond. 1791, 12mo, 2a. 

A ahort oollMtloD of UMotlul puug«, 
ImsLug (ba praeUDe of ucbery m>m Cbe 

Elitary ud AntlqulUea of Toiunluun 
HlghCiou. 8ai Iiiaoif,K.K. 

— ThomaBHinton Burioy. The 
repreaenlatire Hiatory of Great 

Purgation of Edward the VLSyng I and ot the CoantitiB, Citiea, 

U ol t 

B, Google 


9 ud * igli. SniL 

OLsaiv, JoIui< The Oompori- 
tioni in 'Pnta and Tcnp of llr. 
John Oldham. To irhidi are added 
Memoin of bit Life, and etrplaiia- 
toTj Notea hy Edward Tbomptcm. 
Iiond. 1770, 12mo. 8 toLi. 

HHt Hlllion. auriek,17(e. 

Ke,i2a. — iTii, ubo. I TidiTHibtHn, 

OLDigwoBTa, a. The Hoi; 
Bojthat. Lond. 1660, 4to. De- 
dicated to King Charlea II. 

Old Maid, Hie, a petiodical 
Paper. A. new Edition rariaad 
and coirected bj the Editor, Marf 
SiDgleton, Spinster. Loud. 1764, 

Br ttn. Fnim* Bmkaj— Moi. 1 to S7 
ITSS-t, folio. Bmiil,4a. 

OLmuTVX, l^othj. Iiifi'a 
Breritie and Deathes Debili^r, a 
funeral Sermon on Edward hev- 
kenor, Ei^uin^ in Those Death ia 
ended the Name of Uiat renowned 
Famtlr in Suffolke. 1636, ltd. 

Oldhzoh, John. Eiatoir of 

England. Land. 1730, 6, 9, folio, 
3 vols. 81. 3a. 
A Tiolent pmrtj hlitory,»i)Hm In opfo- 

tb« EdlnbiuAli Rafi«vum, Oldmixon ia 
'u liiiMitialinltei of mudenu Ulent, 

Dwtlon.' Hollihlisa, >[Ui R^l7 b> Bp. 
AturboTT.lTBIiN. iei.6d, Hsber, 
Uia». CwtsiM. — ToL 1. The Kslgni of 

EdnrtVI. Ui 

The Reign of lbs Blnutl. : 

Btnirti. Ixmd. 17S1,8to. 

rSO. Gongh; 


Mmoln rf Knrth Britain ; whsnln It 

Prateatut Ballalaii ud LUvrtr. I.«id. 
ITU, Bn ■>. Uka HTual othoc el hii 

■ Uta enUaitt to erlUol autorr, t? 
ZuhanQnT, Liai. Land, ino, Bro. 
Raad, tOS^ 111. — Wltk aiiAFP««i. 
Ldod. 1T30, Bro. 

of (mrandtatudBadcniHtrtatfaBa, br 
J-OMmlioa. L0Dd.MSB,8«, 

eal ud dTll. Loud. ITML Sro. ■ nla 
HsUli, BfD, IL Oaagb, ITas. b.N.— 
17»,)toU. Hu^^ 

ClaimloB ud Whltknk oonpand. 
,oML ITn.Sra. 8iiidla]F.ptl.lOfM,«LU. 
Hemoln of Ue Pnu. hliLorlsal ui 

C.ueii, ftdm ma to irw. Loud, ira, 
. uomH,ws,«i. 

- - 'AaumoB. Loud. 

Blbl. Aiiclr>'Poit. 

. . . Bktffi.ULfe. 

lattc PiKu, di. AmTuiu, Oa 
; or, lAra'i Puwllag, ud Iha On- 
of Grpna Lond. 1^^1700,10, 

Ma.U(. uaaipi 

•■Igiiail tain > pUc* In his Dnadid, 
g lh« daTotoea of Dalnan. 
imi and Traaatationa br aawal 
■ I towblah la iddad, tha Hoaflnl 
oU, I7 th* k(a William WaMi,&4. 
. mi, Sto. pp. (SA} ud 181. TkH 
i« eoBlaiai Tha BaUabni y BalU d. 

Vallar Popg, ITia, baing a drikala 

irt Tnio; or. a HIiIoit of Oi 
in of lbs proaul Nobility- To aUeli 

B, Google 


OLDMitii'W.B. Pwotiijoofthe 
Court of Oneat SMBiom on the 
CanDMtben Circuit, nnoh of whioh 
is oonimoa to sll the Conrta of 
Qmt Sceaioni in Walei. Ijond. 
1814. 8vo. 11. lOfc 

Tonctrij » «Ubbm4 mKk, bat mw 

Oldtb, William. Ths Briti»h 
liibrariwi: eihibiting a oompen- 
diouB Eeriew or Abfttroot of our 
ntoBt scarce, useful and Taliulile 
Books in all Soiencea aa veil in 
Manoaoript aa in Print i with mariT 
Characteni, historical and critioal, 
of the AathOTS, their Antagoniata, 
4c Xond. 1738, 8*0. 

UDCnt,' li. it- WIlliimH, ISM, II. lOl. 
aipP-Thomolon, 816,11. 111. M. JkIIb, 
67, pmtrull iDBerttd, It lit. M. resoM 
Bli««,8».M. i,*Bo«ri»llI Dowiltswell. 

The Ufe of SirWsltsr Rilsigb. IIBB, 
ftdlo. With i»rtr»lt. Gough,»TI8, 8..- 
17*0, 8to. Qongh, 86T«, M- M- ^^^^^ 
Indeblad, «41t*a miuT T«lo»ble ™ki, 
parttcnUrly the HuleUn Ml.«lluij-. 
SiogT.phl.Briunol«.««. pjl'llj'jf^ 
Dramsdii Poett >re nvqosDtlr auot«d by 

OiSABiUB, Adam. The Vc^ages 
and TrarelB of the Ambaaaadr— 
fis>m the Duke of Holitem to I 
great Duka of Muioovy and King 
of Peraia ; began in the yew 163B 
and finished in 1646. TranaUted 
hrJohnDayiea. Lond. 1662, folio. 

iDtbliTOlonai'in *1bo bg Ibaiid TlM 
Tnvaljof Job.AlbMtda Kudelalofrom 
Fereli inU) the East IndlH, ud from 
tbaneo tbmogh ^^fJ^J^^J^^ 

™?I!^J'' *™'"l^. MurqUli of TlWDB- 

OIjBUT, Bar. Arthur. Muoel- 
laaeoua Tracts. Dublin, 1781, 8to. 

Beibargb^WH,^ M»pqnlio(To-.i- 
b«nd. mi. Bs-Sd. QlAuj vabliibad 

portrait of trlMij. 

Olsbos. — The Ltwi of Oleron 

' Aoleron. 

Tbeia liwH, Initltiled br King Btebaid 

on bli rttum from tha Holr Und, anno 


OodDipbln'i JiuiidlctioD et the Adnl- 

Oletiak, Qasper. An Ezpoai- 
ion of Uie Sjmbola of the Apoadea, 
>r rather of the Articlea of Faith, 
;athered out of the catechiaing 
ignnona of Gasper Oleman Treuir, 
nd tranalated by John Fielde. 
Lond 1B81, 8TO. 

> BfiS, wtib two dedlatlon, ana ta 
ibnaa Evl of Winrloka,' br 1. f ,, Uia 

; br <*. O 

] tha Gnedo, Coni 

;.m 5;«»nrpni.*in.ii 

menu, tmislaled hr Rich. Bilntbarbg. 
Lond. isei. From ukuiuaU'B Catalofuo, 

Olith IiSAT, Hie, or murasal 
A.B.O. 1608. 
UaDUcmed In nitoon'a BlbUog. Foab p- 

Olitib and Rose. ADialoeneof 
Pamiliar Talk between two Neigh- 
boure, concerning the chiefeat Ce- 
remoniea, that were by the mighty 
Power o( God's most holy Word 
Buppreaaed in England, and now 
for onrVoworthinBBB get vp B^n 
by the Bishops. Interlocut. Oly- 
uer. Professor of the Gloepd, and 
Niobolaa B<»e, led in blynd Sup«r- 
atilioii. Boan, by Miduiol Wood^ 
20 February, 1664, 16mo, 

— Bev. George, D.D. of £xet«. 
Hiatoric ColLeotiona relating to dw 

B, Google 

HonaihriM in D«r<ai. Exatw, 

Prtmalr prlsUd. HIbbtrt, HTI, ISi. 

MODUIIeon DIcmhI* Emnlsiuli ; balD^ 
* CaUecHon gl Reawd* ud InilnuBMU 
UlHtrMins tka uultBt coDrantoml, " 
MaU, mil alMmanurT FwnlUic 
fha CoDntlM of Coniwill ud I . 
Wtth A BDPrLuiiirr, oampriaiiv a Ltit 
of tbe DHUcatlDUa of ChandiH in the 
IKocese. Eutsr, 18*6, Mia, pa. W3, b^ 
■Idea dUe, dedintioD, eoDUnU, k Uit oT 
ntMcrllien, ili leavas; IpUtMof Ulr 
mloUad letten ftom u anoleDt Psiatt 

Hubert, 677S, Bi. 

HUtoryor Eistt 
Dnrr, e«», 8a, Sd. 

Con«tiDi]a Uluat 

it, ftiiinOTB»l,wm«, 

Doioinlwn, Bai 

■-B, Bansd'lcflne, uid Prsoidl 
ED^uid^ Land. Dolmui, It 

OLlT£B,Ber. aeorge,D.D. Hie- 
torr and Antiquiti«e of the Tokh 
,»iid MinBtec of Bererlej, in tin 
■Coimtj of York. Berarl^, 1829, 
ito, 2 voU. (general]; bound in 1), 
DouierouB ploUa, 21. Zi. IiAbse 

FltSB, 311 38. 

•f the MUBg(»(s CliuKh ofVoIverhiiEp 
tm. Wnly. ISae, Svo. pUIei, 7.. 

Tba «xlBtliig fiuDUna of tba vial«D' 
BritoM, within ■ Binill Dlslricl Ijloi 
-|wtireenl.lDcr.lii>i]dei«>ford; iniLetUi 
to Hir B. F. BromlisuL Land, 18(T, 12iiia 

iloUB tar.liirtn^t 

f tha Tndltlaii* at Unaola 

If UuOBIT.fil 

Id to tha Badic 

Taniila. Lead. 1833, 8m. fonr mtft, 13i. 
—Maw aditlon, impniTad. Land. IMS, 
era. lOa. M. Luoi fhpd, ioj, Std. Ids. 


IniUftllon inio lu Hyaianaa, ana um 

GhiiBtim Raliffion. Load. ISS^ iCap. 8va* 
Ea. Bd.— N Bv edIUon, nrlwd ud enlund. 
Loud. 184 tup. 8>a. St. ei. 
Bigni Slid armbnlH, lUoslnlsd nod ax- 

FreaniiKinry. (Vol I.) Grimtby, ISU; 
Bto, Bh.— Sownd edition. Lond. 1887, Bra. 

^ ot IsllSan, in 
Eitfla, CeramonioH, ^ ol 

dm. Fourtaentli editli 

Noua. ud bTlugiDB the 

muonrr down U &» Yaar IKiS, by 

Kav. a. OliTap, D.D. '—■ ' '"" - 

ttrtt, ISi.; 


~'"" eopiim 


li adltloa, 1840, 9f Six- 

BiiBf Hlitory oT the WItham Lodc)^ 
Uncoln. Load. 1841, 8to. la. 6d. 

Kiatory of FreamaaccirT ttaa ISM to 
1841. Lond. 1811, ISmo. 4a. 

The Blatoilul Ui>d Uatka, ud ath«r 
ETldenwa oT Fnemuanrr eiplainad in • 

Notea, Ponralt, and majtratlauL Land. 

pUijilr poinud ont In ■ Sartaa of pnstt- 
eal aamiona. Lmd. I8U, ISma. da. nd. 
An Apolofcy Die Uw FnnusoiM. Load. 

B, Google 

Oum, Rot. fleo.— coniAMrf. 

T(u Origin ofths Eoytl A«h Defwi 
flia InUgnlii of (b« Bo;*) Arch LMgiea 

ileh <■ Kd'dsd A Cratuir al Apborlnni, 

rhs Brmt>o\ of Glory, ahowliiB Uh 
■t «Dd End of Huonty. In Ihti 
itnrti. Lmd. ISW, 8T0. frool. '"■ 

TbB GoWm R«ii»Ln» of \he •«rly ll«- 
Maia Wriurs. For Ihli, uid olhsr book* 
on FMBniM0nr7 edlttd liy Dr. OUtoi, •» 
mniAHiH, p. SS8. 

OuVBB, Petar, Ui.D. The Scrip- 
ture Leiioon : or, » Diotionary of 
above 4000 proper luuaes of rersoiiB 
and FlaodB mentioned in the old uid 
new TBBtonient ; divided into Sjl- 
kblee with their proper Aocente. 
Oifcffd, 1810, 8to, 6b. 

A UHftd irork. With ka Appendix. 
BlriDlngbuQ, 17Bt4, Bto. «■.— ItH Bra. 
WUUuni, IMT, l*fc— Oxford, 1818, 6t- 
gi.— Idnd. WuhlxHiiw, 1S13, ISnio. Sa. I 
—Edited, vitbudpUiAtionof sb»)(-. 
word*, by tbe BeT. H. C. Cotton. OilUd, 

Tbomei. The new Huidling 

of the Plsoiaphare. By Thomae 
Oljrer. 1601. 

— William, M.D. A praoHcal 
DiBsertatioQ onBathWaten, Lond. 
1707, 8to. 

'A full indfliilBbAdpnetlctldlMoime.' 
—Stoim. _. „. 

Omtbb of Cattile. TbeHiBtorji 
of Oljuar of CaetjUe and the fajre 
Eelayne. Iiond. bj W. do Worde, 

1518, 4to. 

. '— MU»-p«e, 

f itgn.QltiJ. 

le oftbn^ 

ilgtiu iltenuUI;. 

OuTBT, Joieph. Joee^ihi Oli- 
Teti Beleotui CmnmeDtonoraro in 
M. T. ^oenmia Opera omnia. 
Oionii, Tnlboja, 1821, 4to. yob. at 

Printed (MO eoplee onlrito eomplelo the 
CUmdoaF»H*dltioni>f OllTat'H Ciesn. 
—Lead. B. PriHIleT. IBIS, On, 8 toIi. 
11. lOi, TUi edition vu printed ■■ a 
■equd to PriHtie;'! adlttou al Eraantl'a 
Ctoan, S Toli. ISU. Sat. 467. 

OuTlKB, Q-. A. Trarela in the 
Ottoman Smpire, Bgjpt and Fw> 
sia. Lond. 1801, 4to. 2 toLi. with 
atlaa (ireDerally bound in one). 
AaeMeemed irork. HlbUn, miT, El M. 
-laol, Sro. 1 TOli. with *tU* b Uo. 

Oui PoDBiPA.— The Olla Po- 
drida, complete in forty-four Num- 
ber*. Lond. 1788, 8vo. 6». 

- ieeiaypnbilM.tionodiledbTth9R8T. 
Hoaro, coDt«)DlOK P^pen by BiilKp 

>!— 1890, 1 mil. llibbeit, 6170. te. 
ail llAni». 

Olok Imubcb. ^mTacohak, 

Okbbi. — The royal Game of the 
Ombre. Lond. 1665, 12mo. 6s. 

O'Mbaba, Barry E. Napoleon 
in Exile. Lond. 1822 (three edi- 
tion! in one year), Sto. 2 to1j> 
with three porb^ta of Napoleon. 

Kaw edltloai ^rom atereotype plilu). 
Load. Virtue and Co, 8to. 3 toIs. IL (». 

Goplong notloei of Ibii notk appeved 
In Ihe Edinll. Kerlow, .rnii, IM.SO^ 
Quart Bar. laviii. >l»ei. Sh ilJO Edinb. 
— Dumot. Stt HuKA, Dermi- 

OMHiaai et Bingulia. Ste Scott, 

0'MolJ:0^,I'i'ancig. GrammatM* 
Latino.Hibemica. Bomo, 1677, 

An abstnct of this wort will ba fonnd 

Fallbfbl. Koma, Pfopagaoda floe, 1*19 
l»nio.Ta.«d. JyWrfmtttJrtrtohwofcr, 

B, Google 

K Citieliln In iTldi. : 

O Umal, Philom. Padtion of 
Bir FhJlom O Heal, Gsnonll of 
Ireland, to the pBTliunent of Bug- 
land. lHl,4b>. 

Tsinalaj', pt I. nS. Sa. 

07f BUI, Bix Etcjimg* bj 

Wmiam Craui^ trma Sketches 1^ 
Ur. O'Ndll, of Oie Bain* of the 
Iste Xlre at Chriat Cfanrcfa, Oxford 
(Maroh 8, 1809). To which is 
pmSzed tome Aroaniit of the Fire 
and the Buildings iqjured bj it 
Oxford, 1809, fidio. 

"*--- —dnga an »«o«iip*id«d bjr- 

— (A.) Dietumaiy of Spaniali 
Funten, with an Accotmt of the 
present looalitiea of tbdr pictorea, 
Ac. Iiond. 1B33, roy. Sto. 2 vole. 
Pnb. at 21. 12b. red. 11. 1b. 

OlTMacnB, (t. e. P. L. Courtier). 
The Pulpit ; or * biographical and 
litenuy Account of eminent popu- 
lar Preachers ; interaperBed with 
oecasioiisl clerical Critidsm. LoniL 
1809-14, 8to. 3 vols. 18a. 

OnoBIKDXB. Onoaandro PUto- 
nico, of the gensrall Captjune itnd 
of hjs Office, txanslated bj Peter 
Whytebimie. Lond. 15S3, 12mo. 

BL4CE Lvrmu Dedleatod to Thoma^ 
Duke or HoiAilk. IM Mtt, beiidei i 
Ihvm at pnh«, I ot table, ud 1 of Im- 

OPEmBAir, Bobert. Short Qoee- 
tioDS and Answeares, conteining 
tiie Summe of ChriBtian Beligion, 
' nawlj enlarged with the Testimo- 
mtt of Scripture. Lond. 1590, 

Kl.liflebta. Tbe JUdleadon ts ^tcd 
38 Jib. IBSl 

' lltJIUURijonetuiiilJi>d«ni«t.Li>nd. 


OTbklut, John. Epita^ on 
the Tombs in the CUhedial Chnrdi 
of St. Osidce, Kilkenny, -with » 
Preface, and Observafoms on the 
Bound Tavern^ Irdand. Xhiblin, 
1813, folio, 9s. 

OtOL, J<^ B,A. lieotnres On 
Faintjng. ddiv«ed at the Boyil 
Aoadnnj of Arte i witii a Letter on 
tbe Froposili for a public Memorial 
to the naval Glory of Great Britain. 
To vhich are prefixed, a If emoir of 
hii life, b; Mrs. Opiet and other 
Aocoonta of hia life and Character. 
Lond. 1809, 4to. portrait, lOa. 6d. 

■taBriatad In esiriiBetfaiB vilh tbe L«- 
(am of Barrjanl Fuell, nsdar the UUe of 
■ Lactam wPiInllDRb]' the BoralAea- 
dflmklaaa.' loud. IS<8, la BiAa'a BBOd- 
ud Llbnu7, poit Bn. S*. 

— Hra. Amelia. Pooni. Lond. 
1802-8, 12mo. 7s. 6d. 

PrvqnvDll* nprtntad. Tbli UJij pab. 
IlihedawietT of ntmla and talaa. Mm 

lUiutntiont of L^i« in lU itiBra^baa, 

^^inoci^i ef ibt Ufc of Hn. A. OpK 
br a L. Brichtwell. Norwisli. I8H 8*0. 

Ofpus'b Halieutieks ; ofliieNa- 
ture of Fiahea and Fishing of tbe 
Ancients, in five Books. Trans- 
lated &om the Qreek ; nith an 
Account of Oppian'a Life and Writ- 
ings, and a Catalogue of his Fishea. 
Oifbrd, 1722, royi 8to. 7s. 6d. 
Tba traiHUIon rfthl. b"' "- 


Tfaa tint Book ot Opplin's CTnageUea 

Ofdbcula MxTHoioaicA, Ethioa 

et Fhyeica, Or. et Lat. a Tho. Oale. 
Cantab. 1671. 8to. 2a. 6d. 

B, Google 


IS. ii<iHi^t.t>.a8w, I 
Obajig-b, Houk of. 

■ d« DUs; 

Vntls; JduiUi 

PsdnuliBl DeiEdtrliiD d* Hnlltn bom it 

nulls ; Sutl FTHuion] Btstestlie; Tbeo- 

pbruU Cbunotan*; VfOugnton'- 

rimgmanti, at HiUodgil LtriHnt Capl 

C^tionnuB. Tbt IkUar li not Inelodtd 

tlw Aouurdiiiii AdltloDirf 1888, -wbicb 

W11 othmr nuDMti li tbt beat. 

DiWarull UuDdl Ui- 

le of. IJTee of 
Oie Priooea of the iUuetriouB Hoiue 
of Onuifw. Loni 1734, 8to. 

'Vri]llama,im,moniiic(i, Coi 
onnnripn. S» HicmB, Bvoc. 

A Dtstentlan lod PoUluUca of 
Prlna of Oiuga, eosUjnlng tba Cw 
of ilie oHsaun DaftiiM agilnst (he Di 
ofAltw.L(iD(I.VJ°>>i)I>>r>IBino. Elei 
Ihto, litad 'a>T«s tlw ao of JuIt, !» 

euppllaiaoii trtbeKlogofSpiTiisnii 
br tba Prinoe oT Onon, Ac. TtulbU 
b;W.T. lMia.-m>,ieiB<:6a. 

A JmtUeiitiaii or Gleiilng oftha Tri 
of Oreadga ualnit Iba ftba Sliund 
vbanrlth Ua lUwlllan pMabmit u iha 
him moD^ful^. Land, Dftj, 1CT6. IQi 
Tbia vu tba oaKiaa JnittfludDn tr 
Frinea on tfaa thcoiriu off ths lUaglm 
of SpaiEk IceonalataofiiliLa^-fbuT teJi^ 
BM<i,««l,Ta. Heber, Bt.T.SMl,St.l 

Tba Filiies of Omca'a SoppliuUoi 
ttaKlnc of Spain. lmii.lBlir*li. 

The Apolo^ oiDamiM of Prisce V 
llUD Of Onuga, &«. agalaatlha Proclai 
tiona and Edict, mibllahed by tba Klne of 
Spaliw. DaIR, 1981,410. Brl^t,Ss. Be- 

Ssa BmroH, W. MEixia.'W. Wnxiu 
m. Kingoffcrvlud. 

ObJlBIUU, aeu Xibelliu Preca- 
tionain. Land. Gniftoii, 1616, 

la. BotbabTiApLieST. 
4T, lamo. in Ilnlvar^ 
abrldga. — Lond. Oul.- 


13/. Ita^Lond. I 
alty Library, Ci 

I slgbti. Uebar, iromiHl- 
pi. ..luiuL giiia^LDlld. PstTt, n.d. «Ui, 
In KIdk'b Coll. CambHdKe. 

OBiTio Dominica, plua centrum 
Liaguia, TeraionibuB, et Chu-octo- 
ribua reddita et sxpreaia. Iiond.. 
1700, 4to. 7e. 6d. 

yukquB lln^n charatteflbiii aipraasa^ 

'1ft, 410. 16s. A (oir cDpiaa i>anprinud 
1 LAsai riPBH, one ofTblcb, at Call- 

Obatobeb Attioi, Qt. ei niceai- 
aione Immuiuelia Bekkeri cum In- 
dioibna n Tho. Mitchell OSDQ. 
1822-28, 8yo. 10 vols, 

in 1S23, four leaves of addenda and 
(orrigeiLdbvBrepDbllBhed. Flft^ coplaBof' 

, and Lyilu, 6t- 6d. 
tea, 6h. 6d. VoLlIl. 

iv. (lo * pi^) 1883, 

aillty 7, ue to be addeit the following 3- 

T, Mllohell. Oxf. IBSS, 8»o. a Tola. ISa. 
Indicea QreclUtlB iKcraticB a T. Hit- 

and lubiaquently Scialia i 

B, Google 



MiTaalTTILMIX. Boho- 

a«b«ltiar«u li 


UtioBi, ths Oxflri OnUnn Amd im 
tDna 1« vola. Si. tU. No uui pun 
B^» cf Dinloif « Tidomu iMf* bMo 

OuTOtM Atrci at qmiM i 
Sopblata. Cam notli SBiikil 

Btepb. DobKD. Loud. J. r. I 
Svo. 18 toIl (pub. ■! W.) ». f 

ruu,anlT'M priiitad, (tt W 
ei Ol GoDUlni : .«HhtIW^ . 
AoHphon, Demidea et gopfaiitirnin, (Le«- 

boaacdi, H«rodiB, Ar 

BWndB, Gorgln), qm 
thanu, DiDutlmi, Ik 
Corfu, Ljtiaa. 

Obosabd of Bion. — The Or- 
oharde ot Sjon, in the wJiiohB 
conteyned the Beuebtojoni of Seynt 
KntliAifj^e o( Seas, with ghocU; 
FruTtes and preoyous Fkntes for 
the Helthe of Uannea Sonle. Ziond. 
1619, foHo. 

An tlennt qx 

to B 4 Id th« Hcond alphabet, 

bat thaBntalpbibethaithiwoharuten 

after a. Froftwd ai " ' 

OsnDTABCn and Orden. — AD 

Hie lereral Ordinancea and Orden 
made In the Lords and Cammona 
awembied in Parliament, oonoem- 
ing sequeatriDg the Eetates of De* 
linquenta, Papists, Spioa, and Tn - 
talligencen, together with Iiutmc- 
tioni for such Fereoas aa are ra[l- 
plojed in Beqaeatring of anch Da- 
iinquenta' Ealatei. Puhliahed bj" 
Older of the Honae of OonmHHia. 

, lascntea, lami, Lj- ( 


{ Clratranjt 

I Men, aewelj hjetorjed i 

translated oat of iWuhe into En* 

glysshe. Lond. Word*^ 

1602, 4to. 

TBiy frequeDUj princsd li 
Pmieb. AcopTOf tl ~ ' ' 
edooTnADK njTi 


GoUKUon. Tta* Bngtlih tnnata 
t«ida to U«, In alna, wttta a tablellHTC^ 
la adotnad irltli obu. Toiriiday, pt. L 
ns, ll^^Lond.W Ja Wnrda F UOS. ita. US 
'larea, iHlodlDff the table, adorned vl^ 
nta. White EnLgbla, 4906, niMla,18(.lte. 
nglta, IIH, *i. Ba. H\bl»r^anit,ntula, 
ll.iaa. Kerr, Mi. Botbobj, April, U67, 

UJa mln ^tod, boi. 

OltSIB and Siaorder; r 

World made and nndons. „ 

Meditatioaa npon the Creation and H 
the Fall ; as it is recorded in the ^ 
Beginning of Qenesia. Land. 1679, ] 
Pp.M. Bibl.ABg1».Fo«LSU,Uli, 

Obdis of the Hospitals. , i 
EoBFiTAU). NiOHoi^, Bir H. 

Okdisaiks, Ahhi. The nataral ] 
Eistorj of Toloanoea ; including i 
Enbmarine Volmnoes, and other J 
analogouB Fhenomena, tranaUted j 
1^ B. C. Dallai. Load. 1801, 8to. < 

Ouddtalb. 3tt DiBBCroanrv. j, 

or all fajlbfuU Cllri». 
tgont anil godly Lyft 
ruiuri*. TnmriiUd 
) iDRl^Hh b7ADtbi>i17 

. Wllb a BonbeT U 
bf Tbo, Hanhe, INS, 

Obdnsikti Scbt'^s Aim Maps. 

B, Google 

OBDiMMcn SvwaY—etmtitaud. 
nperlntendaiiC of tbvOrdDuioe Barrflyi 
The offlclil Ciulogna nI Iht Dnraerou. 
Tupi Qp ule may be hwl af tba pilDcLcwI 
hooAea hgentit, Heun. LoDgmLa wail Co- 
FitenKHBr Kow, ind Itr. Idnrd SC 
fiirf, Chxlag Cm*. 

vhieli 1) iBllOdivllioM (■!» M Id. bf 
in. 0/tlieiH,H«ac0iiipIgt*d,liKliidliig 
111 (he HHintlH eiceptlni Omid-tn^ 
Airitaa, MMbniii<rm4 ITiuniiiiHlMA 
airf Tarktltin, vblita m IB Hdgnw, h 

TIUL ThsH M diildoiii us nublljbi 
At ^ efLCh plidD,lL coloaiwl, uid Si- 'xt 

nloaivl mkdiiioPDt«dlii'ucttkc&H,SO.. 

A BHiHiws to Uh ibna, pvbllihad M 
Uh hiu nU, ii th* On-mH Hat or 
ScoTLUD, unntid In MmtlM: and Ow 
OtmiwoR Mu n> IBB.UD, bolli H fat 
TUT iDBpBTfAct, bnt pTOOMding nguUn J. 

Tlw foUoniTig ue ludlHtliniB of ftJB* 

tiulan must b« •mght tn lb» o 

BYI'irtCB COUNTT BfAFfl of Em 

(•IH ia iDCbei br 97), oC which cnl 


- -Ktnr. 



Wlgtcwnahire, se iheBli, 71. 
Sn-mcH CoDiiTT Mxn of TRCLiim, ( 
la-bTST). Oftblaml« the wholesaeoi 

Aalrim ud CirriaUeiguI, 68 ihHl 


lU, IN. I*, ad. 

Don, G7 iheaU, 111. 
Dublin, n Hbeeta, N. lOi. 
pBTmwtgh, tfiheau, H. 3e.U. 
GaliriT, 1ST iheeU, 391. llB. ed. 
Kerrj, lllmhutA, 38J.G& 
KiUuBnT, « iheeU, W, ITa. Sd. 
IKIng't ChdIt, 4T ihMta, U. H. 
I>*ltrlBi, WahHti, TL Ta. Sd. 

Umerlek, 60 alueta, IK. 10a. 
LandoDdBnT, 4S sbHta, 91. ITa. 6d. 
Longford, W .hf els, Bi. 

Ueltn 53 eheeli, IBL 1Tb. ed. 
UonuDAa. M bhaoCa, 61. 7b. 6d. 
OMen'a Coonty, 87 Bhsels, 81. 3a. td. 
SoaoonmoD, M aheeU, lliL ITa. 6d. 
SUgO, a ahaeto, «. 2a. 6d. 
Tippanrr, SI Bbocti, 301. 
Tmat, SB ah«ta. ISf. tSa. 
WaUctird, 40 ahOBU, SI. TISa. 
WHtmeiUta, 40 abaeu, ». 10a. 
t will ba aaan, tbat Ireland alma, on Uili 

. 6t tba [Ime thuOrul 

'and, 14 In Waatmoraland, 6 ia BarreT, 
< In Hinnpshln, 68 In Durham, and 1 b 
,ancaahlre, bava been complaled. Of 

>lete),8SlnB8nKokihlra(roniplelB|, I in 
Intaahlra.tS In DumMaBhire (Including 
Ireton), k>la Farrirabln, 13 lu LiuUUt- 

STiTi-ncHTewH UAH. 0fthsM,(lHI0l 
eO &igliih b^re btWD compleled, of which 
the prinoltial an : Blucfehnm, Bolton, 
Bradford. Hillfui, HaddcrsBeld, Hul( 
IjAncKBlar, L«ada, LlTarpool, London, 
Hanebsilar, PruKfl, Kochdale. SheDatd, 
Wakaflald, Waningion, and York : at an 
aTsnga, p«1lipB,ofSI.3a. each. BdI Lon- 

towna aio complala. of whlcb the PJl™'- 

and Poeblea. Of the J™* t'owna, only 
Dublin la fit ptrbllBliad, price II. IDi, 

OEDHiiimi Bdbtet. Books. 

Burnr of England and Walei. Bj Capt. 
Kadn.B.A.. Isaac DalhT, aod Capt. Cot 
• "■' "--' — »-ieiI, 4to. 8 TOla. 


lical ObHTTatlena mada ■tth 

Zenith BMt(>r,&i. 184I,Ta.6d. 

An Accennt of the MeBauTamenl of tba 

Lough FoTte Ba«a, In Iralaud, Ae. By 

Capt. W. Gotland, F.BA.B. 1347.11. 

B, Google __ 

1730 OBS 

Okdhasob Bookb — nmlinvtd. 

at lUJorOtasnl Colbr. I 
II<l«nlagti»1 Olwamtl 

together with many ourionB, euter- 
taming, and pleaauit remarks on 
the Bud Tovn, &c. for the JMS» 
1724.S. Edinb. 1791, IKmo. 3b, 

Obpoed, HorrtioWalpole, Earl 
', Sit WiLPOliB, Horace. 
— George, Earl of. Hastj Pn>- 
duotionB (Poema). Norwich, 1791, 

Aocannt of ths Obiemtlaiu ud Cilcn- 
Uttoni o( th« PrinripBl TrUnsulllllon, 
and of tha ngnre »nd mBin DsMitj of U» 
Eaitli, iw. BdllBd bj Cipt. / " " — 
Cl»rke. ISea, toy. *to. wlBi ■ 

0'Bmm.y, Benmrd. QreenlMid, 
the s4i&odt Sens, and tiie north- 
ireat FwMge to die Pacific Ocean, 
illuatfated in a Voyage to Davis' 
Strait, during the Summer of ISIT. 
Loiid.1818, «o. 2i.2fl. 

'Ou of Iha moat Un-hced aUampti 

—qIhtL^L.- ronlliUl,I«,i8«, 

— Edward.^ Sanaa Glaoidhilge 
Sagsbhearla. An Iriali - Eogliah 
DictLonary ; to wMoh is aonBiod, 
H oompendiouH Irkh Ctrsmmar. 
Dublin, 1817, «o. 21. 2s. 

Thta imrt dontiLlm nimarda ot 60,000 
words, eoltected ftom aoolentand modBrn 
HSH.udtram printed booka. rmru'iB. 
7abUsfa*d at ai.'tas. ed. 

oraaBnUDLawB. SubUn, lfa4,tto., 

— Catalogue of Irish works in 
veite and prose, with a chronolo- 
gical account of Irish writ«ra, fat. 
Lend. 1820, 4to. lOfl. 6d. 

(Part 1 of the TrmnBacUons ot Uib 
lbiim>Celllo BodBtr, of which oo more 
vu pubUahBd.) S« iBiRmyCBLTio 8o- 
oinrr, and TnaBactloDB of Sofal Irish 
Amdemr, In Apttndic 

Okbis, William. A Deicription ^ 
of the Gianonry, Cathedral, and i 
Xing'! College of OLi Aberdeen ; " 

HDe piQdnctloD, onl7 tvant^- 
I printed i and It Ib uld that 
lam were deacnired by order of 

BT.lUUt. Bolhebr'hlS&S.SI.IOh 

Obiobllabkjb, B. St« Buooxb 
T.jiT, Bernard. 

Obiei'tai. Taixs, translated into 
English Yeree by J. Eoppner, Bsq. 
"..A. Lond. IBOS, orown 8to. Sa. 

Pp. 12S, with ■ fmicisplecs after L*t- 

The oriflou' NaTigator 

wltli alias m 

and PI 

tal EclognoB. Sa 


Uiieol^TMnalatloD Food PnbllcatioBi. 

"oriQDUJTuli Soclety'B PuhUcaUcoB, 
£« An-Hon. 

ObiOeK. Contra Celeum Libri 
Tin. ejnsdem Philocalia, Qr. et 
Lat. cuoi Annotationibua OuL 
Spenceri. Cantab. 1658, 4to, 69, 

reprint'' M irflehedan edition of a good 

iiiDn9»,lU. Hlbben,G889,m<iroB0i^ 
OiatioM Ubu, Or. eC Lat. Oxon. 


UbelluH De Ontlone. Gr. et lAt. ede 

Gnll. Bering. Ijind 

ceUenl Bilttion, wltb 

lay. SlrU.M. Bjk. 


Oinslli OriganiB. 

Impnesn Id al 

ClTiUM londDfi, ad 

togHuni Usgi 

WlU'nl HenjiuE So. 

II Collaell Klo 

W^hltvnEUii. In Abchlnshe Line. ISr 


meniU, sigaitu 




re DmnlODi Hir 

. Parte, niinc p 

mmn Bdidit Em. Mill 

r. Ol. 18B1, 8 

An Homili* of M 

rye Magdalene, 



Chri.t ; written if 

hat hmoua Oa 

OriglDi. An Homlll 

of Abraliani, b 

lie offered up hi. S™n 

Ortetne, oewlyttmisU 
■W£lfe,166fl,lBnio. At 

«?e ti^^AtT^ 

fcrmiTTisd PerMma,' ■ 


Ssq. and by hiin pnbliahed. Lood, 1661. 
4to.4a. KeprlnlediaUieflnCTOIume Df 
the Phenli, ITOT, B»o. 

Obk»ey.— B«DtalB of the ancient 
Uarldom and !Bi«lioprjck of Ork- 
nejf ; vith some ezplanatorj and 
Telatire Documsnta, Edital hy 
Alexander Peterkin. Edinb. 1S20, 
810. 10b. 6d. 

Not printad (dc Hie. aome mplee on 

CrownofaooUaod. lT07,lto, 

tl*e of ths Hlitarr, Antlqultiaa, Coe- 

AddOABar.J- j)aAHi>,ci. UAU^jamo- 

«liloiieH of. WaLLacE, J. 

OslandoFfbioso. ^wAsiosio, 
lb Obbsi^, Bobert. 

ObleanB, Chailee, Dole of, 
Poems. See BozBDBaEB Cira, 

— Duchees ot Pnigmenls of 
oiiginat Letters of Madame Char- 
lotte Elizabeth of BeTaria, Duchess 
■ot Othma i written from the jeai 

OBH 1731 

1715-30, to his Serene ^hnesa 

Antony Ulrio Doke of B— IH^ j 

and to her Boyai Highness Citro- 
iine PrinceaBot Wales. Loud. 17S0, 
12mo. 2 rols. 

OsLEAJie, Jos. F^re d'. Hisloire 
des lUrolutiong d' Angleterre. 
Paris, 1693-4, 4to. 3 vok. 

buTKllfl, 8Sfl6, Sa. Willstt, 1JJ4. 

— -.jqqsDce, tgalamant cltlCdSe d«a 
Cattiollqnei el dea Proleataiu.'— i)ii JV«- 
It ja likewise recommeoded In thi 
f Cbetham'a Letten to blanepliewj 
by Ixird Oren'llls. Th* third 
a of tills work waa tra m lited by 
In John aieeTMiiJ and wfnted 

UoD Id EnglaDd 
Darts, tniulated 

oamaro, wlUi an Intradorllon byE. H. 
ifajor, £«[. Sw HAaT.orr SocriTT, Ajp. 

Oblkabs. — Histoire et Biacours 
laVray da Seige qui fut mis derant 
1ft Ville d'Orlwme par les Anglois, 
Orlflans, 1606, 12mo. 12». 

_jL.Gaultier.—Orleaiii,lBId,<lo, Bright! 
IBa^Otleini, IMl, lano, 

Ormb, Edward. An Essa; on 
transparent Frinla and on Tnuia- 
parenciea in general. Lend. 1808, 
folio, plates, pub. at. 21. 2a. 
In English and French. 
miUtar; Trans 
Nation in Indoatan, from the Year 
1745 to 1761. Fourth edition, re- 
vised, with Indeiea to the throe 
volumes. Lond. 1803, 4to. 8 »ols. 
maps, 31. 3a. ■ 

Tbii Tilaabte hlatorial work 'occupies 
» nst ■ Bald, tlul •Tery fuUie hlitoruui 

6 B 

B, Google 


Osm, Bobert— taiMiBiMd: 
of BKidemlndlBiiiutumTDldiUrl 
la ■ gTutcr or Uu degm upon bl . 

WlllBtl, a ToU. la a, St Tl— 8eB« ■ 

hlatoTlul FnffBitai 
toy's iU7, 18W, ■ 

iti,4inil*. Sotbe- 

Emplre. Wlih Aililiiigna ■ 
BtiAl. Land, IgOS, Ito. A M 

DTVurk, lem, ISL-lIS^ UtiK 
Saee, 8a. 6d. KubarKbe, BBM, 

FeoplA oT iDdoaUD. Loodr 181 
HUtorj «f Bav>^ (fDonder 

VM.telj priDtod. 

OsicE.WilliBin. EibliotJiecaBib- 
lica : s select Li*t of Books 
ct«d Literature ; with Notices, bio- 
graphical, aritiral, nad bibliogra- 
phicd. Edinb, 1824, Sro. 12i. 


Hupplemunl Id tha Blbllo- 

the BrudiUi BlblioUHCs 

Oalltaou, George, D.C.L.,F.B.S. 
The Historr of the County Pala- 
tine and City of Cheater. Load. 
1819, foUo, 3 yols. 301. 

toi^Viil. 1. CenUluias tha Ii 

Uibarr, Wlinl, ud bm- 
■ottDdndtag tbs title tsd 
"L CootalalDf tba Brm- 

Clty of CI 


loo. Pp.«n,B0ltDi 

h«lf-aite. ToL IlL 

dndi of Korthwlcli. NuMrioh. ud Itio- 

clesfteld; Appokdlz vnd fBDertl Intel. 

Pp. 4T0. BM InclHdlag tltlt lad lulMltli. 

r*g— tW-eOcmil^ii 111* ilnaf «io1hIUiIi- 

mtoa ud dlnedoai la the Usdu. 

Th( Sunlsy Legead. (From NIAols' 
CoUaetsDH, toL tIL) Load. ISSR, en. 

III.) I<iad.IMl,«li>. PrIntclTiiriated. 
A Hanulr of Itas UomHiliiii sT Ardou 
' Ankn of ChMMn villi Ibe Ardoni of 

'inrlckslilre. (Prom Nichols Topo- 
, iphar.) Loud. 19(3, Svo. PMnlelr 

mr. (Printed by the CI 
AUei^olr on the Lai 
pATtlmlar. (From the 

ielf prialed. 
HlioUun Pllatlas, v 
nealogieal Etssys lllusD 

OD the lost Reeoid afled Ibe 
DoBMidiy KolL Load. UEl, 

EemnrkB on n Lisa of BarUmki 

R In the Slkod Period, Lod tarmjiial 
LedhuTTCIIffi, Lond.l£S9,lto.^ 

Obksbob, Bichard. AahortSpe- 

men for an Improremeiit in Mme 

Parti of the present TraiulatioD of 

the Old TMtameat. Loud. ITftt. 

B, Google 

OKirBlu»>, Olirer. The Picture 
of a Paritaine ; or, a Relation of 
the Opinions, Qualities, and Preo- 
tioee of the Anabaptists in Ger- 

togeliiBT, BrCghi, 1606, 81. 6d. 

Obhoni), Jamea Butler, Duke of. 
A CollecUon of original Lettara and 
Papers, concemiag the Afiiurs of 
England, 1641-1660, found among 
the Duke of Ormonde's Papers. 
Ijond. 1739, 8vo. 3 vols. 

Pobllahed by ThomM Csrta. Bindley, 

Omonda. Ixmi. 173a, 8to. Bi.— 1738, Sfo. 
—1747, evo. "ith portnlt, 6s. 

— Mary Butler, Ducliesa of. 
A short Memonal and Charaoter of 
iiio Bucheee of Onoond. 8to. > 

— Thomas Butler, Earl of. Set 

OftMDLCM.Tlie, Anglo-Sttion and 
English. Bet Appenhh. 

Oekatub and ABTKSii.— The 
moit pleasant and delightful His- 
■tocy 01 Omatus and Artesia. (By 
Emanuel Foord or Ford, but issued 
by hia friend, Bobert Wood.) Lond. 

InDouoe'sColleotion. With woodcols 

—1860, llo. Utterson, SJ. IBa.— 1MB, 4tQ— 1683,110. Whlll 
KnigllU, Wei, 1!. Is. BllBB, at 16a. 


Ayimn omnium Britannicarum tarn 
terrestrium quam aquaticarum Ca- 
toJiwus, Sermone latino, Anglico 
et Ifcllico reddituB 1 cui subjicitur 
Appendii, Avea alienigenas, in An- 
iiliam raro ftdyenienl«B, compleo- 
tarn. iBod. 1771, atlas folio. 
Ornllbologlo, OT iHe SpeecH of Bltds 

DBF 1783 

OEHiTBOEABOirs, Andreas. Set 
BoDUNB, John. 

OhosidS. Compendious History 
the World; the Anglo-Saion 
Taraion from the Historian Oro- 
iuB, by Alfred the Great. To- 
gether with an English Translation 
from the Angb-Sflion (by the Hon. 
DaJnea Barrington, with Eemarks 
by Mr. John Reinhold Forster). 
Lond. 1773, 8yo. 

- iStdaiiBuid fslthfol InsBUtJan of 
: TBI7 yiln«bla to tb« chronologlll 
itiqnur. Uorne Tnke, G03, II. la 

Obockei, John Count. A Tre»- 
_!e on the Art of War ; or, Kuka 
for conducting an Army in all the 


Operationa of regular Cam* 

_„„.. Lond. 1778, 4M>. 

Obphsdb. De Lapidibu* Poems, 
Or. «t Lttt. r«cansalt, Hotasque ad- 
jeoit T. IVrwhitt. Simul prodit 
AuctariumDissectationis de Babrio. 
Lond. 1781, 8to, 6b. 

An eatsemed sdllion. 

The myitiiul Hymns of OrplHui, tnni- 

ted from the oiiginiLl Onek ; wixh ■ 
pnlimlnnTy DlnssrUtian ou the Llfa ud 
Tboology of oiplieu 


le Book of the Ofphlc Hymns. 

Obeebtb.— The Trmtieof_ Or- 
pheus Kyng and how ha yeidto 
hewjn & to hel to seit his Qnene and 
anelter Ballad in the latter end. 
Edinb. by Walta- Chepmsn and An- 
dro Mi""-- (1608), 4to. 

By KDbsrt iienryson. Twelyo losTti, 

Adyooiiea' Library 

IKW. It Is preaarred in the 
ilbruy at £UDbiiT(lu 

B, Google 


Orplisn hi 


Ods, John, D.D. Bermoua. I>and. 
1739, 8to. 2 voU. 

BarnlDU [poiIbuziMaB]. 17T3, Bi 

Obbbbt, CharlsB Boyle, Earl of. 
Dr. Bentler^ Dissertation on the 

EpiBtles of Phslsm and th« Fables 
ci Maop eiamin'd. Lond. 1698, 
BsprlnUd ISM.Srr).— nW,8TD.6s. Set 

— John Boyle, Harl of. 
marls on the life and Wrildnm of 
£r. Jonathan Swift. Lond. 1751, 

'DstuUbla lettan.'— ^. Warburlm. 

■ biugbe. tM«, 18l B«d,SKS,n. Btatli, 

I. Ihe Vnttoi's Mr. Anlhony, > ConiBdy. 

- Loud, imo, 4to. but bu bis enodWi 

t cani<d7 Df Aa ;i>n find It. 

a Futbenliu. II Bdiud«, In four PuU. 
Lond. len, folio. Dffllated to my Udf 

( Norttaumtorluid. Bindler, pt. U. IW, 

Sutbsriutd. Load. 

Dublin, I7Gt, 8>0, Hlbbctt, (>8SI, n 
OburraClanii npon Lord OmTj*! S 

orlgiDkl pi«as I 
tore pubflsbed. 


Lellem rrom lUlf, b 

the Ovlginils, 'rilb eipUnktory Nols«,bv 
JohnDiinconibe, H.A. Lond. 177S, aintJl— 117*. Drorj, 1019, »». 

— Earl of. An Answer to a, 
ieandalona Letter lately printed and 
■ubacribed br Peter 'Watah. Dublin, 
b7 J. 0. 1662, 4to. 


*u WiuH, Patai. 
ojle. Earl of. Dia- 
^orkg. Lond. 178^ Sro. 

Tfith pottnit or the EuL Ourlch, 
I7ie,BF[«HnliUoa»p7,ll.lIa.ed. Boi- 

ThoArtofWu. Lond. leTT, folia, vt 
■B eqneitilu portnll of Chirin 
^Connoeadod bj idadt expert capUlni 
for the bait piMe eitut In En^fih.'— 
Jul. » Wtod. BUbb, 1h. Bd. 

. OuTiek, AddamU, 1^ a in- 

OBTiLKra, Ahr. The llicalM 
of the whole Woi4d (translated). 
Lond. 1606, folio. 

OaiHlUB, W. Oration touching 
le Ljfe and Death of A. ^>pcaia>^ 
J J. Ludham. Lond. T. Xut, 
1577, 4to. See HTPEaitra. 

ObtbOdOx. ChjTohmaD's ilagt- 

ae and Beview ; or, a TreaBKre of 

diyineanduselulKnavrledge. Iiond. 

1801-8, 8to. 15 toIb. 

Withportraits. Earl of Keiry, an, 

Obteodox ComnisiOAKi, en- 
gTBTed on Copperplate! by Btnit. 
Lond. 1721, small 8to, 

White KulEbU, sou, lis. SIrH.IL 
BykBH, pL lii. tS2, Ba. NaHao,pt.l.MI\ 
-loro™. 17<. DsBl, pL U. M, HHmwt 

;. Google 

grsphie. Oxford, E. 


Tha Ortliognpbledl Dsebntlon. 

tftioiiumliFlAra AdmrtlHiufliit of tv 

Imentiaii* allied Liiwiiga nod ForUce, 
vh«mbj Wrttluff-rapar ukd PaTcbmi ' 
■rs itemalj mltd ud Inllsid, Ha to 
gnttt «r TTlta oooBj a/tar a mora di 
tnoi and bastfldal Uanaar Uum li it 
»r parfomwd br Uw srdlnarr Wit 
hand-ruUnc vlUi Ptummal, Bnler, 
Bnaaa.pan. Kumplaa —llafactorta 
Papal Sooki In quito an anMxad. IS 

Obtu, Ja. Ultdme Lettere di 
Jacopo Ortii : nnovft S 
Loud. 1817, 12mo. 2 to1>. 
By rgo Foawlo. Tha bul sdli 

vlth t portraits. Tlie edition o 

the odgloal MSS, pnlills] 
ISOS. TraniUtad from U 

Ifaa Ilallu, 1S14, 

Madncl, 1600. TranaUted WlVan- 
ci> Byrera. Printed at H, -witli 
Mcenoe, 1601, Svo. 

Obion, Ker. Job. A short mid 
plun Bipoeition of the Old TeaU- 
mezit } with darotiou^ and prac' 
ticaJ Reflectioni, Shrewibuiy, 
1788-91, 8vo, 6 toIj. 

Thla work, wrllten ijn Engllih dla- 
aentlngrDlnllter, Inclined toAiianimi.iiu 
daslKned for a companion to Doddridee'i 

falla far abort of ita pndecaaBOT. QaiTlck, 

1TI8, II. lOa.— 1882, Svo. a Toll. M. ISe. fld. 

Leltsra from the Rbt. Mr. Job Ortoii, 

■biUT. 1800, 

IHTina pnb- 

Doddiidie, which haa 

bean fnqnaatl; rapiliitad. 

(holicoD, breyiloquo, Cornuc 
Qeiiima Tocabulonuu, atqua Me- 
dulla Graimnatioa, poaimtuT Onm 
porpulchris Additodbua Ascbdb. et ' 
remacule Liaeue AnsUcane Eipo- 
aitionam cootmeos. Weatinynalre 
per Wynandum de Worde, 1500, 

aidorabla Importaoca Ui Qrunuatlcal An- 

alitr^li leaTSH. Solhsby, Jan. !S», 17a. 

forda. 1G14. 41a. Hebar, pt. t1. II. fli. Worde. lfilS,<to. BIM. 
Jvyd, US, U. lit. «d. Heber, ptTll.l/.iee. 
■Lond. per W. Worde. IGIS, tts. Oard- 
ir, mor. 71. Sh MaJtUIra, AnnaL TTpog. 

Obubi, Ibn, AbL Set Absolli- 

OsBitDiBioy, Wm. Ang. Tho 
British Sportaroan : or, Dictionary 
of Becreation and Amuaemect. 
Lond. (1792), 4to. platea. 

OsBBCK, Peter. A Voyage to 
China and the Eaet Indies, by Peter 
Oabwk ; together ivith a Voyage 
to Suratte, by Olof ToFeen ; and sn 
Account oC the Chinese Husbandry, 
by Captain Charles GustaTus Eckc- 
berg. Translated &om the Oerman, 
by John BeinlioIdPorater; to whieh 
are added, a Faunula and Flora 5i- 
8. Lond. 1771, 8to. 2 vols. 
._rT,S»37,lli. Roibiirghe.TSia, 13a. 
'Wl]lett,18SS,14a. Fonthlll, !S!8,U1U. 

OsBOBNE, Francis. The Works. 
Lond. 1673, 8yo. 3s. 

H TDrka, freqnentlT repiluted, are 
to write Ki now, the boys would 

B, Google 



Oruhdks, AndraT. Hov and 
whither & Cbnatien Man ought to 
%e tbfl horriUe Ph^ of the Peati- 
Imoo. A Sermon. Ti«nBlflt«d out 
of hje Alm^ya into Soghmhe bj 
H;lea Cooerdalo. BouthTBrke, by 
me Junes Nioobim for Jan. dough, 
1537, 16ino. 

—Loud- by Lecaurdfl 

Obobio, Jerome, Buhop of Sjrl- 
ves. The Hiatcnr of the Portu- 
gacAO, during the 'hfnga of Smma- 
nuel, their DiacoTenee ia A&iol 
and the BruUa, with thnr Wan 
with the Moors, trsnsUted from 
the Latin bj James Gibba. Lood. 
1762, 8to. 2 Tola, 
FonUillI, lflB8,8«. Osorlr" '- — "~"— 

Df olTlll ud OtnUtiu NXlttla. 
liUd Inls EngUiba br Willlun bihihib- 
Lond. una, to. DediulHl lo tha ' Eile 
Ot Ldxeutor.' Bindley, nt. UL 91% 14a. 6A. 
[talnr. pt. U. IL Eh Bnnd, It, ». Ouil- 

□d bT tilm KlisB lo Iba 
'. tb«n only isoantlr 
— ioflj. BlI. 

«■, ff miw. 

HodlMu LlbruT. 
Eiteth, ToL 1, 

OkUH.— The Poems of Osuan, 

in the original Gaelic, with a literal 
Tranilation into Latin b; Bobert 
Macfsrlan ) together with a Disser- 
tation an the Authentiint; of &6 
Foenii bf Sir John Sinclair, Bart., 
and a Tnmslation from Ceearotti's 
DiiSBrtation on the ContrOTBrij' 
respecting the Authenticity of 0»- 
aiui, with Hot«s and Bapplemental 

uiId publlcMtlDn of Junai Uuipbenoa, 

Bonkti niib HienI otbsr Foemi, Qb- 

fron tha OkbILc LalfEUt^ by Jmmea Mmfr- 
pbarwia. Lond. 1782, ud u>[n, 17TS, 4ta. 
Temcin. u ucleot epic PMin, In eight 

luted from the Oullc Lingnigs by Judbs 

postlu] Worka or Jimea Huphenmi.tB 
Pron ud Khyme, witb Notsi and Ilhdt- 
tnUoiH by HilcoLm Lslng. Edlnb. 1M& 
Bto. 1 Toll. Dent, ft. I, isrs, lOi. Brltfi^ 


OniAir — eonlimud. 

»«.— Edlnli. ISIS, 8to. a voli^'Wlth u 

jAmeB M4cpherflOU. Ane* EdiUoDpiSDD' 
tllnlng MupherBon'^ DisBwUtion on till 
En aod PM1D8 of Oaalui, nad Dr. Ulili'i 

T^riyreUtTys w'thB^AuthBDMly of'lSt 
Foama. Lodd. LtcklnsLon, ISOd, ISnio. & 

Fcn^M ibrHnf, de. 

FnffuvDta vi1tt«n in t1i« Ena «T Irtsli 
Lugiuge, by OulM Uw Son sf Flni^t, 
tno^ted InLo Bngllih nntt by Mr, Dcr- 
ilefc. Loud. 1T63, ito. la. «d. 

Qlibil, u byperboraan Tale : tiuii- 
Uted fnnn the PngmtnU of ObbIbd, ttaa 
aon of Finsi^. Lwd. 176S, Sto. Low 

CsrthMi. In Veim, by Dr. J.Woodro*. 

FtngiC'lD Eigllah Heiolo Rhyma, by 
Dr. J. Woodrow, Edlob. 1771, iaioo.a 


the GbIIc, by J. MAcpbsIBDEi, and noir 

Flngal, rendertid Into berolc T«rse by 
]TT7, dto. Tith & frontlqilece. 


Bin)! of ObhImi {b» 

k. Egerton Bryd^Ui Bart.) Lond- 

la of Oiatu's lener Poemi, nnd«red 

one In Answer la Mc.Lalig'BCiiti- 

ol ud blalorlca] Dlutrlitlini on the 
AoUiinlty sf OibIui'b Poema, By Anh. 
IdBCdoiuld. Loiid. 1806, Sto, 

Ptngil, ui oplo Poem, Iramlsted ftom 
ibo originti Oieho by Iha Bar. Tbo. Roaa. 
Edinb. 18U7, Svo! Only «0 copiea printed. 

Oulan'a Pineal, renderad into Vana by 
Arclllbald Hicdonald. Lond. 1806, Svo. 

OmImb yingM, rendersd Into Kngliah 
VerBS by OeorgB Ilartey. Lond. 181^ 

Tamora, an epie Pwm, In alghlCantoj, 
•ariifiad fioni MacpherBon'a pnae Tnni- 
laUnnoftho PoHmiiofOaiiin, by T.Burks. 
Fanh, ISIS. Svo. 

Oina Harm, a Foam of Oaalin. Inna. 
laled inlo Ungliah Veris by Wm. Day, 

OsBlan'a Foeiat attamptEd la English 

iBhHIghlandB.lnordar to lllii^ 
Osalan of Hr. Uacpheraon. (Lond. 
1.PP.S4, la. Tha fat grtalar part 
unphlet (printed for prliale dl»- 

a, dair AbaCe U. ( 

B, Google 

r.4o«, IWS, 8M. *««•.— NilEl, 1780-1, 

IJmo. STOU^Fireni*, WOT, 8™. 4 Toto. 
route. nn,lSin,STa.lT<iii, 

- Cutl dl OMiu. pablluU In lo- 

molr origUuJlj »ppe*red In Un Jouiurt 
sLanml TlKnghti on the 9tud7 mod 

. QiXlina 

UlOgOMt. P»rt8, lWO,BtO.STOll. &Bt 

OfalulFoemuaiEliqiiu. PBni,18<I, 

Obm, trad, del Initlei » l« pro«y 
mo cutslUiH p« JDS. Alonio OtIse. 

Ftngil y Temmi, t«a. en »«f» CMtd- 
LDO POT Pt Monlegmii. iUdr. 1801, 

OMlinnna Sined's Lleier, turtuig.Ton 

- - - - — ien, Degm, ITOB, *>o- 

,n ulsuDud tmuUUmi. 


Dia gedlchte 

von J. 6. Bbode. anil. wL BwL 1808, 
Oulu's 0«d[chta Qben; Ton F. 1 
Tten usothei Qannu trwislatlanH. 

FiiWtl, onolgd bv W. Bllderfyk. 
Annt.l8£l(r8,8i8 9Tol«. 
BkiadutT<^ Ofienut. rpmla.lTM, 

IDU DulSb, hj Alltrnp. KopBiih. 

iTsn* Sto. 3 ™u. 

T*« Omtoit! Ciiiifcwfnjr. 

TbrMbuntlful uidlinportMiitPuugeB 
omitted by the Tnuwlaior of Fiueal. ™- 
fitond 1)7 Donald' Mftcdon&ld. Lond. Ifflt, 
4to, A barluque on lbs celebntsd work 
■Dtttlad Fin^ 

Knnaiki on the Hlitorr of Flngil, and 
otlwi yamis of Owlan, tramlaKd ty "- 
Hujiienon. S7 Ferdinaad Warner J.1 
lioDd, IIS^ Sto. 

FlDRal nclalmed. Lond. 1763, Sto. 

A crltiul DlneKatlanon the Foem 

, tbs Sob d( Flsnl (br' 
ar). LoDd.l7eMto.2a.«< 

lair'a Beplf. ByJohn 

CUrk. Lond, 1' 

Clark on (ho Buhiect of Oman's Poema. 
- ,w, M.A. Lond. 178*, 8*0. 

1 preceding "oris, bound tn 
hDDiB jieirapLpor cntdng^ 

Ibtkenile) with a eopioiu Anandlz, 
eont^nlnff wme of the princdpal Doe*- 
manta en iibleb tba Kepoct li boudad. 
"'•-^^^gh, ISM, Sto. 8». 

HsaerUtlon on the AntbantloitT f 

BlMy on the Aulheottldtr of tlW 
BofOHUn, In which the OhJeeUeaa 
Jcolm L^iLg, Esq. are partieululf 
lered and nfntod, br Pmtrl<^ Qrm- 

t BeT. Edo. DaTiea. 

of Dr. Johnson's produeed the ^tfj Bpf- 
rllad letlsr wblch BosiaU hai pnaccred . 

In hie Hsmoln. 

OsBOiJt<BKi,Lonl Q«arge. A bus 
Copy of the Latme Oration of Lord 
Qeorge Ouoliiuki, Count Falatiiw 

B, Google 

Wlut^-liall on Sunday the 11 of 
March, 1620, witk the TnmBlation 
oC the same into English. Loudon, 
for WUlism Leo (1621), 4to. 

OaTEHD. — Dialogue and Com- 
plaint made npon the Siege of 
Oetend b; the King of Spaine, the 
Archdule, &o. Land. 1603; 4to. 


OfSTssLBY LiBRABY and Uena- 
gory. SmSiiBFAT, Bryan, HiTss, 

Ohtektauj, John Frederick. 
Arguments of the Book and Ch»p- 
tera of the old and new Testamenta, 
vith practical ObeervationB, trans- 
lated by J. Chamberlayne. Lond. 
1749, 8to. 3 vols. 9s. 
FvbLlHliBd at the reqnaat and Dndftr the 
of Cha Ssclet/ for pnmoUDg 

Jd. W° 

(MlMUon of ThMlaKlcEl Trmete, who ah 

^Ihloslernld hiva baea rironreb!; 

"nrnind "ud Madclasaf Uie C hrlgUui 
IMlgtoD. Loud. llOi, 8vo. ai. ' A work 
bighlj deBarrlDg of DDtlea.'— KiIbsF WtO- 
ton. It baa bsoa frBquenllT raprinted. 
The Niton eS Uncleenneu. Lond. 

ThaoLagiB ChrieUama ComtiaDdluin, 
aiaagmr, I7G7, llmo. Si. 

Lecturei on the Eierelse of tha ocnd 
HInlatrr, Iriiulaleil f; - - ■ 

OmrusvAxvs, Philippai. Histo- 
ria CatholicBS Hibemie Compen- 
dium, a D. PhilippD Oaulleuano- 
Bearro Ibemo. VlyeBipone, 1621, 
4to. 4 parte in 1 toL 

A Tork ' full of groniidleH itorfoi and 
rldleuLiTus §ool6iie9'—t/ieAoim. A oopy 

17b. i pfc ir. 

3c*, tui Dd— D i^ in eigDU, 
MlaarwDtalnlngtlieemta. Thels- 
oUrrmaltar. TlE. tha title, 'UniM, 
n PbiUppa,AT». 


»ir la dlTl 

Meaff Anr iKTai 

a, edldit, DotulUqne u ladt- 

ivlt Uatthnoi KeU;. Dab- 
n Sto. 7>. Sd. The work II- 

PatrltiJ VitA,PurgatorIa, 
BebvH. gaitlB: da BaltgtoBla- 

to bf Bp, H. jDDei. Stt PiTBi 

Obwaih, James. The Caledoniaa 
Pocket Companion. (1750, &c.) 13 
hooka or parts in 2 vols. roj. 8vO. 

soka or parts i 
Copleiora later! 

n fouDd, nor aver iftan pullKBhed. Sea 
llBon'B Scot. aongB, I. p. CTlil.i and 
alng'a Introdurtlos ta JotmBon'a B«li' 

HomaTooke, SOI^ with KS. notaa br 

— Et. Hon. James. Memonala 
of tile public Life and Character 

B, Google 

1740 OTT 

of tSw lUgM Hon. Stxaet Osmld of 
Sonnikier, contained in b Corro*- 
pondence with some of the mo»t 
ilirtinguiahed Uen of the lut Csn- 

tury. Edinb. 1S26, Bto. 

Pp. iiW. mud iM, iiilh port, by Ll«r«. 
Duke of York, «B«S, monaeo, W. lfl«. 
Hriw.l. ta.U. Brigbt.Si. 

Obwmtbt.— The Hiitory of Oa- 
weetry from ths earliest Period ; 
itl Antiquitiee and Cuatomi : nith 
n »hort Aocount of the Neighbour^ 
hood. Osweatr; (1816), 8to. 

Colleetad from T»rioa» mtbon, irilli 
nnch oiiK^nil iBTonilkUDn. br W<1Uuii 
Price. It eoDslfltB of psgea n1 — xll, 1— 
in. vllb Tiroodeiti, ■ ttlle j^ ind 
dedlutian to tlm Hon. Thomu KaoTon. 

Otss, BemuoL Eiplnution of 
the genersl Epietle of S»int Jude. 
Ixind. 1683, folio, 9s. 

OiEHiKL tind AonsAs;. — The 
Xorea of Othniel ud Achsah, 
tranilated from the Ohaldae. Lond. 
1769, 8to. 2 Tola. 6«. 

Otbo et Othobohs. Conetitu- 
tiouea ProuinoiAlea et OIlioDiB. Cum 
Interp. Joh.daAlhon. Paris, 1604. 
folio.— Lond, Worde, 1529, 

Th* Caiutltitlai* <d Olhobaaa ■» 

Cnutitsllinii Prorlndmlte*, ud 
m prlTllagio. lioorLRi 

"TlisDtlia made by ttie MMboppeato 
iouon,ygnB lorde the Kynge lioforB Ui 
oHuecntlon ; tbs olde olbe of the i 
Ut41 or bfflHhopwH of EnglmndA Piadc 
tlie poM or bjtisiioppe of Krae ; Ibe t 
to tbe popa or byvhoppa of Rome." 
BiWmV Tap. AnHq. 

Alio iltubtd to aome ediUon* of 
PlDTlDcUla of Lludamwd. 

Sm ConniTiraiOd. LiirDiwoor. 

Otu Saou. Sm WasmoBS- 
liUiD, Earl of. 

OTTKaBotiasB, ThomaB. 
Eeabme, Thomas. 

Ottlkt, Wm. Tonng, An Jn- 
lirj into the Origin and earij 
iitoryof BngTaTing upon Copper 
_id in Wood, with an Account of 
EngTSTera and their Worka, from 
the Invention of ChaloogTsphy bj 
Uaao Finigudm to the Time ot 
Uark Antonio Baimondi. Lood. 
1816, 4to. 2 Tola, plates, 61. 6a. 

lmp*rtft] 4to. with pnwft on India pa- 
r. BLitTDoploB printed. Dmdeiwflll, 
g.SUSLSd. Fgii[hiII,K7e,IM.U)a. BUa^ 

A devrtptlTB Gatalogoa of PlotoiH Is 

e Mitlooal Oallsry, >lUi erlUul B«- 

_9rki OB their Mtrlta. 1^ fei^ Sra- 

put L The Anniateln coUeetloiL 

■ni» Itallui Bebool of DatlgiL balni a 

lea of Fa^^idBlIaB of orlslnu DzmvlnicE 

by tlumoatemlDastPalnlaraaiid Ben^ 

Ion of Ililyj with Wognnblotl NoHeea 

Hd Obaernttqna. Lond. Iwfl, anper royal 

CoIlD, witb 81 platea, pubUahed at IlE. lla. 

DOW 41. 4i.-»riomMtr Iblla, 181. IBa. now 

Bl. 8l ; pToofi, S«. 4a. 

and earlouB Prlob, by Iba early Maitsis 
of the Italian, a«raaii, and Flemish 
Schools, irltb IS dupUsata Plateaof Nlel- 
loa flnlihed In Aver. Lond. ISM, imp. 

(1B»^ Inp. fem M engrarlBB* 

afUr deaigna by (naubae, Giotto dl Boo- 
*«•, aiottiiH, Oaddl, UhIIo, ahlbntl, 
[sBaMla, Llppl, ta. pub, at 81. 8a. mm 
I. Ita. 60. 1 noon, coiumbler Ail. lU. Ih. 
Dw 41. 4a. Thia work baling been Ml 

ad, baa 

■r Dle- 

pnbllabad) la. M, ; royal Sro. S>. W. 
toervaUoii on a UB. la ttaa Brltlih 

OrtriL, Sip. A metrical Bi>. 
mance, from die Auohinleck MB. 
Edinb. 1836. Set AnBOmont 
Cms, Apptniim. 

B, Google 


OTWi.% Thomaa. The Works, 
with Notes criticul and eiplinatorj, 
and a Life of the Author bjThoB, 
Thornton. Lond. 1813, crown 8¥0. 
3 vols. 
B«t eaUlon, witli pnrtnlt of Otny 

Std. Blcdler, pt. li. mS6, U Sb. Str M. 

SB. SuBi, S80e, IB*. 8MniT»^ll»e, 
SHU, II. !a. Btnittll, I0B3, 1«L 

OuBLE, M, A Hiatoty of the 
ridiculoQB Eitrsraguicies of Mon- 
aieur Oufle. liond. 1711, Sio. 

mUtlod L'tttaioli 


Odhdlk, — Strange and wonder- 
ful News &om Oimdle ia North- 
amptonahira ; giving an impartd>l 
Kelatioii of the Dnmuning Well, 
commonly called Dobse's WelL 
Load. 1692, Sto. 

Eight pigeo, InclDdlnf! the title-page. 

OlTSltXT, Sir William, Knt. 

TrMeli in T«riona Countries of tio 

Eaal, more particularlj Fenia. 

Lond. 1819, 21, 22, ICo. 3 rols. 

In bigh ■itimalion. Dnir7,3>ll,IU.M. 


Sir Q«n OBHlay, Bart, ubuaidtir tan* 
ordLiiur to th* 6HiTt ot Penla, IBlD-ia. 

Magle, &c. of vhlch tfiars ti > nut edi- 
tion with pIsUi anil ciuloui Dotei, l^rli, 
17M. AmsUiilim, 1710, 3 mil. Ximo. 

■ttchcrift, *=. what Cerraatss did iOt 
kalRLt-emnUT. iWUte KolgbU, S019, 
it. D«nl, pL 1, 1060, morocco, m. 

OxraaToit, Tho. Ordo Jadioio- 
nun aiie Methodus prooedendi in 
Foro ecdeaiaatioa-civui Britamuco 
et Hibemico. Lond. 172S, ita. 2 

A usful watk/—n^ Uo. 9 vola 
OtTOHTBBli, William. Xeyofthe 

Uafliematics. Lond. 1647, 8vo. 
Wllb portnilt ij Holl»r. Townalay, 

pt 11. tee. »s. Sd. Ongtitred pubUghed 

OULTON, WiiUct" Chamberlain. 
Tb« History of the Theatres of Lon- 
don, containing an Annual Begister 
of eJI the Tragedies, Comediee, &c. 
performed from 1771 to 1795, with 
Not«ssndAneedotes. Lond. 17S6, 
12mo. 2 Tola. 

Intended u a Mntinnatlon to B.VIctor'i 
hlltoi? of tlie Thutrea. Duke of York. 


, pbllological 

Epttome of the MdeniHiolDryof Pep- 

im 0uBal«7, Esq. Lond. 17SS. lima. 
. S9. wltli a map of Penia, a pUta 

t Hlil«7 at 

Brookelt, 2813, «s. Combe, im, Jm. 
liltl, 183S. lai. 

-Sir William Qore. Bart. Ba> 
'ba on the SlAtistloa and polili- 

oal Institutions of the United State*. 

Land. 1882, 8io. 99. 

NoUue of PerElan Puetn, irtth critical 
[Ohenul TianiUtlon Fnnd], ISM^ Sn. 

B, Google . 

174a on 

OuTUX, WUliani. Se BHrifi- 
eiia Iiibri duo i qnorom alUro ex- 
pliouitar Dumis JiidconuD non- 
nnlla Oentiuia prolaiunuD Bacri- 
fluia ; alters SacriGcium Chiuti. 
Lond. 1677, ito. 8a. 

Thliinick, mcsMilBS to Hon^ 'ta of 
itafidu u* to tha UtlDitr itu' 
klbcdiiig, Ib> tamfnUnH uv 
put, coa or the molt mutorlr 
tlou of the TlDulsiii ■toDonHDt c 

J. Allan, 1B17,Bto. 

OirriBon, M. An Susy 
the Myiteries of Eleiuis, tnuisUted 
from the Frenoli by J. D. Prioe, 
vith Obaerrttunu bj J. Chrutie. 
LaaA. 1817, Sto. 

HUilHr^GHM,13i. Bri(U,SL 

OuvujiM, Aloiuo de. An hia- 
lorical Belotion of the Kmgdoni of 
Chile, 1648. 

lo tlM thlid Tolama a( the CbudiUI 
CoUaolloa of Tmcaa uid Tnnli, ud 
tn tb« fimrtMnlh TidiiiM ol nuktrwn'i 

OriBALL, John, Baeeeeardj 
Biahop of Lichfield «nd Jforwich. 
Oonvocation Book, UDOTI, cod- 
oa-nins tba OoTemment of Ood'a 
eatfaoliok Church. Ixmd. 1690, 4to. 

IhporlnlBi of < 

land Buicioft, 

OrsBBin. BonaT. Begli Avanzi 
dell' Antic* Boma, da Paolo BoU. 
Load. 1789, 8'0. 8b. 6<L 
With plalaa. uaoa rxna. WUIatt. 

OrcBSimr, Sir Thomu, Knight. 
Hiaoellaneoiu Wot^ in Verse and 
Proaa, iriUi Memoirs of hia Life. 
The toith edition. Lond. 1766, 

Oiiniok,lTK.«iM. 9«Batnap.KaT. 
Il.m-un. Itlg atatodlnlhaOmt-Hu. 
for Fa*. 18*0, p. 1*8, that llilB ttoth edt- 

aa 'ad Comitjiui 


IllK*lUB«ani Vorki, raraa and proae, 
»lUi NalaLand a Wogranhlcal Attonnt 
of tho Author, ^ E. F. Rlmhault, LL.D. 
Land. 18B6, peat Sto. portrait, 9a. 

i. WUa now Iha Widdo« or air Thmaaa 
OTorbriTa. BalDV a bidhI axqnimle and 
aiogBlar Poaai of tho Cbolce of s WUa. 
Wharanto an tiiti many -witty Chir 
zaetaia, asd conoaitod ITairea. vrittan bj- 
hUnaalb and otharlunnd aaatlauseu lili 
FrIaDds. l.tai.lor hn-irtaoiLia*. leu. 

Itb portrait by BEiaoil 

port. tiT WsDoa Paia. BIbL Anglo-Poet. 

paaaaca not la anr otbar. — Bavaaih adi. 
tlon. Loud. 181% amall 8n.m.m, wltb 
poftnltbrB.Taaa. UoTd.SM^te. lUat- 

lay,pt.lLm^ah aM8,ea. ataalar.aeOi 
Ik i. BlU. Aulo-FoeL NM, iJ. ISa. 
Ueher, pL tIL tTSl.— Elglith adit. lAnd. 
IfllS, am. Btd. with port, by B. niaa. Bind. 
W.ptll. I0«8,«a. SkatKli-lOa.— Tba 
Dlnth ImpraaaloB angaiaatad, with Daw 
KairH aad ohuaslnia. Lond. ISie, imaU 
B>o. pp. !», with portrait bjr 3. Pao. 
Llord, 905, ti. »lDdte;, pi. 11. X/O, ^ 
%XS,6a. atanlOT. 680, iL to. Blbl.Aaglv. 
Foot, sot, II, Ua. Bright, Uia. North, 
U, 1»B. Brand, 21. IBL—TanlbedlL Lend. 
ieiB,im.eTO. White KDl>tiu.3(HaLiDW. 

Hn. tami. by Llala, A-T,in olgbta.— DiibL 
lffl«,10iiio.— Tweirth sdlUoB, Load. liSsr, 
■maU Btd. Lloyd, MH, 14a. Blnillty, pt. 
li. sua. Naiaan, nt. I. MTl, irlth portraK 
oTOraltiaiT by LUa, niaiia,!). Hahar, 
ptTli. «i. — ThinaoDth aditloD, Load. 
1S38, mall Btd. Bright, ISa. Qairiek, 
av, Ta. Sd.— Fogitaanlh BdiUon, Loi^ 
1«30, anull Bro. Bindley, pt. II. i04L 
Btaalay, BSl, IBa.— Flftaentfa Impraaeloa. 
Load. 1«U, nnan Bto. pp. aW. Btan- 
loy, eel Ida. Blbl. Aoelo-Poet. W6, 
ILli, bright, tSL-Tbfl ililamith wlt~ 
tton, Lmd. lOB, amall Bvo. Naaaas, 
pt.l.MTS,paRraltlniarud,eB. Blodlay. 
pt-U.WU. Strattall, lOM. Tith pott^t 
b* Uala, ISa. Sd. Caldaooit, fla. — bond. 
lee^ nnall Bro. Bolhaby'alnlBll.e'.ad. 
Sir Thomaa OTerbnry'i WlfS will like. 
wlaabafbnsd InCapall'I FrDliialoai,I7at. 
The tllnitrioui Wife, via. that eioaUaBt 
iTntratad by GI1« Oldiaworth, Ni^ew 

DfLoaei Wrltteo by 3li 


B, Google 

Ths Joil IXiinaftLlI 

fbr Uis F»^ mifenjd 
stTlbnnM, Uut4ofl 
4to. FiCUen leiiim. 
Bwd. 878^11.3., 8' 
HlblHrt. 803a, «. c 

OTI 1748 

I be built t >nd of the Building of 

'' Inndon Bridge. Lond. 1744, 8to. 
' Pp.BCL ucIuilTt of the tith. FInE 
> irintadinisar, lanw.vUh woodcats. 
OrxBTnr, John. Jikcoba trouble- 
Bome Joamej to BsCbel, coutuDiog 
, B briefe Exposition of the four fint 
I, Terses of the 88rd Chapter of Oe- 
» neaiB. Oiford, 1586, I6mo. 
' Dedluul la UiUtai Wm. Bndt. 

— John. The True Oburchman 
' ucertained. York, 1808, 8to. 
Wlllluni, !98S.13g. 
Tin Chrmiology of Uh Apoealfpu, lo- 
ll TMUfUad ud dafeod^ Lend. ISU, 

.B Inquiry [Eto tba Trntb >Dd Uh at 

. B(«veni.isi1, 

road. 16C1, 12ino, pp. 80, 
portnitiire of Sir 'Hiamu 

a of ths Oitord" Collet 

). !■ In tba Lmnbetli Ll- 
Islorinl SoUtlin oT I 

Ovebbdbik'h TiBiDir. St* Si- 
COLLB, Eiohard. 

!Bioh&rd. Articla of High 
Treuon eihibited agaiuat Ohe*[>- 
aide Oroaae, irith the Uat Will and 
Tetbtment of the mud Croase. and 
certain Epitaphs upon her Tombe. 
Loud. 1642, *\o. 

Fou la4T«a, liojd, 101% 111. ed. 
Skegl, Ba. 

Uu'a HoTUllteiDTiTnaUuThenlD 
'111 pniTsd, botli UMOlotlHUT ud plilli» 
KphWily. tlitl tba irtiola Uu t> ■ Com- 
jMundvbollT mortal, As. Land. IHd, 4to. 
Wlib ifroDtlaplaHorDeaili, a clock, Ao. 
wtib maaa uulunath, «Bfi««d br W. 
Bmitl«T- '^ 

wliJeli u< btlia BriUah Mueaum. 
— W. Exhortation to the Judge* 
'- and Juttioea of Snawx, and the 
' whole CouDtie suembled at the 
Lond. bj B. Neirbelj and 
man, ISmo. 
Bright, lM.«d. 
Oth). p. Oridii Nawiiiii Opera, 
Teitu Burmannij onm N'oda 
lentleii liact«nuB ineditii, necnou 
Horlesii, Qierigii, BnnnaDni, Le> 
msirii, et aJiomm seleotiaBimii, Ol- 
Onii, ISaS, StO. 6 Tola. 2/. 2». 

' Lond. lieu, Mdd. 3 Tola 
Hod, prinud )>j Tbomii ' 

B, Google 

Otoj— m 

Ope™, cun 


Ik Latin, BrLa»i and SugKA. 

Orldluit MaUmoTpbofia monllter 

— — " pBAoglioo- P»rlB, in iftdlbi 

USa9 Iftno. Ea.liitigliUipiliit«dl>'°Bi 
broTtor Italic. _„ , , 

MeUmorplioBe™ l-llirl XT. loUi^ra- 
tatlone * »oU«, ti Usun. lereniKlini 
Delphinl. Ijrad. 1708, aio. Rsprtnua 
lTl£ Itm, 1810, md >ln«, 10*. fid. 

Cum Annol«tl«abn>V»iioniin. Dnblln, 
1729, 46). A correct »Ddipl4Dd3il edition, 

Outb J, morooo), 80 fnnof , 
Uct4iiiDrTiliiis»> In LtUn mid Engllab, 

wllU hlctrrrtrnl BiplmiUoBB of lie F»bl as, 
bjtho AbbtBunlM. Adonwd wltb Bonlp- 

ten. Amiuiduu,lT89,f<ilio,3TOIa. Dent, 

si" ti 

«d. EdTuds, IBI, naBln. 101, 
iTFArBB. stuile7,l8fi,2ee.59. 

With Abbt Builu's AigomanU and Ei. 
plmtloiu or tb« HlHlo^ ud UrtluilogT 
of uch f nbl* In EDglfsb. Lond. 1T47, 
8n>. Chnigh. MOO, Ti. «d. 

UeUmorpkoHs, oum TanioM Latiu 
nroialu et Hotla Anglido, ■ NsUitn. 
feloy. LoBd.iJM,8TO. Eeprimtad 1T«), 

nprioUiL in 1700, a 

Ftmc, with tb« Li 
ifotai. Lcmd. 
knd good pr« 

oeph Dsridwm. Bc- 

1 bj Thocaac 

Et printed in 

Epibtolk, Fasti, TBtaru, Ac. 

p. Onldli Naaonia Haioldum Epiatulu, 

lii. Da Kemadlo AmiiriH Librl li. Aa. 
J^ond, ID83, ISmc— Land. UM. llmo. 

t^iiBloluiuii Karcddnm LUw^oun la. 
I^ni 17<e, 8to. Eeprtotodim, ITM^Ac. 

Eplitolv. cam Vecalona LatliK et SoOm 
Anglldi ■ S. Bailay. iJnd. aH, Sto. 

iilpiiUw, tfajuLat^ inioEofliAb Fnae, 
wlUiLallJileitandBngUsliKot™. I.imd. 
pnbliahBd by Dmil*«n, 174(1, 8»B.—lJ(ii 
ad.-<-1707, 6o. Other oditlnns. 

ten, MS, 38. ed. DnuT. ^16, nubi. 8a. 
P. Oiildli NaionJa PaitoiuBi Ubrt tI. 

Faatl. wiUi EngUsli Hotel ^ T. 
KelgbUey . Sul>. lSS3, po« Sto. fla. td. 
Futi. <rttb AuiuUUoiu br W. TbTBia. 

Pull, vitli Ibigllali Notea by StufOrd. 

r.'OTliUl NMonia ds TrUtiboB Ubdr. 

Uelpbini. CanUb. 1708, Svo. ' St^ciulad 

N. Bails)-. LoBfL ITM, Sro. 
Qui Libri v. iIt* Aulfila Orl- 
>ClBUluitata. OparaO'l>7k*. 

TaABBimosa op tbb ItBUKcnt- 

OoTde Ilia Books of UetamoiplWN 
IruulaCed br WUUam Cwttni. Prlnlal 
rrom aMB.inthaFepyalaneolleetloalNa. 
21M) at CamtKidn oMUiaiBs the Wt 
five bo^ of thsriatamnpbosM la pnaa. 
IBIB, 410. PioaeBl«d to the llHaben 
of Uie RmlMrgha Clabbr O^otn Bib- 
bcn, Esq. Sii M. M. Sykea, W Bo^ 
wall. SCM, 41. 8a. Dantpt. li. UHk 
lU-lOa. CnwCnd,mBi.b]'H>Td>j,lll. 

B, Google 

poetry oirsd much of iti 


- Tbe F«bl8 of Oald trBllOK of Nueiuui, 



HTtre-vllhii MdhI IhenTnU, Ttryplei- 

hon. IHnl.jt. 
PMt. 650, U. l6». 

^te to n.dB. IGao. Load, bf Thomu 

if. ITII.IM. BIbl. Anglo. 

aukitU. Ito. Slgbtsen l»r«B. Atthe 

Heb*r, pu iT. ea,-Lon 


end ia • Finn. Quod T. H.' TbM* Im- 

toss, folio. BiiourgUe, a 

380, 7», UlndlB)-, 

tUla ve bf BitKiD tvmfldeatlT &ltri- 

pt ii. 17ia, 7s. l^aOB 


bntod to Thomu Uowoll. SuUoWMc^T. 

a«d,6»9I,SI. 19.. BibLAOKlo-PMl-Sai, 

^^rd ^,5™"Ar^&/ 

I «ig™. 4J. 7.. 


K-sh 'Meier bj- AHhoi 
od. by WlnUm Sen 
tranilHtfcm In lines of to 
TbeOntbookeoaUni ( . , 
1« ; Ibe tblpl 13 ; ud tbe fonrUi » ; ex- 
clusive of ibo dedEeatlon to 'Robon,Erlo 
of LeyoeBtar/ Hod pro&ce. Each boot 

ealopbon. Hebar, pt. K. aj. 19b.' GUd*- 

«(t. i:. 1S9. 

UeUmorpboali, XT. BookBB of IhB, 
Lond.l>yWilly>niSareB,lS«7,4to. FiBJT 

lo^veo, Dumberfld 191, no. liabeln^omil. 
ted. NUHU, pU iL B79, fia. Ksed, 7U04, 
It 18b. Hebor, pL It. li. 16i.; pLiIlt, 
UJ7s,; another, lJ.llj!.-Lonil.lSS4,»to. 
— Lond. by Bobert Wiildegnue. IbS!, 4to, 
IbUoB aoo, botldea dedication lod prs- Sleevana, 
a7B,n». Bindley, pi. 111. 971,ias^Lond. by 
John Dantof, 1S9&, <to. A— Co, in el^ts, 
Inclnding title, sign. Zii omitted. Perry, 

e, 1. aHO, lOa. ed. Sotbeby'B in 1823, 
la. — Lond. by W. W. ISBB, 4lo. 191 
follofl, vltb tillo, epiitle dedicatory end 
pnface, ID luTei. Bright, Sa^—IMS, 4tD. 
Bosweli, 1613, T«.— 1818, 41o. Qarrick, 
\es». Set WartoD'g mat, of EngUah 
pMlry, 8yo. fOL H. 286-9. 

HeCamoipfaoMa, the Otat fire Booka of, 
(by (toorua BandjB]. Baoond Adidon. Im. 
Jirinlad for W. B, lS9t, 16100. pp. Mi, be- 

Dnl, irlth nraea bsneith, li prefiied. 

MetamorphOBea, engllabed by OCeorge) 
B(andya). l^nd. 1K8, Killo. Sandyi la 
prononncsd by Diyden to be the beat yer- 
Blfler of the last age : and f ope affirmed, 
la Ma DOtaa to the mad, uiat£Dgll^ 

Wladeni'a Genqnent, bein^ an 

Uted by tL. _. . . 
Dryden, Addlaon, Con) 

. PieJied to this i 

toiutd In the twentieth TDlume ol 

B, Google 


«f ttaa HatumoTpbiMU l>7 Wm. 
U.D. Llnrpoel, 11BB, Mmii. 

UBtamorpbDHMD F^lih blnk 
trvHUttd \t J. J. Honid. Lom 

Tbs tiro flnt Books of lb< Hi 
nhoHi, nUemptAd In Engllnh Ve 
WlllUm Uilli. I80e, Itmo.fiL 

UsUmDrpbom, llte:^r tnnalaMd 
Into Engim Fnu br H. T. Uter- I'™<> 
18W, [Vol. » of Ovld'i Wotki, in Bobo'i 
CIHBaical Llbnrrl poit Bid. (*• 

HeroTcUl EpiBtlei, In BngU>h Veiss 

'™*' FiMT BDnioM?"! copy ™ti» C» 
pell CoUeoUon. HeUep, pt. U. II. IBs. 
made up of two Adltlcwij pt. tUL I&i 
GonUlni leS luni, bwldM dadiutloii ti 

' Lord Tlia. Honrda, ViHount BjadoiL' 
■ThetiuiUitottDhiiinu^' widlifa 

^tl« •■ 

To tb* IHdBF-'— 


ttlnlu th« eokwboa, dadlutod lo 'Loi 
Tbo. Honido, Vtaeoiist ByodoD,' dK.- 

AnRlo-FEiet. TflO, moToeco, SI. 8a. 

Herolcil Epiitlan, tnnalated by Bii 
Ed. Bberbuma. Loud. E. Q. !«», am 
rSro. fionL br UanbilL ea. 

Ileratul.£lilatlea, tnnalitad Into £n 

E-l.hVerM by W^) 8(alton>ull), .n( 
uitrmtAd vltli a* PIcturai. I^nd, 1636 
— 1S3S. Nuaan, pi. I. USt,4a.— Land, 1663 
JOa. 6d.— 1671, lamo.— Lond. 1673, am. 8to 
pp.S(r!, witb anffraTlnga paitod on thi 
bunk Bpadea at the Gomoiendainent of thi 
epiatlaa. BlbL AnBlo-Pwt 718,11. lla.Sd 
—Land. 1877. imill Bto. pp. SOI, <rllh 
" 1 ind pUtaa by O 

iHn^fiSiM, Si. a 

tnglo-FoM. TU^ 

KpllUaa, timlial. by Hienl Hand!, Kith 
Itia Addition of threa Bplallea of Auloa 

mada Engllah by Baliabury. Lond. IGSlI 
§fO. TTllb DUta. Bfcare, 8a. FiBqaantlj 
mpridtad.— Load. 1686. — Lond. 1716^ 12me^ 
AneaUamad edltton. Dant. pL It. 716, 
wttb Orid'a U aUmorpboaea, I7S0, 1 Tola, 
and Ua Art of Lots and Amooia, ITU. 
■norooso by Bomr Paym, 4^ Ta. — im, 
llmo. mtb hia Amonra, iiL— Land. 171*, 
lima. Ta.— Land. 1716, llmo. 7a. 

X^attaa, tnnalatad Into EDcUali T«n(^ 
vltb oitlul Eaaaya asd Itolea, by S. 
Bairelt, A.M. Load. 17Se, Sn^ lo. A 

of AnUqnII 

41. A poor p4rfnrD 

Four heroLa EplHtloa. tnnaZatod Into 
£ngllab Vana. ijeaatw, ISOa, oran Sro. 

Eplatlaa, tnoaUltd I7 E. D. Baynn. 
Land. Mia, sto. tsL 1. 

EplBllaa, trandatad by Ulaa QarlaDd. 
Land. 18^ Bto. 10a, 

Tbs Haioidaa, or Rpfallea of tha Ha. 
Toinaa, tba Amoun. Art of r,ave, Remedit 
of Lora, and Minor Works of Ovid, lite. 
rally tranalated, nitb Notea by H. T. 
Rllay. Lond. ISSS, fVaL 8 at Oyld'i 
Wioka to Bolin'a CLurical Libniy], poat 

Tkihhlatioks OS TSB FaAx 

KllBbad by j, O'o-ar. Cainb. 16*0," amall 

. Lond. IT87, 810. 

I Boarding Bcboiil a 

ic Batt, LL.D. DnbUn, ISSS-vBO- 

lauUcon, lltanlly transl 



Max or 

B, Google 

iryiiHiidL d« Words, ISIS, 

emeHeothoati TnniUUd (In Yen 
"■°- a by T(hoin«) ^d)'f, 

>, by Sir T. OTepinpy. 

lohn Bmnu 

Lood. 1880,1 

Art of Lo¥8 {In Vmw). Mlddlsborgh 
<1SB8), Itoo. 

Art of Love. 1>7 FmidA 
Land. 1««1. D«t, pL ii. I 

4t.ea. Jidis, ue,iiHn>oco, 


Lora eugllAhed, In veme ; as aI 

prohBuieeonimeDcee 'Iftbenbsu 
bta mnlcitude,' ud tbs first boo 
Bt thoa tbM in » Fnalimui ud u 


Artof LdTOitogethBr 
of Jxne, by Bovend Ha 
8to. Boiburghe, £S33, 6 
Dent, pt li. «a, moiocai,— iwna. 
17),a,BTO.eiits,7i.M.— ITI». Dont,iit.i. 
T1& with OTid'i l£«tuQDrphoiBfl, ITSO, 
3 voli. u>d EdUOm, in«, norORO, by 
Rc«BtPiT»,il.T(.— 1796. 'WUlett, l§e2, 
S». KDdloy. pt U- »»*. niorom 1U.~ 
XAiid, 17U, iSmo. mtt. Ok— Land. 17«1, 

Tie Art of LoTe.tnlmltitlon of 0»ld, 

•AiM iroik ia divided Into foorteen booka, 

Art *it Idvfl, paraphnsed aTid adApted 
to tlia prasent guia; vtth Hotel, by Hen. 
FlBlding. Lend. 17*7, Sro, 

Art of Love, Kemady of Love, and 
Anunirfl, Lond IBM, ISmo. wlUi platae, 
Ga. Od. I flnall 8va. lOa. ed.— Lond: 1818, 
ea.fld. Sevan] edition! printed vllhUia 

For Uie only EngUih proia tr 

In tlie Bodleian Llbrarr, 

. da. Heber, pt Iv, 859, 
firat leaf, 2i. 16a. The 

leyjit. I M«, Sa. Gairtck, B73, U 10s. 

fill Eleglei. nanly tnnsUlsd'by F? R 


Ovld'a Elogles; C(rlB- 
r)M(.Ilow). EplgramaHa)byJ(ohn) 
a). At Hldillcbonrgh,n.d,(16BS), 

forty^Kht lei'TOB. This valnme vu oon- 

ilch -were (MFi five boekea, noir 

to b«fbn the reat pnfamtb ho, 
ng fl(e Uwn puliut of wdlow- 

14 away, Iby labonr will ba leasa- 

; a intilMt lit for fieiM ilumei. 

B, Google 

17« OTI 

BMh niM nn aUkg. tUI 1<m (mi 

In If r. Hinrull'i eopi the imprint 
uplUk; ud ttiB Bplgruunea b^ 

other odlUon »llh lb« y flnil, m I 

fug only Jntiae,'OHd,' *«. 'All' 

48 tplfnmmei (of vblcb tlw •eeoii 
coniiitil >n kItbu to J. D. 'It 

L^ In daiplts of HdeMutlsil iDUrdlc- 
I. Tba fint of thus bid i^fpttied In 
■Dud, u Bnrldstai'i HeUmnyboAlB of 
Uu ufflciontiV twIUho. A. dDpllcats 
rsndoD of BUr. iv. Ub. i. I> ucribad to 
B. J. pmtaMj Ben. Joomb. »nd if lo, 

d by Haitluid, wu re- 

tIh rsprlDtsd In Flekertng'i 
Murloirs'H Worki, edllBd bj th 

Cfca. sm D»iu, John, p. aee 

EngUih brWreBallonili.ll. 1 

Brlgfat, comer* of Iutu Bllgbtlf tD^^ 

Tnvectir^ or CnrH ■gftlnit Jb[B, trmas- 
Utcd iDlo EngUih Ysth by Jobn Jodoi 

AngtO-POet S8S, 31. 8«,— 1887. ij»amu, 
pL i. MM, 6*. Dnu7, lt>B>, U. Bright, 

BiBqut of fi«Ha, fto. S« Chjifiui, 

WaJnot-Tiw Truipluitod, by Ekhird 

BirJ^^ mpposed imlqoe, 71. 7a. probably 
prlDled for privato tlTCnlatioD, u the 
trauUtot dadieUad It la hli mother. 


CIitIi Urldlina. A noinerleiil En 
OTld'i Melamorpboila. Lond. ntb,lii 

of O.ld'i Ep)«- 
^ 18a Blndlor, 

UTopttd In brojbd B 

atj^nlid.'— Ediidi. 

e4 CoUutlOn of gwU' P 

Orld*! WiiMca, »mpM*, lltenllr tius- 
Utwl into Eoi^lih pron, wltb coatemn 
notea, by H, 1'. Slfty. Lond. rBoha'i 
CluBlul Ubrur] letl-GS, a rolk. pest 

OTOKWtnr, John, M.A, Torage 
to Surstt in 16S9, with an Appen- 
dix DantBimag, I. The Hi«t(uy of 
■ lata Beroliition in the SiDgdtm 
of QolcDndo. IT. A DesoriptiDn 
o{ the Kingdoma of Aiacan ami 
Frcn. III. An Acooont of tho 
Coins of ladia, Persia, Goloonda, 
&e. IV. ObeerratLOTu oouoaning 
tlie Silk-vorma. Land. 1696, Bra. 

Wlllett, isn, M. Hlhbwt, GBS^ U. 
Fonthill, seiD, Is. ileath.auC^Ts. 

On tho NatDie and Qualitr of Tn. 

B, Google 

Ovss, ObBTlM. Euay toward* 

the Hatural Histocy of Serpents. 
iNmd. 1742, 4to. IBs. 

— Chev. Voi«ge daCliev; Oven 
aa f urgatoiK da St Patrix. folio, 
irithouC phoB or date. 
A poddUt Iwend of tbp mtddla iges, 

butAebc- •-'"-- "''- 

«nbed b 


GrstUs,' irllJioot tilU, hBaiiag, orp«gli»- 

tlon. Brlghi,6l§«, 

— Corbett. Carmen Findaricum 
in tfheBtnim Sheldooianam, in ao- 
lennibus magnifici Oparia IkccB- 
niig. Oion. 166S, 4to. 

— Darid. Herod and Pilate re- 
. ooDCiliid : or, the Ckmcord of Papist 

and Pnritan(a«»inBt Scripture, Fa- 
then, CounoeU, and Other Ottbo- 
doiall Writera) for the Coenaon, 
Depoeitioii, and Eilling of Ejuge. 
Cambridge, 1610, 4to. 

An IntaHaUng dliiwirH on tin Hms 
mibjeet u MUton'a Teaan of Klnfa ud 

AnUpMvua ; fltv« DotBnnliwtiD da Jun 
Baglo. Cmi. IBM, ISnjo. 

— Edward. EtchiiigB. Lond. 
1826, roj^ folio, portrait and 46 

Pilntilr pilDtvL Brtcn, U l£a. «d. 

— Henry, D.D. A brief Ac 
count, hiBtorical and critioil, of the 
Septuagint Tenion of the Old Tes- 
tament, ^o wMoh ia added, a Dia. 
lertation on the comparative Excel- 

wlUi the hidtOTT 0/ thltveralon.'— .SiiAo 

■11 Dr. Henry Owen's noita »« eharu 
tariied by sound crltldva ud UborlDi 

ObiemiUoM on the toiir Hoipeli i tsnc 
Ing, cblaflj, touoarUln ttaa llnHi or th«i 
PobUentloni and W IlloitratB the Fon 
and Manneiof tliallCoiiJHMlUHi. Loiu 

Bbort Mncrtlau ta TODng atadenli i 
Divinity, and Cuididatu (or holy Ordan, 

o^ 1749 

EnqnliT Into Uh pnaani Slat* of tlw 
iHglat Venlon o( tba Old T«t*m«l. 
1. 1T60. SfD. ^ A work very dagerrlBg 
iB readei'B atUntlm,'— i^. Walton, 
la Intent and Pnprlaty of the Berip- 
Httulee enoaldend aad aiplalnad, 
""lea of aennou. preuhed In tta 

A laanied and 
_ _.__«, 3867, laa. Blnd- 
9, wltti a portrait Insetted, 

CdtlialVlaqnliUloHi contsinli 

OwsK,John. Joancia Andoeni 
Epigiammata. Lond. 1606, 16mo. 
Flrat edition of Iheaa ateened Epi- 

iMO! Mma. — ~Anut. EluH^lWT, M — 
Brigbt, moneea, M Bd.-Hlbbeii, OSUt 
m<nw».ea.Sd.— Load. 16N, Umo. with 
pMtralt— Lond. lees. IteW'-liuBd. IMS, 
llmo.— Aiait. IMS, Itnio. vllh portnlt at 
- ■- — - ArlBilTH, 

1, edited by 


uven.— JUHii, 1766, Inoi 
ISnuhlTola. !<■. B«ted 

Four seplea pllimd. < 
r eeplei prlntad. 

Cort^ne Epigrama ovt o 
iDtoEngllBbb7S(i>bert]B(ayman). Lond, 


1750 ovu 


1«3B.4U. A— Fa, Inftiiin, aedle»m'To 


llu Buullu (^ Eoglud.' Llovd, K.Si. 
THIS formi H parUoii of Ch« Qu^beU bf 

Jjlurt H-Tm-u- 


byTho. H.rrsy, Bmt. Urnd. 1SI7, ISmo. 
11. SB, 6>. Lloyd, B07, a». 6d. G4rrick, 

Collection of Sermont, TousH, ud L>t[ii 

Ondons. Ixind. 1721, folio, with partmtt 

byR. Whits, U.K. UBOirtFim. Wtl. 

173T.Sa.ed. Nuun, 
pli.MBO,»B. lStbert,MWr,IO>. Blr,dleT, 

liuul, 1429, mar. 71. Ul. Bd. teaoid Blil^ 

IMfS: ^ 

pt il. aOM. lOl. Bd. Roiburghe, 8408, 
iBfc M. BIbl. Aoglo-Poet. 8«, 11. M. 

For eitonded notloM of iJl the Tartom 

■• c^„f„ 

U. Byksi, ] 

Slaruni, ih HiirLm, Henry, fnju, 
Lomu. Tic4ia,Johii. 
OWKH-, John, D.D. The whole 
Works of John Owen, D.D. oare- 
tailj collated with t}ia beet Editioos 
bj Thomae Eunell, M.A.; with Life 
by William Orme, and Index. 
Lond. 1886, 8to. 21 vola. pnb. 
121. 12s. reduced 61. Ga. 

of the EpiitiB M the H.Hwin, Wrtglifi 
fidltion, T Tola. Bro. is tumiilf added. 

Piecaa and the EipoiiKOD' of Chs Epistle 
to the Hebiem, edited by iho Rev. Dr. 
W. H. OooW, with IhB eiijipenUon ofthB 
Eev. J. Edmonetone. Edinb. JohmloM 
ud Hunter, I8B0-BS, M »oH. Bto.! reli- 
ioed by Clerk, in ■'™ ""'«-'" 

Of the dlilM OliclBel, *n- of lh« Serip- 
■ •-- - TlnlIoKlon of ■^- "■—- 


.a Eqiositlon ofthe EplBti 

An Eiposition of Ihe Epli' 
Hebrewl,reTludendebridEeil 1 
WIIliuiH, D.D. Loud, 1760, B 
A>ell-ei80nled ebttdgmeot,— 1 

th Pulm. Load. Ii 

—aiite. 1 


OWSK, H., and J. B. Blakewa;. 
Hijtory of Shrewsbury. Lond. 
1626, 2 toIb. ito. plates and wood- 
cuts, 61. 6a. 

Labob FiFu. royU 4to. S toIi. St. Ba. < 

— John. A compleat and im< 
partial Hiator; of the ancient Bii- 
tone, from the earliest AccoontB to 
the End of the Beignof Hen.Vin. 
Tol. i. all printed. Land. 1743, Sro. 

— John, A.1/L l^Teli into 
different Parle of Enropc^ iii the 
Teora 1791 and 1792 ; with £imi- 
liar BemarkB on FUoea, lien, and 
" en. Lond. 1796, 8to. 2 rola. 

FonttaiD, 3013, U. 7b. 
Ber. John. The Hiatoir of 
the Britiah and Foreign Bible So- 
ciety. Lond. 1816-30, 8to. 3 vols. 


ER, 1/.1 

Lewia. SpeoTivni JeeritieTm, 
the Jeaml«B Lookiog - gUaao. 
Lond. 1626, 4to. 

lioe leeyeg. A— E B, dedlcata< 
snrie lUrtin Knight.'— Loud. 

nniiiE Reglflter: raandln^ a 
Ion la the State of the "-b"^ 
Bemlnuiei ud Cloutere b all 

B, Google 

' <irUieLonl9MiTche»^UieliOrigia,PowBr, 

the ancient Noblllly md GeMry of NoOh 
WiJes, Ul.AIielttrof Dr.Uoyd.Biihop 

buLdred Yein before the Vojagu ^ Cn- 


loin ct Owen Oleudow 

Owsw, Eichard. Memoir of the 
pearly Nautilus, with lUuetaitionfl 
of its eiteraal Form and internal 
Structure. Lond. 1882, 4to. 15a. 

Catilogne of PhyilologlMl StrlSB of 
Compiinllve AnaUiin;. Hua. CdU. nf 
SurgeoDH, Lond. I8SS-40, 4to. S loU, 

Cstalogns ot tha OataDlogicBl ae^ii 
CompintiYe and Human Anatomy. 
LokL :8SS,4to.3Tol8. lf.lls.<M. 

CatalogBB ol [he PalBonlologiral Bi 

of Fo 

Calalogns of tbe Hatnral Htslory, li 

. [Ph!k)Mpli[ul Tj 

the Mug. of 

Cdlected dining the yoyage c 
Beagle,' vllh a Oeologlcal Intro 

OdontDgraplif ; or ■ Tnatlsa 

8ecr«tl»n.. I 

otionred, II. II 


OWE 1751 

On tie genna Dinornli. [Zoologlal 
Tranaactlona, vol. til. ptB, 8, *, S 1 «! Iv. 

On the geauB Dlcynodoo. [Owiloglal 
Trangaellona.] LoDd. lMfi,4tD. 

Hlituy of firttiah Foaall Hammalla 
andBlrda Laai. ieU,Bn. 11.11: M,— 
Do. royal 8to. 31. Bs. 

Parthenogeneals, or tb« nieceeslTa 

from a alngla 6™^ Load. 1819, Bvo! 

On ItiB Ambetype and Hemelegtes Df 
Ibe verubrats Skeleton. Lond. ISIS, 

On the Katnra of Llmbe. Lond. ISIO, 
Bto. Ss. 

Monograph of the Fouil Reptlliaof tha 
London Clay, PL 1. Chelonia, by Owen 
and Bell. Pt. fr. Crocodllia and Ophldia, 
by Oven. Lond. i94B-fil, Ito. 2 TOla. 

Ifonggraph of the FouaReptUlaof tin 
Cretaceous FonnitioBB, [PalBontogra- 

On Ibe AaMomy of tbe Indian Bblno- 
oeios. I Zoolo^cal Tranaactione, yol. iT. 
pi. 2.] Lcmd. 1S60, »to. 

On tbe Anatomy of tbe Nubian GiraOs. 
rZoologtcal Tranaactlona, vol. il. and TOl. 

On tbe Anatomy of the Groat Anleater. 
[Zoological Tranaaotlone, vol. t.] Loml. 

On ths Anatemy of the Anncbi (£t>on 
Eitr&pttvi). Ptoceedlnn of tbe Zoological 
Soctetj-, 18*8, 8yo, 

OBteologlul CsntrlbnUons to Che Nat. 

utans. [ZoologicU Transactions, Tola. 1. 
II. ill. and It,] Lond. 183fi^41o. 

Ou a microscopic Worm in Human 
Uuades (Trkhiim nnrolii). [Zoolagleal 
Tnnatctloni, Tol. L] Lond. 18BG, 4U>. 

Tha Foasil BepUlla of tbe Wealden 
Parlod. ffalieoDtoflTaphlcal TraDuaUoni.1 
Lond. iflSS, tlo. 

Britlih Foa^ BapUIea of (be Wealden 
Period. rPilnoDlognnhlcal TianaaetlDns.j 

Lend, tees, Ito. 

On the Clandflcatign inS Oeologleal 

• Oorllla 1 and OD the Eitlnc 

. 18Se,Bn.tle. 

in i^eberaL l4nd. 184 
urea on tbe CompatstlTe A 

en in tha Biblafra^luis Zoolagia, pu 
d by tha Bay Sootety, toL It. p 

B, Google 

OwTO.Bobt, ofNewIaiiBrl. A 
TSew Tiew of Sociatj, or ExajB on 
the Formation of tba Human Cba- 
ncter. Lond. 1816, 8to. 5b. 
tl» or tlH Huaus Bua. Li>nd.lSU,8To. 
Mr. Omn hu pnbllibsd othn-tnctL 

— T. A^cultiml Pimuita. 
Ttanilated from the Greek. Land. 
1805, Bra. 2 toIi. 

UlbbgrE,I»34,5a. Tbia clami>»n a^H 
pnMUhod tmulktiou of TuBotlva Tanv, 
ud FiUiidiiic. 

— William. A IHetitmtrj of 
the Welcli Idngoage, explained in 
Engliih; witli numanjiu Illiutra- 
tion* from the litcnu; Bcmaing, 
and from the liring Speech of the 
4^^017. Lond.l803,8yo.3 yola. 21. 28. 

In inSC&s iwnd In 11M, uf both n- 

The 0>I, and ths NlgfatUfda, u Mrij 

OxKtrsAii, JamcB. A true Be* 

hition of an ApparitiOD in the Xjikd' 

e of a Bird that appealed ho' 

ag aver the Beds of aome Chil- 

<to. E 

Ah also Boibtuxbs Clnb. Arpamix. 
OxxosD, Ddvard Harl^, Earl 

of A Catalogue of the ^ctumo, 
Coiiu, and MedaU of Edward Hai- 
le;, Earl of Oxford. Loud. 1741-2, 

A «ip7 U In th* Britlah HOHom. 
Set Hulelia Llbruy, UBS. ud IDa- 
ceiluj, also Yojigfm- 

— Bohert Hai^, Earl ol. An 
Eas^ iqMm pnblick Credit. Iioad> 

Brllom 1 irlth '» Utsral Tr-nil.Hon, Loud. Bt •™; "IWbuted to DuM D*tt»^ 
17W. 8r8. H«ber, nt. It. gt Ths™ 1b ' r™d. im, Sro. It ia Tsprtaud In tba 
much cnrionimMllm-lD lh« pt«Cui of (hla : thirteenth TOlnna of lh» Biaen CtUm- 
Tolame, end the timnilMtlon In omifdered , Uon of Tnote. 

«lBg»t Md men]. (*• Lliwam Hm. Oxk>E».— Publioationi rdatinit 

The Carabriiui BiogrnphT ; or, hiilorltal L -,_, j i .. tt . ■ ■■'"—■■ o 

KotlBu of eeletinted Men i^onK the **> Oiford and ita UniTeraity, 

aoeient Btiteu. Lond. 1B03, itmo. ftp. ' A Bt>tat4 Oun. lesi, folio. On naim, 

TMyooTloni work.'— ©»rys«l>«, itwo coplea jirCnled; one with US. addl- 

dWUTTTaiuAnshMloloCT, under Wnles. tlou, dH. i> In tbeBrltiih MnBaom, tba 

^" other In SL Jolm'a CoU^B Ubruy, Oi- 

— W. Views on the Kiver fort. 

trhamee. Sat Cooeb, Qeorge. I atitrta adeata » Cmpon Btatntanna 

OWIXOLAU. See HowuaiiABS. I yi'™;!??*^ 0^n._^Coll«tore T. Cia«- 

Owu. — The Owlea Almanacte, _ ^__^^ __ 

prognosticatinB loanj atrange Aoci- ud Q. iIiIhi __, 

denU which ahall luppen to thia *"»!». At ». SO ahonH be a fiAded ^. 
Kingdom ot Great feritaine tbi" j'mS^^Ill'^M.'Ji:''^^^^ 
Yeare, 1618. Lond. 1618, 4to. \ta. Bennl edtthna! 

' " 7tKImJ^t£ hK Ita''.'" •"'<™" rellglonl. mil. li 

nDaiedtoll.'-e(Jbnl. Sd™ ISS^SJS" i™. 1«1, 1T«L 
i.thEPninot Oirli. IIW. 17M, UDl, laiS, 1S16, Ae. BefitaMd 
ISTE^ Sa. I aboDt arery in or lavui jein. 

B, Google 

CorpjB aiitntnmin tIiiiT«r«H«Hi Oio- 

Spll, ITOS, llhno^IieMt^ SWpagw. 

SUtnU Aute Regln (tCollagllds Bn. 
Eec-NoiBlDOKoiilo; ip^tcdnlnr ExCQipU 
Bj[ CompmlllonlbuH MTosUmenUi Bene- 
futornm at kUb qundam NoUtu dignk >d 
Idem Coll8(rtniii pBUlnBnti* i Ji. 1773, Syo. 
PrBlMd to BMh copy wm ttie following 
tequeal. prtotad on k Bepsrale Ktlp tnA 
PMtad within the lOrM. ' ThLa boolnrn 
priDtiil BolBlj for the prlrata sua of the 
teambon oi lliit partlculir soclBly to 


Itga, edited 67 J. O, HalUwaU, IB* 
if onndiUon St»ttit8» of Marlon Cc 

torCorpuB chrtBtJColIegB, a J»> 1617. 

thor, br O- b', M. Wud, U.A. 
1818, Sto. St. 
Tha Btitntea of All Sooli CoUan, now 

), llo, Boiliurgbe, 8M2, 

Bnsle (edidll BIdi. 
. UiVl.iBlS.niiBTa, 
5i- 59. A copy vlth 

itiitDcn* of Ilia Collaetlon of Pie- 

in tbe LibEiry of Cliriit Cliuroh 

(Oufcrd). which were Uqne. 

whieb tft 
', Sto. Oif. 18»*Stoi 


iDwIem BocielT TnnuotlDiia. Sit 

CiUhwiia of (he HSa.In IhaLlbmv 
rAUSoulaColiBRe.brU.O.Coia. ISli, 

Catalnrw of til the Qndutaa In Dl- 
Tinltj-, Law, »nd Phytict, mml of ill KtM- 
tenef Ana, BDdDoctonof Mnilek, vh» 
heva reimlBrly pneceded or been creeted 
iDtheUnlTen^ofOinnd belwHoOist. 
— ■ - July, laes. Oiftrd, 16», 

the GliiBcellan, High 

leOS— 17*7. Olford, 1787, 8t8. 
Ciulogna of lU 0™dn»tei, 

Tha Oxford HidTaraltr Calandai II pi 
- ' ' uDt at da. BiDse ISIO. 

dsloedeaiitB AnliduiUlta 2 
68. 1D74. Sh E^Ei Thmoi 

TiB'iirtteaiPtoBOf Oifmd known. 
Hut tekan bT Balpli An*!, ud eunrad 
In 1E7& uplad In ITW I17 0(0. Taring 
and olhaianHa.iednaedemy; InOlfOM 

ITK. WUlStl.lfi. 

TbU edition 
Itled In thet of 
I. HeUh,lWS, 

tlon. Oxford, l«OS,«to. Bright, flu, Ida. 

"ilium in Itiiiun. Oionia ad Prolae- 
tienem KeglB aui omnium iq^timl flll^ 
pediBOqut Oion. IflOB, 18mo. 

B, Google 

1754 OIF 

OxroBs — oontiH-ued' 
This TolaHiB, edlMd kj John Buubyry, 
Vloir of au Otlss, Oitord, oootelM^-™)- 

Hlbbirt,««8,iiiM«!oo,«. Hebsc,pl.'TlL. 

JiibU OiDDianniii (Ijuiitfait la Tu- 
imilimi Priailpta Hsatiel), Lond. BUI, 

TheOifOnl Aet. » Pomi. Lond. IWa, 

AMdcmL Oionlenris Funebrie Smi« 

liMiorii Annn Jieobl 1. aponM rJiau. 

tli^mUDrstEUubelliBJiubll. fllic 

*^Epiail.mll. OlonlBn.l. In C«oU I. o™ 
HMTletUMiiUCoinmhlnia. Ouffl-isas, 

The CliKnelac of in Oxford InoraidluT. 
1613, Uo. 8 p««M. BBpilnMd In tha flftli 
Yolnnnof theH»rl8ii.BMlK>ali»07. An 
edlUoo of the dsu of IMfi li reprinled m 
Jiorg«ri« PbiBnll Brtlumioni. 

ThB Prt'ilogsi of the UnlvCTSlly ol 
Oifonl in Point of vmuiion 1 with the 

bj GooBh to'Cermrd LMgh.lM, D,D.,bo1 
tcaoTdliig to Blihop Hmnphreyi, it li 
Bid to be wrlltea br Dr. Allutnr. 

at Fadon, OrdltoUinitnUi Jn- '.ond 
16«B, Sto. HIbhut, M«8, llL ed. — li 
£ii2lsb. Load, teas, 41a. 

fecuoB i or ths Fljrtn* Hoth fron 
Oiford.llo. (IMaj. A ""ire a»flr« oi 
ths lUrl of Pambroke ud HonlgDmsir 
Chumllar of Oxford- 

A third >ad fonrth put et P9(t»»nl 
Uught bj BantM'a Ghost to duos In thi 
Coiickmode. IMS, iU. Bilght, wltH pt 

' Oioidi Luhrjnue. Ruliell v«epin) 

SandiT ThinsA from HTSni HmndA c 
omlng tha tfnlvoreity of Oxford, i — 
. A Petition tram noma Trail - iffcctad 

tbaraln. Lond, l«0, 41 
prinud Id Ihe riith Tol 

uiu, WlUlun. 

dBinlM. mtulalii oh CithartM Liud- 
uiiie Ha^ ino deaponutie In AngUie ftp- 

rd Alminie'lu, from thsir flnlpub- 

Oitord. folio. AcDmplaloBOtloM™. 

)ld-B>Uer, n. d. rabout 16S01 fbllo. 
■ of tan engnTeifpUtu beeldai til 
la fDll-)an«tta pormlti to CniTsnl 

jAa An ■ovAetlmea ftoiul attaohad 

Lc^gH'i OioolB Aatiqw 

the Thasin b; Bp. J. TmU. 

dlatii Habltni ao- 
17, pL U. »64, IL Si. 

anity of (juom in bBrieaqua wraa. 
j>nd.ine,8To. Heber, pt.lT.«t-W3<t 

Uerton Walks, or the OiSari BautlM. 

Thapreaant'siata of tha neir Bnildlagi 
fQueen'aCoiiegelnOifard. 1730. Eleiea 
lltai. A oop7, apparently Imparffic^ 
'At aoppoaad nolqna, li la ttia wdlelin 
.IbnrT- Piintad in niB, irltb a plia 

I'ha Ogntlamu ud. tha LadT*! packet 

I. 1716. 

llompinioaforOxford. 1747. PreqnantlT 

Snbllibedwllblinaaddltloa*. InrMl- 
9 of tha Oxford Unid* than vpMml 
I Terr bimiDIOiu pndnatlan antllled ',' 
CompanloD to tha Qnlda ud ■ Qolda 1 
the ComputoD.' SuVitntai, Thonu. 
An £pletla to Floilo, St OiRiTd. 17dl 

ford. bV JobVa^olnir, IJSS, Ita. Hab 
pt. HI,, BIlia,8K^ pt. IL I 

llkaneii of Hra, DonttaT 
tnTantren of Ibe Oilinl 
la ij Bewlek. NiiHati,|>l.t. 

B, Google 

too, UiL — iLd. lame. 'Adomad vtth 

(lg»d°V til* >H»l muters,' ' Bindlsy, 

Vma, pt L 'wflt^ lOt^ieil, B'i. wlih 
Um origln«l cutl. usoil PIPM, royil 8to, 
Stnttall, ICM, Uh Sd—Loiid. LoiinDtng, 
ISie, poit Std. Data kIlbt B«ir!ok. Bright, 

PlelH O.onimm fbr Sla Rd. HIU). 
1T68. iDwniHxlOD with this punphtet, 

Anoton O, Hlggtnhmndo [17«8).-S 
Anmr to Pietu, by T. Novell, 1768.— 
Tbs Cmtiutiif Dr. Novell, uOntarmd 
Frliiolpiil of St. Muyi HbU, 
Admonlitau >dmDDlihed (br ] 
All tn era. 

A Spaolnini of tb* Mvanl Barti Df Tjpea 
bslcnglnR to ttia UolTanItT of Oifnrd ' 
the ClanndonPiiatlng Boom. ITeB,» 


QVt 1755 

ftdd fftm print* CtHlatttoia- Lond, «!«- 
phut Its. wltli Hnuigad dinoUons Itv 
the plitH tn the hlitorjr oT Oitbrd In- 
cludinji the fbandor^ OH l«af. Fouo. 
Tveoty-fin CoplM aa India paper, oot 
colound. The hiCci iumd to iuulnM 
HIeivrjpnblliihed bj AdcomaiL 

MuhI Oionisnda Ultemll Conipectna 
■t BpMlmlna, sdlt, > T. Bnrgti. Oicsi. 

Poomata Oionleoela, Prcwmlli Cazical. 

Doyal HlghneoH t1 

>"- Ulutiloai GDI 

CII7 of Oifor 

I BagUih Potn^ 


m page* of Bible*, with other 

□m PrtvUogioram AIaia 

Tha HlHtory of tlie UplTenitT 
ford to the Death of William the 

gUuhetb. 1T13, 4to. Set Pi£ull 

SMdmeD of a Hleto^^Oirordihire. 
178*.— 178§, 4to. &.WiBmnt,Th0B.a». 

iDHrlptionei Phcenlsla OiodIbiiiIi 
nova iDtarnretatlo anoton J. D. Aker 
1. Paili,l«B,8m.pp. - 

Oionlua, Iwlpit MiMttoM fMm booki 
and maniiiiitlpli depoilted tn tba Bod- 

laUnUbrarr. Land: Umo. troll, (lam. 
£dtted bf Hit Rtv. John IVatkar. 

Gcoldtane. ThlM BopUe* ta tha Edla- 
bnTstiKoTioviniti AttHkon thaOiGnd 

The Bn«D'Mo« Oarluid (bf T. Dm- 
can), llo. OnlT^V^il^ 

A HiitM? of the UnJTenlty of Oifbrd, 
111 ColleceB, Balli and Publle Bolldloge. 
Loud. B. AAermUB, 18U, «l«phent *u>. 
2 roi«- One thonniid coptea with eo 
lonred plataa printed. Nuna, pt If 

India »»PJJ il^ 
hare Portreltj 1 ' 

Knrad) of thoi 
vhowatethe I 
pabllo Building 
JMd; bom F)c 


D tha UnlTarflitv i>f 1 

An AeoMmt of the Tlilt of hli Boyal 
Hlgbneaa the Mdu RaganC, and their 
Impeilal and Bojul Il«]«llai Iha Em- 
peror of Hnola an! Xlne of Fneila, u 
lb* Untrcnlty of OifbTd, In Jrae, ISli. 
Oifiirdi printed al tb* Clanndon Pnii, 
groDDd plin of Ibe RadcUCh Llbnrr, a 
view, tn outline, of put of the Interior of 
the theatrfl, and a aheet eont^alDg apecd^ 
meaa of lb* variaua typea need al the 
Clarendon PreH. Thla Yolamfl w>4 not 
printed for lala. Blndler, pt. I. IW, 


Aceonnt ottho Lord llaToi'irTnibleal 
Tlilt la OtlOHl tn the Month of Julj, 
lesS; written, br tha deairs of thoPartr, 
brthaOumliinortheHaronHT [R. C. 
Dinoii.DJ)),- Lond.lSU.Bm.STO. Tar- 
rlblr qnlBadhr Iha rariawar^ and •fla> 

laaviwaMad. Btr F. Fmallu, «. Si, 

mi of the VntTanttr of Oilbrd, and 
- -Jl the Collage* tbaiatn; towhtdi la 
added Ukoaa of WlDcbaatar, Bion, and 
Weetmiiiilar, alio Bt. Panl'i and Mer- 
Jiant TaTlnra' Sehoi4a, br W. Jaoluon, 
l3lno. Kiuan^ pt. 1. 17»9, a lOa. 

Oxford Anhllestnral Bodaty. Sn Ae. 

Oifoid end Cambridge Ulasollanr 

ir Qnipi, Quirki, AnacdotaB, and Fautlie 
if Oafoid and Camliridge Scholira. Lend. 
B-, 13ao. cuu. S««ad edition. Lond. 
tallBT, ISBS. 

Ion of all tha Engll^Jl Pi - ■ ■" '* 

B, Google 

1766 on 

OZKIBD— contmlMd. 

*uli>— onnplatedtotlHTMrlSBIS. 

Oiford, 183^ HnnUi t^dni, 7i.— Oij; 
1839, llBu. 

Oifbcd ud Loob (bf ^"^ OmTlIle]. 
L«d.l8W, Sto. 

OiCOrd DtUoMtod: ot tlutt sakbiMad 
IinlnnilT ud Cllr lUiBbaUd, bfaH' 
ilu of Vlswi trtim and encnTal br J. 
WhlwU uul T. BmrOstt. Oifirl, QU, 
4ta. Pn»b(ialDdiipiHr,UlU.«l 

Oifntd EiigtUli f rlH Emn hom ITTl 
to IBSS. Oxford, Tilbor^ 1S3^ cnwn 
a™, t lelM.— Oiford, Tilb07>, 1896, I 
«dlUoQ. broDght down Co toe present 


L MMam UiMio 

Tamt nUai. Tnm, BrUn. 

Id tba Momd put of the Bile CUilogaB 

■ - — ■ Utrur, 1808. wlU be foand 

tnnMnnU boaki pnbUmfaad in 

the CltT and DiilTan[t7, 

or nUUi 

OxTOKD Woa^ i a. Froipectii 
for things and mbjeete. 

igecto, or & 
discoune of (ome TieAchaiM acted 

1662, Ito. 

Oxnmzv, Hrauy. 
Funiu et Hjpooriba E'lnie. 

lug of tt pigBii, with • pcotnlt of Uio 
uiUur. Tbe portnlt hu boai oi^tod b^ 


ChuieB TitBuptiut (»7om). Loud. 

OxLKT, IdbM. JoonMb of two 
Bipeditioiu b«Uiid the blue Uoon- 
taini, end into the Intdrioi of Ntnr 
Booth Wales, imdertokea bj Order 


. putloularij li _ -- 

£*in( *a luthaaUi dMGripllon it tha 
toiigr o( tbll «'T'TlT anntiT. Drnr/, 

1838. 8vo. ivOll.KewM 
- - ElddK Loiid.ie40,8T< 

BdltlDi, ml«d 

BqgUab. wltll 

Load. _17U, Bn. I 

OzKLL, John. Uou TettBMO), 
e Bonun lAyttall | of, the An- 
aoui Stable cleared of iti heau of 
Eutorieal, Philological and Oao- 
gr^hicaJ tnunpery, and otiier de- 
fects, in M>. Bund;'B Ixanslatiai] 
of the Roman Hi^tny, by EUfam 
Catroo and Bonille. Lond. 8ra> 
1720, put I. bU printed. At the 
—■I ia a tnaalation (aa a teed- 
,) of dis fint canto of the Hm 
riade of Toltture. 

moo Pnrer Bot ognuDoa Soan b 



B, Google 



^ilHngi each, atal Tkucfiida. ^iMxi, Virs'-l. Saraci:, CIcno'j O^i. I Ol 

<a. Appendii ta Mje^jiui, Aiiitalii's Orginan, att of eUcK art Zl, M. cacka t 


itCiki, U.A. FroaOtpitc 

_ 3. THUCYDIDES. By*e Elsv. H.DA.U. In S Voli. (a* : M. Mcb). fronlii 
J. PLATO. Vol 1. Bj Cah. [The Apolon of SocralM, Cnlo, PliBilo, G( 

PHiMotss, Pbffidrm, TheiEKiliM, EalUjphmn. Ljriii,] Frontiipisce, 
UVVS HISTORY OF ROME, lilmllj InialiUd. V^dI 1., Buota 1 to 8. 
S. PLATO. Vol 11. Bj Dmis. [The Republic, Timaua. anii i;nUii,] 
7. UVYS HISTORY OF ROME. Vol, 11. Booltt9to2fl. 
9. SOPHOCLES. TbeOi[ardTniiiliiUaii,reii>Eil. 
B.^«SOHYLUS, lilendlT tmiiUled. By jn Oiobian, (Price 3). M.) 

umu idilioD cl^scbjliu, Innilaltd end eililea bv G.Bihces, H A. (3i. S 
), ARISTOTLE'S RHETORIC AND ''?E.'"£ij.*'i'J' EMminAlioB (JueiKonj. 


tOIL ByDiVloaoB. Nei 

5. HORACE. BySmST, Ne«. 

r UVVsVlSTORY Of ROMEj' VOl. Ill,, 1 

EdilioD, rc?i>ed. (Price Sj.M.) Fnnliifi, 
_ __ ,.. Edition, renied. (Price Sj.flJ) =—'■—-- 


7. CICEROS OFFICES. rOld Age, Piiendilitp, Sctnio'i Dreim Psrudeii 
9. PLATO. Vul. 111. liT 0. BuaoiB, U.A. [Eutlijdemm, Sitapotiui 

Jolilicus, lactirs, " ■-■- <•—•■•- ■■' " — ■> 


'srndeice, Iec.1 

HOMER'S ILIAD, m pm«, lileraJlj Irsnilettd. iVooliipiiK. 

HOMER'S ODYSSEY, Hrnie, EtiOBumi. adu EATrLiarTBEFBoaetMDl 

PLATO. Vol. IV, Bj G. Buioie, M.A. [Philebni, ChBunida, Lacliee, 

Too Alcibiides, ana Ten Mkec Diilciau.] 

1,21} Si 33. OVIO- By II. T. RiLii, B.A. Complels iu S Vole. FrenliipiKa 

J. LUCRETIUS. Bjtlie^Rev J.S.Waibob, With lie Melr(c»lVe™tonofJ.M.G 

1. BjDAwaoN.ndW.Tu.iin.. 
. Vol. T, Bj C. BnioBB, M.A. 

fl e n A a 

^ li V. -^ ^^ 

>. SALLUST. FLORUS, I'd VSLLEIUS PATEttCUUJE. »iU> caploiu Kot«^ Bb- ; 

fnphial K«UCB, ikI IikIii, by Uie lln.J. S. WiTsos, ■*, 
). LUCAN'S PHARSALIA, wilh copioni Smm, bv H. T. Xitn, B.i. 
THEOCRITUS, BION, MOfiCHUS "n't TYBTItllSi fcj tfcr E". J. Bijtiii, 



S, bv IT. T, KiLEi. To nliich is idilcil Sai 

II. rnhHsfiia. 

& 47, ABISTOTLfS OBOANOM, m, Lora^ Trealira, mni tlw Intnuhiclla I 
of I'orpliyri iritli Noiei, ADilfifi. IsCrsdMIkm and tula., hj tto Rcr. O. J 
1 . 0«k:i, M.A. 3 Volt, ai. W, per Vol 





L IL Tbe HLcTorj, 6vnnaniA, Agri- 1 

, B6, Se, B7, ATHENCUS. TlicDeipiiiwophlMi.erfhe Ria^mt artlie Lcamod, 
I lilcil b;r C. D. lonei, K.A., nilh an Appehitii of pHlial rr^mciiti m 

1 IjitQ EBglub verae hj various Aiitbim, ukI i Bcneml loiho. Coiijutl m i ' 

'Z ee.CATUll.US.TIBULLU5, aadt 
£ tiou. I'D whicli *n s)lilid Me 

^ Fmuliifica. 

9 60. PB0PEBTIU9, fBT«oi.tti Abu 
^■'^ lnUd, luid qccompAnied bv P»i, 

Mided the Loce fliiiiiles it Am 

irm SniTCsDus, litsTTLllr train 

Hi Hpin IttAu, Irf J 

lOflAB ,, _ , 

II GcQgnplJad J 


e Ri> ir I * 


s. suen?Nius. wvi 

-eriKd by T. Fqkbs.i,!. 
CERO ON ORATORY AND ORATORS. t>J tlio Rer. J. S. WinoH, ! 

*,* Tbis volui^is complclo Uii CLuitail Libnri cililiou Df Cinre. 
FtEEK noMANOes, HelioOoiut, LongM, and Aihilirt Tatiu. 




ical Nutin. 

in FnH^ bj BiKU, «iUi 

3. XENOPHON 5 MINOR WORKS; Inoiliud b; the Ber. 1. a. Winon. 

3. An»TpTLE'S METAPHYSICS. lltmllT tniilUisd, vilh NoK), Anilriti, : 


JMfyrm toili l\i Stardud Liiuti, jria U., 

of Ihe Erbjijgia Saga, bj Sia Walthk Scott. Kdiled bj J. A. BtocKwiDL. 


^"'i?^ ENGLISH CHRONICLES: lb., AMer'sLiborAlfrcai ilK Chroiiiclci 

of kthelverd, Gildaa, Hnniiu, OmI% of Uonuouh, and Kifbard or CiKneeiCci. 


Hu.MHU.1.. ComploaiDOMiol., /HajMUMWrfftDHrt^im. 
CHRONICLES OFTHE CHUSAOERS: Elchani of Dmiaa. G«ffre. rte Viusauf. 
-■ Caaplm in 1 Tohnnt Prmtapiia. ' 

WlllibaW. SB>Tiilf, Btnjiiniin ot Tuilcli. 

I^ da Juiuii 


MiuiEleviUe, La Br. 

'' '%B HiirBi''E^?i* llPi'vis'' *'*''''*JI"''ieS OF GREAT BRITAIN. 
° '' lD'3Uu£»'l£T.r\'"s'v'l^''^ FLOWERS OF HISTORY (rormwlj acr\ 
3. KEIOHTLEYS FAIRY MYTHOLOaV. Enkrgtd. /WHdjjiiKdiy CniiisnA 

■ M^T^MEW PARIS'S CHRONICLE. MntaiiiinE the II[ 
— tb Indei to the whole, inSndfng ■' - -- -■ 

m o» WiHrKi*B«,iiiaVo4«.iSM' 
E_ffrOBIES. A coUeetion of Scindiuanio Tilat and TiadiU 1, d cd 


gianiDg or u« — 



and an Aiiglo-SaKin Onniiusr uid GloMnrj, by B. Tiioip 

S4 & as, MATTHEW <J|f,'^E5TMmSTe!l-S^R^WEBSO 

A))1S07. Trun>l>t«l III C, I). IToBOE, U.A. InS Voli. 


SINAI, t^"!"' ^J iicS£S^4Vimo"Mou'ntB^iil 
27 ae.°so'*3fl.'oRo'ERICUS VITALI^ Hii '!"'?^"?i„^'*%i.'SJgS;„ 
' ^iiSulat.<.i,. UHHliiWd, with Now., the InUoducuon a! OuuM. CriW«l nnun 
; bf M. IWillB, Bnd verj ciipiou. Inilei. bj T. Fokbstk.. u.i. IP » 'o-^ 


I as. MARCO POLO'S TRAVELS, Ihe Wim.klinn M Maitilen, tiitrf, "iUi K«tM f" 
I BitToiBttiiHi.bjT. W»io«T, MX, FS.i,, ti. 




REIGH oTtHE STUAILTS. iuclndiiig ll« PioTKCTOKjirii. In 8 vola, wi . 

Geunil Indei. twl upmtdi of « PortiBita eiigmved on »I«I. , 
' Stw tiiliaa. Mmplele in 1 ml., with Indei and Sij Portrati artot onpml ficiqim 

,, 7 ». B. PEPVS DIARY AND CORRESPONDENCE, oiilHl bjLono Bu ■ 

Bnoolt. titvind luproied Edition, nilii Aililitioni. Coniplele in 4 Vo ubim. j 

O, 10, 1 




I Qounllnd Firlr'il. 


e, B, II, 14 & so. QIBBON'S ROMAN EMPIRE: Complete udDDibndgcd, 
jrrai vmornm SoUt; loclnding, in addilioD to all (be inllior'i own, Ihr— -• 
Goiiot, Wenck, Niebohr, Uueo, Nnnder, ud otlwr foieiin icbolBn. £diC 

CHOKHmH, inth I TBTJ (l' 

ZB. ADDtSON'S WORKS. wiU Uie Molet^ of BisnoF Hull 
>n9 eollHlid uiil tdiud b; Hinrj G. Bolm. WM ferlrai 

1, DEFOE'S WORKS, KdiMd bj Si 

rj of li.e Devil 
i. BURKE'S WORKS. Vol. !, lonlaiiiiiif EuiTon th 

Letttn and Sp«chei. 
r. DEFOE'S WORKS. Vol. i. Xoiaaa, or the Fortui 

iioliime of BURKE'S WORKS) m 

icition of Njiaral Sotirtj, Eh ( on ' 
!J| MiiQtllanit!. J 

■■t Scon. Vol. 3. Contiinlns the 1 

>1 Pli^e of Load™ 

I as ft SS. BURKE'S WORKS (m Bit Vidsmet). Voli. EkH. 
I SOi DEFOE'S VTORKS, odited bj Sn Wuiii Scon ToL < Coatdaliit LI 
• ^„„i . 71 "uDpljelli Vojije Round the World; uidTrMlin 

idtentriKB of DoDui 


7 ud 8 of Buke'i Wuki, wlu 



Usiftrm tnU (jli STUOtKD Uibabt. pria Ci. per rolunu. 
I. EUSEaiViS' ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY, Tnuelated from Ills Greek, n h 
?. SOCRATES' ECCLESIASTICAL HISTOflY, in continiBtipn of ttsteivs, wi h 
3. THEODORET AND EVAGRIUS. Eeeletiulical Hi!t< 

t. THE ^ 

ed fion 
} JUD.CUS, tniulated froia the < 

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tig' UFE Of COLUMBUS. 2V«to« 









ASTORIA ir«-""i'iif'*t-i'"»i"J -'"''^''^-.;f:, _ „., 

LAMARTINE'S GENEVIEVE; «. Ths Hi.U»J of .!,=,™itGuL Tnal. 
« uI^v^'e^^MSR- or.TlieMdUBtiineuorilieAliw. A T«tii ol 1I«mi». 
* W^LUS^S LIFE here' AND THERE, or S.^.h^ of S.^«r ™i Advent 
8 GUIZOrS LIFE OF MONK, "itl, App endil i^iParl.^. 

WILUS'S HURHY-CRAPHSi " Stekhts of StMtrj, CatabnliM, ud 




37, SNOW IMAGE, SDd other Tilci. 



40 UNCLE TOM'S CABIN; or, Lift aHUmg tha Un.!?, "ith iBlroau^ orj 1 
lij Un Rev. J. ai!»iiu«. 
^41 THE WHITE SLAVE. Anew Flcluioof Amer^csn SbvoMe, 

I 42 DAYS Of,,B*TT^i^j^'J;^J^^j5Br«^»*,^™""tl«CetM"t^ 

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